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  1. Why not plan to go around it from the beginning? The sooner you make your deviation the less it impacts you. It looks like you are going from 33a to KNEW or some airport in line with that route. 33A Direct KNEW = 504 NM 33A - RMG- gcv- PCU -KNEW = 517 miles That is only 13 miles further and it keeps you WELL clear of ATL airspace as well as some restricted areas down in the area if you wait until you are right up on an "obstacle" before you start going around it, you may a big penalty. If you start going around it from the beginning, you pay almost nothing. I once deviated 600 miles off my planned route returning to Denver from Buenos Aires. It cost only 10 min extra flight time.
  2. on batteries... I dont understand why we arent using Lithium IRON batteries ( not Lithium ION) I use one in my experimental glider and they are amazing... here is an example 12v 540 CCA 4.8 lbs.... Yes you read that right... 4.8 Lbs... I love acting like the one in my glider is heavy and handing it to someone... they lift it up past their head in anticipation of the weight. Imagine putting two of these in, either in series or parallel. You could literally save 40 + lbs. If you have a 2 battery setup like me probably 80. These are VERY stable batteries that can be very quickly charged in the event they are drained.
  3. Huh? The Approved model list posted above has a lot more than a PA46 on it.
  4. yea, there isnt a right or wrong.. unfortunately we cant know what sort of failure may be ahead of us... Obviously in some failure modes the full feathering is preferable... In some it is not. All we can do is know how our machines operate and fly accordingly in a way to mitigate our risk. Cheers!
  5. ohh, there is no way I will allow that prop governor to be put back in my aircraft.
  6. it is a double edged sword. You might be more safe in the event of oil pressure loss during TO, or a gov failure... however if the engine fails in flight, you wont be able to feather and your glide will be greatly diminished. 18:1 is a hell of a glide ratio. You can do a lot with that if you are on speed. I fly gliders, a self launching motor glider to be specific, so I am used to going from a powered Aircraft to glider mode. Coincidentally, my motor glider with the engine deployed and windmilling has a worse glide ratio than the mooney with a feathered prop! I have also experienced an engine failure with a flattened (un-feathered) prop dragging me out of the sky. This is NO FUN AT ALL, believe me. For me, thinking through all the scenarios, I have no issues with the full feathering prop. At least if the prop gov fails or oil pressure drops, I have a lot of glide capability to either get down to a runway or to pick my crash off field. It would be interesting to see what is more likely during takeoff phase... An engine failure or a Prop governor failure.
  7. Well, As I said before, I have been in one accident and I don't want any part of another. The trouble is I still love to fly! I don't plan to use this aircraft to risk my life. If things are not right, I'll be fixing them... If I cant afford to do it right, I will sell the aircraft. Simple as that. The good news is that the screen you spoke of was clean when it came off the motor... also there is no evidence of metal elsewhere so far. Still have to chop into the oil filter.
  8. I wouldn't say this is resolved yet... It is pretty definitive where the problem is and that it's NOT THE ENGINE (good news!). However it is not resolved until the aircraft is back into the air. The McCauley tech rep I spoke with has told me I need to check VERY carefully for any evidence that metal from the prop Governor got into the engine... So We are talking an oil change, oil filter inspection, oil analysis and scrutiny of the Governor by a McCauley ASF. If there is metal found, then the shit really hits the fan. I Will have to try to get McCauley to pay for an inspection/repair as necessary which will result in even more down time.... At this point I have owned the airplane nearly 3 months and it has only been flyable for about a broken up week ! OK, 5 weeks of that was new paint but STILL! Guess I need to pull out the glider to get some air time ( My job doesn't count! That's just work!)
  9. UPDATE! Took off the prop governor and took it to a prop shop with my fingers crossed that it would be something simple. Unfortunately The whole thing was basically seized up and could only be turned with a wrench! Prop Guy told me if it has siezed and sheared I would have lost all oil pressure to the hub and ended up with a feathered propeller! So, this particular Prop gov was overhauled 125 tach hours ago in Dec 2017. I called the shop who did the overhaul ( I wont name them for now) and they were not very helpful and I did not get the feeling they were going to jump to attention and stand behind their work. The Prop guy I am working with remembered a service bulletin where McCauley prop governors that were overhauld during a certain timeframe had been done so with bad bearings... Well, I am smack dead in the middle of that time frame. My Next call is to McCauley.... I am pissed... I love flying a glider, but not when I am in a mooney.
  10. mmm... the star ship is an interesting story. We have a much better understanding of composites now. Also, the starship was a big departure from the king air airframe. Not only did they turn to composites, but to a canard design at the same time.
  11. To my knowledge, the wing is still metal... so is the tail and the fuse. Well, the structural part of the fuse is metal frame and they put a composite shell over that.
  12. Thanks guys. Is there anything I can look for on the prop governor or will it be an internal issue? Is it a matter of rebuilding or replacing?
  13. On how they will record this? Do you mean accident vs incident? Clearly an accident. Or do you mean what do we think the probable cause will be? Here is my best guess given what I know (which isnt much) Pilot failure to establish appropriate approach airspeed. Pilot failure to touch down in first 1000 feet of runway. Pilot failure to initiate go around after bouncing on landing. Possible contributing factor of tailwinds on a short runway. FYI, we did a go around the other night at a 4800 foot uncontrolled field in a g650.. why? Because at 500 feet we were still showing a 15 knot TW component (asos reporting calm) with a ground speed of 145 knots... went around, came in other direction and ground speed for the last 500 feet was 105. With Pax onboard. They didnt even say a word. Be safe out there.
  14. that is a good idea. I will see what sort of MP I get at low idle. IF the power level changes too quickly, it can indeed overwhelm the prop Governor. As I said this change happens really fast. You are right, I need the engine monitor BAD! About suck vs blow leaks... I had MY 1983 BMW in a shop to get the AC charged... they pulled a vacuum on the system and it sat for 30 min with NO leakdown... However as soon as they put any pressure, PSHHHHHHH!! out came the refrigerant. A leak like a 1 way valve!
  15. Sadly no... the information I posted is all I have to go on... a EDM900 is on my Christmas list but I don't have it yet. I found a similar, albeit more exacerbated instance of this symptom on another board. It turned out to be an intake leak. I will probably go pull my cowl tomorrow and look around very closely for signs of a leak... see if I can find something coming loose or leaking.
  16. Meh, he is a doctor, not a first responder... He likely has no idea what the situation there is and probably wouldnt not have been much help in getting people clear of the aircraft.... for all he knows that thing might be just about to blow up like in a movie. He did not do anything wrong here.
  17. Heh, you would be surprised. Ever flown a King air? their reverse is basically the props dumping their rotational energy... Then they slow down and do almost nothing until the turbine spools back up. If you have a CS prop, you can even get a taste of how much energy is in your rotating prop... Taxi at 1200 RPM and very briefly pull the prop to feather and push it back in ... a 200 RPM dump will shoot you forward pretty good even at that low speed... Nonetheless... I am certainly going to try to figure out what is happening here. I wasn't very clear (will go edit) but this happens so damned fast you cant even get your eyes on the gauges until it is over... it is a 1/4 second event. The first time I wasn't even convinced it had really happened, I thought it might have been my imagination.
  18. Well, this sucks but I am hoping it may be something simple. TSIO520 Engine w/500 hours SMOH.... 120 Hrs ago it came out of Continental after a repair in which they put in a new cam, new crank and 2 new cylinders. Starts great, Runs great, runs cool. Oil looks great, not burning much. I think around 1 quart per 10-15 hours but I just have not had her long enough to really know. Recently out of D-max PPI/ annual... he never noticed this and neither did I until the last few flights. However I have noticed I get periodic "surging" of the power plant, perhaps every 5-10 min. The RPM will increase by 100 rpm or so, the aircraft feels like it is accelerating in association with the RPM increase. When I first felt it I had assumed that the RPM was dropping and the acceleration was due to the prop going towards feather and the energy in the prop was jerking the plane forward. However when I watched the RPM gauge I see RPM jumping UP. I had suspected an issue with the prop Governor so I did a bunch of cycles on the CS prop to try to move fresh oil in and any possible air bubbles out. No change. FYI, prop has 120 hours since NEW. This was happening at about 27" MP and 2300 RPM .... I Never noticed it at TO power or climb power settings. It happens VERY quickly... so fast that Not once was I able to look over in time to see what the gauges were doing. I basically stared at the damned RPM gauge for 10 straight min waiting for it to happen. Its a 1/4 to 1/2 second event. Any Ideas?
  19. well, I must be missing something... there are only 2 sizes on my aircraft... .700 and .760 .... If I put a long one in where a short one goes it is obvious and a short one wont work where a long one should go. So putting them back on is pretty simple. Ill take a closer look tomorrow and regroup before ordering anything.
  20. IMHO Mooney should just go with an all composite design that is aerodynamically the same as the metal ships. They pretty much have the aerodynamics nailed. Just going composite will show some net gain in speed. A few small refinements here and there, perhaps a change to the fuse but keep the same tail design and they would have a damned fast aircraft with a LOT less labor time laying up the composite rather than bucking all those rivets. The FUTURE is composite aircraft... if Mooney doesn't get on board, they wont be part of the future.
  21. hahah that is a great point.... I am hot for a 900 because I want to try some LOP flying and with the crummy engine analyzer I have now i don't feel it is safe. I am really hoping I can find someone that will let me do most of the work to install it and sign off my work. The installation cost are just crazy!
  22. Hey guys I still need help with this. I don't know why this is turning out to be so difficult. I looked at the site and it has too little information to have any Idea what I would actually be ordering. I spoke with them and they were absolutely no help. They also charged me a restocking fee after sending me the wrong stuff. They have no idea what hardware actually goes on a Rocket. I'm looking at their page which has a picture that looks similar to what is below, but After my first experience ordering with them I have 0 confidence I will get the right part and will just end up paying more restocking fees. Here is a picture of what I am trying to buy. I do not want the backers.... I do not want the retaining rings that keep these attached as these have to come all the way off to remove the cowl easily. I am not sure how these are typically measured, but if I measure the length of the stud (from head to the very end of stud) they are as follows: The short one is .700 the long is .766 I would really appreciate any help!
  23. Uhh, 70% isopropyl is plenty flammable, with the added bonus of not being able to see the flames.