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  1. Hey everyone... We have noticed that our tach time rolls even when we are at low RPM... This results in a 1 hour flight recording 1.2 or 1.3 for an entire flight. As I understand it, the tach should not be recording time in this manner, but much slower when at lower RPM. We mostly use this to put money in the kitty for maintenance/overhaul, however we have realized that we may be wracking up engine hours which devalues the aircraft. I cannot see any brand name/ model number on this tach so no help there.... I am wondering if any other mooney/rocket owners can let me know what this sit
  2. I am familiar with the procedure and the things one can do wrong to cause this issue, I just do not have the tools. When setting the metered and UN-metered pressure, the manual states that the fuel pressure regulator must be taken out of the system, then the values set 5% higher than book specifications. The fuel pressure regulator is then reconnected and adjusted to get the proper full throttle fuel flow. The manual states that this is critical or the partial throttle fuel flow will not be adequate. I believe whoever set this failed to do this and that is why I am having issues.
  3. I’m looking for someone near Lexington that might be willing to take a night time aerial photo I would like to have printed for a gift. It would probably take 30 min of flying and I would be happy to buy the photo. if you have a good camera, and aircraft near KLEX and need an excuse to fly then hit me up and I can tell you about tHe mission
  4. No, cant seem to find a mechanic with the knowledge or tools.
  5. Obviously that wouldn't be good... That being said... do you really think a strobe is going to BLIND anyone? I mean if the other pilot stares straight at it maybe. have you ever been blinded by the aircraft in front of you that just turned on their strobes for takeoff? ANd BTW, just so y'all know I am not being stubborn... I rarely fly at night and do in fact turn my strobes off as I pull into the ramp just because they annoy me. I always leave my Nav lights on though just so I don't forget the master.
  6. Who cares 4 CFR 91.209(b) says that if you have an anti-collision light system installed, it needs to be used (day or night) unless the pilot deems it unsafe (taxiing, fog, etc.).
  7. Leave your nav and strobe lights on ALWAYS!!!!
  8. I have not seen them get that far off, but I have seen them be pretty much equal on some days. Typically my GEM probe is reading 50 degrees higher. but not always.
  9. FWIW, I have read up on, contemplated and performed this test in both my rockets. The principal is this... at a known power setting (MP/RPM) 1700 degrees is the max temp the TIT should reach. Since we can do that for up to 1 min, the POH says to perform this procedure to identify the inaccuracy of our TIT probe. As I understand it, this is to be done every flight. I have a GEM and the stock TIT probe, so what I do personally is use whichever one is higher and run just under 1600 degrees as per the rocket power settings. (1600/1650 max). So I lean to get my highest reading TIT prob
  10. I just found this thread... Did a pretty long flight in the rocket yesterday. M20k. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N305RK/history/20201013/1830Z/2R4/KFTW I Topped it off to the point that fuel was about an inch OVER the plate. I then took off, burned 20 gallons from the right tank and then ran the left tank until the engine started to falter. Total fuel burn at that point was 53 gallons. This means I only got 33 usable gallons from the left tank. Next time I top off I will do this but start on the left tank. Then I will know how much total usable I have.
  11. Attention Rocket owners. I upgraded my RH mag to a surefly. Come to find out it was a stupid move because the Bendix mag only had about 100 hours on it. I can provide verification of the hours and the harness is still attached. Make an offer!
  12. I just cant get my head around the LSA thing... It is an interesting story. The idea was to make it easier to get a LS certificate and then make it so that manufacturers could build new, light, safe and "cheap" aircraft for those LS pilots to fly.... Now there are LS aircraft that cost a bazzilian dollars and cant get anywhere and they get there SLOW! I don't understand the allure. There were already lots of options for people that wanted to go bore holes in the sky. Why is there such a market for this? It really perplexes me.
  13. Coming in after dark last night, just as I was turned over to tower, my panel lights flickered and then went out... I thought "ok, that's interesting" . Then I got a whiff of that gawd awful electrical burning smell... That got my dander up! I got out the flashlight and started looking around real fast for smoke... didn't see any but I quickly turned off the panel lights and told tower about the situation. They had me on a left downwind to land south, but cleared me straight in. I didn't declare since it was VFR and I was 3 min from landing, but they still rolled the truck for m
  14. IDK what to tell you. Maybe my plane is just easier. If I let it sit a day or so after being hot and punching a hole in the filter, I don't spill anything because there is nothing to spill. If I poke the hole and only wait the time it takes to fully drain the engine then I stuff some wads of paper towels down below the filter and it will catch most of it.
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