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  1. I have been noticing that if i leave my cap on, the next time I open it I am greeted to green slime (oil-water mix) in the cap and in the oil tube. I have started loosening the cap and leaving it half off and this solved the problem... So YES it does help!
  2. I thought this engine looked like a shoe in for mooney It is about 350 lbs lighter than a TSIO520. And With the 78 gal tanks you are carrying and extra 80 lbs of fuel but are still 270 lbs lighter. Put the batteries up front to help with balance and with small tanks you have a 2.5 hr range at a solid 200 knots. If you have the 105 gallon tanks you have about 3 hours range. Definitely cuts down on range, but you can probably climb right on up high and have that turbine smoothness and can buy cheaper gas.
  3. Why do you say that? above FL180 you have to be on an IFR flight plan... and also I doubt if he was VFR he would be asking for vectors to the ILS. Good flight!... not even his longest... Has a 9h25 min flight on record in flightaware. Crazy... Dude needs a jet!
  4. doh.... you are right... darned maths!
  5. jeese! What is the UL? 130 gallons is about 900 lbs!
  6. On another note... I love my Mooney and for a lot of the flying I intend to do, it beats the airlines in price and door to door time... This does not appear to be a flight I would want to do in it... even 2 airline tickets would be cheaper and a lot faster. I doubt he has more than 2 aboard.
  7. I would love to talk to you about LOP in your rocket... I have Gamis and still I find the engine runs a bit rougher when I try to go LOP. That and the higher I am I seem to be fighting a battle with the TIT in that if I got LOP on the cylinders my TIT is too high. I have 2 TIT readings, one stock and one on an old GEM. I do not have much confidence in them. I am thinking of replacing the TIT probe on the GEM because as I understand it, Old probes start to read High.
  8. My bladder hurts just looking at this.. .and I have a strong bladder... Ive done 5.5 hours in my glider while sucking on a 120 oz hydro pack! In my rocket Id be doing about 215 knots TAS at that altitude burning about 16-17 GPH. I dont have the 105 gal tanks but if I did. Hr 1 = 20 gal hr 2 = 37 hr 3 = 54 hr 4 = 71g hr 5 = 88 gal hr 5.5 = 95 g And that would be that... How can he get 10 hours! Not even the lowest power setting would get me low enough to go 10 hrs! Quite the flight!!
  9. Awesome, now all of you take your rich friends for a ride in your mooney and then tell then they should buy a NEW one!!
  10. Funny, but I don't fully agree with commandment 1. If I am sitting on 12,000 feet of runway, Ill take an intersection takeoff... Especially in a Jet.
  11. That just depends on how it is made... I can assure you that my gliders wings WORK a LOT when I fly around. Sometimes it is frightening how much they flex.
  12. FWIW, I flew the aircraft yesterday... With a CG at the Foremost limit I don't quite need full up trim to be trimmed for hands off fully configured for landing and 70 KNIAS. That seems to be a reasonable place for it to be. I want to measure it, but It is just not straight enough to be able to get a good measurement. I would have to take 5 measurement off it and then try to average them somehow... Does not seem worth it. Perhaps next time I am down I will order new pieces that are not so wavy and have them installed and be done with it.
  13. I'm no expert, but I believe that the composites are MUCH less labor intensive. I have always wondered why Mooney didn't go for an all composite aircraft with all the same aerodynamics of the metal bird... One would think that if everything stayed the same... Airfoil, moment arms, plan-forms ECT... and only the construction material was different that certification would be a breeze. The aircraft isnt going to fly all that different if it is glass vs metal so really the question would be load testing, not aerodynamics. If mooney would have done that, and provisioned for a chute, they would likely have an even faster aircraft, which took less time to build and had a chute option. THAT would be a competitor to the Cirrus.
  14. I dont own a Cirrus... I own a Rocket with a second one on the way. Did you even read my post or did you just cherry pick what you wanted to read ?