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  1. I find the schematics unclear as well. But anyway, it’s hooked up to the battery bus now. Thank you all !
  2. That is good input guys ! Thank you very much
  3. I’d like to learn the reasoning behind it. Or find a reference document. I have zero technical background but I like knowing what happens to my plane.
  4. Clear & concise, @StevenL757 . I like that ! Could you elaborate ?
  5. I can only find the manual for the electrically operated speedbrakes. Since the SB were installed at the Mooney factory I hoped I’d find something in the maintenance manual but alas...
  6. My little firebreather is in the shop for an avionics update. Apparently the speedbrakes are connected to the avionics bus, and they ask whether I want to keep it on the avionics bus or connect it to the battery bus. Any opinions on this ? Avionics bus+engine failure = no speedbrakes. Then again, how much amps do the speedbrakes drain from the battery ? My speedbrakes are pneumatically operated...
  7. That breaks my heart. Should you suffer from withdrawal symptoms, I'll give you a ride in mine
  8. Is she staying on the old continent ?
  9. So let me get this right; deflating the nose tire + jacking the mains 1 inch agl leveled the plane ?
  10. So jacking up is no solution either ? I don’t mind using boards, but I find it odd that a maintenance manual can be off by so much. My trust in manuals is pretty unconditional, you know
  11. That might work without too much hassle. Anybody did this with a K ?
  12. According the maintenance manual, you can level a Mooney just by varying the nosewheel tyre pressure. Is this true ? I’ll need to level my plane in order to calibrate the fuel level readings on my EDM. I was expecting a need for jacking up the plane or something else...
  13. Looks like the latest Cirrus prop. Should be easy to compare performance of different generations Cirri.
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