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  1. Yes, exaclty. So engine -and propwise nothing has changed.
  2. Correct. And the POH even talks about whole inches, not even tenths.
  3. It is clear to me that this is a common event for most people with an EDM900. @carusoam your explanation pretty much coincides with what I was thinking. It is a good idea to already have a look at the engine data. I just changed the recording interval to 1 sec, so I’ll make some additional flights first.
  4. Pretty much the essence of the situation
  5. But does it ? The engine and prop are doing exactly the same as before, only the analog gauges never picked up on it.
  6. OK thank you all. And what concerns you more: RPM or MAP ? In my case it's a TSIO360MB that redlines at 36/2700.
  7. I now have an EDM900. It’s brilliant ! However, it is so sensitive that during tkof roll MAP and RPM go in the red zone. Not by much; .3 inch and 20 rpm or so. Are there other people with the same issue ? Do you disregard it or do you fiddle with the parameters during tkof roll ? I intend to fiddle, but it takes too much of my attention at a critical time. Opinions ?
  8. There is something about those flights to Honolulu...
  9. @Microkit are you applying for EASA-approval as well ?
  10. Almost nobody has FIKI in Europe and yet we fly IFR all seasons. You have a turbocharger and a hot prop, which is all you could want. Except when you really need to commute on a fixed schedule of course. UK-southern France is pretty routine, except for the high terrain at the end.
  11. What will be your mission profile over here ?
  12. That is pretty steep, cctsurf. I’m pretty sure I can find a more sensible quote than that one. I can run some simulations if you tell me which city to ship to.
  13. I put my 252 on a diet and this is what I got rid off. Feel free to make a bid if you're interested. Everything was working when removed, except the WX10. I have no idea which part of that setup was failing me antenna, processor, display?). My Mooney is EASA-reg, so I have no FAA-paperwork. Shipping from Europe. (clock's gone)
  14. I’m guessing they were not in one acft at the same time ?
  15. I wonder how that 2y warranty on existing servos works
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