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  1. I have no hands-on experience, but I'd recommend the euroga-website for answers. I know the subject came up already in the past.
  2. I’d find it hard to believe the software update wouldn’t work with the E5. Maybe there is a difference due to STC vs TSO ?
  3. Wasn’t this already addressed with a software update a couple of months ago ?
  4. You won’t find any of that in GA
  5. Now if only that Elf came up with a business plan
  6. I’ll happily trade in my current projector lamps ! Maybe they can use them to hatch dragon eggs...
  7. Do I hear “recognition light” ?
  8. Are we talking N-reg or EASA here ?
  9. I use(d) mine only in flight and they still managed to deform the lens. Eagerly waiting the LED-replacement from Whelen...
  10. Did anybody go for the Boeing-grey panel ? I believe the code is RAL 7011
  11. Should be significantly cheaper than a DA62 or it won’t sell.
  12. Information like this makes this forum priceless. Thank you.
  13. Yes, this seems to make the most sense.