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  1. Correct, just like the current halogen bulbs which are also 14V.
  2. This is 6’8 in a K. It works if the turbulence isn’t too crazy.
  3. That’s no rumor. You can check them out yourself at Oskosh.
  4. Thank you James. I should be on your mailing list already
  5. Following… I have a heavy left wing that doesn’t get resolved with the aileron tab bending.
  6. I’m not getting any messages. According to the ngt9000, everything is hunky-dory. But it doesn’t know that there are a ton of acft out there that it’s supposed to report. I asked the avionics shop to run the TAS check with the ramp test set (this was a couple of weeks ago. They never reported their findings, but I guess when there is an antenna problem it would have been clear by running this test. I’ll ask them how this test went…
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. The TAS targets are definitely there. They were in contact with flight info and they got traffic information about my presence. You don’t receive traffic information from our FIS without a working transponder. I even have a playback from Flightradar 24 where you can see the conflicting traffic and the source of the info (multilateration). The range of TAS is limited vs ADS-B, but when I’m able to see the colour of the other pilot’s t-shirt, the NGT should at least acknowledge the presence of another acft. The unlock of TAS is also out of question. I was there when they performed it, and you really can’t get a green “pass” during the selftest when it’s not unlocked. I didn’t get the TAWS unlock and during selftest this is clearly shown in red. So I’d say the system’s logic works. I was thinking about shadowing of the active antenna, but then the target should show up at some bearing eventually. This doesn’t happen. Even targets above me don’t show up, so that can’t be due to shadowing, right ? There are a lot of mode a/c/s targets flying around in Europe, especially during sunny weekends. But yesterdag the ngt saw none, nada. All of the time the freq of the FIS was overloaded though. Doesn’t compute… I’m really suspecting the active antenna. It doesn’t perform. Is it possible the antenna passes the ngt self-test without receiving power ? Does the antenna need a separate circuit breaker or does it get its juice from the ngt ?
  8. I got a NGT9000+ with the NY164 active antenna. The system detects all acft with ADS-B xpdrs, but it doesn’t see any mode A/C or mode S equipped acft. The TAS is definitely unlocked and passes the selftest. Could it be a problem with the antenna itself then ? I ruled out blind spots due to placement of the antenna because then at least some acft should show up sometimes. And yes: mode A/C/S is still a big deal here in Europe :-)
  9. I had exactly the same. Gear relay tripped when selecting gear up. Mechanic found some chafed wiring and cleaned that up. Problem solved.
  10. We need a YouTube documentary on this
  11. Hjelmco claim that they can develop 100UL. They already produce 98UL.
  12. On the contrary, they moved in the opposite direction. Import of TEL into the EU will be prohibited in the near future. Only in strong diluted format (say, a barrel of 100LL) it would be allowed. This was not a problem since TEL was manufactured in the UK, which was in the EU…before Brexit. So this means we can’t produce our own 100LL, we’ll have to import it. Did anybody say price increase ? People get the politicians they deserve but boy, what did I do wrong ?
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