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  1. Follow-up: apparently the TAS stops working as soon as the NGT gets a GPS-fix. Strange, huh ? Shop tries to contact L3 now in order to figure out how to proceed. Looks like a software issue ?
  2. Is Whelen still on track for delivering these end of this year ?
  3. Nice one Philip ! I flew to Propriano last week. No hassle !
  4. As a European aircraft owner I can’t emphasize this enough. Whatever beef you have with AOPA, it is NOTHING compared to not having a functional lobbygroup. You can’t make up all the stuff European politicians implement to make your GA-life worse.
  5. What’s the correct LED alternative for the coffee-grinder belly beacon on an M20K ?
  6. Correct, just like the current halogen bulbs which are also 14V.
  7. This is 6’8 in a K. It works if the turbulence isn’t too crazy.
  8. That’s no rumor. You can check them out yourself at Oskosh.
  9. Thank you James. I should be on your mailing list already
  10. Following… I have a heavy left wing that doesn’t get resolved with the aileron tab bending.
  11. I’m not getting any messages. According to the ngt9000, everything is hunky-dory. But it doesn’t know that there are a ton of acft out there that it’s supposed to report. I asked the avionics shop to run the TAS check with the ramp test set (this was a couple of weeks ago. They never reported their findings, but I guess when there is an antenna problem it would have been clear by running this test. I’ll ask them how this test went…
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