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  1. I think it was the KI300 that killed the KI300
  2. Good point, but the SVT is optional, so I would skip it. Don’t need the speed and altitude tapes neither.
  3. I was more thinking of a hardware update. Like Aspen did with the MAX. Higher resolution, different processor,... You know, the thing that makes you wish you waited another week before ordering an IFD540
  4. Sooo... with Garmin’s innovation wave these days; is Avidyne planning on releasing an upgrade of their navigators ? Anybody in the know ?
  5. 2019: first flight with first owned aircraft Learned already A LOT about Mooneys thanks to this wonderful forum 2020: out; EDM 700, stormscope WX1000, KING 24 audio panel in; EDM 900, Golze ADL150, PSE 7000 BT
  6. A guy at Beechtalk had the same problems. Turned out the shop didn’t use correct ethernet cables... Here
  7. Although I did feel a low freq vibration, it might have been totally unrelated. It was a kind of vibration that I would have discarded if it wasn’t for the erratic behaviour of nr 5’s EGT which alarmed me already. The main reasons for thinking about a probe issue are: absolutely no indications of an oncoming valve failure during the previous flights and no correlation visible between engine rpm and valve misbehaviour. I don’t think the probe would flag zero, because there was a continuous EGT readout from cylinder 5. It was however going up and down like a jojo.
  8. It’s a ‘87 model and I just upload the data to the Savvy website.
  9. Well, the EDM700 gets replaced by an EDM900 by april. Hopefully I can bridge those couple of months...
  10. Thank you for that hint, @carusoam. It cost me an hour of sleep, but it was worth it It seems however that exactly the opposite happened with my engine. It ran OK ‘till it was warm and then egt nr 5 went breakdancing. Savvy believes it’s a probe/connection issue and I tend to agree because it really came out of nowhere. The previous flights gave no indication of upcoming valve issues.
  11. This was the one and only time this happened. Yesterday during run-up (2000 rpm for about 5’) I was unable to reproduce it. Is there a chance the valve was dealing with lead deposits and got rid of it on its own ?
  12. I downloaded the data and have a link to the info here . Today I performed a run-up (2000 rpm) and no anomaly was detected. My maintenance shop is closed these days and now I'm wondering whether to do a test flight.
  13. I’ll download the data after my shift. Here is some extra footage of the event
  14. This is what my EDM700 told me during today’s flight. I decided to return to my home base (10’ to het back) instead of continuing to the destination. The indication was accompanied by a kind of vibration that I felt in the yoke. According to the EDM manual this was due to an “intake valve not opening fully; faulty valve lifter”. Was I right to get down asap or is this something that can be adressed at a later stage during scheduled maintenance ? My interpretation was; cylinder nr 5 is not happy and he might upset the other cylinders if you wait long enough...