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  1. Joy ! Now you’re at it, please file for STC with EASA as wel
  2. I had my AP computer recalibrated a month ago. Bad timing
  3. Allright, I tend to give it a try. It doesn’t sound too complicated unless I’m missing something ?
  4. Allright, time to ship this thing. Can I take the adi out by just unscrewing the 4 bolts or do I need to take off the glareshield ?
  5. Is the MAX installation manual already to be found online ?
  6. I’ll put it in this topic because it seems appropriate. During straight & level flight (AP KFC150 in ALT & HDG) attitude indicator (KI256) slowly starts to pitch down to -15 degrees. AP reacts with pitch up trim and acft starts to climb. After a couple of ap on/off cycles the pitch up becomes rather agressive. Nothing to do but to handfly the remainder of the flight. The next flight, same problem occurs. The bank indication is spot on, so only the pitch axis is way off. I guess I have a bearing problem. Is this something that can be repaired (<1K $) ? I’d like to upgrade to glass, but now is not the time. And I’ll need the KI256 for the AP...
  7. My 252 came with those tanks. Problem is: Full tanks prohibit me from crawling in my aircraft because I would be over MTOW.
  8. Trouble with those LR tanks: gauges in the wing are unreliable. When I fill up to 30 gallons, the gauge will show 25 after 5 minutes.
  9. Looks like Bendix King is the star of this edition
  10. I was hoping that Aspen Avionics would come with something similar. The “HSI only” part of their EFD Pro. It would be more budget friendly than the complete EFD 1000 and you can continue using the ADI to drive the KFC150. The big thing I’m missing with the Garmin G5 is dual rotating knobs and arc-view.
  11. Good ! That one was long overdue.
  12. So, did all the major announcements from manufacturers already happen ? I have the feeling there wasn't anything new during this edition. Except for the BK-aerocruz and the G5-updates that is...