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  1. I didn’t get his card nor name. He was definitely a US citizen, dark blonde hair and very friendly. He was the only guy in the booth at the time.
  2. Last weekend at the Aero Friedrichshafen I had a chat with a rep from Whelen. According to him the recognition light LED replacement should come out in 6 months. So I guess that means they are on it...
  3. I can’t believe cost is the factor here. Friedrichshafen is filled with companies no one ever heard of and they sell “ideas” (prototypes going into production if they can find investors). But you should see their booths! You could easily park 3 Mooneys in one spot. Mooney still has distributors in Europe, but they are not exclusive. Meaning: they distribute other brands as well. If they want to target the domestical market exclusively then that is their choice. But I find it hard to believe that this market is almost saturated after selling 14 units. I do agree however that the O and Acclaim are not the best products for Europe. That M10 they binned would have been a sweet deal however...
  4. I just arrived at the Aero Messe in Friedrichshafen. Between landing and leaving for the hotel, I was amazed at how many parked Mooney aircraft there are at this place. True, most of them are J and K, but I really find it a huge disappointment there is no official Mooney booth here. If sales are the only factor then allow me to say that only a handful of Vision jets are sold in Europe, but at the Aero Messe Cirrus brought three (!) of them !
  5. Can you just replace the MB with an SB or do you need to go for the whole “Encore-conversion” treatment ?
  6. There you go. You can see that the filter has been repaired in the past. These spare parts are getting rare ! Thank you Lasar
  7. I’ll make some pictures the next time I visit the shop. Should happen as soon as the spare parts are in.
  8. I found it on the Lasar website. Thank you for those references, @Bryan
  9. It’s metal. Most of the chips were found in the air filter, but one went through the compressor.
  10. It is the connection between the plumbing and the housing inlet that is cracking into little fragments. Has been repaired (welded) before but we think a second repair isn't possible/adviseable anymore.
  11. Thanks ! All the info I need ! Looks expensive
  12. How would you describe the part that is in the yellow circle ? It needs replacing and I wonder if I can search for it on the used parts market. I know it houses an airfilter but I wonder how the metallic housing is called. Acft is a 252.
  13. Good points . I’d definitely move them upwards as well.
  14. I notice that a lot of pilots keep the G5 “offset” to the left of the yoke, even with a new panel cut out. Is this because they like the offset or is it due to technical limitations ? Especially when removing the old engine gauges (edm 900) this should be easy, no ?