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  1. Airways

    What's this called ?

    There you go. You can see that the filter has been repaired in the past. These spare parts are getting rare ! Thank you Lasar
  2. Airways

    What's this called ?

    I’ll make some pictures the next time I visit the shop. Should happen as soon as the spare parts are in.
  3. Airways

    What's this called ?

    I found it on the Lasar website. Thank you for those references, @Bryan
  4. Airways

    What's this called ?

    It’s metal. Most of the chips were found in the air filter, but one went through the compressor.
  5. Airways

    What's this called ?

    It is the connection between the plumbing and the housing inlet that is cracking into little fragments. Has been repaired (welded) before but we think a second repair isn't possible/adviseable anymore.
  6. Airways

    What's this called ?

    Thanks ! All the info I need ! Looks expensive
  7. How would you describe the part that is in the yellow circle ? It needs replacing and I wonder if I can search for it on the used parts market. I know it houses an airfilter but I wonder how the metallic housing is called. Acft is a 252.
  8. Airways

    New M20K Panel

    Good points . I’d definitely move them upwards as well.
  9. Airways

    New M20K Panel

    I notice that a lot of pilots keep the G5 “offset” to the left of the yoke, even with a new panel cut out. Is this because they like the offset or is it due to technical limitations ? Especially when removing the old engine gauges (edm 900) this should be easy, no ?
  10. Airways

    M20K 252 Filters

    Hi @gsxrpilot. Did you mean that metal engine inlet filter housing in front of the turbo ? If so, where did you find that ?
  11. Airways

    Digital M20K data

    Very nice!
  12. Airways

    Digital M20K data

    Not a particular problem but I’m transitioning from a J to a K which means I’d like to make thorough performance and WB calculations before every departure, especially the first couple of flights...
  13. Airways

    Digital M20K data

    I love Mooney but I’m not a big fan of the performance charts in the (copy of a copy of a copy) POH. Does anybody know if there are excell files/apps/... for a M20K 252 that can be used for performance calculation/W&B ? Thanks !
  14. Those Encores are just stunning !
  15. Airways

    Interior Renovation

    So did you buy an M20J kit to put in a K ? Is it identical ?