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  1. I managed to find a picture on the www...
  2. @Diesel 10 could you elaborate on the “extended HSI” which is available since the last firmware update ? Do you use it ? If so could you make a photo from this feature together with the KI256 ? Thinking about replacing the 525 with a G5, like you did... thanks !
  3. Due to ADS-B or some cool stuff in the pipeline ?
  4. @gsxrpilot I see you still have the dual ammeter in your panel. Can’t this be replaced by the edm900 as well ?
  5. Heartbreaking. Look how the fuel moves to the fuselage and ignites there. The wings are barely scorched.
  6. I went to see that Mooney last year as well. It was not a 160K-plane...
  8. Joy ! Now you’re at it, please file for STC with EASA as wel
  9. I had my AP computer recalibrated a month ago. Bad timing
  10. Allright, I tend to give it a try. It doesn’t sound too complicated unless I’m missing something ?
  11. Allright, time to ship this thing. Can I take the adi out by just unscrewing the 4 bolts or do I need to take off the glareshield ?