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  1. That’s good information guys, thanks a lot !
  2. It tends to be more like 25-30 degrees which I find a lot. Is this something that can be adjusted ?
  3. I have a question about my KFC150. The autopilot banks rather agressively when I change the hdg. By agressively I mean it banks faster than the previous Mooney I flew (same ap). When I command a hdg change of 30 degrees or more the ap has trouble maintaining altitude and starts a shallow descend. He corrects when exiting the turn. Once I changed hdg by more than 90 degrees and this resulted in a vertical speed of -1500 fpm. Needless to say I disconnected the ap... My question: is this behaviour a result of the autopilot computer, the servos or something else ? And is this something that can be calibrated ?
  4. My iPad mini 3 shuts down frequently in cruise. It runs Jeppesen & Skydemon and uses a Bad Elf gps dongle. When I take it off my leg & direct the overhead airduct towards it, it seems to cope.
  5. I had this every single flight since april. The reason is my kneepad which doesn’t cool the iPad at all. Au contraire, it adds body heat :-/ I’m going for the yoke mount this time...
  6. Did you mount the socket mount under the yoke as well ?
  7. John, care to list the part references ? The Ram website gives me a headache... thanks, Stan
  8. I didn’t even think about temperature control. Good point ! Door seal might need some replacing as well...
  9. Yesterday I took my M20K up for its first flight since purchase. What drew my attention was how much louder the cabin noise was compared to a ‘90s M20J. I’m not referring to the difference in engine sound, but the general noise level in flight. I still have the original 1987 interior (and thus insulation). Has there been a significant evolution in materials being used nowadays ? Could I significantly reduce cabin noise by replacing insulation with the newest kind available ?
  10. I was happy that Jan was there with the Acclaim Ultra. The reason why was not so cheerful :-( Keep that beauty flying !
  11. I didn’t get his card nor name. He was definitely a US citizen, dark blonde hair and very friendly. He was the only guy in the booth at the time.
  12. Last weekend at the Aero Friedrichshafen I had a chat with a rep from Whelen. According to him the recognition light LED replacement should come out in 6 months. So I guess that means they are on it...
  13. I can’t believe cost is the factor here. Friedrichshafen is filled with companies no one ever heard of and they sell “ideas” (prototypes going into production if they can find investors). But you should see their booths! You could easily park 3 Mooneys in one spot. Mooney still has distributors in Europe, but they are not exclusive. Meaning: they distribute other brands as well. If they want to target the domestical market exclusively then that is their choice. But I find it hard to believe that this market is almost saturated after selling 14 units. I do agree however that the O and Acclaim are not the best products for Europe. That M10 they binned would have been a sweet deal however...
  14. I just arrived at the Aero Messe in Friedrichshafen. Between landing and leaving for the hotel, I was amazed at how many parked Mooney aircraft there are at this place. True, most of them are J and K, but I really find it a huge disappointment there is no official Mooney booth here. If sales are the only factor then allow me to say that only a handful of Vision jets are sold in Europe, but at the Aero Messe Cirrus brought three (!) of them !