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  1. Airways

    M20K 252 Filters

    Hi @gsxrpilot. Did you mean that metal engine inlet filter housing in front of the turbo ? If so, where did you find that ?
  2. Airways

    Digital M20K data

    Very nice!
  3. Airways

    Digital M20K data

    Not a particular problem but I’m transitioning from a J to a K which means I’d like to make thorough performance and WB calculations before every departure, especially the first couple of flights...
  4. Airways

    Digital M20K data

    I love Mooney but I’m not a big fan of the performance charts in the (copy of a copy of a copy) POH. Does anybody know if there are excell files/apps/... for a M20K 252 that can be used for performance calculation/W&B ? Thanks !
  5. Those Encores are just stunning !
  6. Airways

    Interior Renovation

    So did you buy an M20J kit to put in a K ? Is it identical ?
  7. Airways

    Corrosion or not ?

    Thanks for all the input guys. I’m thinking of making this a long term restauration project. The engine and prop are up for overhaul so maybe a good time to fix all the dents and bruises and give the interior an update. Let’s see what the prebuy reveals...
  8. Airways

    Corrosion or not ?

    That is already good info Brian ! Thank you, gives me something to work with...
  9. Hi guys, I have zero background in maintenance so I'd like to use the massive knowledge present on this forum for feedback on a couple of pictures. Aircraft is an '88 M20K with its second paint job (long ago). The aircraft isn't mine but might (or not) come up for sale. Question is: is the corrosion that I see on the pictures 1) really corrosion and 2) does it need to be adressed urgently ? I'm thinking yes and no. But again, I have nothing to back this up... Thanks !
  10. Airways

    Lowering Ovation instrument panel

    I’m not sure we are on the same page here. I’m 6 feet 7 and my partner 6 feet 5. With the seat all the way down I have about 1,5 cm left before my head touches the ceiling. We really need no cushion. What we’d like is more outside view when we look forward. I thought that lowering the panel might give us more of a J-ish forward visibility. But if I understand correctly, the cowling is the limiting factor here.
  11. Airways

    Lowering Ovation instrument panel

    Thanks for all the advice guys ! I’ll arrange for some test flights asap. I live in Europe so I’ll have to decline your offers for those check rides. For now: the proof of the pudding is in the tasting
  12. Airways

    Lowering Ovation instrument panel

    “ I’d go fly one “ Exactly what we’re planning. Can change everything...
  13. Airways

    Lowering Ovation instrument panel

    We really need the seat at its lowest. We’re +6’5
  14. Airways

    Lowering Ovation instrument panel

    Yes we sat in one, but didn’t fly it. It is the taxi & landing phase that worries him. Since Mooney lowered the panel in the O2 DX, I thought they agreed on this. Also, we flew a J right before looking at the O. The difference in forward view between those two is already big.
  15. Hi mooniacs, does anybody know (for sure) whether it is possible to replace the instrument panel of an Ovation (first gen) with the panel of an O2 DX ? I understand the engine instruments would’t fit, but I was more thinking about the attachements to the tubular steel cage. I’m really keen on an Ovation for sale but one of the co-owners (VFR-rated only) can’t live with the height of the panel. Thanks !