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8 minutes ago, 201guy said:

I hate seeing a thread that has a comment from an old thread.  Seems to waste a lot of time as the thread usually is hijacked.

Maybe anything over 3 months.

You may want to rethink that…

Or think about it a little more…


Many threads come alive when the next guy with same problem awakens the thread… could be a year or two later…

Often a new guy with a new2him plane arrives… and awakens a thread to better understand the discussion…

 Very few threads ever get locked down… usually a tragedy of writing…

Starting a new thread loses the history of what has been discussed prior…

Best regards,


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13 hours ago, carusoam said:

Many threads come alive when the next guy with same problem awakens the thread…

Yes, I vouch for that!  I personally have resuscitated 10-year-old threads and got great insight both from the original comments and the new responses.  The ancient thread gave a solid background, so I think the whole thing went better than it would have, should I have just started an original thread.  (Which, btw, I have done at times, and some members (A, mostly :D) included a link to a past thread with the same or similar content... 

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It’s like commenting when someone asks a question that they should search first.

By now I’m sure just about anything possible has been asked and answered, but locking all old treads sort of guarantees the top 20 questions will be asked over and over because there are always new members.

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