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  1. The funny thing is that a great many of the engines that could benefit from ground leaning like a Continental C-85 as they were designed for a min. 73 octane have a carburetor that often can’t be leaned, and yet they soldier on. It’s lead in excess of the fuel the engine was designed to be run on that causes fouling, it’s not the mixture, but excessive leaning can reduce the amount of lead of course. There are a great many beliefs about these engines that simply are not requirements, and they have flown for a very long time without these special procedures and equipment without issue. A few have made significant money by convincing people that the engine manufacturers are fools, people that would never consider operating their car or lawnmower in a manner inconsistent with the owners manual will do so with their airplane.
  2. If there are, I’m unaware of it. All I’m aware of is A which is thin and B which is thick, and of course the numbers represent pot life. A lot of my experience is Military, and Army helicopters are almost held together with B2, we used it everywhere it seemed, applied externally as a sealant for gearboxes for example. Personally I don’t use the 1/2 ever, I’m convinced it’s just like epoxy, you give up something for the faster cure, but that’s just an opinion. As there are all sorts of special adhesives, I’d use a product specifically made to install windows myself, but can’t recommend a specific product as I don’t have the recent experience. One thing fuel tank sealant is good for with windows is if you want or need to add a small bead on the outside as that can be removed, and fuel tank sealer takes paint very well too, which not all sealants do. I’ve seen it used with excellent results to fix a leak by applying that tiny exterior bead and then painted to match with a detail brush. Its not, but I have always seen fuel tank sealant as a structural adhesive, many things applied with it are destroyed in removal, I’ve found that a heat gun and .020 safety wire between two screwdrivers to cut the B2 is a good way to remove something sealed by it. We used it all over the Thrush as well. for instance every seam on the wings and flight controls, rudder, horizontal etc is sealed with a external bead of fuel tank sealer, it kept chemicals from wicking in between the seams.
  3. Don’t use fuel tank sealant, yes it will work very well and last forever, but it will take destructive means to remove the window when it comes replacement time. I’ve had to remove OH-58 front windshields that were installed with it.
  4. In all honesty, go get some tailwheel instruction. It will improve your techniques whether or not you ever intent to fly tail wheel or not.
  5. I have not read the whole thread,but this is the most important statement that can be in this thread, if you lean, lean it so lean that you can’t attempt a take-off, or one day if you don’t, you will and it could work out bad, you can’t hurt it at low power Before I moved here, they lost two very experienced as in over 10,000 hour aviators in a Bonanza that took off leaned out and I guess didn’t discover their mistake. I assume they got to talking to each other and missed going full rich, but that’s a guess.
  6. I keep seeing people trying to compare learning to fly in a Mooney to military flight training. Now I wasn’t Airforce or Navy, but Army. It’s nothing at all like my civilian training, first it was a full year, a full year of existing and living to learn to fly those complex aircraft. 24/7 often weekends too. You were locked away, didn’t have family or any other distractions or responsibilities, just flight school. nothing else mattered. Then we were young and extraordinarily motivated, and probably at least 1/4 didn’t make it through and that was after the weeding process to get into the program that dropped more than got accepted, and they all were qualified. Then with civilian training, your the Boss, your paying, you determine when and where and how often you fly, and if your a slow learner no big deal just buy more instruction. Military training, bust one check ride and your pretty much done, you may graduate and fly a Huey or something, but your not getting an advanced aircraft, and most likely your time in the Military is limited. Listen to your God Father, He was a 777 Capt. Think just maybe he just might know what he’s talking about?
  7. Space-x launched a Tesla Roadster into orbit around the sun as a gimmick, they can easily launch to anything in the Solar system, it’s just a lot of Math. There is no money in launching to anywhere but orbit and Space-X is in business to make money so they do orbital launches. Launching into the Sun is actually very easy, all you need to do is slow the vehicle enough and the gravity well of the sun will pull it in. The same as de-orbiting from the Earth, just slow down and you will fall onto the Earth. IF the BFR works Starship can carry over 100 tons into orbit, put a non reusable vehicle on top of the BFR and I’m sure that number could be launched into the Sun. It can be done and I believe it can be safely done, it’s the 21st Century now and lots can be done if the will is there. Launching something into the Sun is child’s play compared to having a booster return and land on its tail. We were on the boat very close to watch the first Falcon Heavy launch, it was impressive, but nothing compared to those boosters coming back. First Video is of the launch, second the boosters return, only two sec of the return, I must have pushed something inadvertently. The point is,is that nuclear waste is solvable. For all I know maybe a technique will be developed to turn it into something else by adding sub atomic particles. However just leaving it in place is no solution,and neither is burying it under a mountain, but the problem is solvable, just because I can’t tell you how doesn’t mean that it’s not, but I do think the Sun is one way to get rid of it,and getting rid of it is I believe the only real solution. 3C4B6F1D-1629-4F84-B94E-D86D84684AD3.MOV 22BB50FF-A979-43E4-B1C1-26AFFDCEAF6A.MOV
  8. If your trying to maximize the battery’s life you really shouldn’t run it nearly dead every time, I’d use as a max 80% of the quoted range, and if your really wanting it to last a very long time, cut that range in half. In my opinion any EV isn’t really a long range traveling vehicle, if you do that often you may not be best served with one. We have the CTS-V still if we want to travel without flying which isn’t real likely for us, but if things get even close to pre pandemic times renting a car for $35 a day and racking all those miles on the rental makes more sense. When we were cruising on the sailboat I rented a many a car for $35 a day, renting a car for a day to grocery shop was actually cheaper than Uber. Pretty quick I got “gold” status with Enterprise and they always gave me more than I asked for,last rental was a couple of months ago to retake my IA exam, I rented the cheapest thing they had, they gave me a Tahoe.
  9. That’s not true either, many States are in fact overcharging EV’s for road use tax. But it’s by the State. I try to link to only reliable sources, not ones that have an agenda, I assume most believe Consumer reports? https://www.consumerreports.org/hybrids-evs/more-states-hitting-electric-vehicle-owners-with-high-fees/
  10. Battery wise, that’s not really an issue, the Prius design life was 10 years or 250,000 miles, ours was fine at 12 years and 270,000 miles. That you have to buy a battery fear every few years never materialized, in fact the batteries are outlasting the cars. Now you can abuse anything and shorten it’s life, continual fast charging will greatly reduce a packs life, and I can’t understand what the big push on fast charging is about, y9u can’t make an EV into an ICE vehicle, they are different. Personally I like starting out the day, every day with a full “tank” I won’t miss the three times a week visits to the gas station at all. If you have to rely on fast charging, then in my opinion an EV isn’t right for you. Then factor in the number of vehicles that are totaled every year and what happens is there are plenty of low mileage replacement batteries in junkyards for a low price, they are there unsold and priced low because there isn’t a market for them. Elon Musk claims the batteries are good for 300,000 to 500,000 miles, and CATL who manufactures the LFP packs used in all Standard range Tesla’s hence forth claims there packs are good for 1.2 million miles or 16 years. LFP will last longer then the NCA chemistry or NCM that Tesla has been using but how much longer I don’t think we really know and won’t for decades, even though LFP is old technology invented I think at UT Austin in the mid 90’s? All LFP’s are Chinese made as they own the patents apparently, but those patents run out next year. However they are heavy for their power output and until recently there wasn’t an efficient enough car to offset their weight. LFP is also very safe, it’s nearly impossible to make one burn, but they have low power density, meaning you have to have almost 300 lbs more battery in a model 3 to get the same range as the NCA pack. The NCA pack in my car weighs I think 833 lbs, the LFP pack to get the same power will weigh over 1,000 lbs. God knows what the SUV’s and PU’s packs will weigh, but I bet it will be thousands of lbs.
  11. Space-X is launching I believe at 1/10 that and if the BFR comes on line it will be way less than that. But I think you would be surprised st what it costs to bury this stuff and maintain the storage facility for pretty much forever. With an escape system failed launches are manageable, remember we used to fly nukes all over the world in B-52’s 24/7 and there were accidents. Its not an answer for all radioactive material of course, just maybe the really highly radioactive stuff.
  12. I too had a Diesel Golf back in the day. You or I didn’t subsidize either the Prius or the Tesla I have, neither was subsidized,by the time I bought the subsidies had expired. Tesla hasn’t had any tax credit for quite sometime. Current Administration is wanting to bring them back, not so much for Tesla though, because they aren’t a Union shop. I’ve said several times that I believe the Government should stay out of it, and that the subsidies have actually ruined the value of the cars, because $7,500 is pretty much cut off of the value. I’ve not seen Diesel cheaper than gas since ULSD came out, but maybe where you are, it usually runs about the same as Premium. Either way an electric is cheaper to fuel then your VW Diesel, and will your VW run a 1/4 mile in 13 sec and carry 5 people? Mine couldn’t. You’ll burn 2 gls of Diesel to travel 100 miles, a Tesla 3 will consume a little over $3 to go the same distance. Besides it’s become very, very difficult for a Diesel to pass emissions now, that’s why VW was cheating.
  13. There are several designs of small nuke plants that can’t melt down, but the Government is still stuck in the 1950’s Admiral Rickover designs, you know the same reason we fly behind our Grandfathers engines. My prediction is they will yield, they will have too, or bring back coal in a big way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_small_modular_reactor_designs
  14. Current containment vessels would easily contain it, or if not one that could could be designed or maybe an escape system Current Falcon heavy can toss 16 tons to escape velocity and the BFR if it works a whole lot more than that.‘It could be done, not trying to be flippant, but everything to do it, exists.
  15. I know, but to group EV or Hybrid drivers as tree huggers or greenies or whatever is incorrect. Many of us, quite a few actually drive them based on simple economics. The Sticker price of our Prius in 2010 was $24,000, we traded it on the Tesla with 270,000 miles on it. If you assume 50 MPG ( government rating ) and a $2.50 per gl for fuel it cost $13,500 for fuel. To drive a 15 MPG SUV would have cost $45,000 To drive a 25 MPG vehicle would be $27,000. See the Wife at the time was driving nearly 100 miles a day to work, and her CTS-V was breaking me with its requirement for Premium fuel and cost for tires etc. She has gone back to work, and driving nearly 70 miles a day now, so we bought the Tesla for similar reasons that we bought the Prius, but also as the Tesla is the safest car made today made it an easier choice. Other than social standing you just can’t make a logical argument for all of the SUV’s on the road, and making them electric doesn’t change efficiency, merely changes the power source is all. A CB wants efficiency, and currently a Tesla model 3 is the most efficient electric vehicle.
  16. I believe the current total of electric cars in the US is 3%. Its not going to be this huge change over like the current administration and the news media is saying, it won’t likely in my opinion be where more electric cars are sold than ICE for I’d guess maybe 15 or 20 years, unless the Governement gets into it and starts mandating things which would be extremely short sighted as the Grid can’t supply that much power, remember just to replace private transportation will require more then twice the power currently being generated, and that is a massive issue, one that won’t be solved overnight. That’s just private transportation. Electric isn’t for everyone, to start with almost all of the Apartment dwellers it’s not viable for them, rapid charging has serious drawbacks and problem's that’s not being talked about. Heat kills batteries, but a hot battery can accept a charge faster, so if a Tesla has a Supercharger station it’s navigating to, it “preconditions” the battery. That means it’s heating the battery up, plus fast charging heats it’s further, but a cool battery won’t accept as fast a charge, so to fast charge requires a hot battery, and that reduces the batteries life span significantly.
  17. Take the highly radioactive waste and shoot it into the Sun, seriously.
  18. People use to say the same thing about a Prius, I’m no tree hugger, but had a Prius since 2010. It was traded for the Tesla. Reason for both is simply economics, our Prius more than paid for itself in fuel cost, it was a “free” car and then some. Assuming you believe JD Power, it cost $3.19 to “fuel” a model 3 Tesla for 100 miles. Now JD Power is I assume a reliable source? https://www.jdpower.com/cars/shopping-guides/what-is-kwh-per-100-miles Our Miata just to use it as an example gets 25 MPG, so in 100 miles it will burn 4 gls of fuel, you do the math for what you pay for fuel. In our case it’s about $3.50 for Premium, so it costs $14 to fuel a Miata for 100 miles. Comparing $3.19 to $14 is a pretty convincing argument. It’s cost us 4.4 times as much to drive our Miata than our Tesla. Now I believe the JD number is wrong because I think it assumes charging is 100% efficient, and nothing is 100% efficient, but I don’t think it’s far off, so figure it’s only 400% more to drive a Miata. But compare it to the Average SUV and then the numbers get really convincing Thsts why I believe the Government should stay out of it, if an electric vehicle can be driven for less then 1/4 the cost of an ICE vehicle, people will buy them, let free enterprise work. You don’t have to be a greenie to drive an EV, it’s the logical CB car,just as a Mooney is the logical CB airplane. Oh, and by the way, many EV’s are fast, the fastest production vehicle every made is a Tesla, it took that record away from an over 2 million dollar Bugatti. Originally set by Jay Leno Our model 3 SR (cheapest Tesla) is slowly by comparison, it’s only as quick as a Ferrari Testarosa.
  19. In my opinion the only realistic place is Nuclear, what else could it? Solar or wind? Sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow so how do you get through those periods?
  20. Without even looking that up I can tell you it’s complete nonsense, what it is, is a liquid cooled cable, because if you don’t go to large cables and push huge current through it’s going to get hot. Issue is not the charger, it’s how fast can the batteries be charged, and fast charging damages batteries. Ref the Grid, according to a Elon Musk to replace private transportation with electric is going to require more than a 100% increase in electrical power generation. Then to make it worse, everybody wants inefficient SUV’s and PU trucks. So, no way, no how could the grid possibly support a complete transition. The amount of power an EV uses can easily exceed the amount of current an average house does, depending on the efficiency of the EV and how far it’s driven. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.
  21. Sort of, the prop is a dead end, there is no actual flow, it’s like taking a syringe and pulling liquid into and out of the syringe, a lot of the fresh fluid is the fluid you expelled, your not fully emptying the the prop When you remove a prop it’s not uncommon to find a lot of sludge there, because you can’t really flush all of the oil out. That is why I cycle a prop three times even though it’s not really needed, I’m trying to flush out as much old oil as I can. If he can’t find anything loose or otherwise wrong, I wonder if it could be sludge?
  22. Yes, too much and it won’t even run, Kerosene has a very low octane and will detonate of course. Similarly a longtime ago I ran my Jeep out of gas and had a gallon of Coleman camp fuel, so I figured why not. Now I’m not sure what Coleman’s fuel actually is but I can tell you that it must be very low octane cause that motor rattled even with me being real easy. For whatever it’s worth Lycoming has a drone motor for the Military that will run on Jet fuel. and Mercury built an outboard that will too, both spark ignition engines. So apparently it doesn’t necessarily require a Diesel to burn Jet.
  23. A lot of misconceptions of EV vehicles. First the “working poor” will be buying them, just not new ones, but then they don’t buy new ICE vehicles either, with the exception of Tesla, EV’s depreciate hugely, my belief is that’s largely due to the subsidies. Nissan leaf for example was worth only 11% of its new price at 5 years. I was going to buy a used Leaf as I could get a good used one for the same price of a golf cart, before the pandemic it was $5,000 for a good Leaf, you could get the cheaper too. Used prices are crazy now though. Run the math yourself, if you don’t have money an EV is they way to go as they cost 1/4 as much to fuel as an ICE car does if you can charge at home,if you have to use a public charger it’s likely only half. https://cleantechnica.com/2020/09/07/all-electric-cars-except-teslas-have-a-depreciation-problem/ Second there is a universal plug, except Tesla again, but the adapter to make the other plug fit a Tesla is about the size of your fist and cost about $30. Finally you don’t want to buy an EV until they can go far? Range is way overstated if you pay more you can get one with over 400 miles of range, but that’s not really needed, except for a very few, traveling sales people if there is such a thing anymore won’t likely want an EV. You can “Supercharge” a Tesla up to about 80% in 20 minutes, that last 20% though just like any battery chemistry takes awhile. But really how many drive long trips often? Isn’t that why we fly? Just rent when you get there, it’s easy they will drop it off at the FBO. Or for most of us just rent, the rentals are unlimited mileage, why rack all those miles on your car? EV’s aren’t for everyone, if for instance you can’t charge at home, then you don’t want one.
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