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  1. Replacing a wing due to spar corrosion issues. Contact: Carl @HoustonTankSpecialistsLLC 281-799-8487
  2. I thought someone was making them but can't find the post.
  3. Am planning a panel upgrade. anyone have a file for the base panel layout for a '79'? Trying to not have to re-invent the wheel. Thanks,
  4. Just ordered the MVP-50P for installation in our 79 'J' Looking for tips and tricks for the install. Thanks, Also getting the awesome rebates!
  5. Need a couple of the miniatures for wedding decorations. Not sure if these even exist. Yes, I'm getting married! Thanks, looking for this size, like the hot wheels.
  6. I need some later model fuel tank senders. Send me a PM to work out the details. Thanks,
  7. Here's the difference in height from the age of shrinkage over the years. Note the bulging edges from sitting under compression.
  8. Looking for a set of wing tips. thanks,
  9. Need a set of wing tips. Want the after market type not the factory versions. Thanks,
  10. Anyone have a copy of the 800383R3 diagram? Thanks,
  11. Looking for a set of gear tools or a compressor to service the gear pucks/donuts. Carl 281-799-8487
  12. I always check the nose gear when I arrive at an FBO that will be moving our plane. I also check it when I preflight the plane. We had an FBO over turn our nose gear and damage it. We had to sue them and we won the judgement.
  13. This is the lower trim strip around the windshield that is removed when replacing the windscreen. I bought it when replacing my windshield but did not use it. It is new, part # 310315-001. It will fit the J's and up. I am in Houston. Price $190 plus shipping.
  14. I am a CFI-CFII in Houston. Owned an 'E' model for 16 years. 'J' model now for 4 years. Specializing in transition training.
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