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  1. There are holes on the aft wall of the trunk area for wiring to pass. Beacon, tail cone white nav light, VOR antenna, battery wires all run along the left side wall.
  2. Hole in nose gear well to belly. From there, through the opening for the trim chain. Or the cloth coverage of the Johnson bar hole cover. Maybe the air vents.
  3. Thanks, I'm calling around to see who has one. I do have a small piece I can remove from the panel.
  4. Hi all, I need to fix some parts of the panel and I was looking for the correct paint. I called the maintenance shop in MN that did the panel in 2015 (thankfully the logbook entry had the work order) and they said that the color used was "Atlas Neutral 4630". I google it, but can't find anything. Atlas Neutral shows up on ebay only, and all color codes are minimum 6 digits, with also extra letters. I tried using the color match apps on my phone but the color hits don't really match what I see... Any ideas?
  5. I wrote a response citing CFR 21.93 and the definitions in par. 1.1 but I deleted it. I don't think I'll ever get a J cowl anyway.
  6. I was once trying to see the feasibility of doing this while I was obsessing about the doghouse engine baffles. Fixed the baffles, plugged tons of gaps and CHTs improved, and I kind of gave up the unicorn hunt. However, installing J cowls on a pre-J is a major alteration per Appendix A of Part 43. You can argue that item (iii) won't apply because engine cowls are not part of Fuselage (this is Mooneyspace after all, we argue all day long), however item (viii) clearly lists "cowling". Also, I am pretty sure this mod will change flight characteristics. If a dumb Brake Caliper Swap (TM) speed mod requires a 337, changing the engine cowls would definitely require an STC. I am sure the plane will handle differently but I am pretty sure that it won't be anything drastic... Appendix A to Part 43—Major Alterations, Major Repairs, and Preventive Maintenance (a) Major alterations—(1) Airframe major alterations. Alterations of the following parts and alterations of the following types, when not listed in the aircraft specifications issued by the FAA, are airframe major alterations: (i) Wings. (ii) Tail surfaces. (iii) Fuselage. (iv) Engine mounts. (v) Control system. (vi) Landing gear. (vii) Hull or floats. (viii) Elements of an airframe including spars, ribs, fittings, shock absorbers, bracing, cowling, fairings, and balance weights. (ix) Hydraulic and electrical actuating system of components. (x) Rotor blades. (xi) Changes to the empty weight or empty balance which result in an increase in the maximum certificated weight or center of gravity limits of the aircraft. (xii) Changes to the basic design of the fuel, oil, cooling, heating, cabin pressurization, electrical, hydraulic, de-icing, or exhaust systems. (xiii) Changes to the wing or to fixed or movable control surfaces which affect flutter and vibration characteristics.
  7. Well... I gave it a shot but it failed. I found this sf2000 on eBay from a shop with high ranking, who was guaranteeing operation and giving 30 day warranty. I was going to ship it to insight for testing and 8130... The item arrived with obvious defects. Got my money back, of course. I'll keep living without one for now. I'm not able/willing to dump $4500 on a new item, either.
  8. That's a valid point. Usually, every time my plane ownership gets brought up during casual encounters, people at first look at me with "you don't look that rich" eyes. Then when I rub it in their face that their Yukon or Explorer costs more than my plane, they ask "Do you trust something that cheap?" We need to make people love aviation so that they don't consider airports as wasted land or like a landfill.
  9. They might have a problem with adding or removing engine oil.
  10. In Michigan we have this. But that's for animals, obviously. https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/managing-resources/wildlife/wildlife-permits/wildlife-damage-and-nuisance-control-permits
  11. i have they one I removed from my E model. Please verify that it's the right one for your bird.
  12. $250 obo (a little below eBay prices)
  13. Offering Electrodelta Vr300-14-50. Dated 2015. Pretty young in terms of vintage aircraft years. I switched to an alternator system... $200 obo
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