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  1. Way back in 2014, I was at a different company. I took the vp and a foreign visitor to Put In Bay along with weekend sight seeing with other colleagues on rental aircraft… they brought up doing KY trips by plane. We asked hr and the lady inquired with a will-do mindset. Insurance only required an additional pilot in case of PIC incapacitation. Not even a cap on cost. The vp said 2-3 of us not wasting a full day driving through OH was worth the extra charge…
  2. I tried to install J style baffles on my 67 E some time ago. I wrote Mooney Tech Center and they sent me the drawings for my plane. Though the year corresponds to the open-top baffles, the drawings were dog style. Having other 1st world problems in life, I gave up.
  3. I wish it were possible with a simple waiver. I don’t need them to reimburse me either… Flying on a business day, not having to overnight at a brand name hotel with outdated infrastructure or rotting on 70mph highways with oversized left huggers compensates me enough… If the weather is bad, I’ll drive like the rest of the flock.
  4. Skytech starter 12V input is metric. I think battery terminals are also metric but I’m not certain about that. The remaining 12000 hardware are not.
  5. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/earthxbatteries.php?clickkey=58725 You could help them certify this for our Mooneys. Or skip this generation and go for sodium batteries. That'd be cool!
  6. @A64Pilot please open this link https://www.truebluepowerusa.com/getstarted/ Those guys made it work for certified aircraft. Ps: I work for one of the major battery management IC suppliers and had to learn about this technology and how it works. I can't talk here about how we do things but I'm not completely ignorant in the topic
  7. https://www.truebluepowerusa.com/getstarted/ These guys make Li-ion batteries that start turbines in certified aircraft. So your assumptions were wrong. As for me, just because I didn't see it on aircraft spruce, I shouldn't have assumed that it's not available for GA (certified) aircraft. Because it is. Just not for our turbo bug smashers...
  8. Great to hear that. But what percentage of the population is covered? I wish we had more. I took the Chicago Detroit train once... Felt like getting off and pushing the train...
  9. I bought the cheapest wrench from harbor freight, heated it with butane torch in the vise and bent it with a hammer. But of course I needed it only for removing the vac pump for one last time...
  10. Don't use anything that makes sparks in the hangar. If you must use a drill, get a brushless one. Drills can be dangerous when loosening screws because you might just strip them. Hand loosening is better. You could also overtighten screws with a drill. Better feel the tightness by hand.
  11. Actually we do. My G5s both have Li-ion backup batteries. I've found big ones certified for bigger aircraft. Anyway, I guess I brought up the wrong example. I undersign a lot of the comments here. From undue and unruly government overreach to experimentals that can be technological forefronts or potentially wandering mines. My personal message to the OP is that, you stay in GA if you're addicted to flying. Airlines are comfier, bullet trains (unfortunately not available in US) are way more comfier, reliable, faster; driving is always an option; no $100 hamburger tastes better. We fly because we want to. The ripoffs young experienced, they exist among car dealers, mechanics, residential contractors, even doctors or universities... Hopefully you weed out the bad and hang on to the good ones.
  12. With surefly, I gained ~5kts TAS and save 5-7% on fuel at same engine settings, same altitude, same or similar pressure setting and oat, and same weight.. I did in-cruise mag check and on right mag, it does lose power and EGTs rise. On surefly, almost no power loss and very little rise in EGT. When left magneto required overhaul because bearing was shot and I opted for surefly, I justified it to wife saying that it would pay for itself. She rolled her eyes and said "if you believe that". BUT I won't go dual-surefly even if it becomes available and am considering a second alternator where the vacuum pump used to be. However I am also bitter about faa stagnation. Like, why don't we have Li-ion batteries already???
  13. Guys, What's the minimum clearance between the fuel line and exhaust in the engine compartment? Logically, as far as possible. I just can't find it in AC43.13b. Thanks.
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