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  1. I was renting PA28Rs while this conversation was going on Seriously: it might be a good idea to retorque bolts as prevention. But how do you stick in a torque wrench in such tight spots???
  2. Were they stock or installed by a previous owner?
  3. Awesome. Thank you. I'll get some. I need to figure out how to fasten them to the fuselage. The screws I spotted are trim screws, holding the plastic. I'm not sure if they're sturdy enough. Big again... I may be overthinking it for 10 lbs. Lol
  4. I worked on throttle bodies whose job was to create turbulence such that recirculated exhaust gas mixed better with clean air. We did see some coagulation of dirt downstream of the throttles... So here, I would speculate that the turbulence downstream of the screen mesh made tiny threads that alone were to small to pass through the screen holes recombine. And the low pressure generated by the vortices kept them there. Who has Ansys license and can simulate this? Man, it would be so much fun to figure this out
  5. Yeah, I'm ok with that part. They even annotated it among the list of ADs that were complied with. What I wondered was if there's a screen, filter, etc "built into" the weldon pump. Thank you
  6. I hope he never emulates the Fine Air 101 flight
  7. Ouch. 10lbs ain't nothin' I found the pdf copy of the poh for the chaparral, not the super 21 which is what I have... oh well. In that case I won't bother design anything for the hatrack... Not worth it
  8. I couldn't get the strap to work. I used turnbuckle for the nose. The threads started wearing out WITH the weight of the plane on the wheel. It worked but too much hassle. I'll build a hydraulic tool next time around (hopefully in 10+ years). I'll modify it so it can house my car's hydraulic jack (flat one).
  9. I have 3 copies of the poh and they're all in the plane. I'll check mine tomorrow
  10. Wasn't it 20 lbs (which is almost 10 kg)???? I want to keep exactly these kinds of things plus first aid kit and maybe 1-2 oil bottles but in case of some mild windshear that makes you lose only 10-15 kts, a headset can hurt a lot. In case of an accident, it can be lethal. You know, hopefully it never happens to anyone but have you watched the movie pentalogy "Final Destination"?
  11. I'm thinking of a solution for the hat alcove too. I want to keep stuff without the fear that they could fly forward and decapitate us.
  12. Someone here shared pictures of their home-made tool that uses a small hydraulic jack for the compression. Someone with welding skills could easily build a replica, methinks...
  13. Hey, I have a weldon, too. Do they have any screens, filters, whatnot to clean? Thanks.
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