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  1. Are the cruise airspeeds identical for the factory 3 blade McCauley versus 4 blade MT? How much quieter is the cabin? I agree, anything at all that can provide a few more useful load pounds and shift the CG back for a M is worth consideration. Can anyone with a MT prop on a Bravo report how much farther back their CG went?
  2. Whats the weight difference between 3 vs. 4 blades?
  3. Thank you. How bad does the paint get messed up with removing all of those access panels? How long did it take, and what was the approximate cost? Thanks so much!
  4. Can anyone recommend a shop for fuel tank resealing that is relatively close to Virginia? I am planning a paint job in November, and would like to get this completed beforehand. Someone recommended the shop in Fort Lauderdale, but closer would be better. I have a M20M FIKI.
  5. 95% of my flying is into non-towered airports. Air traffic controllers already know what I am per the IFR filing - there I am just my tail number. I am talking about communicating with other pilots in non-controlled airspace. If there is an M20D 10 north of the non-controlled field and I am 10 south, I am going to get there sooner. I wanted to know what other Bravo pilots called themselves, if anything, in such situations.
  6. When I first got my Bravo, I would say “Mooney Bravo” then the tail number on the radio. I found that confused some people (they thought Bravo was part of the tail number), so I just started calling it a “Mooney.” However, its much faster than the typical Mooney. So I started calling it “Turbo Mooney” (after the M20T identifier) then the tail number and that ended any confusion. Yes, I know that I don’t have to say that it’s a Mooney, and yes I know I can just give the tail number. However, I was curious what other Bravo pilots call their airplane in the air (if they call it anyth
  7. Thank you. That explanation makes sense.
  8. Thanks for the insight. I was just asking out of pure curiosity. So why in the same model year would the Ovation have more fuel boost options than the Bravo? Is there something different about the Continental engine that makes more options necessary? Overall I thought the Ovation was a simpler plane, no cowl flaps to mess with, no turbocharger to cause problems; however, it seems it has the more complicated fuel delivery system. Just curious, nothing more.
  9. Does anyone know why the Ovation has two fuel boost pumps (high and low) while the Bravo only has one? I flew in my friend's 98 Ovation the other day and noticed the high fuel boost pump switch that had a cover over it, in addition to a fuel boost pump switch just like in my Bravo. I read in the Ovation POH but only found that it seemed to reduce the amount of priming time needed for a hot start. I thought that was odd since both of our airplanes were made in 1998. Thanks for any insight.
  10. Does anyone have any additional information about the increased max gross weight for the long bodies (as described in The Mooney Flyer October 2020)? When, how much weight increase? Take off and landing? Thanks
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