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  1. My non FIKI TKS pump has failed! A quick email to CAV resulted in a quote of $2600 to overhaul and certify the pump. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet on this unless someone has a different option.
  2. Garmin just came out with a replacement for the KI 256. It even has a built in autopilot adapter. https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/71902 ... 0-GI275-02
  3. Today I turned on the Aero Safe standby vacuum pump to test the system which I do on a regular basis. The pump would not come on and then I could smell an electrical smoke. I opened the side panel and the electric motor on the pump was very hot and the wires had turned black. The motor appears to have seized. For some reason the circuit breaker did not open. I checked the aero safe web site and I could not find out whether they sell just the motor. Does any one know if anyone repairs these motors or where to find a replacement motor. Everything is electric except the artificial horizon. I was planning on putting in the King KI 300 but I don't think they will ever be available.
  4. I have the DX2 Ovation. It is approx. 2.5 inches lower.
  5. I switched mine several times with the power on. The last one caused the relay to fail. The relay was close to $300 plus installation!
  6. Just replaced my non-WAAS Garmin 530/430 with a 750/650 with Flight Stream and a GTX 345 transponder. I also have a King KFC 225 digital autopilot. I was assured by the installer that he was aware of the extra wiring requirements (GPS Select) between the 750 and 225. On the test flight, I checked out everything. GPS tracking and turn anticipation worked perfect. ILS also worked perfect. However, the glide slope capture on the 225 would not engage on the GPS LPV approach. The GS appears on the HSI (750) and CI 106 (650) and functions normally. The 225 tracked the lateral nav perfectly in the approach mode but no GS capture. I am very familiar with the 225 and 750 in other aircraft so I know when and how to activate the approach mode. I verified that the 750 and 650 are set to “Prompt”. I tried several different LPVs all with the same result, no GS capture. I even tried not enabling the outputs, no difference. The installer assured me they added the correct wiring. Is there anything I can try before bringing it back?
  7. I checked my landing gear shock discs and all appear to need replacement. I know the discs are a little over a hundred bucks each but how much labor is involved? I am currently in Florida, can anyone suggest some place to have them replaced? Thanks
  8. I had the same problem a couple of years ago. If you have the Moritz package, then there is a small circuit board that measures the vacuum and sends a signal to the gauge. A small hose is connected from the vacuum system regulator (located behind the pilot's side instrument panel), to a small circuit board located behind the lower center panel right by the pilot's right pedal. Except for having to crawl under the panel, it was an easy repair.
  9. How hard was it to remove and reinstall the sender?
  10. I pulled out the paperwork for the Mooney retrofit kit for the manifold pressure transducer for Moritz gauges. The paperwork is for Ovations, Eagles and Bravos M20M, R,S. You can buy the transducer directly from Omegadyne for $225.
  11. About two years ago, my Ovation's manifold pressure transducer started reading low (Moritz gauges). When I contacted Mooney, they said the transducer was no longer in production, but that they had a kit that used a different transducer. I ordered the kit witch included the transducer, installation instructions and a different connector. The new transducer was from Omegadyne.com. If you check their website, they have all sorts of transducers. Last year someone needed a transducer and called Mooney and they had no knowledge of the kit. Luckily I have all of the paperwork from Mooney. Note: it has worked perfectly for the last two years.
  12. I had the same problem. The JPI was more that 100 degrees different than the Moritz gauge. I swapped out the sender and no change. I then found that the Moritz EGT gauge can be adjusted. There are trim pots on the side of the Moritz gauges. The maintenance manual has the procedure. D.I. N1020A
  13. I just got my AOPA Pilot magazine and to my surprise, Mooney had an ad for the Mooney Acclaim plus a new model the M10J. No real info on the M10J.