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  1. I had both tanks done on my Ovation last July by Wet wingologist. Two weeks and it was done.
  2. Yes to Moritz. serial is 29-0316. Year =2003
  3. My right gauge is acting strange. When the tank is full it reads correct. As you use fuel it reads correct until it gets down to 30 gallons, then it will stay on 30 gallons for more than 40 minutes then it will start to read correctly all the way to empty. I know there are two fuel senders in the tank but I'm not sure where the problem is. Any ideas?
  4. All work was done in accordance with the Bendix/King KFC 225 INSTALLATION AND MAINTENCE MANUAL, AUTOMATIC FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM FOR MOONEY MODELS M20M, M20R AND M20S All work was done by fully certified personal with proper log book entries.
  5. After lots of investigation I managed to diagnose the problem. It was the trim servo. I was able to borrow a pitch and a trim servo. When I changed the pitch servo, no improvement. When I swapped out the trim servo then everything works.
  6. I connected my laptop to the KFC computer and it showed "No error codes stored." I then went through and checked all the values and switches which we all ok. When in flight in only the Flight Director mode, every thing works fine. It will show altitude and heading/nav perfectly. But when you turn on the AP mode the aircraft after several minutes start a climb followed by the electric trim operating in the opposite direction which results in a nose down and so begins a roller coaster ride.
  7. My KFC 225 autopilot is in need of repair. Can anyone recommend a repair station that works on the KFC 225 that is in or near north FLorida?
  8. Several years ago I purchased the kit from Mooney. It came with blue prints and all the connectors and transducer. The transducer for manifold pressure is an Omegadyne PX329-030AV. The transducer can be purchased for about $300. Attached are some photos of the blueprints
  9. Hey, I'm confused. How did thread get hijacked from insurance to XM weather?
  10. Florida is not so big if you own a Mooney! I'm looking for an AI that knows Mooneys.
  11. I recently moved to Florida and now I am looking for a shop for my annual inspection. Can anybody advise? Thanks
  12. I just got my renewal and it is up from 3150 to 3562 for my Ovation 250K hull. ATP with 13500 hours and 800 hours in this aircraft. One little change is that they want an Instrument competency check in my aircraft every 12 months even though I recently had an FAA part 135 IFR checkride. No big deal but what are they thinking now?
  13. My insurance expires in 90 days and I just got a letter from my insurance stating I can expect a 25% increase if they decide to renew. No claims and I've owned my Ovation 10 years.
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