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  1. I initially read that as your fiance was requiring it and was thinking "how does she know how much engine time it has?". I've never heard of this financing thing! I don't really know any engines shops out west.
  2. Nice, I just did my transition training last weekend. 2 flights and then a long flight home from Morganton, NC. I flew on Monday to practice a few landings. I find I am starting to round out a little bit high probably because I have been flying Pipers for several hundred hours. With 6 hours in the M20C, I'm still a fair weather pilot, but I'm looking to get some practice approaches in this week.
  3. I have the habit of pulling back to 25in/2500 RPM because I also fly a PA32 which is not rated for continuous full power. I have a feeling I don't actually need to do that for the O-360 in the C.
  4. I climb Vx until gear retraction, Vy until pattern altitude, and then cruise climb to altitude to keep the temperatures down. I'm a new Mooney pilot, but this seems to work well for my M20C.
  5. @eman1200 I may take you up on that sometime! I'd like to go back to AGL for annual next year...
  6. I picked up my 1965 Mooney M20C today from Morganton, NC. It was at AGL for a prebuy and then they completed the annual. I flew to Charlotte yesterday on the 6am flight from Philly and then took an Uber to Morganton. Lynn met me at the airport and jacked up the plane so I could practice with the J-Bar. Then, I flew with a local instructor and completed airwork. This morning, we did a bunch of landings, a few go arounds, and engine outs. It was relatively cool and the plane was pretty consistently in the air at the 1000 foot marker. I flew back to KPNE without issue. Kept my speed on point for landing and had no problems making the first turn off. Planning on working with a safety pilot and some instruction before I would take it IFR. But, it was a long but fun weekend and I'm happy to have it home. Definitely recommend AGL for a prebuy as well
  7. The engine doesn't need much compression to make full power, but that is pretty low. Can you try running it up on the ground and retesting? I have heard that the rings rotate during operation of the engine and if the gaps in the compression rings become aligned, it will significantly reduce the compression of the cylinder. That is why the cylinder can be 60/80 and then magically be 74/80 on the next check. Also, do you hear the air coming out of the breather?
  8. Bob, it was great seeing your airplane on Monday. I was very impressed. Nicest Mooney I've seen yet!
  9. I am the buyer that @Bob_Belville is referring to. I cannot speak highly enough of AGL and would agree with the recommendation that you go there. They found a number of issues that I am sure a non-Mooney shop would have missed, but nothing where it made sense to cancel the sale. No 50 year on airplane will be perfect, but you are looking for items that cost thousands to repair, not hundreds, and a non-Mooney shop might not know the problem areas to look at. A pre purchase inspection at a place of your choosing should be a condition of the sale. If the seller won't do that, it would be a good decision to find a different airplane. It certainly sucked waiting a few weeks for the seller to be available to make this trip after signing a purchase agreement. However, an airplane is a long term and very expensive purchase that can have hidden issues that cost more that the value of the airframe to repair.
  10. That does not look like it has been hangared for the last 25 years unless it was outside the 25 years before that! Does it run fine now on the ground? Can it pass a run-up?
  11. Unfortunately deal fell through. @RogueOne has been very gracious and helpful through the entire process. I don't want this to reflect badly on him or the aircraft because neither deserve that! We just had some things we didn't agree on.
  12. I'll be presumptious and add the aircraft to my profile. @RogueOne should update his with his new airplane!
  13. @RLCarter I hope so. I highly doubt that there are going to be major issues with this aircraft considering the care the @RogueOne has put into it. I believe the prebuy starts tomorrow and I was lucky to find a shop where the mechanic is also a Mooney instructor so I'll be able to get trained and ferry it back myself. The route back takes me right over the Great Lakes which I'm not comfortable flying over in a new to me airplane so I'll be taking a southerly route back.
  14. As the purchaser, I completely agree on the uneventful pre-buy. Aircraft is at OasisAero in Willmar and I plan on picking it up on 10/5. I have transition training scheduled with Eric from Oasis. Very excited to have this nice Mooney.
  15. @DXB I have a half bottle of AC Delco 10-5045 fluorescent dye and a UV flashlight that I used to find a leak on my motorcycle. I don't know if that dye is ok for aircraft engines, but it is designed to be used in engine oil to find leaks. If anyone knows if that is ok to use, I can drop it off at your hangar.