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  1. If I thought the breakers or something connected to them were causing audio noise, I would pull them one by one to see if the noise stops. Also, just try turning things off in general to see if you can get the noise to stop.
  2. I suppose this questions stems from the fact that it would make more sense to overhaul the existing engine rather than overhaul and swap in an engine from another aircraft. Why this was done is anyone's guess? Here are a few speculative reasons: 1.) The existing engine had an issue that would cost extra at overhaul like a cracked case, crankshaft AD, other AD, etc. 2.) The existing engine had a lot more TTSN so it was expected that the swapped overhaul would need less work. 3.) The existing engine was at TBO, but nothing was wrong. The owner decided he/she wanted an overhaul any
  3. Last time I asked ATC to confirm they were receiving my ADS-B, they did not know and didn't know how to figure it out.
  4. At annual, not a problem, but for a 100 hour AD 20 hours from annual? I would rather not!
  5. I would love to be wrong about this because it would make the AD much easier for me, but there is an item C that says: "(c) At the next lubrication as required in (a) and thereafter at the same interval as specified in (a), perform a landing gear retraction test and check the landing gear rigging...." https://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgAD.nsf/AOCADSearch/022EF974FDE32DBA86256A3B006FA1EA?OpenDocument But, I will happily not do the gear swing if I am misinterpreting. For me, it is wasteful because I fly about 120 hours a year.
  6. 73-21-01 requires Mooney gear rigging tools ($500-600 including a dial type torque wrench). I assisted with this at annual and it took less than an hour, but I was already on jacks with the panels open. I imagine it would take another 2 hours to open and close the belly and panels. I would say budget 3 or 4 hours for that AD. I also have a 100 hours AD on the engine mount. My Prop AD was cancelled by filling it with oil and the 500 hour control shafts were changed to remove the AD on them. Previous owner replaced all cylinders due to an ECI AD.
  7. It doesn't sound like a good deal. Does it have modern avionics and a good autopilot? It sounds like the engine is close to runout and there are years of logs that should have been, but have not been created.
  8. Wrenching on your own plane is a lot different than flying out of annual. An owner pilot is given a lot of leeway about what is considered preventive maintenance (Coleal) and I imagine most owners work with their A&P to get sign offs when necessary. It is very clear that the airplane must be in annual. Interestingly, I doubt there is any consequence to flying out of annual assuming you don't crash. In the unlikely event you were ramp checked, you wouldn't have the log books with you anyway and I doubt the FAA will insist you produce them unless there is an obvious defect. That sa
  9. Ran up the airplane, everything seemed fine, cleared for takeoff and the engine stumbled as I advanced the throttle. I aborted the takeoff and exited the runway, the engine didn't want to idle. I managed to taxi back to the hangar. After some troubleshooting, I found that fuel was dripping out of the airbox when I ran the fuel pump. The failure to idle and the stumbling was caused by an excessively rich mixture from the extra fuel being introduced into system. I drained the carb and found a bit of fine debris in it. I filled and drained the bowl a few times until clear, checked the f
  10. I didn't realize that was a lake until I just looked at Google maps. They were having a good time on that today. If we try to have any fun with dirt bikes in eastern PA or NJ, the police are not happy with us! I'm sure western PA is better for this.
  11. So I tried to get in there today and was not successful. I left at 8:30 am hoping I would get there before it got too crazy, but the ramp was full by the time I got there. A number of aircraft holding for ramp space. The pilots on the radio did a good job of calling out positions but a number of NORDO aircraft flew in without regard to the traffic pattern. After being cut off twice by NORDO aircraft, I decided the risk of a mid-air was too high and went to Laconia. Laconia is a nice airport, refueled, and took the crew car to get lunch. All in all, it was a nice day to fly so I can't
  12. I landed there in an Archer a few years ago. Heading up tomorrow morning in the Mooney. Anyone else going?
  13. It is from an ARI Cowling. I just looked at the STC and I believe it is AN507-832R8 (AKA MS24693-C50), but that is what I thought the other one was. Both of them seem to work, but this one seats better and all of the screws are of this type so if I just change one, it looks strange.
  14. Can anyone identify this screw? It has a smaller head and slightly different angle than the one next to it (which is a common screw for the inspection covers). It appears to be designed for use with the washer next to it.
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