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  1. I didn't realize that was a lake until I just looked at Google maps. They were having a good time on that today. If we try to have any fun with dirt bikes in eastern PA or NJ, the police are not happy with us! I'm sure western PA is better for this.
  2. So I tried to get in there today and was not successful. I left at 8:30 am hoping I would get there before it got too crazy, but the ramp was full by the time I got there. A number of aircraft holding for ramp space. The pilots on the radio did a good job of calling out positions but a number of NORDO aircraft flew in without regard to the traffic pattern. After being cut off twice by NORDO aircraft, I decided the risk of a mid-air was too high and went to Laconia. Laconia is a nice airport, refueled, and took the crew car to get lunch. All in all, it was a nice day to fly so I can't
  3. I landed there in an Archer a few years ago. Heading up tomorrow morning in the Mooney. Anyone else going?
  4. It is from an ARI Cowling. I just looked at the STC and I believe it is AN507-832R8 (AKA MS24693-C50), but that is what I thought the other one was. Both of them seem to work, but this one seats better and all of the screws are of this type so if I just change one, it looks strange.
  5. Can anyone identify this screw? It has a smaller head and slightly different angle than the one next to it (which is a common screw for the inspection covers). It appears to be designed for use with the washer next to it.
  6. Usually it is under the oil door, but if you can't find it, trace the cable coming off the sump heater. Not sure why anyone would do this, but the system is modular and it is technically possible for someone to disconnect the upper part and leave the heater pads.
  7. Looked at the JPI data and it looks like the temperature has risen about 105 degrees under similar conditions. Note that the ring terminal was installed with an adapter in the bayonet position, not under the spark plug.
  8. JPI bayonet style probe is now installed and this has resolved the issue. Thanks for the help everyone!
  9. I noticed a few areas in the rear of my doghouse that seem like they could use better sealing particularly behind the number 3 and 4 cylinders. Does anyone have pictures of these areas on their doghouse and how they are sealed.
  10. As a Mooney owner, former web developer and current software consultant, is this the most amazing website in the world? No, but I think Mooney needs to get back on their feet and doesn't have unlimited budget. I would love to be able to buy parts here, but it isn't a loss to be able to buy some reasonably priced merch. Building some excitement for the brand is a bit of a pre-req to be successful selling new airplanes. I am happy that the company is moving forward.
  11. MS35769-21 is right for the O-360-A1D. 18mm spark plug gaskets (AN4027-1)
  12. I don't have pictures, but @AGL Aviation checks the suction screen. Said it was unlikely it had been checked recently given the amount of carbon. My IA (non-MSC) made me remove the suction screen for my recent annual. Nothing found. I did not like reinstalling it.
  13. I would have done the same thing, but it was already installed...
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