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  1. If it will only go 115kts, it needs some speed mods...
  2. If they were smart, they would make them a slide-in replacement for a 430W...
  3. Is this a fixed gear Mooney? Right near me too and seems like a good deal considering it has an Aspen, 430, and EDM930...
  4. I went in an Archer last year. Jet Aviation, about $50 total, overnight, no discount for taking fuel. Decided not to buy any at $9 per gallon. IMC on departure, gave me a heading to keep me out of the way of the faster departures, and the airliners were nice enough to call out pireps for the tops for me. My first landing at a class B airport.
  5. Garmin will only repair a 430 as part of an upgrade to a 430w. It is $4495 plus you will need to have a WAAS antenna installed.
  6. @AGL Aviation in Morganton, NC did my prebuy and I would highly recommend them.
  7. Interesting article from Mike Busch about a similar situation with a much less happy outcome and some comments on the use of eddy current inspections on cylinders. Makes sense to me that if you can see the crack, then it should fail dye penetrant inspection. "...there’s no guidance from Cirrus or Continental suggesting that eddy current inspections should be performed on cylinder heads. The standard procedure is to inspect the heads visually for cracks, and if a suspected crack is found, to verify that it has significant depth (and is not simply a superficial surface flaw) by performing a dye penetrant inspection. " "It seemed to me that the much more sensitive eddy current inspection was inappropriate for use on a rough sandcast cylinder head, and was very likely to produce false positives"
  8. I believe these are the instructions for MSB09-1B which is guidance for the EQ3 cylinders that TCM wanted to replace. It wouldn't be a good idea to forgo such an inspection if you are on the hook to pay for the cylinders given that it may not be a crack at all!
  9. 47N fuel is awesome ($4.17 I think). I need about 35 gallons right now and I'm probably heading there tomorrow to fill up.
  10. I would definitely go to Linden. It is 2 miles from the train station, the train is ~40 minutes from there to Penn Station. And if you want to Uber, it isn't much further than Teterboro (depending where you are going). We got one of our club planes stuck for a few days there due to mechanical problems and it was like $20 dollars a day or somthing like that.
  11. I don't know. Kinda looks like a Mooney and Piper Apache had a child.
  12. Ok, I did a bit of testing today. I think my issue yesterday stemmed from attempting to use the Accuflite without turning on the AccuTrak. If you do that, it will not correct until it hit 30 degrees on either side of the heading. I need to take a longer cross country with it to confirm that it is 100% fine, but it turns out that this might just have been user error...
  13. Thanks, I will try a more thorough test tomorrow and try to get some video. I have mainly be testing the Accuflite with my (potentially uninformed) opinion of how it should work. I think a few test profiles with video will be more expository. I have an IFD440 with GPS/NAV and a KX-155 for secondary NAV.
  14. Here are the control panels. I primarily tested with the Accuflite II ON attempting to use the heading bug and the others in OFF, but I did attempt a few other settings with similar results. I'm planning on flying tomorrow and can try to get a few more detailed test profiles.
  15. It seems to have the same issue in both NAV and heading mode. I haven't touched any gain settings yet.