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  1. I also have time in a DA20 and DA40. This plane looks pretty cool, but it needs to hold more than 50 gallons of fuel. Also, they don't list the useful load which is pretty important here.
  2. I'm also putting it on the left side and disabling the SOS.
  3. Hello, I will be installing a Surefly on my M20C and am working on planning the installation. For anyone who has installed one, where did you pick up the manifold pressure and what fittings did you use? The instructions recommend picking it up on the #4 cylinder. However, I am tempted to install a splitter prior to the valve for my standby vacuum system. Thanks, Chris
  4. For fuel, I like KMFV. I doubt there is any maintenance on field. But I do love that $3.75/gallon 100LL.
  5. Mine has that feature too. In fact, I think dimming it in flight is what precipitated the issue. I'm leaving it alone at this point since it is working, but was curious about how to remove it should there be an issue in the future.
  6. Thanks, everyone. I went to the airport this morning and confirmed that the switch is working using a multimeter. I looked more closely at the light and determined the bulb/cover were slightly loose. I pushed on it harder and also turned it a bit harder to the right. That seemed to tighten it up and it works fine now. Curious, though, does anyone know how to remove the housing and bulb? Does it just unscrew? I was going to take it out to make sure the contacts were clean, but I ended up leaving it alone because I didn't want to break it.
  7. I have a 1965 M20C with a johnson bar. I had an issue today where my green gear indicator would not light. However, the press to test feature works so I know the bulb is good. To troubleshoot, I retracted the gear, climbed to a safe altitude, put the gear back down and pressed the gear switch with my finger. The red light extinguishes, but green light does not light. I also confirmed the gear horn engaged when I reduced power to idle with the gear up. I returned to the airport and was landed safely with the light out after giving the johnson many sharp tugs to confirm it was lock
  8. This doesn't exactly make me want a roller tappet engine. Is this the first documented failure of this nature or has this happened before? The tappets in my Harley are beefier than that...
  9. I was probably my C. I have all the speed mods.
  10. Ok, so I think I get it now. To summarize (and feel free to correct me if this is incorrect): The CHT guage is not listed as required equipment directly in part 91. However, assuming you have cowl flaps, you cannot operate under part 91 without the CHT guage because: 91.213.d.2.ii says "no person may take off an aircraft with inoperative instruments or equipment installed unless the following conditions are met: ... [The inoperative instruments and equipment are not] Indicated as required on the aircraft's equipment list, or on the Kinds of Operations Equipment List for
  11. I am not seeing it in the TCDS, but maybe there is a reference to some other material. Nor am I seeing other seemingly required engine instrumentation listed. For reference, this is the TCDS: https://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgMakeModel.nsf/0/6ea0f05ecca8304486258305006833cf/$FILE/2A3_Rev_58.pdf
  12. 91.1305 doesn't exist as far as I can tell. You are thinking of part 23.1305. I don't think this applies to the M20 since its certification basis is CAR3. However, the very similar section of CAR3 that I previously quoted would apply.
  13. Its also required under CAR 3 if you have cowl flaps. The second point references engine cooling tests. I'm not sure how to determine which speed they were performed at. § 3.675 Cylinder head temperature indicating system for air-cooled engines. A cylinder head temperature indicator shall be provided for each engine on airplanes equipped with cowl flaps. In the case of airplanes which do not have cowl flaps, an indicator shall be provided if compliance with the provisions of § 3.581 is demonstrated at a speed in excess of the speed of best rate of climb.
  14. When I talked to them, they also mentioned they may have a spare to swap to speed the process. They service a lot of different pumps so the availability probably varies a lot. I wasn't in a particular rush so I just sent mine in and they turned it around in a day.
  15. I think that pump is for an IO-360 and operates at a higher pressure. He would need part numbers 4140-00-21A or 1499-00-21.
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