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  1. @eman1200 If you find extra, let me know. I used my spare the other day. One of my wing servo's is starting to get a bit of dry rot and will not last another 55 years. I emailed Brittain and they said that they are working on getting production back online, but who knows when that will be...
  2. I flew from Jakarta Indonesia to Philly on 3/15 and there was no screening at the airport. Qatar Airways gave me a health screening form to fill out, but no one ever looked at it...
  3. They lost a second M20J off the coast of NJ last year as well. I tried to rent one for my transition training and they did not actually have one available in November.
  4. Philly to Charlotte Monroe Executive and back. VFR on both ends, but I had to land in Charlottesville and file an IFR flight plan due to unexpected low ceilings enroute.
  5. I flew for about 7 hours yesterday and didn't have an issue so I am hopeful it is resolved.
  6. Thank you everyone for the advice. I inspected the lines as best I could and the aileron and rudder servos. I found that the forward rudder servo (the one with the red line) has a small tear in the boot. I am somewhat skeptical that this is the cause due to the intermittent nature of the issue, but it seems to me that this needs to be fixed before further troubleshooting. Fortunately, I have 2 spare rudder servos so that isn't a big issue. I'll report back once it is swapped and I have a chance to take a few flights and try to repro again.
  7. Hello, I have a PC system in my M20C and had an issue with it on a few occasions. When I return to level from a banked turn, the system wants to turn left and I have to fight it or disengage it. This occurred after both a right and a left turn. After about a minute or so, it will stabilize and stay wings level. The AccuTrak and AccuFlite were both off when this happened. Last night, I took a flight performing a number of left and right turns with and without the disengage button pressed including a steep turns and I was not able to get this to happen again. It is an intermittent issue and I can overpower it or disconnect it with the button, but I am concerned this will happen in IMC where it could pose a larger problem. Any thoughts on what to check? Thanks, Chris
  8. What is the outside temperature when you are starting? Is it early in the day and is the engine cold soaked from overnight? Also, 2 hours of pattern work is not really a way of determining average fuel consumption. Do you have a fuel flow meter?
  9. I found a post on the Cessna 152 forum with a quote from the owner of TopCat. It is from 2006 so it sounds like the project may not have been revived, but it might be worth reaching out to Rick. Maybe he could be convinced to hold a course for Mooney owners... Thanks for your email. Please allow me to tell you a short story. Several months ago the hangar that I used at Hicks Airfield was sold, and the new owner and I couldn?t work out a good agreement for TOPCAT School?s continued use of the facility. At about the same time Tarrant County College (TCC) asked me to work on a National Science Foundation (NSF) project that they were the lead college on. TCC is the community college that serves Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding area. TCC has an A&P program that is 36 years old and is, according to the FAA, the highest rated A&P program in the state. The NSF project was to be known as the National Center for Aircraft Technician Training (NCATT). It was a great opportunity and I agreed to work on the project. I became the project?s ?Business Liaison?, the project?s ?Grant Writer? and ?Coordinator of Special Projects, Aeronautical Technology Department?. The proposal that I submitted to NSF was selected and funded by the NSF. I then became, and am, the ?National Director of Accreditation and Certification? for NCATT. As you might suspect, I?ve been busy. If you?re interested take a look at the NCATT website at [], it?s a continuing work in progress.Back to what both of us are interested in, TOPCAT School. I?ve never abandon the project. Having had a long association with TCC (from 1980 to the present) I suspected that I might be able to work out an agreement with TCC through which the TOPCAT School Program could come back into existence. I'm in the process of developing that partnership agreement now. When the details are worked out I'll be able to use the classrooms, laboratory and equipment (training aids) that we use in the college?s A&P program. It will be the same equipment that we train A&P mechanics on. It will make the TOPCAT School program a lot better, and we won't have to worry about breaking "real" airplanes in the training process. It also means that owners won?t have to fly their airplanes from all over the country. It also means that the program should cost several hundred dollars less. The down side is it will cover only the owner training. The owner will still have to contact their local FAA office to convert their airplane to the ?Primary Category?, but with the training completed, ?Certificate of Competency? issued and signed-off, and the STC and instructions from the Fort Worth FAA FSDO to the owner?s FAA FSDO providing instructions on that process in hand, the owner will be in good shape.
  10. Hope everyone got their ADS-B issues sorted out. Is this still happening tomorrow? Its a 3 hour flight for me so I'm not sure I can make it, but looks like fun!
  11. Does anyone with an M20C with a Powerflow have pictures of their scat hose routing? The cold air intake part of mine is touching the cowl flap heim joint which I do not like. It is currently routed behind the carburetor and I think I can route it lower to resolve the issue, but it will require a longer hose. Before I do this, I was curious how others have it routed. Dev sent me this video, but my cold air intake is not the same. I have a 2 1/2" hose on the cold routed from the passenger side of the doghouse behind the carb and then to the exhaust on the pilot side of the engine.
  12. Overpriced! But any Mooney is better than a cramped Bonanza
  13. Hmm, also has any ever been violated by having laminated a medical and what was the consequence? I know the government can be unreasonable, but it seems to me that having a valid but laminated medical should not be an issue.