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  1. Maybe the value will go up because people would rather fly their own planes than fly on an airliner...
  2. 1.) As you surmised, 1500 feet does not put you in the exclusion. If the controller meant this, they are wrong. 2.) People complain about NY approach, but I have always found them pretty accomodating considering their workload. I have had less luck VFR from the south, but when entering from the north, I don't think I have ever been denied entry into the bravo VFR. And IFR, I get sent DIXIE-V1-JFK-... which is a pretty reasonable routing.
  3. That is correct, but from what I gather, he is flying above that within the Bravo. It is called the Skyline Route, but for some reason ATC doesn't always know what that means. It is better to just request a bravo transition over the Hudson Corridor.
  4. You weren't on with LaGuardia at all? What was your route and altitude from about 2 miles north of the GWB to the about the Intrepid? LaGuardia handled that the last few times I flew through there.
  5. Who were you talking to? The bravo starts at 1300, but the most of that airspace is owned by Newark and LaGuardia Tower. I've flow this many times and I've always been handed off to Newark and Laguardia until either north or south of their uncharted "surface areas". Is it possible they just meant that they won't provide VFR traffic advisories in the area, not that you are outside of the bravo? I'm not sure they are required to provide VFR traffic advisories (anyone?) and might have just been giving you a warning about that. NY Approach will pick you up again just north of the GWB or south of the Verrazano. I agree it is better to do it with ATC if possible. A PA32 Lance hit a helicopter which resulted in the airspace restructuring and training requirements.
  6. The only time I have found water in my fuel was in my old 152 which was parked outside. The first sample was about half water, next sample some drops, next sample clean, shook the wing which resulted in more drops for the next ~2 sumps, finally a few more clean sumps. No issues on runup or takeoff. I feel like it was rainwater, not contaminated fuel.
  7. I think it is the Tamco guy again. That isn't a scam, just a really crazy avionics person.
  8. True, but the servo itself only has a stud and you can swap the chain with the cable.
  9. I only met Bob once and he was happy to take me on a tour of his hangar and show his beautiful plane. He also helped me find a CFI in Morganton so I could do my checkout and fly my airplane home. RIP.
  10. I had similar symptoms from a stuck float. This will cause an excessivly rich mixture at low power settings. Engine would not idle, rough when advancing throtle, hard to shut down, ran fine at full power. Fuel dripped from the carb when the fuel pump was on. I pulled the air filter to watch for fuel in the airbox, but it leaked out the bottom after a few seconds anyway. I resolved the issue by draining the carburetor a bunch of times (drain, refill with fuel pump, drain again). I used a catch can to catch the fuel and confirm there was no sediment.
  11. I also tend to wonder if something is wrong here. Obviously serious speculation and probably never will be proven, but medical, drugs, or alcohol? It seems like someone of sound mind would not fly into a bravo, be warned about it, and rather than get the heck out of the bravo, fly further into it and start an argument with the controller. From her initial tone, it sounds like a turn out of the bravo would have resolved the situation without the controller calling out the deviation.
  12. Is it possible to get the FBO to let you put it in a shared hangar? When mine was at KMRN for prebuy, they just stuck it in the community hangar until I picked it up.
  13. What is the delta? What do you have on? If you have a flashing beacon, it will cause the amperage to fluctuate. I would start by turning things off switches and pulling breakers until it stops. My 930 stays pretty steady unless I have the LED flashing beacon on.
  14. For most pilots, it would be cheaper to join a club, but here are the reasons I bought at varying levels of importance 1.) I can make whatever decisions I want about equipment. 2.) I work during the week so mostly fly on weekends, just like other club members! And, if I need to go somewhere for work, I only need to worry about the weather, not schedule. 3.) I like to work on the plane. 4.) I can choose whatever plane I want. 5.) I can leave stuff in the plane. 6.) I have a plane. Certainly there are disadvantages to and others have mentioned them.
  15. I'm curious what they are comparing it to. I have a lot of time in a PA-28-181 which has very similar weight and power to my M20C. To me, it seems like the the Mooney has comparable takeoff performance, comparable landing performance, and better climb performance. A review of the POH shows similar takeoff distances at similar weights which isn't particularly surprising. I always found the Archer to have pretty good performance in general so its not like I ever had a problem with that plane.