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  1. We had an issue with a D3000 on an O-540-J3A5D. Kept having hot start issues, various troubleshooting, overhauled the magneto, still had hot start issues. More troubleshooting, could not find a problem. Bought a new magneto, issues resolved. With that history, I would want to exchange it or buy a new one.
  2. That isn't the first time that someone got creative with hose routing and installation. As a rule, after having anyone touching wires, hoses, or doing pretty much anything, it is best to inspect the installation for proper routing (and installation in general), strain relief, and make sure there is no possibility of interference between the new or changed installation and any engine compartment controls. You would think that all mechanics would do this, but I have found that not always to be the case. Trust, but verify (or don't trust and still verify).
  3. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was wondering how much calendar time is on the oil. For example, if it was changed in 11/2019 and has 30 hours on it, it was sitting a lot and you would might expect to see high iron from surface rust in the cylinders, but this doesn't mean there is actually a problem with the cylinders. These numbers aren't super high. And, in isolation, it is difficult to draw any conclusions. It would be helpful if the owners was previously doing analysis so you can see the trend.
  4. When was it last changed and how many hours were on it?
  5. The suction screen is on the lower rear of the sump toward the passenger side. It is easy enough to remove, but reinstalling the safety wire will make you wish for a PA28 (until you have to go somewhere far...).
  6. If I was going to rig up a preheater, I would use something like this with ducting to direct the heat into the cowl. I had done this for my previous 152, but at the time no battery powered heaters were available so I used an inverter. Not sure where you are, but if it is regularly cold and you can power it, a proper preheater is worth the trouble to install. One of the first things I did to my Mooney was install a Reiff Turbo system. I don't see a 500 watt air powered heater doing much of anything unless it is left on for a long period of time.
  7. The tip of the breaker has the amperage embossed in it, but you won't be able to see it if the cover is on. Note that in my '65C there is a bus bar covering all of the breakers so the easiest way to replace one is to remove the mounting nuts holding the breakers to the panel and slide them back as an assembly. Then, there is enough room to remove and replace an individual breaker. Not sure if the newer models are set up the same way.
  8. So I finished the install and the starting vibrator does not seem do anything now that I have installed the Surefly (can't hear it during start). @DXB Thanks for the help with the battery box. Haven't flown it yet, but I did have a successful run-up with the Surefly. Hoping to do the first test flight later today if the weather holds out.
  9. @DXB Sent you a text. It is already torqued, timed and new harness installed, just to finish the wiring and MP pickup (needed tools that I didn't have at the airport). From what I can tell, the vibrator won't actually do much of anything unless it is connected to a real magneto so it may be of no concern. IA thought it doesn't matter either, but wasn't 100% sure.
  10. I do have the dash off (for an unrelated issue) and I don't think I can quite get to it. The easiest thing for me (other than leaving the whole thing alone) might be to remove the turn coordinator and push the switch through its hole. My IA is leaving for vacation tomorrow, but promised to sign it off if I was done in the morning so I'd like to get it done expeditiously (although not in a way that will damage something!).
  11. Unfortunately, it is inside of the firewall at the top so it is almost inaccessible without the avionics access panels. I wish it was on the engine side of the firewall!
  12. I have mostly installed my Surefly (after having to buy a $250 magneto gear). I would prefer not to touch the ignition switch because it is almost impossible to get to due to my 201 windshield. In addition to being a PITA to get to the switch, it would be nice to have the option to reinstall the old mag should the Surefly fail or end up with an AD. Surefly is installed in the left position. Is there any consequence to leaving the starting vibrator active? The instructions just say to insulate the retard lead and tie it out of the way, no mention of disabling the starting vibrator.
  13. So I have joined the overpriced dual keyway gear club. I went to install the Surefly and the closest I could get it timed was around 2-3 degrees off. I purchased a new gear and will be finishing the install with my A&P/IA on Saturday. The best deal on the gear I could find is the SL68C19622 Superior part from AirPower.
  14. Definitely worth looking and the engine monitor data and also comparing it to previous flights. Like others have said, the roughness itself shouldn't change the oil pressure. What was the power setting when you noticed this?
  15. It probably caused an RPM drop which would affect the oil pressure. Any engine monitor data to post?
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