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  1. I don't understand how Spruce says new orders are expected to ship on August 16th, but my order (placed in May) says it is estimated to ship on September 23rd. Tempest posted on Beechtalk that there is no shortage and they are just seeing a high volume of orders. Although, that could be driven by a Champion shortage.... I hope Spruce continues to honor existing orders and does not cancel them. They have increased the price since my order and I wonder if the order cancellation has more to do with increasing the price.
  2. How does the Powerflow restrict you? I have a C with a Powerflow and the RPM restriction is from the prop, not the exhaust.
  3. Where are you finding these oil filters to overtighten?
  4. The post I was quoting appeared to have a joke about filing a flight plan. My post was similarly not serious.
  5. I would hope they were not flying around without a flight plan.
  6. Hose is Stratoflex 111-8 on an M20C. It is probably the same on an F model. As far as producing the hose, does anyone have thoughts on the hoses as an owner produced part: From AC-20-62E: "Parts produced by an owner or operator for maintaining or altering their own product and which are shown to conform to FAA-approved data. " I imagine there is some kind of pressure test that needs to be done, but I would think that applies to hoses produced by an A&P too. Also, my understanding is that the oil cooler hoses are only under pressure when the vernatherm is open so a standard run-up may not find leaks. I just changed the oil cooler hoses with hoses from PHT (I do not know enough to make the hoses and was not sure of the legality) and ended up doing a test flight near the airport until the engine had warmed up enough to open the vernatherm.
  7. It looks like the hangar wall was repositioned such that it interfered with the aircraft.
  8. Hello, I am looking for bushing part number 914024-5. It is a bushing for the oil line clamp. It is basically a .5 inch long bushing that an AN3 bolt goes through. Any thoughts on obtaining something like this?
  9. That is the only thing I see as a potential issue here. I don't think the airplane is technically airworthy with the gear light inop. If it is an issue for the FAA, I recommend having an attorney clarify that the bulb was working again for the flight home and that he checked the bulb out of an abundance of caution discovering the intermittent bulb issue.
  10. I support our ability to necropost.
  11. I had a case of this recently due to up/down drafts. I was surprised how much variance it caused in airspeed it caused. I was questioning the aircraft performance for a bit, but heard other aircraft complaining about it. There were reports of moderate turbulence, but I only experienced light. I was IFR and, for the first time, requested a block altitude. This helped a lot because I could let the airplane climb or descend (within the block) rather than fighting the winds. I wished I had done it sooner.
  12. I flew from Tampa to Philly via SAV on Sunday and there were significant up and downdrafts through the area from Fayetteville to Norfolk. ATC was referring to it as waves. There was a glider up at 13k. It was difficult to hold altitude and resulted in significant variations in IAS. I gave up and requested a block. I was at 7000 feet and aircraft below and above me were experiencing similar.
  13. Next thing you know 'der gonna be callin' pilots airpeople.
  14. I will be there camping in vintage. One word of advice (which applies in general): Don't be afraid to go around. You won't need to do the arrival again, they will take you around the pattern and fit you in.
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