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  1. Hello, My name is Chris. I have been considering purchasing a plane for the past few years, but I'm in a good club and had trouble figuring out what aircraft would be the best fit. I decided on an M20c for its speed, simplicity, reasonable fuel burn, and reasonable acquisition cost. It also has the O-360 which I consider to be one of the best GA piston engines. So, I'm looking for a nice M20C with the following: Airframe in good shape Complete logs 201 Windshield Engine under 1000 hours, but flown regularly IFR GPS (preferably WAAS) ADS-B out Good paint (7 or better) Good interior (7 or better) Wing leveler Nice to haves: Engine monitor Avidyne or Garmin G5 Real autopilot Cowl Closure Modification Is there anything else I should be looking for? I realize I may have to compromise, but I don't have time for a restoration project. Also, does anyone know of something similar for sale or that might be coming up for sale soon? I found a few that looked like they were for sale (N78884, N669GJ), but it turns out they were already sold or had an offer.
  2. Wow, that is expensive! I guess being based there we don't pay those fees. Thank you for the offer! I'm going to message DXB first and see when he is around since he is based here.
  3. Hello, I think I want to buy a manual gear Mooney, but I've never flown one. Is anyone who owns one in a reasonable flight distance of KPNE that would be willng to take me for a flight. I fly both club PA28 and PA32 and would be able to meet you at your airport. We don't have something similar for rental in this area as far as I know.