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  1. I thought I would start this thread to capture resources needed for the ADS-B mandate: Interactive site that shows the ADS-B coverage by type: https://www.faa.gov/nextgen/programs/adsb/ICM/ Link to an interactive Google Earth site that allows you to search for airports to show whether ADS-B out is required (also helped validate why active traffic is not such a bad thing - check out the video): https://www.faa.gov/nextgen/equipadsb/airspace/ The flight test requirements (section 4.3): https://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/AC_20-165B.pdf The FAA's rebat
  2. We are looking to add GPS to the panel of N3510N. We didn't think we'd be able to afford this upgrade to our IFR platform this soon, but the release of the GNX 375 is a perfect spatial and cost effective fit for us, given the ADS-B requirement. We will pull the KT-76A transponder and fill that spot with the GNX 375. The question becomes how to display this information on indicators. Currently, we have a KX-155 w/glideslope driving a KI-209 (pilot's-side panel), and another KX-155 (no glideslope) driving a KI-208 (pax-side panel). Note that within the year, we intend to do a panel reorg br
  3. Scenarios: 1. We purchased the MLB100 with our Avidyne AXP 322 and IFD 540. 2. Also, we have a GDL39R being used with Garmin Pilot. 3. What we have noticed on the Garmin Pilot with a GDL-39 since around mid-2018, after the update, we now have access and can utilize the new FIS-B weather products are available such as the following: Lightning Turbulence Icing Cloud Tops Graphical AIRMET Center Weather Advisory 4. My question is since MLB unit
  4. I read this in the Q&A tab on the KT 74 listing at Aircraft Spruce: "Does all of the required STC paperwork from Peregrine come with the transponder? Need the STC to use a GNS430W as a position source in a Cessna 172N The STC paperwork for the KT 74 is available under the documents tab for this part. With the latest software revision (v3.17 March 2018) and AML STC the differential pressure switch is no longer required in most installations. The paperwork, installation manual and STC manual can be provided after purchase." Does anyone have any knowledge of this? Is there a new ST
  5. Hey folks, I've noticed for the last few months that my altitude readout when looking at a FlightAware Track Log is routinely 300' lower than the altitude I'm showing on the altimeter. On FlightAware, this is shown as an ADS-B data point (best I can tell). But I've never been notified by ATC of this, and when they read back the altitude they are seeing for me it jives with what I'm seeing in the cockpit. If I was routinely 300' below the assigned altitude, I would think they would mention it. Anybody else seen this? I've sent a note into FlightAware to get their take on it, but tho
  6. I removed a Narco AT 150 TSO transponder from my Mooney M20-C and replaced it with a Garmin 345 to meet the ADS-B out requirement. As such I have an "as removed" Narco transponder for sale. It worked perfectly for the 5 years I had the Mooney. My Mooney is a 14 volt system and this one appears to work with either 14 or 28 volt. I looked on ebay and they are selling for anywhere from $100-$750. If anyone wants it for $100 message me. I am going to put the same message on the Twincessna.org webpage as well. If no one wants it I will put in on ebay in a week or so. Also I will have Cessna
  7. Taking my wife home yesterday I received a traffic annunciation. "Traffic, 11 O'clock, same altitude, 1 mile." The traffic screen popped up on the 650 and the iPad. I looked outside the window and had to take immediate evasive action, so I entered a 60° degree left bank and pulled hard on the yoke. My wife screamed what did you do that for? Apparently she missed the traffic alert. I said I'll show you, as I wanted to get my eyes back on the other airplane that turned out to be another Mooney. Rolled back to 30° right where I saw it rolling back from a bank to the left. I don't know if the othe
  8. Dumping foreflight (rising price, support for plain ol' ga operator waning, free options almost as good). Have an original stratus 1 I'd like to get a few bucks for. On ebay I see a low of $189 and a high of $250. Has good battery plus super handy velcro glued on!! No extra cost!! Unit, charger, usb cable. $150 shipped. Will look for the original manuals, don't have the box.
  9. I am one of those owners who will do an IPC every 6 months whether I need one or not. The guy who does the IPC with me is a close friend (although after some of the stuff he puts me through on the IPC, I question that). He is a long time pilot, an ATP with a CFI/II and to boot he has 5,000 hours in Mooneys. His one trait that drives me nuts is reluctance to move into the modern avionics age. He has a 530 in his Mooney but everything else what designed and built by Fred Flintstone. I did get him to start using ForeFlight, not because of the technology but rather as a Cheap Bast#$d he realized c
  10. Hello Mooney Spacers, I'm selling my Stratus 2 ADS-B in, traffic and weather system. It comes with a ram mount, the tray mount and an external antenna. This is an amazing piece of equipment when paired to your iPad. I love this unit but installed a Lynx 9000 ADS-B in/out which feeds my iPad now. $550 PayPal preferred. PM me. Thanks, Steve
  11. For anyone with a NavWork ADS-B: 2017-11-11 NavWorx, Inc.: Amendment 39-18910; Docket No. FAA-2016-9226; Directorate Identifier 2016-SW-065-AD. (a) Applicability This AD applies to the following NavWorx, Inc., Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Universal Access Transceiver units (unit) installed on aircraft certificated in any category, including experimental: (1) Model ADS600-B part number (P/N) 200-0012; (2) Model ADS600-B P/N 200-0013; and (3) Model ADS600-EXP P/N 200-8013.
  12. PRICED REDUCED to $77,500 • (valuation by National Aircraft Appraisers Association $85,371; Vref $109,000) 1975 Mooney M20F, SN: 221179-1305, TTAF: 4624, SMOH 25 (Poplar Grove) Prop 25: Three Blade Hartzell, 25 hours since new. GNS 430W, KY197, Garmin 340 Audio, GDL 88 ADS-B In and Out, KT76A Transponder (Mode S), Four Place Intercom, WX900 stormscope, Weather Data Link, JPI 830 Engine Monitor, STEC 50, Back Up Vacuum Pump, LED landing lights Seller willing to include a Narco NAV-121 VOR/LOC Indicator. In 2015 landing gear only partially extended; repairs, including new 3 blade prop and over
  13. I'd like to report that we had a very positive experience with Airtronics in Lincoln, CA obtaining our ADS-B equipment and installation. From ordering our equipment, to setting the appointment for installation, the Airtronics team was professional, timely and thorough in their response to our questions about the equipment we were purchasing. Providing the option to install at our hangar, was especially valuable. For our installer it was a 300 mile RT. The installer was on time, courteous and very knowledgeable. The installation locations for the receiver, transponder and antennas have pr
  14. This is a mint condition Clarity SV ADS-B Receiver with Solar Shield. It has an internal WAAS GPS Receiver and also 978 and 1090 MHz Receivers so you receive FIS Weather and TIS Traffic. The Clarity SV is the only receiver with a internal phased array antenna so it will receive signals from more ADS-B Towers than all of the competitors. It also has Gyros so you can display Synthetic Vision AHRS on iPad apps like WingX and Seattle Avionics FlyQ. It will also display position, traffic and weather when using FlightPlan.com. Not compatible with Foreflight or Garmin Pilot apps. Has built in rech
  15. Slightly used. Fully compliant with FAA 2020 rule.Transponder, tray and connector included. Requires approved external GPS position source, not included.Will be removed for upgrade of panel. $2,500TomK
  16. Well, the time has come to sell my most recent project. This 231 has everything anyone could ever desire in a 231. I run a FAA repair station and we are a Mooney service center. All work was completed by us. I will most certainly forget something but here it goes. Airframe: 3400TTSN NDH Brand new grey leather interior, all new solar grey UV glass, 2008 paint (8/10), fresh annual (all brakes, disks, shock disks, tires, tubes, gear stripped and repainted, etc.) factory O2, new masks, speed brakes, etc... Engine: TSIO-360-LB, about 25 hours TSMOH New turbo, new exhaust sys
  17. We recently had a GTX 330ES installed in our Mooney to meet the upcoming ADS-B Out requirement. We also have a GDL39 for ADS-B In info. I expected now that we're ADS-B compliant that I would start receiving more info from the ground stations. That has not happened, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions or experience on the topic. To recap, we have GTX 330ES (configured to report Dual in capability) GDL 39 3D Garmin Pilot (running on Samsung Tab S) GNS 480 The top left corner of the map page shows 2 icons related to incoming info on the GDL. Air to Air
  18. Here's a head scratcher. Does anyone else get this 3rd huge outermost TFR ring randomly popping up around the standard D.C. SFRA in flight? I'm using Foreflight with Stratus 2 for fis-b display. I never see it on the ground while flight planning. It's usually labeled "dates unknown" in flight. The first couple times it happened, I asked Potomac Approach before flying through vfr - they had no idea what I was talking about, so I stopped asking. I thought I should bring up here though so at least I can tell the F-16 pilot "but this guy on Mooneyspace said it was cool" I've seen it for
  19. With Aspen's announcement that the RTX-345 is now capable of interfacing with the Aspen PFD/MFD for FIS-B and TIS-B, I am revisiting my decision of going with the L3 9000+ (unit with active traffic). I would like to hear other's views on the future of ADS-B compliance. From my understanding, ADS-B compliance will be required if you plan on flying above 10,000' and if you are in any of the transponder required classes (Class B, C. etc.) or the Mode C rings. In theory then, if you don't fly above 10,000', are outside of Mode C rings, don't fly into Class B or C airspace, you don't need an A
  20. I'm starting to get more serious about ADS-B. I know we have had multiple discussions, but I wanted to start a thread on likely flights out of the US. For myself, I am likely to take the plane to Canada and the Bahamas in the future. The NavWorx ADS600-B has caught my eye due to price and functionality. Call me CB, but I like the thought of using my GTX 327 and GNS-430W with it. That said, the NavWorx is a 978 (UAT) solution. Right now this is only legal in the US. It appears that Canada, Bahamas, and Mexico do not have a clear roadmap to ADS-B. What little I can find hints that
  21. Have any of you installed the freeflight ads-b transceiver? If so, how about a Pirep.
  22. I started this new thread because the other one degenerated into a privacy cluster. I am looking at the ESG as perfect for me for the following reasons (anybody else in this club?): I am a card-carrying member of the cheap bastards society. My panel is most likely not going to be updated much, I am keeping it "close to original". If I flew for business or had more money than cents I would install an all-glass wonderland with a Garmin kool-aid dispenser. I like the idea of pulling my NARCO AT-50A out and sliding the ESG in (minor wiring mods). The ESG will use my existing transponder an
  23. The last two actual IFR flights i made the stratus 2 ADS-B dropped off line. The GPS signal still worked, but the green ADS-B light went dark. Unit works fine VFR. I have it up on the glare shield and I've never had an issue with connecting to the towers when VFR. today we were IMC for the duration of our round robin flight for practice approaches. Ceilings ranged from 300 to 600 AGL and we never broke out on top. We tried resetting, moving the receiver around to different windows, different working angles for the receiver, side windows...front of glare shield. Nothing. we were in precip and o
  24. I have for many, many years ranted that the most misused word in America is the word free. When I was younger I was quick to jump on salespeople who would say '...and you get a free ______ with that.' So whatever it is you were getting wasn't quite free because it came with a condition. Now I am reading up on the STRATUS 2S and the following from the description at Sporty's raised my 'free' alarm: Get subscription-free weather, GPS information, ADS-B traffic and backup attitude – all integrated with ForeFlight Mobile. Frankly, I think once 2020 rolls around flying (without fees)
  25. I did my first long XC trip this weekend after installing the GDL88 and Flightstream 210 (naturally Garmin introduced a new solution just as my install was being completed, but that's another topic). I'm liking what I'm seeing. Weather is quite usable, nicely integrated with Foreflight both graphically and in the lookups for the airports. TIS-B traffic is fascinating, though, of course, incomplete. I found it useful on a couple occasions to track traffic I was given by Center. Bidirectional communication from the GNS-430W to the iPad for flight plans is marvelous. On the FIS-B side,
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