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  1. jonhop

    lawsuit in Philly

    Yes... I inadvertently deleted one of my threads... it was too easy.
  2. jonhop

    Engine Start Issues

    + 1... except I generally pull throttle closed on shutdown. My second step in the above is to add 1/4" of throttle. Fires up every time...
  3. jonhop

    Mooney must be selling some

    I'd apply for job number 9 if it paid enough...
  4. jonhop

    Now that’s progress!

    I filled in the learn more questionnaire, so hopefully they will see they have a potential customer...
  5. jonhop

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    @Yetti I bought mine from Spruce in August of 16... +1 for the bore-scope... I did mine to ensure the electrode was not still in the cylinder and could tell that it had been loose in there before exiting. Fortunately, my electrode loss occurred on the ground while testing out the newly installed EDM-900. The plugs were out in September of 17 for annual and cleaning them was not necessary.
  6. jonhop

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    That post was mine @carusoam... I inadvertently deleted that post... Unfortunately, the Admins did not reply to my bug request to undelete the thread but I've responded with the pictures and the outcome of my experience.
  7. jonhop

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    Hmm... I just had this exact same problem during my recent post EDM-900 install engine runs... The Tempest fine wires had about 50 hours on them since new. The center electrode was lost on the upper #3 plug. I reported the issue to Tempest, took the attached pictures, and sent the plug to them at their request. They sent a replacement but did not provide any insight into the failure. The subsequent borescope showed no evidence of the electrode but there were a lot of nicks on the cylinder head where the electrode was bouncing around. The cylinder walls showed no damage and the exhaust valve was cleaned of deposits but showed now evidence of damage. I drained and strained the oil with no findings, so I figure the electrode went out with the exhaust. On another subject, I replaced all eight Champions two annuals ago when my A&P IA recommended that more than half of them be replaced. I was experiencing fouled plugs frequently during runup, even with aggressive ground leaning. The tempest fine wires have not fouled a plug yet in 80+ hours and the mag checks are very close and the engine is very smooth with them. During the last annual before the EDM install, my A&P commented on how clean they were. Here are my pics of the upper #3 plug...
  8. jonhop

    Marine battery for GPU

    Are there none available? If so PM me...
  9. Flight is planned... Weather looks great. Will be awesome to meet everyone!!! Wishing a tail wind for everyone to and fro...
  10. Welcome to the West Coast Mooney Club!

    Look forward to meeting you at our events.

    1. jonhop


      Thanks... looking forward to this Saturday. Hope you can find a safety pilot. 

    2. MrRodgers


      I'll be there..sans my Mooney.  It will be a great day!

  11. jonhop

    Experimental Avionics in Certified Aircraft

    Wouldn't it be easy to check for during a ramp check? I thought the STC paperwork had to become a part of the POH/AFM...
  12. Is anyone staying overnight? I'm thinking about it, so if anyone can recommend accommodations I'd appreciate it...
  13. I registered for me and my wife... weather depending that is. I'm not instrument rated yet. Jon
  14. jonhop

    Autopilot has me stumped

    Tom, I too had a problem with vertical oscillation with my KAP-150 that was an intermittent roller coaster ride. I replaced my trim switch, overhauled the KG-258, bench tested the trim servo and later the whole system and the problem could not be diagnosed over a week at Executive Autopilots in Sacramento. The system would not fail on the ground but would in the air 90 percent of the time. As a last resort, sent the KC-191 to Autopilots Central after discussing the whole situation with them...They ended up replacing 5 bad capacitors, a flex cable, and directly soldered the pitch microprocessor from the socket to the board. The KAP-150 is now rock solid, although I have not tested it on an approach. Good luck... Jon
  15. I'm based at KSEE and just lost my independent A&P... I know how to bleed them though and could help, as I think that falls into Pilot performed maintenance. I've had to bleed my breaks each time I've had the wheels off for tire replacement and wheel bearing grease repacks during annuals.