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  1. Experimental Avionics in Certified Aircraft

    Wouldn't it be easy to check for during a ramp check? I thought the STC paperwork had to become a part of the POH/AFM...
  2. Is anyone staying overnight? I'm thinking about it, so if anyone can recommend accommodations I'd appreciate it...
  3. I registered for me and my wife... weather depending that is. I'm not instrument rated yet. Jon
  4. Autopilot has me stumped

    Tom, I too had a problem with vertical oscillation with my KAP-150 that was an intermittent roller coaster ride. I replaced my trim switch, overhauled the KG-258, bench tested the trim servo and later the whole system and the problem could not be diagnosed over a week at Executive Autopilots in Sacramento. The system would not fail on the ground but would in the air 90 percent of the time. As a last resort, sent the KC-191 to Autopilots Central after discussing the whole situation with them...They ended up replacing 5 bad capacitors, a flex cable, and directly soldered the pitch microprocessor from the socket to the board. The KAP-150 is now rock solid, although I have not tested it on an approach. Good luck... Jon
  5. I'm based at KSEE and just lost my independent A&P... I know how to bleed them though and could help, as I think that falls into Pilot performed maintenance. I've had to bleed my breaks each time I've had the wheels off for tire replacement and wheel bearing grease repacks during annuals.
  6. Dear Moderators, I attempted to delete an attached picture in a reply to a thread I started and couldn't figure it out. Instead, I inadvertently deleted the whole thread regarding my loose valve spacer event. I used the moderation action at the bottom with the attachment highlighted thinking that would delete it. Prior to that, I abandoned the post, came back in, and clicked reply only to have the attachment and draft post populate the opened response window. Any chance of recovering the thread? Thanks, Jon
  7. Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    I couldn't of said it better... I've learned a lot from MooneySpace and this thread. @ShuRugal outlined many points that I would've made... Here on MooneySpace, I've learned that porpoising is very bad in a Mooney but a bounce is different and as long as you hold the nose off it should settle gently on the runway. My landings while transitioning to the Mooney were a bit bouncy, as I was a bit fast on many occasions but my transition instructor let me recover by saying keep the nose up. I found myself flying it on during many solo sessions after my transition. I've still bounced my J numerous times, as it is easy to come in too fast... Hopefully those days are behind me--knock on wood... On the other end of the spectrum, going back to my PPL training, I religiously trim the plane for fingertip flying. That includes Climb, Cruise, Descent, and Approach. Please note I didn't mention take-off or landing... For take-off, the Mooney is trimmed very well by the checklist/trim indicator. For landing, I can't see the need to deviate from the Approach trim setting--trim off all flap and power settings to allow a stable approach--to alleviate control forces when the focus should be on landing. Upon landing, my trim indicator is roughly halfway between the take-off setting and full-up trim, which leads me to my next potentially unpopular point. Not to start flame wars but I am one who will perform a touch and go in my Mooney! I don't do it often but when I see an opportunity to do something fast or efficient, I'll take it. That's why most of us fly Mooney's after all... I can tell you from my T&G experience that during this maneuver, my left thumb is on the trim down button when reconfiguring from landing to take-off while my right arm is dumping flaps and pulling open the cowl flaps. Otherwise, the nose up and forward push is significant--lessons learned in T&G operations. That said, the procedure is not for everyone but considering @jetdriven's point regarding full-up trim... I'd hate to have to add the push of full-up trim to my operating procedures or a need to go around, as my approach trim up is readily apparent and forceful on throttle application. Caveat emptor, I'm a PPL with less than 300hrs total time so YMMV...
  8. Dual G5 + GAD29B

    +1 and discussed with my Avionics shop just last week...
  9. @Shawn26 I own an 84J based out of San Diego and/or French Valley, CA. I'm currently at French Valley for the weekend, so if you want to come check mine out I can meet you at F70 around noon tomorrow. That's when I plan on flying back to San Diego. Otherwise we can meet up at Gillespie field (KSEE) in the future. I agree with all of the posts regarding the price of the J. I acquired mine for $82k. It had a new GTN-650, but everything else was stock and the engine was mid time. The selling point for me was the fact that it flew 384 hours the previous two years. Since I bought it, I had to replace the propeller when the hub started throwing grease, overhaul the governor and troubleshoot an intermittent autopilot problem. The prop was $7k, and the autopilot troubleshooting added up to $3.5k... My two annuals have run around $2k and I help out with panel and interior removal/replacement. I do my own oil changes and have replaced a tire and landing light. I've upgraded the transponder for ADS-B in the form of a GTX-345 and installed an FS-510 in the GTN-650. I also installed an EDM-900. The combined cost was around $11k installed. The EDM will hopefully tell me when it's time to overhaul the engine. At 1200 hrs, I've still got a long way to go before that happens. The EDM is telling me that my engine is healthy and I'll have that data when it comes time to sell. I know I'm going to get pennies on the dollar for the upgrades but I certainly wouldn't sell my J for under $90k today if I were even remotely interested in selling. Good luck in your search... The J is fantastic but I don't think you'd go wrong with a good E or F. Regards, Jon
  10. Richard @Skates97 et al, April 14th would work for me.... I may be able to make the 7th work depending on kids sports schedules. Looping in Paul @kortopates and Karson @kmyfm20s. The 14th may work for me even with weather, as I could make it my long cross-country IFR flight, if my CFII is down.
  11. G-1000 SD Card Alternatives

    Russ, PM Sent... Jon
  12. G-1000 SD Card Alternatives

    I don't know about the legality of using generic cards but I can provide a procedure to clone SD cards from a format and file perspective. I have tested the procedure with the GTN-650 SD cards including using micro SD cards. 16GB cards and higher can be used as well, as the cloning software partitions the SD card to the same size as the card that is being cloned.
  13. Why a Mooney?

    In my search, after flying your practical choices the decision boiled down to the Tiger and the Mooney after I flew in each airplane. I enjoy the 20kts speed advantage of my J over the AA5B. Have you flown all of your possible choices?
  14. Where to send magnetos for service?

    Paul @kortopates, any recommendations for a SoCal shop" Mine is due in 75 hours... Thanks, Jon
  15. Looks like a nice C with a run-out engine. Two questions for you to help steer the post... What's your mission and budget? I started looking at F's and ended up buying a J based upon all of my reading on MooneySpace. You may find that you will get model recommendations depending on your answers.