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  1. What a TFR Intercept Looks Like

    This article hits the nail on the head... I know our GA associations are fighting the good fight but where are AOPA, GAMA, and EAA in their fight that relates to the airspace grab and TFRs... Anyone who thinks a TFR--other than the presidential TFR--makes anyone on the ground safer is not very imaginative... Also, I have my doubts about the effectiveness of the presidential TFR except over the White House / DC area.
  2. Great point... I have a draft email in the works. Now what questions do I need to ask... Agree but I'll do it anyways....
  3. @carusoam,thanks, below is what one looks like new. I don't think the gap on fine wires can prevent the electrode from coming out. They were removed and inspected at annual in October but I wasn't present for that part, so perhaps one was dropped and it came out on my last flight. I pulled the top and bottom of #1 and they appeared new/clean. They have about 80 hours on them. I used a the Vividia Ablescope yesterday and took a good look with my A&P. We didn't see anything, so now I'll check the oil.
  4. Thanks... I stumbled on to this: in my search to do some circuit-board soldering repairs on a tablet battery connection. Who knew that it's first use would be looking at a finewire tempest spark plug...
  5. @jetdriven, I'd be indebted to you if you told me how....
  6. So another I have never seen that... from my A&P IA. After completing the EDM-900 install the right MAG on #3 ran extremely rough during the first start and runup. I figured I had a fouled plug and upped the RPMs and started leaning to clear the plug. The EDM lit up like a X-mas tree in yellow--it did show that the #3 was the culprit--so I cut the power and taxied back to the hanger to begin troubleshooting the right mag. I removed and cleaned the plugs and during the next runup experienced the exact same problem. The bottom #3 plug was pulled and my A&P IA noted that it looked like it had been dropped or the electrode was flattened. The plugs did not get removed for the EDM install and I religiously perform mag checks before each takeoff. The last flight prior to the install reveled no anomalies but it was longer than most of my last recent flights. We replaced the lower #3 with a spare Champion massive and the engine purred like a kitten during runup and low idle mag checks. The below are the lower #3 Tempest finewire under a scope: Now my A&P thinks that something got into Cylinder #3 and did this... This is in the #3 cylinder. Keep in mind that the other discovery--loose spacer--was in #2 for those that are tracking.... We borescoped the engine yet again and the cylinder head didn't look beat up at all, the walls looked polished, and the valves looked normal... Now my A&P thinks that something got into the cylinder after I took some really close up pictures with a pseudo microscope and that I shouldn't run the engine--duh... he hasn't said anything else though or offered a way forward. I plan to drain the oil into some cheese cloth tomorrow and cut open the filter for a close inspection looking for metal. My last annual was in October and the oil was changed and the filter looked clean. Every mag check was good and I've not experienced a fouled plug since I replaced all of the plugs with finewires. I'm at a loss at this point for what's going on... I am a bit upset that Karma is currently eating my lunch and GREMLINS have learned how to eat metal...
  7. How do you mount your ipad

    With my iPad 9.7... I've used the RAM mount and claw with some success on the yoke but keeping it aligned and in place is a challenge. The heat and vibrations continually cause me to readjust it. I am currently using a magnetic mount on the yoke with my iPad... It's not super stable, as it the iPad can be easily knocked of with a knee, although it has yet to come off due to turbulence. One nice ability with the magnetic mount is the ease of picking the iPad off the mount and relocating it or using it in my hands to read, scroll, program navigation updates, or write. I'm also 6'5", and the yoke mount does not impede my visibility on the yoke.
  8. Videoing Flights

    Personally, I like videoing my flights and do so quite often. I've use both an under-wing mount and sticky mounts inside and out. My fabricated under-wing mount can be easily removed without any tools and is totally adjustable... I love reviewing the footage for both the beauty of flight and the mistakes that I've made. I've made a large number of mistakes caught on film that I would have not caught otherwise. I can't think of a better way to review each flight other than flying with my CFII buddy every flight... As far as mount integrity goes, both of them have been stressed to 180KTS with no sign of loss of integrity. The under-wing jack-point mount does cause me to add some rudder in cruise but when the plane is slow--under 130kts--I don't even notice it is there. My favorite location at this point is a Session 5 on the vertical stabilizer. It would be hard for me to believe that this location could cause extreme flight dynamic changes... but then again I'm a low time PP and not an aeronautical engineer. I have not experienced any loss of rudder control with the below mount... and that includes slow flight and stalls. How else could one get bad-A$$ photo's like this:
  9. Introduction and owner question...

    I fly 80 hours per year and would do it again. My two annuals have been $2K each give or take, which was mostly labor for my A&P IA. I assisted with each and had some non-airworthy things done. After the first year I had to replace the propeller at $7k. My insurance is $1.5K at $80k valuation but I'm a low time VFR rated pilot. Your costs should be considerably less given your A&P and professional pilot experience...
  10. I think I'm going to wait and see before replacing/overhauling the cylinder... we borescoped the valves top and bottom and they looked clean. The valve seats looked clean and valve stems were straight. Clearances all checked out and the rocker arm showed no damage. The EDM-900 should tell me if I still have a problem and I plan on circling above the airport for a while before going anywhere. Also planning on doing an extended run-up and then shutdown and inspect everything before flight.
  11. We just put new hoses and clamps on all of the return lines while the exhaust and intake tubes were out of the way. I get the plane back this week, so I’m hoping all goes well...
  12. Prop Governor was overhauled last spring with new propeller. Leaked oil before and still leaking after, so that's probably not the source. Replaced a bunch of gaskets / hoses along with the EDM install, so hopefully the problem will be magically resolved.
  13. @bluehighwayflyer, congrats.... never meant to ask you to hold it for me specifically, just wait on the ebay listing.
  14. @bluehighwayflyer, can you give me until Thursday of next week? I'm not sure which route I'm taking with my KAP-150 autopilot issues. I'm having one more thing done to it and if it is solid the G5 and GAD29B may be on my short list for purchase... if it doesn't then I'll be looking at first to market autopilot replacements from Garmin, Trio, and Trek and whatever works the best with them. I understand if you don't want to wait. I'm currently undergoing a EDM-900 install that should be done by Tuesday of next week as well as another cable tension check for the 150. I'll get a flight in for sure by Thursday and will have a better idea of what's in my J's future after that flight. I'll let you know either way by then...
  15. Good news.... the spacer is back in--if it was ever in in the first place--and the rocker and valve stem checked out good. @teejayevans, I guess I made a wild accusation. The contamination is everywhere on the lower engine side of the baffle and predominately on the pilot's side. Will have new rocker cover gaskets and intake gaskets on tomorrow, so we'll see if that helps. Thanks all, Jon