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  1. jonhop

    Thank you

    Don, my condolences and thoughts are with you and yours.
  2. jonhop

    Hard mounting a tablet vs a MFD?

    I bought the J with a GTN-650 installed. I was running an Android Tab A 9.*" with Avare for free. The Tab A was mounted to the yoke with a RAM mount and I was using a Statux for ADS-B in for $130 in hardware including mounts. That combo was amazing from a capability standpoint but I was still discovering traffic that was intentionally being hidden because the J wasn't ADS-B out. Last year I installed a GTX345 and FS510 and love the added functionality. I haven't observed traffic in the air that wasn't displayed on the iPad, since becoming out capable. For a tablet, I'm currently running an iPad Pro 9.7--cellular--on the yoke with a magnetic mount and it is superb. I get traffic, have a backup AHRS, can push and pull flightplans and changes, push database updates to the GTN, etc... It also has a GPS receiver that comes with the cellular version in case the 650 goes away. I don't pay for cellular service on it but find the functionality of the yoke mounted iPad amazing. The magnetic mount allows me to pull the devices off the yokes to further refine button pushes or to place them on my knee for writing stuff down. I keep the Tab A with Avare updated as a backup to the iPad. I also keep and Garmin Pilot and Avare up to date on my Android phone for even more redundancy. I'd just like to highlight that the Galaxy Tab A with Avare is a chart solution with a GPS receiver for under $200. Regarding storage capacity... I'm a nerd and like as much as I can get on a device. With the iPad, I bought and will buy the most that it will come with it as I never know what will end up on the device. Apple sure knows how to extract money from a pocket... Storage is usually not worrisome on android devices because they usually come with expandable storage and microSD cards are cheap.
  3. jonhop

    Promotional give away

    My wife just gave this to me for my 50th birthday last weekend, so I don't need one. The artist even manged to get my face into the window. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures that you can use if you so desire...
  4. jonhop

    ADSB Length/Width Code (LWC) Failure

    You are good until 2020 and then you can't get into a mode C veil... I had air on ground errors after my GTX-345 install and the shop my knew exactly what was wrong and told me how to fix it. Taxi slower than molasses... or fire up the transponder in the runup area. Have you informed your shop? They may already know how to help.
  5. jonhop

    Officially in the Market

    I had less time than you and it was expensive... it did go down quite a bit after the first year and 80 hours. I only needed 5 hours of dual though, so things may have changed. Good luck in your acquisition!
  6. jonhop

    Air conditioning options

    Personally I use the human heat exchange unit, otherwise known as sweat to stay somewhat cool. I'd probably sweat more if I had to load the airplane full of ice before the preflight even though it would feel good once settled in the cabin.
  7. jonhop

    Today's flight for 2018

    That sounds GREAT! Our CFI tour guide warned about squirrelly winds due to the surrounding trees, so have your game face on. KFFA is in excellent shape and the parking ramp and pilot area is nicely done. I'd definitely land there for sure and will probably do the same cross country in a few years. On the ground at KFFA, you will be super close to the monument and don't have to worry about driving and the traffic. I highly recommend staying for a few days for the great seafood! We ran out of time to try all of the restaurants.
  8. jonhop

    Today's flight for 2018

    It wasn't today... or me at the controls but it was fun to vacation on the outer banks in North Carolina for the past two weeks! Flying around the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills and KFFA is a must do!
  9. Great video... Flight management at its best. Now what did you do with your G500? @Rmag Those low budget... or cheap bastard...s would like to know.
  10. jonhop

    lawsuit in Philly

    Yes... I inadvertently deleted one of my threads... it was too easy.
  11. jonhop

    Engine Start Issues

    + 1... except I generally pull throttle closed on shutdown. My second step in the above is to add 1/4" of throttle. Fires up every time...
  12. jonhop

    Mooney must be selling some

    I'd apply for job number 9 if it paid enough...
  13. I filled in the learn more questionnaire, so hopefully they will see they have a potential customer...
  14. jonhop

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    @Yetti I bought mine from Spruce in August of 16... +1 for the bore-scope... I did mine to ensure the electrode was not still in the cylinder and could tell that it had been loose in there before exiting. Fortunately, my electrode loss occurred on the ground while testing out the newly installed EDM-900. The plugs were out in September of 17 for annual and cleaning them was not necessary.
  15. jonhop

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    That post was mine @carusoam... I inadvertently deleted that post... Unfortunately, the Admins did not reply to my bug request to undelete the thread but I've responded with the pictures and the outcome of my experience.