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  1. jonhop

    Insurance up 20%

    Mine stayed the same and I had a switch to Global.
  2. jonhop

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    José, ??? The link let me too all kinds of electrodes but I don't see the ones with missing electrodes. Someone more knowledgeable than I will have to tell us if your concern for what damage a loose iridium wire might possibly do. (I did have an engine "swallow" an exhaust valve years ago. The head of that valve, which was hundreds of times larger than a plug wire electrode, did beat up the cylinder and piston surfaces pretty badly but did not interfere with the stroke and I still had 3 cylinders producing power and no oil loss.) You seem to like anecdotal evidence. When I bought my E the previous owner had been running massives. About half the plugs had been replaced and he carried 2 back up plugs in the plane just in case. I replaced the plugs with fine wires within 25 hours having had enough with fouled plugs and hard starting. I only bought 8 plugs, now 6 years old, and I no longer carry a spare. The 8th picture from the left in the link is mine. I lost the electrode following my EDM900 install and the subsequent pre-flight testing and runups. During the search for the electrode--borescope, oil change--there was evidence of it bouncing around in the cylinder before escaping. We didn't find the electrode but several A&P's were of the opinion that it escaped via the exhaust and that it was too large to get past the multiple piston rings and into the engine. I've had two oil changes since and there was nothing in the oil when strained. Judging by looking at the piston cylinder wall and marks in the top of the piston during the borescope, I would agree with the A&Ps assessments that it escaped through the exhaust. Tempest sent me a replacement plug but did not tell me if they were going to conduct a failure analysis. I've got 60 hours on the new plug and close to 200 hours on the others. Time will tell regarding their longevity but I now have a spare, just in case.
  3. jonhop

    Prepurchase inspection in New England

    In the US. According to Mike Bush's webinars, outside of an annual inspection the only person that can ground an aircraft is a pilot/operator who will/can conduct a flight in a given aircraft. Once an aircraft passes the threshold for its annual inspection time-frame, an A&P/IA must have performed an inspection and signed off on the airworthiness of the aircraft. If there is a disagreement and the pilot/owner wants a second opinion. The A&P/IA must document the work that was performed, annotate the outstanding inspection discrepancies--including the airworthiness items--and provide a logbook entry. The pilot/owner is then allowed to do what ever they please with an unairworthy aircraft. Owners can park the airplane or take it to another A&P/IA to resolve the issues. The annual inspection language is the concern of @DonMuncy. Annual inspections have ramifications towards FAA regulations and airworthiness and being able to fly a given aircraft. A PPI does NOT have the same ramifications. An A&P/IA may find something that they feel is an airworthiness item but the only person that can ground an in-annual airplane is an owner/operator, at least until when the next annual inspection rolls around or by a FSDO. One of the reasons for Mike Bush's webinars is to educate pilot/owners, so their airplanes don't get held hostage to unscrupulous individuals who hide behind inspections. If you are buying from a private owner who is willing to let their airplane go under the annual inspection knife then do it. Don't get offended if they don't go for it... As an owner, if I am selling my airplane that is currently in annual, I would only allow an annual inspection for the buyer if they are using a shop that I explicitly trust or my A&P/IA. I would allow and encourage a buyer to perform a prebuy with whoever they choose, but I would not allow an it to become an inspection/opportunity for my aircraft to become grounded in someone else's maintenance facility. If you are buying an airplane from a broker see if they go for an independent annual inspection. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THEY WILL and will probably not take or respond to you as a serious buyer. Just my 2¢...
  4. jonhop

    GoPro Video Editing/Software, Tips etc

    GoPro Studio is still available on the Internet. I use Studio for fast editing. Studio is fast, simple, and capable, although it won't handle content from a Hero7 Black. For the 7 Black, I use PowerDirector16 because I got a deal on the software. PowerDirector16 has far more features than I need but that's the fun part of learning video editing and content creation. I have tried VSDC and it seems capable but its features are not at all intuitive and the software is overly processor intensive. The intuitive feature offerings in VDC steer you towards the pro version which requires money, so I have not continued my experiment with VSDC. I'm and old IT by trade and steer clear of subscription based software. Subscription software may be great and have the newest features but sometimes old technology that is owned still does the trick. Especially when that software can be obtained for free such as GoPro Studio or purchased outright. It's a shame GoPro discontinued Studio. It's more of a shame that GoPro pushed everyone onto Quick and pushed their subscription based/online content editing, while at the same time uninstalling Studio without informing the end user. Fortunately Studio is still available for download from other sources. Just be careful and get it from a reliable source like CNET et al...
  5. That's a CB right there... hand propping a $750k to $1M AMU aircraft. Why, why, why would one do that! Unless that one is a Super Cheap B@$t@rD (SCB)!!! Did I just coin a new MS phrase?
  6. Yeah... that's why one of my goals over the next few years is to get my A&P certification. Hopefully, in the mean-time I can keep my wonderful relationship with my current A&P/IA.
  7. jonhop

    Rylo 360 degree camera

    I have it mounted with a Helmet Side mount from GoPro at the top leading edge of the vertical stabilizer. I'm 6'5", so it's easy to reach that high. I'll snap a picture of it next time I'm at the airport.
  8. jonhop

    Rylo 360 degree camera

    Taken from a Hero7 Black, which is far superior as compared to the same shots taken with the Session 5. The quality of the video and picture is much better than what is depicted here. I have and will continue to use my Hero 3 Silver, Session 5, and new 7 Black to document my flights. It's enjoyable to put the videos together and bolt on music for later viewing. I also find editing and splicing post flight videos a great debriefing tool. I recently hooked up cockpit audio to the Hero3 and now can overlay audio to my videos. The process is enjoyable and definitely helpful in identifying and correcting mistakes in my flying.
  9. jonhop

    '78 J POH New Binder?

    Will send you a PM shortly...
  10. jonhop

    New to forum, re-starting my PPL

    @mstephenson51 Welcome aboard and good luck with your PPL.
  11. jonhop

    '78 J POH New Binder?

    Mike @rangermb, I scanned it to .pdf with a copier. I then edited the scan with Adobe Acrobat Pro to make it searchable. If you don't have the software but can scan the POH to .pdf, I may be able to help with making it searchable by sending it to me. Let me know with a PM if interested. Tom @ArtVandelay, do you have links and are any of them for a 77?
  12. jonhop

    '78 J POH New Binder?

    +1 and +1. I optimized my POH scan so that it is searchable as well. My actual POH stays in a zipped up tablet cover and kept in the plane at the bottom of my cargo area basket. I also created a supplemental POH to house the GTN, GTX, EDM-900 documentation and STC literature with a generic white binder and dividers that are also included in my scanned POH. The scanned POH lives on my iPad and google drive, so I can download / share it whenever I need to. What year is your J? Mine is an 84. I can PM my scanned copy if you'd like.
  13. jonhop

    Paper Logbook #3

    Not sure about other electronic flight logs but I use Garmin Pilot. Log entries are automatically generated. Endorsements and flight reviews can be handled in its logbook feature. Another nice feature is that log entries are synchronized with I can run custom reports or calculate totals that automatically fills in the FAA 8710-1--Airman certification/rating application. The only negative that I've found is that I occasionally have to remove automated logbook entries when I drive by two different airports.
  14. jonhop

    Today's flight for 2018

    A picture from my last flight for 2018... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  15. jonhop

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Nice! The map shows exactly where I live thanks to the FAA... I guess I better sign up for Paul's @gsxrpilotmember map!