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  1. Thanks @Rmag for your experience. The problem I have with special coatings like Ceramic Pro, is that you can't order it, as a normal car, boat, or aircraft owner, unless you go through some kind of special training. I'm just looking to protect my J's paint / exterior as much as possible without having to spend 2 to 3 AMU's for training and paint correction on 35 year old paint that's still in somewhat good condition. I've received several complements on its condition, so I'm thankful for its previous owners in that regard. In preparation for ceramic coating--or sealing--my J at annua
  2. How about infinitely adjustable and measurable cowl flaps on the J. Sure I can trail the cowl flaps but tracking engine performance with a monitor is significantly tougher with cowl flaps that are open, closed, or in trail--which is a completely random setting. I get lots of numbers on my engine monitor. It would be nice to have an infinitely adjustable cowl flap setting that's measurable, that lets me further fly by the numbers. They exist on more modern Mooney's...
  3. Boss asked us to share what we do for fun via pics.... something about mental health in a pandemic. I'm an INTP, so a closet works for me... but I'm good on the radio. Had a flight of 3 H60's and a flight of two AH-1W/AH-1Z's on the way from KSEE to F70 today. Too bad the phone camera couldn't capture them in enough detail to share.
  4. Early morning flight last Wednesday. A good day for Hot Air Ballooning.
  5. There is no justice in this picture. The moonrise was simply AMAZING! The moon was super bright orange and I could make out surface details like never before. The sunset was equally stunning. P.S. Ignore the dirty wing...
  6. Interested in the damage when you get the quote...
  7. +1 for me. Windows 10 and Chrome.
  8. I received this ominous note from my insurance carrier. This is following an increase from last year. Looks like it's going to be another tough year of increased premiums. Guess I'm going to have to start shopping around a bit more.
  9. Smokey flight on 12 August in SOCAL.
  10. I hope you don't have to buy another VR headset. I've read that MS will open up other VR headset support to most existing headsets today about a month after the G2 launch. Gotta hate teaming agreements amongst technology corporations. That's one of the reasons I haven't invested in VR. One, the offerings are not mature enough and they are very proprietary. Besides that, I'm not really ready to start investing in puke bags sitting in my virtual cockpit.
  11. +1 for lemon Pledge. Received Plexus as a gift but don't see much difference between it and good ole fashioned lemon Pledge.
  12. I'm preparing to start a new PC build that will hopefully last the next ten years. I'm coming from an I7-2600K, Nvidia GTX980, 16GB of RAM, 3X250GB SSD's in RAID 5 that I purpose built in 2010. The GPU has been updated three times and the PC and still runs FSX Steam Edition flawlessly. I also do a lot of photo editing and video rendering and it just takes far too long these days, so it's time to pass the HW on to the wife, which is still overkill for her use cases. I'm considering an AMD 3970X Threadripper, Nvidia RTX3080--release date is this September--, 64GB of RAM, Striped M.2 or M.4
  13. Yes. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/07/30/microsoft-flight-simulator-steam-track-ir-and-vr-support/
  14. Welcome aboard! I'm partial to a J but if it was only me it would be an E. Happy hunting...
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