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  1. Buying a 1965 Ranger equipped with a Garmin 430 (non-WAAS). Called Garmin to check on upgrading it to full WAAS...$4400, plus an antenna, cabling and labor by the installer. The nice man at Garmin Customer Service also indicated that after May 29, 2020 Garmin would no longer support the 430, only the 430W. If you have a 430, keep that in mind. To me, it looks like the industry is moving away from avionics with any VOR capability (For example, the GNC 355), so to have it available as a backup in the box seems like a plus. Starting from scratch with some old Narco radios is one thing, but to hav
  2. Hi Mooney fans! Im from Advanced Aviation Reno Inc and we are a dealership and install facility for Dynon certified, Trutrak autopilots, Avidyne, Trig Avionics, JPI and Surefly ignition systems! We love all Mooneys and we work on them all the time. We've been waiting on TruTrak finishing certification on the Mooney variant of their autopilots but after chatting today with our contact at Dynon, it seems highly likely that the Dynon autopilot for the HDX may be ready at the same time, if not before! (I presume TT and Dynon may have been working together?who knows) We can also do
  3. We are looking to add GPS to the panel of N3510N. We didn't think we'd be able to afford this upgrade to our IFR platform this soon, but the release of the GNX 375 is a perfect spatial and cost effective fit for us, given the ADS-B requirement. We will pull the KT-76A transponder and fill that spot with the GNX 375. The question becomes how to display this information on indicators. Currently, we have a KX-155 w/glideslope driving a KI-209 (pilot's-side panel), and another KX-155 (no glideslope) driving a KI-208 (pax-side panel). Note that within the year, we intend to do a panel reorg br
  4. I’m making this post in the event others are thinking about installing the Bendix-King (BK) KA 310 Electronic Attitude Indicator, KI 300, and newly certified Autopilot interface, KA 310. I fly a 1985 M20J that until a couple of years ago had a KLN 94 for GPS navigation along with the other original electronics. Two years ago I had a BK KNS 770 with a DAC GDC-31 roll-steering adapter installed to allow full use of the KFC 150 autopilot. Last week I had a new BK KI 300 and KA 310 installed at Depot Avionics in Alamosa, CO to replace the original analog vacuum-driven KI 256. It cost about
  5. I have a loud buzz in headsets on both radios when transmitting while engine is running and on ground. When airborne, no buzz but tower reports transmissions are weak and unreadable. All is quiet (no buzz) and both units seem to work when on ground and engine not running. Ground reports transmissions back as okay. The King 155 was just sent out to Mid Continent and returned "repaired" with new digital readout (expensive). Re installed and original problem remains. The other radio is a Narco 12D and works fine other than loud buzz in headset. Have Narco glideslope with DME readout. A
  6. Looking to price some panel upgrades and ADSB. Any shop recommendations reasonably close to South Carolina? I've heard Lowe in Georgia is good. Looking for three to get estimates from. Thanks
  7. I am getting ready to upgrade my panel, major changes, completely redo the interior as well as new paint. The plane has already been completely stripped of all old paint and the control surfaces reinstalled for ferry. Which order would you do the above? I am thinking, 1. Avionics, 2. Interior 3. Paint. Anyone know of any reason it would be advantageous to do it in a different order? Thanks, Frank
  8. Hi MS-ers, I'm 3/4 finished with panel upgrade of our 1967C. Installed JPI EDM900, which produced a bumper crop of unneeded instrumentation. I want to offer these items here on MS before listing them on ebay. 1. Tach, stamped from the 1980's, built by Superior Labs, Inc., Hot Sprgs, AR. for Cessna. Working when removed. Agreed with new EDM900 tach, hour meter says 1018.0 hours. No logo on face plate. No cable. 2. Original six-gauge Garwin instrument cluster in 2 rows, 3 cols layout, with amphenol connector. All gauges working when removed except oil temperature. ***SOLD**
  9. After a lot of work and a fairly big chunk of change this is my upgraded panel for my 89' Mooney 201. It features a Garmin 530WAAS, 345 Gamin Transponder (ADS-B In& Out). Regarding the 345, I opted for the density altitude/temperature feature. Very handy when taking off when dealing with high density altitude airports. This required a separate temperature probe. Garmin Encoder, JPI900 engine monitor (Love it). Century autopilot. I mounted my Wing X Pro 7 on my mini iPad. Not shown is an antenna pig tail where I can plug in my Icom hand held should I need a 2nd Comm. It is as close to all g
  10. Good morning. I'm going to price some upgrades to my avionics and wanted to get your opinions on what I'm thinking of doing. I'm currently leaning towards a GTN650(sell the 430w) ps8000b audio, GTX345 adsb, upgrading the JPI700 to a 730(don't want to spend the $ on primary yet), gonna price GPSS for the Century 2b too. I will mostly use the iPad connected to the 650 for flight planning input and traffic. What do you guys think for replacing the separate NAV and Comm radios? Should I just ride them out as they function just fine? I'm holding out on autopilot upgrades and things like the G5
  11. I am looking for a recommendation for an annual inspection in Bismarck, North Dakota. I have had two shops recommended but neither were from Mooney drivers. They were: Bismarck Aero Center, Inc. and Executive Air in Bismarck in North Dakota Any Bismarck / North Dakota Mooney owners have experience with either of these two? I thank you in advance!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the proper forum on the site so if it's not my apologies. I started my transition training in my (new to me) 67 M20F last weekend and was promptly notified by ATC that my Mode C was not transmitting my altitudes. Then I noticed the GPS was out and then learned that the passenger side only transmitted a signal but could not be heard by ATC on the radio. In lieu of all this I have decided to explore getting my panel upgrades now so I might be able to enjoy some Summer flying. I am looking to create a nice panel with some glass features and standard
  13. Mark Coleman's Depot Avionics shop at KALS with shop foreman Mike (didn't get last name) installed GTX 345 on time, on budget and with a smile. Preliminary flight squawk-free, will conduct FAA ADS-B survey as time warrants. Absence of updates to this post indicate all is well. Thanks Mark and Mike! ps: Just used: https://adsbperformance.faa.gov/PAPRRequest.aspx for FAA survey for the ferry home, all good.
  14. We are looking to share the new expansion to the entire Mooney Community. What are you looking for? What are you interested in doing in the near future? Please give us an opportunity to earn your work and make a good difference not only with your aircraft, but throughout the community as well. We can accommodate your needs from an annual to a full avionics stack upgrade. We are running several different specials and are booking installations for the upcoming ADS-B mandate that is right around the corner in 2020. Give us a shot, you will NOT be disappointed!!! Shoot me an email, text or
  15. Hello everyone. We purchased a 1967 M20C Nov. 1,2017, and are getting to know it. The Davtron M800M clock that is mounted in the pilot's yoke is inop. I suspect that the second "M" in the model number is for "Mooney". I took out the two mounting screws to look behind. I has no backup battery and is connected by two wires to what I assume is 14VDC. The unit displays nothing. Looking online, the M800M in the M20C is different shaped than the M800 (no second M) currently being sold. The one in my yoke has two mounting screws and a protuberance in the vertical direction to match the s
  16. It is becoming more and more likely I will need an avionics master relay for my 1988 "J". Mooney no longer supplies that part. Any suggestions on where to find one?
  17. Round The World Flight, Project Amelia Earhart 1937-2017, in a Mooney Airplane On an early June morning in 2017, pilot Brian Lloyd will climb high into the sky above Florida in his Mooney M20K 231 airplane named "Spirit". His objective will be to retrace an historic equatorial flight route for Project Amelia Earhart, commemorating 80 years since that famous attempt at circumnavigating the world in 1937. For Brian's solo round-the-world flight, his classic single engine aircraft has been newly refitted with a suite of modern cockpit avionics. Also, a Micom 3 HF radio and antenna
  18. sTec system60-2 POH View File POH for the sTec system 60-2 Submitter neilpilot Submitted 08/10/2017 Category Avionics  
  19. Just wanted to let you know that LASAR is cleaning house! Right now, we have over 300 used parts and avionics for sale on our Ebay store. Everything is priced to sell, and all reasonable offers will be considered. Click here to check it out.
  20. Not sure if anyone has seen this, but I recently worked with these folks (based at KBFI - Boeing Fiend, Seattle - one of my old stomping grounds) on my PMA450 - to-450A trade-up. Worked with Chase there, and had a wonderful transaction...exactly as specified, and will be getting the 450A plugged in this weekend. My shop in NY actually recommended them, as they knew I was looking to do this, and the 450A wasn't available when we did the cockpit upgrade last year. Sharing for visibility. https://avionicssource.com/special-offers/ Steve
  21. Aspen EFD1000 Cutout Diagram View File Page 108 of Document 900-00003-001 Submitter "Chocks" Submitted 04/01/2017 Category Avionics  
  22. My wonderful KFC150 is failing the self test. I've been through the various threads here, and done some trouble shooting, as well as visiting the local avionics shop. The locals were helpful, but are NOT a King dealer and don't have the appropriate test gear to adequately diagnose the specific problem. They did let me know "it's broken"... So, I'm looking for a reputable King dealer in/around metro Atlanta. I've tried Precision Avionics in Griffin, but Scotty's so backed up, he won't even let me schedule an appointment for the next month. Epps (KPDK) sounds good over the phone, but I
  23. Hey anyone know of a good place in California to get my avionics rearranged, to include a panel mount 696 and then of course a new dash to fit the new look Thanks
  24. Have any of you installed the freeflight ads-b transceiver? If so, how about a Pirep.
  25. Hi all, I'm new to the family, I just bought a 74 m20f that is stock. Like any bird of this vintage, you have to do some work. I'm trying hard not to get carried away. My transponder is not working. Do I fix it, or replace it for the 2020 compliance, or replace it and add a few other things and if so what items should I upgrade. I'm torn between getting it done economically vs getting a bunch of things done while the panel is open. Labor will probably cheaper if they don't take the panel apart every year . part 2 Does anybody have experience with Islip Avionics or Ventu
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