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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all. A bit of a preface here. I'm a new owner, just getting my first annual on my own (the first was done with the seller and we split some costs). Minor back story here. There have been a lot of things discovered in this annual that seem like they should have been discovered in the previous, and apparently there were many mistakes made by this supposedly reputable shop. I know this isn't a poor man's hobby but WOW! My question is relating to avionics upgrades, and costs. I know I need a new Mode S transponder. I has been in the back of my head and I have been starting so
  2. I took my M20C in for an annual Dec.26. Last week was the first time I was able to fly it since. I still haven’t received the bill. I decided that I better go flying because once I get the bill I may not be able to afford the fuel. One of my big concerns was radio noise when I am in close proximity to the airport. I am not sure all that was done just yet but I was told that they put new connectors in the cabin ceiling. Not only did they not fix the radio noise but as soon as I took off, the tower said I was not showing altitude and told me to squawk 1200 on my almost new GTX345. Also, traffic
  3. Hi all, I have some avionics/instruments for sale due to my upgrade. I would rather sell to someone I know vs Ebay, so I thought I would post. All were removed from my airplane in working order, except #7 which I purchased and never installed. Please contact me by email: jolielucas@charter.net Shipping charges extra. 2) King KI203 VOR/LOC indicator s/n 4836 p/n 066-3034-00 [Ebay completed sales: $200-495] 3) Narco Transponder: AT 50A with tray s/n 34904 [Ebay completed sales: $200-250] 4) Narco Transponder: AT 150 TSO with tray and wiring s/n 18398 [Ebay completed sa
  4. I removed a Narco AT 150 TSO transponder from my Mooney M20-C and replaced it with a Garmin 345 to meet the ADS-B out requirement. As such I have an "as removed" Narco transponder for sale. It worked perfectly for the 5 years I had the Mooney. My Mooney is a 14 volt system and this one appears to work with either 14 or 28 volt. I looked on ebay and they are selling for anywhere from $100-$750. If anyone wants it for $100 message me. I am going to put the same message on the Twincessna.org webpage as well. If no one wants it I will put in on ebay in a week or so. Also I will have Cessna
  5. I have an old KT79 transponder that began being intermittent in reporting altitude and finally stopped altogether during a flight Saturday. I had the biannual IFR certification done in April and had some issues after but would always clear after cycling power. It had done so prior to the calibration a couple of times as well. I plan a panel upgrade next year so don't want to replace right now. Any suggestions or has anyone had to address this before. Don
  6. I just upgraded my panel. I have a GTX 327 that works great. I will sell it for $225 shipped.
  7. Narco AT50 tranponder. If you know someone trying to limp along the next couple of years or someone south of the states, please pass along. I can't yellow tag it but I flew behind it the weekend of 28 May 2017. Will take any offer as my upgrade mission keeps creeping higher. They can have the encoder as well. If you have questions, want pictures, etc. let me know.
  8. Garmin GTX 327 removed for upgrade to ADS B. $500. Works perfectly, yellow tag from install. $500. Shipping included to US. PM me for more info. Rags.
  9. I had my Garmin GTX330 removed by a CRS from my PA-28A on 11/10/16 and replaced with ADS-B in/out compliant system. The GTX 330 is in perfect working condition and like new. The tray, back-plate, and connector (no pins) are included along with FAA Form 91.413 and the maintenance release. P/N 011-00455-00 S/N 84119512 $1200 free shipping Mark Scheuer
  10. $150, Removed this week in working condition.
  11. My fellow Mooniacs, I am cleaning out the hangar and have a few things for sale. All of the parts listed are brand new sealed in original packaging, except for the Whelen NAV/Strobe light system. My loss is your gain. PM me if you have any questions. All items are shipped Fedex 2-Day free of charge! Pegasus Panel Mounted Compass - Unlit $250 Retail - $50 Shipped https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/sirs_compass.php?clickkey=3075522 Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/pY7xXsEDtMUKgaYLA Comant Transponder/DME Antenna - $170 Retail - $50 Shipped - ***SOLD***
  12. ATC has reported my King KT 76A as intermittent. I had my mechanic check all connections and all good. Any advice on what is wrong. I read that if you check Flight Aware and your whole track is there it is ATC problem. Does anybody have a working one they will sell me cheap? I am not ready to do ADSB upgrade yet
  13. I just dropped the plane off for some avionics work starting next week. There will be an Stec System 30 autopilot with Alt Hold without servos. and a King KT-76C digital transponder available very soon. If anyone is interested in these, I have listed them here only in advance of public sale.
  14. Hi all! Haven't been on much in a while (having twins will do that to you - and I don't mean the flying type...) I am considering upgrading my '96 Ovation from its existing King transponder - which ATC complains about all the time, and trading it in for an L3 NGT-9000 ADSB in/out transponder. This seems like a tidy unit, and it can tie into the 530 to display traffic along with my existing Skywatch installation, and solve for the 2020 mandate, and give me a weather display in the cockpit, pipe weather to my ipad via wifi, etc etc. First off, anyone done it, or considering it? W
  15. I have a GTX320 transponder for sale. This was recently removed for an ADSB upgrade. Included is the tray and backplates. It was working fine when removed. They seem to be going for $900ish on eBay. I'll take $600 or best offer.
  16. I have installed a KT-74 ADS-B out transponder and have the original transponder from my '83 J-model for sale. It has a yellow tag from 2008, and was fully functional when it was removed in December. The digits rotate smoothly and the white numbers are still sharply contrasting. There are typical small cracks in the plastic on each side, seen in the pictures. It includes the transponder and tray as shown here. No cabling or anything else not seen in these pictures. $500 including basic shipping within the USA. Paypal preferred. I am in SoCal, if you want to meet for a $100 burger
  17. Hey all. I went out this morning for some air work and never made it off the ground because I was getting a XPDR FAIL alert and the red X in the transponder box on the PFD. I tried all the standard troubleshooting stuff, pulled the circuit breaker, etc. Even talked to Garmin's AOG service and they said it would require a technician to look at. Anybody ever had a similar issue with a G1000 transponder? I'm looking for troubleshooting ideas. Thanks!
  18. http://www.airventure.org/news/2013/130731_transponder-tech-getting-to-2020.html good to see more options coming for ADS-B out compliance. a very pleasant surprise for me is the Bendix King KT-74 option. not only lower priced than other Mode S with ES but also a slide in replacement for the KT-76 will make it very attractive for KT-76 equipped aircrafts and there are lots of them !! which brings up the following question: why does Garmin wants us to rewire when slide in replacement can be an option ?
  19. Used Garmin Transponder GTX 320 A for sale. Includes installation manual, tray and connector.
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