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Found 19 results

  1. Consider Subscribing and Fly Along! ForeFlight is a simple tool for all types of awareness in your airplane. It will keep you out of trouble even with TFR's. Had a fun flight to Braden Airpark and did EMS volunteer work for the Phillipsburg Emergency Squad. 20yrs and counting. Thanks for Flying Along! Subscribe to PilotFun101 Films: https://www.youtube.com/PilotFun101 Proudly Sponsored By: Special Thank You to - Moyer Aviation http://www.moyeraviation.com/ Bose Aviation - https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/h... Proud Partners: Special Thank You to
  2. Subscribe and Fly Along! Great and fun flight to Columbia County from Orange County. Flight following out of NY to Albany. Why I think flight apps are good for GA pilots. Thanks for Flying Along! E-mail - PilotFun101@gmail.com Follow me - Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PilotFun101/ Cameras - GoPro - https://gopro.com/en/us/ (Hero 5 & 7) Transponder - Lynx L3 - https://www.l-3lynx.com/ Headsets - https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/h... GPS - Garmin - https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/cInTh... My Oil Outlet - https://aviationoiloutlet.c
  3. Scenarios: 1. We purchased the MLB100 with our Avidyne AXP 322 and IFD 540. 2. Also, we have a GDL39R being used with Garmin Pilot. 3. What we have noticed on the Garmin Pilot with a GDL-39 since around mid-2018, after the update, we now have access and can utilize the new FIS-B weather products are available such as the following: Lightning Turbulence Icing Cloud Tops Graphical AIRMET Center Weather Advisory 4. My question is since MLB unit
  4. Recently did a panel upgrade on my M20J. Thanks to this forum, ended up going with a GTX345 for ADS-B and a GTN650 for WAAS. I've been using Foreflight for years with a Stratus with no issue. However, with the new panel I am having a annoying GPS position issue when I connect to my new Garmin GTX-345+GTN650 using Bluetooth. The GPS position that I see on my Foreflight map is very 'jumpy' and seems to lag my position. As I'm flying, my position seems stuck for a few seconds - then will very quickly move/jump to a new location, or then jump back. Often it's moving/jumping ove
  5. Hey All... PilotSafety.org is saving my bacon, maybe literally, with their Master Course on the Garmin 430/530. If you are in need of online training courses for Avidyne, Garmin, IFR, Foreflight, please check out their website. Anyone using code: JOLIE gets a 20% discount. bit.ly/PSJolie
  6. Has anyone created a checklist for the 201 and loaded into their foreflight ap?
  7. Just upgraded to the Plus version of ForeFlight with the Aero layer and other assorted goodies. When planning a trip this morning, I realized HEFIN on V18 between KATL and KANB appeared to be just another way point with IFR and Aero layers active. Fortunately, I know it is a mandatory reporting point, although that is unclear if the Aero layer is active. I have submitted this observation to ForeFlight. While I expect the number of mandatory reporting points are few, missing one is likely frowned upon by ATC. This may not affect anyone, but this is just and FYI.
  8. I have a near-new, used twice, xGPS160 (with WAAS) Bluetooth GPS. I used this with my iPad for ForeFlight until I upgraded to a panel mounted Garmin GTX transponder that shares location. Bluetooth to iPad, Android, iPhone WAAS GPS Receiver GPS and GLONASS 10 Positions/second Bluetooth 10 devices non-slip holder built-in battery works with most apps that require GPS (tablet/phone) SOLD
  9. Fellow Mooney folks, I have a 2016 iPad Air, 32g for sale. It is wifi only, no scratches, dings or dents. Asking $350 plus shipping.
  10. Here's a head scratcher. Does anyone else get this 3rd huge outermost TFR ring randomly popping up around the standard D.C. SFRA in flight? I'm using Foreflight with Stratus 2 for fis-b display. I never see it on the ground while flight planning. It's usually labeled "dates unknown" in flight. The first couple times it happened, I asked Potomac Approach before flying through vfr - they had no idea what I was talking about, so I stopped asking. I thought I should bring up here though so at least I can tell the F-16 pilot "but this guy on Mooneyspace said it was cool" I've seen it for
  11. I started this new thread because the other one degenerated into a privacy cluster. I am looking at the ESG as perfect for me for the following reasons (anybody else in this club?): I am a card-carrying member of the cheap bastards society. My panel is most likely not going to be updated much, I am keeping it "close to original". If I flew for business or had more money than cents I would install an all-glass wonderland with a Garmin kool-aid dispenser. I like the idea of pulling my NARCO AT-50A out and sliding the ESG in (minor wiring mods). The ESG will use my existing transponder an
  12. I did my first long XC trip this weekend after installing the GDL88 and Flightstream 210 (naturally Garmin introduced a new solution just as my install was being completed, but that's another topic). I'm liking what I'm seeing. Weather is quite usable, nicely integrated with Foreflight both graphically and in the lookups for the airports. TIS-B traffic is fascinating, though, of course, incomplete. I found it useful on a couple occasions to track traffic I was given by Center. Bidirectional communication from the GNS-430W to the iPad for flight plans is marvelous. On the FIS-B side,
  13. I made a Pirep today. Haven't done that for a long time. For that matter, haven't talked to FSS radio when aloft for a long time. I was induced to do so because the ADS-B weather (well, FIS-B, I guess) displayed by Foreflight is so handy, and displays pireps conveniently and easily, I was inspired to try to be helpful. . Foreflight also makes it easy to look up a freq for FSS (now that Flight Watch is dead). It was pretty cool to watch Foreflight after I filed the pirep and see it eventually appear on my iPad. It appeared within 14 minutes. I wonder if that's representative of
  14. Avidyne is excited to announce connectivity with industry-leading app providers ForeFlight and Fltplan Go. This announcement expands Avidyne's connectivity options which include the previously announced MK10 Bluetooth® Keyboard. Initial connectivity will allow iPads with the newly-announced ForeFlight version 7.6 to wirelessly receive and display GPS position and flight plan information from Avidyne's IFD540/440 units running the current v10.1 software. FltPlan Go running on an iPad, Android tablet, and Windows 10 tablet can wirelessly display GPS position and flight plan informa
  15. I'm curious to know if anyone has an opinion and current experience with the latest versions of Forefight and Garmin Pilot. My renewal for Foreflight is in the next few days, but I'm debating on whether to continue using it or if I should give Garmin Pilot a try for the next year. Last year, I staged myself with the same question, but at the time the price of Garmin Pilot for the version I would need was substantially more than a comparable version subscription to Foreflight. Since my plane was in for upgrade when my foreflight subscription came up last year, I just went ahead with what I was
  16. HOUSTON , July 16, 2015 /CNW/ -- ForeFlight, maker of the leading app for pilots, today announced connectivity with Garmin avionics, broadening the flight planning, in-flight, and connectivity capabilities available to customers. When connected to Garmin Flight Stream , ForeFlight Mobile customers can now wirelessly receive ADS-B weather and traffic, precise GPS position data, and dynamic pitch and bank information on iPad or iPhone. Additionally, flight plan transfer capability is currently in development and will be available in a future app update. ForeFlight Mobile now connects to the
  17. Foreflight with syn vis and Stratus 2 is really amazing!
  18. I've spent months considering how to upgrade my technology-deficient panel to get the best situational awareness bang for my buck, as well as get ADS-b compliance over with. I'd settled on: (1) a Garmin GTN650 (2) trading in my geriatric Bendix KT76A transponder for the inexpensive, plug and play KT74 for ADS-b out (3) using the Stratus 2 with ForeFlight for traffic and weather. It makes sense for me to stay with ForeFlight, as this is what I've gotten somewhat adept at using as a newbie pilot. I could instead get a Garmin GDL88 to put traffic and weather on the GTN650, but the added expe
  19. Just updated foreflight and they have changed the interface. Seems cluttered to me, what do you think?
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