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Found 22 results

  1. Consider Subscribing and Fly Along! Fun flight with Olive to Blairstown Airport. Had breakfast at Donnas Runway Cafe. Great food and staff. ADS-B is a good thing? The New GA? The Mooney is flying great after the annual. She just needed sneakers. Thanks for Flying Along! Subscribe to PilotFun101 Films: https://www.youtube.com/PilotFun101 Proudly Sponsored By: Special Thank You to - Moyer Aviation http://www.moyeraviation.com/ Bose Aviation - https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/h... Proud Partners: Special Thank You to Dynon Avionics - https://www.dynonavio
  2. The Tailbeacon has been approved. For all non 172 installs including Mooneys a 337 will be required. Installation is basically the same as the wing mounted version with two wires and set up on an iPhone or Android device. I have attached the install manual below and here is a link to purchase it for $1950, shipping is free: https://wolfaviationsales.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fuavionix-tail-beacon Thank you! Sanjeev tailBeacon-TSO-User-and-Installation-Guide-UAV-1002185-001-Rev-B.pdf
  3. Scenarios: 1. We purchased the MLB100 with our Avidyne AXP 322 and IFD 540. 2. Also, we have a GDL39R being used with Garmin Pilot. 3. What we have noticed on the Garmin Pilot with a GDL-39 since around mid-2018, after the update, we now have access and can utilize the new FIS-B weather products are available such as the following: Lightning Turbulence Icing Cloud Tops Graphical AIRMET Center Weather Advisory 4. My question is since MLB unit
  4. Who would have guessed a 2ft x 4ft piece of aluminum could cost 50 grand...
  5. Anyone out there that has updated a KT 73 to ADSB or replaced with a KT 74. Cost, difficulty in M20J
  6. I own a Mooney M20J (1985) with a few partners and we're looking to do ADS-B and upgrade our GPS. We currently have a non-waas Garmin 430 and have been considering an update to a GTN650 or an Avidyne IFD440. We like the interface and hybrid (buttons+touch) of the IFD440 - but we can't figure out if it will talk to a Garmin GTX 345 transponder. I talked with several avionics shops and I got conflicting answers: A) no somewhat, you can only feed waas to the GTX from IFD C) yes, GTX can get waas from IFD, and IFD can get traffic + weather from GTX An Avidyne sales support en
  7. For those who have asked for more in depth training on the IFD series of navigators, we have teamed up with Master CFI Gary Reeves of PilotSafety.org to provide webinars, in person seminars and a video series. The first of many webinars are scheduled (see below). Wednesday, May 11th 6:30pm (Pacific) (Thursday May 12th 0100 UTC) https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1623049960924876036 For WINGS credit: http://www.faasafety.gov/SPANS/event_details.aspx?eid=68863&caller=/SPANS/events/EventList.aspx Monday, May 16th 2330 UTC 7:30pm (Central) https://attendee.
  8. I'm in the process of buying a '64 M20C with some very nice equipment. It has a KT 74 for ADSB Out already. The current owner uses a Stratus 2S for his ADSB In. I like to tinker a bit so I decided to order the parts to put my own Stratux together. I know you have to do something to marry up your out and in so you'll receive everything you should, but I'm fuzzy on the details. How do you set up the Stratux and/or ForeFlight properly for this?
  9. I'm thinking of pulling the stratus esgi set out of my aircraft to replace with a garmin 335/345. My eventual plan is to install 2 garmin G5's and eventually a GTN 6##. As far as I can tell, the only way to do this without putting more holes in my plane is to replace the stratus with a garmin acceptable gps source? I'm guessing this sounds like an incredible waste of money? Ami I crazy? Oh yeah I already own a garmin gdl 39 3d. seeing as how I refuse to buy any apple products so can't use foreflight.
  10. OMG, boys and girls- Check out this timeline. I can't believe I'm complimenting a government agency but this is beyond my wildest expectations: 2/27/17 Pick up my M20J with it's new Mandate compliant Garmin GTX345 3/4/17 Fly some approaches with my buddy in Class C airspace with the goal of meeting the ADSB validation flight requirements 3/4/17 Later that day I fill out the online form for the validation flight 3/6/17 Email arrives from FAA with my ADS-B Performance Monitor Public ADS-B Performance Report - I pass! 3/6/17 Later that day I fill out the form prov
  11. Any opinions or comments about an "easy way" into this? Would it be satisfactory to acquire a used GTX330ES (or 330 then pay for the upgrade) and a used 400W/500W/430W/530W? I see that 330's go for 1-2AMU's (depending on ES upgrade) and I have seen 400W's for as low as 3AMU's. I know that the GTX345 has AHRS and Bluetooth, which is nice, but that individual device alone is more expensive than a used 330ES+400W installed. I have an SL30 nav/comm now and could add in a VAL COM2000 to account for the loss of the 300XL's comm feature.
  12. Good afternoon Mooneyspacers. My 20J is fresh back from the install of a Stratus ESG Transponder with the hardwired Stratus 2i to accompany (I will post a write-up on my experience with the shop later). With that, my trusty Stratus 2 is no longer needed and is up for sale. It comes with the Stratus 2, charger and Ram window mount. Price is $550.00, shipping to lower 48 included. (For the life of me, I can't figure out why these pictures are sideways. You get the drift though.)
  13. $2500 OBO for this GTX-330ES. It's just back from Garmin with the ES upgrade and paperwork to go with it. Tray included. I've decided to go another direction and won't be installing this transponder so it's all boxed up and ready to go.
  14. If anyone is interested I just listed my SkyGuard ADSB Transceiver on Ebay ( #222312312470 ). This unit has worked great, however I had to replace my transponder in the Mooney and decided to go with a Garmin solution to the 430w Any questions just let me know.
  15. On September 19, 2016, the FAA is offering a $500 rebate to help owners of less-expensive general aviation aircraft equip now with the required avionics that comply with the ADS-B Out rule that will take effect Jan. 1, 2020. http://www.faa.gov/nextgen/equipadsb/rebate/ Just thought y'all should know...
  16. I am on the avionics shop schedule for a new transponder with ADSB out. I have a Garmin 430w in the plane now and was leaning for the Garmin ADSB transponder with both in and out. I wanted to get a feel for what other users might be doing? I saw the Stratus advertised but it didn't look like it had the in option. Thoughts? Neal
  17. I've just had the GTX345 installed in my G1000 equipped Ovation with S-Tec autopilot (29-0363) - one of the first installations in Australia. Firstly the background of ADSB Down Under. For some inexplicable reason, installation was mandated in Australia for IFR not later than the middle of 2017, which means we are the test subjects, and will pay a hefty premium. About 10 years ago when ADSB was in the early implementation stage, the authorities were going to subsidise ADSB, but it's been conveniently forgotten. Since then the cost has skyrocketed, not helped at all by the fact that
  18. The NBAA wants to selectively block people's ability to receive ADS-B transmissions. (http://www.wsj.com/articles/business-aviation-close-to-retaining-flight-privacy-protections-1450556265) I'm very curious how they plan on doing this. They could encode the transmissions which would require replacing the entire ADS-B infrastructure. The article suggests that they are going adopt some sort of rotating code system where the ADS-B code for every plane changes on a timely basis. Would this also require a substantial retooling of the ADS-B system? I can't really see how any of their pr
  19. Exemption Available for Part of ADS-B Out Requirementsby Matt Thurber - October 20, 2015, 11:18 AM Airlines and general aviation aircraft owners and operators can apply to the FAA for an exemption to part of the ADS-B OUT equipment requirements, which could make meeting the U.S. 2020 ADS-B mandate temporarily simpler. The exemption basically allows use of a less-capable GPS or global navigation satellite system GNSS) sensor (basically non-WAAS) coupled with a rule-compliant ADS-B transponder to meet the ADS-B Out deadline. The exemption requires the upgraded transponder, new wiring to allow in
  20. Don't know how many saw this I just found it when reading another thread here but it looks like Google may be the Knight in Shining Armour for us and ADSB. They are talking about DRAMATICALLY driving the prices down so they can do their drone deliveries in the future and they see us and our willingness to install ADSB as their big issue. They could sell at a loss and still come out ahead in the end. This could be the game changer! Talk of less than $100 Part of one Avweb article below (Many more AVweb articles just by Googling Drones ADSB Google it is potentially huge. Like over-the-top, se
  21. I have a couple of questions for anyone that has Skyradar and use it with WingX. I just got the Skyradar DX Dual band receiver with the AHRS. I am using it for backup weather, traffic and attitude indicator. I already have an MX-20 with a GNS 480 and I get traffic and XM weather on those instruments. I used the Skyradar for the first time today and it appeared to work very well for traffic, weather and with the AHRS. I compared it to my current, attitude, traffic and weather on the MX-20 and 480 and it was pretty much the same except for a few minor differences and that was my question.
  22. I know there have been a series of threads and posts on portable ADSB solutions. I have read through them and when I thought I had gotten to a "moment of truth", I realized I was still not clear on all the options available. And I am sure, there are others like me. So, let me start with what I do know (which is not much at this point): P.S. I am only interested in portable solutions... ForeFlight -- you can use either the Appareo Stratus first or second generation to obtain ADSB Weather and Traffic. The difference between the two generation antennae is explained on their website as:
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