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  1. Fuel cap plunger pin very stiff

    The latch on our cap had gotten annoyingly difficult to operate recently. I dripped some engine oil on top of the cap, and now it works much better. It's been about a month since I did that, and it's still just as good as the day that I lubed it.
  2. N314EB

    I didn't see that it was mentioned anywhere else. I'm curious what the story or significance is for you about pi. As a math nerd, I'm not judging. Just curious.
  3. M20j gear won’t retract above 80KT

    I don't think I've ever looked closely at what airspeed I put the gear up, but I bet I've never gotten to 80 kts before flipping the switch.
  4. Engine Heater - Twin Hornet 22

    We didn't get the Hornet. We ended up with a stick on oil sump heater. In Tennessee, we don't have need for much more than that, and I have little interest in flying to anywhere cooler in the winter. I have started using a space heater in the cabin prior to cold morning flights. I know it's good for the avionics, but it's also really nice to sit down on already-warm leather seats when it's 30 degrees outside.
  5. Door Slide is Sticking....Help?

    No bends yet. Where are the tapered bearings? It looks like two pieces of flat metal that slide together. One of the pieces has a couple of "wings" folded around the other as a guide.
  6. Door Slide is Sticking....Help?

    I had never heard of Triflow. A little Googling revealed it's a bicycle lube product. We have a few bicycle enthusiasts in the office, and they enlightened me on it's usefulness. None of those guys had any with them today though, and I do have engine oil in the hangar. A few well-placed drops of that has done the trick. If it becomes a problem again soon, I'll try the Triflow stuff. Feeling inspired by the refreshing of the door slider, I also tried a little on the overcenter mechanism on the fuel caps. Man, I've been trying way too hard with those things. They move like butter now too. Thanks for all the help!
  7. The door slider mechanism (at the bottom of the door) on our '89 J is sliding with increasingly more friction. It looks like it's just a metal on metal slide. Anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggested lubrication that can get it sliding smoothly again? Thanks!
  8. I ended up with enough extra time in Tucson to stop by the Pima Air and Space museum. Definitely something to see. There were 5 or 6 hangars of planes, and a ton of stuff to see outside. I haven't been to many aviation museums that let you get that close to that many really large planes. If you want to do the Air Force junk yard tour, you now have to call 10 days in advance as of Nov 1.
  9. Our J is a '89 model. Per 201er's signature, his is a '78.
  10. I do the chop and drop method to keep out of the yellow. Like a lot of the other J flyers, I can easily feel the vibration in the yellow. I don't even have to look at the tach to keep out of the caution range. If you're having trouble with the plane setting down harder than you prefer using the chop and drop, try adding 5 or 10 knots to your airspeed before the chop. That should give you enough additional energy to bleed off as a cushion.
  11. Any of you been to the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson? I've got a work trip in Tucson next week, but I don't think I'll have any extra time available while I'm there. Another reason I should have planned to fly the Mooney instead of flying commercial.
  12. N201XG

    Oh, and I should mention, our plane sat for about a year and half before we bought it. I'm guessing that was the main culprit of the lifter issue. We got about 150 hours out of it before the mechanic said it needed to come out for overhaul. With regular flying, that FF engine likely may have gone beyond TBO.
  13. N201XG

    Our 201 went to 1650 hours with the Firewall Forward STC. No top overhaul during the entire 1650. We pulled the engine for overhaul this summer due to the engine making metal. It was a cam/lifter issue. This was with the Centrilube cam as well. Cylinders and pistons were still in good shape. The engine still made good power, and used about 1qt every 6 tach hours. That includes a decent leak on the accessory case, so it didn't seem to burn too much oil. When we overhauled, we went back to factory specs and factory cam. We felt like FF's reputation wasn't adding any value to the plane if we went back with their STC. Having flown both engines in the same plane, I wouldn't give any value positive or negative for the Firewall Forward engine. I'm comparing a 1600-hr FF engine to a new factory spec engine, but I haven't seen any performance gain or loss with the new engine. The FF engine did run cooler CHT's at ROP ops.
  14. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    The Lancair Legacy is a sweet plane. I could almost imagine having one at some point in the future. The biggest problem I have with the plane is that the seats look a little too much like the seats in a DA20. Any of you sat or flown in one to say that they're actually pretty comfortable as a cross country cruiser?
  15. perfect mooneys can have problems too

    Keep in mind the plane will pivot on the mains, and the prop is well in front of the nose wheel. It's not a 1:1 height relation of nose wheel to prop clearance. I'm also curious to hear if there was a strike. I'm guessing no, but I bet it was close.