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  1. Flying to Henry Ford Museum - Which airport?

    Ended up at ONZ for the trip. Overall, great experience. I attempted to call the day before a couple of times, but couldn't get anyone on the phone. I found out after I got there that I had been trying to call the airport manager's direct line (was out of town) instead of the general number. There were no ready to go rental cars parked there, and Uber surprisingly didn't show any options either. We were able to borrow a crew car for the afternoon as a last resort. Weather was gloomy and overcast, so no scenic approach for us. Once we broke out, it was mostly just airport and water to be seen. Ceilings were actually a little lower on the way out, so even less to see leaving. I was really surprised that the air space was relatively quiet around Detroit. I expected it to be more like flying into the DC area or Atlanta area. Thanks again for all the suggestions. On a nicer day, I think I might try DET next time I visit the area. I love aerial views of big cities.
  2. Flying to Henry Ford Museum - Which airport?

    ONZ is a little closer, and looks like it might have a more scenic approach with the water around it.
  3. Flying to Henry Ford Museum - Which airport?

    Thanks for the replies. Leaning towards DET at this point.
  4. I'm planning a family trip to the Detroit area on Friday to visit the Henry Ford Museum. Any suggestions for which airport we should fly into? We'll plan to arrange for a rental car at the destination for the day. We intend to fly in in the morning and return to Tennessee that evening. Looking at the map, DTW looks to be the closest, but I assume they prefer to not have small GA planes on the ramp like most big commercial airports. DET and ONZ also look like options as well. I'll probably start making some phone calls to FBO's in the next day or two. Thanks!
  5. I've been searching for a few days with no luck. Can someone tell me the part number for the rear (white) position bulb for a 1989 M20J? Searching for E7 didn't result in anything helpful. Also, the leads on the bulb were a little corroded, and so was the socket it was in. Is that typical?
  6. Dog Rescue Run (TN to Maryland)

    Oh. Got it. I had secondary motivation for traveling from Knoxville to Maryland.
  7. Dog Rescue Run (TN to Maryland)

    Is there a specific schedule this needs to happen on? Or is an ASAP kind of situation? I would probably try to talk you into bringing them to TYS if possible.
  8. New Engine Best Practices?

    We have completed the initial Lycoming test flight procedure. No anomalies. The engine runs incredibly smooth. The biggest issue at this point has been keeping temps down. The rubber flap on the top of the engine baffle keeps flipping backwards in flight. Temps are staying about 360-370 in cruise when the flap is in the correct orientation, but jumping to 400 when it inverts. The engine seems to sit about 1/2" lower now than before overhaul, and I think that is accounting for the extra space allowing the flap to flip over. I haven't test flown it yet, but I think I've resolved that issue this morning. I should get to fly this afternoon or tomorrow to confirm. The power isn't impressing me yet, but it sounds like that's expected to increase slightly as everything wears in. We also had the HP+ STC previously, but went back to the non-HP+ on this overhaul. As for automotive engines, I know from my work experience that Mercedes test runs every engine on a test stand fully instrumented. The cars are also test run after final assembly of the vehicle. At that point, there's not much to break in.
  9. Descend Via

    Oh, and thanks for asking this question. I really like threads like this. Since I RARELY ever hear a departure or arrival clearance, I like reading about it in an effort to stay as current as possible with them.
  10. Descend Via

    I know that an altitude with the line under it indicates that is a minimum altitude. Are those minimum speeds for each leg as well? I'm not sure I could hit those numbers in a nose dive after the wings fell off. That would have been reason enough for me to either reject the clearance or at least ask about it.
  11. New Engine Best Practices?

    Our engine was not affected by the latest SB. Sounds like descents are going to be interesting. Keeping the power in and descending are two things that don't go particularly well together in a Mooney. I guess the good news is that we'll already be down lower than I typically fly.
  12. We're picking up 1ZX from an annual turned engine overhaul on Tuesday. We previously had the Firewall Forward HP plus STC, but opted to not use the 10:1 compression pistons in this overhaul. So, the engine is a standard IO360-A3B6D that would be in most M20J's. Triad did the engine overhaul, and AGL Aviation did the removal and reinstall. I will be asking Triad and AGL the same question, but I'm curious to hear Mooneyspace's opinions as well. What's the best break-in procedure and schedule for oil changes during the break-in period? Triad ran the engine for a couple hours on their stand, and AGL has ground tested the engine some. Lynn at AGL is giving us a 2 1/2 hour break in flight procedure that we will complete before our final departure home. From what little I know about new airplane engines, I know they typically use mineral oil in the first hours. For how long do you use the mineral oil? And what's the purpose of mineral oil vs regular oil? Any other general advice for helping get this engine last well into TBO hours? The Firewall forward overhaul was at about 1650 hours when pulled. In it's defense (if there is one), the plane sat for about a year and a half before we bought it with only an occasional ground run.
  13. Best possible audio?

    If you're comfortable with an in-the-ear solution (Halo's, etc.), I don't think it gets better than that. If you're a real CB and handy with a little electrical work, you can build your own headset for cheap (<$100). I built the one I'm using now, and haven't had my Lightspeeds out of the case since then.
  14. Instrument Lights

    I spent A LOT of time troubleshooting the panel lights in our J. A common suggestion on this site is that the potentiometer is bad. I started with changing those, and they worked for about 1 flight, and quit again. Ultimately, we had an intermittent short in the wiring. My non-A&P suggestion is to start with taking the potentiometer out of the circuit essentially straight wiring them through the breaker and the cap fuse. Use the breaker as a switch. If they work fine, maybe it's the potentiometer. If the breaker is popping or the fuse is popping, you know it's a wiring problem.
  15. Someone who speaks French

    My half French co-worker couldn't quite make out the writing well enough to translate, but he forwarded the picture to his mother and a friend. Here's what we've got so far. Pour l'ami Hirsch For my friend, Hirsch En souvenir de journées mélancoliques In memory of melancholy times Mirage d'une ? Mirage here?