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  1. AaronDC8402

    Puff of smoke, electrical smell

    Our J is S/N 3105. Looks like they were just a few planes away from each other in the factory. I'm guessing our planes have pretty similar wiring situations unless you've done a full electrical overhaul. We have not. I have found a few wires that have chafed against metal enough to show some burn marks. I've never seen a puff of smoke or smelled anything, thankfully. Look at the large guage cables coming in and out of the firewall. They bulkhead they pass through is metal lined with rubber grommet. In the same vicinity, there is a large guage cable that drapes over the "shelf" that the avionics relay rests on. We had some burn marks there. I think that wire is live any time the master is on. The picture below is from the right seat footwell looking up. Either way, please report back what you find.
  2. It could be piston ring. They're also ferrous. As others have said though, especially at only 100 SMOH, it doesn't sound like a big concern. Our engine is about 150 SMOH now. It's only been the last couple of oil changes that we've started seeing a perfectly clean oil filter. -Some guy on the internet (read: not an A&P)
  3. AaronDC8402

    Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    When we switched from the Firewall Forward cam and pistons STC back to the Lycoming standard pistons and cam, there were no changes to our analog or digital tach. Operation in the yellow band seemed the same between the two engines.
  4. AaronDC8402

    Under Wing Flush Mount Fuel Drain Valves

    I couldn't find anything more definitive, so I bought a pair of SA53S's for our 1989 J. I'll report back if they fit or not.
  5. AaronDC8402

    Oh, the pattern entry!

    JWN is a "special" place. A lot of the traffic is jets. Way more jet to piston traffic than I see at any other uncontrolled airport. That combined with proximity to BNA, it seems like almost no one flies pattern there.
  6. AaronDC8402

    Wife’s pic

    A shiny airplane helps a lot.
  7. AaronDC8402

    How do you mount your ipad

    I get to see the Mooney all the time in real life. I don't get to see the Diamond very often. 3CT is the plane I earned my PPL in. Still one of my favorite planes for local sightseeing. Hard to get a better view.
  8. AaronDC8402

    How do you mount your ipad

    From other responses, it looks like I've got a pretty typical tablet mounting location. I really like having the space to mount it there. Every other plane I have flown, leg mounted worked well for the tablet for me. In the Mooney, I just don't have the lap space. The right side mount is a little further away than I'd like for reading approach plates. Sorry for the crappy tablet mount picture. It was the best I could find with a couple minutes of looking. The mount I'm more proud of is my phone holder on the yoke. I designed it in SolidWorks and 3D printed it. The mount is located by the recessed area of the emblem on the yoke. Rubber bands hold it against the yoke. Easy install/removal and no modification needed to the yoke. The stylus/pen holder has been pretty handy too.
  9. AaronDC8402

    201 Schematic / Bad Avionics Relay?

    Guess I could update my own thread. Contacts have been cleaned and everything is working like it should for now. Hoping we get a lot more hours before it's an issue again. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  10. AaronDC8402

    Log Review - Knoxville/Crossville, TN

    I am based in Knoxville also. CSV is about a 30 minute Mooney flight. Sounds like a good excuse for me and @Browncbr1 to go shoot some approaches together. One of us would be happy to meet the owner and take pictures of the logs.
  11. AaronDC8402

    I'm back!

    Another good example this week. Got the avionics relay cleaned and put in a remote mount antenna cable for our GDL. I test flew it yesterday (mostly and excuse to fly around), and now the gear warning isn't working.
  12. AaronDC8402

    ADS-B Garmin 327 to 330ES swap

    I think we needed one additional wire between the 480 and 330ES after the ES upgrade.
  13. AaronDC8402

    ADS-B Garmin 327 to 330ES swap

    If the question is, "can you connect a 480 to a 330ES to be ADSB compliant?", the answer is yes. That's what we have in our plane. We bought our plane with the 480 and a non-ES 330. We had the 330 upgraded by Garmin. It seemed to be pretty simple for the avionics shop.
  14. AaronDC8402

    201 Schematic / Bad Avionics Relay?

    The mystery has been solved. Well, the mystery of the relay's location at least has been solved. It was behind the circuit breaker panel. It couldn't have been much harder to get to. It's on top of a "shelf" in a way that you can't see it at all from under the foot well. It's deep enough in there, that you can only barely see it with the glareshield removed. The relay is a Potter & Brumfield MB-4443-1. Seems a little difficult to get a hold of, so we're going to start with cleaning the contacts. They did have some corrosion on them. You could still hear it clicking when you flip the switch, so the solenoid portion was still working. Just not enough to pull the contacts open. We checked the connections at the relay, and they seem well connected.
  15. AaronDC8402

    201 Schematic / Bad Avionics Relay?

    Got to spend some time with the plane and a multimeter this morning. I thought I had found the avionics relay, but after some closer investigation, I was wrong. There are two large relays in the tail. One is the master relay. The other looks identical to the master relay, but seems to cut/supply connection to the hot lead of the ground power plug. I'm guessing it activates when the master does, but I'm not sure. I need to study the schematic more closely. I'm curious about the ground power relay and what it does. On to the multimeter results: -Master on, avionics switch off - 28VDC at both terminals of the avionics switch -Master on, avionics switch on - 28VDC on the input side of the switch, 0VDC on the output side The switch seems to be working correctly. With my head under the panel, I can hear a relay shifting when turning the avionics switch on and off. The relay sound is coming from behind the panel. The relay sound isn't quite as "sharp" sounding as I'm used to hearing. At this point, I basically ran out of time. With some more hunting, I can probably find the avionics relay. Does anyone know off hand where it is in a 1989 J model? Getting the multimeter on it and confirming that it is or isn't working is probably my next step. Thanks for all the input so far.