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  1. Oversized thru-studs, yes. There are also a number of case mods that involve dowel pins and O-rings aimed at stopping thru-stud oil leaks. We have them incorporated into every Lycoming engine we build.
  2. You didn't buy a big box GPS, you bought the small box. It's still easier than a 430. No one is going to repair the knob on the OP's 430W, except Garmin. I can't even buy the part. Contact cleaner has very little chance to help, the rotary knobs are contactless, thats why they lasted as long as they did. Garmin uses some sort of optical pick up inside those dials, so I am told. WAAS upgrade went up to $3800 January 1st.
  3. It's ok, I want a Trio too......
  4. S-tec 30 autopilot system, brand new in box, complete.
  5. I have a brand new, old stock, S-tec (Genesys now) System 30 autopilot for sale. This is a rate based 2 axis autopilot with altitude hold. It is complete. All servos, brackets, harness, turn coordinator, etc. It has never been installed or used for anything, or completely unpackaged for that matter, and comes with all paperwork and documentation required......wait for it.....wait.....to install it in a Grumman AG5B. We are an S-tec dealer, this was ordered quite a while ago for a customer and never installed. This system can be modified as needed and new STC paperwork issued for numerous 28V aircraft. The cost is varied, it requires the autopilot to be sent back to Genesys and modified to be the part numbers required for that installation, an install kit containing the proper brackets and harness, and a new STC transferred to the aircraft. It can also be installed in an Experimental aircraft as is, as long as it's similar to a Grumman Tiger. It would work great in any 28V RV or the like. This system lists for $11989.00. If you own a Grumman AG5B Tiger or an experimental, I will sell you this one installed for $9000.00 provided you bring the plane to KDAB. If you want it for installation elsewhere, $7500.00 plus shipping to you.
  6. PMA8000B Sold, thread updated with lower price on KX155.
  7. The KX155 comes with the tray. It also comes with a brand new pre wired harness one of my technicians is building as we speak.
  8. Everything here was removed for upgrade from our company Bonanza this week. We are a Garmin dealer and a FAA repair station, I can provide fresh yellow tags for all of this if needed.The KX155 is a 14 volt unit with a glideslope. Fully functional. It includes a brand new pre-wired harness and a wiring diagram to facilitate easy installation in your aircraft. If you want it installed in your aircraft, that can be arranged as well if you want to fly to KDAB. Garmin 430W w/ tray and antenna: Sold KX155 w/glideslope: Sold PMA8000B w/tray: Sold
  9. I currently have a GNS430W removed from our company aircraft available, and I have a selection of ADS-B transponders in stock. If we can be of assistance let me know. Thanks for the kind words
  10. I have no problem disclosing that at all, as long as Conner is ok with it.
  11. Actually, six days. We diagnosed the issue on Friday the 8th. Closed on weekends. Pulled the motor off on Monday, tore it down, and ordered parts. Cleaned everything up on Tuesday and put the bottom end back together. Repaired all the cylinders and finished the assembly on Wednesday. Installed all the repainted and repaired baffles and accessories on Thursday and hung it on the aircraft. It will run today. But who's counting
  12. How is 1WH liking it out west? I think I accidentally left some radios in the plane, I keep touching the screen in my Bo and nothing happens. If you could box up the GTN's and send them back to me I will happily pay postage as well
  13. She should have thunder in the pipes by the end of the day.
  14. The 3/4" wrench in this set is worth it's weight in gold if you have to pull Hartzell props, the other's in the set are not as useful. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Snap-On-Speed-Combination-Wrench-Set-SRX707-5-16-3-4-/122040825937?hash=item1c6a333851:g:VPoAAOSwQupXUL3l&item=122040825937&vxp=mtr