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  1. If you claimed copyright to "Happy Birthday", would you feel that someone singing it without your permission was somehow wrong? I don't feel that it is at all ok to steal intellectual property rights, I just don't see how it applies in this case. This is a FACTORY PAINT SCHEME, if anyone has intellectual property rights it would be Mooney. It's in the public domain, it can't be protected under copyright. It's not an original design. Just because someone slaps the words "copyright" under an image on a website doesn't make it so. It's not registered, and no one in their right mind would not be able to see that its a copy of an extremely popular factory paint scheme. It's the same color, you certainly can't copyright a color.
  2. Guess I won't build any more Mooney's, this is a rough crowd.
  3. That was my feeling as well. I would never even consider copying a unique design. After reviewing tons of the designs on scheme designers website tonight after being accused of doing so, I am pretty certain that not everything on their website qualifies as a unique design. There are examples that range from period correct warbird, iconic designs that everyone recognize, and some that are certainly of their own creation. But, by and far, there are a ton of minor deviations to factory paint schemes. There is even one in the Cessna examples that is just white with one blue stripe (and a fish on the tail). There is no way that a white plane with a blue stripe is copy write protected. I always felt that scheme designers product is the drawings and stencils they provide to paint shops in order to put the scheme on the plane. This is a great service, worth paying for if you have a airshow quality paint scheme in mind you want applied.
  4. I apologize, I didn't think to ask. I just thought it was a really nice looking paint job. Honestly I didn't expect the final product to come out of the shop looking as much like yours as it did. Again, I am sorry, I meant no ill intent.
  5. It would appear so, yes
  6. Look, I googled "Mooney paint schemes", scrolled through them until I found one I liked, hit print and took it to the paint shop. It's not like its a unique design, it's a late model factory paint scheme. The tail pattern is unique, hence the reason we didn't use it. The only thing unique about it is it's on a 201 instead of an Ovation/Bravo. Sorry if it offends you, that was not my intent.
  7. So you decided to call Scheme Designers and "turn me in". That was very mature of you... I thought I had the only Members Only jacket?!? Next your going to tell me this limited edition Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt is not unique. The guy that sold it to me said he guaranteed I wouldn't see anyone else wearing it....
  8. I am in no way defending this as original, I literally told you I copied the paint scheme. I think I will paint the next one exactly like this one.
  9. No, he has a valid point. I already called the paint shop and scheduled it to be stripped. This time I am just going to paint it white, hopefully no one has exclusive rights to that. Maybe I should just get it primed only....
  10. I think it looks great. It's just a factory Ovation 2 paint scheme on a 201. Not that original of a design, Mooney made a bunch of them that looked like that. The only thing different is the checker board and the N-number.
  11. Yes, I am fully aware of it, I picked it out. I even tried to get the same guy that painted that one to paint this one. Is there a problem with that? It's not a carbon copy, no checker board tail and the colors are not exactly the same. Scheme Designers offers the same service, for $900.00 you send them a picture of a plane you like and they send your paint shop the drawings and stencils needed to apply it to your aircraft. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."
  12. The math definitely works out that way
  13. It is based on a scheme designers layout that was originally done by Hawk. I got a quote from Joe at Hawk to reproduce it for $12,750.00. I wouldn't call it substantially less. They do fantastic work, no doubt.
  14. Picked N119MB up from the paint shop yesterday. Who wants an M20J?