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  1. jclemens

    Daytona Beach Aircraft Services

    Boy, you guys are tough here on Mooneyspace....
  2. No need to drop the price on this one, it sold a while ago As far as I know, the new owner is pleased with his purchase.
  3. jclemens

    Manifold pressure gauge on moritze gauge

    Radiant Power (http://www.radiantpowercorp.com) bought all the intellectual property that entailed Moritz gauges. Last time I contacted them they were either unable or unwilling to repair any of them. The time before that they took one of my customers units in for repair, had it for a very long time, and returned it after failing to repair it. My advice is to ditch it and put in a JPI primary.
  4. Try letting the prop drive the engine in a C-421 (or any other gear deducted engine) and see how expensive it gets. Most pilot's strive for bigger and better things, learning bad habits that won't harm the plane your in is not good for that goal.
  5. jclemens

    TSIO-360 spare parts

    We have rebuilt several TSIO-360's in the last year, zero issues sourcing parts.
  6. jclemens

    M20k-231 baffle seal install

    Here are some photos of Gee-Bees seals on a 231 we built.
  7. jclemens

    Good installer in southeast.

    Umm, I may be slightly biased, but the guys over at Daytona Aircraft Services at KDAB are fantastic! Tell them I sent you.....
  8. jclemens

    GTX 45R Bluetooth Signal

    They are just hand fabricated flat pieces of plastic cut to match the original and drilled to take the original fasteners. I don't have any kind of drawings or anything like that, we just copied the existing panel in plastic. Send me yours and I will make you one and send it back with your original, and you can screw it on.
  9. The rocker arm end of the pushrod, and the rocker arm. The roller tappet engines do not have round tappets, hence they don't rotate. They don't rotate, the pushrods don't rotate. These were removed from a first run factory IO-360 roller tappet engine. 7/8 are junk. Dry tappet clearance was way out of spec due to the wear. Engine made TBO though.
  10. jclemens

    Lycoming Ad received last week

    No, not a common failure. I have seen it happen once in 20+ years, and that was on an engine that had a rod that was not torqued (probably not at all, just hand tight) and it failed immediately after the engine was started for the first time. That was a 520 in a bonanza I had just finished installing, scared the hell out of me when it happened.
  11. jclemens

    Lycoming Ad received last week

    Torqueing stretch bolts is simple. You torque them to an initial value (38 ft/lbs for the part number I picked as an example), then measure the length of the bolt (standard micrometer) , if it falls within the accepted length range (2.255 -2.256) your done. If it's too short continue torqueing until it falls in that range (max torque 55 ft/lbs). If it's too long already, replace bolt and try again. If it's still too short after hitting max torque, replace bolt and try again. But again, most bolts are not torqued by stretch, just to a value. See SI458G, attached. Every rod Lycoming produces has a service bolt that is a torque bolt, as well as a stretch bolt. Most people opt for the one you don't have to measure... SI1458G Connecting Rod Bolts (1).pdf
  12. jclemens

    Lycoming Ad received last week

    The bushings that failed the test were OEM Lycoming, they were in factory engines affected by serial number. The others may or may not be, the SB was performed on them because there was no way to tell what bushings were used. All that could be determined is that they were replaced during the affected timeframe. I suspect they were mostly Superior PMA bushings, but again, no way to tell.
  13. jclemens

    Lycoming Ad received last week

    The tool is not $3700. We have two of them, I want to say they were like $120 each. The large majority or rod bolts are not stretch bolts. Properly torquing the ones that are is not a black art, most head bolts in the automotive industry are of the same type. Have some faith in the A&P community, most of us are not incompetent. We have performed this SB/AD on 8 engines in the last two weeks, there were bushings that failed. The ones that did are scary, they need to be removed from service. This AD is a good thing, it will increase safety. The cost is, well, part of being in aviation, I won't argue about who should be responsible for it. Just know that there is a problem that is being dealt with, and in the end the fleet will be safer.
  14. If you think it would help, I can throw in a couple dozen donuts....;)