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  1. What I pay for paint and interior is probably not a good representation of what it would cost you. I send a couple hundred thousand a year in business to the shop. Expect to pay around $14K for a good strip and paint.
  2. We have done two TSIO-360 overhauls in the last 6 months, both on 231's. All our engines are built to new limits. We used new Cylinders. I believe each of them came in right around $38K. Whomever you go with, balancing is the key to a smooth running TSIO-360 for sure.
  3. Yup, paint and interior last. Pick it up and fly it a while to work out any last issues, then off to it's new home. The longer it sits in my shop the more expensive it gets, I have very little self control when it comes to stuff like this. If Garmin comes out with a new G7000 or something I could end up with a 250K M20J, best to get it out before Sun N Fun.......Hmmm, maybe I should wait and see if anyone announces anything cool.....
  4. No, East Coast Aircraft Refinishers in Deland, FL.
  5. There's an Acclaim in the hangar in one of the photos on the homepage.....
  6. Here is a direct link to the sign up page. http://daytonaaircraft.com/spruce-creek/
  7. Hmm..... what exactly did you see on the website when you tried to enter? I will have my web design team investigate.
  8. Almost ready to fly to the paint shop.....
  9. Hello Mooneyspace! For those of you that don't know me, I am the Director of Maintenance at Daytona Aircraft Services, located at KDAB. We are a class 3 FAA Certified Repair Station, a MSC, as well as an authorized factory service facility for most major manufacturers. We also have a full avionics shop. We are expanding our operation to the Spruce Creek Fly In. We will be giving away a Stratus ESG ADS-B transponder at our Grand Opening event on April 17th. Sign up here: http://daytonaaircraft.com/2017/03/16/d ... uce-creek/ Must be present to win.
  10. Your going to want that button on the yoke, the whole point is to be able to control things without taking your hands off the yoke when your busy. Mine is on the right side of the yoke so as not to confuse is with the PTT on the left side of the yoke. The voice command feature is very cool, you will like it a lot.
  11. http://www.mooney.com/en/pdf/SL92-1_SN24_1686-2999.pdf
  12. I don't know that the gross weight increase is needed, the useful load on this aircraft is 996 Lbs according to the latest W&B in the POH. The useful load on the 2900lb max gross J's is about the same. The later ones were just heavier, probably what drove the increase to 2900 and the fact that early J's don't qualify for it.
  13. Can't get anything past you guys, I guess I will have to make it 160lbs lighter.
  14. The ram air system is being removed. Most of it has already been removed, just need to close the hole in the cowl. The gross weight increase is just a Mooney service letter that consists of remarking the airspeed indicator, verifying the balance on the rudder, and an AFM revision. Honestly I don't know if that has already been incorporated or not, if not it's easy to do.