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  1. Another article out, but scant new insight https://www.planeandpilotmag.com/why-did-mooney-fail-its-simple-not/?fbclid=IwAR1N3ERdS5yQ77tff4R6g89skuuSw9qsiWNqMPCwydTvdNhry2w9BFBUV0A#.Xc8A57pOnYU
  2. In my experience, there are some deltas where an overlying C controller can clear you through as vfr traffic, and some where they will not and you will have to talk to the delta tower. Either way, you cannot assume you can enter those deltas just because you are talking to the overlying C controller. Best just to ask the C controller.
  3. I suspect the fatal accident rate for piston singles is somewhat higher than for GA as a whole? I don’t know that for a fact and couldn’t find the breakdown based on a quick search. But it would be most fair to compare Cirrus to other piston single makes with a similar mission profile (e.g. Mooney).
  4. Pucks are only 5 years old - I changed the originals as soon as I got the plane. I’d kinda expected for folks to say it can’t be tire pressure alone that is the issue here, but I’m starting to feel like it might be just the tires. The issue hasn’t recurred after inflating the tires back up to normal pressure in the cold.
  5. Here's where the old school Beechtalk-style emojis would best convey my emotions.
  6. Seems like a pretty broad differential for a skilled A&P to sort out. Could be fuel (e.g. partially plugged injector) or spark (seems less likely with new plugs, harness, mags but not impossible). This is basic engine work - you don't need a Mooney Service Center for it. Borescope and compressions were unlikely to give insight here, and it would not have been my first thought to do those checks. I'm sure someone will say it, but this problem would be MUCH easier to diagnose with a data-logging engine monitor in place.
  7. Probably a hiccup in their vowel supply chain
  8. Could someone meet this flotation objective using multiple inflatable air bladders within the lateral wings maybe? They would have to be easily deflated and removed for maintenance and inspection. But I suspect someone will easily deflate this idea as well .
  9. The passion of current owners undoubtedly helps sustain the far cheaper used Mooney market. The enthusiasm of an owner was a key factor in my buying one. My becoming a vocal fanboy has likely contributed to at least a couple other used Mooney purchases. But owner enthusiasm will never sell many 800k new planes with serious objective shortcomings relative to the competition. If I were spending that kind of money on a new piston single for serious travel use with passengers, I would very likely pinch my nose and buy a Cirrus instead. Mooney was doomed during the latest reboot by their failure to develop a product beyond the M20 design, which has finally been rendered obsolete in the new aircraft market after an impressive run of 60+ years. I doubt there's any path to recovery left at this point.
  10. Mooney's cease in manufacturing in 2008 was precipitated by the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. This time is different - it is the result of blowing huge amounts of cash while failing to create a product that is competitive in a market that has irreversibly shifted over the past decade. I'm not sure their current assets provide much of a platform for another reboot attempt either - I seriously hope I'm wrong, but I fear liquidation is not that far off.
  11. "The company, which is owned by the Chinese investment company Soaring American Corporation, says the move is “temporary” and that it will restart production when the market for its singles returns..." Sadly there will never be a robust market for a blazingly fast, beautiful, agile piston single with limited useful load and no chute at the 800k pricepoint. I am sure that is not lost on the owners. The poor execution of the M10 program spelled their doom. I wonder how many partly complete Mooneys were abandoned on the line. I know the new inventory was sold out a while back but presumably those 200+ workers were still making planes. I wonder what the remaining 90 workers are doing. That is far more than the skeleton crew that kept the lights on during the last shut down.
  12. Depressing. Here's to hoping a second Chinese (or other) investor with deep pockets revives it, learns from the current owners' mistakes, and revives the company with a successful clean sheet design trainer with mass market appeal.
  13. 2 months really sucks I passed on my spot in August (when delay was 3 weeks) and delayed until Jan when I have some other limited avionics work scheduled. Even then, 2 months would be unacceptable.
  14. The gifted sales person instinctively plays to the human desire to believe more than what is explicitly stated. That is not so troubling when the product is laundry detergent. When dealing with a potentially life-saving technology, the ethics get fuzzy pretty fast.
  15. Even if you replace the plug, the engine will know how bad you f’d up with a critical component and try to kill you out of spite