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  1. DXB

    Insurance up 20%

    I also us Global, and my rate went down about ten bucks, which is tantamount to an increase given that I finished IR and flew a ton in the last year.
  2. I think #1 was once true - when I took my PPL written 5 years ago - there were tons of direct repeats from the practice questions where one could pick a memorized answer without understanding the question. But the changed in the last couple of years - the FAA dumped many old questions, rewrote details in the others, and started more carefully guarding their questions database. The Sporty's practice questions were still hugely helpful for IR - the general style of many questions is preserved, but there are some totally new questions that don't fit any previous template in the practice materials. Of the 4 questions I missed, 3 of them were in this category, and I had no idea what they were even asking. Right after taking the written, I started flying with a very experienced CFII who gets some consulting work from the FAA. In this role, he had taken the recently updated IR test with zero prep time and scored an 84%. He mentioned missing a couple of questions that he thought were total cheap shots because it was so hard to figure out what was being asked. Amusingly, these were two of the ones I had gotten wrong myself - only difference was he immediately understood what they were asking after seeing the right answer. I should have written those questions down - I have now forgotten what they were. Overall I think the test is more fair now because you can't just memorize the precise answers in advance, and most of the questions are still easy to get correct with widely available prep tools. However, there are a few curve balls that probably make it harder to get a perfect score than it once was.
  3. I finished IR last year - I watched Sporty's videos and then did their written question database/practice tests before taking the written - I passed easily with a score in the 90s, almost exactly matching my performance on their two practice tests, so it was an effective way to prepare. I then did all the flying and used the Kings' video module on the oral /practical (distinct from their IR written course) to prep for the check ride. That part of the King course was helpful in a very distinct way from the Sporty's course. There's probably multiple equally valid ways to skin this cat.
  4. DXB

    Drone damage

    Marauder's ladies perform an important public service on this site by (s)quashing divisive political discussions with their enormous behinds. However, they might want to avoid the ridicule here and instead seek out genuine admirers among enthusiasts of certain highly specialized cargo aircraft.
  5. DXB

    How Reliable is JPI EDM900?

    EDM900 was a PITA for me at first - I ripped everything else out when I made it primary. In retrospect I might have left another RPM and MP gauge in the plane. It can be disconcerting to not know what your actual rpm is. An oscillating MAP display is another hassle I endured. The problems had very easy fixes that were related to the peripheral sensors (not the box itself) - however subpar customer service made it anything but easy to figure out. Don't get me wrong - I love my EDM900 now that all the bugs are out. It is rock hard reliable. The monitor itself seems well engineered and manufactured.
  6. also my personal IFR configurations preferences for my C:
  7. DXB

    "SabreCowl" Update (part tres)

    I had assumed preservation of most of the old cowl with Gen1 meant much quicker, simpler install, but that appears not to be the case. I shall wait it out. Let me know when it makes sense to get in line formally for my C model. Don't forget the C/G owners need the cooling help more than anyone else!
  8. On a C model with the 54.8 gallon bladders, when you can just see the bottom of the bladder, you have about 6 gallons left. I rarely run a tank down past that point, so the stick is very useful. Somewhere on here there's a post with the measurements from someone with an F that had 54 gallon bladders. The mark distances from them on a wood paint stirrer have worked very well for me. Here's a regression analysis from their 5 data paints that gave me several more distances to mark on the stick. My marks slightly underestimate the amount of fuel on purpose.
  9. I think its been discussed extensively on here in the past, with some folks citing old time Mooney factory people as having stated it was purely a paperwork based change - no formal published source I can cite, though it may exist somewhere. I dont worry too much about the 150mph Vno on my ‘68 for this reason on a bumpy day - the thing loves to cruise in the yellow arc down low so I let it. I’m not inclined to mess with Vne though- no need in routine flying - but if an emergency descent ever is needed, its nice to know a ton of extra margin is there.
  10. Unless Im mistaken only a few speeds changed over time on the Cs, first in ‘68 and then again in ‘69. In ‘68 Vfe went from 105mph to 125mph. In ‘69 Vno went from 150mph to 175mph, Vne went from 189mph to 200mph. These two changes were not accompanied by any structural alteration. Other than that, I think speeds are identical for all C models?
  11. DXB

    "SabreCowl" Update (part tres)

    I’m kinda wishing the Gen1 was going to be available for my C. What Sabremech is doing with Gen 2 makes total sense from a market perspective. But now that the design bugs are out of the Gen 1 design, it seems like a simpler solution particularly for the Cs and Gs.
  12. DXB

    What's with posting videos of violating regs...?

    Hanging out comfortably at FL190 without O2 takes some serious acclimation in advance. His coherence in the video doesn't make total sense to me, although hypoxia may help explain why he seems pretty chill about picking up a lot of ice in the climb
  13. I stumbled inadvertently into a delta near Pittsburgh once while not talking to anyone. I freaked out when I noticed. I immediately started a climb out of the airspace and simultaneously called the tower to confess. They were completely chill. They had no radar, had no clue I was there, advised me that they had no other traffic in the D, and wished me a nice evening. I returned the sentiment and didn't bother to file a NASA report.
  14. I understand your situation as mine was very similar a few years ago. I put in a dSTEC-30 + Aspen pfd + GTN650 in my previously very basic C model panel and then got my IR last year - so far I am delighted with the functionality this setup offers for instrument flying. However the STECs make no sense anymore except the 3100, which is still $$$$$ as you note. I bet you end up going with a very economical Trutrak autopilot (~7000 installed! Check out their website - they will be STC'd for our planes very soon), along with either a G5 or Aspen, with which it integrates. At least that's what I'd do if pursuing the install now- it would have saved a ton of money over the STEC-30, which is fairly modern but still a primitive rate-based unit and less full featured than the Trutrak. I may even swap to a Trutrak eventually. Also BTW @BrettKS you live in the town I grew up in - let me know if you need any help, and good luck with your IR - you will love having it!
  15. This is a great place to start! Wish I'd tried it first before futzing around ad nauseam with a similar problem.