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  1. Dunno, but if that's the case you should pimp it out further. I'm picturing purple metallic paint and spinners on the wheels. Maybe a giant subwoofer in the baggage compartment. The Mooneys do ride low I had my original pucks replaced after prebuy so have nothing to compare to. But the nose does oscillate a bit after hitting even a small bump.
  2. Following closely - The front end of that G model is nearly the spitting image of my C - same prop, spinner, and cowl closure. But I'm guessing its cowl flaps are adjustable unlike mine? If so I'll be very curious to know how much climb and cruise cooling are improved with the cowl flaps cracked open to match mine.
  3. Welcome Joe- I'm not hearing anything jn your post that condemns this bird to the trash heap. Make sure a real Mooney expert looks at the wing spar and the steel cage after pulling the interior. You have some excellent advice posted above from a couple of these real experts who hang out here, so not much to add. Hopefully in the end you'll end up with a really nice bird after a bit more pain.
  4. I can't wait to see how this turns out! Whenever there's a simple reliable mechanism to put it in locally, my A&P is down with doing the work. Deposit in hand....
  5. Can someone perhaps infer what the primary cause of engine failure was here, versus what other damage happened downstream? It might be self-evident to others, but it's tough for me to discern at my rudimentary knowledge of engines.
  6. Camguard manufacturer specifically recommends not using for breakin because of anti-scuff additives
  7. What the...?? Imagine this sight picture on final! Of course if they built it, I would want to try it. Anyone here bullish on this concept?
  8. So I guess I'm a poor planner with bad technique In my defense, its not too often that I end up high on final. But when it does happen, the slip sure does change the situation from frustrating to kinda fun
  9. Im also curious to know what others think about full flap, throttle idle, steep descent forward slip- Since I've gotten a little practice with it in my speed brake-less C, I really like having it in the bag of tricks. I keep the airspeed 80-90 to have some gust cushion, and it definitely lets you salvage some situations rather than go around. In principle at least, this seems pretty safe. I don't really want to take it out of the bag of tricks but can be convinced.
  10. I am still running 20w50 XC. Will add camguard at next oil change - not good for initial breakin. I run Aeroshell W100 plus camguard in the summer
  11. I have a '68C as well. Which mods do you have now? 201 windshield (7-8amu) and 201 cowl ($$$$$) bring the biggest speed gains supposedly. I put in the 201 windshield and think it's nice, though not 8amu nice perhaps. I will likely put in Sabremech's more economical version of the cowl mod when available. These mods yield some benefits beyond just speed. On the cheaper end, flap gap seals and brake caliper reversal supposedly yield a tangible benefit. On the really cheap end, meticulously waxing the leading edges yeilds a bit of speed. So does some weight in the back to push CH toward the back of the envelope. No STC or 337 required Shoulder harnesses add zero speed but help keep you from dying, which is nice. I'd say that's first on list if you dont have it.
  12. Just to offer one more perspective on the J bar - I'm a guy but might be considered your proverbial 90lb weakling. The J bar did offer some drama for me during transition training. But working it is mostly about technique - being at the correct airspeed, swinging it smoothly to let the pendulum action of the gear do ,most of the work, and the right little wrist move at the end to get it into the socket and make sure it's locked. If I were a burly fella, I might have been able to brute force it at first until the right motor memory took hold. But now it's second nature and a complete non-event. I bet bluehighwayflyer's mom would have figured it out too had she persisted . Lacking an actuator motor, it does have a few less components to maintain or to fail, so there may be a modest rational basis to want one. But now I just love the J bar irrationally, just like the rest of my plane.
  13. I don't know much about F's, but this C seems like a really solid basic plane assuming engine is in good shape and it's corrosion free. I am a little put off by a pre-'69 C where the venerable Johnson Bar is "upgraded" to electric gear, but others may have very good reasons to prefer the latter. The plane may be a tad overpriced, but not wildly - It has a decent A/P, GNS430, updated panel layout, which are certainly pluses. If maintenance history is top notch, it might even be worth it at full price. Only glaring deficiency is an engine monitor. Having WAAS GPS and ADS-b compliance would be much better of course, but you'll never find exactly the plane you want. What's important is that it seems like a solid foundation to make it into the plane you want over time and not a needy bird that will make you hemmorhage money from the outset. Not sure why some folks like fuel injection so much more - it seems like you hear of scary moments related to clogged injectors and other fuel system problems here on IO-360s fairly often, but few if any comparably scary induction/carb ice encounters on Mooneys with O-360s - and judicious carb heat use would take care of the issue. BTW a carb temp gauge is a great and inexpensive thing - I use it to turn on partial carb heat pretty routinely though it may be overkill. Of course the O-360 is less efficient than an IO360 with balanced injectors running LOP, but that benefit is offset at least partly by the higher overhaul cost.
  14. Agree must go with the overhauler. It's interesting to note however that a very good engine shop thinks Phillips 20/50 XC is just fine: http://www.zephyrengines.com/breakin.pdf I got zero guidance from my shop after rehoning two cylinders and used Phillips 20/50 XC without issue - oil consumption stablized to <1qt/10hrs within the first 5 hrs.
  15. Glad someone's willing to help a Mooney brother out - hopefully without getting sued by another one Now can someone here tell me why it burns when I pee ?