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  1. I am hating being vfr only at this very moment - sitting in the Philly terminal under a 2000ft overcast waiting to get on a flight for NOLA for a work trip. Frontier Airlines. Ugh. Although getting the instrument rating may make me a more facile vfr pilot, that is certainly not the motivator. There are enough other ways to grow as a vfr pilot to amuse me until the end of my flying days (e.g. tail wheel, aerobatic, seaplane, commercial). I want to use the instrument rating. However I am very concerned about maintaining currency, and also proficiency - a related but separate issue, once I have the rating. I want to have a plan and infrastructure in place to ensure at least the currency happen with minimal scheduling effort. Does anyone here use simulators exclusively for currency? That would seem to be a simple thing to have on the schedule every six months and bang it out in 3 hours with an instructor without worries about my plane being down, prohibitive weather, etc.
  2. I have been in the Mooney community for only 2 years now, and live on the opposite coast and so have never been to LASAR personally. Despite that, I have gotten invaluable assistance on the phone from them, including with parts and mods. I would have hoped a business that provides such excellent and somewhat unique service to the Mooney community would also be profitable and appealing for someone to keep going. I am saddened to think that might not be the case.
  3. I wouldn't stress about oil on one bottom plug for now if it's the first time you've seen it. Just recheck at next oil change, maybe scope the valves then. I won't try to explain the myriad of causes for this per my understanding, as there are much more knowledgeable folks here. Your throttle cable is likely fine - just make sure it moves the lever on the carb from full open to full closed. If not, have A&P adjust.
  4. It sounds like your plane sat a long time for maintenance without a trickle charger. If it cranks weak now when fully charged, the battery minder may not help much. The Battery Minder supposedly can revive such a battery a little bit by ultrasonically desulfating the electrodes, but don't hold out too much hope for this. You can put a cheap volt meter in a 12V outlet in the plane - it probably will read >13V at full charge. If it drops well below 12V instantly upon turning master on and cranking, it is likely on its last legs. Don't ask me how I know
  5. Thread update - I really pressed the shop during annual to do as much as they could to tighten up my dilapidated doghouse baffle, after I maxed out on what I could do on my own with RTV caulk. My climb CHTs have always been too hot in summer despite adequate peak fuel flow, and in cruise #2 always ran 30 degrees hotter than the rest despite being one of the richer cylinders. A likely result of these temps was I had to pull two cylinders for IRAN at 900hrs SMOH during annual, so the baffle was getting pulled apart anyway. I wanted them to address the hard to reach areas around the starter and alternator, particularly on the prop side, and replace the disintegrating front seals. Below are some pix of the results. Too early to tell if it worked, because now #2 and #3 are running very hot during re-break in. Fingers crossed that this will hold me until Sabermech's cowl mod is ready to go however...
  6. Hopefully this is my final update on this miserable topic. After after replacing the rpm sensor, it worked fine for several months. Then it started reading erratically again, particularly at high rpm for takeoff. I went back to the avionics shop - the pins in the connector for the sensor were re-crimped. It worked fine for another month and then the problem returned. When I went to fly it home from annual, the issue was unbearably bad, and I returned to land. The avionics tech at the shop simply applied some of this Stabilant 22 stuff to the connector: http://ralaudio.com/stabilant-22-contact-enhancer-m-2.html This appears to have completely resolved the problem! I wish we had tried this in the first place. I suspect the original sensor was never really defective, and this has been a pointless wild goose chase.
  7. Interesting thread. Just replaced the bulb in my newer style Whelen belly flasher (non strobe). This not terribly bright bulb costs $37, it turns out. When I eventually go with all LED position lights and wing tip strobes, this light will simply get removed - I hadn't realized until this thread that it's legal to do this.
  8. I got my plane back and did this measurement. It is identical to Hank's. I wonder why there is less opening on the side where the exhaust takes up part of the space. Perhaps the larger opening on the left is to improve airflow over #4, which sits further back in the doghouse?
  9. I truly wonder why not put a glideslope indicator on the unit- as a secondary backup type indication - it would seem to be trivial to do and add a lot of value.
  10. I have one too - in case anyone needs in the future.
  11. This new behavior of your plane matches my C model's behavior precisely for the past 2 years I've owned. Though I have given up on investigating for now, I may be inspired to do some more if you find an explanation.
  12. To my surprise, simply leaning to roughness and enriching just enough to smooth out pretty much puts me just a tad leaner to where I run now, after getting an engine monitor. The engine monitor has been enormously helpful in several ways, but as far as leaning a carb'd plane with very uneven mixture distribution, I was surprised to find it really didn't make me run more efficiently. So you may be doing just fine!
  13. First of all, congrats! Consider posting some pix. Yup - WOT all the way up is the correct thing to do - otherwise you sacrifice some cooling by cutting out the enrichment circuit, lose some climb rate, and gain nothing. I drop rpm to 2650 after about 1000 ft, just a personal preference - it runs a lot quieter for little power sacrifice. Leaning in climb is great below 75% power, lean to takeoff EGT or as much as CHTs tolerate - the latter usually limits me in the summer. Do you have fuel flow? I typically get 9-10 gph at optimal altitude, 2500 rpm, WOT, leaned to stoichiometric on leanest cylinder, or richer if needed to keep a CHT <380. Being WOT should make no difference - it still leans the same with enrichment circuit engaged, though I usually pull throttle back just slightly to help mixture distribution. Good luck!
  14. Tom's a wonderful guy, truly seasoned aviatior, and excellent Mooney CFI - until recently he was my go to guy for training. He was DPE for my PPI checkride and then did my transition training into my Mooney the next month. I was upset recently when he said he couldn't fly with me under the hood anymore because he lost his medical and couldn't be PIC. I don't know what happened but really hope he makes it back. In the meantime I need a new CFI for IR work...
  15. Now fuel system sectarianism is tearing the Mooney community apart. Thanks a lot