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  1. Yup those are the numbers that I use for the 54.8 gallon bladders in my '68 C. Probably got them from you originally and they work quite well. I did regression based on that data to come up with some additional marks on the stick for my C
  2. Thanks so much Jim! I will definitely gather that info next I'm at the hangar and email you.
  3. Yes - there's no way to retrieve the data because the displays can't even see the stormscope most of the time. Agree it's likely a serial communication problem. I'd just like to get my hands on a box that's known to work so I know whether the issue is on the side of the processor or the connector to the harness.
  4. Thanks - I have this exact issue and hadn't mustered the energy to look into it further.
  5. A while back I played the ebay lottery, buying a "new" Wx500 processor without antenna, cables, or tray for 2amu. My trusted and experienced avionics guy happened to have a new tray, harness, and antenna sitting around and was willing to put it in. Apparently it ops checked ok in his hands, but I never saw it work after picking it up (I retrieved on a weekend in late March when the world was a little messed up, so I thought best to deal with it later). Both displays (GTN650 and GI-275) always read "Stormscope inoperative or connection lost" - I've never seen any of the error messages that c
  6. I think the photo underestimates the asymmetry visible at the edge while looking at the dynamic video - I think it's probably fine vs. at the earliest point in the process of destruction to address. I didn't snap a pic of the other 3 because they raised no concern at all. Agree it's probably a good idea to do so for long term comparisons though, like I will do for #4.
  7. Certainly a burnt valve can pass a static compression test, underscoring the value of the borescope exam - the valve may not be so close to failure as to be an urgent issue, but annual is a good time to address the problem regardless. Unfortunately I've seen a couple of valves that were clearly burnt upon pulling a cylinder but were not nearly as apparent on borescope as the classic green crescent appearance shown by @Rwsavory - hence my second guessing here.
  8. Can't decide what to make of my #4 exhaust valve on borescope: In the pic, deposits at the outer rim are heavy from 9-12 o'clock, lighter from 12-4 o'clock, very light from 4-9 o'clock. No obvious crescent at the edge, but in I've found changes that seemed subtle on borescope view of exhaust valve faces to be clear as day after pulling a cylinder to examine directly. O-360-A1D 1300 SMOH with Millenium cylinders, and this is the only one of the four cylinders that hasn't been IRAN'd or replaced yet. When pulling prop through the compression stroke on this cylinder, it's not obviou
  9. Chris FWIW, my SOS was left in place (agree it's a good idea to do so) but I no longer get a buzz when I twist to start without pushing in. I assume the lead from the switch to the SOS was disconnected by the installer, but I can't imagine what problem it would cause if you didn't do so. At least on my bird, it's not too hard to disconnect despite the same 201 windshield- unscrew the ring retaining the ignition switch on the front of the panel, take off the glareshield, and simply flip the switch up above the panel. Another pro tip - you need a VERY FRESH 9V battery to time it. Any sl
  10. If nothing obviously wrong, then maybe some high speed taxis, then look under the cowl for leaks, look at data from engine monitor for reassurance of normal oil pressure before becoming airborne again?
  11. Last time I tried, I fared decently well with just the TC, ASI, and altimeter while under the foggles with my instructor, but that was a long time ago. Not that I have an Aspen Pro Max PFD as primary and a GI-275 now as backup, my instructor agreed it makes little sense to do that anymore - just staying familiar with using the GI275 and changing the batteries for both units at the appropriate intervals should have me covered. I think recognizing and preparing for pitot static failures may have more real world importance. Practicing flying based on GPS info only may be the more relevant pa
  12. Start with mixture only 1/2 way in. Everything else the same. Never flood again. Easy peasy.
  13. times are tough for pilots, gotta get by. I'd never dream of doing this type of work in my Mooney tho.
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