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  1. So- time to update this thread. I’m about 18 hrs into training and got my first real IMC today- over two hours of it. I thought I had gotten decent at tracking a localizer/ glideslope. But today I really sucked at the loc as we got close to KGED, which had a legit 250ft AGL ceiling this am. My brain just did not work the same way as when under the foggles, and I was all over the place. I went almost full scale deflection as we approached 300ft msl minimum. I looked to my instructor and said “go missed?!” with beads of sweat on my forehead. At that moment he pointed out the runway, which was emerging way to the right in my visual field. I was surprised at that point that I was able to put it down smoothly, despite the extreme stress moments earlier. All part of the process I suppose.
  2. Just saw this topic. I have no recollection of having started it and am horrified by this realization.
  3. Service Bulletin M20-088

    Thanks!! Looks like a really nice hangar elf project for someone even with my modest mechanical ability. I adjusted the pic to make it readable out of my cheap B&W printer.
  4. I think this list is also my highly subjective ranking from good to best regarding aesthetic benefit. But form should follow function in regards to cooling and speed, and no Mooneys stand to benefit more in these two areas than the Vintage carb'd planes. Like David, I am starting off with the LASAR cowl closure, which surely looks better than the open guppy mouth, but I've seen no convincing evidence it benefits function. David is installing the only other option available to the C at the moment - the ARI - and I am curious as to its functional benefit, though it will be hard to discern any drag decrease given the 201 windshield is going in at the same time. It would be really nice to also have the STWA option available -but was it STC'd for C models? I don't think the LoPresti was. Of course I'm still earnestly hoping Sabremech cowl will be the best option once it comes time to do sheet metal work again on my plane. Getting rid of the doghouse would be a huge bonus.
  5. Curious to hear if you notice any cooling benefit with the ARI cowl.
  6. Good topic. I'm also very interested in learning more about PIC vs American Flyers as an intensive IFR "finish up" option- maybe a 3-4 day long weekend, not the full 10 day course. I'll never find that block of time. Since my training is going pretty well right now, I'm in no rush to change what I'm doing. I've accumulated ~16 hrs time in my plane with a Mooney-qualified CFII and have met most of the requirements, besides the 40 hrs. Doing some training up front this way seems good for becoming proficient with power/configuration idiosyncrasies and instrumentation in one's own plane. However, I could see getting bogged down toward the end and benefiting from an immersive approach for the final checkride prep rather than continuing to work on it a couple hours here and there.
  7. Yeah I just sent them an email. It has me wondering if I should sell my Stratus and switch to Garmin Pilot in hopes of a more precise interaction with the panel.
  8. Is anyone else using Flightstream to automatically load route changes made on their panel Garmin GPS? It's a beautiful concept that potentially negates the need for a panel mfd, but I'm having some issues and see no published guidance to help. I'm using Flightstream 210 to make my GTN 650 communicate with Foreflight on my Ipad. Issues: 1. Enroute: ATC shortens my route by sending me direct to a waypoint that is already part of the route. I pull up the waypoint on the GTN650 and hit the direct button, and everything works great in the panel. The ipad indicates loading the route from the panel but fails to display the new direct routing. 2. Approach: I load but don't activate an approach. The ipad picks up the addition fine. Then I activate direct to an IAF (not VTF), but the Ipad never seems to pick up the panel's direct routing to the fix correctly. The concept is terrific, but right now it's adding unwanted effort to fix the ipad display at high work load moments. How do I get the ipad to load precisely the active route in the GTN? Sometimes it works great but it is often it is falling short in the above two scenarios.
  9. Airmods is a more than capable shop, particularly when it comes to damage repair on Mooneys. Dealing with gear ups on Mooneys is routine for them. They are unlikely to try to sell you something where they've done a shoddy repair. That said, even good maintenance shops have a serious conflict of interest when selling planes. Also they are regional experts in these planes, so findings on a prebuy by another expert MSC with similar reputation may be the only thing taken seriously by them when negotiating. Consider getting a prebuy inspect by Weber at KLNS. It's worth knowing if they are selling it on consignment for another owner, in which case there is more negotiating room potentially, or they own it outright, in which case they must preserve their margin on the sale.
  10. So I finally had a chance to check compass outside the plane. It performed terribly! it reads accurately only facing magnetic east, seems to get "hung up" turning to any other cardinal direction. I realize it may be a bit flawed outside the plane because of the previous compensation settings used to calibrate inside the plane, but I can't imagine it would be this bad? I suspect it is an issue intrinsic to the compass. It's frustrating given it worked nearly perfectly 2 years ago after my panel redo. Come to think of it, the only change since then has been the 201 windshield. I guess it might have gotten jostled and damaged during that process? I'm sure they must have unmounted it at that time. Given that I'm not into recurring expenses, I'm going with a SIRS compass, which seems more durable, unless anyone still thinks this particular vertical card is worth trying to save.
  11. Effect of Carb Heat?

    I know little about turbos and have a hard time understanding how the turbo would have an impact on the carb heat-induced rpm drop at runup. The purpose of the check at runup per my understanding is simply to check if the system is functioning, as Cliffy notes, lest you really need it in flight. It may also clear any ice built up during the low power operations on the ground. If the rpm doesn't drop at runup RPM and full rich when pulling full carb heat, I think something is seriously wrong. The basic system is not complex and can be partly checked by a quick look under the left side of the cowl by even a simpleton like me. The cable attaches to a lever that opens and closes a large door facing the front intake in the airbox. The lever position determines the relative amount of air that comes from the front intake vs the one at the back of the doghouse that is heated via the muffler shroud. Don Maxwell does a beautiful job describing the system in the C, along with its variations over the production years, in this article: http://www.donmaxwell.com/publications/MAPA_TEXT/Carb Heat Maintenance/CARB_HEAT_CARE.HTM A quick personal anecdote that illustrates the utility of the runup procedure: I was about to leave on my first long trip after getting my plane, and I pulled on carb heat at runup. The RPM dropped appropriately. I pushed it back in, but the RPM didn't rise back to 1700. Puzzled, I pulled it on again, and the control came out of the panel into my hand because the cable had snapped during the first pull. This experience also illustrates that the default position for the door is closed (i.e. carb heat on) if the cable is not attached and pushing it open. This design makes sense from a safety perspective. But if the OP's door is stuck in default position, it may also be robbing him of some power at takeoff that he would like to have back, as well as sucking in unfiltered air at all times. I realize carb ice is rare in the engine-carb configuration in M20Cs, but I'm still glad I checked and paid attention to the abnormality (RPM not rising back to 1700) in the above instance.
  12. Ouch sorry. I agree with getting into the details of how much metal and its source, along with lycoming's guidance on when to keep flying vs. ground. Since it's the first time showing metal, you may get a reprieve on the next oil change. And if it's cam and lifter spalling, you are not taking any huge risk by still flying for a bit while you think about what to do. Particularly given your location, consider talking to Jewell Aviation, which is pretty close to you in Kennett MO. They list an IO-360 overhaul at 12000 (without accessories and install of course) and are reputable. @AlexLev has his plane in their shop now getting an overhaul and might provide some guidance. He had budget constraints and found their pricing so compelling that he flew there all the way from Buffalo NY. Good luck.
  13. stormscope sensor location

    Helpful perspective, thank you. I'm hoping having it will let me grow into hard core IFR over time, though I'm in no rush.
  14. stormscope sensor location

    I'm curious if you'd share your experience with the Strikefinder, including hours labor, and any pitfalls with the install or afterwards. I am leaning toward a Strikefinder over a wx-500 stormscope with the next trip to the avionics shop after my IR is complete. I like the lower hardware price, lighter weight, reportedly quicker install of the the Strikefinder, and I have enough panel space for the indicator in my line of sight. Do you have the display slaved to keep the heading up? I'd need to slave to my Aspen HSI. But I've heard the Wx-500 may be more durable and trouble free. I would likely display it on the HSI of my single panel Aspen pfd, and I'm wondering if that will be too cluttered.
  15. $100 Engine Montitor

    Another blow against the certified avionics-industrial complex in the making I hope.