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  1. I've always done it manually, whether getting VTF or sent to an IAF. If sent to an IF, I activate the approach for a legit IAF and then hit direct to the IF in the flight plan.
  2. I think this bizzare paint scheme might be the aviation equivalent of getting one's face and eyes tattoo'd - an extreme coping mechanism for trauma that gives the owner nightmares of burning alive in an in flight fire. Gratuitous use of Maltese crosses further makes the case.
  3. This year's increase was pretty substantial for me - it's worth noting that monetary increase may be an underestimate as my carrier did away with some fringe benefits also - e.g. free Savvy breakdown insurance. At some point it will definitely make sense for me to go liability only. As much as I love my plane, at 75k insured hull value, it is actually not the main asset I'm trying to protect by buying insurance, but it makes up the lion's share of what I'm paying for coverage.
  4. Reviving this thread - looking for cheap cool white LED adhesive strip for under glareshield, USB power connector, with dimmer knob that I can tack to my panel. There are so many cheap options with various parts of these components on Amazon and Ebay but I'm not running across the right thing easily. Could anyone who's come up with an easy solution please post exactly what they purchased? I'm not an electrical guru and was hoping not to have to put something together on my own.
  5. What a bizarre (apparently) fraudulent solicitation. Tailoring a scam just for MAPA Safety Foundation workshop attendees is a rather niche endeavor - like the OP, my suspicion for fraud would have been low. It would have to be done by someone pretty familiar with the community, and I hope the perpetrator comes to light.
  6. WTF MAPA seriously?! I no longer feel bad about letting my membership lapse. Also I’m not sure there was ever a real insurance rate discount through the membership.
  7. I don't think the AV-30 STC covers use as a backup (unless it's changed - I recall emailing the company a while back while they were working on the STC, and I got a firm NO in response). It's kinda infuriating since it has a decent backup battery and can be used as primary.
  8. Bummer. No experience with the cleaning, but the entire fuel system downstream of the bladders would seem to need very close attention too in your situation. There was a thread somewhere around here not to long ago about what happens when you get the last of the fuel from the bottom of a fuel truck that previously contained a standing fuel - water interface. You get growth at the interface of anaerobic microbes that can use the fuel as an energy source. Once the water is gone, the bacteria die but leave a nasty sediment behind that gets bolused into your tanks if it's stirred up while dispe
  9. +1 (except I'll keep the Canadians ) Last year I flew ~150 hours, this year I'll be finishing at 130-140 hours, so very limited dent in the flying.
  10. What exactly failed in the unit? I imagine at some point the electric gyro for the turn coordinator wears out. Fixing it is probably the path of least resistance in terms of both downtime and money.
  11. Good point.. or a GI 275, which could be used to back up the aspen and pull the vac...
  12. Always an exciting and challenging project, but so worth it, particularly if you want to fly IFR. Put an EDM900 at the right end of the left panel - it's primary - the 830 is not I took the tilt out when I did mine - works out well, but there's a bit more careful measurement, labor, fabrication. I don't see any real downside to keeping the tilt. With the modern avionics, the shock mounts become less important. Strongly consider doing something other than the 2 G5s. An Aspen E5 now includes the digital HSI and comes in at comparable cost, offers more functionality - downsi
  13. "If you tested positive and required care at home - we need your private doctor records" WTF does that mean anyway?! "Care" meaning you took some Tylenol and drank some Gatorade? Maybe they'd also like my records after recovering every nasty URI I've gotten over the years? I wouldn't seek any medical attention after a positive SARS-CoV2 test unless I got short of breath - that would likely lead to hospital admission. Otherwise there wouldn't be any "private doctor records" to share. Contrary to the repeated and ongoing sensationalist media portrayals, the vast majority of people have zer
  14. What I actually wanted to say There is no FDA-approved vaccine in existence that should invalidate anyone's medical. Let's hope they are not overthinking and considering setting a bar other than FDA approval, because I strongly suspect any the physicians at the FAA medical branch lack the expertise to do so.
  15. One would hope the FAA doesn't drag its bureaucratic feet more than another week or so on this decision. Healthcare personnel will likely start having the vaccine available to them in the 3rd week of December, and those among them with an FAA medical, including me, should not have to give up flying legally to get the vaccine. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/faa-reviewing-whether-pilots-can-take-covid-vaccine/?MailingID=512&fbclid=IwAR3FVhN0yu3NHkF-26uD0DMLjkJCRUqhmjfzIzKky30EiB2RUBVA1XYETYw Sorry I realize a political / anti-vax dumpster fire may result from this post. Nev
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