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  1. For instance, i just sat on a grant review study section with a dozen or so people from across the country that was changed from in person to teleconference because of COVID. It ran 8hrs/day for two consecutive days. I've done these study sections in person and by video in the past and found the latter to be awkward, cumbersome, and lacking in the networking benefits that come from meeting in person. But this time, I think all the participants had become much more sophisticated with using the format because of recent daily practice, and a high level of discussion was easy to maintain throughout the meeting. I don't see any of us wanting to ever do an in person grant study section again.
  2. My experience with zoom, bluejeans etc during this period has changed them in my mind from being quirky cumbersome fallback alternatives to meeting in person to now being a critical resource and even a preferred tool. As time goes on, our skills at using these tools are being honed by repetition. I'm now surprisingly finding it just as effective as meeting in person not only for the purpose of getting a job done but also for building personal relationships. In some ways, it now feels clearly superior because of the convenience factor. We will use it to avoid walking across my work campus even after the pandemic is over - forget about flying across the country.
  3. Wasn't there some kinda Frankenstein Mooney long body creation that had a J bar? I think flying in Australia or South Africa or something? I kinda recall a thread on it quite a while back. There needs to be an STC that can convert the modern planes to manual gear - the system is way cooler than having cupholders and armrests.
  4. Good to know thanks! I was wondering that about the IO-360 actually. They probably don't end up with lean cylinder as easily I imagine at that fuel flow - my issue is really just one cylinder. Going really high on the fuel flow is a bit of a blunt instrument, but I may run out of other options for a carb'd bird. I hate seeing a 450 CHT in climb - that stresses me out.
  5. You're correct - need to pull the carb - pretty big job. There's one specific shop that does the modification on the jet. I wonder if yours already has had it done. I think the surefly install is a half day job for folks who've done them before, more like a day for someone handy with regular mags but unfamiliar with the surefly.
  6. I think that may be the key difference in climb at least. My max is in the mid-high 17s. 1gph could make all the difference for cooling - the added power is spectacular. I think you'll like the Surefly
  7. Chris, Some great catches here. Makes me want to look under the same panel on my bird. I think my pump was overhauled in late '90s . BTW Weldon makes a replacement pump that's supposedly hardier if you wanted to go new. Then again 51 years service ain't bad. Also BTW what are your max fuel flows like at takeoff? I'm still chasing my CHT issue, and it may come down to modding my carb beyond the normal fuel flow of the richer carb model. Your temps seem very manageable.
  8. I think some older instructors who don't really NEED to instruct may reasonably choose to wait it out until there is an effective vaccine. But in large part, we pilots need instructors and instructors need us. Instructors and students will do sanitary wipes and masks and not touch their faces or use other peoples headsets. As with any activity requiring human contact, we will also learn to accept a new element of risk because we can't hide forever. We can take some mitigating precautions but I do not think it makes sense to collapse the range of human activity that makes life worthwhile in the first place.
  9. Another difference that may be key that you have the butterfly valve bypass on your carb heat box - which is much narrower than my 2" scat hose bypass. It's definitely not the Surefly - that didn't really change temps in climb. Your ARI cowl may cool a bit better - I'm not sure. I just have the LASAR cowl closure which doesn't do much. The cowl flaps may be an overall factor in climb, but the #4 issue persists in cruise.
  10. I think I could close off the hose that finally dumps air overboard entirely for a flight without risk. I'd be hesitant to mess with the airflow upstream of the heat exchanger. Yeah i considered the increased size of the Powerflow tailpipe occupying the cowl flap port on the right side (my cowl flaps are nonmovable). However increasing the pressure in that area should reduce cooling of 1&3 and favor cooling 2&4 I would think, and I have the opposite problem.
  11. This is how the system works in my '68C. In 63'-'67 models, excess air is dumped from the carb heat box via the butterfly valve on the pilot's side, not from the cabin heat intake at the firewall. Notably in all the planes before '63, there was no bypass, so the hot air would just sit there in the shroud, carb heat box, and hose to the firewall.
  12. Just left a message with Darren Tilman - President at Powerflow - to discuss. I'd think creating a constriction of some kind at the end of the hose from the cabin heat valve on the firewall that dumps the air overboard could be effective. Anything upstream of the Powerflow heat exchanger would limit efficacy of carb and cabin heat - I think the heat exchanger on the powerflow is less efficient than the old system, so that may not be desirable.
  13. I think in that case the fuel flow at WOT was on the low end - not true for me. Plus I already have the higher fuel flow version of the carb, not the low flow one that can be modified to match.
  14. The C's O-360-A1D is timed to 25 DBTDC. Retiming to 20 would help with CHTs but give up performance I just gained, and I'm not sure it's legal - at least for the Surefly the DIP switches are specific to the STC. I'm sure I could set it to fixed timing though if the issue got unmanageable at altitude. It's clearly not the cause for a hot #4 in initial climb though. it would be great to plug the air intake in the back of the copilot side of the doghouse and have a separate intake. I can envision how that creates a low pressure gradient toward 1&3, preventing 2&4 from getting as much airflow pushed around the fins. That hole for the prior generator cooler (which I've RTV'd shut) is TINY though. I could imagine partially constricting the hose that dumps warm air from the heat exchanger shroud without overheating anything - I imagine that might be the easiest way to address the issue if I'm right, without giving up carb heat and cabin heat efficacy I'm gonna call Powerflow on Monday and see what they think. Last time I called for help after an initial sloppy install by my former shop, I got the CEO picking on the customer service line. He was super helpful. The exhaust has FAR exceeded my expectations for takeoff and climb performance, and the advertised speed gain in cruise is legit (at least for the C model).