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  1. BTW I also did a thorough sealing job around my starter and alternator recently - see below. My problem child cylinder before doing this was #2 in cruise, not #3, despite 3 running leaner. Sadly the work seems to have made zero difference. Anyone have any experience or advice on cooling #2?
  2. Thanks! I downloaded the M20C '76-'78 and uploaded here in case anyone else wants it. At quick glance the performance charts do look much better! These are getting printed out, laminated, and going in the flight bag.
  3. Makes sense. I imagine one could skip the gascolator much of the time but maybe it also functions to dump any sediment in it so the gascolator screen stays unconstricted?
  4. This fabled '76 POH has eluded me as well. The 70 POH I've seen is no better than my bare bones '68. It would be nice to have more detailed performance charts in particular.
  5. I think zero time engines can have overhauled components in them. The engine log and other paperwork should make it clear whether new or overhauled cylinders were used.
  6. Yup. BTW I've heard about the intake valve guide problem causing oil recirculation in the combustion chamber but I'm not sure how common it is. I asked the shop that just reconditioned two of my jugs, and they seemed to think it is very rare on the O-360s. I just went through something similar. I would not overhaul cylinders - makes no sense with new cylinders being relatively cheap. If the cylinders are first run, you can IRAN them - will cost $300-500/cylinder, plus a ton of labor. Might end up totaling 6-8amu to do all 4. Keep in mind if a crack is found after they are pulled and cleaned, you will need a new one. But that's a lot to invest in a 1600 smoh engine. Since you have issues with all 4, in your shoes I might just live with it and monitor closely until the engine gives you another reason to overhaul. I just did 2 cylinders on mine (burnt exhaust valve on one, oily plug on another), but I have 800 smoh and am hoping the investment will get me a lot more use. So far I'm satisfied with the decision since oil consumption dropped from <3hrs/qt to >10hrs/qt and oil no longer turns black quickly. BTW i think the prior owner's operating experience and yours with the CHTs is pretty typical for Cs, but it's no wonder that we end up needing so much cylinder work with those temps. I tightened up my doghouse further when the cylinder work was done, but it seems to have made zero difference. I know other folks have reported better results from baffling work, which I think is worthwhile, but after much effort I've come to the conclusion that it's an intrinsically bad design on these old carb'd planes.
  7. I'll be super curious to hear of your experience with a field approval and may pursue myself if it goes well for you.
  8. I hope you got to hear my primal scream over the internet But seriously, isnt the emag system specifically designed for use with auto plugs and comes with adapters for fitting them? Couldn't that be covered in a single STC then?
  9. I've heard folks like it. Going through the install and keeping a single conventional mag in the end is a bit disappointing though. I'm holding out for the STC for certified planes on this, which is supposedly in the works: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/eMagIgnition.php?recfer=10278 It should pay for itself easily between no more mag IRANs, better fuel efficiency, and letting you use regular automotive spark plugs. It's also lighter, and has 1 moving part and no plastic gears so more reliable most likely too. I wrote to the company recently but couldn't get a date target date out of them though I'd encourage others to bug them too - it seems like a no brainer to go this route.
  10. +1 These things are great!!
  11. Site is better but that abomination of a paintjob on the Ultra persists...
  12. Sorry didn't mean to overlook the P210 folks! Definitely a very capable bird that had a good run from '79-85, albeit not problem free. But now it's just the Piper offering and I can't imagine they sell that many.
  13. I was reluctant to bitch to my installer about this - I'm now glad to hear I'm not the only one with this issue. The rheostat must be connected on mine - it does dim both the light for the TC (which is too dim overall) and the mode indicator LEDs (which remain too bright overall). I'd be curious to hear if anyone has a solution.
  14. I never start descent before abeam the numbers.
  15. Oh man. The guy provides such a classy advocate voice for GA and is a role model for private pilots - I hate to see him dragged through this. Glad no one hurt as a result of his (presumptive) goof up.