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  1. DXB

    1967 M20E parting out

    Let me know if you run across a seat without good upholstery at some point. I just need a frame, not a nice neat.
  2. DXB

    JPI 900 Manifold Pressure Problem

    Yup - my avionics installer ultimately came up with the correct adapter on each side of the snubber - unfortunately I can't tell you the parts as I have no clue what he used.
  3. DXB

    lawsuit in Philly

    The motion for mistrial filed by the defendant today is attached. It contains some details on the basis for the plaintiffs' claim and outlines the proceedings thus far. Motion for mistrial.pdf
  4. DXB

    lawsuit in Philly

    The trial appears to be in progress right now. It doesn't sound like there will be Mooney exhibit at the courthouse though, based on an inquiry with someone who'd know. If I were retired and had the time, I'd consider attending the trial. I kinda wish AOPA or other GA news organizations covered stuff like this. It would be nice to know precisely how we're getting fleeced (or, alternately, how justice was being served - admittedly no way to know for sure from my vantage point).
  5. DXB

    pics of bent m20a

    Sorry - sucks. Unless you're in the parts business, it's probably worth taking the payout and calling it a day on this plane.
  6. I wonder if the vibration got to it finally. Curious to hear what Whelen says - I have the same bulb and it has always had H2O condense behind the lens like you describe. If the moisture behind the lens was not a problem then a crack might not be either.
  7. DXB

    I swear I'm cursed.

    It's my impression that at least some bases allow practice instrument approaches for civilians without any prior coordination, just not to a landing? At least Mcguire AFB did during my training. The familiarity that practicing at at an AFB brings could be useful in an emergency. Mcguire seems like a top tier ATC facility with a 10,000ft ILS runway but not a lot of takeoff and landing traffic much of the time. If really in trouble, one might actually prefer a place like that over a busy class B or C with comparable facilities.
  8. DXB

    I swear I'm cursed.

    Dang! Glad you found a good place to put down and walk away. You're getting way better at engine out procedures than most are or would ever like to be.
  9. Though I really like the Foreflight software overall, if the mini goes away, I might just put a Garmin Area 796 on the yoke instead rather than figure out how to integrate a full size ipad. There is something to be said for relying on a purpose built unit in flight, and my growing familiarity with my GTN650 will hopefully expedite my learning of the Area 796s similar menu structure. I'd then have to swap my Stratus for a GDL 39 to get ADS-b in and change to Garmin Pilot as my flight planning tool on a full size ipad, which would also reside in my flight bag as an in flight backup. I'll wait until my Foreflight subscription renewal date next year to see how this all shakes out - I still vaguely hope to be given the chance to upgrade my ipad mini 2 to an ipad mini 5 in the interim and make no other changes.
  10. I do appreciate the lively discussion among more experienced folks, and I think there's little doubt I need more practice and training as a brand new IFR pilot . My experience over the weekend illustrates some of the points made above. I tried loading an IAF for an RNAV approach that requires a procedure turn in a hold because I wanted to ask to fly the full approach later for practice. Though I didn't "activate" the approach, just loading it changed my course guidance to the IAF as opposed to the direct leg to the airport I had been assigned. Loading VTF instead took care of this issue, and as noted by someone above, it retained the IAF because in this case it was on the final approach course. I was later sent direct to that IAF and cleared for the approach, so I hit direct to that fix. Unfortunately that gave me course guidance for a 150 degree hairpin turn at that fix rather than the procedure turn in the hold I needed - I thought the box would be smart enough to know I needed the procedure turn, but it wasn't. Flying the hold without the magenta line was no biggie, but it certainly taught me that I haven't figured out the box yet.
  11. DXB

    Oshkosh Prop Strike

    Great suggestion, and within my budget
  12. DXB

    Carb heat temp rise

    Am curious to know what the shop that removed your butterfly valve said when confronted with their mistake....
  13. You have a fairly modern IFR panel already, and so you rarely if ever used the 2nd Nav anyway. But I bet you use the com a lot on that same crappy old unit. Who knows when that will croak too - that's basic redundancy you really want. The added utility of a second 430W would be nice at the same time, but the fresh install cost of one is pretty hard to justify for such an old unit, particularly if you've already got one of them. Just replace with a nice serviceable nav/com like an SL30, which will serve well for the long haul and take away the mild insecurity you feel without a backup Nav. Save the extra cash for when you want to swap the 6 pack for glass and/or upgrade the 430W to Avidyne when it starts giving trouble. With things like Dynon Skyview on the horizon, big panel upgrades only make sense now if money is not a major consideration and/or for someone has a much more dated panel than yours.
  14. Yeah I have the habit of checking the bar is locked a million times after putting the gear down, and experience doing so has taught me that the green light is simply inadequate to ensure it is really locked. I don't double check that it's secure after pulling the gear up and had gotten away with it for >400 hours. I will have to work that into my routine. I think it may be best to do by feel only and not visually, particularly if one is climbing into IMC.
  15. I wonder if Foreflight has any plans to adapt their software to any platform other than iOS. They remain the dominant player for GA as far as EFBs, and so many of us CBs also use it as a de facto MFD in conjunction with the Stratus or stratux type units as our only ads-b in displays. I'm sure the significance of losing the mini format is not lost upon them.