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  1. PITA because you have to drop the bottom cowl, at least on my C. Make sure they do a good job sealing up the baffle around it after installing. Consider a B&C starter - similar weight, supposedly more durable - you don’t want to have to do this again anytime soon. https://bandc.com/product/bc315-starter-stc-pma/
  2. Not everyone shares our good fortune in owning one of the lower cost Mooney birds made before 1969
  3. Recent events make me rather uninterested in my autopilot doing anything when it is not engaged.
  4. Yeah I should definitely look at TRK vs DTK more during approaches. Seems like a great way to keep the brain primed for partial panel.
  5. I forgot how insanely awesome your panel is. That little ipad must be intimidated, but it can hold it's own .
  6. I transitioned to the C 4 years ago with <100 hrs- of course I was already God’s gift to aviation at that point, so your excess humility may impede your progress in comparison Lots of good advice to help you avoid a bad purchase - read the old threads The C will put a huge smile on your face - and a nice one might cost you less than a nice 172 Also consider doing your IR in the C - one less thing to relearn in a new plane
  7. No way to know what exactly happened here from the info available or if the T28 pilot was acting recklessly. Add blinding sun in our eyes as we land to a communication mix up on anyones' part (e.g. wrong frequency, wrong stated runway or position, radio quit working, headset audio intermittent), and I worry any of us could end up like the T28 pilot.
  8. I think the geo-referenced plate on the yoke actually sped up my development in just the way you describe. However I do feel totally naked without it now, so it probably cuts both ways.
  9. To clarify, I was anthropomorphizing the somewhat outmoded instrument, not criticizing the hardworking folks at Aspen
  10. Scant logic, just the certification issues people note. I find it intolerable that my Stratus will give me good enough attitude info to stay alive without any external inputs, but the Aspen can't be bothered. Your AI and HSI both become a big red Xs if you lose airspeed. I think @Fred₂O lost his airspeed recently inside the final fix in IMC not because of icing but possibly some mud dauber goo wedged deep inside the pitot tube swelling to obstruct the drain hole in rain. I really don't want the shock of seeing the 2 Xs under those circumstances, no matter how robust my backup systems are. The early Max upgrade reservation discount (2000+ install from my dealer) ends this month. I jumped at the chance.
  11. Stratus 2 and later will give attitude info without GPS, not much else.
  12. I think the most successful backup tool is the one you are most accustomed to using routinely. As @kortopates notes, if you're fumbling to set up synth vision on your ipad in turbulent IMC after your glass panel goes out, it may not work out so well - you'd better first focus on the attitude instruments you have left in the panel. But the same problem exists if you only vaguely remember that it's possible to fly pretty accurately on ASI, TC, and altimeter in your 6 pack after your vac pump bites it. If you practice partial panel regularly (how many of us really do this?) it will likely be ok. Likewise, if you reference synth vision on your ipad as an added tool during approaches, that may feel quite natural also and offers quite a bit of extra info. Except for a few holdouts, we all have these things on our yoke now - we might as well get comfortable with how to use them to get out of a jam alive.
  13. I've been there- a heavy wing is very annoying, really messes with your hand flying in the clouds too. The pertinent advice has already been given above. There is a trial and error component, so it has to go into the air after each adjustment. All MSCs are not equal in their abilities as I'm sure you've noticed. In case you happen to spend time in the Northeast, Airmods in Robbinsville NJ is outstanding at the rigging stuff. They got mine flawless in about 2 hrs of work - it will put a smile on your face the first time you fly it without the roll tendency.
  14. When it's been almost 45 years, I suspect anything that makes you split the case should probably be an overhaul irrespective of aircraft value considerations. I wouldn't skimp on accessories, engine mounts, and control cable replacement if everything is of the same age.
  15. The practice or real instrument approach into an active pattern at a non-towered field seems like another one of those accident-prone scenarios. Folks coming straight in and land while I'm established in the pattern of a field that's VFR are irksome, but at least they are generally talking. I call that "I'm landing straight in if there's no one in pattern" multiple times from the FAF and beyond if I don't hear or see anyone,or announce intention to overfly and enter the pattern if I know someone is there. But that doesn't preclude missing someone who isn't talking, or a radio not working, or other communication snag. A lap in the pattern every time if the clouds are well above may be a better practice.