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  1. Ok time to revive this extensive and useful thread after reading it over (sorry if I missed some critical details - it was long). Anyway, I picked up CiES senders from Oshkosh last summer, and the time has come to install them. I clearly should have read this thread first before going to the Oshkosh booth, so shame on me. I was not told at the booth that there were digital (frequency?) and analog (resistive?) sender versions. I have the digital (blue wire only, no green wire) version, so it appears my old JPI EDM900 (installed in 2015) must go back to JPI for new firmware, and I have to get a new harness. What a pointless source of additional downtime and install expense. I certainly would have preferred the analog version for mere $35 more per side, had I known that was the case. Any guidance at this point from folks like @Marauder and @fuellevel and others? I'm gonna call JPI on Monday, but I want to make sure I tell them the right things. I was told by someone that JPI has dropped the price to $100 for the firmware upgrade - it's a real shame that they can't just send a USB stick for it (or can they?). Also I have the 54.8 usable/ 57.3 total capacity bladders, but it sounds like they really only hold about 52 gallons. Not sure how that factors into the calibration procedure, but I don't want to suffer the delusion that I have more fuel than I do - that was kinda the point of doing this upgrade.
  2. My monitor has a threshold of 50ppm to yellow alarm and 80ppm to red alarm and beep loudly. The fuel truck has started up upwind of me will make it flash red and alarm wildly, completely breaking my checklist flow
  3. Well I got my Powerflow exhaust installed on my C. No verdict yet on performance gains, but it is a tad louder. I wonder if that fat thing sticking out into the wind might negate any improvement over my removed aging Knisley exhaust, which had a much lower profile tailpipe. Regardless, I’m as proud as a teenager who just spent his allowance putting a fart can on his old Honda Civic
  4. ...and probably has an edge in engine reliability- the “bulletproofedness” factor. The inflight drama /disaster potential with a plugged injector is real in a 4 cylinder bird. And yes the cost consideration is not trivial when a new cylinder is 50% less for a C. As a CB who is also afraid of his own shadow, a C model with a J bar was an appealing choice, and not just based on price!
  5. There are exactly 2 Cs housed at my FBO. Both mine and the other one (owned by a poster in this thread) are competitive with this bird. So it’s not that uncommon for folks to find enough utility and enjoyment in these old birds to “overimprove” them in this way. That said I agree with the poster above who said that the market may not support >100k for these planes presently.
  6. A man of vision...potentially a reality?
  7. Worth ~80-90k in my subjective opinion. Wonder what the valuation tools say.
  8. Thanks for the responses - my thought process around considering a home sim was as follows: 1. I don't have the time, aptitude, or interest needed to put together a custom sim system, so a turnkey system is essential. 2. I visited my local flight school's higher end motion sim last year, but I found setup pretty cumbersome. The learning curve was significant to get to the point where I could use the sim to practice what I want. And overall, the cost and convenience factor didn't seem much better than scheduling with an instructor in my plane, so I walked out thinking the latter is preferable. 3. I could put up with the sim usage learning curve if I could do it in my own bedroom without having to schedule time and drive 25 minutes to the school. In that case, it would be really nice to log approaches on an approved sim based on the FAA rule change, which is what tipped me over into considering sim time in the first place. Someone pointed out there's a cheaper approved option than the Redbird, but it's still 5.4amu: https://www.flythissim.com/products/fixed-wing-flight-simulators/touchtrainer-sd.html It looks appealing but at 5.4amu, that's still a lot of money that might be better spent on Avgas and time under the hood with my instructor. Com
  9. It’s cold and dark and icy. My plane has been down for annual for over two weeks. I may still be instrument current, but I sure ain’t proficient. This situation has got me thinking about what sims are approved for currency and the possibility of buying one for home. There seems to be a 7amu Redbird option. Not CB material. Anything else out there or on the horizon? It would seem to be a booming market for these things since the rule change that no longer requires an instructor to log approaches on a sim...
  10. I just replaced mine with a powerflow. It’s a 20ish year old Knisley exhaust and the tailpipe was replaced 2 years ago. No issues with it as far as I know. Risers have holes for JPI EGT probes in it. PM me if you’re interested. I’m in Philly though so it would be some shipping cost to get it to you.
  11. Looking at these old shotgun panels gives me a headache. That turn coordinator in the right panel is absurd, but it may not matter much if you are not planning to use the plane IFR. Do you really need an HSI AND a separate DG on the left? Maybe dump the DG assuming the HSI works? If you want to use the plane IFR in the future, then at least cutting a new left panel before doing any new installs would be worth it. You would enjoy having the 730 on the left too if you could find the space, which would be easy to do with a new left panel laid out with IFR in mind.
  12. Couldn't resist responding to their tweet requesting further details on what makes the sky so rosy at the moment.
  13. 2amu/unit, resulting in no more AI/DG overhauls, no more vac pump replacements, not mention WAY more functionality and reliability including 4hrs battery backup. Plus you're an A&P and can install yourself. But you're still holding out for a price drop...I take my CB hat off to you and bow deeply!
  14. OMG. What a cool instrument. So transformative that it just made me say something nice about Garmin for once . Looks like it might not cut it for those who primarily need a standby AI though, like the G5 does? Looks like 1hr battery vs. the G5's 4hr battery. It would be a dream to have a low(ish) cost backup AI that could serve as a moving map and/or second HSI when not in an emergency. Like others, I was hoping for a software update to the G5 that might add functionality...
  15. Note I think I started the same sucky thread just before you did...