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  1. Here the new "diapers" cost at least $1100 each plus another 1000 to change one, and there is no hope of permanent potty training.
  2. DXB

    20C sitting a while

    I think much of the trepidation around a Mooney that has sat for 10 years has been expressed nicely in the below thread, along with some guidance on how to get one going again. Even with no corrosion on the tubular frame and wing spar, its a huge gamble to pay more than scrap value for one of these.
  3. DXB

    Mooney has been sitting

    Unless I'm mistaken, birds excrete uric acid to dump nitrogenous waste (unlike the urea in human pee). Birds don't really pee at all - the white stuff in their poop is the crystalline form, which allows them to conserve water maximally. So if there's not visible bird poop on it, I imagine you're good to go.
  4. DXB

    Mooney has been sitting

    I imagine you already have these, but if not you certainly need them - the maintenance manual and parts catalog for your bird (same ones apply to my '68C). The maintenance manual contains a guide on electric gear trouble shooting for those among us who are not blessed with a J bar Mooney_maintenance_manual.pdf Mooney parts catalog.pdf
  5. DXB

    Mooney has been sitting

    Really cool progress! Thanks for documenting here. It sounds like you have the right person helping you.
  6. DXB

    Mooney has been sitting

    @sdflysurfWhat bradp said. You have made a gutsy acquisition to say the least. I bought a plane at roughly your level of aviation experience 3.5 years ago, but it was flying and in pretty good condition except for the panel. Still the challenges in dealing with maintenance issues and getting a 50 year old bird into a reliable state have been substantial. Despite access to helpful resources like this particular site, the repair and maintenance challenges have been compounded by my lack of time, experience, and mentorship in this area. Inevitably there will be lots of unexpected problems, expenses, and a steep learning curve in the first couple of years. Also I was not born with the judgement to know when some new problem is an urgent safety issue or not - this learning has built up over time and continues to do so. In absence of such judgement, early on I was hyper-conservative about maintenance concerns and might have gotten taken for a ride a couple of times. The upside here is that if you are able to get this plane in good shape over a couple of years, you will know the bird intimately and it will truly be your own. As challenges go, learning to fly it and leaving your C172 behind will be infinitely more fun than getting this plane in shape. P.S. Definitely get an engine monitor - JPI, EI, or Insight.
  7. IR Checkride for tomorrow got cancelled because of weather. My DPE is not available again for the next month . Any other well-regarded DPEs in easy flying distance from Philly who I might try??
  8. DXB

    Lamp part number needed

    These dimmable 330 equivalent LED bulbs look like a good replacement for both push to test lights and post lights: https://www.ebay.com/i/332633860345?chn=ps&var=541748257913 Just don't advertise to the FAA on any public forums that you are using them in your certified aircraft
  9. On removing your belly beacon, did you find anyone who makes a simple blank plate to fill the hole or did you just make one?


    1. DXB


      My A&P just made one

  10. DXB

    Window Flap/Latch

    I suggest my old solution. $8.52 part. Zero fabrication labor. Perhaps the cheapest solution in all aviation. https://www.skygeek.com/piper-472-024-latch-dwg-65742-storm-windo.html?utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_content=piper-472-024-latch-dwg-65742-storm-windo&utm_campaign=froogle&gclid=Cj0KCQjwodrXBRCzARIsAIU59TIMrtFTm13AL7DvyHEykWpk-e5A0pKM8iEAjDlwJLdNaZJeT3pugGAaAuL8EALw_wcB
  11. DXB

    Mooney crap for sale....

    I could use a front seat...see my pm
  12. Though carb heat obviously robs power, does it really reduce it enough to drop rpm at prop full forward? Not my experience, so far at least.
  13. I've definitely fouled fine wire bottom plugs on my carb'd bird when running full rich at low rpm on the ground. Indeed, I've done it so badly that I've had to pull the plugs and clean to solve the problem. If you are confident you forgot to lean on the ground for a long while, then your experience up to the point of clearing the fouled plug makes perfect sense. What happened after is confusing. I imagine a sizable loss of power on takeoff could make your prop run at 2450 rpm at finest pitch, but a single persistently fouled plug in a cylinder certainly shouldn't rob that much power, and both plugs fouled on the same cylinder would be quite dramatic with noise and vibration. A data logging engine monitor would have provided a lot of insight as others note.
  14. Thanks Chris - now I can move on to tuning my own personal exhaust system. Should be good for a couple kts.
  15. So it turns out my tailpipe looks different from most others because the plane had a Knisley Exhaust System (https://knisleyexhaust.com/mooney-m-20-180-hp-exhaust) installed in '98. It would not have been a direct swap to one of the straight tail pipes most folks have. It took a little time on the phone with a very helpful guy (Charlie) at Awi-ami (https://awi-ami.com/) to figure this out. They don't carry those systems anymore but referred me to Aircraftexhaust.com. They didn't have it in stock either but got one shipped from Knisley in CA for $399 plus an arm/leg for overnight shipping. Interestingly, some anecdotes on here report unadvertised speed increases and generally favorable experiences with the Knisley exhausts, which cost a bit less than even the standard exhausts.