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  1. No, you cannot mix and max old and new Aspen systems. If you opt to go max then all units must be Aspen Max units. The max units are totally different, although they may look similar at a glance. Also to note, if you have the old Century Auto Pilot System, which uses the old fashion steam GYRO to drive the auto pilot --- My friend just got 2 Aspen Max 1000 units and going to remove and sell his Century III auto pilot system and attitude gyro. Also he is removing his last vacuum instrument and vacuum pump to get rid of the entire vacuum system. He says you can use the Aspen EA100 to dri
  2. No, you cannot mix and max the systems. If you opt to go max then all units must be Aspen Max units. The max units are totally different, although they may look similar at a glance
  3. Hi Chris could you let me know approximatley how much your shop is charging, I may have to consider going the same route.
  4. I am looking for a 78J door handle -- I need the square one -- -square at the base (not round) when the screw goes in. Or let me know a good place to look, if you have one for sale, send me a pic. Thanks.
  5. Hi Jerry 5TJ, Can you let me know who is providing you the 2 mil smooth coverage and about how much you are paying If you do not mind, provide hull coverage amount, TT flying / hours in Mooney type Thank you
  6. Based on Skytrax being a Freeflight unit, this unit will most likely be supported; especially, since Freeflight is not out of business like the Narworx MLB100. Overall, this makes me mad since the Avidyne Rep. suggested that we purchased the MLB 100, to earn our business and to keep us from buying a Garmin ADS-B solution. Now, we discovered in approximately 1 year from date of purchase that the MLB100 manufacturer was far less than an ethical Avidyne service partner and went out of business due to shady and bad affairs, law suites, and pressure from the FAA. So now another
  7. Received this feedback from a Avidyne user: The GTX345 (panel mounted) does send ADS-B to the Avidyne, but the GTX345R (remote) will not interfacecwith the Avidyne. I can’t speak to the new weather options, but the new Skytrax is the Freeflight receiver, not the Navworx.
  8. Scenarios: 1. We purchased the MLB100 with our Avidyne AXP 322 and IFD 540. 2. Also, we have a GDL39R being used with Garmin Pilot. 3. What we have noticed on the Garmin Pilot with a GDL-39 since around mid-2018, after the update, we now have access and can utilize the new FIS-B weather products are available such as the following: Lightning Turbulence Icing Cloud Tops Graphical AIRMET Center Weather Advisory 4. My question is since MLB unit
  9. Well --- the only way that we were able to pass the ADS-B test was not to use the IFD. Installed another antenna just for the GDL82 used the GPS on the GDL-82 and BOOM Everything passed without any issues.
  10. Well, I finally obtianed the answer. The IFD is not an approve GPS source for the GDL 82. The only method for this to work is to run another antenna and have the GDL 82 connected to that WAAS antenna without using the IFD for the GPS source. FYI the 327 transponder does not have any impact on this scenario.
  11. Need help with the particular scenario: IFD440 and GDL 82 Configured ADS+B G2 format SIL is failing almost at 100% on the ADS-B testEverything else passes without any issuess.On the ground, everything appears to check out. Let me know if I am missing anything.
  12. Hi can you let me know where you purchased the no-back spring.  My friend needs one for his 1978 M20J.


    1. Cardinal767


      I ordered the kit from Mooney sadly. Lubbock Aero is my parts guy. It was around $1,000. It came with all the hardware needed except for shims. I also ordered a couple of shims sizes to make sure I had the parts on had. You might check with Lazar about their price. 

  13. Where is the (OAT) temperature in the Aspen ESV? The OAT is displayed in the normal (non ESV) view. Am I missing it? If I am not missing it, the OAT would be nice to see in the ESV display mode.
  14. LOL :-) always practice safe flying.
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