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  1. Flying to see the Eclipse

    Nice. This is all I saw from southern PA. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Be very careful about the length of the replacement tach cable. The shop that replaced mine, order it slightly too long and it trashed the tach. Instead of repair it, I went with the EI electronic gauge. Provides additional information like max rpm experienced and a few other features. From this: To this: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Sweet panel. I have a 67' F that I would like to do do that to. Need info from you.

  4. When I had the wet wings, I remember the unusable was supposed to be around 3 gallons total. Useable being 64. My bladder system is supposed to have 54.8 useable, but we could only get 50 in during JPI calibration.
  5. Fuel Bladders soon to be approved !

    In 1991, the 54.8 gallon system I had installed was $4,900.
  6. Fuel Bladders soon to be approved !

    The original 52 gallon Mooneys that had bladders installed went up to 54.8. Not sure if the 64 gallons can be installed in them. The 57 the owner is reporting includes the unusable fuel. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Fuel Bladders soon to be approved !

    Planes that were originally 64 gallon useable may have had the bladders installed and reduced the quantity from 64 gallons to 54.8 gallons. If the plane you are looking at has a 54.8 gallon bladder system, you can purchase a two extra bladder system to bring it back to 64 gallons. I have the 54.8 gallon bladder system. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  8. CiES Fuel Senders Resource Thread

    I want to provide some more clarity to this resistive versus frequency conversation. I spoke to JPI yesterday in an attempt to get an answer to what firmware I needed. When I told them I was installing a CiES flow sender system, the tech guy sent me to the sales team. The woman I spoke with told me that she personally went up to the CiES booth at Oshkosh and informed them they needed to stop telling people if they had a JPI 900 or 930 they were good to go. This, along with the fact that if you did not know what you were buying from CiES, you could end up with senders set up for frequency or resistive (green wire senders) and trying to sort out what to do next. I also spoke with Scott earlier in the week both verbally and through email over an issue with my senders not being labeled correctly and found out that I was sent the wrong inboard senders. CiES is stepping up to the plate and sending me the correct ones. Based on the conversation with Scott, I think he is struggling with all of the airframe differences that these senders can be installed in and I think if you buy these you will need to be patient as they get their documentation and processes nailed down. Based on feedback from those of you who have installed them -- if you want accurate fuel gauges, this is the way to go. It is just not a slam dunk to install them. Now for the technical information for JPI 900/930s; > Tim (name consented to be used) from JPI informed me that if you intend to run these units in frequency mode, you will need to send your JPI 900/930 back for both a firmware and a hardware change which includes a cable change. This will cost you $350. > If you are intending on running resistive, you will need the green wire version of the sender and need the current firmware. The current firmware is 1.30.1029. Unless you purchased recently, you will most likely have dated firmware. To determine the firmware, go into the user setup and toggle through until you get to the "About" option. On the right is the "Info" button, push that and it will show you the operating software and firmware. Sorry, I didn't get a price from JPI for just firmware updates. N6758N (Terry) and I are working up the parts list for the components to install these units in bladder equipped Mooneys. Once we get our parts list together, I will provide what we bought and update everyone on what went right and what went wrong. For those of you who were personally involved in the installation of your units, I would appreciate a PM on potential gotchas.
  9. GTN 650 reception range.

    That is exactly what I am up to currently. The shop that installed my GTN was told explicitly to replace all wiring. They left the RG-58. The best price I found for RG-400 is Aircraft Spruce. The BNC connectors are all in the $7 - $8 range from all the suppliers (Newark, Allied, Mouser, Chief, Aircraft Spruce). As Byron, points out you want to find a decent crimper. I would also add pick up a coax cutter that can handle the 3 cuts you need and practice some cuts as well. The RG-400 is silver coated copper stranded cable. The general misconception is that you can crimp the center conductor on with the 0.068" crimp. You can, but to take full advantage of the stranded wire, you should solder it on. Crimping is fine if you are using straight up RG-58 with a solid core copper conductor. The attached picture is the correct center conductor for attaching to RG-400. The hole is where you should be placing the solder. There is a high priced special solder adapter that heats the connector uniformly, but making sure you heat the connector to around 370 degrees and flow 60/40 solder (rosen not acid flux) will work fine.
  10. Fuel Bladders soon to be approved !

    The REAPER!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. Of course I would. And all those guys who sent me PMs asking where they could find women like that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. But knowing our luck, he would come back as Zombie Timmy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Fuel Bladders soon to be approved !

    Just want to relay an experience this morning working with the Grigg's team. Called to check on the kits for converting to locking caps. I also needed to understand what was involved in the conversion. Spoke to Ruthie first who informed me she is the "finance" person. She quickly had me speak with Mike who explained the cap conversion process. Back to Ruthie and the order placed. What customer should be. Nice job Team Grigg's!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. And little Timmy would be executed by firing squad... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. If I became a moderator half of you would be banned for life! [emoji23]🤣 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro