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  1. I heard it reported as a blue and gold parrot in a full dive.
  2. I'm a 2 time survivor of DVTs. Both were attributed to being on long (and I mean long) international flights where I got dehydrated (not quite to a prune level). The first time was 12 years ago. Back then it was the heparin, Lovenox, rat poison routine. The second time was 4 years ago. Xarelto was the preferred treatment then. In fact, that treatment was a complete contrast from the first event. The first time I was hospitalized for 5 days and put through a litany of tests. The second event saw me given Xarelto in the emergency room and sent on my way with a free 30 day dose and then staying o
  3. I would be worried if you don't have a reaction to the second injection. It means your body is working correctly.
  4. I think there is some actuary guy sitting in a smoke filled room who has been running the numbers. It’s probably based on how much you’re flying, what kind of flying you’re doing & where you are flying. Let’s not forget about the “good looking” factor as well. Handsome Mooney owners get better rates.
  5. Brian, saw from Pankey’s FaceBook posts that you were taken on a COVID roller coaster ride. Glad you’re on the mend. I’m locked down in my bunker. I’m one of those people who lose their sense of smell and taste for up to 3 weeks with just a regular cold. I don’t want to be one of those 5%ers who have lost their senses for months with a possibility it will never come back. Losing those senses is emotionally crippling. The scary part is everyone who gets it seems to have their own experience with it. We have lost a couple of friends to it and we have a number of other friends & family who
  6. I wonder if anyone has played with trying an open tube with a smaller silicon insert. I did this trick on my F350 and it really improved the quality of the seal.
  7. 8.6% increase... Been with USAIG for at least 25 of my 29 years of ownership.
  8. I should add that mine was rebuilt twice. I was amazed to see the “Made in China” markings on mine. Who would have thunk that back in 1975 they were buying Chinese parts. Does anyone know if there are modern ones available? Something not taken off of my MFD lawn tractor? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Do you know if it works? Mine is prettier but doesn’t hold well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Wouldn't it be great if they reimbursed you with a brand new roller tappet engine?
  11. I got a couple of first hand reports on your TFR bust. The guy owns a Bellanca high wing. He went up in the morning with an instructor to learn the proper way to exit and enter the TFR. In the afternoon, he decided to take off without a flight plan and a discrete code. He got intercepted and returned to the airport. Instead of landing, he did a touch and go and then headed southbound when all of sudden his returns went away. Haven't heard anymore since... You can see him in the last few seconds of the video. IMG_6318.mov
  12. This may finally fill up your hangars! I did find his first one was unusual. The inner circle is 12 nm wide. Historically they are 10 nm. Heard that it was widened to allow him to visit family in the area. I suspect, when summer rolls around, we can expect to see more of them at his Rehoboth beach home.
  13. He owns a large beach house in Rehoboth Beach. Rumor has it that they built a helipad either on or near the property.
  14. I am not familiar what the Avidyne will or won't display. My Lynx 9000+ will display weather and traffic on both the PFD and MFD (I have both unlocks) and traffic will show on the GTN 650. Garmin doesn't support displaying weather on their unit. Since the Lynx has traffic and weather on its own display, I can see if I have weather and traffic (as well as the METARs).
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