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  1. A M20J will be more than enough airplane for now. It is very capable of the flight profiles you mention. I think you are on the right track. I would suggest finding the plane that you are happy with and then dealing with upgrades based on what you get. Avionics are innovating rapidly. By the time you get the plane, find a hangar and the associated equipment, some training and a couple of pleasure flights new equipment will be available to choose from and the pilot will have a much better understanding of what/how to equip.
  2. something like this? Equipment will be a bit more than your target. Plus 5 months installation downtime for me. You can figure labor at about half the hardware cost.
  3. Cruiser

    Engine data analysis

    You are right, sample rate is 2 seconds. No answers. It seems weird that the oscillations will come and go on this single cylinder. I had discounted electrical because of that, but maybe I shouldn't?
  4. What is happening with my #1 EGT ? JPI 830 6000' 60% power LOP -20° Outside temp 57°F thanks,
  5. Cruiser

    ILS Approach

    The AIM makes it clear that you cannot use GPS on an ILS approach unless the approach specifically includes GPS overlay. Then you would be flying the GPS approach and not the ILS. Following the GPS heading inside the FAF is forbidden.
  6. Cruiser

    High-low vacuum pump light

    Assuming it is a low vacuum warning, not high. Could be a weak pump or a leak, Ok at higher RPMs but not capable of holding vacuum at low RPMs. What does it do on startup? When you turn on the backup pump?
  7. Cruiser

    ILS Approach

    Yes, but I didn't want to cloud issue with the OPs question. GPSS needs a waypoint for autocourse. IF the OP loads the approach and then activates it, he can then fly direct to the IAF and the autocourse (with GPSS on the Aspen) will intercept, turn on the final approach course and fly the heading all the way to the airport but he said he didn't want to do this. Hence my comment above. I think it is correct. He will need to fly the heading (without a waypoint) intercept manually then go to VLOC for the approach?
  8. Cruiser

    ILS Approach

    On the S-tec System 30 the LO TRK is basically the same as NAV on other A/Ps and HI TRK is the same as APR. GPSS on the Aspen is a HDG function. It will follow the heading bug. If ATC is giving you vectors follow the heading indicated but watch the CDI for intercept of the approach course. You will have to turn the heading bug manually to intercept the final course. When turned on the final approach course switch to HI TRK on the autopilot and VLOC on the GPS.
  9. Cruiser

    Instrument Panel

    Watched a friend working on a new instrument panel for a Cessna 337. This picture was cutting a plexiglass panel to fit in the plane for final approval. The guy said he can cut almost any layout. How much are custom panels going for ?
  10. Cruiser

    TBO Engine Poll

    Both Lycoming and Continental have increased the TBO hours on most of their engines in recent years. There are service bulletins detailing the specific conditions to meet the requirements. The thing that strikes me as most significant is the stated reasons for extending TBO.......... Historic data. Now we, for the most part, are not bound by TBO limitations but it is comforting to know that if used often and maintained well historic data would support our engines into the 2200 - 2400 hours range without serious concern.
  11. Cruiser

    Mooney Bravo Valuation

    a couple of things. 1. They are still valuing the buyin at $150k if not in the airplane in assuming a 1/3 share in debt with no equity for it. 2. Even with $20k in reserve, the maintenance is going to create a deficit. Is this a new share being created or is it a buyout of an existing share.
  12. Cruiser

    Mooney Bravo Valuation

    sounds like a lot of maintenance is due or nearly due. How much is cash reserve (money in the bank)?
  13. Cruiser

    Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    Everyone has a bad day, I have had several so has Maverick (Top Gun). Cruiser: The simple fact is you feel responsible for "a prop strike" and you have a confidence problem. Now I'm not gonna sit here and blow sunshine up your ass, "Steingar". A good pilot is compelled to always evaluate what's happened, so he can apply what he's learned. Up there, we gotta push it. That's our job. It's your option, "Steingar". All yours. (as adapted from Top Gun)
  14. This is a failure on the avionics shop. They are demanding you remove something that has been installed and used previously. Find out what they claim is needed in order for it to remain. do you have one of these? I can't believe they would not allow it to remain.
  15. Cruiser

    Oil Consumption and CamGuard

    the key here is what do you mean by "high"