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    Yes, I would suspect you are leaning too quickly. When you stop leaning the induction system needs to stabilize. The air distribution continues to change which you see as further leaning of the first three cylinders using up more of it. As the first three cylinders gulp air there is less and less available to the last cylinder so you can continue to lean but it doesn't show any change. Your true balance is much worse than the initial indication. I would start by double checking all the connections/gaskets on the intakes.
  2. G5 Altitude Alert "Tone"?

    Altitude alerts get much more difficult with the FAA involved. Even the Garmin GTX 345 will not provide them. There must be a much more complicated requirement to allow them in certified equipment. Clarification: as stated below, the GTX 345 provides Altitude alerts. I was referring to altitude callouts like "500 feet" etc.
  3. Experimental Avionics in Certified Aircraft

    I don't know the differences in software but I question how Garmin would ship TSO'd and non-TSO'd units under the same part number.
  4. Experimental Avionics in Certified Aircraft

    Jay The FAA has made special allowances for the installation of ADS-B OUT equipment. see AFS-360-2017-1 for details. Essentially it allows the installation of APPROVED ads-b boxes in airplanes that are not on the AML IT DOES NOT apply to other avionics equipment.
  5. Avidyne marketing methods...

    bought, destroy. Sorry, poor choice of words. I was pounding the keyboard pretty hard when I typed that. I didn't intend to imply Garmin did anything wrong, you are right but the same result. The consumer was hurt by lack of competition.
  6. Avidyne marketing methods...

    First, Avidyne did not lie. Period. Their words are in print and even you can't change what they actually said. Second, you want to praise Garmin for destroying their competition and costing avionics consumers millions of dollars?
  7. Avidyne marketing methods...

    Wow! I forgot about this. It just goes to show how proud Garmin is of their equipment and what they think about their customers.
  8. Insurance renewal

    1 MM/100K liability is about $200 standard rate. so 1031-200= 831 divided by 95k is $8.75 per thousand hull value. 1158 - 200= 958 divided by 115k is $8.33 per thousand hull value. Sounds like the upgrade was a good value.
  9. Avidyne marketing methods...

    Standard marketing these days. Avidyne has the trade-in prices posted on their website. The verbage is clear and not ambiguous. Anyone spending that much money should know the details of the purchase. Any serious buyer should be talking with their installer (Avidyne approved avionics guy) to get the whole picture.
  10. most ICAs now require a complete layout of wiring schematics, connections and drawing be included as part of the install. Why don't you ask the avionics shop for a copy? It should be in your ICA manual anyway. There is no way I would accept the airplane without a wiring schematic for my records. What are you going to do if someone else needs to work on it? It is a huge help in troubleshooting, problem solving etc.
  11. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    Please note the minimum software versions required........... CONFIGURE SELECTED PORTS WITH THE FOLLOWING SETTINGS; If the GDL 88 has an internal GPS receiver, the RS 232 position output connection and configuration setup is not required IFDXXX RS 232 output setting: ADS-B+ (G2)….GDL88 RS 232 input setting: ADS-B Format 2 #1 and/or #2 as appropriate IFDXXX RS 232 input setting: Capstone HS Wx …. GDL 88 RS 422 input/output setting: Optimized Legacy ADS-B IFDXXX ARINC 429 receive setting: GDL88 Traffic at High Speed….GDL88 ARINC 429 transmit setting: Traffic Out at High Speed Minimum Software Versions Required: IFD XXX v10.2.1 or higher….GDL 88 v3.33 or higher
  12. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    I usually give mine to the guy in the back seat and tell them to monitor the radio. You can't believe some of the looks I get
  13. Basic med problem

    Actually the original idea for BasicMed was no medical exam at all. Remember the driver's license medical? It was headed that way until a not to be named Senator insisted on inserting the medical exam ....... At the time everyone thought it was the AMA lobby behind it but with all the doctors refusing to perform BasicMed exams now I wonder..........
  14. Aspen and Arinc 429

    Standby.......... There is a lot here to sift through. 1. ARINC 429 is an avionics transfer protocol, same as RS 232 but with some improvements and higher speed. 2. ARINC 429 is a digital signal. 3. ATTITUDE is output broken down into its elements of flight. Pitch, roll, heading, acceleration, altitude etc. you get the idea. All in digital data bits. They are identified as "labels". This data is available for instruments that are capable of using it. 4. The autopilot and the HSI are analog instruments. They cannot accept digital signals. They were designed and built way before ARINC 429 5. The KI 525A is an HSI. It can be removed and is replaced by the digital HSI built in to the Aspen PFD. 6. The KI 256 Attitude Indicator MUST be retained per the STC to meet the requirements of 14CFR 23.1311. 7. The EA100 converts the digital ARINC 429 data into useable analog signals the KFC 150 or similar autopilots expect. 8. New all digital autopilots like the DFC-90 and the new S-Tec 3100 don't need these converters.
  15. Canadian Airspace

    You will need to file a flight plan (VFR or IFR) and they might want the location and time you plan to cross the border when you file. the first part of your flight will be in Toronto airspace but it really doesn't matter. About half way you will switch to Cleveland Center. Overflight is still an FAA domestic flight, there are no international requirements in the air. (Customs not required) It might be a good idea to carry your passport. IF you would find it necessary to land in Canada everything will change and you will need to clear customs. I