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  1. Virginia Accident

    I haven't read ALL the responses to this thread so excuse my comments if this has already been covered. In all the discussion I have read about what may and may not have happened, control of the plane, and most importantly Decision Making....... consider that the entire event took about 15 seconds from the end of the runway to the final stopping point. 15 seconds Try it yourself. Go sit in the airplane and mentally go through the take-off roll and from wheels up to the crash count to 15. We all can learn from others mistakes. I would suggest that all of us can benefit from training that focuses on our ability to react and take action. There is a HUGE difference between talking about it and actually doing it. The surprise factor alone will delay a reaction. I guess my message is BE PREPARED. Do you always pick an abort point on the runway before you start the take off ? Do you mentally think through the power loss on take off procedure every time you fly? 15 seconds. What will you do in the first 15 seconds of an emergency?
  2. Plane sold - Post removed

    Welcome back! Glad to hear things are going well. Nice looking Mooney.
  3. About time I fessed up

    Somethings getting all out in the open helps. It sounds like you have a solid grip on your flying. Things happen. I have had the good fortune to be sitting in on some hangar flying with the "senior" pilots at my home airport. I am sure there is some embellishment over the years but, most of these guys should not be here now. The stories are truly amazing. Someday you will get to sit at the coffee table at your home airport and tell your stories. I hope this is the most exciting one you get to experience.
  4. 310 hp fuel flow

    see if the fairies can find one of these lying around. One of them will grind down the center point so it is barely longer than the side points and it will drill two holes side by side. The other pixie will take a file and remove the baffle material between the two holes to make the two holes into one oblong . Make sure you leave the shop vac in the hangar or you will have to clean up their mess.
  5. 310 hp fuel flow

    Sorry I didn't get a picture but the new Mooney's in the factory have the baffle behind the alternator cut down to the height of a business card across the cooling fin area of the cylinder.
  6. there is nothing to see here......... move on.
  7. I see the difference as BSFC being the most EFFICIENT operation of the mixture (LOP) control. While the best MPG result as being the most ECONOMICAL operation. Simply looking at the FF and not the MPG may not give the best result. We can be LOP with a lot of different power, rpm, mixture settings. Some can be better than others.
  8. Altitude encoder or not?

    The GTX 345 requires external uncorrected pressure altitude input. If multiple sources are available the GTX 345 will use the following priority for input ARINC 429 data RS-232 data GAE module Gray Code
  9. I would get it repaired and wait till your ready to start IR training. By then you will have more choices. Probably cheaper too.
  10. Camguard and Continental

    All I have seen are nebulous claims that cannot be proven. If Camguard was really that beneficial they would certify a test that could be duplicated to prove the results. Of course there will always be believers and non-believers just ask GAMI about the physics of LOP .......... yet many still don't believe. On the other hand, someone due the math for me. How much do I invest in Camguard to be "protected" ?
  11. I have both IFD 540/440 and the GTX 345 installed. The GTX 345 will definitely connect to the IFD440 for both in ADS-B FIS-B and TIS-B data. The IFD 440 will also provide the necessary GPS source data if required by the GTX345 for position reporting. I DO NOT have weather displayed on the IFD440 but it does have TRAFFIC input from the GTX 345. CAUTION! Competing products from differing manufacturers require CONFIGURATION. I found out the hard way that the Avidyne IFD requires a different configuration than the Aspen PFD. In other words, you can't display on both units at the same time. HOWEVER, the Avidyne IFD 440 (if WIFI enabled) when connected and configured with the GTX 345 will connect to the iPad IFD100 app and stream weather and traffic to the iPad, no other connection or configuration needed .
  12. N99MS

    My second Mooney
  13. New panel 2017.jpg

    From the album N99MS

  14. I believe there is a retrofit kit to change the transducer. If that is not the problem, I understand there is no way to repair the Moritz gauges in the instrument panel. Fortunately, the MAP is not required for VFR or IFR flight (check your POH) so you can continue to fly without the gauge.
  15. Something's not right

    Garry is right. Rarely does the plane actually cost you what you pay for it. IF the engine isn't rusted to the point of spalling the lifters great.... if not, figure $40k IF you can live with the avionics great.... if not another $40k