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  1. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    that spread is 1.1 gal which is way too much. I would focus on improving the balance of FF first. you should be in the < .5 gph consistently. looking at the graph it appears that all the spikes are to the low side, if this is real, it would indicate that cylinder (LOP) is not getting enough fuel to complete a burn cycle.
  2. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    a GAMI spread of .8 - 1.0 is too high for the IO-550. Which is your leanest cylinder?
  3. Sorry for your loss. I use magnetometers in submerged searching and have some experience with them . In general the magnetometer measures a change in the earths magnetic strength. Any concentration of magnetic material (iron/steel) will cause a localized change in signal strength. The problem is that the strength of the signal is extremely weak and the change will be very, very small based on the amount of material you are looking for. My guess is you would be close enough to see the plane before you would sense it with a magnetometer.
  4. Several knowledgeable engine shops recommend the Continental injection system be setup to provide a fuel flow of between .55 to .60 lb/hr per horsepower Continental's general recommendation is between 140 to 160 lb/hr with no reference to HP. Using the .6 lb/hr/hp you will get .6x310 = 186 lb/hr Divide pounds by 6.0 (wt of 100ll) you get 31 gallons per hour at full power. You could reference the Continental SID 97-3E Table 3 but it specifies RPM to 2500 max. TCMFuelFlowSID97-3E.pdf
  5. Six Pack Gauges For Sale

    Probably not compatible. Mooney part # 820308-531, 40 - 210 kts Sigma Tek, Inc.model EA-5175 part number EA-5175-8PTL-MON
  6. Six Pack Gauges For Sale

    No, Vertical speed and Airspeed only are available
  7. Looking For a Mooney Eagle

    Ralph Semb has his 1999 Eagle for sale.
  8. Dumb Ice ??

    That is great for glass, but your wing is painted aluminum. You might want to check and see how it works on that........
  9. Dumb Ice ??

    I is impossible to prepare for icing conditions. Why? Because it is unpredictable. Your best preparation should be what options are available IF you encounter ice. Ice can form slowly and predictable BUT it can also form very rapidly how do you know? Last week I encountered scattered clouds in a thin layer, outside temp was 24°F. I thought there would be NO ICE because the layer was thin and the clouds scattered (not much moisture) I was right, no ice. However, as the flight progressed the clouds got thicker and went from scattered to solid and there was lots of ice in the clouds. This was at 6000' the freezing level was at 3500' a quick request for lower started melting the ice right away and I was in the clear at 3000' There was no chance to climb, tops were 8000' to 9000' The safety valve was the warm air below. Always, always, always have a way out, you can't predict what icing conditions will actually be.
  10. I am curious now that BasicMed is six months old and thousands of pilots have completed this process are there any experiences with insurance companies and claims ? Does anyone know of an insurance claim that ran into difficulty because the pilot was using BasicMed ?
  11. some pricing depends on the competition at the distributor level, then the delivery costs, then the taxes, then the local profit margin. It takes about $1.00 a gallon to cover full serve costs. Some airports try to make it up on volume.
  12. S-Tec 30 issue

    Yes, there is a fuse mounted on the circuit board of the pitch computer module. This is a common problem and at some point I believe S-tec put out a service bulletin to increase the rating of this component. The fuse is soldered on the circuit board.
  13. more likely the limit switch. Located in the belly.
  14. yep. That's it or only fly to airports that have it available for purchase.