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  1. always buy your fireworks from the guy with an eye patch and missing fingers................. they have the best ones.
  2. The FAA has certified this system to be safe and accurate. Pilots should always practice emergency partial panel hand flying in less than ideal conditions. There is no reason an average pilot should be in any risk when their primary AI stops working. Any more than when the vacuum pumps fails in IMC in a steam gauge equipped airplane.
  3. something has changed. I have been downloading Seattle Avionics charts for years. I use four SD cards to swap the two in the plane with the two backups so I can download the changed data early. Everything worked until last month. I had the same problems. Now every SD card is giving the same error. All four cannot have gone bad at the same time. Something else is happening.
  4. Anyone else having problems with the Chart Manager? Last month and again this month the Data download process is giving me errors. Now I am seeing Validation error, missing file: EC2HOTSPOT-02.png the download finishes, it says Approach plates and government airport diagrams installed OK but when I take the SD card to the plane the Aspens will not read them. It shows Database Valid From XX-XX-XX to XX-XX-XX
  5. You might try going higher altitude and low RPM setup for a very low power, say 55% then try leaning to get the EGT to drop (show peak). If it works you can reference the peak position on the EGT gauge for a comparison. Then try the same configuration at lower altitude. If you can't find PEAK there is no way to know how much LOP/ROP you are on that cylinder. Maybe someone here can indicate which cylinder is the richest and which is the leanest for your engine model. They normally are all very nearly the same
  6. The best repair possible for the King HSI is the purchase of an Aspen PFD.
  7. Mike Busch, Bob Kromer and Bob Minnis were there for the two days of presentations. Great information. They shared a lot of expert knowledge about Mooneys, engines and their maintenance that you could not get anywhere else.
  8. I would suggest all Mooney owners get a quote from Falcon Ins.
  9. The System 55x will not dive to intercept GS on its own. If you are above the GS push the ALT button to manually engage the GS. Be very careful this will make the airplane dive to the GS intercept. There are other specific signal requirements needed to engage the autopilot on an approach, if any are missing the unit will not control the path on its own.
  10. what does the "installer" say about them?
  11. I don't think so. The MFD has an extra plug on the back that connects to the external battery for the FAA required 30 minutes. The PFDs do not have that connection. all the other functions are the same AFAIK.
  12. this makes no sense at all unless someone tied (spliced) the two probes together. The OEM CHT should be totally separate from everything else. Are you using a separate probe for the JPI and a separate probe for the OEM CHT ? How are they attached to the Cylinder ?