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  1. Are Tempest Fine Wire plugs approved for the IO-550G engine ?
  2. How many years has the FAA been pretending to certify a new unleaded aviation fuel ? G100UL has passed all but a tiny few, insignificant tests but the FAA will not move on it.
  3. Is the wing repair signed off and approved in the logbooks or is an approval still required ?
  4. Here is the data from my JPI830 for the different settings. I was wrong above, the altitude was 3500' autopilot was holding heading and altitude MP - RPM - MPG LOP settings 25 - 2500 - 12.6 25 - 2400 - 13.2 25 - 2300 - 13.8 25 - 2200 - 14.3 24 - 2400 - 12.3 24 - 2300 - 13.6 24 - 2200 - 14.5 23 - 2400 - 12.3 23 - 2300 - 13.1 23 - 2200 - 13.8 ROP settings 25 - 2500 - 9.2 25 - 2400 - 8.8 24 - 2500 - 9.5 24 - 2400 - 10.0 24 - 2300 - 10.4 24 - 2200 - 11.1 there are a couple of reading that don't fol
  5. I did some quick comparisons on a one hour trip at 4000' which allowed changes to both MP and RPM. In all combinations the FF was lower when the MP was high and the RPM was low.
  6. these prices only apply to those that already have the G5s installed - right ?
  7. the best kept secret for buying an early Ovation is to get the Eagle instead. Exact same airframe and if upgraded with HP/Fuel capacity/Gross weight it becomes an exceptional buy.
  8. yes, but it needs to function accurately i.e. mounted correctly.
  9. The best way I have heard to understand this is that one person can LOG the flight time when he/she is doing the flying while another person is ACTING as PIC for the flight. Both get to put the time in their log books.
  10. all your bottom plugs look oil soaked. One qt/4 hours is high but not serious. A little effort can isolate the excessive leakage with compression testing. Valves vs rings and which cylinders are better/worse than others. LOP is not going to show much change in only 100 hrs or so. It is a long term benefit. The appearance of your tail pipe is pretty normal for LOP operations. Talk with your mechanic about the lead fouling, sometimes a slightly hotter plug or a change to the cruise settings will help reduce it. It will never be completely eliminated.
  11. The absolute best advice you can get here is to talk with your Aspen dealer that will do the install and he will tell you what (if any) documentation is needed and if HE will provide it. Best of luck.
  12. The S-Tec 55x has a trim fuse mounted on the board inside the computer. Is this the component that failed ? This is a well known (common) issue with the 55x
  13. Check your service manual. There is a calibration procedure. Basically you run the trim full limit and adjust the potentiometer on the module. There is a hole in the case of the indicator behind the panel.
  14. This is what the Continental reps claim is the best method for hot starts............... 1. Don't touch the power leave it where it was at shut down 2. Mixture - full rich 3. Start. The engine will fire in just a couple of rotations, 4. IF the mechanical fuel pump does not keep the engine running, add Low boost pump 5. When engine is assured to keep running turn off Low boost pump. (should only be a few seconds. ) Always works. This method reduces the risk of flooding, high RPM and long cranking time.
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