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  1. Cruiser

    Do you like your Aspen MFD?

    there is a raised lip in the center of the mounting bracket that a spring loaded tab snaps into. This holds the unit in place and it must be pushed down to release the unit for removal. It is not the panel instrument cutout.
  2. Cruiser

    TKS fluid in engine bay

    check the nozzle for the prop slinger. These have been know to break off from vibration and/or need re-positioning. Also, the slinger ring on the backplate can get clogged. To thoroughly clean it some disassembly may be required.
  3. Cruiser

    Do you like your Aspen MFD?

    Aspen recently partnered with L3 and has been offering some very attractive discounts on ADS-B installs. You do not need to have nav data on the MFD. The Seattle Avionics chart/plate data is all I have. In "hard" IFR I want all my navigation data in front of me on certified equipment. I have been told (but not personally seen) the new MAX screen is awesome.
  4. Cruiser

    New Member in Michigan

    how was the impending failure determined?
  5. Cruiser

    430W TAWS?

    It was a very expensive option;
  6. soon to be removed for an upgrade. The beautiful PS Engineering PMA7000M-S audio/marker beacon panel from 1999 M20R/S Ovation. Excellent working condition. Like new. Available soon. Includes tray, connectors and manual. Offered here first to a fellow Mooney owner. No asking price, Make an offer. Image can be seen in my photo album. TomK
  7. Cruiser

    Air on Ground ADS-B faults

    I would suggest you get the avionics installer involved. They should be responsible for the proper configuration and assure correct operations.
  8. Does anyone need one of these? It was removed during my panel upgrade. Computer only, it was piggy backed on the OEM fuel transducer. Includes connector and user manual. This system is also capable of transmitting the fuel information to the GPS navigation receivers, for additional calculations and display of fuel management data. Model 912041T-D 14-28 VDC.
  9. Cruiser

    Help ID-ing this screw in cap

    uh oh, it's the flux detector.
  10. Every business has happy and disappointed customers. The hope is (for the company) that the happy ones vastly outnumber the disappointed ones. Sometimes disgruntled customers are unreasonable customers but happy customers are never mistaken. So the balance gets skewed a bit. Anyway, as a business grows in age and experience it develops a reputation. Over time if the driving force behind the reputation changes, the reputation is likely to change also. A couple of things. 1. A good mechanic is usually not a good communicator. 2. Smart mechanics have good communicators in the office talking on the phones (this costs money) 3. Happy customers need both.
  11. Cruiser

    GTX 345 installed, KFC 150 fried

    I am sure you have seen pictures of the wiring behind a panel. Installing anything is bound to move most of those wires. It may or may not be related. If the shop actually had all the avionics on and operating (as they should have to complete the install) then I would suggest it was properly wired. Look for exposed or damaged wires/connections. (still could have been done by the shop) Or it was just the A/Ps time. (RIP)
  12. The IO-550 is very well balance from the factory. You should be able to get at least .5 gallon spread or better. You definitely have something wrong, an air leak or clogged/bad injector.
  13. Cruiser

    NOADSB message on GTX330ES

    First it is no longer necessary to do the flight test for the FAA that was only for the rebate installations. NO ADSB or no ES messages are indicating that there is not a valid GPS position source available to the transponder. Either the configurations are wrong or the wiring is not correct. Did it ever work?