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  1. what does the "installer" say about them?
  2. I don't think so. The MFD has an extra plug on the back that connects to the external battery for the FAA required 30 minutes. The PFDs do not have that connection. all the other functions are the same AFAIK.
  3. this makes no sense at all unless someone tied (spliced) the two probes together. The OEM CHT should be totally separate from everything else. Are you using a separate probe for the JPI and a separate probe for the OEM CHT ? How are they attached to the Cylinder ?
  4. 240 HP or 310 HP two blade or three blade prop? 3200# or 3368# ? actual weight during flight
  5. what RPM are you using and how are you determining power?
  6. try putting pressure on the rudder petals and move the yaw slightly to one side and then the other while watching the airspeed. Give it time to react. Many times the plane is not perfectly rigged and you can get a knot or two from the reduced friction. This is also a good way to determine if your turn coordinator is aligned properly.
  7. here is the applicable cost comparison for today's avionics Not only is the IFD540 easier to use, the IFD540 provides a better value. Avidyne IFD540 Garmin GTN750 Fully-Featured Price $15,999 $28,044* 3D Exocentric Synthetic Vision Included Not Available Bluetooth Hardware Included Only available with external Flightstream. Add $549 WiFi Hardware Included Only available with Flightstream 510 Add $1,499 Bluetooth Keyboard Included Not Available IFD100 App/Controller Included Not Available Forward Looking Terrain Alerting – (FLTA) Included Only available with TAWS Upgrade. Add $7,995 Required Terrain Clearance Alerting – (RTC) Included Only available with TAWS Upgrade. Install Kit + Tray Included Included SD Card N/A Add $555 Color Terrain Awareness Included Included Jeppesen Charts - Unlock Included Add $1,995 Suggested List Price $15,999 $16,000
  8. Fortunately, those are not the only choices. Garmin certainly is the main avionics source. IF you want all Garmin panel and don't mind paying for it, they are a great choice.
  9. Not so much hate, some like the feeling of not having to bend over
  10. That would be an opinion of what you call stable.
  11. No such thing as an Aspen repair shop, talk to your dealer for recommendations. Only one way to do the upgrade. Again talk to your avionics shop. The dealer makes the reservation and collects the money. Aspen does the work.
  12. try ADS-B + or GDL-88 or Capstone Trfc+Wx
  13. they are soldered on the display board. Rgpilot described the process ^^^^. If all are out, someone changed them before and used 28v bulbs? Or there may be other problems. You cannot test the bulbs in the circuit, they must be removed to know if they are blown.
  14. On the Ovation gauges there are two sets of lightbulbs . Night lights are tied into the dimmer circuit and are 28v bulbs Day time lights are driven from the modules and are 5v bulbs.