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  1. Airspeed, VSI for sale. Removed from 1999 Ovation. Accepting offers. Edited 21 minutes ago by Cruiser update
  2. Cruiser

    The NEW new panel

    My VS button is located front and center on the lower right knob of the PFD. It also selects the Altitude when you push it in once to change from HDG mode to ALT mode. The hollow cyan bug on the vertical speed tape moves up and down and turns to a solid magenta box with the digital rate inside when selected. Not bad for this crude, VW bug of a glass panel.
  3. Cruiser

    Fixing my Stratus

    I would break it beyond repair also, but not for your reasons. What a piece of junk.
  4. Cruiser

    GTN 750 vs current upgrades

    All true except for the airplanes that are not seen by the ATC radar. IF ATC cannot see them then you will not see them either. This is most likely to occur around remote airports that are not in range of radar coverage at the pattern altitude. In this case there can be a bunch of airplanes buzzing around that will not be seen other than visually.
  5. Cruiser

    GTN 750 vs current upgrades

    Not sure which firmware you are using but my A/P, Aspen PFD, IFD540 will fully couple to LNAV/VNAV, LNAV+V and LP+V approaches.
  6. Cruiser

    GTN 750 vs current upgrades

    there are......... they just don't seem to cross paths with him.
  7. Why? What indications do you see? Just announced new E5 last summer, Newly announced MAX upgrade, FULLY backward compatible with ALL previous units. Very price competitive. What am I missing?
  8. Not sure for Lynx. I think it would be better to do it there instead on on the Aspens. You have to go into the configuration on the Aspens to change the RS-232 line off.
  9. For those interested in the actual problem. I believe Garmin experienced much the same issue on the GTN750 last month as I am told. The FAA has recently changed the data stream on the ADS-B weather products. The Garmin GPS was overwhelmed and shut down. Since the GPS is not a primary instrument this was not advertised like the Aspen PFD/MFD . Aspen is experiencing a very similar problem with the ADS-B data stream. The FAA and Aspen are working to resolve this. In the mean time turn off the weather (ADS-B) input to the PFD/MFD units and they will be OK. There is NO AD at this time (and probably will not be one)
  10. This is a statement on the new MAX page and applies to current units that can be upgraded. The current units are not MAX units. They can be sent back for upgrades. The second statement does not mean you can remove the AI on the current units. The new MAX units will require a GPS data input which allows the removal. Current units still need a backup. MAX units are NOT CERTIFIED yet. They are not available yet. They are expected early next year.
  11. I thought they were running a special offer that included the unlock?
  12. How are you able to remove the Horizon ? If the Aspen includes the GTX345 unlock, fine but you could get an L3 transponder from Aspen with no additional unlock cost. Have you considered adding the EBB58? it is not very expensive.
  13. Cruiser

    Fuel efficiency in headwinds

    It is very simple.......... What combination gives the best mpg. ? You can compare all the different combinations with only the mpg measure.
  14. I take it you are ferrying the plane. What of the list was found before you took it to Don? Was there an in air problem or did you schedule the stop? Let us know the rest of the story when you can.