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  1. what is the sample frequency set to on the JPI ?
  2. Configuration maybe, software ? not so much, there are many (including me) flying around with current Avidyne IFD540/440 units working perfectly fine with ADS-B OUT installed. Yes, there is a software upgrade coming from Avidyne but it will not address your problem.
  3. ADS-B PCR User's Guide April 8 2016 - PCR Theme.pdf
  4. SDA failure mean you do not have a valid GPS source. This could be a configuration setting or an actual signal failure
  5. what Lancecasper said..................^^^^^ Most of these combinations require a power output test, did your shop do one? If you are not ready for that yet you can try replacing the existing antenna cable and antenna with new. RG400 cable and a new blade antenna might help. It will be required if you upgrade the transponder so it really is not a waste of money. It might help. You can search eBay for a replacement, they are really cheap, but no guarantees it will work better. Check with the avionics shop for compatible units maybe something else, but I don't think there are any.
  6. I tried to buy the rights to the code (FliteSoft) but he had some agreement with Steve.
  7. just got my insurance quote from Falcon. My premium when from $8.10/K to $9.71/K a 20% increase with the same coverage and provider.
  8. actually it does NOT (GTN 750) unless you are willing to spend more money..........
  9. the common point of failure for the PFD/MFD is the pitot/static system. Both units have completely separate hardware and work independently except for that. The new MAX will has degraded AI support from a valid GPS source like Garmin. reducing the risk of pitot failure.
  10. Damage History is a buyers method of haggling price. DH vs. NDH is a point on the timeline of the aircraft. Some pilots think a plane with NDH is more valuable than one with. Reason being if they can buy one without damage history for the same price as one with damage history the NDH should be the preferred choice. Along those lines, DH may reduce the potential pool of buyers for the reason above and/or require a price decrease. Something to consider when purchasing. As for actual damage history consider a prop strike. If the engine and prop are removed and replaced with new what remains on the aircraft to decrease the value of DH? It could be argued that the new prop and engine would increase the value of a DH air frame. Is a 50 year old wing without hail damage worth more or less than the one with aileron skins replaced with new to repair the hail damage. ? You decide.
  11. The 330es receives a GPS data from the 430W and sends the ADS-B OUT data to the FAA . You should fly and then ask for a report to verify the unit is transmitting the proper data stream. When your avionics tech made the changes it looks like they configured your 430W to receive ADS-B IN which the 330es does not provide.
  12. Cirrus sells their planes at nearly the same price as Mooney. I don't see the price as an issue.
  13. 4.4.5 Back Up Nav Indicator For certification reasons a backup navigation indicator is required for at least one type of operation for which the aircraft is certificated. This means that in any installation in an aircraft certified for IFR where the EFD1000 E5 is the only display of navigation information in the cockpit, a backup navigation indicator is required. This will ensure that a failure of the EFD1000 E5 system does not result in a complete loss of all navigation data to the flight crew. Thus, for example, an installation that includes a panel mount GPS with an integral LCD display that includes a CDI indicator approved for navigation would not require a backup NAV indicator. However, a GPS with legacy VLOC radio that does not include an integral display with CDI indications approved for navigation will require a backup NAV indicator. If there is already a dedicated indicator wired to an existing NAV Receiver or GPS then it can be paralleled to the ACU as shown in Section 9. I hope this answers your question.
  14. does the KX155 have a glideslope? Move the Garmin CDI to the right and sell the other one or keep the No. 2 radio setup as is and sell the Garmin CDI Aspen is a good choice. With the built in Aspen GPSS you could also sell the S-tec GPSS module. Dump the vacuum system completely.