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  1. I have a complete system installed in my E, but I am not near my hangar, so if you can wait I could send your pictures when I get back.
  2. Yup, I am getting ready to part out The Mistress because she isn't worth saving. It's sad.
  3. You can do the pattern with a little over 3,000' of cord. Only 4.2 AMU at HF, but the knots and tangles are a bear.
  4. What's going to become extinct is realistic insurance rates.
  5. Hold on a sec, that's my E's name .
  6. I decided to track the internal temp and humidity, here's the local data: ...and the sensor in the hangar... Leads outside temp in the evening, lags it in the morning. Humidity still in the 'comfort zone'.
  7. It's not the heat, it's the humidity. Here in Wilma I just go down to the hangar every morning and open the doors on each end. We get a great breeze all day and even mid-July it is quite pleasant in there until about 10 AM, then it cools off once the sun starts to go down. My hangar is basically a wood-frame house shell, a metal T-hangar is not going to work like this. Back at BPT my T-hangar was 'not bad' in the morning with the door wide open and a humongous fan (HB floor fan) running. There, however, it was almost always humid and that made the difference.
  8. Each wreck is a potential parts harvest for the survivors.
  9. Who was the PPI done by? PM me if you fear them, thanks.
  10. This is the first I have heard of both of these items, so shocked and saddened at the passing of Bob, he was just a great guy. As for his E, it is hands down one of the finest E's flying--Bob treated it like his child, lots of mods, flown everywhere regularly, and just a beauty.
  11. Told you it was baffling Congrats and happy flying!
  12. Nah, I just found the article amusing on so many levels and thought I'd share.
  13. First, that would be the Mooney Mite (see photo). Second, even the inimitable Al Mooney GU'd in it