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  1. Anybody put one of these in their Mooney yet?
  2. I'd be very, very careful with that Merlin on your Mooney, could rip the wings off.
  3. That's because R&R'ing those rods is a beyotch Has to be done though and is a right of passage for anyone who claims to have worked on a Mooney with a doghouse!
  4. Well guys, it can happen to the best, browse here.
  5. This thread made me think about my last FR in April. My E was grounded so I went up with a CFI in a 172. OMG! I had not flown one for over a decade and all I could think was--this thing is so SLOW! The time available to make a decision was like YEARS and it basically landed like Mary Poppin's parasol. I had a great time The Mooney is not that kind of airplane. It, unlike a 172, or even a 182, wants to fly. As you do your take-off run it is anxious, just wanting to leap into the air. Later, it really does not want to land, but if you want to land it you have to finesse it, convince it to take the ground. There really isn't anything like it with a single engine.
  6. Add to their GoFundMe. OMG, they have raised $4,015 of their $55,000 goal. To think that Bob Ballard has somehow missed this incredible discovery is just mind boggling. That he has already started spending millions on his wild goose chase to Nikumaroro Island is hard to fathom. He needs to be told about this!
  7. All kidding's a good article on the topic from a pilot's perspective. A woman pilot no less!
  8. I am a big fan of cockpit humor. Jeez, the innuendos surrounding the Johnson Bar alone, and we all know how superior manual gear is to electric, is enough to titillate any pilot.
  9. Titanic is over 2 miles deep...of course, it's huge.
  10. Best data on the issue I have seen yet...and Ballard has gotten involved.
  11. Existe esta cosa llamada 'Google'. Intentalo.
  12. Of course, hope springs eternal in terms of closure, this may be it.