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  1. Well, we already have the cuisine...who doesn't love Tex-Mex? After BBQ of course...
  2. Love the photo, but if that happens can Texas just go it's own way? Actually, we'll just do that. Long live the Republic!
  3. Thanks! If everyone had just said "Boy Scouts retire flags" there wouldn't be this ridiculous discussion. As an Eagle Scout, I've retired flags many times and it is a cool ceremony! Akin to a viking burial kind of thing
  4. Frankly, I like both. If you want convenience and money is no object, then KAUS is the way to go. You also get to land with the big boys. The tower there tried to kill me once by giving me 35L and then after I was almost on final switching me (and I could sense a pucker factor of 10+ in the controllers voice) to 35R for 'traffic'! I landed with a 737 IIRC. Anyway, KEDC is just an aviator's mecca. The terminal is one of the most beautiful of any in the world and the line crews are TOTALLY Mooney savvy. You also pull up in the shade (see photo, red arrow is N5976Q), a BIG plus in Tejas. Ozarka in the fridge and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies--what's not to love? Only issue is it being so far from the city center. I frankly will never forgive Austin for shutting down Mueller--my house in Hyde Park is less than ten minutes from it
  5. The very best way to visit that monument!
  6. Gottah love Mike Deakin: Pilots know how TO fly airplanes Aeronautical Engineers know HOW airplanes fly. Seldom do the twain meet. Less overthinking the issue and more reliance on 'Stick and Rudder' skills (sorry to keep harping on this).
  7. Well, to assuage all of you who fear that things may 'not have been right', please attend: Following the install, I had my A&P/IA run a W&B. He had no issues with anything that had been done. Bruce was extremely careful about fire retardant materials meeting the letter of the law. With the Spatial Interior, he uses the same plastics that are used in commercial jets. Lastly, because of the modular design of the Spatial Interior, and the fact that it easily snaps in and out, future inspections of what is really important; i.e., structural elements, are much simplified. QED
  8. Just a little plastic repair and paint.
  9. When I redid the interior of my E with Bruce Jaeger (Jaeger Aviation 'Spatial Interior'), it was all considered (according to Bruce), owner maintenance. Yes, the headliner 'console' is complicated, but it is just air vents and projector lights (and the never used speaker). Surprisingly, with all of the stuff that Bruce has done to Mooneys, he is not an A&P/IA. That said, he knows far more than many that do. He showed me quite a few things during the install, particularly places to look for corrosion.