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  1. Heat transfer efficiency is diminished at altitude. iPad has no fan and using flight software (heavy graphics, GPS, screen brightness) puts a huge load on them. Best solution is a holder with fan(s) or just power cycle to give it a rest. https://www.sportys.com/x-naut-cooling-case-for-ipad-mini-1-5.html?mrkgadid=&mrkgen=27&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Smart_Shopping&creative={AdId}&device=c&matchtype=&mrkgcl=596&acctid=700000001999345&dskeywordid=92700067107255414&lid=92700067107255414&ds_s_kwgid=58700007109433166&ds_s_inventory_feed_id=97700000007407630&dsproductgroupid=961638435786&product_id=2071A&merchid=2857566&prodctry=US&prodlang=en&channel=online&storeid=&device=c&network=u&matchtype=&locationid=9010078&creative=524093874389&targetid=pla-961638435786&campaignid=13261768744&adgroupid=122815601677&gclid=Cj0KCQjwof6WBhD4ARIsAOi65agshGjopX56ykbY4W__EE2UZOIoBwTEw6fnR6uPfNCaczgselULdMkaApWvEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  2. Let me add that grinding the shims (to get them in and out while the engine is mounted) is common practice--that's in the Maxwell document.
  3. On my E the shims were critical to engine cooling. It has to do with alignment with the front cowl opening. Yes, sort of T&E.
  4. These boots are made of Uo (unobtainium). Some wrenches have repaired them with rubber compounds.
  5. I wasn't sure, but there you have it. Just baffling!
  6. It was baffling, in more ways than one The ol' doghouse (once a Mooniac, always a Mooniac) had just gotten so raggedy it was leaking. We tightened things up and temps improved, slightly. I found that if I didn't push the initial climb like a drag racer, which I dearly loved to do, I could keep the temps down. Also, I did not run into high temps until I installed my EI MVP50. I think that cylinder always heated up, I just didn't know it until new technology revealed it. Good luck, just back off the throttle a bit (I know, hard to do in a Mooney).
  7. I suggest a chat with Jordan Propeller in San Antone. Exceptional service and knowledge, especially with vintage Mooney props.
  8. I agree and apparently Anthony @carusoam was prescient about the morbidity of it. There is a triangular sticker, not unlike the old 'Mooney Bird Decal' with what looks to be a blue and red rectangular banner most likely with the model designation which was lost in the heat.
  9. I am wondering if the disks can be 'reconditioned'. I wondered that at the time these were replaced, which was about 8 years ago. These have had time to expand, if they even do so, since they are no longer under compression. The difference in landing was noticeable with the new ones. So the question is, if you pulled yours off (no small feat!) and then let them relax in a rubber restorative bath, would the process buy more time? Alternatively, jack up the plane to take the weight off, spray the pucks with 'a rubber restorative' and see what happens. When these were on my E they had reached their serviceable limit.
  10. LOL, those are Lord Landing Gear Shock Disks out of a Mooney '66 E. Hardly useless trash and of high sentimental value.
  11. No way to know. We bought the place from his widow, he had been gone for three years or so and she really had no idea about anything other than he retired from ConEd. I am not even sure which aircraft he had other than Cessna and Piper over the years.
  12. Fascinating. The ConEd connection again. Good sleuthing, thanks! Some of my former students design substations, time to pass it by one of them.
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