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  1. Boy is your life about to change...for the better
  2. The landings will be noticeably wonderful.
  3. ...and a FINE looking bird! I really love the black accents around the windows.
  4. I never saw the tail number. With it you could check flight aware and see if its been in the air lately.
  5. Instituted some new security procedures in the hangar:
  6. Don't forget international marketing. Many examples of companies back in the day, before they got savvy, who came up with terms for their products that turned out to be offensive in foreign locales. Years ago, COMSOL Multiphysics, a Swedish finite element analysis program, was called "FEMLAB". I had an early copy of it and wrote to the company that 'FEMLAB' might not be the best choice of name in the male-dominated US engineering milieu. I don't know if that email did anything, but they did change the name. There was another instance over the years where a new research group's acronym (like TIT above) was ill-conceived for the American taste--they changed it after having it brought to their attention. Gottah love the Comedy Planet, you cannot make this stuff up.
  7. @Ricky_231 I checked, they are not here. It is a long shot, but you could call the FBO at KBPT (409-719-4950) and ask them if they could take a look in hangar 31 (public T-hangars). The county folks are just good Tejas people and most likely would take a look for you. I know I didn't toss them and by now you are probably aware that they are made from unobtanium.
  8. I think I left them in my hangar at KBPT when I moved to 03NC. I'll look around and see if they are here.
  9. I am kicking that around. Some of the other hangars on the field are not hangars at all, but what I call aircraft showrooms. They are completely drywalled, polished, epoxied floor, HVAC, Big Ass Fan, bathrooms, bar, etc. Frankly, I sort of like the industrial look to mine and I just want the six months of high heat and bitter cold to be mitigated somewhat. I don't want to dump a huge amount of money in, just have more time to play with my toys year-round. Because of the mild NC seasonal cycles, the heat/cold cycling is actually advantageous. If I go to the hangar in the morning during the summer and in the afternoon during the winter, my season is extended and this makes me think a hefty unit won't have any trouble at all extending that year round.
  10. On St. Pats day we'll have been here in coastal NC for exactly one year. I wanted to experience the weather over the four seasons before deciding on how to control the weather inside my 2000 sf hangar. As spring approaches, just opening the doors on each side makes a wonderful environment and this works great in the fall as well. Then there's Elsa to deal with starting mid-November and then Lucifer shows up in June. What I really want to do is take the chill off during the cold months and moderate the heat in the summer. The whole building is uninsulated, just wooden framing with a pitched roof and 13' open-joist ceiling. What I am thinking is either a package unit heat pump with one huge vent midway down one wall or a set of ductless mini-splits. Looking for ideas now that I can get back into the hangar and it will be pleasant for another three months.
  11. The level of boredom of Mooney owners unable to fly is staggering
  12. Just going to throw this out and keep in mind I'm an EE who is thermodynamically challenged, but has anyone thought of running a hose from their car exhaust up into the engine compartment of their Mooney? Of course, we are talking outside of the hangar or with the door open. Sit in your car and stay toasty while it warms up the engine.
  13. I suggest caution, a Heat Gun is not a hairdryer. The concentration of heat put out by a gun is phenomenal and could ignite the engine. A small, high quality ceramic space heater would serve you better, you want gentle, controlled heat.
  14. I wondered this myself, you know the old saying "It isn't a question of whether, but of when."
  15. Most likely Garmin thought of that and then their attorneys put the kibosh on it
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