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  1. HRM

    Screw Kits

    Good grief! That screws kit from Spruce is looking better all the time--and they do specify that it is for the Mooney M20 series.
  2. HRM

    My second annual

    There will always be thieves, drive a Mercedes, you'll find out. You said 'most mechanics' in your original post. I just think 'most mechanics' are underpaid and when a fly lands in the web they charge full price as opposed to the "I want your continuing business" rates that the local, on-field guy may charge. That said, I agree that some take advantage and that is unfortunate. Lastly, anybody that does any engine work on a Mooney (typically what is wrong when out and away) has to understand that charging a premium for labor is not uncalled for--they are a beyotch to work on.
  3. I'll go with partial tankfuls for buzzing around the Delta (KBPT), but for any cross country, full tanks only. One of the great things about being an aging pilot is the automatic three-hour time limiter that forces landing. No audible alarm, just a gentle, increasing urgency that enforces a landing procedure long before the fuel tanks are emptied.
  4. HRM

    My second annual

    They are just taking advantage of what the market will bear, and you cannot blame them. They have lives and when you think of the amount of time spent to get the license, yearly certs, tools and parts, well, you can't blame them. Then there is the liability. Either accept the costs of flying a certified aircraft or build an experimental with folding/removable wings that you can throw onto a Uhaul trailer and cart home to repair yourself
  5. HRM

    Screw Kits

    Indeed! Won't find them at Lowe's or the local ACE with those isles full of trays of parts. Another reason to just spring for the kit.
  6. Repost from MAPAlist: It did. My first flight after my “insurance sentence” took me less than 20 minutes over to T78in search of cheap, self-serve AvGas. As I approached the engine began to sputter and I saw my life passing in front of me. Then I saw the article I had read the week before on AOPA about airplane crashes where the FAA found that 90% of them were ‘Pilot Error’ and the top third of those was ‘fuel management’. That’s when I looked down and saw the fuel selector was pointing to an empty tank. I switched it and the engine roared back to life. Happy ending and it made a ‘fuel management’ believer out of me. Harley M20E Super 21N5976Q @ KBPT
  7. ...but the 'nod' is so much fun! Especially with a co-pilot that isn't prepared for it
  8. HRM

    Aircraft jacks

    I think you basically just did a homemade version of the 'commercial' low-wing jack. The reason they are so expensive is twofold: 1) low volume production and 2) liability. I have dreamed of a common application for a jack like this appearing and then running down to HF and buying a pair for $80 (with the coupon!). The other ridiculously overpriced aircraft toy is the electric towbar. You can get one of these at HF for 0.16 AMU, not much difference to a Sidewinder:
  9. HRM

    ECI for the prop hub

    The $1,500 sounds like "We'll do it, but we don't want to."
  10. This is exactly why I am leaving the certified world for the experimental.
  11. HRM

    Screw Kits

    Well, there's the rub (Hamlet, Wm Shakespeare). What would be wonderful is a Spruce wish list with a couple of each of all of them, because I have no idea which ones are which and so many annuals have mixed screws all over the place. <sigh>
  12. HRM

    ECI for the prop hub

    Who quoted? To be fair, I may have gotten a special deal since I was the first to do it with them (Jordan Prop).
  13. HRM

    Screw Kits

    Well, ordering all the parts and then missing a few is the issue. Then you are back to ordering a one-off and paying $10 shipping for three screws. I am not seeking to replace all the screws, etc., in my E, I just want to "have one on hand" if one breaks, is corroded or needs drilled out. I am not running a shop and I don't live close to Spruce. The question was, which kit, based on personal experience, would give me a nice, complete set (a few of each, not a hardware replacement kit) so I can avoid one-off ordering. I am getting close to a decision, I just like to check with the hive on these sorts of things. Annual isn't until October if you want an idea of how far out I work. Lastly, speaking of shops, I have found parts from other aircraft on my E. That bothers me. How do I know? Paint.
  14. HRM

    ECI for the prop hub

    I am curious as to what that cost. I had the same idea when Jordan Prop found that my hub was corroded and had to be junked. The price on a refurbed ECI hub + the mod was significantly less than a new B.