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  1. Well Paul, if you had been a kid back in the sixties, you'd know that when a rocket lands (tail first) on a scary planet the first thing that happens is a staircase magically emerges from the hull for the astronauts to descend to their doom on. Then there is the ultimate retractable 'step":
  2. Pilot admits running brothels A former United Airlines pilot has been placed on five years of deferred adjudication probation after pleading guilty to running about a half dozen brothels in the Houston area. Besides probation, state District Judge Jim Wallace ordered 53-year-old Bruce Wayne Wallis to pay a $2,000 fine and perform 150 hours of community service. He suggested the service be at a women’s shelter. Wallis was suspended by United in 2015 after he was charged with aggravated promotion of prostitution and engaging in criminal activity. Prosecutors said he made about $400 a week from six to 10 women at each of the brothels that were at apartments and office buildings. The Houston Chronicle reported the judge said Thursday what Wallis did was despicable, but that he didn’t coerce any of the prostitutes.
  3. Strip & Seal Fuel Tanks

    I would add that if I was having a reseal I'd insist that the tanks be done one at a time, with a check for corrosion after each strip. There's horror story elsewhere here where wing corrosion was discovered after the stripping and because both tanks were done, the bird was trapped at the stripping facility.
  4. I think you are right and I think he is crazy. This is sort of like the Pharaohs having their entourage killed and put into the tomb with them. Frankly, turning the plane over to a youngster who will restore and fly it makes far more sense to me. Not to mention the opportunity to fly in her a few more times as Kris pointed out. Sad
  5. o-360 overhaul

    After my bent rod on exhaust #2, Gibson's found a crack in the exhaust port. Replacement cylinder goes in this week--about .660 AMU. Includes a new rocker that got degraded from the bent pushrod. This is an IO-360, the O- might be different.
  6. Hello from Houston TX

    I have to agree with @Skates97 it all goes to mission. My mission is the Joy of Mooney. I love flying it, I love working on it, I love looking at it. Yes, a bit creepy, but what can I say? As for aspiring ATP's, a lot of ex ones own Mooneys, there's a reason. As for aspiring A&P's, repairing Mooneys tests the mettle of any man, or woman for that matter. Whenever I complain to my IA that something was a PITA to get at, remove and or replace he just says "Welcome to my world!" As for aspiring pilots in general, there is a continuing myth that Mooneys are hard to fly. That is nonsense, they almost fly themselves
  7. I'm not sure if my AMG even has brakes.
  8. From retro to basic

    Sorry if I missed this, but who did the panel (sheet metal)? It's exactly what I want (fit and finish).
  9. Owning an aging Mooney is a colossal PITA. You really need to love the maintenance aspect of it as well as the flying.
  10. I just go with the stall horn--it's never wrong since it's right there, just before the stall
  11. So do you just grab the pulley and see if it is loose? While the whole kit-n-kaboodle is open is the time to check these things.
  12. Austin Area Hangars

    Anyone know the hangar status at KEDC?
  13. Good point, I’ll look while l am in there. This started for other reasons, but has grown along the way That said, I think it’s just the angle of the view.
  14. So, I am now understanding why I have had high cylinder temps with my engine. The baffle seal is completely shot and I am beginning to wonder if the lower portion has ever been changed (see photo). The top seal is a patchwork of various black and orange pieces so while we are working a cylinder issue I've decided to replace the seals. Does the front lower cowl need to come off completely to get at the row of rivets, or is there some trick (like a partial removal)? Thanks!