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  1. The retractable step was enchanted at the factory and the only way to make sure it comes down is to do a squeaker landing. Otherwise, you will have to jump. Oh, and what you may think is a squeaker and what the Mooney thinks is a squeaker are two different things. Lastly, pay no attention to the comments regarding messing with it--it will punish you for that.
  2. I have one of those and found it to be an über mess. Now I am going with the 'bib'. Will let you know how it pans out.
  3. This is sort of a 'whatever floats your boat' thing. My question is, doesn't the wood stick pick up fuel smell? Also, when you find a splinter clogging a fuel injector, won't that ruin your day?
  4. Save yourself the analysis and just buy a "Universal" Fuel Hawk (0.012 AMU). Works great and they worked all the physics out so that it pipettes AVGAS perfectly.
  5. HRM

    New Owner of a M20E

    Unlikely to be a JPI700 issue if you have swapped sensors. My solution would be an EI MVP-50 (what I have) That said, you said "but it might not be a JPI 700 probe" which could be the exact source of the problem. Nevertheless, running that cylinder over 400º will kill it.
  6. HRM

    Poor mic connection

    Alcohol and Q-tips.
  7. HRM

    CHT Differences

    Here's an IO-360-A1A for comparison:
  8. HRM

    New Owner of a M20E

    Yes, this is very bad. If you pull throttle back to slow flight does the temp go down? Could be an airflow issue. Whatever, if these are the actual temps that cylinder will go. You can't run it that high.
  9. I produced the attached chart showing the mapping from the "Universal" Fuel Hawk (0.012 AMU) to the Mooney M20E fuel level mapping by adding fuel a gallon at a time. Surprisingly linear. I just could not do the wood stick thing. Then I made a table that I taped onto the Fuel Hawk--has served me well.
  10. Sex vs. Intelligence: Bigger balls mean smaller brain Rhett A. Butler, December 13, 2005 In a recent study of bats, Scott Pitnick, professor of biology at Syracuse University, found that testis size is inversely related to brain size. In other words, the bigger the balls of a bat species, the smaller its brain. Comparing brain size and testis size for 334 species of bats, Pitnick’s team looked to explore the contribution of sexual selection to brain evolution. Specifically, the research tested and confirmed two theories: larger testis are found in males with smaller brain size, and relative testis depends on female promiscuity. Pitnick and his team showed that among bat species, those with promiscuous females have relatively smaller brains than species with females that are faithful to their mates. The study also found that male infidelity, by contrast, had no evolutionary impact on relative brain size. Pitnick says a likely explanation for this relationship relates to the energetic demands of producing and maintaining both brain and sperm cells; males cannot afford a lot of both. Under this explanation, males with relatively large testes and small brains leave more offspring than larger-brained, less fertile, competitors. “When females mate with more than one male, sperm compete to fertilize the female’s eggs. Such sperm competition’ is rife in many bat species, perhaps due in part to the unusual ability (among mammals at least) of sperm to survive inside the female’s reproductive tract for a very long time,” says Pitnick. “The male who ejaculates the greatest number of sperm may win at this game, and hence many bats have evolved outrageously big testes—as much as 8.5% of their body mass. Because they live on an energetic knife-edge, bats may not be able to evolutionarily afford both big testes and big brains. We’re excited about these results, as they may stimulate more research into the correlated evolution of brains, behavior and the extravagant and costly ornaments and armaments favored by sexual selection.” The finding is consistent with research conducted on primates. Promiscuous primates like chimpanzees, where any individual male’s sperm will have to compete with the sperm of a number of other males, have large testis to produce bigger amounts of sperm whereas less promiscuous species, like gorillas and orangutans, produce less sperm and have smaller testis-, and penis-, size since females are unlikely to mate with more than one male during a breeding season. For humans — considered moderately promiscuous for a higher primate — the testis to body weight ratio falls between that of chimps and gorillas. Also involved in the research were Dr. Kate Jones of the Institute of Zoology at the Zoological Society of London and Dr. Jerry Wilkinson of the Department of Biology at the University of Maryland. The study was funded by the National Science Foundation. The full results of Pitnick’s study have recently been published in Proceedings B (London), a biology journal of the Royal Society. This article used excerpts and quotes from a news release (“SU biology professor: big brain not key to evolutionary success in bats”) written by Carol Kim at Syracuse University. HRM Note: airplanes are normally considered as 'female' (my own E is called 'The Mistress').
  11. I went ahead and ordered the kit. Too cheap to pass up and a C shares the same body as the E. Trimcraft was adamant about the completeness of their kits (years of experience), I just wondered if anyone here had experience with them.
  12. has a ridiculously low price on Trimcraft SS Screw Kits. $42.90 for the 1022 piece MOONEY M20-C STAINLESS SCREW KIT 69,76/AIRFRAME. A query to them as to what was in the kit garnered this response: The manufacturer does not give us a breakdown of what is in the kits, they don't want them duplicated. Regards, Tammy Anybody buy one of these kits? Are they fairly complete?
  13. HRM

    Today's flight for 2018

    Congrats and thanks for the great photo--not the guy with the goofy headset, that sleek wing framed by clouds!
  14. In a few weeks we'll celebrate the 53rd birthday of my E. She has, in the 9 years that I have owned her, started flawlessly under all conditions. I think you need to take yours to the E-whisperer. He did the annuals on mine for a decade before I bought her and because of that I did no pre-purchase inspection. Hie thee to KGGG.