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  2. I think the operative factor here is related to the volumetric measure of your cojones. The Brittain System is most forgiving (unlike the Max 8) of pilot override actions. My experience with a failed aileron servo was a somewhat aggravating pull that was easily overcome and removal of the PC button cut it out completely. Of course, I then had no PC. In my experience it is always obvious when the Brittain is not working. When it IS working is not always obvious--I had a CFI/I remark to me during a training flight that I had "Excellent rudder skills." He had no idea that the PC was doing all the work. IMNSHO, an AP should always be viewed as a convenience and never an essential element of pilotage. So, what you need to be prepared for is the fact that it will fail, period. When that happens is left to probability. So you slap some "Rapid Rubber Repair" on the servo and go flying on a beautiful VFR day. If it works fine, you are done--but you must always be prepared for it not working in the future. Far too many pilots are dependent on equipment rather than basic "Stick & Rudder" skills to the point that when the equipment takes control of their aircraft they fail to realize what is happening and, even worse, they do not know how to take the control back.
  3. Probably not legal, but you might make an "Owner Produced Part" argument.
  4. The kids got it right...never pass up the chance to do quality sim training!
  5. Looking forward to the follow-up.
  6. Not to question the master, but I had a bent rod recently (must be going around) and it tore up the rocker arm, cylinder had to go. I did have a fun time (literally!) fixing it...learned a sh*tload about the engine. Had a colossal scare when we thought the cam had a crack, turned out to be oil sheen. Don't ask. Now she is running like a champ. Happy ending!
  7. Their website is still alive, have you tried contacting them?
  8. The Mac runs Berkeley Unix in the background and easily handles Linux in VirtualBox. Ditch the antiquated Windoze and Linux boxes and buy a Mac.
  9. ...and that's the most fun thing of all to get back on.
  10. Not with Jordan. I checked and the difference was significant.
  11. Interesting. Mines seven years old and I have yet to see red. Of course, the shop has an investment in the ECI instrument and each inspection is pure gravy.
  12. I can't remember what the mod cost, but Jordan Prop (KSAT) charged me $4,200 in 2012 for a prop overhaul and that included the mod. They picked up my prop and then brought it back to me looking like it came from the Hartzell factory.
  13. Even more reason to do the mod. So you don't find a crack, go flying and crack happens long before the ECI comes due again. Of course, I am guessing that you see the leaking red oil on pre-flight.
  14. I really need to put one like this up (captured at a small FBO at KSJT):