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  1. HRM

    Check Gear!

    66' M20E Super 21 w/PC
  2. That is one FINE looking Mooney.
  3. Craig McGregor (
  4. First and foremost (and I have been with Apple since 1984), never buy the first run of an Apple product. So, we are talking Pencil 2 here, issues resolved.
  5. HRM

    Check Gear!

    Is this a quiz or a question? Good pun too
  6. ...and still only rumors. I just wish they'd make an announcement. If it doesn't do the pencil, I'm out. If it does, I'm in.
  7. HRM

    Check Gear!

    I have found that CFIs tend to fall into one of two camps. On the one hand are those that simply understand flight and are there as your spirit guide to try to help get you to Stick and Rudder nirvana and the the others who have decided that whoever taught you to fly was an idiot and it is their mission to correct the deficiencies. Whenever encountering the latter, and this occurs randomly every two years at FR time for me, I simply 'go with the flow' and stroke their ego until I get a sign off out of them. I would never, however, commit to a new rating with a CFI in that category. Seek out the spirit guide--less heartburn and anxiety and you'll be a better pilot in the end.
  8. HRM

    New to forum, re-starting my PPL

    Thanks for giving me an opening. My story is a bit different, but close enough. I earned my wings in 1986 (PPL) and then career got in the way and I didn't fly for close to twenty years. By then my career had stabilized, kids grown along with bank account, etc., so I went down to the local muni, found a CFI with a raggedy "circus pony" 172 and got current after about six hours. Then I bought me a Mooney. A Super Mooney. Oh what a feeling! I've been to Mach 0.32 in her, try that with a Cessgnat So, hang in there and good luck. Totally doable. Don't look back. PS After buying my E I did 10 hours with a Mooney CFI to get insurance OK. That was ten of the best hours of my life--had a ball and flew all over Central Texas. Good times.
  9. Not planning to do it anytime soon. Then there are the words of the sage: NOTE: Whenever hand propping a Mooney or any aircraft with Shower of Sparks system, be sure and disconnect the starter relay. The SOS must be activated during the hand propping and you don’t want the starter to engage while someone is near the prop.
  10. Thanks, those were the two issues I wondered about. Then again, AeroElectric sez: Further an airplane fitted with SOS magneto cannot be started by hand since the SOS system is battery powered and effective only while the cockpit controls are in the start position. In cases were a battery is too low to actually crank the engine, it might very well have enough energy to power the SOS vibrator. A starter disable switch would allow the SOS vibrator and retard points to be made active without energizing the starter. When the man on the prop yells “contact” and hears the vibrator buzzing away on the firewall, a gentle nudge of the propeller through top-dead-center will light ‘er off. Another suggestion is to make provisions for a small, aux battery to power the SOS system through special "hand propping" circuitry in lieu of taking power from the main ship's battery.
  11. Two questions: 1) Engine. 2) Did the FM/POH forbid hand-propping?
  12. Maybe that's the minimum requirement for being president of the CBC. On a more serious note, it's an example of poor situational awareness and speaks to a weak sense of personal minimums. An aircraft that includes a starter motor and has to be hand-propped to get it started means that something is wrong, eh? How one proceeds when something is wrong is a path that branches to either success or failure -- the latter can be extreme.
  13. Somebody's been watching Shark Tank. Looks like the business is booming, congrats.
  14. The article said that Apple was looking to offer a low cost (budget) device, which I find hard to believe---Apple does not do that. Frankly, it's a no-go for me if the pencil isn't there.