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  1. Reporting on a great experience with Aeromotors LLC executing rebuild of weakening Weldon A8152-B boost pump. Flat rate rebuild was less than 1/2 the price of the "other guys". I included an extra 50 bucks "in the hope of expediting service" as a phone call to Ole found that they had a lot of rebuilds to do ... and I really, really do not like downtime. These folks turned the rebuild around in 2 days AND sent me my 50 bucks back! The motor and motor housing are brand new. The paperwork is impeccable. Phone conversations with Teresa were a delight! While you have to set up return
  2. References provided for a reason: Confor Foam meets FAR 25.853, FAR 25.855, and CAL 117 burn specifications making it excellent for certified aircraft or homebuilts.
  3. Mark Coleman's Depot Avionics shop at KALS with shop foreman Mike (didn't get last name) installed GTX 345 on time, on budget and with a smile. Preliminary flight squawk-free, will conduct FAA ADS-B survey as time warrants. Absence of updates to this post indicate all is well. Thanks Mark and Mike! ps: Just used: https://adsbperformance.faa.gov/PAPRRequest.aspx for FAA survey for the ferry home, all good.
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