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  1. moontownMooney

    Cheap IFR GPS

    Can you explain the significance of the PROC key to me? I have very little experience with these GPS systems and what little I have was 15+ years ago. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. moontownMooney

    Brittain install manual

    I've added some additional documentation for Brittain products (wiring diagrams, maintenance manuals for Accu-Trak and Accu-Flite, AFMs, supplements) in the "Downloads" section here. The very friendly Brittain staff were eager to provide me this library of information when I requested it to help troubleshoot the system in my new-to me plane last year. My wing-leveler and Accu-Flite works great. The constant rate turn knob on my Accu-Trak works but the nav tracking does not. We haven't figured it out, but that is largely because other bigger issues have come up (e.g., complete fuel tank reseal). I do miss the Brittain folks. They were so friendly and helpful.
  3. moontownMooney

    Brittain PC & AP Documents

    Brittain PC & AP Documents View File These were provided to me by Brittain in 2017. Submitter moontownMooney Submitted 09/12/2018 Category Avionics  
  4. moontownMooney

    KX 155 Display

    @bob865 ... thanks. I'll try that.
  5. moontownMooney

    Cheap IFR GPS

    I have a '68 M20F with a panel that is minimally IFR qualified and no IFR GPS. My partner and I are currently both working on getting our IFR tickets in our Mooney. We appreciate the convenience and safety that an IFR GPS would provide and would love to put in a 650 when we can afford it (oh maybe a decade from now ). My thought/question is this... If I can get a 155XL (non-precision approach, crumby two-tone screen) for ~$1000, or a 430 for ~$4000 (non precision approach, crumby color screen), or a 430W (precision approach, crumby color screen) for ~$6000, or a 650 for $9000 (precision approach, nice but small color screen), to me the old GNC 155XL seems like a pretty good nearer term option. None of the color screens will be as good as foreflight on my iPad anyway and all precision approaches buy me is (typical) 200ft at airports without ILS. I've only been a plane owner for about a year and, as stated, am not yet an IFR pilot, so if I'm missing something please let me know. I'd love to hear other's thoughts along these lines. As a note, I'm aware my prices are rough and don't include install. Thanks in advance...
  6. moontownMooney

    KX 155 Display

    I can't be sure if the radio is still properly transmitting/receiving as we weren't local when it failed and we can't remember what we had dialed in. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. moontownMooney

    KX 155 Display

    So we had a fun surprise during an all-morning IFR practice flight... Shut down our plane to get fuel, started back up and the display on one of our KX 155's didn't come on at all. The radio seems to be getting power because the VOR indicator twitches when you turn the radio on. Any thoughts on failure mode? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  8. moontownMooney

    I need to sit in an M20F

    I have a 68 M20F with the split rear seat as well. I will second that it is an incredibly comfortable seat, compared to seats in general, not just aircraft seats. I enjoy riding in the back of my plane about as much as piloting it. It is an incredibly comfortable ride. The pilots seat, like all M20's I assume, you wear like a glove. But the back seat is borderline excessive for the back two of a 4 place piston. Now, no one of this addresses how easy it is to get in and out... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. moontownMooney

    Annual Questions

    Hello All - We are working through our annual at a reputable MSC and have received our recommended repairs list. Things have gone quite smoothly from a major repair perspective; however, there are quite a few $300-$1000 items being recommended, which also add up. It includes some items I'd like to get some more experienced opinions on, as they have given us a bit of concern. We have a 1968 M20F. This is our first annual after ownership of the aircraft, but we had an annual completed by an MSC as part of the pre-buy process a year ago. 1) We have an Aero Trainer tire on the nose gear and the mechanic suggests that these are such poor quality that they are inherently a blowout risk and is recommending replacing. He did not indicate which brand/model of tire and tube he was going to replace with. 2) He is suggesting performance of SB-289A related to aileron links, but when I look up 289A it clearly indicates that it applies to electric gear retract versions of the 66-onward M20F's but we have manual gear retract and the applicable Modal & S/N list says nothing of that. I'm inclined to think we don't need this, per the SB's applicability list, but perhaps this has become a common repair/upgrade for the manual retracts as well and it simply hasn't been reflected in the print of the SB? 3) He is suggesting that the tail linkage (link, bolts, bushing, duct) needs replaced. He indicated that it appears original. He made a comment that this is the/a source of slop in the tail. I'm a little suspicious that he is commenting just based on the linkage appearing "original" and not on actual slop demonstrated in our plane because our pre-buy/annual mechanic (performed at a different, reputable MSC) specifically commented on how tight (i.e., little slop) the tail was relative to most Mooney's of our vintage. With that said, this is a pretty important part of the plane and I don't want to ignore sound advice on the matter. 3) He is suggesting installation of the Lasar oversized bushing and NAS bolt kit for slop in our nose gear. Our pre-buy/annual indicated slop in the nose gear as well (they added shims) so this one seems to follow history to me and I don't have any big concerns, but curious if anyone has any thoughts 5) He is also suggesting the left nose gear door rod ends. This isn't that costly, but I'm also not sure what indication compels it, or what the potential complication or failure mode would be if left unaddressed. My partner and I were encouraged with finding a reasonably convenient MSC that folks recommended, but some aspects of our experience have turned us off a bit. Communication has been less than desirable and the annual is going to stretch past 3 weeks despite no major repairs (does include 500 hr mag inspection). I'm willing to accept these issues (return next year) if the inspection is thorough and accurate and the repairs are quality. However a few of the recommendations (the first three listed above) are giving us some added concern. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/opinions/recommendations...
  10. moontownMooney

    MSC Recommendations

    We have our annual coming up on our 68 M20F. We had an annual done with the prebuy, but that was in TX (SWTA) where we purchased. This will be our first annual after owning the plane and we are trying to decide on a nearby MSC. As far as I'm aware the only MSC's close to Huntsville, AL are Cole and DLK both in Georgia. Does anyone have recommendations between the two. Happy to receive PM's if you have bad reviews you prefer not to leave on the forum. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. moontownMooney

    Fuel Selector Valve

    Sorry, I'm dumb, it's early, your potatoes were seconds... wow... that's not much time! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  12. moontownMooney

    Fuel Selector Valve

    This is the exact scenario I had in mind... how long did it run? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  13. moontownMooney

    Fuel Selector Valve

    Anyone have a sense for how long the engine will keep running, when the fuel selector is turned to the off position? Stated differently, if I start to change tanks, how long do I have to turn the selector from one side to the other, before I risk starving the engine? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. moontownMooney

    Performance issue M20J

    I fly an M20F out of a 2200ft grass strip. It is very doable without any exceptional piloting skill other than knowing your limits and abiding by them. Yes surface condition of grass matters, 80 mph over the threshold or you are going around, no you won't be able to take-off max gross on hot day with wet tall grass (We use a nearby executive airport to pick up passengers when we want to depart near gross), but this is still very doable. I'm off the ground by mid-field 1100 ft, or I abort the takeoff (which I have executed on the field). Mooneys will float on landing if you are too fast. Forcing it down before she is ready is a bad idea normally, worse on grass. Use proper landing technique and if you haven't touched down by midfield, go around. Do get some transition training (doesn't have to be from a Mooney pilot. In my opinion a highly experienced CFI with experience in a variety of aircraft is better than a Mooney pilot with limited to no instruction experience). You will want to get the hang of landing at a longer field first where you have plenty of room. Don't head to your shorter strip until you are comfortable with your landings. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  15. moontownMooney

    Step Retract Bellows M20C

    Cecilia, I'm so sorry for your loss. You all are the kind of people who make the Mooney community so wonderful. I'll pray for your family in this time of grief and also root for a successful transition of the company. Brittain truly holds a special place within GA because of its products and it's people. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk