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Found 56 results

  1. I am a gadget guy and I like Garmin's portable units. So I ordered the new AREA 760 as soon as I heard it had been issued. I was really excited and when I saw the unit I thought: this is it. Better and brighter screen than my ipad and a sturdier build. This is exactly what I needed. The capacity to download via WIFI the updates was also great. So I was a happy camper until... I tried to get the approach plates... from Jeppesen (have used jepp charts for so long...). I went on the www side and looked for the unit. It was not listed. So I called Jepp customer service. Waited for about 30 minutes and was told Garmin had not send the unit over so they didn't support it. So I called Garmin and they told me that Jeppesen did support the unit. I called Jepp and they told me no. Called Garmin (waited and got a call back) told them that Jepp did not support the 760, so they shared with me a notice on the Jepp www side stating that indeed they did support the unit. Called Jepp was told first yes it is supported and then they backtracked and said NO. So I called Garmin and they told me I could order the plates for the 796 and they should work. I called Jepp and tried to purchase the approach plates for Northamerica for a 796. I was quoted 1300.- just for the plates!!!! I asked them if that was the price? And that I thought that this was simply too much, considering that it was portable unit! They basically said yes that is it. There is no bundle available. Long story short... I have a nice unit, but the plates cost each year about the same as the unit... so instead of a nice unit, I have a nice paper weight until Garmin and Jepp figure out what to do and what their pricing should be. So if you want to use the Garmin unit with your Jepp approach charts... call them and evaluate if it is right for you. I had I known all this I would have not bought it.
  2. Currently installing a new G3X into year 2000 M20R Ovation. Im looking to get information on how the International Avionics Inc Fuel processor outputs the fuel data, and what type of Signal it outputs (Digital, Resistive).
  3. For Sale Garmin 530W Navigator GPS: $8000 OBO I am selling a Garmin 530 with WAAS, feeling due to an upgrade. Works very well, screen when off is good/fair condition, but when on screen condition is unnoticeable. Buyer will receive Navigation Unit, Tray, connectors, Nav and terrain data cards alone with a reader.
  4. Hey guys. I just purchased a 66' Mooney M20E and took delivery of it today. I was trying to set up my aircraft in Garmin pilot based on the most recent weight and balance information I have. For some reason it keeps giving me an error and I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before or could help me out. I've attached some pictures to show how I have it set up now.
  5. Brand new Garmin GA35 GPS antenna for sale. I ordered two separate avionics packages and got two antennas. $250 + shipping.
  6. Scenarios: 1. We purchased the MLB100 with our Avidyne AXP 322 and IFD 540. 2. Also, we have a GDL39R being used with Garmin Pilot. 3. What we have noticed on the Garmin Pilot with a GDL-39 since around mid-2018, after the update, we now have access and can utilize the new FIS-B weather products are available such as the following: Lightning Turbulence Icing Cloud Tops Graphical AIRMET Center Weather Advisory 4. My question is since MLB unit is a NAVWORX unit and NAVWORX is out of business, will the MLB100 units receive any updates via Avidyne and/or any other 3rd party source that may take on these units. If no, then basically, we have invested into a product (that is only a couple of years old) that will not provide any current FIS-B functionality. OR 5. Will these new FIS-B WX products become available via a firmware update to the IFD 540? Now for another scenario 6. Will the Garmin GTX 345R work with the IFD540? This will allow us to remove both the AXP-322 and MLB100 and 1 unit in lieu of 2. 7. In addition to question #6 (if the 345R will work) will the newer ADS-B products be supported with the IFD unit? Overall it seems like the IFD unit will need a firmware update to support the newer ADS-B features since many of these features are consider map overlays that the end-user can toggle off and on. 8. Regardless if you fly with a Garmin GTN or Avidyne IFD series, why can't you have Winds aloft and FIS-B Radar displayed both at the same time? On the inexpensive Garmin Pilot app you can display both at the same time, but not on our $$,$$$ GPS units. 9. On the IFD100 will the newer FIS-B products be available? 10 What about the Skytrax 100? Is the the same operating system and different name? Is this a total different unit? and can any details be provided about the new ADS-B FIS-B products in regards of the Skytrax100 supporting these features? Sorry, I do not fly with Foreflight; although, I do have the Foreflight APP. Foreflight users are welcome to chime in just as long the points are related to this post. The same goes for Garmin GTN, Avidyne IFD users, and/or any other FIS-B equipment and application that is applicable. This posting is not about which unit is better or worst; however, the objective is to determine and/or gather information and functionality based on the details depicted within this posting. Thank you.
  7. What should be included in a Garmin G5 pre-flight checklist? Thank you!
  8. Garmin just released a series of upgrades (on the 5th of September) for our GTN navigators and other G500/600 TXi displays. I am at my avionics shop now (for something else) and they told me about the update. They have upgraded 10-15 planes already and are installing the newest upgrade in my GTN750 + FS510. Highlights include: GTN Update: Decent VNav. You can now give waypoints in your flight-plan, vertical altitudes to assist with VNav planning. ONce an arrival or approach is loaded and activated, GTN automatically populates step-down altitudes or any applicable altitude restrictions. These are overridable if ATC issues something different. GTN: You now won't lose your final destination airport when loading and activating an approach - in the flight plan. GTN: Forward Looking Terrain Avoidance (FLTA) audible messages: "terrain ahead, pull up", "wire ahead", "five-hundred" GTN: Keyboard enhancements (QWERTY) GTN: Sidetone setttings GTN: user-defined waypoint as an airport, so terrain alerts are minimized. Other related products enhancements: Course Deviation Indication (CDI) and VDI Preview Garmin Pilot can now be used on Apple Devices to view real-time engine information via a FS510 New TXi display Orientations -Bryan
  9. One of my 430 WAAS data cards gave up the ghost this weekend and I need another one. When I last bought a card I remember noting how horribly expensive they were. Before I buy a new one I thought someone who may have upgraded may have one laying around for sale. If so, please message me. Thanks!
  10. For my M20J - 201: I bought a JPI EDM700 to replace a faulty JPI EI from Willmar but unfortunately they(he) went out of business and have been unable to track down the instrument. Also had an annual and new prop that I don't have paperwork for yet...Anyone aware of a loose 700/730? Or perhaps have one to sell? Or how to reach Brian? ;-/ I also have a GNS 430 with a sticky button - would like to buy a WAAS 430 or 530 to replace. Thanks to any responses! See you @ SNF. 605 389-4225
  11. When I began upgrading the panel in my twin cessna I added a PMA 8000 G audio panel. I chose that model because it had the USB charge outlet- handy for phones and ipads and the auto squelch function. Now after flying with it for 6 months, my wife wanted a PMA 8000 G in the Mooney that she flies. She can't live without the auto squelch and the bluetooth music. So I pulled a perfectly good Garmin 340 audio panel out of the Mooney and replaced it with the PMA 8000. Happy wife, happy life. So the Garmin 340 audio panel is for sale. It works perfectly and is still supported by Garmin. I looked at ebay and the various outlets and see that they are selling for minimum $750-800. I am offering it for $700 if anyone on the Twin Cessna on Mooney forums want it. If not I will post it on ebay. First one gets it. Email me at Regards, Jeff
  12. We are looking to share the new expansion to the entire Mooney Community. What are you looking for? What are you interested in doing in the near future? Please give us an opportunity to earn your work and make a good difference not only with your aircraft, but throughout the community as well. We can accommodate your needs from an annual to a full avionics stack upgrade. We are running several different specials and are booking installations for the upcoming ADS-B mandate that is right around the corner in 2020. Give us a shot, you will NOT be disappointed!!! Shoot me an email, text or call me if you have any questions and to schedule your visit. Greg Baker 541-205-9141
  13. Hey All... is saving my bacon, maybe literally, with their Master Course on the Garmin 430/530. If you are in need of online training courses for Avidyne, Garmin, IFR, Foreflight, please check out their website. Anyone using code: JOLIE gets a 20% discount.
  14. Gents, I believe I have a chance to buy a Garmin GTN 750 at an incredible price and it includes the unit 12/28v, connector back plate, rack, and Garmin GA 35 WAAS GPS antenna AND a current 8130. The unit was working perfectly when removed for an upgrade. My 1980 M20K is 100% original with the King silver crown package so I have a lot of changes coming due real soon to get ADS-b compliant. I've been looking at the Lynx 9000 thinking I didn't have a GPS source, but with the GTN 750, solved. I know the install costs are going to be astronomical but I plan on walking into a shop and handing them a pile of compatible parts and say "make it pretty ...and work", all at one time. I already have a JPI 830 in a box waiting, so also want to get a new comm panel, (my plane only has 2 place intercom plugs-need to add 2 rear) and of courses a new ADS-B transponder. (decisions, decisions) I'm pulling the entire interior for a complete upgrade and to upholster all of the interior panels as well. I plan on having all the interior out when I take it to the avionics shop (still need to find a good reasonable one within a couple hours flight time of Sacramento) so its quicker and easier for them to install wiring, antenna, etc. I'm a recreational flyer in my Mooney and wouldn't give a second thought flying back to the Midwest or farther from northern California so dont necessarily need all the latest and greatest digital wiz bangs, but it will be nice to step into modern times with a real GPS Panel unit. (KNS-80 and iPad up to now). Is there anything I should know up front or should be planning for to avoid having to go back 2 steps later on? I've attached a current panel pic to help. Hope it comes through ok. Thanks all ! This site rocks !!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone ! (Can you tell I'm happy to be back in the US for the holidays from Afghanland !!?)
  15. I want to buy a Garmin GNS 430W with Rack and antenna and a Garmin 106A within the next month or so. I am in the Houston Area and after the TFR is lifted here I can fly to pick it up if you have one.
  16. Recently upgraded my 430W. Will sell my Garmin Aera 796 for first offer over $1275. Comes with GPS and XM Antennas, AC charging mount, aircraft mount, Manuals, and everything I received when I bought it new. The carry case has a worn spot in one corner which has no bearing on the operation of the unit which is fully functional. The XM weather feature requires a subscription to Sirius. Email any questions. No phone calls, please.
  17. Hi everyone, hope this isn't a duplicate of what's going on in the G5 thread. Since I'm not yet an owner, I wanted to leverage the knowledge here to better understand what Garmin's announcement that the G5 will soon support 3P autopilots means for the Mooney fleet. Short version: G5 coupled with GAD 29B adapter expected to support the following autopilots: Honeywell (Bendix King) KAP 100/140/150/200, KFC 150/200/225 S-TEC 20/30/40/50/55/60-1/60-2/65, 60 PSS, 55X Century II/III, IV (AC, DC), 21/31/41, 2000 Cessna 400B, 300 IFCS/400 IFCS Thanks.
  18. THANK YOU GARMIN. Starting to have some fun with the Virb that I won at AirVenture. The camera's altimeter is at times about 100ft off, but the picture is amazing. Win have to connect audio next!
  19. I'm thinking of pulling the stratus esgi set out of my aircraft to replace with a garmin 335/345. My eventual plan is to install 2 garmin G5's and eventually a GTN 6##. As far as I can tell, the only way to do this without putting more holes in my plane is to replace the stratus with a garmin acceptable gps source? I'm guessing this sounds like an incredible waste of money? Ami I crazy? Oh yeah I already own a garmin gdl 39 3d. seeing as how I refuse to buy any apple products so can't use foreflight.
  20. Garmin has just come out with a special "show" rebate program, but to get it, you have to be in Oshkosh....sad but I will not make it there this year.... I am interested in the GTN650...rebate is $500. I ask is there anybody that would try to get me a Garmin rebate form from their exhibit....they need to sign it to be valid. if you can get one...please mail it to Larry Nimmo 11401 Chapel Rd Cordova, MD 21625
  21. I've decided to get rid of the last piece of Garmin equipment in my airplane. I'm replacing it with the Avidyne audio panel as everything else I have is Avidyne. Works perfectly, I just want an all Avidyne setup. $750 including shipping. [I'll get better photos at the airport tomorrow but this was from about six months ago.]
  22. Garmin GNS 430W , PRICE: $6999, currently installed waiting for removal during upgrade. INCLUDED: GNS-430W WAAS 14-28 VOLT ..P/N...011-01060-00 sn# 23487894 NEW MOUNTING TRAY NEW BACKPLATE PILOTS GUIDE CONNECTORS THIS UNIT LOOKS AND WORKS GREAT AND WILL MAKE AN EXCELLENT ADDITION TO YOUR AIRCRAFT
  23. Hello all, The time has come for my annual database renewal and I'm leaning toward the Garmin OnePak to try it out. I saw a few posts here from last year about people switching to Garmin for the price decrease and it is worthwhile. My questions are more about anything to do with the quality of the data. Has anyone noticed any issues such as approaches not being available, missing airports or anything like that? Or has it generally been a seamless transition?
  24. We recently had a GTX 330ES installed in our Mooney to meet the upcoming ADS-B Out requirement. We also have a GDL39 for ADS-B In info. I expected now that we're ADS-B compliant that I would start receiving more info from the ground stations. That has not happened, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions or experience on the topic. To recap, we have GTX 330ES (configured to report Dual in capability) GDL 39 3D Garmin Pilot (running on Samsung Tab S) GNS 480 The top left corner of the map page shows 2 icons related to incoming info on the GDL. Air to Air shows correctly. The antenna icon shows a red X. In the ADSB settings page, it reports "Full TIS-B Traffic" as "No". On "Ownship detected" there is also a "No". Garmin tech support has been somewhat helpful by pointing out that the ES needs to report the UAT In capability to the stations. That is now set correctly (I think), but still no TIS-B or ownship. They have offered no suggestions to confirm that I have Pilot and the GDL set up correctly. They are mostly pointing fingers at the ES, and suggesting I ask a Garmin dealer about the issue. I did have Full TIS-B and ownship detected about a year ago when I was regularly flying a ADS-B compliant 182.
  25. Garmin GTX 327 removed for upgrade to ADS B. $500. Works perfectly, yellow tag from install. $500. Shipping included to US. PM me for more info. Rags.