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  1. Jeff_S

    Training needed near KRYY

    @WilliamR has already responded and he would be a good choice as a fellow Mooney mid-body owner. I would encourage you not to scare him witless like I did when we were doing some night time transition training from my J to my Ovation. He hasn’t called me back since, and that was four years ago. Honest, Bill, I really do know how to land this thing!
  2. Jeff_S

    A&P IA needed. Central Florida

    Aircraft Engineering in Bartow FL (KBOW) does a great job. They are not an MSC, but they took care of my Ovation with it's prior owner, and I had no problems when I took it over. Believe me, that guy rode the plane hard and put it away wet, so they had a real job to do. Bill Turley is the owner. You can find them at
  3. Jeff_S

    AOPA and Mooney

    I have never noticed any anti-Mooney bias with AOPA. I think they try hard to be vendor neutral and pretty much love all airplanes. The fact that you don’t see as many Mooney airplanes in air show photos could be related to the fact that there just aren’t as many Mooneys in the fleet as there are other manufacturers. I haven’t read the used plane review you mention, but these articles usually try to give a balanced opinion for every plane so they don’t tend to be glowing.
  4. Jeff_S

    Hurricane Michael Relief

    I flew a single mission for Operation Air Drop yesterday. They were slow getting supplies initially, and were hampered by TFRs that sprung up over the most affected areas, but they have good supplies coming into Gainesville now (KGNV) and pilots are taking them to Apalachicola (KAAF) and Destin as well as some smaller strips in the area. Loading the Mooney Ovation proved an interesting challenge. In my pre-calcs I figured that I could handle 300 lbs of stuff with the right amount of gas. That turned out to be correct, although in my case I had to worry as much about the landing weight restrictions as I did takeoff. I was pretty close to the max weight for both, and I can tell you that I was as far aft in the CG as I have ever flown the plane. It was definitely a different feeling on the controls...much less responsive in roll, but also not anywhere near as much nose-up trim required on landing. Here's what my W&B looked like: I wish I could have stayed longer and done more loads. If you are in the area or want to take a few days, go to Gainesville and help out!
  5. As I look at the image right now, the eye of Hurricane Michael is smack dab over Tyndall AFB. So first off, I hope all our friends and brethren from all aspects of the aviation world are hunkered down. But once the dust settles (so to speak) that could be an interesting topic for Mooney Summit to secure an F22 for a category 4 hurricane! (Yes, I'm guessing they flew as much out as possible to safer environs, but still...)
  6. Jeff_S

    GTX345 Bluetooth signal - SOLVED

    Yeah, I have a similar setup in my Ovation with factory A/C. I simply removed the Oxygen access door entirely. It now lives in the seat-back pocket of one of the passenger seats. The signal works fine even with some bags in the back, although if I have full baggage the signal does get blocked. In that case, I simply fire up the portable Stratus 2 that I've had for awhile (belts and suspenders, you know!) and that fills the void. Much cheaper and easier than rewiring the whole thing. My A/P was not too concerned about removing the Oxygen access door, but his only thought was that it might allow some carbon monoxide into the cabin. I have a portable CO detector that I activate on every flight, and have never detected anything, so I don't feel this is a problem.
  7. Jeff_S

    Its been a good run

    Now you just get to dream about when you have a Mooney as your SECOND airplane! Good to see you last week, George. I’ve started working on my continuous turn landing patterns. It needs some work but I can see the potential benefit. I’ll keep practicing!
  8. Jeff_S

    Any Mooney at KPDK ?

    I’m at PDK and happy to show you how an Ovation fits. I’m 6’ 2” and have plenty of room. I’ve always thought the complaint about tight Mooney cockpits is complete malarkey. Just send me a PM and we can connect up.
  9. Yes, myself and at least one other Mooney I heard on-freq got an impassioned plea from someone who described himself as the manager of the Tyndall Approach Control center, asking that we stagger departures so as to not put so much load on their system all at once. I think the problem was exacerbated by how quickly the weather came in after lunch...probably some that would have flown VFR chose to file IFR instead. My reply was “Roger that...I’ll pass it along. I think the weather caught everyone by surprise a little bit.” He thanked me and then passed me to Tallahassee Approach. So there...@Seth, one more thing to think about as you consider expanding for next year!
  10. Ha! Pardon the reference to obscure old Steve Martin movies, but remember that scene in The Jerk where he is all excited because the phone books have been published and he can see his name in print? If you'll permit me a similar moment of pride, I am now a published aviation writer: All that practice I've gotten at MooneySpace may finally start to bear fruit. Now all I need to do is figure out how to get paid for it!
  11. Jeff_S

    Acclaim Type S Cruise Power Settings

    Ah, yes...I wasn't factoring in the lower compression cylinders. Thanks!
  12. Jeff_S

    Acclaim Type S Cruise Power Settings

    Interesting numbers, although at 14.5K feet my Ovation will get 175 knots on 12.5 GPH so the performance is pretty close. Is 28/2400 really below the 65% hp recommended for LOP ops? It seems like if I’m pulling that in my NA engine I’m at a bigger HP. Admittedly, I have to be pretty low to see 28”!
  13. I did not hesitate to take my J into soft fields if I was confident of conditions. Perhaps my concerns are unfounded, but I just feel like with all that extra weight on the nose it is much riskier to take in the Ovation. I would love to be able to...I really enjoy landing on turf. I’m actually hoping someone can give me their experience and confidence that I should give it a try.
  14. My question would be, how did you get into the field in a long body? Not trying to be flip here, but how you got in would be a big determinant for how to get out. I have not landed my O3 on a soft field and would have to be very sure of the surface condition before I did. The extra weight up front just makes it seem very risky to me unless I knew the field was very high quality, like Triple Tree. And if the field is that smooth, then getting out isn’t going to be much different than a regular takeoff. I would be very interested to hear from any long body owners that do regularly use soft fields and what your experience is.
  15. Kudos to O’Reilly Auto Parts for having a sense of humor. Now I better understand the sentiment behind their radio jingle (those who have heard can hum along): ”O, O, O O’Reillyyyyyyy, auto parts. Yow!”