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  1. Jeff_S

    Likelihood of engine failure

    That survey is really meaningless, as has been noted, because you don't have any understanding of the responses or the respondents, e.g.: What type of engine - single or multi? Turbine or Piston? What type of pilot? How many hours, per year or total? Commercial or private? What type or "failure"? Total, or partial? If I had an engine stumble on takeoff due to carb icing (my only incident) would that be a failure? It does serve to remind you, as has also been noted, that you have to be prepared for this type of event, even though it may never actually happen to you.
  2. Okay, I've learned more about this topic then I ever thought possible, so thanks for that! But until such time as I don't have the strength in my calf to hold right rudder on takeoff I'm not going to lose much sleep over this one. It's true that on takeoff the 310hp requires a good deal of rudder, but I rather enjoy the chance to do this and relive the small amount of tailwheel time I've had. (I almost drove a Super-D off the runway on my first first experience with gyroscopic forces.) Maybe on a super smooth day I'll point the nose downhill and see if I really need left rudder descent. So far I have never noticed the ball outside in this scenario. Perhaps I'm missing out on that pure Mooney speed!
  3. Yeah, well, I checked the POH and there’s nothing in there about not applying rudder trim while stationary on the ground. As to the car allegory, that makes some sense because in a car you’re actually turning the angle of the tire on the ground, but rudder trim doesn’t actually turn the nose just deflects the rudder, right? (And Anthony, maybe you need a car with power steering! ) Anyway, it’s a moot point since I don’t use rudder trim but I am still curious about the recommendation on ground use.
  4. Those airline pilots are used to 1000 fpm+ descents! I guess also when you fly your Mooney in the high teens you have to point the nose downhill pretty aggressively sometimes. We normally aspirated folks don't have that problem as much! Seeing as I never use rudder trim, I have to admit I've not gotten much instruction on it. I've never heard that you should only apply it while in "motion on the ground" so I'm curious about that. Mike, can you elaborate?
  5. Jeff_S

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    Simpson, can you elaborate on the G1000 issue and what this “work around” is? As noted in an earlier post, I would interested in the upgrade but integration with the G1000 is essential. Thanks.
  6. I used the Sporty’s course to train for my IFR rating, and I always felt like Dick was one of my CFIs. I still looked forward to every new article from him in Air Facts. I will miss his candor and viewpoints on the industry. Gonna go shed a tear now...
  7. Having updated my G1000 to WAAS and ADS-B last year, I have two GIA63 (non-WAAS) units for sale as well as the GTX33S transponder. They would make good spares for a non-WAAS G1000 system. Make me an offer!
  8. Ha...that’s a good one! And sometimes in fact that’s what I do, especially if the Downtown Connector is clogged. (A little Atlanta insider talk for y’all.)
  9. Attached is the aforementioned service instruction. sim20-124.pdf
  10. I just got a new Mooney service instruction for a maintenance repair to help stop “rudder slippage during extreme deflection” (I paraphrased that a bit). Anyone else seen this? It appears to apply to all long bodies with electric rudder trim. I’ve never heard of this problem and don’t feel like spending the money for my A/P to buy the parts and tools needed to complete the job. Plus, the instruction just came out today and my plane is going into annual next week so I would be a guinea pig on this task most likely...not my favorite thing to be! Anyway, it’s not an AD or even an SB so I’ll likely just ignore it since I don’t use the electric rudder trim anyway, but I’m curious if anyone else has thoughts or knowledge on this. Thanks!
  11. Thanks all...sounds like El Paso is my gateway. My sister lives near Marana so KAVQ will be my airport. I was living in Phoenix during the summer of 1990 when it hit the record 122 dF so I know about heat and monsoon season, but that was long before I started flying. I appreciate the tips on turb and density altitude. It will be fun to see how the plane performs. Cheers!
  12. Getting an early start on planning a flight out to Tucson in August. Yes, I know...August. Not the best time of year in the Southwest but that’s what the timing dictates. Was looking over some routes and realized there’s a boatload of military airspace in NM and AZ. Anybody have preferred routes they would suggest to circumnavigate all those?
  13. Jeff_S

    G1000 software differences?

    Oh logging. That one is HUGE! It’s become such a standard part of my procedure now that I forgot I didn’t have it before.
  14. Jeff_S

    G1000 software differences?

    I know one cool thing is the little green arc that shows up on the map when you have programmed a climb or descent. I can't remember what the name of it is, but it will show at what point you are expected to achieve the desired altitude. This is very helpful especially for descents when you need to cross a certain point at a specified altitude, or as in my case when I'm trying to climb quickly out of my home airport in order to get above the neighboring Class D of the Dobbins AFB. If you look in your Map settings you'll recognize it. Other than that, I don't see too much difference to the average user, but of course it supports WAAS where I believe .30 did not. And it works great with the GTX-345. I'm sure there are other improvements behind the scenes.
  15. Jeff_S

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    Simpson, any more word on testing and compatibility with the G1000 in the Mooney?