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  1. Jeff_S

    Savvy Analysis ALERT

    Hey Cruiser. I have the Savvy Pro package and they are constantly giving me the same alert about oil pressure. Mine is generally 68-70 in cruise with temps between 170-180. While this is high compared to the CMI guidance, it is in the middle of the green band on the G1000 gauge, and I have consulted numerous sources to determine if there’s really a problem. Everyone except Savvy says to leave it alone. My AP said it’s possible to adjust it down but requires some tweaking that really has no benefit. And Blackstone has nothing but good things to say with oil analyses ever 25-ish ours. One sure way to lower it is to just run with less oil. After a change I generally show 6 quarts and that’s when I see the pressures as above. But I generally let it run down to about 4.5 quarts before adding any more, and down at that level I will see in the mid 60s PSI in cruise. For those who care, I run Phillips 20W-50 year round.
  2. Very interesting. Thanks Don. I had never seen it to such an extent because this is my first time flying so far out West where there are more coverage gaps. But I looked at a map of NEXRAD coverage and I see that the blank spots I was seeing yesterday correspond to gaps on that map. In fact, I see there is a small one in North Georgia/North Carolina mountains that I do fly over a lot. I remember having seen this before but it was such a small area I figured it was a momentary glitch. Learn something new...
  3. For anyone who flies with a G1000, have you ever noticed an anomaly on the main moving map if NEXRAD data is missing. Flying the southwest route over El Paso into Arizona, I saw some big areas where it looked NEXRAD data was missing. But this seemed to take out the underlying topo of the base map. A picture is below. If I deselected NEXRAD from showing on the map, then the topo data reappeared. But if there was no NEXRAD then it blanked out the whole map for that section. Very weird. Anybody else ever see this?
  4. Jeff_S

    Abilene, TX: PIREP Request

    So, I ended having to dodge weather all the way across Texas so my route didn’t allow me to try any of these places. Good thing I packed a couple of sandwiches. Although I will give props to Gainesville, TX (KGLE) for a friendly FBO and cheap gas. It was a bit bumpy in West Texas and into Arizona but tolerable. Fun descent down into Tucson valley.
  5. Jeff_S

    Abilene, TX: PIREP Request

    Hey folks. Thanks for the tips...I'll definitely consider them all! I did spend some time at the factory last year when I was in San Antonio for a conference, so I've checked that one off my list.
  6. This is the Gold edition of MS Flight Simulator for Windows computers. It is new in the original wrapping, and includes the Acceleration Expansion Pack. Since I'm a 100% Mac guy (don't boo me!) I never had a use for it. eBay has one listed for $79.99, but I'll offer it up here for $50 plus shipping. Let me know!
  7. This is a first generation SPOT satellite tracker, in the original box with instructions, packaging. It was only used on Sundays by a little old lady in her Piper Cub...! But seriously, it spent its life nestled in my flight bag so it is in good condition, and was tested monthly right up until I took it out of service a few months ago. You can get a subscription for it through SPOT. I've seen them on eBay for $20 and up, but I'll offer it here for $15 plus shipping. Let me know!
  8. Hey all, My trip from Atlanta to Tucson is coming up in just a week and a half (Aug 10-ish) and I’ve been looking at places I may want to stop for an afternoon or night, depending on WX or just a general desire to see something new. Abilene is just off my route, looks to have good gas prices and seems like an interesting town on TripAdvisor. Any “gotta have” BBQ or TexMex recommendations? Other cool things to do that would make it a worthwhile stop? Would love to hear all opinions, or recommendations for another stop in the general vicinity. Thx!
  9. Thanks all. I am waiting to clear payment from the first interested buyer...if that doesn't come through I'll reach back out via PM. Cheers, Jeff
  10. Hi Jeff I would like to buy the ICOM A6. I can use PayPal or use a check.

    Thank you,




    1. Jeff_S


      Hi Frank.  PayPal will work...let me check the USPS Preferred flat-rate charge and get back to you with a final price.  Please confirm you are in the US so that will work. Thanks!

    2. Jeff_S


      Just checked USPS Priority Flat-rate: $13.65 anywhere in the US.  If that works, you can send payment via PayPal to, and give me your address and I'll get it out tomorrow. Thanks!

  11. I have an ICOM IC-A6 portable transceiver for sale. This was a lightly-used unit I got off a friend who stopped taking lessons when his first kid was born. It works but does need a new battery, which is still easily purchasable for around $30. Asking $45 plus shipping. Let me know! Jeff
  12. I have a 12-volt BatteryMINDer model 12248-AA-S1 for sale. This was used on a daily basis to keep the batter in my J model charged and it works great. Comes with the original box and accessories as shown in the picture. I saw one on eBay that was asking $130, new they are over $200. I'm asking $50 plus shipping for fellow MSpacers. Thanks! Jeff
  13. Jeff_S

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    Just bumping this thread. @Barry LeBlanc, do we have any news on this?
  14. Jeff_S

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    I didn’t find a link in Deb’s post.
  15. Final race results were posted in the last few days. I was happy to see that over the course of the three races I've done, I've been able to increase my overall speed quite a bit. Obviously each race day is different, but all three were short course races in the Georgia/SC area so race altitudes were no more than 1500' MSL. The first two races were in very calm air, while this year's race was in much bumpier conditions. But each time I've modified my tactics with higher RPMs, better turn technique, etc. to see how much I can eke out of a production plane in stock condition. I still have a few more things I can try so I can't wait for the next one. I think I could pretty easily hit the max book speed for an Ovation at 197 KTS. Remember, these are timed speeds over a course so the overall number also factors in turns, wind speeds, etc. On any straight leg I was undoubtedly closing in on 200 KTAS (at 26 GPH!). For reference purposes, here are my times over the three races: 2015, Palmetto 100, 207.53 MPH/180.34 KTS (conservative RPM and poor turning first race) 2016, Southern Nationals, 219.19 MPH/190.47 KTS (better turn technique and bumped the RPM) 2018, Sunrise Air Race, 224.77 MPH/195.33 KTS (bumped the RPM even more, slightly sloppy turn technique that I know cost me 30 seconds)