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  1. Based on today's winds, using a route that keeps you over land and inside the ADIZ, I showed 995nm and a total trip time of about 6:15, which included an average 10knot headwind. Fuel burn was between 85 and 89 gallons, so not realistically a non-stopper in an Ovation (in my opinion) due to fuel reserves (and size of my bladder!). But for planning purposes, I fly an O3-310hp bird and expect to get 175 KTAS at LOP settings. In cruise altitudes from 8500-12,000 this generally works out to 13.5gph in the lower range, and about 12.5gph in the upper range. A lot depends on actual conditions, of course, but those are about where I come in.
  2. Just checking to see if anybody has an update on this, since we're now into the first quarter of 2019. @Barry LeBlanc, has the company started the STC process for Mooneys? And is there any news on how well integrated they will be with the legacy G1000 aircraft like mine?
  3. Jeff_S

    Drone damage

    Marauder will never stop finding pictures of beautiful women in bikinis and posting them. I don't know where he gets his source. Oh, yeah...Google!
  4. Jeff_S

    Drone damage

    Best I could tell, the video was actually an advertisement for a casualty insurance company. They spent a lot of money for that! But hey, the adolescent drone operator did look duly perturbed by the chaos that he caused.
  5. Does the fact that you’re negotiating to buy a new Ultra have anything to do with that??!!
  6. I would have failed because I would have choked on writing an $800 check to the examiner! Did I read that right? Is that the going rate in California?
  7. Jeff_S

    If you had to spend $30,000

    My reaction was exactly the same...except that in Brewster’s Millions he had to spend the dough and have no residual value!
  8. Thanks Scott. I had read that article many years ago but it was a good refresher. And yet I am still confused. In both your note here and the article, you say that when moist air approaches the DALR that marks instability. But as I interpret the chart in this topic, the point you indicate seems to show that the saturated air is following the MALR...that’s the brown line, right? So as I understand things, that would mean relative stability. What am I missing? Why wouldn’t the extreme turbulence be due to wind shear at the boundary layer between the two air masses? I appreciate your guidance...these posts are quite educational.
  9. Scott, what about those lines indicate instability? I get that the air is moist since temp and dew point are the same, and I know how to interpret the wind shear flags. But why do the temp lines indicate instability?
  10. Jeff_S

    ILS vs LPV

    Given the choice, I would take the LPV most times, but with my G1000 equipment the methods of flying them are so similar it really doesn’t matter. Most times I’m at the discretion of Approach or Tower control anyway so they generally select the ILS as a greater percentage of planes are so equipped...even with a /G transponder code, not all these planes have a WAAS receiver whereas almost all IFR planes will have ILS capabilities.
  11. CloudAhoy is already doing this in some cases. Data input from my G1000 has most of the engine monitor stats and you can chart them alongside the other information. Check to see if you’re not getting the same thing...will depend on what data you are importing into the app of course.
  12. Jeff_S

    Mooney Pilots at KLZU or KPDK

    I’m at PDK but not for much longer, as we’re moving to Amelia Island in late December. But I’ll be happy to take you up if you want. Let me know.
  13. Jeff_S

    Hangar available Atlanta metro

    @bill98 $400/month or thereabouts. Depends on when you got the lease...West hangars I think are more since they are newer.
  14. I've got a PowerTow Thundervolt model in Atlanta that I'm considering selling rather than moving to my new place in Amelia Island. It's probably 10 years old (I bought it used 8 years ago) but still works, and I put a new battery on it. The built-in battery charger went south but I bought an independent battery charger/conditioner and wired it in and it works great. Of course, it has the Mooney extension arms so it's ready to go for any Mooney. (I still have the old arms that were used for a Cessna 185 so it could be used for a tail dragger as well.) These things are over $2K new. I'll throw out $600 and see if anybody is interested. If so, send me a PM. Thanks! Jeff
  15. Jeff_S

    Hangar available Atlanta metro

    @Bravoman Yes, all the T-hangars are county-managed, and the contract doesn't allow sub-leasing. However, the way around this (which is how I got into my hangar in the first place) is for me to buy into the new occupant's airplane (for $1 or something meager) so that I technically have joint ownership. Then I (aka the new occupant) can put their airplane into the hangar. My airplanes have always been owned by my LLC, so it was very easy for the prior occupant of my hangar to simply join the LLC (for $1) and then I had the right to park my plane there. When he decided he wanted out of the deal, since I was already in and paying the bills, I was allowed to officially move the hangar into my name. This was also right when the new West hangars were opening up so they were jostling everyone around anyway. It's a technicality, but one that PDK has always allowed in the past. Just an idea...