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  1. Except that they haven't come forward with this offer. I agree that it's all a business decision...I'm in the software business myself so I understand the trade-offs and the need to have demand to justify a development effort. While in software anything is POSSIBLE, that doesn't mean its always PROFITABLE. As I said, the system still works and as long at that big fan in front keeps spinning, all the fancy magenta lines and HITS boxes are about the same in various versions of the software and you'll get where you're going.
  2. I fly behind this configuration, upgraded to WAAS in 2015 when that became available. It works fine. It doesn't have all the nicest new features that the GFC700 provides, notably autopilot-controlled VNAV except on approaches, but it will get you where you're going and is reliable. Genesys continues to sell and support the unit, and as noted above, it's quite likely that upgrade paths will be available. It's too bad that Garmin and Mooney didn't work together to allow for an upgrade to the STEC-3100, but that's always still possible. So if the right plane came up that worked for you i
  3. The seats are so sturdy that you'd have to break the W&B before the frame would crack! I don't know this for a fact, but it seems to be in line with how Mooney generally designed the airframe.
  4. Flying into KLAL for SnF can be an adventure, for sure. If you're coming for a couple of days and camping, you have time to plan it and get there around weather, etc. Since I live just an hour away in north Florida, I always plan a day trip just to check out the sights and in particular whichever mondo mach-diamond-streaming jet-team demo is performing. This year I think the Blue Angels are scheduled...fingers crossed. Also, it's my one time of year to shed a few patriotic tears as they play "Proud to be an American" while heritage planes fly overhead. I know, schmaltzy, but it gets me.
  5. Having an Ovation is a lot like having sex...after every flight you get that "post-O glow!"
  6. For what it's worth, you can fly the Ovation on several different profiles depending on your needs and mood of the day. I am firmly in the WOT camp all the way to cruise altitude. If cruise altitude gives me any MAP at 24" or below, I leave it at WOT the whole time. Engines like air. I do reduce RPM to 2600 at 1000' AGL just to cut the vibration and noise a little bit. Almost always LOP except in the last scenario below. My standard cruise config is WOT/2450, just because it seems to be a bit smoother for me there than the standard 2500. YMMV. My loafing configuration is 20"/2400
  7. One thing to keep in mind is if you use the non-factory visors. I loved the Rosen visors on my J model, but they are not allowed (and none other exist, that i have found) because any meaningful visor will obscure the light switches when it's retracted. It's a bummer, because those crappy visors that come from the factory are useless.
  8. I wouldn't think they would be that much different. It's fundamentally the same airplane, and from my experience even the 2007 checklist doesn't address the G1000 differences in any meaningful way. You could always try out the CheckMate product, which is what I use and was not specific to any later model.
  9. I was seeing intermittent issues with one of the database cards. Sometimes the database would just go away. Swapped all the data onto a new card and that problem went away. (Make sure you use a 2GB card in these older MFDs...they get finicky with anything bigger than that.) I did have a weird problem a few weeks ago when installing the latest updates. I had installed all the updates and then flipped on the master, but flipped it off again very quickly (like within a second or two) because...well, it doesn't matter why. What does matter is that when I flipped the master again, the syst
  10. To approach this concept from a different angle, I fail to understand why showing yourself on an approach plate is all that interesting, if you have the .34 version of Garmin software. If you fly an approach with the FltPlan page active, you'll see the same graphical information, but you'll also see how far you are to the next fix in the approach AND the target altitude you need at that point. It's a much more useful view than just seeing yourself on an approach chart. And if you have SynViz, geez, just fly through the magenta (or sometimes green) boxes until you get the meatball on the air
  11. The electric gear won't work without electrical power, of course. However, you have manual gear extension which will work just fine, and you have the physical gear indicator on the floor which will show you whether or not it's down.
  12. In the J, the slip is your friend if you are too high. I remember several years ago I was getting some mountain flying instruction in my J. We were returning into Longmont airport and I miscalculated the airport elevation in my head and started the pattern at 2000' AGL. The instructor asked my intentions, to which I replied "I'm going to slip into a landing." I don't know if he was scared or impressed, but he didn't say much on final and we crossed the threshold on speed and altitude no problem. He also signed my logbook, so I guess I did okay. I'm not recommending that, by the way..
  13. Been there, done that. My J also had a seeping panel in that same spot, although it didn't pool like the OP's has. Due to the PITA factor of removing the wing walk and fixing the problem, I simply chose to keep that fuel tank at a level where it wouldn't seep. If I did have to fill up the tanks for a trip, I always made sure to use the right tank first to get it down below seepage level. Due to my flight profiles this was never a hardship, but if you need to keep your tanks full for some reason then it will need to be fixed.
  14. Situation Update: I was punked! I am very happy, AND very apologetic, to say that I have determined this letter was indeed an elaborate practical joke gone awry. The MAPA Safety group was not involved in any way, so I want everyone to please realize this. Go ahead and send them money! The offender has been warned that I have no timeline for my response...patience is one of my virtues. I promise the world that I won't impugn the reputation of any real person when I do come up with my revenge. Happy Holidays to all!
  15. I have sent the un-redacted letter to the Safety Foundation for their investigation, which includes the full name and address of the sender. If it is a hoax, then a very good one, and while I may feel like an idiot for getting punked (jury's still out there) hopefully this will help track down the truth. In fairness, I do have a fellow MSpace friend with whom I share the odd practical joke, but this one had none of his earmarks and the level of information was so specific as to be very believable. We shall see!
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