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  1. Benefit of a Clean Plane

    According to Bob Kromer, former Mooney president and test pilot, having clean leading edges and back a few feet really is good for a few knots as it keeps the laminar flow, well, laminar. Anything that reduces the micro-turbulence that can cause separate of the airflow will create drag.
  2. So I was there last June and I don’t know what is happening now, but I remember seeing some engine nacelles for Citation jets that were part of some company’s retrofit process. There were also parts for another company that makes a warbird scale model that is pretty familiar (I believe that’s confidential so I won’t say the name in a blog). They were also getting some sales for non-aviation projects for their precision cutting machines. So they have both aerospace and other industry contracts for their new capabilities. I was pretty impressed by what I saw.
  3. And the G1000 display is very similar...
  4. Denver Post Airport Article

    The lead-in photo must have changed...unless Joe you've already moved up to a Gulfstream! Perhaps they thought that image would help make their point better.
  5. It would be good to know how many airplanes are on the line in various states of manufacture. Nels, you should have notice that...any count? But beyond that, one of the reasons the factory has invested in such improvements is that they are now able to do contract outsource work for other companies. So Mooney makes revenue from more than just selling M20s. It helps to keep the lights on while production and sales of the Ultras ramps up.
  6. Ovation weight Problem

    Removing the A/C is not going to be worth what you would spend as it’s pretty tightly integrated. Even though you are in California, there may be times when you would like it. You don’t say how big your family is, but that 10 gallons of gas you could add by removing the A/C shouldn’t be a big deal. At Ovation speeds and fuel burns, I seldom take off with more than 70 gallons in the tanks. But I just did some tests using my own W&B calculator and 630 lbs of people and baggage will limit your fuel load even without A/C. If you are looking for a true 4 person w/bags kind of plane for longer distances, you may need to look outside the Mooney lineup. Or be ready to make an extra fuel stop along the way.
  7. STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    Thanks Simpson. While I like the sound of the offer to induce 15 folks into the pre-STC purchase program, I would be concerned about putting my hat into that ring without a better understanding of just how well this A/P will integrate with the G1000 and what that means for long-term compatibility. For example, if by some miracle Garmin/Mooney offer an affordable upgrade path to the NXi, would the 3100 still be compatible? That may be an unanswerable question at the moment but it is on our minds. Also, there is always the question mark of taking out a system that is working quite well and replacing it with something new and relatively untested. I've been in the tech industry for a very long time, and I know that sometimes these upgrades have teething pains. Those of us who use our A/Ps to fly through real weather need to be able to rely on them. All that said, I am still very interested and look forward to getting some more information from Genesys on this option for us. I do still see it as the most likely path for those of us on legacy G1000/STEC systems to get to a digital A/P. Thanks!
  8. STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    That's better news...means we don't have to get 15 in just the long body. I would still like to know more about their G1000 integration, as Deb and I have discussed in private emails. But this seems like the most promising path to a digital autopilot for those of us with S-TEC already installed, especially tied to the G1000.
  9. Turbulence.

    Speak for yourself! Oh, you're talking about bad.
  10. Trivial pursuit

    Of course...another Piper model!
  11. Red bull air race

    Hey cool! I didn't realize the series had started up again...I'll have to look for it on Red Bull TV. I'm glad Mikey finally got into the winners' circle. He's been flailing at it for quite some time.
  12. Trivial pursuit

    Without Googling: Stanford = Cardinal FSU = as mentioned already, Seminoles San Diego State = Aztecs (pretty sure...remember, I didn't cheat!) Golden State = Warriors (is it a theme, or are Piper products heavily represented?) SMU = Mustangs (I think) The rest I would have to look up...
  13. Clouds

    The ever-present adolescent in me thought it looked like something else! Just sayin'...
  14. Rosen Visors G1000/DX Aircraft

    I’d like to see those pics please. I loved the Rosens in my J but have hesitated to add them to my Ovation. Perhaps this could be my Sun-n-Fun purchase for the year.
  15. Clouds

    I know that's right on the approach to runways 3L/R at PDK!