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  1. Thank you for all the replies. This information s good to know. As I was saying before, the plane had a prop strike 100 hours ago and the prop was sent out and overhauled and the engine sent to G&N for the teardown and inspection. At that time they installed new cylinders and reassembled the engine per Lycoming. It's going into my mechanic this week and I have a call into our local company who has balanced a couple of my engines before and they were pretty smooth after.
  2. Just bought a bravo that had the engine and a prop overhauled 100 hours ago. At 2400 RPM it runs ok but lower RPM it vibrates, a lot. Has anyone dynamically balanced their engine/prop and had it smooth through 22-2400 RPM? Are there any tricks? Thanks
  3. I had a J and could fit two sets in the storage area by taking out the woods and drivers and standing the bags up then laying the woods and drivers length wise with the heads in the hat rack and the handles pointing forward. I would wrap them together with a couple bungie cords. Good luck with three bags and three people.
  4. Not sure if it's for sale
  5. From what I've heard of the proposed price of the WAAS upgrade you could be on your way to replace that panel with something more modern and utilitarian such as a GTN75xi, and G3X or G500xi then tie them into your autopilot
  6. Do you have a smaller LED light that would fit if a similar bracket was made to fit inside the Mooney lens?
  7. Oh man, Found it or at least a good facsimile on Jame's site. It looks like it's on his V35 but it would work on Mooney's. https://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html
  8. Thank you Art, That was one of the articles I was thinking about. The other, (that I still can't find) had it a new custom made aluminum bracket holding a different light and the LED strobe/nav lights under the plastic cover. It's hard in Canada to get this stuff approved and get my avionics shop on my side.
  9. Yes I was. I noticed someone install a custom mounting with LED lights in place of the original on their M20M but as of yet haven't been able to find the reference picture to it here. Thanks
  10. Hi James, Do you have anything LED to replace the white position lights that sit next to the strobe/nav lights within the plastic enclosure? Steve
  11. Wow, Great design and craftsmanship and well everything
  12. Which one was it? Were you able to call Bill Gates on the microchip?
  13. Hi Seth, I have a few hours in a few Aerostar's and was looking at buying one a few years ago too. If you're still interested talk to people that have owned one for awhile and maybe join one of the two online forums. I believe John G. found that the Aerostar didn't fit his needs properly but ask him directly on Beechtalk. I think the best person to talk to would be Forrest Ward (who's on both forums and Beechtalk). He's owned and flown Areostars a lot. Secondly Jim Christy is the big guru on Aerostars and I don't think they have any issues with parts supplies. Pus they have lots of STC's
  14. There's no entrapment here at all. The ad is limited to size but it clearly shows the log books are available to download with out talking to the gentleman. Not to mention you're doing your own due diligence and/or getting someone good to do a pre-buy if you feel comfortable.
  15. In fairness to the owner, that was 25 years ago and it's flown 1200 hours since. I flew the plane last week and it was stable and tight. All the avionics including the autopilot worked fine. My largest concern without doing a pre-buy is the cost of an engine overhaul and possibly a prop overhaul. I'll add that I know the mechanic and he's good and thorough and the owner was honest and answered all my questions. Plus the log books are complete with all the information. It's best to do a pre-buy no matter what you buy.
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