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  1. Thanks Paul for your information. I'm starting to look for either a 252 or Bravo and this is the exact information I need. Nice looking panel too.
  2. I have a file for a J that I can send you. Let me know what send it in if you're interested. DXF, ect. sdawson630@gmail.com
  3. Removed this set of Hoskins strobes complete with power supplies and the navigation lights and wing tip holders. These were moved from my 201 M20J. Please NOTE: Only One strobe light works. Both nav lights and one strobe were working when I replaced them with new Orion LED units. Asking $200 US and will ship to US or Canada Steve sdawson630@gmail.com
  4. You don't say but is the aircraft actually for sale or are you just asking out of curiosity? There's been aircraft where the owner has lost interest or their medical but keep paying hangar or tie-down fees hoping that one day they'll be able to fly again. Or they figure the aircraft is worth when they bought it, or they don't want the wife to know how much money they have in the aircraft.
  5. Scott McDonald is known for this and selling low quality aircraft. He tried that procedure on me awhile ago on a 252. Take a look for yourself first then get a PPI from someone reputable and independent
  6. Yes, I was going to list it In a couple weeks Clarence Email me if you need further info. Steve
  7. Thanks Tim for all your information including the price. If I was to keep my 201 I'd consider this option just for the noise factor alone. Can you update us when you get your noise results? Steve
  8. I talked to them today and they are busy but still very helpful.
  9. That you for sharing Erik, Like you I remember Bennet telling and showing his prestige 201 and his adventures with his 262. I think he loved life the way he wanted
  10. I used Sheppard Air. They are also very supportive
  11. I have a J but if you look at where your arms are positioned in the later model R and M's it looks like they have a bit more arm room.
  12. +1 for Airtex also. It took longer and was more expensive then I had figured but after 5 years it's holding up very well and is still comfortable. And Airtex was very helpful when I ran into any questions.
  13. If there's enough hours on the new oil you could take a sample and send it out for analysis before you purchase if you're curious about the engine
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