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  1. Our first long cross country in January, 2018, we experienced about about two hours of >200 knot g.s. returning from Colorado at 9500 ft. Sadly we haven't seen anything like that since. Made it back in 5-1/2 hours including a fuel stop in Arkansas.
  2. In the spirit of Mooney marketing, I'd go with redline: 189
  3. Installed weatherstripping yesterday in position 'B" above. The product seems to be almost perfect in terms of width, thickness, and stiffness. Must pull in on the door just a bit harder than before to close it, but not that much more. After I closed the door from the inside, co-pilot standing outside had trouble hearing me talk. Can't wait to flight test it. The one difference from position B that we noted occurred in the lower-forward portion of the door. After doing the original install, from inside using flashlight I looked into the 3/8" gap between door and aircraft and cou
  4. @steingar Your work is awesome. Thanks for sharing! Have you ever crafted an origami Mooney Z model?
  5. Yep, and it works really well to. The B11 gets its input from a CDI and cares not what is driving that CDI. Mine follows a magenta line all day.
  6. Question for the group. I'm going to install the stuff that @Andy95W showed at the start of this thread. Here's the question. For those of you have installed this stuff, regarding install, what works best, A) or B)? The old seal had major leaks along the bottom edge of the door, and a lot of wind noise from the forward portion of the upper door. The door is flush with the exterior of the airframe when closed, so it's a seal problem not a door problem. Thanks, Fred
  7. Bumping this thread back up. Maybe there is an older thread that's better, but this one has some good info. BTW- the best remover for taking off 3M trim adhesive is Peerco 321. According to the MSDS the active ingredient is potassium hydroxide in a VOC gel made of turpenes. Pleasant orange scent. The KOH concentration is not high because the MSDS says the pH is 8.0. It's expensive: $114/gal on spruce. You can buy smaller sizes from other vendors. I cut off my old door seal like trimming meat from a bone with a razor blade. In many places the seal did not separate from the doo
  8. The hidden gems of MS remain mostly hidden except to those who take the time to use google to search MS. For instance there are excellent threads discussing questions like those suggested by @mike_elliott and @EricJ. Many started years ago. Unless someone has posted to them recently, they are needles in the haystack. Make these threads accessible and users can read them before starting yet another "Should I run LOP?" thread. What about a "popular threads" section? Good threads tend to attract new posts, even old ones. When somebody re-activates an old thread, it often attracts
  9. Wow, that thing has an OLD panel. Decades of non upgrades.
  10. I think I saw something like this. What a dent this would make.
  11. Internet search is your friend on mooneyspace. "sealant instrument panels site:mooneyspace.com" finds this thread, which discusses the topic in detail.
  12. In the summertime that La Veta pass route is usually great. Convective initiation from mountain tops is common, suggesting an early a.m. departure (smooth), or after those happen and the anvils suppress surface heating (not smooth). Southern Colorado is going through a wet period which will increase the likelihood of convective activity, but might dry out by mid-June. Not a forecaster- pp advice only. Look forward to PiRep! Have fun.
  13. Not only that, your $10k investment is essentially a liability given the risk profile of prop-strike plus sitting inactive for 5 years. Scrap value on the older avionics and airframe with suspect engine might get you to (WAG) $60-$70k? Spend the money on the overhaul, and your value pops up to $150k while your risk liability drops back down to normal. Or- flip it and use the proceeds to buy a plane that makes more sense for your skill level.
  14. That's one nice looking paint job.
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