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  1. The lowest price I've seen folks ask for 430W's lately is in the low 6 AMUs.
  2. Since Engine Monitor Discussion is a relatively new category, let's generate some data to discuss.
  3. Why not ship it? Pack it well and send it through the post. When I lived in Australia, I'd get letters from the States with only domestic postage within a week. Everything goes by air.
  4. Rules I was taught by the CFII that I bought our C from: Above 5000 ft, WOT. Always. When leveled off in cruise at WOT above 5000 ft, when you lean the engine it will start to run a little rough- pull the throttle a little bit until it stops running rough. This happens because you're getting enough throttle plate engaged to help mix/atomize the fuel. Continue leaning. Contemporary literature gives the max power mixture for the O-360 at 50F ROP. Hardest on the engine. I lean for 80-100 ROP. A couple of times in cruise I've experimented and got our C to run smoothly LOP. Our engine has the induction tubes that pass through the oil pan like @PT20J mentioned. Fuel consumption down near 7 GPH is pretty cool. But it's slower. I don't fly to save money or go slower. So I don't do that very often. +10 for engine monitor. Best first investment you can make to modernize an older Mooney, in my opinion. Gets you so much more awareness about that all important engine. A certified primary engine monitor lets you remove those six tiny little indicators down by your co-pilots left knee, MP/FP and Tach steam gauges, plus it gets the flammables back outside the firewall where they belong. Plus you can download the data and get analytics run on them regarding engine health compared to the fleet!
  5. Since we got our JPI 900 synced up with the GPS in our C, it outputs MPG. Fun to watch. I cruise at 24 sq. down low (TAS 140), and WOT 2500 above 5000 ft (TAS 143). MPG varies from 13 to 20 all depending on the winds.
  6. With 36 hours until the end of the auction, bidding on this J is now up to $134,400. Looks like it might be a decent J. Might be ok. Listed on eBay item number: 115478783818 Personally, I'd almost never buy an airplane off eBay. The long duration of their auctions attracts folks who like to bid early and often. All that does is raise the floor for when the serious bidding starts. Logistics: It's out of annual. You've got 14 days. How do you get a decent PPI? In some states getting a ferry permit is a real pain that can take a week.
  7. It doesn't dehumidify the hangar, it dehumidifies the inside of the engine using a small pump to move dry air through the engine via the crankcase vent tube. Does nothing to the hangar.
  8. -a- going into my hangar is unthinkable in the middle of hot sunny days. The brilliant folks that built it years ago opted for no insulation. The infrared radiation coming off the roof is just killer. This summer has been unusually hot. Air temperatures over 100F are uncommon. More typical high temperatures range from 90-95F. The hangar we're in seldom gets as hot as the data shown above. I've never operated a temperature logger in the aircraft, but it doesn't seem much hotter than the hangar when I open it up. When I don't fly during the humid time of the year I have a system that pumps dehumidified air through the engine. Here's a data plot from last July/August showing about two weeks hangar air temperature and the dew point of the air being put out by the engine dehumidifier (Celsius).
  9. According to FlightAware, at 14:26Z on 7/31/2022, there are 92 M20P and 24 M20T's in the air on planet Earth. I've never seen so many at once. All but 2 in Europe are over CONUS. The number of other GA models in flight: C172 (829), Piper Cherokee (433) and C182 (317) and SR22 (159).
  10. I want the prop you have. Our C with Hartzell Top Prop trues out at 140-143. Has for years. Did that with the original Hartzell prop too before the forced upgrade three years ago.
  11. Don't look at my hangar mate's Turbo Arrow.
  12. The inner small frequency knob on the NAV side of my KX-155 suddenly decided to fracture last flight. I wasn't using it when it did. I would have noticed that. Seems to represent a case of spontaneous decay. Anybody have one on an old KX-155 on the shelf? Long shot I know. Gotta ask. If anyone sees such a knob at OSH, get it for me unless over about $10/gram. Thanks, Fred
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