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  1. What is the PN of the fuel pump? What’s its take off pressure? I remember you had a run around whit what servo you were going to order. I would have the servo bench checked at PCE, Lycon, or RLB accessory. Maybe your new servo was put together on a Friday and not set up correctly. How far down are your EGT probes from the exhaust flange? If they are closer to the flange than 3 inches I’d say you have a normal airplane. Too close to the stack will read high. -Matt
  2. Move some spark plugs around, sounds fouled to me. Not uncommon. -Matt
  3. That’s the issue! Start with stock settings and work from there. Some one may have already been in there and playing with settings. -Matt
  4. Check the settings on the 650/750. They will act really strange if they are not set up correctly. ELT antenna shouldn’t matter-it’s not transmitting. I think the avionics shop is flawed. I’ve never had so much trouble than with a 650. In a wood aircraft. Ground plane was a challenge, it’s still not 100%. -Matt
  5. Send the old one to Wayne at pacific oil cooler in the mean time. His rebuilds are as good as new. They have full manufacturing capability at their shop. -Matt
  6. You guys had a good crew for that DC3 video. Some of the best!! Great story! -Matt
  7. Slide the engine monitor over and put the clock there? It would need a scab panel over what you have now, but it could work. -Matt
  8. Thanks!! Makes sense now. -Matt
  9. Neat Device, but has anyone been able to use the waas source from a 530/430W for the GDL82 yet? I am on the fence about upgrading my 330TXP to ES or installing a GDL82. I like the simplicity and idea of the GDL82, but it looks like one more step than just the ES upgrade. Rather not mount another identical wass antenna on the exterior if I don’t need to. -Matt
  10. 65e mine has an exit behind #4 not #3 for the fuel pump scat cooling hose. -Matt
  11. I’ve seen amazing work from both shops. I’ve seen marginal work from both shops. Most paint shops will turn out a nice product. It’s up to the owner to squawk the paint on their inspection. I’d recommend an outside person to inspect the paint work. Most owners don’t have the eye due to the fact they are now looking at an airplane that’s most likely way better than what it was before. “Wow!! it looks great”...a week later a buddy points out runs and trash... -Matt
  12. https://www.craneae.com/Products/Sensing/SmartStemBizJets.aspx Go for it! I’d rather not deal with them! Lol. -Matt
  13. There were some available that I was going to put on a CJ. STC’d and everything. They wanted $1500 or so. Spruce sells a little kit too. -Matt
  14. The oil suction screen grabs the debris before it hits the oil pump. It is required to check every oil change. You’ll get various opinions if everyone changes it each oil change. It’s tight be you do not need to move the engine to remove the screen. It’s 2 pieces. The fuel screen for the airplanes equipped with old Dukes pumps. FWD and down stream of the electric fuel pump. I would still like to find a good part number of the oring as none of the drawings list the official pn for the o-ring. I found an oring that fits but it would be great to have the PN handy. -Matt
  15. Cameras in the touch down zones at both ends, reviewed by airport manangment daily. The landing fees then are managed by a company named Vector. Bills are then sent out to the registered owners of the aircraft. -Matt