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  1. I installed mine on the engine prior to installing to the engine mount. I’m sure it can be done, just depends. Pre- purchase? Or just a look see? Pull the front cylinder and see what it looks like. If it’s bad, you won’t need to pull the rear cylinder. If it still looks good, I wouldn’t pull the rear just to look. -Matt
  2. There is a service bulletin that lists the parts. M20-151. The center clamp is hard to find. 738-14-10 KRN had one in AZ, everyone else was out. It’s a centered Adel clamp. Most Clamps are not centered. Laser is out of stock of the kit. I found the clamp, hardware, made a pointer and label. Looks good to me!
  3. Good choice on the new case. Can’t stand Divco. I’ve had two cases have cracks from them. Good luck during the build!! It’ll all be ok! -Matt
  4. Those studs circled are normally not through the case. There are pockets that are tapped on the smaller 3/8” studs. They don’t enter anything where oil should exist on my io360-a1a. The larger 1/2-20/1/2-12 studs on the corners are through bolts and studs. Ive used locktite on them in the past as they can stretch and leak. Not much can be done with the through bolts regarding leaking. Extrrnal sealant case sealant, proseal, or Ultra Black work well. Ultra black is better than most proseals. Also, Start looking for cracks in the case near the bottom corners. I’ve been through that a few times. -Matt
  5. Hi any Par 36 lamps left? Do they have polarity? Anyone have any fit issues yet?... I’m not using it on a Mooney. -Matt
  6. Thanks Rick, Which bell-crank did you find loose? -Matt
  7. Other than exempt aircraft, The reg on the speed is the reg! ATC does NOT have the authority to relieve reg speeds. Guys have been violated at SJC for flying a published speed on a chart (max 230kts) That portion of the departure just happens to be under SFO Bravo airspace. 200 kts! Whoops!! Tecky3 rnav. Also , “resume normal speed” dose not relieve one from a published speed restriction. “Delete speed restriction” will relieve the published speed, but not the reg speeds. As for the flybys don’t shine your ass. I personally I wouldn’t call the FSDO, however these things always seem find the goof balls in the crowd. Wish I had these speed issues in my airplane! -Matt
  8. I fly with the qc35s/UFm in a light jet, they are awesome!! I like the fact you can leave the ANR off, because with it on you can not hear ambient noises at all in the cabin. I was just thinking how bad my boseX are with noise. This got me thinking what headset to bring to Oshkosh. Love my DC’s but can’t input music easily. You’ve found the 35’s work well then in the rocket? My E is really loud... Good Chat! -Matt
  9. Thanks Mike! Where is that inlet screen on that engine? Im not familiar with the 520 which I think that’s what that 206 had. -Matt
  10. With a tank that clean I wouldn’t worry about corrosion. Seal it up and worry about it in 20years. I don’t think the Alodine will do any better than what’s there now.
  11. Well done!! You know know the wiring better than anyone else! I really can’t stand some of those spade connections. I try to replace them whenever I can. -Matt
  12. What model M20? I’m not sure all versions have those zirk fittings there on the belcranks. A/S 22 will work great there. Looks like somebody used lubriplate on the trim actuator. Unknown on what’s on the gear actuator. -Matt
  13. What a great name for an airplane!! Vintage is great. You’ll be close to the south end of the lake for sure. I like the airplanes and the people in the vintage area. Many flying projects and restorations. I can related to the airplanes and people a little better in vintage than the modern production stuff in the north 40. Just make a bigger sign for the window than others and you shouldn’t have any taxi issues. -Matt