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  1. Should not be too expensive to install the alternator kit from Planepower. New front baffling rework mounting the alternator propeller removal and install new belt wiring mounting the VR Other airframe wiring and CBs, lights, shunts and etc. A good shop should be able to do it in a day or two. 10-15hrs??? Great support from plane power. Awesome upgrade! -Matt
  2. Sounds like standard old airplane stuff to me. ASI can not be marked as INOP -Matt
  3. Let us know where you ended up tonight. -Matt
  4. Still clear at SMO. Just left. however, fog is starting to march in. -Matt
  5. Flysafe! El Paso is a stretch before lunch. I keep an eye on this thread and try to meet for a late lunch at spitfire! -Matt
  6. It's talking to you! It would be interesting to know where the pets came from in the suction screen. I'd pull that number 4 and start digging. I think the screen and filter probably caught everything. Could sell it now...its run out. I would try and get somebody to bless it and make it safe. The Rocket search is depressing. -Matt
  7. Go for it!! With your skill set I would wrap whatever you wanted. Even the flight controls. Then have them balanced. It's not as scary as it sounds. I would love to wrap mine one day. My Dad is wrapping his Sonex. The automotive materials are amazing to work with. If your paint is in marginal shape. I would even wet sand all the paint and current paint lines to have a nicer working surface. Don't get into the rivets. Post many pictures and I'm sure you'll get a few customers! -Matt
  8. I had always thought our old E models were loud. When I first started flying ours I was suprised by the loudness. I'm not suprised that it registrars that high on the DB. I've done the earplugs under the headsets. You really need to crank the Comms to make it work. I normally everything but the Mooney with a helmet with electric earbuds. Much like clarity aloft or halo. The helmet further reduces the noise. The DC's with the Oregon aero earpieces and kit I think are just about the best you can do for the high noise environments. Bose with the Oregon earpiece upgrades are ok too, but all standard Bose are really bad with high levels of noise. -Matt
  9. I like your thinking Cliff!! I strongly believe having the springs on the nose gear rods would prevent a half dozen nose wheel collapses each year. I think you can have a properly rigged manual gear airplane that puts too much stress on the nose truss fittings. Several examples I have seen here fail. There is enough stress to bend hardware, and the rods themselves if rigged incorrectly!! I've since replaced the rods and installed all new hardware on my electric nose gear rods. Lasar can reproduce the rods on an exchange basis. -Matt
  10. Keep flying and watching it! If you don't like it change it. -Matt
  11. We don't here too much of Exxon elite. Mr.Bruce sure pushed his Rocket to world record heights with the oil +FL400. Kinda makes you feel good it has the same additives already in it as camgard and avblend. I've used both and still switch back and forth between changes. I like the protection for the cam I think camguard gives. I also like the "soaks into metal" and protection in the valve train clauses that AVblend states. -Matt
  12. Yes, the stir the pot technique. Works great, lasts long time!! -Matt
  13. So what exactly was the issue? I've read it 2x, a pin in brake of the motor fell and shorted? just trying to wrap my head around it. Are the Dukes and ITT's interchangeable airframe to airframe? 65E, duke electric gear. -Matt
  14. I change mine every 20hrs. But let the filter extend to the next oil change. Ever see what your oil looks like at 50hrs? Not golden honey anymore. -Matt
  15. I'm glad we agree they are structural. I get into debates about how they can be normal stainless countersunk screws. Personally, I don't mind the Cad screws. They hold up slightly better with screwdriver abuse and the threads don't gall as bad. A 250 count will do the wings. -Matt