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  1. Great!! Sorry- that was more of a general observation I had for others. It'll feel good landing knowing Gear is in great shape!! I'm glad Mooney doesn't require gear overhauls in the manual. However, it's sure nice to pull everything apart every once in a while. At least it's not a Falcon! -Matt
  2. He ended up in an SR22 I believe. It was great drama for a long time. Glad he finished his PPL. we were all worried about him. Haven't heard from him in a long time. -Matt
  3. Need a bit of help with value.

    But a spare is never a bad thing!! Matty white? -Matt
  4. Need a bit of help with value.

    Those backing plates seem to be bomb proof compared to the 201 bulkheads. The spinner is of good value espically if somebody has a cracked one! Priceless then. I found one on eBay 4 years ago for $115. It had nasty paint and it polished up nicely. Haven't ever seen one that cheap since. might be a nice upgrade for someone with a stubby spinner. $250-350? -Matt
  5. Amazing work!! I'd caution the "higher is better," No sense stressing the system. I think a lot of the manual gear collapses happen right after the gear is "adjusted because it was low". The nose gear tubing, standoffs, and fittings are probably weaker than they were when they left the factory. Stuff bends. What did the nose tensions come out to be?? They changed when I adjusted the mains. Well done! -Matt
  6. Well, poop...

    I'd just Exchange it with PSI. Pacific southwest instruments. (951) 737-0790 -Matt
  7. My 252

    Oh, that was that AVEO engineering deal last fall your testing? Awesome!! -Matt
  8. My 252

    Cool wing tips!! Didn't know you put those on!! -Matt
  9. Bulb removal

    Just an example- haven't ordered anything from them. -Matt
  10. Bulb removal

    https://www.aero-lites.com/ge-330-12v-post-light-replacement. spruce has them as well -Matt
  11. Bulb removal

    It Should pop out from the shell on the back side. See if a little needle nose can make the bulb spin in the housing. -Matt
  12. You could file the bolt threads with a dremel for clearance. (Due to the PITA to washer the bolt.) -Matt
  13. ATP data has an agreement with TCM. They partnered with each other. I still prefer paper copies. -Matt
  14. I'd Be careful of compressing the tail like that. It might not seem like much but compressing the tail manually like that with out a flight load could stress the tail and fuselage . The airplane is only rated to 1.5g negative. Pressing up on the tail would be negative G. just some thoughts, -Matt