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  1. MB65E

    Just sell me the f**$’ng oil

    The lady at the parts place across at DVT has always been nice to me. Was Aerozona a new name for the Same place. I thought it was AZ air parts. -Matt
  2. MB65E

    Just sell me the f**$’ng oil

    What place was it? -Matt
  3. MB65E

    Teens going to Oshkosh?

    It’s fun. I always had a good time growing up. My parents met at OSH in the early 70’s. Just tell him there will be other girls there, and it’s summertime!! ;-) -Matt
  4. MB65E

    Oshkosh Prop Strike

    The south vintage 40 is pretty rough past the ultralights. But manageable.
  5. I believe your spring is the correct later style PN. You could pull the oil pressure source from another oil galley. I once had an oil pressure gauge tapped near a governor line, it fluctuated a bit. We changed the pick up and it read normal. Maybe you could crank the oil P to 100 psi for T/O or whatever your high limit is. -Matt
  6. Eaton is the current MFG. They make good stuff. You can upgrade to the higher current relay. tail of caution, the battery relay failures can look exactly like partial battery failures. If the relay is working it could be the battery itself. I would spend money on load testing the battery If questionable. If the battery test is good then it’s the relay. -Matt
  7. MB65E

    "SabreCowl" Update

    That’s where I always thought the oil cooler exit should be! Nice! -Matt
  8. Why use Mek? It’s just 100LL. The water idea isn’t the worst idea, but I’d just let it dry out. I would fly it and see if it stops. Take off on the opposite tank if it bothers you. -Matt
  9. MB65E


    I have had a 182 with the airbags apart for almost a month waiting for amsafe to finish work. The airplane has 450hrs on it. The belts have a 10years overhaul per chapter 5. Sent all belts off for re-cert. One belt was redtagged and said it was BER. Ordered a one new belt and re-cert on the other 3. Ordered the 4 inflator carts (10years Life limit), 6-8 weeks on those components. We are now approaching 5k on that invoice alone. Lost nearly 2mo of flying. Just saying, -Matt
  10. MB65E

    Buying engine parts in lieu of saving $?

    Hi! Good approach! I had a 1200 hr io-360 overhauled in 1985. The only internals that were worth saving this last time around was one rod, the accessory case, oil sump and crank. Everything else was shot. Used serviceable cases tend to be hard to come by. The rods and rod bolts tend to always need replacement. The rod bolts are tricky because there are about 3 different versions. Your accessory case and oil sump will probably need machine done, so a spare with the machining done already might help. You could buy ring kits, bearing kits, I would keep track of all the lot numbers and S/Ns. Track down a set of cylinders with Known total time. So many components, the TT is no longer tracked. Build it like a race car engine and you shouldn’t have any issues. Lycoming holds their distribution close so there are only a handful of distributors. Aviall and Spruce are the two major places where I get parts from. I would even buy a new cam shaft. You do run the risk of having issues with warranties expiring, Service bulletins or the parts being superseded. However, I would rather them be on a shelf with others doing the testing than to find an AD issue with a part and need to tare into the engine to fix it. -Matt
  11. MB65E


    I have the sport aviation article from way back when. It’s loaded here in the “download” section. -Matt
  12. MB65E

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    IFE info and pricing attached -Matt
  13. MB65E

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    I have some emails from them. I can get pricing on the 46&36 lamps. They were great to talk with. They obviously were not harbor freight/ TSC cheap, but they state it will last 3-4 times longer and is better made than the current aviation products. Their price was on par with other MFG. Maybe they can be a supplier for spruce or organize their web site to take orders. I was just excited that their par 64 lamps were not thousands of dollars like some of the OEMs can be. -Matt
  14. MB65E

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    Whelen is saying the new lamps are only 85cp and 155cp.
  15. MB65E

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    http://ifeproducts.com/ Check out these guys! They are one of the few that offer a normal solution to the PAR 64 lamps. (Airline/corporate jet) . They blow everything out of the water, and are not as expensive as you think. They are made near Chicago. Their par 36 & 46 lamps are bright on spec. I will order some for my next project!! -Matt