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  1. MB65E

    ATC Professionalism

    100% impressive. We bought our local tower cab lunch the other day. They appreciated it. If able I’d recommend taking care of your local tower some how. Heard a female NoCal controller yesterday have a short conversation with a SWA. SWA was sympathetic and complimentary of her service, SWA said he “knew how it was as he was once Furloughed” .. controller came back with...”well at least you didn’t go to work with out getting paid” Kinda put it into perspective. These folks won’t make rent or mortgage this month!! It really sucks! But they still come to work? Totally impressive!!!! Be Kind!! No pop up IFRs, and take it easy with flight following! -Matt
  2. MB65E

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    Interesting combo of oils. Anyone seen the shell demo of cold flow tests at Oshkosh? I was surprised how slow the XC oil was below freezing. The synthetic oil issue with the clutch in continentals is a good enough for me not to use the synthetics. -Matt
  3. MB65E

    What's with posting videos of violating regs...?

    Link is now gone. Lol. Silly pilot tricks! -Matt
  4. MB65E

    Anti-chafe tape

    I’ve used the PTEF fiberglass tape. It sticks way better than the white roll of ptef plastic tape. Comes with a peel back. I had it on our Citation gear doors, baggage doors, anywear two piece of aluminum or paint rubbed. The plastic Teflon tape just doesn’t hold up. https://catalog.cshyde.com/viewitems/tapes-with-psa/rd-grade-ptfe-coated-tape-silicone-adhesive -Matt
  5. MB65E

    Rudder free-play

    Thanks Again for the B-47 PN doc. It’s hard to find. I’ll finish mine one of these days! ebay has a LOT of 25 of them for $60! What a deal! -Matt
  6. MB65E

    Rocket Engine Stumble

    Nice Report SP! On some of the TSIO 550 Legacy’s, we needed to tie them down for run ups as the brakes would not hold. The port-a-port test set up I used annually to adjust fuel flows and pressures. It was a pain, but if the engine was set to the book values, it ran really well. Each year you could see changes and trends for the engine. The fuel pumps would ware and cause issues, but only due to the fact we were at the limits of the system at race settings. I’d recommend setting it up exactly as the Rocket manual allows with the test gauges. Idle fuel flows and pressures are really important. The Rocket is pretty much a dream certified airplane combination in my book!! Borderline Experimental! -Matt
  7. Hi! I’ll take it. CAP does nice work, all our corporate stuff is done thru them. I’m in LA -Matt
  8. MB65E

    Shoulder belt installations

    Great offer Alan! Best Mod on a Vintage Mooney one could ask for! Hope others take you up on it!! -Matt
  9. Can anyone imagine a NEW 1965 Mooney!! Neat! -Matt
  10. Your ops limits allow class B airports? What makes your 300L experimental? I’ve had 4 ops limits I’ve helped write, none allowed class B and I tried. Edit: allowed class B airspace yes, I have not been able to land at class B airports as the ops limits prevent it. The Ops limits are the most subjective part of each FSDO these days I feel. Almost like 337’s lol. Also, maybe the EE aircraft are different than AB. Experimentals. -Matt
  11. But I did obtain an RVSM manual last Friday! -Matt
  12. MB65E

    If you had to spend $30,000

    The most gorgeous fabric clipped wing 8A Luscombe with a polished fuselage I could find. -Matt
  13. MB65E

    Insight G1 on M20j Help

    I think G1 is the single best upgrade for any airplane. Upgrade to whatever you like but operationally the G1 provides what I need to see. The device is way better than the old red lcd, -601,-602,-604 guagws in the past. I really like mine. -Matt
  14. It’s becoming more common. I know several owners that have had jet fuel in their aircraft. Also almost lost a DA900 in FL this summer. It had diesel exhaust fluid in the fuel. They lost 2 engines... -Matt
  15. MB65E

    Grounded... Repair Advice?

    Good morning! Real A&P? I’m sorry, the skins are heat treated. However, they just are not stamped like the gear doors On the Mooney are. -Matt A&P, IA