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  1. What Would you Do to This Panel?

    Leave it alone for now, use the extra funds the 2 years to handle new airplane ownership. Upgrade to ADSB in a year or so. Install a G5 for fun if it makes you feel better. -Matt
  2. Oil leak mystery

    Also check for a crankcase crack at the bottom of cylinder #2 near the studs. -Matt
  3. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Depending on how much time is on the engine, you could open it up, do some AD and SB research, repace items as needed, and put it back together for something reasonable. If it holds fuel and doesn't leak, no need to redo the tanks. My concern would be rodents and corrosion. There was some corrosion on the wing tip fairing it looked like. Pull the interior and check the steel before making another offer. -Matt
  4. NEEDED- Grimes 1265 Nav lights

    Is this the lense you are looking for? Wow, I've never seen one. eBay has 3. All ultra expensive. thought I'd post the eBay pic for others. -Matt
  5. Wing Walk Strip and Refresh

    It's plenty. You'll probably use less than half of it. -Matt
  6. Just happened to me

    Mine is labeled in black print white background, with a neon safety orange border "15° tow limit!!" It's not the factory red limit sign that everyone ignores or doesn't see. -Matt
  7. MFG date of bottle? -Matt
  8. Looked like a nice Pitts!! That sr22 must have been smashed pretty hard!! -Matt
  9. Ours went TU on a flight yesterday. RWC PL21, said "No subscription" not true, it's due in January and it's paid. I refreshed the signal, had pilot reset the CB and it worked normally the rest of the flight. We only have XM weather with no audio. -Matt
  10. Retractable Step Lubricant

    Might try Everlube PLB220AE Lubri‑Bond 220. It's Dry to the touch when cured, light gray finish. I've used it on several other aircraft "sliding" applications. Cool stuff!! -Matt
  11. Slips; demonstrated X/W (E)

    I don't even call the tower up anymore from the south. I just fly over, left circle then call them when I'm back inbound or the turn for the right down wind. I've been yelled at 2x by the controllers assuming I was doing something else when I called from the south in the past. No more of that. Monitor both tower and 128.55 the entire time. Also, I've had a few conflicts on special flight rules departure in the right 270 from traffic entering from VNY. -Matt
  12. New drop-in LED bulbs from Whelen

    All 3 sets were placed thru Spruce. One of the 28v sets shipped. Still waiting on the others. I believe Whelen was waiting on their paperwork to come thru with the FAA approvals. I bet they told their vendors to hold until the paperwork was compleated. If everything works out, these will be the first truly TSOd drop in lights to maker. Yes expensive still for a single unit, but reasonable considering the Orion system. Will do, -Matt
  13. New drop-in LED bulbs from Whelen

    Bought some for a CJ, T182T, and actually sprung for them for the mooney!! I neglected to post until my order shipped!! Lol, I called whelen, they will be full up. They will meet all TSOs with out changing to clear lenses!!! will advise, -Matt
  14. PPI check list

    I'll 2nd longeron inspection. Our longerons by the battery were heavily corroded due to acid spills during battery removal. It was all painted with fresh black paint. All after a fresh 9k MSC annual. I Ended up replacing the longeron. -Matt
  15. Cleaning the glass in our planes

    Hard to beat a bottle of water and a microfiber. I love plexus too. But at 18-20/can I'd rather have a few more gallons of avgas and a 6 pack. The Avlabs clear view is nice, but it streaks more then the Plexus. Prist is also good. -Matt