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  1. Hi Scott, let me check in with him. He’s the best! -Matt
  2. Similar issue with my 530w. I primarily use my 155 if I want to talk with someone. I can receive fine on the 530 clearly but transmitting produces a really strange side tone after the mic is depressed over 3 seconds. Interested in your findings! I have swapped antennas and coax cables with no improvement. -Matt
  3. The intake flanges are often overtorqued, don’t align correctly, or can be bent. I have had good luck filing the ears of the retainer flush. Also, many times the flange doesn’t seat into the grove and is not flush. As a last resort use RTV to hold the gasket in place. Try and use something that doesn’t dry like halomar etc. The lock washers tend to work loose as well, or maybe the gasket just compresses enough and things get loose over time. I’ve used double gaskets in the past but it was for a fire-breathing 390hp EXP540. -Matt
  4. A great mentor friend of mine works at a shop in Smyrna now. He ran his own shop in Chicago for 20 years. I’ll see if he can take a look at it. We worked together on several Mooney’s in Chicago. 201 windscreen mods, wing re-skins. Fun jobs. I’m in Nashville about once a month for work, we still try and get together. -Matt
  5. I have a few old parachutes, I use to cover the entire plane. -Matt
  6. Pull the trigger for sure. Nice to have an airplane partner to share it with too. Bob added so much to the community here. What a treat to fly on in his pride and joy. As a total package, I don’t think there is another E that checks so may boxes. Good luck with the acquisition. -Matt
  7. That looks awesome! -Matt
  8. I have seen the tabs on the rocker cover brake. Then the rocker pin drops out and causes a chain of events. The metal tab work hardens then cracks at the weld. Rocker covers should be inspected periodically. As there is nothing that calls for the inspection until overhaul. -Matt
  9. Tightening a screw first usually frees it up so removal is easier. Sounds backwards but works better than any easy out I’ve ever used. -Matt
  10. Morning Chris! Welcome. Lots of opinions here. Not a bad idea in theory. If the guy is agreeable to it that might work. There is a lot of owners that wont let an MSC even look at their airplane. Since they are so close you are lucky. Maybe he’s used on in the past. Most of the peering eyes here on MS can give a good assessment of the aircraft for free! Lol. Whatever happens, I’m sure the Mooney will be easier to maintenance than the F14! ;-) Good plan, -Matt
  11. Stainless will Gall if you get them hot with a screw gun. My wing is all structural CAD screws. As an IA I would compare the strength of the screw listed for both the IPC screw and the ones you want to install. Citation switched to structural Stainless #10 torque countersunk screws in most of their airframes. I never stripped a single one, as long as I had a good bit. Genuine aircraft hardware has the best description and source for most fancy hardware. Cessnas screws actually had a Cessna PN. -Matt
  12. The Guy from Blue Sky was slammed by an owner here on the forum awhile back. Then the Blue Sky guy slammed a respected shop here on the forum. Jose Monroy was active on this forum until recently I take it. You might try the search function on the site as well as Googling for blue sky aviation. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful than that. This is just what I’ve read on MS directly. Based on what I’ve read, I would try and stay away from BSA. However, I’m sure there is a third side to any story. -Matt
  13. I remember spinning down from one of my 14k episodes In Southern Illinois. I lost count of the turns and the windows fogged over. N6422Q -Matt