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  1. MB65E

    Gear handle spins

    My point is the spring is almost worthless and the handle can still fall FWD into the manual position. You’ll only need the device once a year at annual, but it needs to work. -Matt
  2. MB65E

    $100 Burger

    Nice super D picture!! I flew a friends ‘96 model for a few hundred hours back in college. We flew it hard, It taught me a lot, and it didn’t seem to care. Identical paint as in your picture. That Bahamas blue! Lol -Matt
  3. MB65E

    Gear handle spins

    What position is the handle in the cockpit currently? FWD or AFT? The way the cable and lever appear as it’s still incorrect, but hard to tell with out seeing it all. I have mine safetied to the aft position with breakable copper wire. It helps the system to stay dis-engaged when it’s unused. (In the cockpit) -Matt
  4. MB65E

    Bizjet Baggage

    It’s not pressurized. No issues other than a can of soda or chips explodeing. It’s always the Diet Coke too, glad I don’t drink that stuff. -Matt
  5. MB65E

    Lycoming io-360 Engine odyssey

    I wouldn’t put a Continental part of anything on my Lycoming. Lol! -Matt
  6. On a prop strike I always ask how many blades were hit. Only one blade?...ouch it’s done. If it gets all three blades it’s less likely there will be significant damage. Either way, taredown required. -Matt
  7. Not buying it. Looks like a prior gear up put out to pasture. I bet the tie downs were removed and the gear was the last resort. And where is the spinner? poor thing! Really sorry for everyone’s losses down there. -Matt
  8. MB65E

    IO-360-A3B6 Jet-A Contamination 1.86%

    I would pay for the difference in shipping to Lycon if that is the only hold up. -Matt
  9. MB65E

    Leaking exhaust

    Good shop! It will be like new. Turbo exhaust systems are not worth trying to piece meal with repairs. The operating conditions are too tough. Good call sending the entire system! -Matt
  10. Anyone have the drawings of the doubler and Shims. Mainly material thickness? -Matt
  11. Looks good! Pads have lasted 400-500 hrs for me. I haven’t seen the cross reference for M28. Although it appears to be almost like their SHC-100 which is approved for most jet aircraft wheels. I’ve never needed to use a bearing packer. A gallon of mineral spirits will do wonders too. #8 and 10 B-type tinnermen plates and screws will help for the belly AN900 crush gasket for the oil sump. Orings for the fuel caps if you haven’t done them. #8 structural flush screws for the wings. The large pack of Paitents and elbow grease! -Matt
  12. Great looking project!! Ive always thought if I could figure out the voltage step down the d-cell LED mag light would be bright enough for me with the recognition lights. This solves that issue!! Those lights are small and cool enough to figure out a way to figure out how to slap them on my set of flat wing tips. Little angle bracket or something. Maybe on the MLG? Looks great!! -Matt
  13. MB65E

    dynamic balancing and chasing your tail

    I’ve been told similar things by a an awesome guy that balanced my engine. He even mentioned massive plugs cause more vibration. I thought it was a little silly that he could isolate the vibration to plugs. However, he worked for Chadwick and helped designe the systems in place today. Another neat thing I learned is that they weight some control rods on helicopters to prevent harmonic vibration. -Matt
  14. MB65E

    Paint recommendations

    Yes -Matt