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  1. Awe man!! Search the documents section for checklist. I believe there are a few in there. I’ve used the checkmate’s checklists in the past. They are long winded, but cover most items. -Matt
  2. Just grab an M20E checklist or cross out carb heat on your C checklist. -Matt
  3. Welcome!! You are in the right spot! I’m in LA and wouldn’t minds taking a peek for you if it’s in the area. Is the current owner a member on the site? I would still highly recommend a Pre Purchase at Lasar or Top Gun out here. I could offer help in the right direction on the maintenance side. Student pilot yet? I’m sure your CFI wouldn’t mind the flight. good luck! -Matt
  4. Screens will require inspection. It all depends on how your tach is set up too. -Matt
  5. Gibson & Barns!! Order a few sizes and return what doesn’t fit. The helmets are on the small size order up. There are a few different mask sizes too. You’ll need a crew60 for most O2 applications too. The HG55 is an old school helmet. I can’t stand the visor operation. HG68 is a little better. watch the impeadance of the mics if your working with GA radios. It’s a pain in the butt. Have fun with whatever project you are working!! -Matt
  6. Wow, talk about an unstable approach!! Such a shame, now the poor guy in the right seat thinks that’s how it’s done. -Matt
  7. It’s 15° I thought? Mine is placard 15°. -Matt
  8. EAM is at PHX now? Wow. EAM at GEU was always helpful. I have a few clients looking on upgrading in LA. I was thinking of using EAM as Well. -Matt
  9. AllAmericaaircraft.com Jimmy was always helpful when I spoke with him about a few airplanes. -Matt
  10. I think they are going to fly Strato-Launch soon. Just waiting for Edwards lake to dry out for the emer return. -Matt
  11. It is in the book. One time use screws they have the lock washers pressed into the screw shaft. Only the harness cap screws get reused. The mag case screws and fastening hardware all get replaced each time the mag is opened per the manual. -Matt
  12. I have a printed copy and a phone number. I’ll dig it out. -Matt