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  1. MB65E

    What do Brokers Charge?

    I’ve bought and sold a few helicopters, a few jets, and a few pistons all with out brokers. I’ve enjoyed getting to meet aviation people. That said, it’s a dance that most don’t like. As I’ve become more busy I’ve mentioned we’ll be using brokers in the future for work times. I’ve learned enough on my own that now I can say no to things I don’t have time for. On my own stuff, dealing with what I know now, I’d handle everything myself. Especially, if I had the time to deal with calls. Just create a nice PDF sheet and ping it to the folks that call. Most people respond well to emails and texts that take less time. With the market the way it is now, the aircraft speak for themselves. You shouldn’t need to do much work. Now days there are too many attorneys that bill for everything. I would have a nice PA written up already to avoid delays and BS. I haven’t seen too many brokers that earn what they keep. For example, The sellers broker on the last large aircraft purchase was on vacation during the closing call!! Really? They had the jet listed for less than a week days before I showed up, I was the first person to show up in person with an offer letter. The broker didn’t need to do much! Hope that helps, -Matt
  2. MB65E

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    IFE lighting just obtained my vote for 2 Par 36 lamps as well as 2 Par64 lamps for another project!! PMA parts, no STC. http://ifeproducts.com/ Neat stuff!! -Matt
  3. MB65E

    LED Position Lights

    Awesome lamp. They just received their PMA I believe. I have them on 3 different aircraft. I changed to all clear lenses. No harm in running colored lenses. Whelen also makes a nice tail lamp LED. -Matt
  4. MB65E


    Nice work Robert!! If the fuselage was clean, I’d personally go for it then! I saw your black and blue S1C at King City a few years ago. Just think big model airplanes!! -Matt
  5. MB65E


    Are the outboard wings still available? It would be neat to see if some one like Steve Wolf or any other wood builder could rebuild the wings per drawings and old dimensions. If that were the case, it would probably cost at least 30-40k for some one to rebuild the wing from scratch. The rest of the project looks unmolested. That engine case is ancient. I’ve only seen one Like that and it was on the first E model that Alan cut up. It’s not like it’s a spitfire project or anything. However, to some it’s not about the money. Anything is possible, but it might cost more than a nice J by the time you are finished. I keep thinking of how neat it must have been to be at the Mooney factory between 1955 and 1965! I can’t imagine having a new wood wing Mooney in 1959, or my 65e brand new back in 1965! I bet the wood wing airplane fly nice. Wood wing Decathlon’s sure have more soul to them than the metal wing airframes. -Matt
  6. MB65E

    Fluctuating fuel pressure gauge

    Neat Doc! Not may have ever explained it that well. Pressure is pressure no matter what is in the line. Thanks! -Matt
  7. MB65E

    Aileron control link rubbing

    Thanks for re-posting the type 1 and type 2 issues. I always Lable my grease guns with the product as well as the type 1 or 2. Aeroshell 33 is the other grease that meets the C requirement but is a type 2 grease. Both don’t mix. What you’ve done is about all you can do. Now that it’s lubed you shouldn’t have issues. It was probably dry for some time whiched caused the paint to rub away. That 289A SB is a little tricky. I ordered the kit for the SB on mine, and it actually prevented movement slightly. I’ve found Teflon washers to be helpful as well. -Matt
  8. MB65E

    Spinner and backplate

    I Might have a back plate for you but no spinner or ears however. -Matt
  9. MB65E

    Aileron control link rubbing

    A/S #7. Or MIL-23827. -Matt
  10. MB65E

    Experienced my first spin yesterday

    Personally I think it should go back into the Airmen Certification Standard as options if CFI’s are willing to teach spins. I had a great time with spins in c152’s until the flight school I was at banned it. I felt it taught exactly where the stall would start. Power on entries, Turing entries from over the top. Then I looked at the engine mounts and decided I should stick with aerobatic airplanes instead. All great stuff!! -Matt
  11. MB65E

    SAF-AIR Oil Drain - S6250 Leaking

    The Curits valves are great. Their large one I have on the Mooney oil sump. Simple device, about 3 years ago they changed the o-ring material and it’s now approved for oil. -Matt
  12. MB65E

    M20J Wanted!

    Didn’t know H/C pistons were legal? It’s already a fairly stout engine. -Matt
  13. Compass fill plug is my guess. -Matt
  14. Oh lord that made my day!!! :-)))))))))) -Matt
  15. MB65E

    Is this corrosion or a gasket?

    Needs a new spar cap and more. Don’t buy it!! Its sad to see but that’s a parts airplane!! -Matt