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  1. Makes sense Vance. I agree. I replaced my guages and sending units a few years ago. They improved the system substantially. Mine just never indicate full, however are accurate the last 10gal on each tank. I'm satisfied with them. The only way to have them perfect is CAP type probes. -Matt
  2. You mean they worked and were accurate from the factory in 1965? What was the standard in 1965? I wouldnt ever trust any GA fuel guage. It would be amazing if mine were accurate all the way across the range. I'll buy off on half, below half, or above half. But that's about it. -Matt.
  3. What was the spicific failure? The first 100hrs can be the scariest. I strongly feel field overhauls done right can be better than shop overhauled engines. There is an SB listing of required components that need to be replaced during overhaul. Was the list followed? or was it "essentially an overhaul" big delta there... I would ask to see paperwork on the overhaul and repairs -Matt
  4. Hi!! I installed this little kit on my 65e. Works awesome!! email the guy, he was nice to work with. With the old lamps, you'd almost burn yourself adjusting them. $50 I believe. Or a drive to your hangar to check P/N and replace it with the 82ยข bulb that gets smoking hot. -Matt
  5. Goals are great!! That new ATP requirement really turned off a lot of guys. That would be a goal of mine to finish the multi-ATP. Also never understood why one pays for a twin engine rental per hour, then spends 80% of the flight with one caged. Lol. I've enjoyed all my training. Anything you practice towards makes you a better aviator. I could apply an ATP somewhat with what I do, but it would be a bigger personal goal rather than a requirement. Go for it! -Matt
  6. I have a sporty hand held with Duracell Batteries installed. It was lost in an old flight training box for 9years. I found it recently. The radio still transmitted and the batteries were not corroded. I was highly impressed!! -Matt
  7. Lasar! Overhauled mine last year. Third best improvement to the airplane. 1.engine 2. G530 3. seat rollers!! -Matt
  8. Who preformed the annual? -Matt
  9. A a nice hooded Mooney sweatshirt would replace my 17 year old college sweatshirt!! Lol. Did you start training yet Jesse? -Matt
  10. Awesome! I didn't know mooney moved their production line to the UK!! Looks like a keeper to me! well done!! -Matt
  11. Correct RL, they are required. On your #1 cyl MC your temps should be warmer on 1 and cooler on the rest. I've used foil tape during engine brake-ins before to control temps and even them out. Sealing all the seams with Silicone is helpful too. On the 6cyl lycomings the prop Govoner blocks the ram air on the number 2 cylinder. On most new LYC overhauls number 1 runs cooler than the rest. Opposite on Continentals usually, 5 runs hot and is the first one to loose compression. (Due to the ALT blocking cooling). Funny the water cooled idea never caught on with aircraft. Air does funny things... Let us know how your flight goes. -Matt
  12. Darn, looked like it was a sweet 185. -Matt
  13. Great idea!! Good luck with your training. I would think what you have is considered "artwork" Its not copied from anything Mooney I have seen. If corporate wants to shoot you down on this they have some real problems. Well Done!! -Matt
  14. Story has it as they belong to the guy that was actually working during the scraping. He saved them personally before they were cut up. -Matt
  15. Somebody did! They had over 30 pieces of the collection on temporary loan to the EAA in the Eagle hangar around the convention last year. Entire sides of aircraft displayed on steel structures. Bone chilling seeing them all together!! A buddy's grandpa was on one of the b-24's. He was able to take a shot of it!! I'll find the article!! I saw them all in person. Really neat!! EAA was really hush hush to the public on who owned the collection. -Matt