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  1. What date is listed in the AD other than the C&D order? These guys are the Asian sweatshop of ELT makers. There Huntington Beach facility is such a mess I was surprised they put anything in airplanes. Their G switches have been failing for years. I've replaced 3 or 4 over the years. The AD appears to just all for an annual inspection? Don't we do that anyway? Junk! -Matt
  2. I've worked on several airplanes with a good IA friend of mine. I'd inspect the engine, he'd inspect the airplane. We were pretty efficient. I had my Powerplant rating about 2 years longer than my airframe. One can still use Ac41.13 appendix D for the conpleation of the inspections. I would not see 3 signatures as an issue. Although after reading Byrons article, the three are not required. Great read Byron!! -Matt
  3. Selling my baby. 1967 M20C, low time, IFR.

    Neat Airplane! Stick around if you can! -Matt
  4. Would you pay to see this?

    Well I think you two would get along really well!!! Thanks for sharing the videos and history. My grandpa taught in b29s,24's and 25s. Really neat stuff!! -Matt
  5. First E dies next week......

    What year is yours D? You have square windows!? Maybe yours was built on a Friday! -matt
  6. Engine Problem Input

    The the rings gaps may have all lined up on one cylinder. I like the B12 idea. make sure your case vent tube looks normal, you can blow thru it, and hear where the air is going thru the dipstick. -Matt
  7. First E dies next week......

    WRT the propeller salty- had Hartzell S/N CH81 on my old propeller. It was orgional to the airplane. Finally, was out of limits at overhaul 2 years ago. My blades are from 67 and still passed. I wouldn't want that prop unless I was going to hang it on the wall. -Matt
  8. Unusual Spark Plug Erosion

    How many hours? The BYs are great. However, They will not last nearly as long a a fine wire or normal plug. the etching looks funny. I don't make 200hrs... however, I never clean them, just replace. -Matt
  9. prop seal question

    $1600 sounds slightly high for a reseal, but fair. Joey is a good guy. What grease were you using? 110° in the desert and mine doesn't leak anymore. However High temps will tend to throw grease. -Matt
  10. Sad Mooney

    Road trip! -Matt
  11. Thoughts on compression

    My testers gets calibrated annually. Those Eastern gauges suck and only last 3-4 years. Even if you only use them several times a year. I changed all my gauges to Wika gauges for better operation and reliability. Compression tests are subjective. Oil consumption i think provides better clue. Glad your retest went well, -Matt
  12. Hurricane Irma

    I lost one of the diodes in my PP alt. Also wiped out the battery, or also had a dead battery. I think they were related. all good now, 200 tis -Matt
  13. Hurricane Irma

    What page was that on the 750 with the compas rose enabled? nice work!! -Matt
  14. New drop-in LED bulbs from Whelen

    You bet!! They are filling orders. I was backordered on my three sets. Finally got the 14v for my airplane. They were the last to come. They shipped each 28v lamp seperatly. 4 little boxes. Lol. The 28v lamps on the CJ only last about 200hrs and always fail right before night flights when you didn't do a post flight. I don't think I've ever changed a 14v nav lamp. -Matt
  15. Fuel servo adjustment

    Might only need to Clean the plugs. -Matt