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  1. I could build a airplane with the spare parts I have accumulated over the years. I'd save it for the next Mad Max Mooney construction project!! Personally, I don't think there is a legal repair. One can get crafty with some fiberglass cloth and some high end silicone. I'd still save the part!! -Matt
  2. My Dukes pump after overhaul is now stamped with a label stating overhaul every 10years. You've done well TJ! -Matt
  3. My pull ring and plunger assembly is removed. I have a 1/8in Curtis 1550 drain valve. Super simple. Easily replaced whenever needed. I sump it every flight usually alternating wing tanks. I always thought dumping fuel the way it was designed was strange. -Matt
  4. Neat article! Thanks for sharing. Such a great sound!! -Matt
  5. It's not the airplanes fault. We have all heard "stories". I've flown all the lancairs except the 4s and those that have the 4s love them and say they are stable. I think all aircraft have limitations. The 4s approached the limits of what was phicically possible with an airframe that large. They checked many boxes in the want column. As they got heavier and faster they approached the airframe limits, compounded with an inexperienced pilot and there could be issues. The legacy I flew was super fast (trued 276kts at 24gph 12k ft, trued 315kts flat out) and it was heavy. It had no bad habits in the pattern. It stalled and recovered from everything I could get it into. Just a neat airplane!! A friend tried to buy only the legacy rights and portions of the assets. Current manangment would not split up the components. All or none. It's a shame because he has built over ten really nice Legacys. I'd love to complete one one day. Does anyone know if there were any all carbon legacy kits left? I hope the new owner is able to support the guys still building, and sell the remaining kits. -Matt
  6. Welcome Stephen!!! Glad to have you. Keep your prior owner flying if able. I'm sure it will put a smile on his face. At least a few visits. enjoy your airplane!! -Matt
  7. I don't think it's a problem. The BY plugs run well In my engine. But I wouldn't mind a fine wire or to. Logic always wants 4 of the same tires on my car, but in reality I don't think it really matters. -Matt
  8. Welcome TK sorry your first post was here!! Lol. We have some really neat people on these forums. Some have strong opinions. I think if it gives people to opportunity to keep the aviation stuff cleaner I might be for it. However, personal attacks and pictures of nasty things should not be tolerated. Craig our admin has done a great job in the past locking up threads when things get close to being out of hand. Its a free country, with some amazing people. I'm glad those are passionate about what they say. That's what makes this place great. I think it's neat to here what others want to say, but there is time and a place for it. We will see how long it takes for Craig to "take action" -Matt
  9. I love the Apex 446-2x bits! The are the best I've found. The newer the better. All the screws in my wing are cad plated. I replace each one if the bit skips. Keep them handy. They appear to be harder than the SS. one thing that works is actually tightening the screw first. Just until it pops/brakes by hand. That initial up torque will brake the screw loose thus saving the other side of the screw for you on the way out. -Matt
  10. Go for It!! Beats the original stuff that's in there no matter what!! -Matt
  11. Those baffle kits are the single best mod you can do to an old V-tail other than the Io-550 STC!! I've done a few, they are cool, but take a bit of time tit correctly. Im thinking of making a mold for the top plentum cover on our E, it still has the full doghouse. Would it be correct to say David your cowl won't work with the full doghouse? -Matt
  12. Hi Skates, each engine will be different but maybe 20-45° hotter?? With an engine monitor you will see a trend that happens during the mag check. You should see something move on the bars/numbers during your run up. The one that doesn't change will likely be your suspect cylinder. Also, cold CHT followed by high EGT could mean a fuel injector is clogged or possibly a severely fouled plug. There are a few trends that I don't understand but most make sense. The EGTs rise because the fuel is still moving thru the cylinder but that plug that is being "tested" during the mag check goes cold and doesn't ignite the fuel. This causes that same fuel to be burned later in the exhaust. Thus elevating the exhaust temp slightly. I'm not sure you would see it on a single needle- non instant type probe. I'll drift slightly with hopes for an explanation by someone that knows more on the subject-On the injected engines there are debates on how much fuel is being pushed thru injector lines during idle, cruise, or Take off. Many say the fuel lines on the upper deck only supply fuel to the engine during idle. The take off fuel comes mixed thru the intake tubes. Well...why the heck so I only notice a clogged injector during full throttle take off runs?? Big fan of post flight run-ups, but I've always done preflight mag checks. I've turned back to the hangar several times due to small ignition problems. Hope that helps, -Matt
  13. Also FYSA- prior discussion on MS. Buyer only had 1 post! https://mooneyspace.com/topic/8683-mooney-history-n3555n/ -Matt
  14. I know, it's just a preference thing for me with future airplanes. We've takes about it before. All three were hangared in FL. On the Helicopter, there was heavy corrosion in the Swash plate bearing retainer. Other jet had a few pinholes in the cockpit belly, and my mooney's wing was replaced in the mid 90s due to spar corrosion. I've seen some pretty rough stuff in the Midwest too. Inreality, it probably is owner and airplane spicific. -Matt
  15. E6B

    I still have one at my desk. It was my Grandpas old metal one. Kinda neat! But I'll admit I have not had one in an airplane in the last oh...16 years. Its also pretty hard to figure X-wind components in your head if you ask me. -Matt