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  1. Hi Welcome!!! You are in the right spot!! Great people here, and we all want to help! I would see when the mags were last overhauled. Also, check the ohm reading on the plugs. I bet you have some over 5k. See what timing stamp your engine data plate has. Calibrate the rpm with an electronic eye. Use that vs your factory tach. Check for blockage in your finger screen on your fuel servo. Some have never been opened up. Lack of maintenance. Post pictures of your flaps and ailerons. Most cases the flaps and ailerons fair in together. I have my flaps and ailerons rigged up as much as allowable. Ailerons more than the flaps. If your flaps are faired with the ailerons, maybe both are drooping too much. Check for Loose gear doors, poor engine baffling. Finally, have your tech pull the valve covers, and measure the rocker arm travels when the engine is pulled thru. The slightest difference could mean your cam might be going flat. Hope this helps!! Good luck!! -Matt
  2. How do you like the G5 compaired to the Dynon? I installed the D100 in a Pitts and the owner loved it. As a primary ADI in my Mooney I want to be sure!!!! I'm thinking D10 or G5. Leaning towards the G5 due to its coolness, but NOTAR's recent issues makes me think the old Dynon will be fine. What happens in the Dynon when roll limitations were exceeded, the screen turns gray. What happens in the G5 when roll limitations are exceeded?? Cool Velocity panel. -Matt
  3. Wow, that's better than I thought it would go David!! Nice plan! That will be better than some guy trying to figure out what you have already done. The cost shipping will be FAR better than some one else's learning curve!!! Solid!! -Matt
  4. Ha, That's just where the airplane is registered! Lol. Dave will chime in but, it will take longer than that Scott!! -Matt
  5. Mac's Covers!!! Well made. Same external as Bruce or better. I've had it out in the open, sun and rain for several weeks, No issues. He saves a bit of money as the entire thing is not lined with micro fiber, only the windscreen. I didn't mind, but might not put it on new paint. That said, it folds up in a smaller bag. Shipped for $290!!
  6. Check to make sure your nose retract tubes are not bent. Mine had a nice bow in the right tube. Might take that upper truss assembly and look for cracks. Blasting the piece will save you some time of messing with a cracked part. I would almost see if you could source one from a known vendor. Several recent gear up have had nose gear issues. Keep digging- your close!! -Matt
  7. That is a LOT of oil. Feel free to run a bead of proseal along the top of the case, but with that amount of oil I think it's much more than just the case halves seaping. I would inspect the case for cracks. Also, the front crank seal is a known leaking point. Above the part in the case that says #2 looks suspect, but I've never seen a Lycoming crack there. -Matt
  8. WTB

    If Airwolf still makes their oil filter cutter. That's the best one I've used!! -Matt
  9. They will come straight in a clear packing tube from Lycoming. Gingerly, they can be bent by hand. Save the old one for reference. -Matt
  10. Awesome expression!! Welcome TB!! 5th generation wow??!! I'm 3rd gen and by grandpa flew pre WW2. Must have been tightly spaced for there to be 2 more GENs. Lol. You'll love your E when you get faces like that!! Fly Safe!! -Matt
  11. I rewired (installed a new switch) an entire trim switch once only to find out the AP disconnect switch was bad. This is actually more common than the switch going bad. I was about to pull the servo motor when I found some help at Western avionics at SNA. Give them a call. Talk with Scott or Stan. -Matt
  12. Thanks Bob!! Ill take a look!! -Matt
  13. Stainless really? I'll take them if the deal goes south for $75!! I don't think they will fit the early Cleveland wheels. -Matt
  14. All good! Thought it might be. Fit the discription. -Matt
  15. Yes that might be Doctor Bills hangar and mooney!?Looked really clean to me. He can be found on here. He has contributed for a long time to our site. Good luck, Save the airplane!... Lol -Matt