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  1. Sharpened Fishing rods, taped with a lead chase wire. -Matt
  2. MB65E

    Think I have found my intake leak.

    Common issue in lycoming IPC. There are at least 3 different intake o-rings. The IPC mentions only one. In the 540 manuals, it’s the wrong p/N. Turbo has it right, it’s based on the risers, and how many times the plentum has been machined and sleeved. Frustrating for sure!! -Matt
  3. MB65E

    Chicago FBO?

    MDW is still great for GA. -Matt
  4. Ground down 12pt wobble socket. It’s a challenge depending how much material is welded on the stack for repairs. -Matt
  5. MB65E

    Alternator troubleshooting

    Can you spin the pulley by hand? Check the belt tension maybe. -Matt
  6. Personally, I would have no problem taxing my aircraft or customer aircraft with the cowl off , but I feel I am pretty careful. Air flow is a concern, but a few mins of taxing won’t hurt anything. I would be careful of the oil cooler arrangement, any loose scat hoses, and make sure everything is secure. If you are asking, how to do this I wouldn’t advise it. I had a friend of mine taxi an Extra with out the cowl, he had a scat tube that was disconnected. That same hose clamp still attached to the scat hose poked a nice hole thru a $15k propeller once the hose blew around a bit. Yes it was launched forward into the prop. I personally taxied a 2 seat Pitts for a run up with out the canopy once. The front belts were loose. One of the shoulder harnesses was blown from the front seat, almost knocked me out and broke an instrument. S$@T happens! -Matt
  7. Kent and Warren Pietsch are fantastic individuals with an extreme love for aviation. Warren flys an Airshow in his Taylorcraft that puts most acts to shame. He also flys a neat Zero demo. -Matt
  8. I believe Gsxr is working with them on his 252. -Matt
  9. What was the FB video? The firefighting C130 wing failure? -Matt
  10. SkyTrac like the Canadian tracking company? Check the mini GPS connection at the antenna. They didn’t use the best hardware for the install. I worked on one that had an internal short in the cable. Disregard, I figured it out. -Matt
  11. MB65E


    We’ve been hit by green Lasers in the LA Basin flying in helicopters. We keep a pair of lasar glasses in the helicopter. They block the harmful part of the beam but still let other light in. It’s a strange delema. That goes in cycles. If you kill all your lights it makes you hard to track and they usually loose track. Filing the report I believe tracks funding for prevention. -Matt
  12. MB65E

    Engine Mount Repair Shops

    AWI in Wisconsin I believe. -Matt
  13. MB65E

    Make your own Placards?

    No issues! All good! However, It needs to have the exact text that is in the limitations section of the Flight manual. -Matt
  14. MB65E

    Daytona Gear Incident

    Nice work Jim! I’d still fill out a NASA report just for the record. Thanks for your thoughts! Enjoy your trip!! -Matt