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  1. I hose off my airplane every once in awhile. Corrosion X or ACF 50 by the can works great. Makes a mess but I don’t mind. In the desert the dust sticks to it, so I end up hosing the dust off with the stuff anyway. Probably don’t need to do it so often, but it feels good. Lol -Matt
  2. Thanks, I pinged him too. All good. If Anyone else need the stuff let me know. -Matt
  3. Flight Controls are the surfaces... I repaired a rudder on an Extra at an Airshow per the manual. I was grilled later about 337’s etc by a few people including the Local FSDO.... A MedVac KingAir at 3am fired up in front of the hangar we were in and blew our airplane into another KingAir spinner. -Matt
  4. Any repair to a flight control requires a 337 as it is a major repair. -Matt
  5. 5 really?? What software? Any issues with the current software? -Matt
  6. The aircraft simplegreen extreme works well. I’ve been using turtle wax bug and tar remover on other projects. I bet it would work great too. -Matt
  7. Crank flanges are totally different between the two engines. -Matt
  8. Two gorgeous airplanes Gents!! -Matt
  9. Hangar toolbox is no longer. -Matt
  10. I’m not sure too many shops run the fuel system per the book during inspection. I used to have access to the FI box continental recommended. Setting idle fuel pressure And max flow would change annually as the system. I would check the setup annually, or any time the engine ran differently. Super nice to have a good set of gauges. -Matt
  11. $250. It’s all ready to ship... Unsure of the exact PN, but it came out of our M20E a few years ago. The vacuum pump has less than 100hrs on it. Pics attached. -Matt
  12. I might have one for you. Let me check. -Matt
  13. Rlb Accessory Service. I work and live in SoCal. I still send all my stuff to RLB. (630) 543-9213 971N Babbit Addison IL 60101 I’ve used Aero accessory In pinches, but the guys at RLB are great. -Matt
  14. For me it’s Turning a 61.58 pic type ride into ATP ticket. 2 birds one check-ride. -Matt