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  1. Airlines use this nice fiberglass baggage tape. It’s also used in fuel bays to prevent chafing of bladders. spruce sells It. -Matt
  2. Plane parts has a rebuild kit for $10 that I ordered. Going to rebuild mine this week. Will advise if I can get a good deal on the cylinder with the kit. -Matt
  3. Same issue on mine. I used one large area engine mount washer (laying around from other installs)to make that interference better. Old mounts will just mush into place, new mounts haven’t formed around the corner. -Matt
  4. Look up the torque and actually use a torque wrench and crows foot . Most think they know how tight things should be. It’s surprising how much torque steel lines require! look up “dell flare fittings” as well. I wouldn’t replace the line unless it was actually damaged. If the flare is jacked well, then replace the line. the dell fittings are neat, I would use it in your case. I’ve used them on aluminum HYD lines on citations. that ground wire shouldn’t be rubbing on your oil line either. -Matt
  5. James at Glendale aero can help. Good friend. -Matt
  6. Unless that’s a Kenny Tunnel race engine that’s really high. I overhauled mine for something in the high teens . But it took me 7 months and lots of patience. Most engine shops have a back log of 3-4 months. Lycon does flawless work. Highly recommend. Thats probably a worse case quote. I’d rather see it as time and materials. The only thing that was salvageable on mine was the crank, a rod, accessory case, and sump. Everything else was trashed. also on the west coast. -Matt
  7. I’ll be in Nashville with tools all week and can look at it for you. -Matt
  8. I have not lost a rocker screw since switching to silicone gaskets. -Matt
  9. I’ve seen aeroshell 15/50 and Phillips 20W-50 look like that often. If you don’t run a Turbo or fly in icy cold environments, I would use a straight weight oil... -Matt
  10. Just a piece of electrical tape on the wing where you can see it. -Matt
  11. I’ve installed a vertical piece (6in or so) of black electrical tape on the wing to act as an indicator in the past. You really can’t see the ice if the wing is white. I think I learned that from someone on this site. Thought it would be worth mentioning again. -Matt
  12. Hi Oscar, some one took the time to do cam locks on the doghouse. That’s neat. I did see some air gaps/daylight in your doghouse. I believe the doghouse helps cooling and the baffles were a lazy way to improve access to the top of the engine. I noticed your lower baffle rod was rubbing on your oil drain back lines. I’ve replaced mine a few times due to this reason. Also noticed the gaps around the alternator. I have zero cooling issues on my E and have flown it in AZ on 110° days. -Matt
  13. Check the fuel spider too. That’s a good spot for debris to settle -Matt
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