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  1. Never any EBay issues. I’m always hunting parts for cars and airplanes! Most expensive purchase was an $1800 ADI. it was sealed in the factory packaging with an 8130. -Matt
  2. You know how hard it is for the pad to be free of oil? What the heck!! It drips oil until the new filter is installed. :-/ -Matt
  3. I’ve been involved with refinishing two jets. Those numbers are silly. It is impossible to Correctly paint A corporate jet in 3 days. More along the lines of : Day to prep/mask. day to strip day to prime day for body work Sand and fill day to prime/seal day for trim paint day to detail and polish day for decals and polish. That’s with a 19+ person paint shop. The two best paint shops I’ve worked with are Duncan Battle Creek and WestStar Grand Junction. Both jobs were below $180k. Very interested in the OP paint work. Looks really unique with the blue and green. -Matt
  4. I recently was using new tempest filters. Installed per the instructions with out grease or oil. Never again! That sucker was smoking tight! Even when torqued properly. I have a neat oil filter torque wrench I bought years ago that I keep calibrated. AND why do we still use lock wire on them!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Robinson doesn’t use lock wire. I think that’s about as critical as an oil filter install can be! -Matt
  5. Hi Cody, not a genuine replacement But some have used these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Whelen-A508-14-A508-28-LED-Replacement-CREE-XP-E-10-30VDC-Aero-Lites-/332758645648 Aero-Lights web page doesn’t have the exact one pictured but I think it’s the same light I don’t have the requirement for that type of light in my airplane but I do have a few that I work in that require them. I’ve hunted some in auto parts stores,” pilot” makes One but it’s a blade style with no true trailing light. All were smokin bright!! I’ve seen the stock bulbs melt plastic! Dumb! There was thread on MS about the same lamps. -Matt
  6. What’s UP Ben!!! Sure sounded way different than any SR22 I’ve heard. take care! -Matt
  7. Just heard M20L N78MP fly over SMO at 4500ft north bound. She sounded absolutely amazing!! Even had a little crackle in the exhaust note to it. Really wish that Porsche thing could have worked out better than it did. I here airplanes all the time and this one got my attention. I couldn’t pinpoint it until I looked it up on FlightAware. -Matt
  8. Micromesh kits work well... Spruce sells them. -Matt
  9. “True” but It’ll still spread if you are down wind of some one. I think the 6ft zone is flawed. -Matt
  10. You’ll encounter less people on your flight than the thousands that are going for hikes or walks these days. Shocking how many neighbors are out and about! -Matt
  11. Some do, I would not. I would set up a fixture to the nose gear and pull it backwards that way. -Matt
  12. I bet there are case studies going on about how clean the air will be since the world just shut down!! I bet the Sierra club and EPA will love it!! lots of rain recently in LA, cleaned everything too -Matt
  13. Better than my notice. “As I mentioned, the airport recently won an FAA grant to rehab our taxiway which is adjacent to the hangar you occupy. That row of hangars will violate the taxiway’s building restriction area and, unfortunately, we are required to remove them in order to complete the project.” I’d gladly pay the $15 extra and smile doing it. -Matt
  14. These guys make a nice set for Brand C,P,B. I’ve done a few of their installs. Nothing for Moonies yet but would be worth a call to see what the limitations are. https://basinc-aeromod.com/ -Matt
  15. That’s where I left them!! -Matt