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  1. Great article!! I've lost controlibility in a tsio550e with a hartzell counterweighted propeller before. High speed decent in an experimental. It didn't overspeed but went from 2600rpm to 2700rpm and the prop control was pulled all the way out. I'm glad it had a counterweighted propeller. Leveled off and it came back. MT has some strange govoner requirements. Their propellers use oil pressure differently than a hartzell. I wonder what GOV was on their "test aircraft" -Matt
  2. That's what test flights are for. No harm at 2750. It should be adjusted. However, Most might adjust it with the propeller knob. I would not be worried . Just operate the throttle smoothly to allow the GOV to catch up. -Matt
  3. Crazy annual (paranoia)

    Wow, I'd be more worried about the belly panels getting rolled over and creased by the creeper than finding corrosion. Don't they have panel racks? moving blankets work well too. Looks like you'll have a good machine soon!! -Matt
  4. Renting Gear Tools

    I'll offer my set to borrow if I get them back. A friend at VNY has them at the moment. -Matt
  5. The bottle's service life was extended to ten years via a SB by Amsafe. I'll try and find the SB. I rent the testing tool from them once a year and test a few airplanes. The issue is there are about 3 different PNs of the box depending on aircraft... -401,-201... boxes. Another silly part is that some airframes manufactures have a 10 year life limit on the belts themselves. Per chapter 5. Thank you Cessna! Im doing bottles and belts next annual on a friends T182T. There is a bottle for each set and an EMA for each row usually. -Matt
  6. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    My best guess is the bearing was dropped. -Matt
  7. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    All good, Missouri is affordable. Went to an auto body shop yesterday. Their shop rate was 110 for mechanical and electrical work. 75 for body work. Makes me feel good about what I charge for side work. Glad the Jewell guys can keep the doors open. Sounds like a great group of people that keep GA moving. When worked in a few shops in Chicago, one shop charged 750 for the annual, 1000 for complex and 1200 for twins. We'd almost loose money on the annuals, but when they'd come back and want new carpet installed, you'd make more installing the carpet or removing an engine than the annual. The other shop had no flat rate, charged at the time 65/hr. Every nut,bolt, screw, qt of liquid, length of something was logged and charged for. I was paid 15/hr. So the boss made a little from my work, and I learned a lot. We had nice customers, and the boss had a good reputation. He was known at the time to be expensive, but everything got inspected!! Every questioned I asked was the right or long way to do something. I never heard "nah we're not gonna do that." I once had a m20f belly all together. The last screw I put in was stripped, I prosealed it into place, because I didn't want to take the belly apart. Turns out the belly was taken apart by the owner a month later. Boss got a phone call, I got a Strong lesson to do things the right way. That was 16 years ago. Now I have my own Mooney to install the belly correctly...every time! I really enjoyed my time working with him! Thanks Lynn!! -Matt
  8. I was referring to the govoner adjustment screw changing and not the propeller stop itself. Sorry for the mix up. With out counter weights, the prop will do whatever it wants if not limited by oil P. Personally, I would pull the mags for overhaul. Never hurts, probably close to a 500hr anyway. Then do the normal inspection for a 10% over speed. But check your Tach readings. My tach orgional from '65- reads high by 150rpm when compared to my electronic eye. Finally, depending on if the govoner screw backed out or not, I'd upgrade to the PCU-5000 gov. My free opinion only, -Matt
  9. Did the high pitch stop fall out since the last flight or maybe it loosened? The first thing that gets damaged from high rpm is the mags. For a warm and fuzzy, a lot of the Airshow guys run their io540s between 2900-3100. Makes for some great noise!! My only issue with 3k rpm is that it trashes the mags and puts more ware on the engine. Being certified- you'll need to take Lycomings guidance. -Matt
  10. Are they not for wing tip position location while taxing at night? That's what I was told. more drag if you ask me. -Matt
  11. My D, E, and good friend, mentor, airplane partner Tom. -Matt
  12. Air scoop on filter

    I've seen additional scoops on the oil cooler but never the intake scoop. With the prior turbo system installed- I'm surprised that the system needed it. Turbos don't or shouldn't care too much about intake air losses, as they can suck more air than is pushed thru them. I'd ditch it for the reasons posted in prior posts. -Matt
  13. Sold my bike in 09 really miss it, but not worth it in LA. 2 not at fault accidents this month where people drilled me. One guy turned left into us, and the other was a rear end. I'm always driving and looking at everything. I'm surprised at what others in the car don't see. My wife says I should focus on the road more. Huh? In airplanes is almost like OCD looking around. However the GTNs and even say the 530 have too much info in them and I find myself with my head down a lot. Almost as bad as most iPhone users. It's a black hole sucking brain matter in those boxes. Most enjoyable flight this past year was in my dads 41 T-craft from Atlanta-Springfield mo. No txp, didn't use the radio. I looked outside. Only time I looked down was to see what the song on pandora was. Great flight! Highly recommended several times a year!! look outside! -Matt
  14. 1964 M20E Elevator Bearing?

    Great idea w/ the JB weld. my next project -Matt