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Mooney Summit X


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Just saw on the Mooney Summit site that it is planned for October 4 -5, 2024 in Tampa.

Only bad thing is that MooneyMax is early September.

But I plan on doing both.

Also Mooney Flyer magazine is planning a gathering at Paso Robles (KPRB) June 28-29

Page 4 - Present Position (themooneyflyer.com)

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Dan Bass @DanM20Cand Alex Gertsen @SkyBoundare busy planning another awesome event this year. Mark your calanders for Oct 4&5th. These dates have been vetted by all the stakeholders and venues. There is talk of possibly being able to sign up for upset training also from Lee Drumheller, lets see what shakes out. We will keep an updated agenda on www.mooneysummit.com as it is developed and firmed up. Look for registration to open soon also.

Steve it will be great to see you again!


Summit X dates are now Sept 27&28

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Just to update those who haven't checked, but the dates (from the website) are September 27th and 28th. My wife and I plan on arriving on the evening of the 26th so we don't miss the first half of the event like last year. Registration is open!


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23 hours ago, mike_elliott said:

Thanks Red Leader. The event dates had to be coordinated with a lot of facilities, etc. I appreciate your posting the corrected dates.


And I appreciate all the great efforts put forth by those who organize these events. It is a lot of work and takes real dedication from those few who donate so much of their time to arrange this great experience for the rest of us!

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On 4/17/2024 at 10:27 AM, Pinecone said:

Unfortunately, all this has put Mooney Max and Mooney Summit very close together.

Sept 5 - 8 and 27 - 28

I plane on being at both.

should spread them out more next year

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Agreed, Dmax used to have his event in the spring/early summer. This year they decided to move to the fall and I am sure they have valid reasons. We did make our intentions known of holding the Mooney Summit X late sept early oct at the last Mooney Summit, and even posted it here. One year, MAPA homecoming decided to move their event to the exact weekend we had booked up stuff for the Mooney SUmmit, (2016 i think) We started the Summit back in 2014 in the spring, then MAPA wanted to have homecoming in the spring, so we moved to the fall, and then they changed to the exact same weekend :(

There are a lot of moving parts that prevent the Mooney Summit X from being shuffled further, unfortunately, and this also will give the west coasters a chance to go to an event a bit closer to them in Kerrville

It is my understanding that the DMAX event is now a charity event also, formally a 501c3!


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As mentioned we were approved Mooneymax as a NPO, 501 C(3)  all paperwork including tax returns have been completed. I lightly spoke to Jan and Mike prior to approval about combining the 3-4 organizations in an effort to have coordinated events throughout the year in differing geographical locations. Crickets. The organizations offer great programs aimed at pilot education, safety comradeship etc. Obviously the organizations being not for profit with the directors putting in unbelievable amounts of time so some kind of combinations would greatly help the Mooney pilots. If there becomes interest between the involved organizations I’d be more than happy to put in the effort trying to coordinate the events. Mike and Jan put in unbelievable amount of time and effort to provide safety to all of us. My personal thank you goes to all those involved in putting on these programs.




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9 hours ago, Scott Ashton said:

Nearly every make/model has a single organization representing it - COPA, ABS, PMOPA, POPA, etc.   

everyone has great intentions, and we are a devoted group, but we should be able to figure this out.


That used to be MAPA, but they're not even a shadow of what they used to be . . . .

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