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  1. KING KY197 14V COMM $600 "SOLD"

    Just sent you a PM. cheers, Dan
  2. Today's flight for 2017

    Yesterday morning I flew to Cabelas at KOWA. Picked up a neat little flashlight with a nice strobe feature that clips nicely onto my shoulder harness. I also picked up a headlamp that the red light can turn on and off with the push of one button. No need to cycle through the other blinding colors, I have been looking for one like this for years. On the way home I took a detour to fly over the field I woke up in 7 months ago. I can't explain how good it felt to be "here" flying above that field in another Mooney. I miss my old plane but this one is growing on me. Cheers, Dan
  3. Today's flight for 2017

    He looks too old to be sitting in the back When I was his age my dad used me as an auto pilot. Early on I was just a wing leveler, but after some practice my dad got alt hold too!
  4. Insurance

    My new broker did spend a fair amount of time trying to convince the underwriter to make an exception. In a different situation he may have been successful. But I was trying to get insured after a total loss, so they were firm in their decision.
  5. Insurance

    It's not the broker's call. They are just the middleman. I'm guessing jetdriven was trying to get him added to his existing policy and the current carrier wouldn't go for it. At renewal the broker could shop around for a different carrier that might consider it. That being said, If I were an underwriter I would have no problem using F time toward a J.
  6. CO Detector Discounts

    Sensorcon did verify that the unit will continue to operate after the EOL. They say the accuracy drifts +/- 2ppm every 6 months, so they could be +/-8ppm off at the 2 year mark. Cheers, Dan
  7. CG Musings

    In my C the aft limit gave me nearly 5kt faster cruise than when I was solo with a forward CG. Moving my seat back was about 1kt too.
  8. CO Detector Discounts

    I believe the EOL displays just after start up then the unit functions normally (possibly not as accurate). I will verify with Sensorcon on Monday and report back. cheers, Dan
  9. CO Detector Discounts

    Thanks for sharing your story Robert. I'm glad it turned out the way it did. Keep sharing it With all pilots you run into. It's a good demonstration of how important it is to have detection. I'm still skeptical of the home detectors. They should alarm in a catastrophic situation, but many won't with low level CO exposure. Long term low level exposure can have disastrous results. Another benifit of a high resolution low level detector is catching a problem early, when it is convenient to address. I suspect a sensorcon would have alerted both of us to a problem well before an emergency situation. Cheers, Dan
  10. CO Detector Discounts

    They need the six-month calibration to guarantee accuracy. If you never calibrate, they will be still work, but the readings could be inaccurate. This is true for all detectors. Without ever calibrating the sensorcon will still give you a level of protection far above that than most home detectors. I believe the Mooney Summit has acquired a calibration kit and folks will have an opportunity to calibrate once a year there. I'm also considering getting a calibration kit to help out all of us in the aviation community. The cost to calibrate would then be minimal. Shipping and test gas. Probably <$10 total.
  11. I spoke with Century. The bulbs have to be changed from behind the annuciator. They just tease you with a easy to remove face plate that lets you look at the bulbs. Jerks. Avioncs upgrade soon so I'll tackle it then.
  12. Monitor 121.5

    10 years ago a friend of mine set his off with a hard landing. I suspect he will never live that one down He claims it was a bumpy runway. I have found when testing my elts at annual the comm radios pick it up on any frequency. I suspect this has something to do being so close to the transmitter?
  13. Insurance

    I also moved from a M20C to M20K. I had a horrible time getting my insurance squared away on the M20K. That's a whole other story that is much longer than anyone would care to read. But, I learned a few things along the way. Some brokers have know idea what they are talking about. From my understanding, most all underwriters differentiate between the models of Mooneys. I had a quote, in writing, saying that I didn't need any transition training when I moved into a K. This was important too me as I wanted to pick the airplane up the following week and lining up an appropriate transition instructor would have been near impossible in the time frame I was shooting for. I had 2,200tt with over 800 Mooney hours, but only 3 in a K. I felt confident that I didn't need the dual. That particular broker was on thin ice with me at the time so I called Falcon. Falcon got the same quote (From Global) but they said I needed 2hrs with an instructor. I mentioned that the other broker said I didn't need the transition training. Falcon said they were wrong and the Global policy that I was quoted from them did require it. I called the other broker back and asked them to verify with Global that I didn't need the training. Turns out the broker was wrong, they apologized and said they thought M20 time was M20 time. I wonder what would have happen if I went with them, didn't get training and had a claim? I'm assuming the brokerage would have some sort of liability insurance to step up? I don't know. I ended up going with Falcon and getting the dual(Glad I did). I'm very satisfied with Falcon and my broker there. My experience with Global after suffering a total loss has been great too. Cheers, Dan
  14. CO Detector Discounts

    The King Air is more airplane than my mission requires. If I had the money the TBM would be my transportation to the Summit.
  15. Voice command for gear and stall

    Above I stated my last airplane had the warning system an not my new airplane. I wasn't planing on installing one but after reading through this tread and thinking about my past experiences, I will add one. Betty was so annoying with the "check landing gear" in my headset, I learned to always anticipate it and make sure I didn't have to listen to her nagging. I don't think I would have ever forgot to put the gear down, but Betty definitely wouldn't let it happen.