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  1. Doctor? that would be nice, if that were the case I would be getting in a Ovation. Unfortunately my K was engine-less when we shot this, the fancy plane is @ThorFlight's J. I hope Lightspeed's production will keep up with the sudden increase in demand! Cheers, Dan
  2. I can't speak for Richard but I think this article was about when and how to speak up to other pilots. Not about the dangers of low passes. Low passes in them self's are not more dangerous than any other takeoff and landing. I'm guessing Richard did a poor job articulating what he and his friend saw, if we were there we may have felt the same. The problem is when a low passe is done to impress, usually with a steep pull up at the end. There are plenty of NTSB reports featuring this maneuver, often with very experienced pilots. I have spoke at several events that Richard has spoke
  3. If it weren't for covid we could have calibrated it this past weekend at the Summit. I have calibration gas that I was intending to bring to Airventure. Too bad we didn't think of it when Scott flew here a few months ago. If you really need it done you can send it to me or back to Sensorcon. Otherwise you can wait until the next time we cross paths, Airventure, Summit, stop in KONA, etc.. Cheers, Dan
  4. Very nice mount! great spot to keep an eye on it and hopefully hear it. Congratulations on the O! For those of you with Sensorcons they are working on a mount that works with their standard clip on the unit itself. I just received a prototype version and it's very nice. Hopefully they will be offering it in the next few months. Cheers, Dan
  5. I love hearing this.. Well not the part about you needing to buy a new muffler. Which CO detector do you have? Cheers, Dan
  6. I have a Guardian as well as a Sensorcon. I think they complement each other nicely. The Guardian is always on, and has an audible alert thought the headset. The Sensorcon is more sensitive allowing you to use it to catch problems well before they are serious problems. Being portable it works as a great troubleshooting tool used to find where the CO is entering the cabin. Cheers, Dan
  7. I misread that and thought you said "owner". For a minute I thought you lost your mind and jumped ship to brand B. I was hoping better for Peter and the Raptor program. But I didn't have high expectations. I could never understand why he would pursue a clean sheet air-frame and power plant together. Either be an aircraft designer/builder or engine designer/builder. Very few (if any) in history has been able to pull both off. At least at a level of complexity like the raptor. Peter has done the impossible getting it this far. It's damn admirable. But I hope he enlists help fo
  8. I was given room number 201 at the hotel in Madison for the Mooney Caravan 2018. I thought there must be a mistake as I fly a 231. I entered the room and there was this photo of a 310 on the wall. They are all mixed up at that hotel. -Dan
  9. I think he has the GB/LB, but I could be wrong. The return from the turbo could pose a problem with the left mag depending on how it is routed. Cheers, Dan
  10. An Ercoupe would be a great choice. As noted by @philiplane keep a close eye on the center section for corrosion. A friend of mine just grounded his immaculate 415C because of hidden center section corrosion. It can be fixed but it is a very involved and expensive job. Only the 415C is LSA eligible. Once it is converted to a D it can not be reverted back to a C and be a legal LSA. So when buying you will need to look over the logs carefully. There are a lot of D's out there that are claimed to be C's today. Mine is registered with the FAA as a C but it has been converted to a D, t
  11. I always recommend having it in view at all times and include it in your scan. You can catch a small rise and troubleshoot early. Your symptoms do sound like it could be CO. In a way I hope it is because it's an easy answer to what is going on. Lots of great advice here. I also second having a second SPO2 and a second CO monitor. Both are inexpensive enough to easily justify the extra redundancy. I hope you are feeling better soon and get to the bottom of this. Cheers, Dan
  12. It does seem a bit slow. I too have a merlyn and intercooler, with the original prop I'm 160-165kts at that alt and power settings. When I'm LOP @ 9.0gph I see around 150kts at 9-10K. I follow @jrwilsonon Instagram and he occasionally posts photos of his Aspen, he does have a fast one. For some reason our Mooneys seem to vary 10kts from airplane to airplane. Hopefully you can figure out what is slowing you down, I'd be interested to know what you find. Cheers, Dan
  13. Yes the 540 will display and control the remote lynx. I like clean, simple panel’s and like the idea of going remote. I’m choosing a G5 for my hsi because it’s an inexpensive way to get GPSS and get ahrs for back up. Attitude info for the C41 will still come from my vacuum ai. If I decide to go Dynon down the road I have another plane I could stick the g5 in. If I go gfc500 route I would continue to use the g5. Cheers, Dan
  14. Lance and Paul are spot on with their advice. Some things to consider. The Dynon can't give the C41 attitude info so if you installed a skyview you would still need to retain your AI. If you have a flight director (you probably do), I think you need to keep that front and center to stay legal. But I have seen plenty of installs ignore this so I might be wrong. So waiting for the Dynon autopilot makes sense. In my opinion Dynon doesn't offer much until the autopilot is certified. Cheep adsb solutions like the Tailbeacon are UAT only so you are only good up to 17,999. Even if you
  15. Hi Glen! Glad to see you entering Mooney ownership. We met briefly years ago at some sort of Ercoupe gathering. Possibly Wawsau/Osh 2008. That was the last coupe thing I participated in, If I remember correctly you had that beautiful black and white coupe. If you can't find anyone I could possibly fly with you in a month or so. I really can't get away for the next few weeks. I'm in SE Minnesota, about 2hr(Mooney) 3:45(Ercoupe) away. Cheers, Dan
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