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  1. Jim, you can change the battery of the Sensorcon also. Remove the 4 screws holding the case together, it uses a cr123a. Cheers, Dan
  2. If you can get a repeatable rise when turning the heat on vs off you can be confident of an exhaust leak someplace. I have had many reports of similar small rises (less than 10ppm) that proved to catch issues early. That has been the great part of these high resolution monitors. They have found many problems well before they were dangerous. 5-10ppm is not dangerous from a CO poisoning perspective but it may be an early sign of exhaust trouble. Like I said, if it is repeatable I would take a close look at the exhaust/heating system at your earliest convenience. cheers, Dan
  3. The newly formed Northern Flights Wing of the Mooney Caravan invites you to our first Caravan Formation Clinic in Bemidji, MN (KBJI) May 31- June 02, 2019. This clinic is intended to train, prepare, and qualify pilots for the 2019 Mooney Caravan into Airventure. All pilots of the Caravan must attend a Caravan Clinic during the year prior to Airventure. Click Here for Clinic Information Click here to Register Please register early to help us plan accordingly for the weekend. Cheers, Groundhog
  4. I just realized I hadn't had a response from my email to sensorcon about this. I just resent it and will keep you posted. Cheers, Dan
  5. It does appear the discount is no longer available. I will reach out to them to see if they will offer another discount. Cheers, Dan
  6. Adam, I spent nearly 4 hrs yesterday clearing snow. Tell Jeff he owes me a beer for stepping up and taking my place. In all seriousness, I'm glad things are working out and Jeff is able to spend some real time with you getting this done. Keep the pictures and progress updates coming! Cheers, Dan
  7. I stand corrected. I always thought you did, but I must have misunderstood a reference to the GSPV. Cheers, Dan
  8. Nico, In most NA airplanes you target a LOP value such as 30 lop or 50 lop. With the TSIO-360 GB/LB it's better to target a FF. (10gph when LOP is about 65%. 9.2gph is about 60%.) Any change in mixture will change MP, and vise versa. Because of this its difficult (nearly impossible) to know how many degrees you are LOP but that really doesn't mater. As long as you know you are well LOP or at a low enough power setting so it doesn't mater. I typically fly at 32" and 10gph. When I fly LOP I treat the mixture control as my power lever and the Throttle (MP) becomes my mixture control. I set the power I want by adjusting FF with the mixture. I can lean the mixture further by adding MP (adding air) and richen it by reducing MP(less air). So if you are LOP 10gph and 28" or LOP 10gph and 34" both are 65% power. But the later is much further LOP. So I run higher MP pressures and no more than 10gph so I can be confident I'm operating in a safe place. So if you increase your MP while adjusting the mixture to maintain your LOP FF your are not increasing power, but leaning further. What is your FF and MP when 65% ROP and what are they after leaning to LOP? Cheers, Dan
  9. Make sure the 430 can be upgraded to wass. A friend of mine thought he got a great deal on a non wass 430 and it turned out that SN couldn’t be upgraded. So the great deal turned out to be way overpriced. If you want GPSS you will need a wass gps. The Stec 30 is a great autopilot but not cheap. As others have pointed out within the next year there should be a few more options available. I would take a look at what’s in the works before dropping 20K. Cheers, Dan
  10. Here is the end of the track log from Flightaware. I was trimmed for about 120mph climb. Winds Aloft were light and variable that night. With full power and full mixture 12.5K was as high as it would go in that configuration. Elevation at the crash site was about 1250msl, so the last radar return I was just over 1000ft agl. It interesting that my vertical speed slowed so much in the last 2 returns, thank god for that. Cheers, Dan
  11. I missed that, you are correct. After looking at the photo closer I see that it only has one knob on the AI. All C41s computers contain a FD, the C31 did not. I’m still confused to the legality of wether or not it needs to be retained if you have always had one. I guess I could just pretend I never had one and no one would notice. To the OP, as 1BN noticed you don’t have a FD. But your computer does and it is most likely a double cue. cheers, Dan
  12. This is also how the FD works in the C41. The autopilot doesn't have to be engaged to use. Like you said, that would be silly if the FD was only on when the autopilot was engaged as the real benefit is to help with hand flying. I have flown both single and double cue. I actually like the double better but it's all what one is used to. This is my understanding too, but I can't find any info to confirm. I'm going to call around on Monday and see if I can find the answer. Cheers, Dan
  13. I understood the Aspen would still drive the autopilot. I'm confused to weather or not you legally need the C41 FD to be displayed. I had a sales person from Aspen (at Airventure) and another avionics tech tell me that it needed to be retained for the C41. Of course they very well could be wrong. I hope you can have the option to not retain the FD function. That would keep the price of the Aspen low enough to at least consider keeping the C41, rather than going down the Garmin road. I would rather have the Aspen over G5's but the GFC500 is really tempting. Cheers, Dan
  14. You have a double cue. In your photo the FD command bars are turned off. To turn them on you twist the nob on the AI. Unfortunately Aspen doesn't support the double cue and our C41's output one or the other, not both. You will need to send the autopilot computer to Century to get converted. I believe this must be done to legally have the Aspen drive the Century. In other words the FD command bar must be able to be displayed on the AI(Aspen). But... I could be wrong. Hopefully someone here will tell me I'm wrong, it's another expense that I'm not crazy about. It might be the thing that pushes me to the G5's with GCF500. In your photo I don't see a CO detector? Sorry, it's my job to nag. Cheers, Dan
  15. Do you have a single or double que FD? It you have the double (I do with my C41). The computer needs to go back to century and get converted to single. Please keep us posted how this turns out. As I’m probably going a similar route. Cheers, Dan