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  1. I'm in SE Minnesota and rent 2 T-hangers. One has a 40ft electric bi-fold door, asphalt floor, no insulation or heat, 20amp 120VAC included: $105/month. The other is similar but is an end T with a 48ft door with the extra space in the back corner: $160/month. The best part, it's 3mins door to door from my house. KLSE is 1/2 hour from me and has lots of empty hangers. I checked with them about 6months ago and they were offering the gravel floor, manual bi-fold door T's for something like $65/month with 50% discount on a first year lease. The nicer concrete floor T's with electric bi-fold are only $90 with the same first year discount. My airport has 32 T-hangers total, with only only 9 active airplane and at least 7 empty hangers. For some reason GA is dead in this part of the country.
  2. Thanks George. Unfortunately we can't make it this time but would love to. Any chance you will be in Annie next December? Daddy Warbucks perhaps? My girls (3 and 4 y/o) are obsessed with Annie so we won't miss that one.
  3. We call them Bluffs around here. The flat tops are a result of an eroded plateau that this Mississippi runs right down the center off. All the valleys are channeling runoff that ends up in the Mississippi.
  4. Taxes? Well yea.. I have several relatives retiring to Florida this year and it isn't because of the weather. Traffic isn't bad where I"m at. But I did have to drive to the Cabin a few times last year, I35 north of the cities is awful. I feel much safer flying there. The wife's friend went to White Christmas last weekend. She is quite upset we didn't make a point of going. I hear it was great. Thanks. There is a million videos of this on YouTube. But after showing it to my local pilot friends most were amazed and hadn't seen it before. I think this is a good visual as to how Ice forms and gives a good sense of how fast it could form. In hind sight I wish I would have poured it onto the wing. Dan
  5. I have a stock 69 C and almost always cruise between 9 and 11K. At those altitudes I see 140kts tas, 2500rpm full throttle(pulled back a tiny bit like Hank and Andy). Above 11K the speed starts to fall off, but so do fuel flows, sometimes it is worth it depending on winds. Highest I have had it was 17K. Fuel flows block to block I usually see 8.8 to 9 gph. Up at 11K the JPI usually shows 8.0-8.4gph. To sum it up. Your B should perform great up at 9.5 or 11.5K. -Dan
  6. I went out to the hanger earlier this week to finally empty out the mini fridge for winter. Everything was froze solid except a few bottles of water. It was fun playing with, but makes me wonder why I live in Minnesota. -Dan
  7. 1969 M20C UL 996lbs 52Gal Payload 684lbs My next airplane won't be a "J" but I do think it is the sweet spot of GA. A growing family has me looking for bigger, but someday down the road I will own a J.
  8. Nice Video. How did you mount the camera? Just a sticky thing? I like that perspective but worry my camera would fall off. I love that you can see the Mooney shadow on climb out. I have a fixed step, I wish I had the vacuum one. I love the way that thing operates.
  9. Thanks, I"m a CFI and Centerline disobedience is a pet peeve of mine. Video editing is nice though, only have to show the world the good ones.:) The valley fog is very common here in the summer. It's gorgeous but often has you sitting on ground all morning. Cheers, Dan
  10. Your videos really make me want a Barron.
  11. I'm just starting to learn the ins and outs of video editing and YouTubing. It's terribly time consuming but it is a great way to enjoy your flights well after you've landed. Here is a short one I made for practice. It is set to a song written by the famed aviator Max Conrad. My home base of Winona,MN was also his hometown, the airport was named after him in 1960. What most don't know about him was that he was also a Musician/Composer. Most of his music was aviation themed, so I thought it fitting to use it in this short video. These are the same hills and farm land that used to be flying over 80+ years ago. Cheers, Dan
  12. I think US Mobile uses Tmobile's network. So I should be good untill 2020? I hope. I'll need a new cell switch and ADBS transponder.
  13. I ordered one of these last year when this thread was active. It has sat on the corner of my desk since. I just got a sim card from US Mobile and used Marauder's instructions to get it up and running. Thanks Marauder! I am almost looking forward to the MN winter ahead. The Sim card from US Mobile was $3.99 and monthly (contract free) rate is $7.00. That gives me 100 texts and 100 mins talk per month. I could save a few dollars/month and have just text only. I'll see how it goes.
  14. I went from a Nexus to a Ipad Mini about 1-1/2 years ago. Back then, there was no comparison. The IOS app had a lot more features and was way less buggy. The Ipad mini was much less buggy than to Nexus too. I currently have Garmin Pilot on my Nexus phone and Ipad mini. When I compare the android version (on my Nexus Phone) to the IOS version on my buddy's Iphone 6+ it's is night and day also. After being an android user since the very beginning, my next phone will be an Iphone. Garmin Pilot is about 50% of desicion to jump ship. My dissatisfaction with Google in the last year is the other 50%.
  15. I think the gross is 1450. 144lbs for fuel(24 gal) and you at 200 will only leave 83lbs for the second person/baggage. In terms of the balance, it's not likely you can load it aft of the cg with you (200lbs) on the front seat. 1023 seems heavy, but maybe that is right in the ballpark for the cadets. My ercoupe's empty weight is 899 with a gross of 1400. Also with 24 gal of fuel. Despite being weight challenged, you will have a blast with it. They are great airplanes, fast with the canopy closed( for 90 HP) and you can fly with the canopy fully open when less than 100 mph. Best way to go when on a hamburger run. Dan