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  1. 1969 and newer they no longer used the irises. They used a photo cell for automatic dimming. Cheers, Dan
  2. Indeed I do. I’ve PMed the schematic to @SkyTrekker and will attach here for others. Cheers, Dan 800275 Connections.pdf 800275 REV R.pdf
  3. The Sentry is great, if it's functioning properly it will keep you safe. I think having 2 CO detectors/monitors is the way to go, so I would still consider adding a second one. It's more likely for a detector to fail to respond, than to give a false positive. So if your detector is malfunctioning you may not notice. I think the sentry will give a ppm readout on the Ipad someplace? Cheers, Dan
  4. Thanks for sharing Mike! I'm glad it worked out. Be careful with how you title your treads though. I might call in a favor down the road. "Mike, remember that one time...." Absolutely. Deanna and I are thinking about a NYC trip later this year if the world opens back up. Be a great time to get together with you NJ guys! Especially since Airventure is not happening and the Summit is postponed. As @mike_elliott pointed out the Summit's was misplaced. I do have a kit though and will bring it with to the next Summit. Sensorcon was planing on having a presence at Airventure this year. I'm mentioned to them it would be a great service to provide calibration while there. Hopefully that will be an option in the future. I'm with Mark. I think the industrial pro model is overkill for GA. The basic is great, industrial if you want the vibrating alarm. Cheers, Dan
  5. And this is why kids are expensive. Cheers, Dan
  6. I have never torqued it either but I didn't want to say for fear I would be chastised for not adhering to the service manuals I quoted the torque SB because I happen to have it sitting on my desk. It does reference "Screen Assembly, Scavenge oil", 16.7-17.5ft/lbs, for all O-300's and IO/TSIO 360's. I just noticed "Oil Filter Screen (w/new crush gasket)" 41.6-43.3ft/lbs, All Models. Is there a "oil filter Screen" on TSIO360's? I only see the "Screen Assembly, Scavenge oil" in the parts manual. Cheers, Dan
  7. A taller one may work, there is a lot of room. But a taller one may make it difficult to get a torque wrench on it. 16.7-17.5 ft lbs per Continental SB96-7D None. It is much easier than the Lycoming screen. Don't forget the gasket, I keep several in my hangar. MS35769-21 Once I was finishing up an oil change the day before leaving on a trip and realized that I was out of gaskets. Nothing like scrubbing a trip because I forgot to order a 50 cent crush washer. Cheers, Dan
  8. They are good people! They were planing on having a presence at Airventure this year but I'm unsure what the plans are now. eventually? let's go, what are you waiting for? Cheers, Dan
  9. Aircraft2020 is the current code. I just updated the original post. Thanks for the heads up. Cheers, Dan
  10. I would classify it as Loss of Control. The report makes no mention of any internal cylinder damage so I can assume what was left of the valve spring and keeper retained the valve. And somehow there was still compression on that cylinder so it suggests that the valve/spring was still operating to some degree. The engine may have been running rough and making less power but ultimately they lost control. This is one of those accidents where the pilot(s) stacked the deck so far out of their favor that the slightest little problem would end in disaster. Its was a terribly sad accident. Dan
  11. A friend of mine made a bracket that attaches to the nose gear knee joint (Tow attach point)for his O. He winches it backwards from there. I don’t see how this would be any more stress on the nose gear than using a traditional tug. He uses it when it’s icy, normally he uses a sidewinder. Cheers, Dan
  12. I enjoy.. - Martin Pauly - Life in the FL (This is an excellent channel!) - Just Plane Silly - Erik Johnston - Taking Off's "In the Hanger" (especially Ep 77) Cheers, Dan
  13. I kept a close eye on my speeds in my C over the course of my ownership. I averaged 141kts in cruise, no speed mods other than a scimitar prop. The speed difference between the forward and aft CG range at similar weights was 4-5kts. Not trivial, but normal loading was someplace in the middle, it was hard to load that airplane full forward. I always tried to load as aft as possible for the few extra kts cheers, Dan
  14. I didn't bother to post it here as the pilots of Mooneyspace are probably tired of hearing the story. I figure Mooney pilots are probably the best prepared for CO than any others out there. The atc recordings of the accident wasn't my finest hour. It sounds like I just left happy hour. Actually the Comanche 400 pilot (not @M20Doc) ,that did this in 1997, appeared drunk to the authorities after his mishap. Cheers, Dan