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  1. It took me 55hrs in install my 900 in my 231. To do a second one I could probably shave off 10hrs. It's not hard work, just tedious. I spent a good amount of time just thinking about wire management, and strived to make it a clean and tidy installation. Just Changing the shunt probably accounted for 5hrs. Mooney buried that like it was a pirates treasure. As others have recommended, I wouldn't go with an 830 in the 231. The 900 is the way to go. With the 830 you legally need to maintain your original gauges. A bad probe or gauge could easily eat up the cost difference between the 830 and 900. That being said, an engine monitor will be one of the most important things you will have in your 231. Even an 830 is infinitely better that what you have now. Cheers, Dan
  2. DanM20C

    Sensorcon Calibration at Airventure 2018

    I will also be doing calibrations on Sunday morning 8:30-10:00 at, or in the vicinity of the Mooney Caravan tent. Cheers, Dan
  3. DanM20C

    Sensorcon Calibration at Airventure 2018

    You wouldn't need to calibrate this time, but we can if you wish. Calibrations will also be available at the Mooney Summit VI. I will be happy to calibrate any that are sent to me. If anyone wishes to do this just send me a PM. Cheers, Dan
  4. Everyone, I have acquired the test gas and regulator to calibrate the Sensorcon Inspector CO detector many of you have purchased. After two years without calibration, an EOL warning will appear at start up. Calibration will reset the clock on the EOL warning and ensure the detector is accurate and functional. I will have the calibration equipment with me at Airventure from Saturday 7/21 though Wendsday 7/25. Calibrations will be free of charge! If you so chose, I will accept donations to cover the cost of the test gas and equipment. All donations will go to the purchase of more test gas/equipment for future Airventure calibrations. Many of you will be attending @yvesg's MooneySpace Social. I'll be available at the Caravan tent before(1/2 hr ) and after the social to provide calibrations. So bring your Sensorcons. I'm flying in with the Caravan, Element Q - N231ME. I'll be camping with my plane so if any of you Caravan pilots need calibration you can hit me up anytime you see me in the north 40. I don't plan on doing any calibrations at MSN . If you are not attending the caravan or MS Social just send me a PM and we will figure something out. Cheers, Dan
  5. DanM20C

    Sensorcon CO Group Buy

    I am bringing calibration equipment with me this year. I’ll set aside a few blocks of time to do calibrations. Not sure when yet. I’m flying in with the caravan on Saturday and staying until Wednesday. The calibrations will done in the north 40, either at my plane or the caravan tent. I’ll start a separate post in a few days when I figure out the details. No charge for calibrations but I will accept donations to help cover the cost of the test gas. Cheers, Dan
  6. DanM20C

    New ride

    That sounds like a perfect idea!
  7. DanM20C

    New ride

    The M10 actually has a spring gear. All Ercoupes and most Aircoupes had a combination donut/oleo gear, the spring gear was an improvement. Zero gear maintenance. it will cruise easily at 100kts on 90hp. 20+nm/gal. A bit better than a 150 with 100hp. i still like 150’s, they are a great plane for what they are. The M10 is a better plane. This one appears to be a great deal. My daughter is only 5, in 10’years I’ll be ready to buy this one. cheers, Dan
  8. DanM20C

    Oxygen fill port

    My 79 K had an aftermarket system installed in 1979. It sounds similar to the OP's. No on/off from the cockpit and the gauge is mounted above the hat rack as well as the fill port. I have seen a lot of 231's with a similar system. I have a 337 that claims it was a "RayJay Corp Sky Ox System Model SK 101-4X-78". The 337 references a Flight Manual Supplement that is no longer in my flight manual. Maybe @tomgo2 has some info? My tank and regulator were removed long ago. I carry two 24 cubic ft portables when traveling alone or with one other person. My kids are little (5 and 4 y/o) so I leave the O2 behind and fly low when we are traveling as a family. I thought hard about bringing my system back on line but it would costs several AMU's just to get another bottle and regulator. Then I would be left with a system with no on/off valve and a miniature gauge as far away from me as possible. After the kids are older and a long list of other upgrades get accomplished I might revisit my onboard o2. Cheers, Dan
  9. DanM20C


    Spot on Hank. I know I wish I had them. Although my injuries were pretty benign the Amsafe would have probably saved me a lot of grief over my facial injuries. I'll be adding them to my Mooney sooner then later. Having them prematurely set off is a legitimate concern. But there are a lot of GA airplanes flying around with Amsafes and to my knowledge none have ever activated and caused an incident/accident. I know there was one fatality of a Maintenance technician when servicing a belt in an airliner. That was a horribly sad event. I don't recall the ultimate cause but I'm sure much has been learned from that incident. Cheers, Dan
  10. DanM20C

    Some assembly required

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/1982-Mooney-231-M-20K-1100TT-since-new-one-owner/123210449138?hash=item1cafea40f2:g:IsMAAOSwbKRbL~fw The auction is currently at $42K. There is no room left to make this a "heck of a deal". You would end up with probably the lowest time 231 in the world. But it will cost you. Cheers, Dan
  11. DanM20C

    Today's flight for 2018

    @gsxrpilot Paul, I'm really looking forward to your Churchill trip report. My wife and I planed to make that trip last year but due to my little incident I found my self plane-less. This year our schedule hasn't worked out. Hope to make the trip next year. Cheers, Dan
  12. On our TSIO-360'LBs the vapor return line return line is at the mechanical pump. So with mixture at idle cut off and boost pump on high you are only supplying "cool" fuel fuel between the electric pump to the mechanical pump. 60 seconds would be overkill for that small distance. I think most of the vapor lock problems would be downstream of the mechanical pump up on top of the engine where things get hot. There is no fuel return from the top side of the engine, many other types of engines have a return line from a fuel controller near the throttle body. Hence where the high boost for 60sec recommendation came from. Figure 18 in SID97-3G is basically our fuel system, minus the primer valve/circuit. The primer is between the throttle body and spider. Cheers, Dan
  13. I tried this method yesterday. It did work much better than using the primer after initial start. I believe the primer runs the boost pump and activates a solenoid to feed fuel to the primer circuit. There are two primer nozzles (one each side) that sprays fuel down the intakes. So the fuel distribution to each cylinder is probably poor. The engine fires but doesn't run smooth until the mechanical pump can get fuel to all 6 injectors. This is why jlunseth's method works better. The boost pump can supply fuel to the injectors quicker, initially, than the mechanical pump. Cheers, Dan
  14. I agree. I installed my 900 and it took me 55hrs. If I were to do a second install I think I could shave off 5-10hrs, so experience helps. But it is tedious, an extra 5hrs of labor is worth it to ensure a clean and tidy install. Cheers, Dan
  15. DanM20C

    Today's flight for 2018

    Wednesday night I met up with @ThorFlight and @lotsofgadgets in Redwing, MN for some formation practice. ThorFlight and I attended the Flying Monkeys Clinic in Newton last month and it was time to clean some light rust off and hone our skills a bit. Lotsofgadgets and his son (both are pilots) flew in to ride along and observe (and possibly get hooked into this formation thing). I see the start of a MN wing Lotsofgadgets snapped some great photos of ThorFlight with my camera. Cheers, Dan