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  1. M20K 252 TSE Panel Upgrade

    Thanks guys, I’m convinced the AXP322 is the way I’ll do. Do you guys have the SkyTrax100 for Adsb in? If so, does the IFD share the Adsb data with wireless devices? Cheers, Dan
  2. M20K 252 TSE Panel Upgrade

    I'm going to try my best to copy it.. Paul, I"m assuming you have the AXP322 remote mount transponder? How do you like having that with the IFD? I"m debating if I wan't the stand alone or remote mount transponder. I would like to keep everything in one stack so the remote would help with that. But I have the C41 autopilot so I don't have AP control in the radio stack. I might be able to squeeze it all in. Is there a reason for the small gap between the KX165 and IFD? Cheers, Dan
  3. KISM pireps?

    I’m sure others will chime in with more experience, but I have flown into KISM twice. Both time IFR via OCF. I was not given a STAR for the arrivals. I used Jet Center both times also. Very good service and good prices. Next time I need to be in the Orlando area I will use them again. Cheers, Dan
  4. I just noticed this... Paul might need to win a CB award. If I'm not mistaken his "GoPro mount" is actually the top of the display box the GoPro comes in. I may or may not have duct taped one of those to my step once. Cheers, Dan
  5. Robert, Thanks for sharing. I think that kiddie is great protection, I wish I had that last year. But being a home detector it is limited to being a catastrophic alarm. In it's description it states, " it is designed to sound at 85 decibels at 10 feet when it detects 70 ppm (parts per million) of CO for 60 to 240 minutes, 150 ppm for 10 to 50 minutes, or 400 ppm for 4 to 15 minutes.: I'm positive that would have would have saved me. But one nice feature of a high resolution detector (Sensorcon or similar) is detecting a problem well before it's an emergency. Many exhaust failures happen slowly, over many hours. It would be nice finding out early on. Not long after the Sensorcon discount went into effect a gentleman on beechtalk posted what he found on the first flight with the Sensorcon. It was a 2008 G36 with 1100hrs TT. He noticed a rise of 4-7ppm when the heater was on. The highest reading he saw was 13ppm. He pulled the muffler and found this. These detectors are a great tool. Cheers, Dan
  6. I’m glad you ordered one, Keep us updated on what you find. Cheers, Dan
  7. Aspen prices

    Does the G5 support some FDs now? I have a Century 41 dual que, I don’t believe the aspen supports a dual que. If the G5 can I will probably go that route. Although I’d prefer the Aspen. Cheers, Dan
  8. HI Dan,

    I'd welcome the opportunity talk with you about your experiences with my plane N9268M.

    How can I reach you?

    1. DanM20C


      I don’t have much experience with it but know it. A previous owner is a good friend.  Feel free to call me or email.  I am out of town on a family trip so next week sometime would be best.  Did you get it home?  







    2. MrRodgers


      It is home.


      Call you next week.  See "New Mooney in Santa Monica" on the Mooney Space general forum.

  9. Cnoe, Thank you! Your quick purchase and pirep is what got me to get in touch with Sensorcon. When I first contacted them about a discount I said I though I could get at least 15, maybe up to 25 to commit. The last I spoke with them there were something like 425 sold with that code. I know there were many more like @cnoe that purchased without a code. It’s a great start. Unfortunately I’m not on their payroll Cheers, Dan
  10. STEC 30 troubleshooting

    I had a 30 that would disconnect randomly or roll left randomly. Over a few months it seemed to get more frequent. The avionics guy I was going to take it to told me to unplug and clean every connector that is going to or from the autopilot. After I did the problem never returned. He saved me a lot of money with that one phone call. Worth a try. Cheers, Dan
  11. She texted me tonight at the exact time I pounded on her window last year. She and her husband are fantastic people. A few months ago Deanna and I took the kids and visited them for an afternoon. It was my first time back, and the only time in the daylight. It was humbling to see. My airplane literally impacted the only spot suitable for survival. It is very hilly, not a place I would pick to land. Cheers, Dan
  12. Today is the one year anniversary of my fateful flight. I'm typing this at 8:10pm, exactly one year ago I was slumped over unconscious, strapped into a busted up airplane in a cold dark field. It's amazing the difference a year makes. I really miss my C, it was a fantastic little airplane that treated us well. Now I own a 231. It is in desperate need of an avionics upgrade but it has been an impressive traveling machine so far. It delivered Deanna and I to the Mooney Summit safely and efficiently, averaging 176kts for the round trip. The Summit was a wonderful experience! Thanks @mike_elliott and @rocketman! For those that are local to the Twin Cities that didn't make it to the Summit to hear me present my story. You get a second chance! I'll be presenting at the "Saturday Seminars" at Modern Avionics on the field @ KFMC. March 10th, 9am. I will also be speaking to EAA Chapter 1229 @ Fleming Field on Tuesday Feb 20th, 7pm. Everyone else, please keep CO in the hanger talk around your airports. Digital detectors can make CO crashes a thing of the past. We just need to get the word out. The Sensorcon discount still is in effect. Code: aircraft2017 Cheers, Dan
  13. AmSafe news

    Proper four point harness would be preferable to the shoulder harness, But I don't think that is an option in our Mooneys. The faulty Takatat airbag system is a real concern. The problem, as I understand it, is when the propellant aged sometimes it would "explode" (chemical reaction faster than designed) when activated. That caused bits of metal and plastic to become shrapnel when the airbag deploys. That is what killed people, not random airbag deployments. Much will be learned from this and airbags will be even safer. When an AmSafe deploys the energy is 180 from the traditional car airbag, if anything is ejected from the airbag system it will be moving away from the occupant. Even if the propellant "explodes" it will likely not be fatal. I can see premature deployment a real concern, especially in aircraft. Has there been any? There are a lot of AmSafes flying around in GA for the last decade. Cheers, Dan
  14. AmSafe news

    The shoulder harness in my Mooney saved my life. I would have loved to have the AmSafe's, they probably would have saved me several years of dental work. Well worth the $2500. I will be in the front of the line also! Cheers, Dan
  15. Panel Upgrade and Suggestions

    The first thing would be to velcro a Sensorcon where that CO card is. And/or add a Guardian CO in the panel. Tom, I remember chatting with you when we were checking out at the Summit. I recal that I was going to email you the discount info and I completely forgot. My apologies. Here it is: www.sensorcon.com 20%code: aircraft2017 The 20% guardian discount should also still work. Code: coaware Cheers, Dan