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  1. Hi Mike, sorry for the slow response. Here is the link. Inspector Mount Cheers, Dan
  2. No, it’s just a mount that the detector’s clip slides into. So technically only the mount is permanent. No need to be FAA approved, just A&P approved. Cheers, Dan
  3. Hank, the mount is compatible with the other units. They originally sent me one that was 3d printed and it didn't work very well. The production one is injected molded and works very well. Holds it firm but removes easily. My only grip is it has 4 mounting holes and I think that is a little overboard. I'm currently still using velcro but in the next few months I'll be installing a new panel and the AV8or will have a permanent home on the new mount. I will forever miss my C. That plane was awesome. But I do love the K, once you go turbo...... Unfortunately though, I have been spoiled with plenty of time in all Mooneys right up through the M20V. The further down the alphabet you go it just gets better and better. Cheers, Dan
  4. Last I had heard it was just over 1000. It's slowed down a little. Dan
  5. Mike, its just an aviation friendly wrapper. No need to switch. Sensorcon is making a real effort to be more visible in aviation. I think this is a good thing, they will start being more visible in places like Airventure, SNF, etc... Cheers, Dan
  6. you have the schematic for the dimmer.  I have a short somewhere that blew the fuses.??

    1. DanM20C


      Hi Mike,

      Here they are.



      800275 Connections.pdf 800275 REV R.pdf

  7. They do have a life limit. I was told by sensorcon that in their experience they have seen 6+ years with periodic calibrations. I believe the unit should not pass it’s self test when the sensor has degraded too much. Mine are 4 years old and working well. i just replaced all my fire/Co house detectors. They claim they are good until 10 years past the manufacture date. That is the longest I have seen. But I think I’ll replace well before then. cheers, Dan
  8. I'm just stating what I was told by Sensorcon, and my observations have supported that. But some have had issues at times. Is yours functioning correctly after the EOL? Possibly there is another problem? Cheers, Dan
  9. The detectors can wander in accuracy over time. It's only a few % per year, so for our purpose it isn't all that critical. But you will see an EOL warning at start up if no calibrations have been done in the preceding 2 years. After the warning displays it will continue to operate just as it has. Every calibration will reset the 2 year clock on the EOL warning. Sensorcon will calibrate them for a fee. I have a kit and bring it to OSH and can provide calibrations, beer money is appreciated but not required. (each calibration costs me $3 in test gas) The Mooney Summit will have calibration this year too. Cheers, Dan
  10. I’m planning on it. Don’t know what dates I’ll be there yet. cheers, Dan
  11. I have a 9000R but haven't installed it yet. Same idea here, minimalist panel. I'll have a PMA 450b. IFD540, SL30, remote NGT900R. I debated a lot over the remote or panel mount. I just love the idea of a tidy and small avionics stack. Cheers, Dan
  12. Thanks Mark! I’ll be adding a button to my yoke then! cheers, Dan
  13. Skip, another great feature of the 450B, particularly if your doing a new install, is flightmate. This allows 4 customizable audible annunciations. My last Mooney had a Bitching Betty and I found it very useful, she was quite annoying and I can't imagine forgetting to putting the gear down with it in operation. I wanted a "Betty" in my current Mooney, now with the 450B I'll get something better. Bitching Deanna (my wife ). @Mscheuer quick question. If I wire a remote audio playback button does it behave exactly like pressing the COM rcv? Would I have to hold the remote audio playback button for 1 sec or would just a tap activate it? Cheers, Dan
  14. I think the difference is only the physical appearance. It's my understanding when they run out of parts for the older ones they will discontinue those. Cheers, Dan
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