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  1. Some have removed them. I think I’m going to remove them from my K along with the bulky wing fairings, then roatate the brakes. It makes for a clean looking gear, easier maintenance, and no speed penalty. Cheers, Dan
  2. DanM20C

    Crossing the USA in a Mooney M20J

    So True. I was fortunate and shared a lot of good times with my dad before he passed. But man I miss him. I have made 3 similar trips to the Pacific NW from MN since he has been gone. All solo, always thinking "dad should be here, he would love this". @Rmag Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you guys made the time to do this trip. Cheers, Dan
  3. Rick, I was glad to see the Guardian was in there! Cheers, Dan
  4. 4BC is an 280hp O2, but very fast. Returning to Mn from the Summit (8-10k) I was seeing the same performance, 178kts at 12.6-12.8gph. For a good while it was showing 180ktas. That was 50lop. ROP 185ktas should be no problem, but the extra 5kts will cost several GPH. Cheers, Dan
  5. DanM20C


    I was thinking the same thing. We need more Ken's in GA! Cheers, Dan
  6. DanM20C

    Defrost blower

    Are you sure it's not metric? McMaster has a 4mm ID, 10mm OD, 4mm thick. mcmaster# 7804K1 4mm is basically 5/32, the OD would be a 1/2mm bigger than 3/8 though. Cheers, Dan
  7. DanM20C

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    This advice is spot on. I'm always amazed when I see a 231's or 252's for sale with a nice avionics and a fresh engine, yet no engine monitor. I would install the 900 with the engine as well as a Meryln and intercooler if you don't already have them. These things should be at the top of the upgrade list. Congratulations on the 231. They are fantastic airplanes. Cheers, Dan
  8. DanM20C

    Fuel Issues...I think

    Did you notice a drop in manifold pressure? Congratulations on getting back to TX Cheers, Dan
  9. DanM20C

    Fuel Issues...I think

    I think your hoskins FF is messed up and you should replace it with a JPI 900 asap. But I don't think it has anything to do with the slowing down/engine stumbling. I like Clarence's idea of a plugged tank vent. That is a easy one to check. Cheers, Dan
  10. Do you have a single or duel que flight director? I too have a C41 and it’s my understanding only the aspen will supply the aditude for the autopilot. But not the E5, as Brad mentioned you will need the 1000 pro. If you have a duel que FD now you will also have to send the C41 in to Century to get converted to a single at around 2K. Plus the folks at aspen told me I would need an additional box (2K)for the aspen to drive the c41. So now we are at 14K before install. GFC500 is starting to sound like a bargain. I’m leaning towards replacing my HSI with a G5. Then when the time is right add a second G5 With the gfc500 and pitching the C41. Cheers, Dan
  11. DanM20C

    Carbon Monoxide Podast

    Max is one of the lucky ones giving instruction in the Vision Jet. Might be a tough sell. Cheers, Dan
  12. DanM20C

    Carbon Monoxide Podast

    Thanks Mike. I still need a bit of polish before a TED talk. Thanks Chuck. It was nice of Max to have me on. I have been a listener of Aviation News Talk since the beginning. It's a great podcast and Max is a great guy. Now if we can figure out how to get him to jump ship over to Mooney. Cheers, Dan
  13. A few days ago I was interviewed by Max Trescott for his Aviation News Talk podcast. It's worth checking out if, unless you are one of the unfortunate ones that had to listen to me at the last 2 Mooney Summits. If you fall into that group you might want to skip it! Max mentioned that the discounts were not active but he was mistaken. They still work. www.sensorcon.com 20% off Code: aircraft2017 www.guardianavionics.com 20% off Code: coaware Link to the Aviation News Talk Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/aviation-news-talk-podcast/id1223782070&ls=1 or https://aviationnewstalk.com/ Cheers, Dan
  14. DanM20C

    231 v 252 v 262

    Great! But did you also fill his belly with bad German food?
  15. DanM20C

    231 v 252 v 262

    Based on your avatar and east Nebraska location you may be extremely close to @jasona900 He has a really nice J and is full of Mooney knowledge! cheers, Dan