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  1. I’ve lost a tie down ring. I didn’t notice until I was under the wing with a rope in hand. So I didn’t yell fore. i now have the Lasar tie down/jack pad. cheers, Dan
  2. Spot on! Add a sensorcon and go. If I didn't have my K stuck in my hanger burning a hole in my pocket I would be buying this airplane. Jason and I were in the same element into OSH with the 2018 Caravan. This airplane is really, really clean and Jason is the kind of owner you want to be the previous owner of your airplane. As far as panel upgrades. It doesn't need anything, but I would consider adding a G5 HSI. Then a JPI900 in the location of the CDI that the G5 replaced. Then I would just stash away money and wait for good reason to spend it. Cheers, Dan
  3. You might try sending an email to century tech support. I have had good luck getting little bits of info about my c41 from them. You have to be patient though, I have had it take weeks to get a response. But I’m guessing they would share the pin out schematic with you. I want a service manual for the c41 but it’s hard to stomach $550, consider yourself lucky the C21 is only $300 . cheers, Dan
  4. Here is what the manual says. It appears not all installations have the disconnect on the yoke. Cheers, Dan
  5. I'll see what @Parker_Woodruff has to say. But I don't think so. The payout would go to the owner of the policy and any lien holders, not a named insured. Not necessarily. The majority of instruction I give I am NOT PIC. It is discussed and decided who is PIC before engine start, every good instructor does this. @Jerry 5TJ congratulations on passing the FOI. Although we have never met, based on your posts and level of experience I'm sure you will make a excellent and valuable instructor. I think your fears of liability are founded or at least commonly shared. There are a lot of experienced folks out there who would enjoy and want to instruct, but don't because they have too much to loose. Thankfully we do have some experienced guys like @mike_elliott @kortopates @donkaye willing to put them self out there in order to teach others. All of whom require to be named additional insured with a waiver of subrogation on the airplanes they get in. Mike, as of two weeks ago Avemco still required $200 to add an instructor. Cheers, Dan
  6. 681 meter... 80 yards..... classic British... lol I agree, Mooney’s are not difficult to land short. cheers, Dan
  7. Thanks for posting Dennis! If you haven't purchased a CO detector Sensorcon is still offering a pilot discount. www.sensorcon.com 20% Discount code: flysafe2019 Cheers, Dan
  8. This is true, but it’s nearly impossible to completely seal a non pressurized airplane. I’m with you that understanding how cabin pressure can be effected with opening windows or vents is important. Opening a just side window could possibly make the situation worse depending how the CO is getting in. Only 50% of fatal CO crashes are caused by a faulty heating system. Batteries are cheep, Run it all the time. A side benefit is sometimes the detectors find other problems. Recently someone discovered a broken engine mount after investigating a small rise in CO. The exhaust shifted enough to leak a small amount. It possibly saved his life. Cheers, Dan
  9. Culebritas! One of my favorite places on the planet. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet/talk with you at the Summit. I think we are going to have to become fast friends so I can ride along on some of your Caribbean trips . I'm glad you are back in the air! Cheers, Dan
  10. Hi Ron, I'm not too far from Chetek. If Parker's guy doesn't work out feel free to reach out. Cheers, Dan
  11. Congratulations Scott! My mom gave me that book 7 years ago just before my first daughter arrived. Good choice. Cheers, Dan
  12. I first flew with my dad when I was only a few months old. The first time I used any hearing protection in an airplane was the first flight after my PPL checkride (17th birthday). My dad gave me a set of telex headsets for my birthday present. I had 1000-1500hrs in single engine GA between the ages of 0-17 with nothing but open ears. No tinnitus.. yet.. Tinnitus is quite common with age, not always a result of exposure to loud environments. I tried hard to keep some kind of hearing protection on my kids, but I was largely unsuccessful. Once they hit about 2-1/2 or 3 they started to prefer the headsets. They love hearing them self talk, sing, yell, etc.., pilot Isolate on the audio panel is a must! Glad to see the future aviator enjoying the ride, It's the only way to grow up! Cheers, Dan
  13. I was hoping It turned up. I plan on bringing mine this year. Cheers, Dan
  14. Not new math, just confusing advertising. The quoted prices you posted are AFTER the $30 sale. The prices have went up considerable since most of us purchased two years ago. Cheers Dan
  15. I was just informed by a friend that the 20% discount saves you $1.80 over the labor day sale on the basic. $5.80 savings on the industrial. The code is flysafe2019 Cheers Dan