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  1. Sent you the email, Greg. I'm glad you're taking this on as Dynon is going to miss out on a lot of business as Mooney owners will be forced to go Garmin for their up-grades if the don't see significant progress coming from Dynon. HDX is fantastic (anyone can PM me for a discussion) but without an AP it's not a complete system. There's a lot more button pushing with modern avionics and that's ok if someone else is flying the plane but I find that hand-flying, and button pushing, in IFR conditions, with ATC giving redirect instructions to be something less than a thrill. We need the AP, Greg
  2. NEW PRICE! If someone needs this, let me know. $10.00 and still free shipping. All our panel upgrades make this obsolete but perhaps someone can use it.
  3. Gasp, I just looked it up, I've owned my 262 for 20 years. Upgraded from an E. It's been a great plane in so many ways and I hope I can fly it 20 more. Congratulations, you're going to enjoy all the capabilities of the 262 mods and ease of operation of the MB engine (no offense to the 231 guys intended).
  4. $75.00, free shipping! Removed for panel up-grade. Money back guarantee it works. Happy new year.
  5. You are correct, keeping them full adds far too much weight. I only fill them for long flights otherwise I keep about 5 gallons in each. In the 15 years I have owned the plane, the tanks have never leaked - keeping some fuel in them must help.
  6. Model: 231 Engine: TSIO360MB This is really a tale about progressive starting problems. It started with hot starts and progressed to just plain starting. Here are the attempted solutions and the outcome: 1. Installed new/rebuilt starter - much faster crank but still very difficult starting 2. Installed fine wire plugs - made cold starts easier but did not help with hot starts 3. New mags (not rebuilt) - big improvement in both cold starts and hot starts. I will just buy new ones rather than OH from now on. I know it costs more but an engine that won't start is s
  7. I'm the lucky owner of a 262. The POH is for a 252 (although I have the 231 POH also). I recently developed a new checklist because the panel is now glass so a lot of the checks change. I also emphasize/repeat some of the things I tend to forget, which are now in bold red font. I'll private message you what I developed but it may need a lot of editing to meet your configuration.
  8. John, I have tried to do it without taking the spinner off but 75% of the time it did not work well. Now I just take the 10 minutes of time to take the spinner off. Peter's approach is close to mine - I have a large box and a big piece of foam I put under the cowl and then lower it down - kinda hinging it from the back. The reverse works well to get it back on. Patience seems to be the trick for me. I can do the whole cowl in a little about 30 minutes now.
  9. Really frustrating and the Mooney certification estimate keeps getting pushed to the right. I love my HDX but sans autopilot makes only half a system...
  10. MS is great! You guys have provided some good ideas. In my situation, Coy Jacobs took the rotating beacon off about 20 years ago to gain 0.3 kts of speed and I don't want to put it back on at this point. The turn coordinator did help remind me about the master switch, especially when the bearings were going bad, but it's gone now with the new glass panel. Leaving the strobes on is a great idea, I'm gonna try it.
  11. I did a simple on-field relocation last week and left the master switch on for a few hours. I was in a hurry. This resulted in the battery being too weak to start. Embarrassing and a pain in the butt. Have any of you installed a device to remind you that the master is on? Buzzer based master being on and no oil pressure? LED in prominent location when the master is on? I realize getting field approval might be difficult (impossible) but I'm interested to know if there is a solution - other than religious use of the shut-down check list. August
  12. I had the same issue and a rebuilt starter made a big issue. Mine was about 15 years old. New battery and cleaning all the cable connections did not help. Rebuilt starter is not terribly expensive.
  13. Thanks, 231BN, there are several fuse holders on the copilot side, I'll start there. The schematic is also great but takes young eyes and patience to trace, but I'll try. Back to the hangar this weekend. I'll keep you-all posted as to what I find. August
  14. Hobbs meter not working. Airplane = M20K 25-0308. Would appreciate advice on trouble shooting. Specific questions: 1. What drives the meter - oil pressure switch? 2. If I put 12V to the meter, should it run? 3. Is there a fuse or CB in the circuit? 4. What am I not asking that I should be asking? Thanks
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