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  1. The servos were not installed but all the wiring was installed while the interior was out and the wing panels were open. Should make the final install more efficient.
  2. The Dynon website now shows Mooney certification in the first half of 2021 and the progress bar has not moved much, if any. I'm enjoying the heck out of HDX but not having an autopilot is a real bummer. This is really disappointing news. Picture of the panel in the climb out of HWD...notice the blanking plate where the AP head should go...UHHHH.
  3. SOLD to Mr. Ross Taylor. I had an E before the K and loved the heck out of it. Flew it everywhere!
  4. I know...no one needs a standby vacuum pump anymore...so, anyone want this for just the shipping cost? That's $20. I'm hoping this goes to someone that can actually use it, otherwise it's going to sit in the hangar for the next 10 years, which is a waste.
  5. Pump removed as part of Dynon conversion. In 10 years I used it once (other than periodic testing) - not in IMC but it was nice to throw the switch and the gyros came alive again. $100.00 plus $20.00 shipping.
  6. A while back a bought a set of boots from LASAR - they probably still have them.
  7. Thanks, Larry. Yours look a lot better than my beat-up panels and not putting those little strips back in make sense - really can't see much of em anyway. Did you buy yours in black or paint them?
  8. Sold. Use in good health and clear skies.
  9. Thanks, Anthony. This is a picture of the copilot side panel covered in blue leather. The seats are gray leather and I thought the blue leather would be a nice accent and it matches the exterior blue accent stripe. My work is not perfect, but the imperfections will be covered up by the time it's installed. The leather was kinda inexpensive, about $300 for a full hide and one hide did both side panels and the panel under the rear seat. I also had three pockets made - they will attach with snap fasteners. Aerocomfort did the seats and covered the plastic panels - what a fantastic job. H
  10. Removed for glass upgrade. United Instruments part #8125, don't know the Mooney part #. I think the speed lines are fairly clear in the pictures. $100 and I pay shipping. Money back guarantee.
  11. The Niagra Air Parts guys know the T drives very well. They have worked on mine and strongly recommended NOT going with a light weight starter. Interestingly they also recommended using a "less slippery" oil, I was using Aeroshell at the time. A year a go my starter was cranking slow so I installed a rebuilt starter and it was a great improvement.
  12. I used the same side panels but covered in an accent leather rather than carpet. I should have just made new panels that go to the floor and covered it all in leather. I think SEM paint is in my future unless I can dream up something else. Anthony, please send me a picture of your interior when it's done and I'll do the same. I also have a 262 and enjoy the heck out of it.
  13. Anyone do anything interesting with these side kick panels? Cover in a vinyl wrap? Reproduce in carbon fiber? Replace with something else? I have a new interior and hate to put this back in.
  14. Art, It is a better view without the compass in the way, for sure. From the view I see the hurricane has passed . Do you know why the compass was surface mounted rather than flush mounted? Not enough room in the back? I like the panel!
  15. Has anyone converted to a panel mounted compass? Good or not good conversion?
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