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  1. a man with one altimeter can tell you what altitude he's at, a man with 3 altimeters has no idea
  2. Steve, that's a great looking 252 and a lot of money has already been spent on the up-grades all of us would like to have. I think it's reasonably priced. Before I acquired my K I had an E and the E was great below 12,000' but it was hard to get performance above that altitude. The turbo makes a big difference in not only performance but peace of mind, knowing on a hot day you can climb out of Tahoe or Denver or Las Vegas with little difficulty. The MB is a great engine, I've been happy with mine (except the new mags I had to buy recently but that's not Continental's fault). Go for it and enjoy.
  3. tmo, I'll try to get a CADD drawing of the new panel and post. It will probably be 2 weeks or so from now.
  4. Thanks, carusoam. I found 'em at LASAR - they come in a strip of 4 but you're right, it's got to be somebody's standard part. I like supporting LASAR when I can, Dan in parts has been very helpful with my silly little needs and if they have it they ship the same day. Great support, IMO. The strip goes to the powder coater along with the new panel.
  5. Anyone know where to get the rocker switch inserts shown below? I'm removing two rocker switches and these look better than something I might make myself. I checked Spruce and Chief Aircraft - no joy. Thanks. BTY, this is a really nice panel.
  6. I'm having one installed in a 231 right now. It's in the tear-out phase. New panel will look something like this.
  7. This is what the layout looks like in a 231. Mine is in the shop now - it's in the tear-out phase.
  8. Thanks for the ideas. Those are some great looking panels (and the interior, PJ). Talked to the wife, we're gonna pass on the turquoise (but it was tempting). It's going to be light gray. Shop says it takes 3-4 weeks to cut and powder coat a panel. Seems like a long time - anyone have a source that works quicker (and can put the bend in the bottom of the panel)?
  9. 231MJ is going in for a Dynon up-grade tomorrow. I'll almost be vacuumless except the speedbrakes but at least I can remove the standby vacuum pump. I'm really looking forward to the up-grade, last upgrade was a complete Apollo stack, which I thought would be my last avionics package - boy was I naïve. I'm having all new panels made and that gives me a chance to change panel color. I'm leaning toward light gray, the new interior from Aero Comfort is gray leather so the match would be pleasant (I think) but I'm wondering if I'm missing something - most new panels I see are still black. Is there a technical reason most panels are black? I'll post pictures of the old panel and new panel as the work progress under a different post - for those that are interested. Any questions about the Dynon up-grade, send me an email.
  10. The Dynon EMS plus a 7" screen is about $5K. The JPI 930 is a little more but JPI specializes in EMS and that might be better in the long run. The Dynon stuff is really cool and I think they will only get better. When I call Dynon they are completely responsive, their on-line documentation is excellent and their ability to integrate with other suppliers far exceeds other manufactures (like big-G). Plus the training on you tube is extremely helpful. I'm impressed.
  11. I might go with the EMS vs. the JPI, just not sure yet. I'm concerned about using up HDX screen space with the engine functions but that may not be a valid concern. In any case, I'm sticking with the existing engine gauges/dials for a year or two. After 20 years for flying round dials, it's going to be a big enough step moving to glass - one step at a time.
  12. Here's my Dynon layout - sorry I can't rotate the picture, tech challenged. Plane goes to the shop late April. The wiring for the autopilot will be completed now and the servos installed after certification (which I hope is soon).
  13. There's at least one cannon plug that also need to be removed. If you have prop deice there are more. Getting the CB panel to move any significant distance is not an easy task.
  14. So who is purchasing Mooney? Boeing?
  15. Can someone reply with or email me pictures of the 7" G3x installed in a J or K panel. If the install included two G5s, that would be even more helpful. Apologies if this has already been done - I could not find it. Thanks