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  1. Or try COPA they can kiss there own ass’s
  2. Your finally making her an honorable gal, good for you
  3. Dex seems plausible to me, I’ve been running both iPads plus my G1000 for well since foreflight came out, lots of value having a couple more large screens.
  4. Nice looking E good luck DNW what will be your next bird
  5. Salted Carmel and chocolate is ridiculously good
  6. Holy cow that must have been ab awesome cake, hopefully tasted as good as the effort it into it’s completion
  7. Once the girls get slid in there zero room for baggage
  8. There is a picnic on the 20th bring something if you want
  9. Of course, I’ll give you a rap and let you know..6 more days of tax crap, then flying season.
  10. Beautiful Brian, my excuse this year, having surgery on May 24, I’ll get there sooner or later
  11. Oh the retirement thingy, once retired or semiretired like me, I’m retired from May to December now which equates to my flying season. If I didn’t fly or not play golf for broken body reasons, I could camp out in Pike Creek counting my money or keep flying on multiple vacations or outings yearly, just like my buddy Bobby with his bad ass super 21. Like Anthony stated it’s just a stroke of a pen. Just keeping fit medically is the main goal. I have about 125-150 hours planned for the approaching flying season
  12. West t’s the newer condo hangers. Where u
  13. I’m in your boat also Erik. I’m just thinking there’s not much goin on, we need a reason to get those crabs
  14. Hi. I’m at KILG in your neighborhood if you’d like to check out my BravoGX and go for a spin let me know Dan
  15. Some of the above dialogue is interesting at best...Hell no you weren’t wrong protecting your rocket..
  16. I’ve seen Erik’s up close just after it was painted, beautiful first class job, I’ve also seen Bob’s E plane up close just after it was done which also looks beautiful. I’d rap with a few guys here on MS for recommendations we have a lot of beautiful Mooney here as well as Rmags J gorgeous
  17. Looks a little overpriced I’ll offer $19,995 if he’ll swap in some BK avionics
  18. My increased 6.5%. Bummer
  19. Marauder was having an issue with weight and balance so the precious ones have been at the gymnasium
  20. Using the government trans rate works for businesses travel but can’t be used for charity work, the depreciation factor would need be taken out of the rate. Therefore for angel flight or pilot and paws use the rate adjustment for charity work. Also consider utilizing the actual cost of flying compare to the govt rate and use the higher amount
  21. No clue looks like a Detroit City