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    Update: Me & N201DY

    having so many awesome vintage planes within our group is simply amazing. Brand M is in great hands, the establishment of Mooneyspace is one of the best things to happen to our brand if not the best. Witnessing the restoration of planes, updated avionics and the establishment of the Summit could all be aimed at Mooneyspace, it’s our duty to notify every Mooney driver about Mooneyspace.
  2. Danb

    Halo headsets

    Yeah my wife has had some difficulty with hers sealing, as u said there quiet, I’ve been switching between the bose and halo on trips over 4 hours, the inside of my ears get sore from them after three hours so I put the bose on. the halo electronics on the halo is week.
  3. Danb

    Chicago to Phoenix

    Nels 10,500 will be fine, I flew over there in June the turbulence was nasty, I’d go early in the day only abou 300 miles, have fun.
  4. Danb

    Paid my deposit for paint today

    Bobby it just keeps looking better and better, Sweet ass E.
  5. Danb

    Spark Plugs -- Massive or Fine Wire

    Same here doc, My plane came with massive s from the factory, put in Champs fine wire’s after a couple years , removed them(still in a box 200 hrs) and replaced with tempest fine wires, all flight characteristics are better with the TFWires
  6. Danb

    M20K stalling tendencies

    I’ve had two J models and currently have an M model. My 1988 J purchased new by me occasionally had entered a violent stall much different than either of my two other planes. During a BFR back when they were called that at 4000 feet we went into a spin to the right, about two revolutions. I’ve been more aware to respond quicker at the first sign of a stall. My M never seemed to be as violent.
  7. Danb

    N187CT - Building Our Dream 201

    Golly day awesome!!
  8. Danb

    First post and introduction

    Looks like your scratching your head over which babe to choose
  9. Shoot up to see Brian at Quakertown
  10. Danb

    Realistic Maximum Value for 1976 M20F

    But he’s off to a great start
  11. Danb

    Vacuum failure

    In my 88J I lost my vacuum pump twice both times IFR once at night, having a precise flight standby system works, I advised control notifying I needed to slow down according to the chart Chris depicted. Great idea to have it handy and close by. My new J at the time only had 69 hours on it’s the second system went within. 60 hours as well.
  12. Danb

    Realistic Maximum Value for 1976 M20F

    Scott the man I couldn’t agree more, for most of us this is a hobby, like golf I don’t go back and add up all my memberships and green fees , my psychic income is all I need
  13. Danb

    Which is the right RPM

    Paul it looks like your CO2 meter is just above your right ear looks like a great place, how do you have it attached
  14. Danb

    Realistic Maximum Value for 1976 M20F

    As many mentioned it's not an investment in most cases, those day's left at the turn of the century, a lot of us may a drive Ford Focus, VW, Porsche, Escalade and so on, sure they get us to our destination, many are mission conscience some not so. Since we're flying Mooney's we are all in a wonderful place. If your so inclined add up every dollar spent since you started flying from that first discovery flight right up to that new G-600 and 750. It's just money folks, I provided my child with a quality education I'm done counting pennies, dollar's etc. Lest have fun and enjoy. This thread is so much better that evaluation of fatal accident's
  15. Danb

    Realistic Maximum Value for 1976 M20F

    Being totally subjective, one needs to find a plane similar to what you want in yours, then get real quotes to achieve the makeover. I’d then inquire the cost of acquiring your dream plane, the time to conversion should be taken into consideration, then go shopping either with the broker or specialty shops to do your conversion. Ive twice made the decision to upgrade, I went new both times, taking time as a major factor. When I look at planes like Bob’s awesome E or Chris’s sweet panel in an F or Dons great panel in his M, I don’t think there is a bad choice just one that meets what the driver wants and is willing to pay for. The cool thing about MS and many events we go to is the wide variety of great Mooneys within our group.
  16. Danb

    Contrarian attitude in your CFI

    If he’s actually a contrarian opposing something just for an argument, we’re done let him ruin another guys day, he must be fun at thanksgiving dinner
  17. Danb

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    What strikes me is the MSer who has an intimate problem or issue with the group discussing a potential chain of events that may have been broken thereby possibly contributing to a fatal accident. I personally don’t feel any one is being disrespectful to the deceased pilot. As a group this should be a strong learning experience. A few above expressed what and why analyzing the event is helpful possibly saving just one other pilot. Im not pointing fingers at anyone within the forum. I personally joined the forum in an effort to learn more about the brand Mooney, this is an occasion ever so sad should be analyzed and hopefully learned from. many of us seem to take things personal, it’s not about us but about learning to be the best we can
  18. Danb

    1965 M20C 5676 TTAF, 98 SMOH

    Cool. Busting your balls. Good luck..
  19. Danb

    1965 M20C 5676 TTAF, 98 SMOH

    Paul you should have washed her, I think I saw the plane at Webers or KLNS nice plane..
  20. I do like it, the LR tanks make it a traveling machine.
  21. Jeez Br I’d fall out of the sky at 8.5 Gph I had two J models, I do miss efficiency
  22. Jeez I didn’t know your guys were on the race circuit, I was trying to fly as slow as I could do to all the traffic , I just hate running over people it so stressful, plus 18 GPH for a hamburger run is nuts, I still was burning 13.5 GPH I’m jealous.
  23. Danb

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    Bob remembering long ago prior to receiving my ppl my CFI had guidelines as I progressed along, ie.winds 13 or less 3000ft ceilings and 8 miles vis., 50 miles or less from home base without a conversation with him.He beat weather analysis into our head giving it utmost respect. I’d never been allowed to fly on a day like that without him.
  24. Danb

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    Agreed but not my point.