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  1. Except our Mooneys are CAR 3 aircraft, designed before this rule was promulgated.
  2. Congratulations and best wishes on the PPI!
  3. He gave ax speed of 200 mph, stall speed like a 182, but skipped right over cruise speed. No me tonight of fuel burn, either. Hmmm . . . . .
  4. So much for all the gloom and doom that has been talked about for so long . . . . .
  5. I used to periodically get held at 4500 until less than 4 nm from my home field at 567 msl. My solution was a short detour, two two-minute 360s to lose altitude, then I would slow down headed back to the field. Another option would be cruise speed, 45° bank, which sheds altitude quickly . . .
  6. Bob-- I put the numbers for my 1970 C above in red where they are different. Electric gear and flaps. I don't remember what Vg stands for . . . But I probably know the number. Best Glide is 105 mph. Stall is 64 mph clean, down to 54? with full flaps. Vy is 100 mph minus Altitude in thousands. Lots of changes through the late 60s.
  7. I've only made one flight with mine, but I was a little busy before sunset. On my desk at work, it read 1-3 ppm all day long; in my truck going to the airport, it read as high as 5 ppm for the first couple minutes then dropped to 0 regardless of vent / heat / window position. In cruise, I saw 1-2 ppm whether in the main very the flow below the quadrant, the eyeball vent in the footwell, a d cabin heat position. Will try to get everything give start, taxi and climb readings next time.
  8. Flying Easy! Landing hard . . .
  9. Dp too . . . .
  10. I just flew ATL-FRA and back. The outbound flight detoured a little further north to avoid the nor'easter burying New England. As we were going over the southern tip of Greenland, the reported OAT was -80°F, with a 176 mph tailwind.
  11. Dp
  12. The summary of that reports aligns well with what Dan has put in his CO thread. Put the detector on the panel, set the alarm for 35 ppm. That's what the device he set up a discount for is preset to alarm. FAA limit is 50 ppm, don't recall the OSHA 8 hour limit.
  13. I did have some actual IMC during training, Sept-Dec. Had an unrelated total electrical failure on a VOR approach just after breaking out once, too. Bought the cell switch from the Vendor Sales section here, PhillipNY, who also does air to air photography. Loved it!
  14. I tried and tried and tried, but couldn't run smoothly until after extensive refurbishment of the doghouse. Now that it seals nicely, LOP is possible.
  15. I just count thousands of feet from pattern to where I am, using my fingers. Each finger is two minutes, anything ,either over is one more minute. I start down ~2 minutes farther out. 2200, 3200, 4200, 5200, 6200, 7200, 8200, 9200--8 fingers = 16 minutes + 1 (since I'm at 9500). So I started down at 19 minutes ETE. It's not really that hard, and the only "math" involved is "times two" and "plus one," as simple as it gets. If you can't double in your head, count the same fingers again . . . . This gives a nice, easy 500 FPM descent, which I do power on.
  16. I lived in the Ohio River Valley on the WV / OH border for 9 years, owned my Mooney there for 7 years. My flight training spanned the winter, and so did all of my Mooney flying. Took my wife to Arnold Palmer for Valentines dinner; we were clear, MD had light snow, and Palmer Field had been plowed and piled ~10' tall. Great flying conditions in the winter! But preheating the engine is very necessary, I considered an hour to be the minimum with my oil pan heater. Got a cell switch and life was even betfer--call or text the plane, turn the heater on, go flying later; weather moves in, flight is canceled, call and turn the heater off, much much better than driving to the airport in the snow own each time. Solo takeoffs with half tanks and 8°F temperatures are eye opening experiences! The climb rate was awe inspiring, the feeling heavenly . . . There's no need to park for the winter. Fly whenever it isn't snowing or icy. I did much of my Instrument training in the evening after work in the winter, including my long cross country all over Ohio.
  17. I'll be back in Fayetteville in another week or two if you want to try out a C model. It's not manual gear, and it's not for sale, but it's representative of the short bodies.
  18. I fly a C model with the Hartzell 3 blade, a d now mostly use three power settings: Low altitude (~3000 msl)--23/2300 (burger runs, flightseeing, etc.) Mid level (4000-7000/7500)--22/2400 Travel cruise (> 8000 msl)--WOT minus enough to nudge the MP needle / 2500 To make sure I'm safe around the edges, I double check the Performance Tables which I have in my checklist booklet. Slowing down is simple, just pull the throttle back to whatever speed you want and relean.
  19. From here on out, it's sit and wait. Mag is being sent out for a proper rebuild, reinstalled and tested, then I will drive my mother in law home in her car and fly the plane back to Alabama. Pretty simple for me . . .
  20. Yeah, forgot to proofread it. Post corrected--"never had a problem in my C." This crazy new tablet adopted the Apple version, opt out on spelling changes, while my phone remains opt in (much nicer!).
  21. Top left is ground speed (673 knots); bottom left is the tailwind (200 knots). My C won't get that high . . .
  22. Common advice: rent until your landings are consistently good, then change to your own plane (regardless of brand). Other good advice: get your medical, then start training. Look for a plane, by the time you find the plane, have a Pre Purchase Inspection and close, you'll be ready to begin training in it if you're not already finished. Talk to your accountant, it may be possible to deduct your training. Most importantly, fly safe! Have fun, but be safe . . .
  23. Not too many hours, I'll check when I get home. It was run through the Kelly factory in Aug '15, just after I changed jobs and was busy buying a house and becoming a landlord. Got night current Wed., maybe 20 RPM drop on left and < 100 on the right, everything leaned out like normal once around the pattern and over to ALX for fuel and back. Last night, runup was ~50 RPM each, normal takeoff and climb. Then noticed EGT getting really high, never seen it above 1525°F before, but it hit 1600 twice last night . . . but an engine monitor is suddenly on my priority list, even though I have nowhere to put it.
  24. Looks like my plans have been changed--no Sun n Fun, no AF Airshow. I'll be driving back to FAY to get my plane. My 18-month old Left ag died coming in last night, somewhere over SC. Kept pushing mixture forward to reduce EGT (near redline once), then turned the switch. One click to the Left, engine died; one click right to Both, ran fine; two clicks over to Right, still ran fine, left it there. Dissection this morning showed good leads, clean, well gapped plugs. Inside the mag, the gear had sawn through the condenser wire, and there was evidence of an awful lot of arcing from the electrode. Poor Kelly factory work, they're just an hour's drive from home . . . Ya'll have fun, I'll be trying to Keep Calm. Know where I can rent some help??