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  1. Get a good pre-purchase inspection from someone who KNOWS Mooneys, have the seller pay for all airworthiness issues, and use the rest of the squawk list as a negotiating tool. Many people recommend having 10% of the purchase price ready for other things that "appear" after purchase, but that was not my experience (other than a continuing avgas bill . . . )
  2. My clicker is on the sun visor, no indication if I pushed it or not. But I can usually see the door out the windshield. When I back in or park down a little, sometimes I forget to close it, as there is no indicator inside the truck with me when I can't see the garage door. My electric gear has a nice bright light on the panel indicating UP (red) or DOWN (green), plus the fail proof mechanical indicator on the floor (a window that shows stripes painted on the gear mechanism, same colors as the lights).
  3. Me, too. But many places that I go have one person in the FBO (if that!) and neither rental nor loaner cars, and often nobody knows anything about Uber except what makes the national news. Transport can sometimes be quite difficult.
  4. You are in an acceptable budgetary ballpark. Many fine examples can be purchased in that range. The real answer to "how much will a good Mooney cost?" IIs "all that you have." Notice I didn't say, "all that you have available" or even "all that you can afford" . . . . . But it is worth it!
  5. I thought the problem was mainly while charging them, but sometimes during use. If they aren't doing anything except going along for the ride, they are good, right?
  6. Imaginem my surprise--I just rode the big aluminum tube into BDL today . . . Saw this on the news a little while ago. I think I heard two people aboard, one got out before the fire . . . .
  7. My gear is electric. My fuel selector is on the floor in front of me. At the bottom of the quadrant is where i stack approach plates; sectionals go between the seats until i use them.
  8. Sorry, I couldn't resist. But I enjoy my electric gear and flaps. Different strokes and all that . .
  9. Man, that's ugly! Hope the guy who got out was the only one aboard . . . .
  10. Really? You feel the need to compare Johnson's???
  11. It's about where my Alt Static is, but it's convex, aluminum and says "ALT STATIC" on it. Thanks, Precise Flight!
  12. I moved again in the middle of 8th grade, as well as after 9th and after 11th. Growing up, my cheese was a moving target, it never stood still . . . . . Whatcha need to know about moving? If it's just your cheese, follow it; if it's another target, lead it some, depending on its speed; if it's furniture, beg friends or hire college kids to help carry.
  13. I have only one issue with any battery-powered vehicle: recharging. If I need to go further than a single charge will take me, how can I fill 'er back up quickly without doing a Tesla-style 30 minute partial charge? I can add 40 gal to my Mooney in 15 minutes, including fiddle-farting around with the pump and ground wire, and fly for 4+ more hours. If I land for recharging halfway to Osh, how long must I sit there before I'm full and ready to go? No one has a good answer for this . . . Not even how can I drive from my house to my parents, 6 hours away, in an electric vehicle if the weather isn't flyable? More research need . . . Or as they used to say on SNL, "Not Ready for Prime Time."
  14. The purpose of carb heat is to melt the ice into water, so it can flow into the cylinders (rough running) and go away through the tail pipe. Without a Carb Temp gage, you may not heat it enough to clear the throat and go into the cylinders, but maybe only run a little way and refreeze, since the cold temperatures extends some distance downwind of the carb throat. Then you may have a real problem, as even full carb heat carb heat may not melt it . . . The more we discuss this, the happier I am that my C was equipped with the (optional) Carb Temp gage when I bought her. It's obviously not the factory gage, as it's in °C, but if I'm worried I'll pull enough Heat to get it out of the orange stripe. There was that one winter day over central WV, between layers, with intermittent light snow showers, where I was concerned and very watchful. A little carb heat really makes a man feel better!
  15. Show her Option A for X, Option B for Y and Option C for Z. Theres no need to mention "Option A for X, it doesn't have a parachute, while Option B for Y does." If she sees literature about the chute, explain that Cirrus added it to pass certification, and the other planes don't need one. Much of what I've seen as chute justification is either "but Cirrus has one," or else it offers additional peace of mind to do things and go places that you wouldn't do or go without the ability to rescue yourself from going too far. The chute should not expand your flight envelope!
  16. 20 hours is a fair ballpark. I always do owner assisted, just so I could learn how everything is put together and what shape it's all in. Every year I do a little more myself. The kast two have been fi ished in 3-day weekends, not counting me removing cowl, spinner, panels, etc., beforehand.
  17. Yep. About a year after i borrowed it from the boss, i started getting asked to transfer. It sounded good, so i went. A year later, they announced the plant I had left was closing. So my cheese really moved!
  18. I guess im lucky that my wife isn't driven by irrational fears, and enjoys traveling in my dangerous little plane without even a parachute or airbag or anything . . . Personally, i don't see the chute as an advantage. It's expensive to install, takes up much valuable space and has expensive periodic repacks for not much additional safety. Pulling it removes my ability to control the descent or even the direction of drift. It's all a marketing gimmick, pandering to fear and creating more. Don't expose your frightened wife to cirrus literature, she won't want what she doesn't see.
  19. Composites may carry the same load, or close to it, but they sure don't hold up well to impact forces . . . That's where the Mooney steel cage really shines.
  20. Oh, come on! Sweet Home has to be somewhere here in Alabama . . . Cool story, though. It's hard to imagine working at the airport for free, and raising a family on fuel and oil profit.
  21. I've read that new Cirri run 933K, but I thought Acclaims were 769K and Ovations were sub-700K. Even so, well out of my range. For that matter, so is what Cessna is charging for new 172s . . . . .
  22. So that's why you moved in!
  23. Get it painted while it's already off for the hinge repair.
  24. The Shakespeare solution!!
  25. When my C got to turning over slowly, I put in a Concorde battery. For the next few months, I felt like I could taxi on the starter, it was turning so fast!