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  1. Confession

    Going to FXE to get my tanks resealed, I was flying IFR in VMC but was too far away to hear ATIS, so I just turned down the volume on Com2. Vectored out over the Everglades, I started hearing "noises"! Unhappy pilot! Something made me check the radio after a couple of minutes, turned up the volume and found the source of the funny noises--ATIS was strong enough to break squelch. Living at an uncontrolled field, I sometimes either forget to hit the flip flop or miss it. It happens . . . .
  2. I am occasionally randomly screened for baggage, pat down and once heading for a cruise was wiped down for "explosive residue". Middle aged male Caucasian, frequent flyer, etc., too cheap to buy Pre-Check but get it sometimes anyway. At ATL, the regular line is sometimes faster than the Pre-Check line, just not on Monday mornings.
  3. It works for me in my electric C. I'm generally low by this time, so set 2300 and reduce power to ~15". When speed bleeds below 125 mph, I drop Takeoff Flaps, slow down and retrim then add power to hold 90 KIAS = 105 MPHI. Dropping the gear a dot-and-a-half high starts a nice descent at the same speed, adjust throttle and trim to hold a nice 500 fpm. Landing is quite easy with half flaps, and it's also pretty easy to slow to decent landing speed.
  4. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    I fly with my seat in the middle of three notches, and lean down and switch tanks without moving the seat or using tools. Not sure how well that would work in the far forward position. Isn't that what rudder pedal extensions are for?
  5. Your cost of living sounds similar to Alabama, except we don't have to budget for snow removal equipment or heavy winter clothing. Some of my neighbors, early retirees, wear shorts >11 months every year, too. Hangars cost more than in WV, but fuel is much cheaper. Taxes are a pittance, too . . . . But that varies significantly by county. For 1.7M, you can get a large waterfront home on Lake Martin (44,000 acres), with dock and boathouse and probably a guest house.
  6. Hey, look! My '70 C does too! Now I need to stand on my head and look for it . . . .
  7. Love this picture! It totally debunks the "don't jack with the tail tie down" story. This jig has two jacks for the wings and a tail tie down strap at the back on a long body . . . . .
  8. Tie down rings

    I take the tie down rings out of the wings every annual, so that I can jack up the plane. Never flown my Mooney without having all three tie down rings installed, so I can't comment on handling . . . . Almost 11 years now . . .
  9. In need of a Brittain servo

    Brittain is still selling servo rebhild kits, $100 each. Call them, or search for their post here
  10. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    One of the joys of life in fhe boonies. My normal taxi for departure is ~1000 feet. Runup takes a minute or two, and I normally pick up my clearance in the air when fraveking IFR (but not always ). If the wind is blowing wrong, my taxi jumps to almost 3000'. Then again, it's straight out runway heading 10.4nm for fuel, when the FBO is open; otherwise it's ~25nm the other way for similar-priced self serve . . . . And I do miss having a Class D / TRSA just a couple of miles away, that always made the air pick up so simple.
  11. Which is fine. But sometimes I enjoy flying the plane myself! Even if I'm not perfect . . . . ..
  12. Dang, those sure are thin lubber lines! Can't they just make it wide enough to see without squinting, like the nice fat lines on my TC?
  13. 8 day clock

    I love my yoke clock. Use it every flight as a reminder to switch tanks when the moving white minute hand overlaps the settable, non-moving red hands, and the difference between them when I shut down is the flight time that I log. I don't recall it having a logo of any sort. Good luck getting yours running . . . . I feel your pain, my freshly exchanged IVSI says "Beechcraft" on the face!
  14. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    Before every flight? Couple gallons per tank is almost 10% reduction in fuel and $20-25. It's also a stupid idea, but don't take it personally--I'm not saying that you are stupid, just the idea of draining a couple gallons per tank as part of preflight . . . .
  15. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    It's often 2-3 minutes for me from e gune start to takeoff. What are you doing for 10 minutes???
  16. Mooney went electric only on flaps and gear in 1969, so you'll need an old F to worry about hydraulic parts. My 1970 C has 6 screws and maybe 3 dozen camlocks to remove the entire cowl; I timed it at annual last month, 3 minutes to remove, 5 to reinstall by myself. And no fiberglass to vibrate and rub holes in the top. Removing the one piece belly is a chore, 52 screws and an empty box to let it down on and slide out. But it's much easier than the dozens of screws in each of several panels from the original design. Many vintage planes have this upgrade (mine does! ). My plane also has split, folding rear seats which come in very handy. Pay attention to (in order): airframe condition; engine condition and time; installed avionics (it costs much more to install them than to buy a plane with them already there); tank status (leaky / tight, resealed vs. bladders); interior; paint. Make a list of what you must have and what you want to have, and strike planes missing the former. See how manymof the latter you can get, and decide if the price delta is worth it. At your price point (higher than mine!), look at some e Fs, too, you won't notice the difference.
  17. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    If I land in one tank, I know it works. Then crank on it and switch to the other one while the GPS boots up and finds satellites. Confirm on fullest before reaching Hold Short. Found and switched tank once in about 3 seconds, as it cut off when I was distracted and forgot to change just over 3 hours into a trip and ~15 minutes from my destination.
  18. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    I like to start the engine then switch tanks. That way I know it draws from both.
  19. You do realize that this was not his only thread? Part 1 is around here somewhere . . . . I thought I had trained in the boonies, and was horrified by his big city tales & costs. Then I moved here, and realized that KHTW really wasn't in the boonies at all . . . . .
  20. Service Bulletin M20-088

    My handle cracked at the roll pin holes after landing with my CFII after total electrical failure on a VOR-A approach into a nearby airport. It was a slow ride home with the gear cranked down. What worked to get us out was waving my hat out the storm window to get someone's attention, and they opened the door for us. It was after work, could have been a long night . . . . She and I weren't that friendly . . . .
  21. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    I thought that was pretty common. But then again, I've only ever known one Nepalese, not named Sherpa.
  22. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    Man, that looks GOOD!!
  23. A friend of mine says that everything he has is for sale, for the right price.
  24. I have the SWTA windshield mod, it's really nice. Still have [small] access panels at the base of the windshield. What vintage cowl mod do they offer?
  25. Service Bulletin M20-088

    Open door if landing anywhere other than on a runway with all wheels down. One other "baggage door popping open" mitigation strategy that I've heard is to leave the key in the door until you close it, then you can't take off with it unlatched. I'm in the "leave it open" camp, but because I haven't done this modification yet, I fly with it latched and unlocked. I adopted this after an interrupted preflight led me to take off with it closed but unlatched . . .