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  1. A plane is being rehabbed now, so traffic should soon double! (Hey, two planes should generate twice the traffic of one, right?)
  2. My best landings are generally Night Currency ones, when I'm alone and the field deserted.
  3. That one looks good. It's All American, bet they have more, too. Get thee West, young (e)man!!
  4. On final . . . Thoughts? Runway alignment, glide path (are there VASI / PAPIs?), speed check, mechanical indicator in the floor, altitude, speed, alignment, pull power, speed, alignment, altitude out the window, alignment, flare, altitude out the window, alignment, touchdown, alignment, flaps Up, where am I exiting, brakes needed?, taxi. More or less . . . .
  5. I've moved from 3000' obstructed at both ends, 567 msl, to 3200' mostly open but far from level at 326 msl. 70-75 mph works well on short final. Landing on 31, if I'm on speed, hardly need brakes to make the turnoff to the hangar.
  6. That model is already available in big cities, it's called the Bus. I live in a town of 1000 people, no public transportation available now or on the horizon.
  7. I run the fuel pump on my C until fuel pressure peaks and stops increasing, then turn it off. Mixture to Rich and pump the throttle, watching fuel pressure drop with each stroke. Normal start is 2 pumps, as temp drops I pump more, peaking at 4-5 (my coldest start was 8°F with 5 pumps). In cold weather (<40°F), I wind and set the yoke clock then put on my headset. Next is turn the key and push. When it's really cold (well below freezing), after unplugging the engine heat I move out of the hangar and pull the prop through two full rotations before climbing in and following the above.
  8. One more thread that makes me glad I fly behind an O-360 . . . Stopped for fuel Sunday, added 27 gals to top off, pumped throttle once, mixture rich, turn & push key--purr. Right on 1000 RPM (I sometimes miss by a couple hundred RPM, but Sunday was nice).
  9. They fit when you can find them. Expect to pay dearly.
  10. Be careful doing that! I never had my towbar slip out of the axle until after I had it powder coated. It really looks good, but hopefully in a couple of more years (it's been three already . . . my how time flies!) it will be rough and rusty enough where it goes inside the axle to quit slipping. It's better now, only slips when I'm pulling hard and turning so the handle is on the outside of the turn.
  11. I never realized that Chris was a vet, nor that surgery could be done over the Internet . . . Good looking good little fellow, though. Should be a great fit in your backseat, like my little 9-pounder. Sorry, no photos on my new tablet yet.
  12. Post a picture of your panel. I just took the one out of the left side of my C to either refurbishe or replace. I could send you a tracing pretty easily.
  13. I like the style of the Skype and Vortex, but the Skye needs more color and the Vortex needs more pleasant colors . . . Where I live, the Eclipse would just be too hot.
  14. I hear that a lot, often "got it on the fishfinder." But no, I don't say that, I wait until I see the traffic with my eyes (my fishfinder is on the boat, and only works vertically for a little over 100 feet). I use "looking" during that awkward silence after the initial callout if I don't spot it in a few seconds. Lets ATC know I heard them; sometimes I use "no joy," it all depends . . . "negative contact" is an awkward mouthful compared to "no joy."
  15. Amen to that! And for the record, I have not called "turning left final" in several years . . . But I do often call "left base" just for clarity, since I used to regularly visit a field with one Left and one Right pattern.
  16. "On an approach"? The approaches into Charleston don't start clear over at Sumter! Yes, he was IFR, the controller tried telling him to turn, the fighter pilot chose not to. Weather was VMC, so separation is up to the pilot. He didn't do a good job at that, either. But he did talk back to the controller very well; after all, he was a highly paid professional pilot flying a bad ass jet fighter, the skies belong to him. And they did, right up until he merged his piece of sky with that little Cessna that had just taken off and had not had a chance to call Approach yet. But somehow, the fault is on the controller alone . . . and not shared with the man with the stick in his hand and his eyes supposed to be out the window looking for traffic.
  17. One of my goals is to become a member in good standing of the UFOs. So you are inspiring, and a reminder that it's possible without going LSA.
  18. You just came to the game late . . .
  19. Mooney vs. Cirrus . . . . I say our metal airframe may suffer bent sheet metal (just cosmetic damage, and some extra drag), but the Cirrus would have some shattered (structural) components rendering flight ill-advised or impossible. As long as no spinning props hit either plane, anyway.
  20. No, call that place "Hell", and if we have to have it, make it require a separate sign in so people don't accidentally end up there! I thought this was resolved last month . . . . And I only have 7500 posts since Oct 2008.
  21. There was a rental Mooney in NJ. A pilot flubbed a go around, killing all on board in the crash. The rental Mooney is gone . . .
  22. And here I thought the sections in this forum match the general model references across the Mooney world, where "Pre-J" is a very common appellation. For Mooneyspace to deviate from that now would only cause confusion to our many visitors and new members. P.S.--Microsoft makes software that is unreliable and crashes often for no reason; I've never heard that could plaintiff about Lotus automobiles, regardless of their perceived reliability. I'd love to have one! (As long as I can still keep my Jaguar V12 convertible I the garage. )
  23. You're from there, it makes a difference. Home field advantage . . . . Just like mountains don't bother me much.