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  1. Engine out glide distance

    @Ah-1 Cobra Pilot There are precious few Mooneys whose props will fully feather, or even approximate a feathered position. But if the prop is turning and the engine still has oil, pulling the prop control will move the blades and reduce drag. Haven't heard that tidbjt about WOT if the engine is dead. Even my own aged Owners Manual has different Best Glide speeds and descent rates for "prop windmilling" and "prop stopped." Yes, the latter us both slower IAS (100 vs 105 mph) and longer range (12.3:1 vs. 10.7:1 glide ratio, I forget the miles per 1000' for stoped but it's 2.3 windmilling, the most common type of engine failure), An awful lot of it comes down to "know your airplane!"
  2. Amelia Earhart Luncheon ; Birmingham ,Al

    Long time no see, Squirrel! When is this? Where in B'ham? That's only ~30-40 Mooney minutes away . . . .
  3. Insurance

    Hope it's not the same British Garmin gal in my Nuvi who's always telling me to "join the motorway" when I'm going down the interstate on ramp!
  4. I'm used to seeing those as a separate line item on the bill, just like tax and handling fees. More places to avoid. Just wish I could learn about them in advance . . . .
  5. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    How do you manage that? I have to update my EFB.
  6. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    Yep. A whole lot less scrolling, zooming in to read then out to see then back in again to read more. I am learning the joys of electronic plates with geo referencing, though! Nice, but they don't update themselves, don't live in the plane, aren't always with me, and the batteries never run down (even when the plane has electrical problems). That reminds me, need to bring the data card in from the truck and update it, so that it's ready to go when I am.
  7. Alan's Hangar

    Is she out of the shop and ready to run??? Come on down this way, it's warm out, or it was--we have a Freeze Warning in effect tonight, but it'll be near 70° tomorrow and all week.
  8. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    I keep approach plates sideways on the floor where the seats won't reach, and keep sectionals / enroutes and water bottles between the seats. Used to keep a Flight Guide there, too, before they drove themselves out of business . . . Just one of the benefits of electric gear. Not skinning my knuckles or unbuckling seat belts swinging the gear is another benefit, to say nothing if the surgery I've already had on my right shoulder (several years before I started flying).
  9. No kidding! I started on Rev 2 about six years ago, never got around to finishing it . . . .
  10. I'm just enjoying cheaper fuel as one more benefit of moving back South . . . .
  11. Adding brake fluid

    The master cylinder in my C is behind my rudder pedals, up high. Remove the outside panel between the windshield and cowl, it should be there. If you don't have this panel, you'll need a way to lay on the floor and squirt the fluid up . . . My 201 windshield has small panels in front, they are large enough.
  12. For @Todd Cullen visit Mooney Aircraft Pilots Assn (www.mooneypilots.com). There are some free articles, I think one is on flying the J model (written by Bob Kromer, test pilot who became Engineering VP then CEO). They host several Pilot Proficiency Programs around the country, seems the next one is in Florida in Feb. It's 16 classroom hours and 4 flight hours with a CFII in your plane, Fri morning through Sun lunch. Lots of good information, a notebook to treasure and review periodically, etc. It counts as a Flight Review, IPC and FAA WINGS. I've been twice, the first time a whole month after I finished my insurance dual when I bought my C model. I highly recommend it, you will learn how to fly your Mooney the right way before picking up too many bad habits (that's why I went back five years later, to check for bad habits that had crept in).
  13. So his side job was shutdown, and he could lose his ATP and regular job. No mention of his Private, Commercial, etc., so he'll just need to fly for a different company . . . or meet some more "ladies"?
  14. Depends. Is there a morals clause buried in there somewhere under Pilot Qualifications?
  15. The chart for my 1970 C (posted somewhere above) gives stall speeds clean; Takeoff flaps, gear Down; and Landing flaps, gear Down. There is no information for gear Up vs. gear Down for any flap position. At 0° Angle of Bank, stall speed is 67, 64 and 57 mph (or 58, 56 and 49 knots). The white arc on my ASI ends at 63 mph, while the green arc begins at 70 mph. Bob, I would expect your E to behave closer to my C than to any J, which is longer, heavier and has many aerodynamic improvements courtesy of Roy LoPresti. The delta CAS-IAS is pretty small at the low end of the chart (70 mph), when power is OFF. it's pretty much 1 mph. Power ON, CAS can be 6mph lower than IAS, it is 3mph from Flaps 0-15°, and becomes 6mph at Flaps 33°. As we used to say when working at a Japanese company, "more thinking need."
  16. Looks like I need 2 sets of Shaw 431s. Check your email for details.
  17. Is there any reason to believe that pilots think less of themselves than everyone else???
  18. There's nothing like a picture. This is the "long rudder.
  19. Older vintage Mooney rudders extend from the horizontal stabilizer to the top of the tail. On later vintage Mooneys, like my 1970 C, the rudder also extends below the horizontal stabilizer, to the bottom of the tail cone. Larger rudder area means more force for crosswind correction.
  20. Strip & Seal Fuel Tanks

    My tanks needed resealing when I lived in far western WV. The options I evaluated were Wet Wingologists in S. FL, Paul Beck in MN, Don Maxwell in E. Texas (using Weep No More's process) and Midwest Mooney in S. IL (they had a different process, polyurethane; very pricey and now discontinued). Check discounts at each, along with scheduled availability, delivery date (how long does it take to complete?), your transportation options and costs to get home while the work is done and get back to fetch the plane home again. MN, FL and TX were all about the same distance, so I shopped schedules, discounts and airline prices. The flight down and back was just extra bonding time for me and my Mooney. If I was doing it again, I'd make sure the flight home checked all the boxes for the Commercial Long XC . . . Fortunately I have another day's flying that will count should I decide again to go that way and find a willing CFI the next time.
  21. Interior Refurbishment

    Use a quality paint, like Semco from a lo cal auto paint shop. It's available in a variety of colors in easy-to-use aerosol cans. Just buy more than one can. I repainted my interior using almond, for a good look.
  22. Congrats! Does it hold fuel pressure now when you turn the pump off???
  23. Where your price list says, for instance, $11 each, is that per cap or per plane? I want to change orings in both fuel caps, so is it $22? Look for a photo soon to confirm which set I need.
  24. That's a question for Aspen . . . .