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  1. Danb

    Philadelphia Area Airports

    Wilmington KILG
  2. Way to go Seth. BTW July18 was my ma’s birthday, great date
  3. Danb

    A random, scary failure mode

    Robert we should start the TD club for those of us that are somewhat tech deficient. May get more members than the CB club
  4. I purchased a Wombat at SUN-N-FUN. The unit has a short or something where the WI-FI connection was sporadic, I contacted the company for assistance, after a few questions they immediately are sending out a new unit I will then return mine. We usually alert all to bad companies, the Bad Elf customer support was awesome and quite easy to work with. For information the company stands behind their products are first class to deal with.
  5. Danb

    10 Hrs. Dual? Really?

    Agreed without question Don, my broker informed me a few times my rate came in higher, he notified them I get MAPA yearly training and I fly with him occasionally ( he’s a Designated Examiner) then it comes back same rate as last year, I believe the broker can alter the quote by propping us up.
  6. Danb

    G500 TXi Upgrade

  7. Danb

    I swear I'm cursed.

    That’s sobering Chris
  8. Danb

    Cross Country SC to Oregon

    I couldn’t agree more with the turbulence through especially New Mexico,my recent trip out west found near extreme turbulence for 90 minutes or so, seriously if it was my first time in a small plane it’d be my last. Both way we’re nasty but the return flight was terrible, a/p had zero chance in the mountain waves. Not being accustomed to mountain flying next time I’ll get training, I contacted the guys at AEG, Albuquerque for this.
  9. Danb

    2006 ovation WAAS Adsb cost?

    He should contact DMAX to see if he has any kits left.
  10. Danb

    2006 ovation WAAS Adsb cost?

    Mike maybe it was 25700 my worn out accounting brain is registering 25,300, he’ll do it next month.
  11. Danb

    2006 ovation WAAS Adsb cost?

    The 345 install was approx $6000, the WAAS upgrade $25,300 not an estimate real cost.
  12. ESN Easton or CGE Cambridge would be good choices, at Easton on Rt 50 the drive to Bal, DC, Richmond , Norfolk all would be easy. Close to the great Chesapeake Bay, lots of bass fishing in flats, my brother was a professional bass fisherman and practiced and guided in the flats. Welcome to the Mid Atlantic region, you could also go a little north to the great state of Delaware. Low tax no sales tax close to everything in the NE corridor. Similar to Jerry’s at Martin State
  13. Fresh or salt water fishing?
  14. Danb

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    Now in this summertime heat,Paul how much does the tinting help, seems like a great idea. Looks cool to