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  1. Good luck in your future endeavors
  2. We all or most of us know that data can be skewed in a manner to meet the analyzers wanted expectations. So many times a set of data points are presented after analysis there may be varying many times extreme variances to substantiate the writer’s point of view. Its a wonder why so many intellectuals obtain differing conclusions often reasons buried in notes or worse not at all. Houston we still have a problem. On another front I have a few clients that own gun and sporting goods stores. All there ammo most guns etc have been sold out, is a civil war on the horizon
  3. Many people haven’t been keeping there distance and disregarding common sense. I believe if we all keep our distance, wear our mask, keep our hands clean maybe we could get going with the new normal. I just went away for a week, the hotel was cleaner than ever, the restaurant was 25% capacity they cleaned chairs everything after each sitting, workers wore masks. No maid svc therefore no one enters your room. If everyone does there due diligence we’re ok, but a certain small amount won’t
  4. Cej that sucks, glad you were ok at least it happened when going slow and at home, best of luck
  5. I chart every fuel tank change, noting time, fuel used fuel remaining gph settings and temps when I get to the hanger I’ll grab my book. My trip 1100+ miles averaged about 185 TAS @ 9-11000, 31/2200 TIT under 1600 highest cht 380, fuel flow 17.7. These are actual from last week. To make planning easy I count on 25 gal first hour then 18 gal for rest of flight. When calculating my trip for reserves it’s 25 first hour 20 remaining. This leaves a big reserve.
  6. You don’t need to live in the hills to take advantage of an M model, there extremely useful in the summertime as the clouds raise up to the heavens. I just finished a little trip in the Bravo about 1150 miles, unstable air which became smooth above 9,000 watching them build higher. Keeping a smooth ride just requires keeping ahead of the plane and weather. Agreeing with Lance I’d have a difficult time going back to a NA plane, although all Mooney’s are great planes and IFR platforms.
  7. How the heck do you flip the pictures upside
  8. Decided to come home from my trip to NW Louisiana to Delaware, varying conditions. Started out with a 25 knot headwind ended up with a 30 knot tailwind. Experiencing a 60 knot change in winds is a first for me. Typical storm avoidance was necessary
  9. Precious, love the smile, your truly blessed.
  10. Absolutely many articles written on performance effects of differing rain droplets, affecting weight, airfoil,drag basically all aspects of drag lift weight etc. The various articles I read became complicated mathematical formulas, I’m concerned about performance limitations of the Mooney wing in relation to varying types of rain.
  11. Not the point, I’m trying to ascertain what folks figure if anything for effects of rain on speed. BTW, I landed with 24 gallons of fuel, after 1150 miles of flight,
  12. I flew from Shreveport La to Wilmington De yesterday with about 75 minutes of reserve fuel. With the winds worse than forecast and numerous storms along the way I noted true airspeed for differing types of rain. Conditions 11,000 feet, TAS 185 providing about 6hr 45 min flight. No rain 185 Mist 183 Light rain 180 Moderate 177 Heavy 172 or so These differences in TAS on this trip would make a fuel stop necessary. WHAT IF ANY IS YOUR DECREASE IN TAS FOR VARYING RAIN CONDITIONS