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  1. These numbers are approximate based on an old memory 1985 bought a 1977 Cherokee to learn to fly $14,500 ..sold 1986 $17,500 1986 bought 1977 J $40,000 sold 1988 $50,000 1988 bought new 1988 J $110,000 sold 2006 $150,000 2006 bought 6 month old 2005 BravoGX $465,000 still have market went in toilet early 2000’s most likely deprecated 50% how times have changed. Yearly costs 20-40,000 based on r/m and upgrades
  2. Talk about not using checklists even during maintenance dumbass’s
  3. Danb

    MooneySpace Member Map

    I don’t think I have the link Paul?
  4. Danb

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Hey Paul I'm challenged how does one view the map.. Dan
  5. All who wait good things will happen, the rebate is back until Nov., 2019...I guess the gov't is worried many won't be in compliance.
  6. Danb

    Interior Renovation

    Gosh there awesome!
  7. Danb

    G1000 WAAS Upgrade Cost?

    Lee I left my old GIA 63 with Paul at Max’s, I had no need for them, if anyone needs them I’d assume DMax has a few from his installs.
  8. OAD is ramping up expecting first flights Saturday
  9. Unfortunately hurricane Mike looks nasty, our southern based Mooney’s can help in the relief efforts soon. OAD is now preparing for providing help for those in need.
  10. Danb

    exhaust leaking?

    That’s interesting John, mine read higher on the ground, it’s alwasy zero in the air,on the way home from the Summit it was reading 3 or 4 parts not a big deal but maybe it’s the leak like your was hmmm.
  11. Danb

    exhaust leaking?

    Anthony the oil dripping seem to be the push rod above cyl no 4 with the oil dripping down then in any direction it likes.
  12. Danb

    exhaust leaking?

    Did oil change today and noticed this exhaust leak don’t know if it from flange above or a pinhole or crack? Also my lucky day first oil leak.
  13. Danb

    Its been a good run

    Nice chatting with you again at the Summit George glad your wife’s back on board, good luck with your new child, I mean plane.
  14. Danb

    Mooney Summit VII

    Not everyone is aware that there actions may bother others Neil. It aggravating when someone in front of you holds a phone blocking the view.