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  1. After returning from my 5,000 crusade across US, my spread was approximately an unbelievable 8-22*
  2. Mistake and story, my insurance broker told me id have to fly with cfi or other pilot since I turned 75, seller market being pissed off i sold the Bravo then he later told me if i get an annual Ipc im covered I get one anyway so i was now plane shopping. I liked the Bravo considerably more was equipped the way i wanted including LR tanks plus my Bravo was faster than most the Acclaim isnt much faster although it more fuel efficient It was a downgrade IMO
  3. Didn’t happen Anthony had to milk the acclaim the last couple hours flying LOP and just 24/2400 still provided 185 at 15,000 until Fran wanted to eat and take off her mask so I went to 11,000 and lost 25 knots between more headwinds and slower TAS still made Memphis to Wilmington without stopping a trip my Bravo would have made no problem with LR tanks. The Acclaims lower useful really sucks.
  4. I needed a PPR last week in Henderson, there was an unbelievable amount of small and medium jets there last weekend. Actually most I’ve ever seen at one time. Rich and affluent abound.
  5. Terry I’m not so lucky, on long trim currently south of Memphis had headwinds from Wilmington to St. Louis to Amarillo to Albuquerque to Las Vegas, told Fran well we will have a tailwind home not so, headwind to Vegas to Amarillo then again to Tunica Ms, tomorrow forecast 10-12 knot headwind to Wilmington. Poop.
  6. Jeez I just got lucky had a birthday party for my daughter turned 50, landed at Henderson on the 24th and departed 27th. Tha place is a rat race, first raiders home game, ramp full of small and medium jets, I do believe they don’t want to be bothered with us. OTOH the staff and line people were great.
  7. Mike been traveling for 10 days stuck around Memphis due to weather, hopefully I’ll get down there, have yet to sign up, hopefully I’ll find a room later next week D
  8. First off all planes need a pre buy,as we know. Mine is a 2016 which I’d assume would be good, log book details were minimal,a Canadian plane, tough getting to Maxwell for pre buy but turned into 52k in problems which the previous owner covered. Even if the plane looks great, new paint jobs will do that make certain you get the best independent knowledgeable shop.
  9. Hi Andrew great to be hearing from you. Also I’m in the middle of a long trip, St Louis, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Amarillo, now outside of Memphis. The controllers are keeping me extraordinarily high on approach to landing. So bad in Henderson in the heat and turbulence I had to go around, touched the runway way to fast and went around BTW WE ALL SHOULD PRACTICE THAT,, pissed off the tower since it was one of their busiest days. That’s no excuse, but controllers should fly in small planes to have a clue we can’t slow as a jet does. Anyway nice to hear from you A DB
  10. It just had a top done about 50 hours ago at maxwells I believe there competent
  11. Reason for question embarrassing as it is, I just started running LOP upon landing in St Louis I think I didn’t go full rich on landing and my engine cut out on the runway, didn’t have enough energy to rook to taxiway, had a difficult time hot starting and tied up the runway for a few minutes. Not my best day, never had issues with the bravo not so with my crappy acclaim. I assume I went rich but can’t come up with a reason the engine cut out, I was lowish on fuel but had 24 gallons based on my top off.
  12. When flying lean of peak upon approach to landing when do you go full rich.
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