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  1. Scott I remember mine well also, I trained in a warrior my first landing in the J cost me a new tire, learned quickly about planes with real brakes.
  2. Danb

    TAX DAY-$$$

    I’d not concentrate on the w4 table instead of how the changes effect your situation.Some winners some losers. eg. somemay have high misc deductions which may not be available plus other nuances to each.
  3. Danb

    TAX DAY-$$$

    Most people had less withholding tax taken out without a clue regarding their tax situation next year, I’ve done multiple tax projections for clients next year and most had little or no reduction in the tax liability, therefore my clients have been notified to do projections for 2018. Be careful in the event they under withheld.
  4. Danb

    IPad in the flight levels?

    I’ve had no issues using either of my iPads in our Mooney’s.
  5. Danb

    Sun n Fun 2018

  6. Danb

    Sun n Fun 2018

    Jerry you need to change your name to. James
  7. My 1988 M20J from the factory which included flight training in San Antonio was about $120,000, traded it in on BravoGX for $150,000 in 2006 My BravoGx with about 50 hours on it from Premiere including 3 days of flight training was $ 465,000, seems like a bargain compared to the new Acclaims for approx $ 800,000 My Dr is in Minnesota picking up his new Cirrus G-6 for $900+ Where will it end we wonder why youngunn's can't afford this game
  8. Danb

    TAX DAY-$$$

    Awesome Dave, I also stay away from politics on this forum and most anywhere else, it's not worth it.
  9. Danb

    TAX DAY-$$$

    Y I certainly agree to make matters worse they make us start taking our pension funds at age 70.5, but there not controlling us.
  10. Finally it’s over let the fun begin. With that vast fortune we get once a year— what will you buy for your plane, the flying season has begun I’m waiting for the 3100 Autopilot to be STC’d for Mooney’s we keep falling down the stc list due to limited deposits. What are you doing to your plane this year..
  11. Danb

    My "new" Mooney

    GIDDY—UP. Chris. Nice ride
  12. Danb

    FBO recommendation KGRB

    I go into Green Bay when I go to Oshkosh, I’ve used Exec air prior to this year based on statements here I used Absolute Jet this year. Had no issues with either, service at Abs air was stellar. Will use them again this year, they told me they would put my plane in a hanger if the weather warranted. Toms advice was spot on.
  13. Danb

    Sun n Fun 2018

    I went with Bob and don’t have the negatives as mentioned by Tom although I don’t go for the static shows and feel most don’t. The vendor sections are on par with Osh, I always drive in to both events time in traffic is drastically less at SNF, so I don’t think the traffic SUCKED, signage is poor but if you know where your going no problem. I thought the food was worse at SNF but I’m a little finicky. I thought parking and distance in the lots was less obviously a much smaller event. Airshows were good. I didn’t notice a poor attitude amongst them. The appeal to me is getting out of the winter cold, being around aviators and the excitement of the avaition crowd. I felt less the density of fewer people was great, moving around and finding things and people were vastly easier than at O. Its a totally different atmosphere kinda laid back IMO not O, didn’t expect it to be but enjoyed it immensely. Not living among other aviators plus our airport is in desperate need of hanger flyers makes the environment exciting. I enjoyed it as much. Just another opinion
  14. Danb

    Sun n Fun 2018

    I was flying upside down, I can’t figure the picture out.