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  1. North east MAPA class in Reading weekend of October 21
  2. One of fuel caps safety lanyard broke, some have chains . Where can I get a thimajig to attach my filler cap to the filler neck. Mine broke in half.
  3. Mine was and is a snug fit I to have physical issues, I sprayed silicon spray on the fitting and inside the nose gear it now slides in ok
  4. Dickard, was there any damage to your plane, hopefully all is good db
  5. I’ve seen Marauders in person very nice and nicely done.
  6. Recently had same situation, I asked for a heading while getting everything sorted out, I feel they understand workload issues. If you don’t mention anything they figure your on top of everything. Not a problem making them slowdown a little while you get organized. Today I flew into Manassas in the SFRA, on departure at 500 feet they gave me the departure procedure not on the ground while gaining my clearance, it’d make more sense to provide it in the clearance, even though I’m in busy airspace with restricted airspace all around departure just gave me headings while navigating through the SFRA. Great controller’s today at Potomac. Basically saying take it easy and request assistance while your getting situated
  7. During my first solo in a Cherokee Warrior the engine caught fire, and I didn’t quit, you’d think I was smart enough to take the warning sign.
  8. Regarding WeatherSpork being expensive, you can pay what it’s worth to you. When planning a long trip I always start with EZWXBRIEF for its completeness, learning more about soundings from his resources. As the trip goes closer I use ForeFlight, r brief and others. His depiction of clouds, turbulence and winds a great for a quick last look. The days of watching the weather channel talking to a briefer who trying to keep you on the ground are thankfully gone. I find the skew t log also great a trying to find the layers enroute, winds etc at altitude
  9. I think the market has topped out with increasing interest rates and inflation. I assume we’ll see a slow down in the airplane market. It’s been a seller’s market, these always cycle back and forth. Other factors being the hardening of the insurance market tightening of money etc all aims at a downward cycle starting.
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