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  1. I went from two 201’s and 16 years and 2000 Mooney hours and got about three days of transition training to my Bravogx worthwhile time spent, in many respects the long bodies are easier to fly but the differences can hurt you if your not prepared.
  2. My Bravo GX lost compass glare shield lights and flap indicators lights etc. The control box that controls all the interior lights is the culprit, Mooney wants north of $1000 to replace, any one have same issue, seems like rebuilding the unit holding the two rheostats would fix the issue
  3. Amen Bob, like a boat if you want it ,use it and can afford to maintain it why not, otherwise consider tennis or another nice venture.
  4. I changed both mine(Concorde) out of guilt a few years after 8 years of no issues, I never used a battery minder nor ran them down, my current concordes are both perfect after about 3-4 years.
  5. Sweet looking ride Ken, not a bo site but the most beautiful bo I’ve seen, congrats
  6. Anthony I’d assume if the software is set up properly it should work , I had numerous issues with things not working I had to have the software reconfigured
  7. KD I didn’t see dans above procedure above looks like good advice.
  8. KD I generally don’t use the auto lean function but have, not since my WAAS upgrade I don’t believe. I’d lean must faster to mitigate time above 1600, I also don’t do the big pull but would rather than hang around with high TIT, once you have a good idea of how far to lean I’d get there quicker. I don’t have gami’s but can run 30-50 LOP ok, but don’t. Good luck and let us know your final numbers.
  9. Hopefully drugs will stop after next knifing August 30, need to get ready for the Summit, cancelled MAPA training in AC First week September
  10. Mike I’m near a 501c3 expert doing not for profit audits for a generation or so, compliance is a slippery slope, if you or Ron has any questions re., potential issues send me an email, obviously no charge.
  11. Bobby pisses on the tires not the spar Mikey
  12. Ms Jenny is a strong loyal partner just what we in vision when we say I do. Mark will need her love and strength, I’m praying and pulling for you Jenny and Mark, god bless
  13. Welcome GB, you picked a great machine