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  1. Just received my insurance quote coming due in May, to my surprise no increase in premium. Awesome
  2. I couldn’t agree more Paul, the SUV is gone..
  3. Absolutely no way, some mentioned useful load, 3000 planes vs 300 sold planes who cares, if your plane fits your mission useful load doesn’t matter, my. Bravo is 1040 UL, enough for me and wife. My Mooney fits like a glove, rock solid good looking, one has at least look at it. For many cost isn’t or doesn’t matter. This was the easiest question Mike has asked. If in fact the market has spoken we’d all be in Chevy’s or Ford’s why have so many models of autos.
  4. Opposite happened to us, I have an 05 Bravo, we checked out an Ultra, I told her I liked the idea of another door, the salesperson asked her if she was interested she responded I think so, the other door is ugly, he won’t get me in that plane... can’t figure out these ladies.
  5. This being Holy Week, who’s going to move the boulder you may not be able to get out.
  6. very cool, other than him having quite a bit of skill, major league balls....especially flying low in the valley over the river..
  7. Why’d you stop your not close enough"""......"..
  8. Tempest suggest using crushed walnuts blast at low pressure at very short intervals, glass beads have a good chance of lodging in the plugs and melting at temp leaving a film which impairs the spark.
  9. Tried that Art without success, generally does work though
  10. I had a very similar event a couple months or less ago, wouldn’t fly it to the MSC had a mechanic fly in, had lead in one bottom plug. Cleaned all plugs checked gaps now runs like a champ where I expected to spend a few grand it was a couple hundred but if I cleaned them myself it’d only be time. At least I got to use my plug blaster again.
  11. Hey Paul I never sent in my data to Savvy, what is your procedure to accomplish this, and this is a dumber question can you log data without the top right card in I guess not unless there’s a magical way to get it back on the sd card.
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