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  1. Most likely cross wind component
  2. I actually had nasty turbulence yesterday, Monday, approaching Lake Erie, yes I gave a PIREP, there was a water spout on my course an hour or so before. The sky had strange cumulus looking clouds. My wife said she hurt her ribs during the 20 minute ride. I had no PIREPs along my route provided. I found out about the spouts via the internet and YouTube. The tops were only 10,000 was totally surprised about the ride. With the AP off went went from 8000 to 9600 in a blink. My bride is considering bwalking home from Canada later this week, Once over Lake Erie it dissipated quickly. Flying is fun.
  3. Jerry I looked out at the wing after I passed behind the water spout yesterday over Lake Erie that rascal was doing a dance while I was seeing stars bouncing off the ceiling. I guess that's newtons fault.
  4. Nice of him to give you a courtesy call
  5. Having a long body versus a short body even on normal short final were inputting constant trim up, I had two J's for 20 years they handle differently in the approach to landing phase
  6. It appears the question is your on base leg, quite high and fast, first depends on how high and fast, could be a nonevent if 100 knots and 1200 ft., or 170 knots and 2000 ft no chance go around. I will assume 120 knots and 500 ft high. Extend gear, full flaps nose over using the donut on my AOA , idle, aim for the numbers. Basically I'm doing both trying to get on the proper path, pitching full trim up thereby slowing down to minimal controllable airspeed. Thats quite a bit of stick and rudder skills in a short period of time and distance. Wonder why there's so many prop strikes, GO AROUND KISS Those not in Mikes camp of using the AOA or not? This is where the AOA shines situations like these
  7. I was one of the lucky ones I pulled my invoice to see who the MSC had do the mags a couple years ago and it was QAA in OK, mine have been fine although the cost was quite high
  8. Gregg I also would like a quality touchup, mine looks similar to yours I saw your in NH last yr., Dorne at Weber's told me they could touch it up, does anyone know of Weber's touch up work,
  9. Need to rap with me Clarence, done all the time, calculate your actual bills and just offset them. Of course our bartering is taxable if the man is overlooking our site
  10. time changes all, I did airtex on my 1988 Mooney in 2003 and it was very nice back then.
  11. Zig's hope you have lots of sunscreen for that bad boy
  12. I stayed in Shreveport when Dmax did my annual, about an hour drive or so, 25 minutes in air.
  13. At New Garden or Quakertown