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  1. I have a 2005 Bravo, my annuals should be a little more due to the turbo, basically the same plane, Since new all work at MSC’s, annuals approximate $4-6000, I fix, have repaired all sqwaks. That’s 14 annuals I approximated
  2. Mike hopefully this year will offer good health to all and I plan on being there, in my opinion the registration fee is extremely low especially for the quality education, comradeship freebies plus the enjoyment of being among our peers. It’s a shame you need to justify the changes made for the presentation of the Summit. I guess many mooniacs are truly CB’s.
  3. Nicely done bob btw you have to much time on your hand.
  4. As Alex mentioned I’d call Paul at Maxwells they will do there best to try and put a kit together for you, time isn’t on your side I’d act ASAP
  5. Our backups in the 1000 are electric, Mooney was silly sticking them on the far right making the scan prone to nauseating at best when backups are needed. Promoting vertigo due to head movements to understand if ones straight and level at least. A G5 on the left side of the panel would have been a good improvement
  6. Strong move mike good luck, there should be many takers
  7. This s a rather disgusting topic. yuck.
  8. Method seven, I get my yearly eye exam tomorrow and will order new ones then, made for pilots by pilots, I ran into them at Oshkosh a few years ago, great lenses
  9. Don Kaye would be a great choice for transition training and subsequently going right through your IFR, check out the Mooney flyer for other CFI’s out west, I have a Bravo as does Don K., learning the turbo procedures are a must, Heat kills our planes, along with the training Don can provide he’ll also provide proper turbo techniques, welcome to the greatest aircraft made along with the wealth of knowledge within Mooneyspace
  10. Easy decision I went from a Cherokee to two am models then than M model. Your mission is spot on for a J,E,F or C, find the best for your buck and join the group of travelers
  11. SE Pennsylvania Weber in Lancaster. NE Texas Maxwell , both high quality money service centers.
  12. Tommy your blessed having such a great family and friends, what a priceless gift, that’s what Xmas is about.
  13. I did Princeton airport 39N then train to Penn Station, most likely the cheapest way, although it’s been 7-8 years since last trip to the apple
  14. My check ride was in 1985 or thereabouts, quite a difference no GPS RNAV etc ADF approach’s were tough, I believe back then there was the gotcha factor and the check ride was a continuum of our training not as penile as today, for instance during my first approach nearing the faf the plane was unstable, I noticed the examiner was on the rudder pedals messing with me, I asked him if he was on them no response after the third time I politely said get your f&$@ing feet off my rudder pedals, he did, after the check ride,BTW I passed, he told me he would have failed me if I hadn’t been assertive and took control of my plane. He stated during an approach a passenger could easily do what he did in his opinion it was an important factor to show one has control of aircraft. Even back then explaining your command of your route of flight including all elements of the route, chart symbolization staying out of restricted areas and knowledge of the elements of weather was paramount. Good luck on your ride, relax stay light on your controls be in charge your the pilot in command and control, many feel your at your best when your instructor turns you loose. Just do it.