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  1. Old guy I feel your pain I had(have) 4th degree spondyl and 8 surgery’s and 7 fusions I need an assist in moving my plane. I look healthy as a horse, if you need any advice or anything re your condition I can give you advice if wanted, Johns Hopkins fixed up a fair amount of damage done by other surgeons.
  2. I bought a minimax at Oshkosh last year for my bad back it was to heavy and returned it with no issues, I sold my Key ez 40 and now have a nose dragger electric. When I can find a sidewinder I’ll try it. Most of these tows are difficult for those with damaged backs.
  3. Holy mackerel when a tow cost more than a plane jeez
  4. Ok I’m getting over a surgical procedure I’ll email you
  5. Chris I’d like to get with you I just bought a new Go pro black and am lost in proper operations, as you are aware I’m not an electrical wizard, if there not a computer and adding machine m lost
  6. That was a steal I sold my Key EZ a couple months ago for. 750, lasted 10 minutes once it was for sale.
  7. JJV a Garmin 345R is about $5500-$6000 which makes more sense than a GDJ 88
  8. JJV if your lucky enough to find a Bravo GX with WAAS and ADSB I would jump on it the cost has been depressed due to the aforementioned issues with WAAS, ADSB and the Mooney certification. This being my third Mooney it's easily my favorite in what the plane can do, I was one of the unlucky ones buying at new cost with out knowledge of the future issues with WAAS and ADSB I have no hope of getting anywhere near what the market would have been if not for Mooney and Garmin's issues. That being said if the plane your looking at isn't upgraded I would contact Mr Maxwell to see if you could procure a WAAS kit if so then you'd have a lot of plane at a discounted cost otherwise you need to wait for one of us to sell ours. If not for Mooneyspace I most likely would not have the knowledge of the issues with the airframe being married to the avionics. In this market favoring the seller at last, just stay patient a good plane will come along hopefully it will a great Mooney
  9. I own a hanger at KILG Wilmington De, $35,000 Insulated, I put in gas heater and pay my own electric and gas. Condo fees, land rent, porta $125 a month. 20 year lease recently negotiated. They went for $35,000 to $90,000. I’m the second owner.
  10. I've been logging my hours on the low side out of laziness I've been going to flight aware and logging my hours off the graph so I have stupidly only logging flight time oops. Those of us with an autopilot, electric trim and integrated airplanes such as the G-1000, should get training in systems management, mostly is recovery in an advent of sometype of failure. I like many have experienced runaway trim, my first encounter in my 88J was near fatal, in IFR at night climbing and near a stall before I fully recovered, being 30 years ago I've learned a little regarding handling problems such as that. Never during a flight review or BFR has the CFI had me show recovery techniques, a failure in the system, This is a chance to look at ourselves and determine if we are proficient in managing mishaps, I think I have a lot of work to do getting complacent. Again MS has made us aware of safety issues when a crisis is made aware to us
  11. I also have the 55X and don’t experience that situation, in all likelihood it is hanging up like you expressed, but just a guess.
  12. Holy crap Tom, totally unreal, mend well you'll be back soon...wow!!