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  1. Peter I miss your point it appears the runway appears properly on both units?
  2. Jerry my scanning in the G-1000 is similar to yours except I have a small map from the right panel inset on the left under the airspeed tape and the engine instruments on the left of the mfd, every minute or so I engage the full engine scan and include it in my scan then back to the attitude to start over. About every 3-5 minutes I check my pulse meter and check the 02 connections I hang on the yoke over the iPad.
  3. Cliffy my buddy had a 64 yellow 350/327 vette, I had a 64 Plymouth 426 dual quads,aluminum front, we had a great time on Friday nights, had a 1/4 mile strip actually a road ran en off, cops didn't bother us,sometimes they watched, yep times have changed.
  4. Jeez Paul my Tr6 long ago was $2,500 although that was a bunch in 1970
  5. The Weber's made the lucas seem awesome, Im in the Triumph camp, 4, Spitfires, Tr-6, Tr-250 and a Tr-8. The spits were fun to drive the 8 couldn't keep straight n wet roads. I ran the national SCCA rally circuit for 10+ years, now there gone, or only a few around.Datsun's were my rally cars, the Triumph couldn't hold up.
  6. One generally doesn't miss something they never had, there's so many tools in our planes, comparing each generation of technology usually has great increases of information for us. In our old ADF days we could navigate better than pilotage, later the vors were great then Loran-C, but if never evolved to the next generation we never miss it.. I doubt I could go back and feel safe as I do now, I thought the one probe EGT CHT. was great but I need the engine analyzer, spoiled I guess. This doesn't mean those who never utilized the latest and greatest are wrong. As far as the IPAD I'd also feel lost without two at my disposal even with two big screens on my G-1000. Who cares.Were all flying and enjoying maybe except for PV. Hes been hosed lately
  7. I don't switch mine, during a flight for a couple hours I switch and check the other ne, I actually don't know what's correct, I haven't had any battery issues ever in the Bravo.
  8. Replaced my Concords out of shame and worry I'd be stuck somewhere, they were about 9 yrs old , plane has always been in a heated hanger, my 4 yr old Concords are still going strong. A rep from Gill at the AOPA flyin at GROTON offered me a new set of new Gills for free as a test bed for Gill, I declined, I still have his info but decided to stay with what I have.
  9. What if...

    Some companies totally refurbish planes to new but modern standards, if there was a strong market for midsized and midpriced planes one would think there would be availability. Aquire a run out Mooney, totally strip, IRAN everything on the plane, new paint, interior, engine new panel similar to Chris's or Kay's. What would the end cost be?
  10. PV, that's awful, the tough part is your bride hates flying that puts a tough spin on the situation. After everything thing cools down I really hope you decide the best for yourself. Hang in there hopefully it'll get better for you.
  11. VFR Teterboro @ NYC

    Again contact @201er aka Mike he's expert in the NYC area
  12. Method 7 Sunglasses

    They do Chris also progressive which is what I fly with.
  13. Method 7 Sunglasses

    Awesome I go to the eye doc today for my prescription, I ordered the M-7 kit yesterday, Lauren at M-7 said the doc will measure the focal point then I forward the info and kit back. Hopefully it won't take to long to get them.
  14. low priced flying m20c

    Your NJ comrade would be up for the trip.