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  1. Good luck Jolie I'm just a little out of the way, will you be doing your seminars
  2. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    Once the hose on the inlet side of the oximeter came off, I felt real good, checked my 02 level 83, my wife had to put the hose back on, I was uncapable to reattach it. I now hang the meter so it's in my view, also I check the saturation every 3-4 minutes if above 14,000, and every 6-7 minutes between 8-13,000 ft.
  3. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    This situation which appears was not the fault of the op brings to light a manner so your copilot could get you 02 or to a lower altitude. Im going to make a copilot's, assuming they are not pilots, checklist of things to do in the advent of my incapacation. Jolie may have some pointers or recommendations
  4. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    It's on the pilots armrest, more likely importantly where was his oximeters located, and was it operational.
  5. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    Leaking 02 that totally blows, always something
  6. Agreed Byron, I think that's why Gill is offering some pilots to test and report on them. Instead of avaition consumer and others
  7. At the Groton Aopa weekend the Gill rep offered me two new Gill batteries to test and report on, I turned him down since my Concordes were pretty new, he mentioned the new gills were much improved with more starting powered than the C's.
  8. Hey Lance do you still have a PDF f the manuals for the Bravo,

    thank you Dan




      I sent you a dropbox link.

  9. PIREP request for KRAP or KCUT?

    My hats off to your son, I'm assuming west coast and San Diego vs Parris Island. Go Corps.
  10. Mooney Wake

    What's that on your feet Al, not shoes
  11. New Mooney E owner

    Great move us impulsive folks luck out sometimes, good luck with the new beauty.
  12. Yoke sticky , hanging up

    Yep, you can feel it through the yoke on copilot side it's in the block.
  13. Yoke sticky , hanging up

    Vance it's not looking good, KSM done that,you can feel it's in the block on copilot side, no clue how much a block is, it seems to me once we get the shaft out the block could be cleaned. The planes only 12 yrs old always hangered how could it get that dirty over night?
  14. Yoke sticky , hanging up

    Now what!, I've cleaned and triflowed the yoke numerous times, every fitting in the chain, inspected everywhere and it still sticks and hangs up. Just left Weber's MSC they did the same with no success, there contacting Mooney for a new block, this will get pricy I'm not sure if that's what's wrong. Landings are guesswork since it hangs up in the flare. Any help would be appreciated, totally lost.