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  1. Very loaded questions, risk tolerance, net worth, liquidity. Check to see if it can be included with your umbrella policies, catastrophic policy etc. Maybe Lloyds could set up major umbrella coverage, in the end I assume it comes back to keeping your airplane insurance. Liability could hamper the affluent more than those of us with limited assets.
  2. Shllc where you located most competent MOONEY SHOPS should have the rigging boards. If out of rig it is worth the effort
  3. PG I have a pristine BravoGX in my opinion there are many differing opinions regarding them, I’m in the camp of Don K’s statements in addition I’m also a lycoming guy which is the reason I don’t have an Acclaim. I purchased my 2005 in 2006 first improvement was long range tanks which offer amazing versatility eg West coast to East coast with one stop. My wife and I not being big folks feel the LR tanks were not only essential but the best improvement we could have done. Many despise the G1000 which should be upgradable to the nxi which is state of art. I have WAAS, ADSB, SVT an
  4. There was an article in flying a handful of years ago where you measured the distance from eyes to panel and eyes to see your lap and outside, I brought there to eye doc and asked if this could be done yes, I’ve been wearing progs flying and driving since. I can’t work with them though, being a CPA I can only use the reading glasses or a major headache occurs. Like Chris golden years are great.
  5. Hey Stryk it’s most likely hard to close due to the inflated door, during run-up I close my door and inflate it, if it’s inflated prior to closing mine won’t even close. Also when or if an offsite landing or controlled crash don’t forget to deflate the door for exiting. I’d include these items in your checklists. So rain won’t enter the plane when parked inflate it a little to keep the water out.
  6. Similar to JOE Z back surgery held me back for about two months, managed three painful hours during recovery, others sumpted tanks for me. Otherwise 65 hours in Mooney
  7. I get my annual done close by at KLNS, every two- three years I go to DMAX just for another’s look. 1200 miles we turn into a vacation.
  8. Tmo I’d try to stay away from sandpaper there’s many excellent products that most likely will work with the rotary buffer, trial and effort, it took a few differing products until I found the formula to remove the deep stains. I ended up with the Griots polishing it white and easy to work with polishing compound did nothing and I felt rubbing compound was to harsh. I did a small sample with the 2000 sandpaper with harsh results as well.
  9. Sweet.. love the engraving sharp..
  10. I had these nasty marks all over the plane after being outside in Florida for a few days suspect acid rain? Anyway I couldn’t get them off by hand polish or compound so used the machine, clay bar then two coats of ceramic, has looked like new since, I apply a coat of ceramic once or twice yearly as Erik mentioned every coat gets easier.
  11. Was raining in De also 35* but managed to get in a couple approaches, encountered rain, sleet and snow luckily nothing stuck to the plane, never wondered more than 30 miles from airport, I try to fly on New Year’s Day to start the year out flying.
  12. As Paul mentioned it’s a good idea to practice just under 3200 lbs to find the difference in sink rate, power needed to stay coordinated and make a smooth touchdown. It’s not a requirement to have the tires and gear checked after a overweight landing IF it was a smooth touchdown although a good idea. I Left for vacation at about 3300 lbs obviously in instrument conditions and my door opened I proceeded to do a flatter approach and smooth landing, I had the plane examined per section 8 the first question asked was it a smooth landing which it may have been my smoothest ever, five minutes later
  13. Happy holidays all and pray for a better ‘21, youall have a great new year and be healthy.
  14. I updated to synvis right when it was available on my Bravo, great 10g’s spent worth every dollar IMO.
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