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  1. I installed the Gee Bee baffles in my Bravo last month, I keep a record of my temps, the new seals lowered my CHT’s a remarkable 15*, I was hoping for 10, my temps were not bad before I kept my baffling in good shape before therefore I didn’t expect such a dramatic change worth every penny. The outside temp last week when I checked the results were in the 90’s I climbed to 12000 ft with my highest temp around 380.
  2. Since they were there when you went to the hanger I would have let them know that the work had been done and you didn’t request them to do it, then wait for a response and decide based on the tenor of the response what to do. Hopefully they would apologize and say they made a mistake. If the apology occurred then I’d offer to pay them something otherwise I’d again say the work was done thanks anyway
  3. The paint looks new, back in the 80’s they had much better paint, when I sold my 88 J the paint looked new also. The paint on my 2005 Bravo isn’t nearly as good as those in the 80’s. Pretty plane.......
  4. Finally a buyers market, I bought two MB this summer, SL& S class, I need to keep my Cad XT5 until the lease ends in December, I did extensive research in the purchase process ended up having to have the SL shipped from Florida to Delaware. If your willing to put in hours or in my case weeks to research the market thousands can be saved, plus what else can we do with our extra time. Can’t golf after dark.. Your VW looks awesome.
  5. Most likely the cowling folded the baffling and kinked it, you’ll most likely have to replace. Mine was in pretty good shape, I would replace the baffling as it looked tired or once kinked, I’ve read how great Gee Bees product is so I purchased and installed, I keep a chart of my temps, My recent tests reveal a 15* reduction in my chts which we’re not to bad, that’s an astounding result.
  6. I have a soda, failed the eye test i one eye, I went up with an examiner from Philly, with the Statement on Disability Waiver for my eyes Im good, when I get my medical I just deny the eye test portion. Tell you friend not to give up.
  7. Nice hard to believe how beautiful the outcome was.
  8. Mines an 05, changed once I’ll look at my logs..
  9. Many ppe flights have been available in afe area
  10. Geez nice plane oops. NO ADSB. NO WASS 3700 hours, 1600 since OH. Plane $ 270,000 ADSB $ 8500 WAAS if available $=30,000 going up Therefore $ 309,000 + plus unexpected for high time Acclaim, low time for our older planes but high for a acclaim, plane does look gorgeous Assume useful load 900 Plane has its share of negatives reason it’s been on market over a year?
  11. My daughter has been making all kind of cool masks, if we can find some sort of materials she’d give it a try
  12. SM just look at the gross inconsistencies in the aforementioned court rulings, one could conclude it’s a total crap shoot. There form the 1980’s, the best advice would be to get an advanced ruling prior to filing. I’d consider utilizing the government rate if you could prove business usage. When I fly for business I only personally take fuel, for air lifeline, pilots and paws or any 501.c3 uses I use the government rate. I would not use any of my comments as any type of advice, reliance on my comments should not be considered as tax or financial advice. Moreover I would advise for you to get professional opinions from aviation tax professionals.
  13. Key, DOCUMENTATION , look for rules for personal use of automobiles. There’s a few good books on plane use. I’ve been through a couple audits not my plane, one good outcome one not so good. Little pigs get fed big pigs get slaughtered