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  1. Mooney Bladder Install

    Way to go Terry, Wilbur looks bored, btw you've got brass ones, I'd be scared to death to make that cut.
  2. Electric Boost Pump high

    On the G1000 instrument gauges
  3. My Electric boost pump is reading high when I turn it on when priming to start. What does this indicate.
  4. Check those fuel tank vents!!!!

    Your frieken pushing it PV
  5. Well, not good reading.

    All the tax bennies are available for used aircraft also.
  6. Well, not good reading.

    Marketing and the chute has made Cirrus
  7. No doubt the CORSAIR rocks
  8. I couldn't agree more, they should only contain people interested in your plane, hopefully the adm will be able to figure out how to fix this inherent problem. As you know everyone here has there own issues some jealous, some arrogant i.e. if your plane isn't just like theres, theres an issue with it.
  9. Grim Reaper Strikes Again

    GRIM REAPER TO IT'S A KEEPER Thats all I got sorry
  10. Mooney Summit V Registration is now open

    I'll be there on sentry, alls well and secure kind sir.
  11. Ground Power Unit

    No they have specific units to power the avionics via the plug, mine was just under $400 and I used it quite a bit when learning the g1000
  12. Lance I use the three pronged plug on the outside of the plane currently
  13. Baffles seal replacement

    I ended up buying the materials from Aircraft spruce and replaced most of mine, being close to useless at mechanical stuff it ended up being an easy process. I used the original as a template shaped and cut the stuff then installed. I didn't spend much more than $100 and have plenty left. If I failed I was going the BG route. My temps went down by 20-30*