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  1. I guess you do Mr C. How’s it going
  2. Danb

    Normal TAS

    The versatility of our flight envelope is amazing, long range cruise vs high speed cruise and everywhere in between
  3. Danb

    Normal TAS

    I’d assume he was running LOP or very efficient, my Bravo can run all day on 12+ gph 8000 ft and 160-165 knots, good for training or just flying around or 200+ at 14000+ and 19.5 gph and everywhere in between. Lately when just punching holes in the sky I’ve been 23” 2250 and cruising at 150. Flight aware often messes up the requested speed
  4. Seth a couple friends of my had Victor do their overhaul and were quite pleased and impressed, that’s been over ten years ago so I don’t know if they are still a quality shop, I remember they were pricey
  5. Transitioning to the Bravo is a bigger step than most would think. I transitioned from two J’s and about 15-20 years and 2000+ hours in my 201’s, My transition took about 4 eight hour days learning the systems including avionics and about 20 flight hours and 30 landings in souths Florida and the keys for crosswinds. I believe the transition with a Mooney CFI was well worth it. The differences in flight characteristics are remarkable. We recently had a discussion about various stalls in a Bravo master the slow flight differences and go from there. Like Don I’m in the camp believing the Bravo is the best Mooney made, enjoy the ride.Luke
  6. I’ve used a gats jar for years and never tried the test, with the number of fueling incidents I’ve been told of I’ll try to test the fuel for jet a when I don’t see it being filled or just get in the habit of watching the filling process
  7. Hank hours up, fatalities down. The report is on AOPA today.
  8. According to the recent Nall report accidents declined for the third straight year while total hours increased by some 12%. The report indicates a sharp decrease in weather related accidents. I surmise ADSB and other weather depicting instruments at our disposal such as the IPAD lends to the decrease. Pilot training and awareness items such as AOPA’s programs and airplane specific programs such as the Mooney Summit helps immensely. I only hope the trend continues, we still get a bad rap and reputation from the public something we hope to live with,
  9. Sticks for fire would come in handy, and a slingshot to get the rabbit to cook with the newfound fire.
  10. I just don’t get it, information was provided by two prominent Mooney Specific pilots , Master pilots at that, summaries of a competent Mooney test pilot who has taken our planes to the edges and beyond, kept quality notes of the various flight profiles. Even this isn’t enough information for some pilots to either accept, comprehend or digest, rather they provide unsubstantiated opinions masquerading as fact. Mike I’d just keep form letters ready as needed.
  11. Jeez college may be over $250,000 let alone silly stuff like food and shelter.
  12. Couldn’t agree more with the two above regarding the Bravo