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  1. Awesome Bob, hang in there, just found out Oshkosh if off, my surgery went poorly, and revision surgery coming up, seems to have lost flying and golf season. Have a great time with your grandson DB
  2. Green Bay is fun, last year I went to Windsor, Ca, nice clean hotel-casino..grape vineyards not far, a hour is so flight to Niagra Falls from there should make your four days enjoyable.
  3. Jan your like me can’t retire hopefully we’ll see u guys later this summer, you and Don going to Oshkosh
  4. What a great act of selflessness risking your life to help another human he doesn’t even know, this is an act of true an real heroism. After seeing the interview I felt overcome with emotion. What a man and hero.
  5. Wow "......no further comment needed from me
  6. Prayers for your friend 217, insurance covers his plane, we just pray for a full comfortable recovery
  7. Generally on trips 30/2300 cht 375-380 tit 1600 or slightly less, cowl flaps closed enroute, in trail 5-10* less minimal loss of speed. When flying around to nowhere 24/2300 150-155 knots at much lower temps and 13 gph nice trade off of speed to efficiency
  8. Rumor is bob you stayed at a holiday inn last night
  9. Don, Paul and Jan good luck with your new venture.
  10. Toto airtex did the work, I dropped off the plane for a couple weeks presto
  11. Seats in my 201 before I put in the headrests, also did the rugs and plastic which was done in woolen fabric. Turned out great done by Airtex.
  12. I have a GX body, being short I couldn’t see good enough when taxiing in the pre GX models a world of difference for some of us comprised individuals