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  1. Very sad news! I met Bob a few times at the Mooney Summits, unfortunately I never got to have a conversation with him, I wish that I had. I've always valued his input here on Mooneyspace. He will be missed!
  2. I had a Lynx 9000+ installed last fall. It had worked perfectly until last week when this issue began. (I'm the friend Kevin is referring to). I contacted my avionics shop to report what was happening and they have received identical reports from 4 other aircraft. They forwarded this to L3 in case this is an issue with the Lynx. They've been looking into it and believe that it is a malfunctioning ads-b ground station. Hopefully this will get resolved soon because it is very distracting/annoying when you get aural traffic alerts every 10-20 seconds. Unfortunately the Lynx has no means of turning off aural alerts, you can only hit the mute button when an alert occurs. I believe that it may in fact be a malfunctioning ground station in the Buffalo/Niagara area, I did one flight last week where the alerts suddenly stopped as I was flying away from that area (about 60nm away) and they resumed in almost the same spot on the return flight home.
  3. Mike, was that at all the far North airports you've visited? I've been to a lot of Canadian airports and never had that experience.
  4. Strava is a great name for the dog of a cyclist!
  5. Yup, that's me. We flew together to the Mooney Summit in 2018, that episode is in the pipeline, hopefully he'll get it out soon.
  6. Controllers are individuals just like everyone else. Some enjoy the job more than others. Some units have seen their traffic dwindle more than others. Some units may be in a worse staffing situation than others. I can't speak for others, but I know that I've been very bored at work lately, our traffic is down about 90% from the same time last year. I, as well as many of my colleagues have enjoyed accommodating pilot requests, letting pilots do things that wouldn't normally be possible. I can't wait for things to get back to normal so that I can work busy traffic again because that's what I enjoy doing. For now, every bit of traffic I can get helps pass the time and pilot requests for unusual things just gives me something else to do. If you fly through my airspace, request away!
  7. One of my favourite "local" flights is flying over Long Point in Lake Erie.
  8. Transport Canada has done this with medicals. Not sure about annuals etc.
  9. Flying over the Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario airport this afternoon; sad to see 13 B737's parked indefinitely due to COVID-19. If you know where to look, the Doc's shop is visible in the picture.
  10. I'm enjoying the final π/100 th of Pi Day with a Scotch that is suited to an established gentleman aviator. Cheers!
  11. Maybe a dumb question, but do you have the yellow arc on your tach (only with the McCauley prop I believe). Mine has a yellow arc from 1500-1950 rpm, if in that range there is a vibration.
  12. I would guess that ~ 30-40% of my hours each year are x-country trips >500nm. The rest are short, local flights: keeping my ifr current, meeting friends for lunch, taking people for rides etc. I wish more of my flights were x-country, but I end up needing to do the short flights to keep the airplane from sitting unused for too long at a time.
  13. I worked him into Buttonville once, couldn't believe that he'd made it from Victoria non-stop. Also couldn't imagine why he'd want to do that non-stop!