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  1. To me there is no comparison between a 430 and IFD440. The IFD has way more capabilities and ease of use from the blue tooth keyboard, IFD100 app, ability to enter airways, "Boeing banana", Terrain awareness, 500' call-out etc, etc... the list is long. I found it to be fairly painless adjusting from the 430 to the IFD and now that I'm used to it I could never go back. I think that you would find it to be money very well spent to upgrade to a 440
  2. 1) Good idea in my opinion. 2 / 3) if you can find a plane equipped the way you want it, it will almost certainly be cheaper that buying one that you need to update. The problem may be in finding one for sale that has what you want. The up side of updating an airplane is it will end up being exactly the way you want it.
  3. I don't remember the exact number off the top of my head, but I think that it was about 10lbs - maybe @M20Doc remembers?
  4. I ended up sticking with the McCauley because it is lighter than the Hartzell and I didn't want to give up any useful load or move the c of g further forward.
  5. Today was a beautiful day for flying, I didn't have anywhere to go but I couldn't pass up such a nice winter day with a bunch of snowy days in the forecast. I flew over Stratford Ontario (I lived there for a couple of years) as I meandered around enjoying flying for the sake of flying. It wasn't as busy as I was expecting it to be, but there were a bunch of targets on the screen .
  6. I have the 9000+ Both the Lynx display and my IFD440 display both ADS-B and active traffic targets, but the only targets that show up on foreflight are the ADS-B ones.
  7. @JKeeth, for me foreflight displays ADS-B traffic from the Lynx, but not the active traffic targets. Is it a wifi configuration in my case too? Thanks! Steve
  8. I've had mine stop working several times, every time it has been the wire/connection to the thumb switch on the yoke. Last time it happened my avionics shop replaced the wire with a longer one and have had no issues since.
  9. This is how Clarence installed them on the firewall of my J
  10. @GLJANo need to walk, Westjet has service from Kitchener (where the Doc's shop is located) to Calgary
  11. For me part of the fun of the summit is the trip there and back; getting to use my Mooney for what it was intended. I would be a bit disappointed if the summit was close to home. While I'm sure that relationships with airports, fbo, hotels and conference centers can be important when organizing an event like the Summit, I also think it would be nice if the location changed each year so that we'd have the opportunity to fly to and see new places. Just my thoughts... Steve
  12. Today was a grey, dreary day in southwestern Ontario, with OVC025, but I wanted to get a bit of flying in before my plane goes to visit the Doc on Monday for her annual. Just a bit of local flying, wish I could have gone somewhere but icing forecast from 3,000-14,000' and lots of isolated showers.
  13. The Denver1 is a radar vector SID (as opposed to an RNAV SID), they are typically fly heading xxx for radar vectors, climb and maintain x,000' + comm failure instructions. They are not contained in the GPS database as there are no waypoints and therefore nothing for the GPS to navigate. And yes, they are common