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  1. I'm not aware of any here in Canada.
  2. I'm happy with mine. It is wired to the gps, so perhaps that is why mine works well.
  3. I'm really not sure how many hours they needed for the AV-30 install, but that sounds high. I had mine put in during annual and had a new panel cut and a bunch of things moved around - jpi 900 moved from the copilot side over to my side etc. I also had all my windows replaced so trying to guess how many hours went to installing the AV-30 from the total labor hours billed is impossible. Clarence @M20Doc did the install, perhaps he can give you a ballpark idea of the number of hours required for it?
  4. I'm at Burlington if that helps. I know there are some Mooneys at Buttonville, but I don't know if they are on here.
  5. Wow, I must really trust you Clarence, all those rides you've given me where you are both the pilot and the mechanic!
  6. I don't know if it's true or not, but I remember one of my math profs telling us that probably the last mathematician to have a good grasp of all know mathematics at the time, was Gauss. He also told us (this was early '90s) that there had been more new mathematics discovered since 1950, than in all previous human history.
  7. Oh I thought about it, I really wanted Grant's Ovation, but the cost to move up was too much. I interpreted the OP's question to be that you trade airplanes (no cost to purchase), you just have to live with operating expenses.
  8. If I could straight trade, I'd give up my J for a FIKI Ovation
  9. Clarence, could you weld another IO-360 onto the front of mine to make my airplane more like yours?
  10. Tried to calibrate the AoA today, after a little experimentation I'm not sure that it's worth displaying. It kinda works, but not well enough to be of any practical use. @Jakes Simmonsas to your AI acting like a weak vacuum AI, I'm curious if your AV-30 is wired to your gps? I don't actually know if that could be a factor or not, but mine is wired to my IFD440, and I find that mine works flawlessly as an AI. Steve
  11. Great report Seth! So happy to hear of your Missile's return to the skies. Steve
  12. I've flown a bit more with the AV-30 and I can say that I'm very happy with it. I configured page 3 to display heading today, and I only remembered to check on it once for precession. It was after 20 minutes and there was no noticable precession. I wonder if it's possible that the precession is an installation issue? Steve
  13. He wants to keep his appearance a mystery
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