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  1. Dang, none of my bikes say Mooney on them.
  2. Ooohhh, is this where we get to show off our bikes? Do they need to have a chromoly frame? Ours are all aluminum or carbon.
  3. Congratulations on your new airplane! Exciting times ahead!
  4. I'll PM you, to not detract from the topic of the thread...
  5. @aviatoreb Let me know when you are coming, I'm a YYZ terminal controller (with a B.Sc. in math), if I'm working that day I'll try to get in the right sector at the right time so that I can say hello.
  6. I agree that YTZ is pretty expensive which is unfortunate because it's in such a great location. However, if your destination is downtown Toronto and instead you fly into Buttonville or Oshawa, then cab in and out of the city, it may be a wash. And then there is your time. Or if you want to get a real eye watering bill, try flying into YYZ.
  7. Gwendolyn. Just before I bought the plane, I brought my wife out to see it. She walked into the hangar, looked at the registration (C-GWED) and said, her name is Gwendolyn. It stuck.
  8. Is it difficult to get 100LL way up there? I bet it's expensive. You're visiting some places that most Canadians would never even think of visiting. Out of curiosity, what was your alternate? There is not much up there.
  9. @ESPN168, I'm based at Burlington with a J, if you would like to see mine (it's not for sale) and ask questions, I'd be happy to take you up for a ride. I haven't flown to the Caribbean yet, but I have done multiple trips to Florida in it.
  10. You could start by trying to sell it here in the Aircraft Classified section.
  11. Being Canadian I'm not sure, I just pay the annual fee, but my understanding was that foreign registered GA only get billed if they land in Canada. If you care to do some investigating, the answers can probably be found here http://www.navcanada.ca/en/products-and-services/Pages/service-charges.aspx
  12. Nav Canada bills a quarterly service fee to foreign registered GA (Canadian registered airplanes are billed annually). You can fly as much as you want in a quarter and you still pay the same flat fee, which would explain why you don't always get one if the flights were in the same quarter. I believe that currently the quarterly charge for aircraft under three metric tonnes MTOW is C$16.80. We Canadian owners pay C$67.20/year.