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  1. ohdub

    How to install LED Strobes?

    I had mine replaced with Whelen LED's as the old ones died. The left one last summer, the tail this spring and the right one a few weeks ago. I had no issues with them being mixed and matched.
  2. ohdub

    Well, I finally did it ...

  3. ohdub

    New ride

    It's nice to see it outside with a prop on it!
  4. ohdub

    EGT/RPM fluctuations

    The issue was a bit of grease in the left mag. M20Doc fixed while I waited this morning.
  5. ohdub

    EGT/RPM fluctuations

    So I'm looking at the engine data from yesterday's flight and all the egt's seem to be fluctuating: Where as my flight the day before looked like this: I've asked Savvy to do an analysis, I'll be interested to hear what they say.
  6. Cool, do you ever come back this way?
  7. ohdub

    EGT/RPM fluctuations

  8. ohdub

    EGT/RPM fluctuations

    I did try a couple of mag checks, but each time I just missed the "event".
  9. While flying today I noticed occasional rpm fluctuations, rpm would drop by about 25 and bounce back. I don't believe it's an indication error as I heard it first which drew my attention to the tach. I then noticed that when these fluctuations were occurring, the #2 EGT was fluctuating as well. It would rapidly rise by about 100F and drop back down. These fluctuations would happen over a minute or two and then everything would be normal for a while before happening again. I eventually switched from LOP (my normal cruise setting) to ROP and I didn't notice anymore rpm fluctuations, but I didn't watch the egt too closely so I'm not sure if they stopped too. I'm heading back out to the hangar to download the engine data and upload to Savvy. Any ideas what might be going on?
  10. ohdub

    A bad day for my prop

    And yes, this is a forever plane
  11. ohdub

    A bad day for my prop

    Thanks Carusoam. I believe the insurance company is covering the cost of replacing the one blade and I pay the balance for anything above. The extra for any option is manageable. The estimates for the options come from the prop shop that Clarence uses, they are of course reputable. The prop is 12 years old, I don't know off the top of my head how many hours are on it but it has been overhauled once (2 years ago). If I go the Hartzell top prop route, they are estimating 2-3 weeks. I of course would like to be flying sooner than that, but if it's an upgrade, maybe it's worth the wait?
  12. ohdub

    A bad day for my prop

    So I have three options: - replace the damaged blade and have it ground down to match the damaged blade (I'm not a fan of this option) - replace both blades - replace the prop with a Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7497. (Existing prop is a McCauley). Help! Should I go with the Hartzell? What are the differences? Is there any weight difference? Performance difference? Thanks, any advise will be appreciated! OW
  13. ohdub

    A bad day for my prop

    Surprisingly I felt no vibration in flight. I was completely unaware of anything wrong until seeing the chunk missing from the blade.
  14. ohdub

    A bad day for my prop

    The engine will require an inspection.