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  1. I transitioned from a C182 when I bought my J. I found the transition to the Mooney to be no more difficult than when I transitioned from a C172 to the C182. I think the Mooney is a delight to fly and I feel that it is easier to land than the Cessnas - at least I think my Mooney landings are more consistent than my Cessna landings.
  2. The Sigma-Tek engine cluster gauges have been removed from my 1990 J for installation of an EDM900. Transducers included. ****Oil Pressure transducer is sold****** Condition: Fuel quantity, CHT and amps/volts all work well. Fuel pressure on rare occasion will stick at zero after engine start, but a tap on the gauge will get it to register and it works fine after that. Oil pressure also will stick at zero after engine start but will spring to life with a tap. It seems to happen any time the airplane has not run for a week or more. Oil temp gauge needs overhaul, I wouldn't trust it. Make me an offer...
  3. Looks awesome, thanks Clarence!
  4. My J is in the Doc's shop right now for her annual. Like every year, I really hope that there is nothing wrong for his eagle eyes to see, but if there is, I'm glad that it'll be fixed!
  5. ohdub

    Mooney Mechanics Detroit Area

    I'm sure that @M20Doc could answer your question about any legal implications to having a Canadian shop do the annual on a US A/C.
  6. ohdub

    Mooney Mechanics Detroit Area

    It's maybe a bit further than you would want to go, but the M20Doc's MSC is at CYKF (Kitchener, Ontario), 1 hour by Mooney from the Detroit area. I doubt you could find a better person than Clarence to look after your aircraft, he does a great job for me.
  7. ohdub

    How to install LED Strobes?

    I had mine replaced with Whelen LED's as the old ones died. The left one last summer, the tail this spring and the right one a few weeks ago. I had no issues with them being mixed and matched.
  8. ohdub

    Well, I finally did it ...

  9. ohdub

    New ride

    It's nice to see it outside with a prop on it!
  10. ohdub

    EGT/RPM fluctuations

    The issue was a bit of grease in the left mag. M20Doc fixed while I waited this morning.
  11. ohdub

    EGT/RPM fluctuations

    So I'm looking at the engine data from yesterday's flight and all the egt's seem to be fluctuating: Where as my flight the day before looked like this: I've asked Savvy to do an analysis, I'll be interested to hear what they say.
  12. Cool, do you ever come back this way?
  13. ohdub

    EGT/RPM fluctuations

  14. ohdub

    EGT/RPM fluctuations

    I did try a couple of mag checks, but each time I just missed the "event".