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  1. A bad day for my prop

    And yes, this is a forever plane
  2. A bad day for my prop

    Thanks Carusoam. I believe the insurance company is covering the cost of replacing the one blade and I pay the balance for anything above. The extra for any option is manageable. The estimates for the options come from the prop shop that Clarence uses, they are of course reputable. The prop is 12 years old, I don't know off the top of my head how many hours are on it but it has been overhauled once (2 years ago). If I go the Hartzell top prop route, they are estimating 2-3 weeks. I of course would like to be flying sooner than that, but if it's an upgrade, maybe it's worth the wait?
  3. A bad day for my prop

    So I have three options: - replace the damaged blade and have it ground down to match the damaged blade (I'm not a fan of this option) - replace both blades - replace the prop with a Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7497. (Existing prop is a McCauley). Help! Should I go with the Hartzell? What are the differences? Is there any weight difference? Performance difference? Thanks, any advise will be appreciated! OW
  4. A bad day for my prop

    Surprisingly I felt no vibration in flight. I was completely unaware of anything wrong until seeing the chunk missing from the blade.
  5. A bad day for my prop

    The engine will require an inspection.
  6. A bad day for my prop

    Insurance is covering it. Prop is 12 years old and was overhauled 2 years ago.
  7. This morning I was making the short flight over to the M20Doc's shop for some minor maintenance. When I arrived, I was still sitting in the airplane organizing my things when Clarence walked out and I heard him gasp - my heart almost stopped, I looked up and saw what he was looking at, a good chunk missing from my prop. On departure my prop must have picked up a pebble, I've seen many small dings in props before but nothing like this.
  8. How many hours is too many??

    My J has over 7,000 hours on it, I've had it for the last 3 years and almost 300 hours. So far I'm very happy with the airplane and have had no major issues - and no it's not for sale :). @M20Doc has been looking after it, both currently as well as for a number of years before I bought her, so I think that helps!
  9. It's cold, Mooneys heaters

    Clarence usually brags about his eight cylinder Comanche, since he forgot to do that in this thread and since I've had a few winter time rides in it, I can tell you that it has no trouble pumping out heat.
  10. Dynon Certified thread

    From Dynon's certified Skyview FAQ's, in answer to the question "Do I need to install the full system?" Their answer is: "Dynon will have a variety of system configurations available to tailor an installation to your aircraft. This may include omitting some products that you choose to not install." Hopefully this will be true...
  11. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Clarence, see you next week. And Merry Christmas to the rest of MS.
  12. Introductory Light Jet flight?

    If you'd like to log an hour or two in a jet warbird, go see Larry in Santa Fe, NM at http://www.jetwarbird.com/. I flew an hour in the L-39, it was awesome (but not cheap)!
  13. Mine burns a quart every 4 hours. Cylinders have been borescoped showing no issues, compressions are good, oil analysis also good, it just seems to be what the engine consumes. Engine has 1,100 his since new and I've had it for the last 250 hours.
  14. Should you happen to depart CYSN after FSS hours (they close at 9:00PM local), London FSS has an RCO on the field so you can reach them on 126.7 and they will relay an IFR clearance for you.
  15. Change in fuel pressure

    Oddly enough, I had forgotten about this. My fuel pressure readings have remained consistent ever since and I completely forgot about it when the annual came around, so I didn't have it checked.