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  1. Is there actually room to park 150+ Mooneys at KTPF?
  2. When I need an excuse to fly, I'll fly to an airport with cheaper gas that is a 1/2 hour away and fill up. I also will fly 15 minutes to Aircraft Spruce's Canadian location just to "save" the shipping charges.
  3. I'm selling my 3 year old Avidyne AXP340 ADS-B transponder. It has worked flawlessly since it was installed in April of 2016 and the only reason that I'm selling it is that I've replaced it with an active traffic system. Asking $1,600. Steve
  4. It was a beautiful day today for the trip home to Toronto from the Mooney Summit. 3.5 hours from ECP to Flemingsburg KY for a quick fuel stop, then another 2.5 hours to home (CZBA).
  5. Interesting, I grew up in Ottawa and spent a lot of time at Mooney's Bay, it never occurred to me that it was Mooney like the airplane. Strange how the brain works.
  6. I'm planning to arrive Thursday afternoon, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! As always, a huge thank you to all the organizers who do so much to make this great event happen, to the subject matter experts for the donation of their time and knowledge and to the sponsors!
  7. I'm about to upgrade to an L3 Lynx with active traffic. I'll have my Avidyne AXP340 for sale in a few weeks if you are interested.
  8. True, however the carbon seat post that snapped during a race left a sharp jagged piece of carbon fibre pointing at my private parts. I completed the lap - about another 5km - standing. My quads were on fire but I avoided impaling myself.
  9. I've cracked several aluminum bike frames and snapped a carbon seat post (mid race). I've not yet had a failure of a Thompson part - stem and seat post on my mtb are Thompson. I like the Chris King headset, my mtb hubs are Chris King, they are fantastic and beautifully designed.
  10. Dang, none of my bikes say Mooney on them.
  11. Ooohhh, is this where we get to show off our bikes? Do they need to have a chromoly frame? Ours are all aluminum or carbon.
  12. Congratulations on your new airplane! Exciting times ahead!