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  1. Introductory Light Jet flight?

    If you'd like to log an hour or two in a jet warbird, go see Larry in Santa Fe, NM at http://www.jetwarbird.com/. I flew an hour in the L-39, it was awesome (but not cheap)!
  2. Mine burns a quart every 4 hours. Cylinders have been borescoped showing no issues, compressions are good, oil analysis also good, it just seems to be what the engine consumes. Engine has 1,100 his since new and I've had it for the last 250 hours.
  3. Should you happen to depart CYSN after FSS hours (they close at 9:00PM local), London FSS has an RCO on the field so you can reach them on 126.7 and they will relay an IFR clearance for you.
  4. Change in fuel pressure

    Oddly enough, I had forgotten about this. My fuel pressure readings have remained consistent ever since and I completely forgot about it when the annual came around, so I didn't have it checked.
  5. MooneySpace Member Map

    Me too please!
  6. Canada Pilots?

  7. Canada Pilots?

  8. Canada Pilots?

    I'll get you one shortly...
  9. KBUF for Customs clearance

    I have also found KDAY to be very good for customs and there is no landing fee.
  10. KBUF for Customs clearance

    I've cleared at KBUF many times and it has always gone smoothly. 100LL is expensive and there is a $5 landing fee that you pay at the FBO.
  11. Me and my J on Flight Chops

    201er, if a controller says "keep your speed up" without giving a specific number, they just want you to go as fast as you can safely can. If that will be much below your filed cruise speed, it might not hurt to tell the controller what speed you will do, so that they know what to expect. I don't know what the rules are in the US, but in Canada, the lowest speed we can legally issue a jet is 160kts and when using speed control for approach sequence, that is normally the speed we give to jets and turboprops to the FAF. So if you have a piston doing 90kts on the approach with other aircraft following, you need a LOT of extra room. If you can do 150kts or better until past the FAF, you'll fit in just fine, but at least for me, that is only reasonable/safe if I'll be in VMC when the time comes to slow down. Pet peeves as a controller: 1. Pilots not listening. Everyone misses a call here and there (me included), that's not the end of the world, but if I need to call someone multiple times and and it's the same every time I transmit to you, I'll get annoyed. 2. If I've vectored you off course and then tell you direct XYZ and you turn to re-intercept the original magenta line instead of entering a direct to from your present position. The most common occurrence of this for me is VFRs going from CYTZ to CYKF, we have them follow the Lake Ontario shoreline until they are clear of the arrival/departure area for CYYZ and then tell them direct CYKF. If they turn to go back to the magenta line from CYTZ to CYKF they end up heading at YYZ arrivals or departures.
  12. Me and my J on Flight Chops

    If you look closely, you can probably see Clarence's shop.
  13. Are you a VFR or IFR pilot?

    I've had my instrument rating for almost 6 years and been a Mooney owner for almost 2 years. I truly believe that the instrument rating is the best, most useful rating you can get - unless you have no interest in travelling with your airplane and if that's the case, why bother having a Mooney. You really can't beat taking off on a dreary overcast day and breaking out on top into glorious sunshine. I don't think that'll ever get old for me. The furthest trip I've done so far was 1,000nm (to Florida) and I've done many other 600-800nm trips.
  14. How long have you owned your Mooney?

    My J is my first airplane, I've had her for 1.6 years and logged 170 hours so far. I still get excited every time I go out to the hangar, even if I'm not going flying.
  15. Me and my J on Flight Chops

    I pasted the same link in a second time and it worked! Go figure?