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  1. @Rick Ludtke, how much work would be involved in making an A/P adaptor that would allow the HDX to drive legacy A/P's like Aspen has? It might allow some people to go ahead with installing the system with their current A/P, with the intention of upgrading to the Dynon A/P once it's certified.
  2. I have just over 500 hours in my 1990 J. Off the top of my head, in the time that I've owned her I've had: Fuel tanks resealed, Battery replaced, Vacuum pump replaced, Mechanical AI overhauled, Mags overhauled, Front engine seal replaced, Baffle seals replaced, An elevator push rod replaced, Nose gear truss replaced, Electric trim repaired multiple times, Master switch replaced, Avionics blower replaced, And the plane is in the shop now having the windows replaced - I guess that's more of an upgrade than maintenance. I'm su
  3. I once watched @M20Doc adjust mine, while it didn't appear to be the easiest thing to do, it also only took him a few minutes to do. If I remember correctly, he used a crow foot wrench?
  4. Unfortunately I don't have any additional insight. I don't know which ANS providers are currently using space based ADS-B, or which ones will in the future. My understanding is that the data is there so even if ATC isn't using ADS-B for the provision of service, in the event of an accident, the last reported position can be looked up. Someone would need to know to ask Aireon for the information however.
  5. Looking great Grant! Amazing that you already have 100 hours in it! I look forward to getting a ride in the new C-FUTR! Steve
  6. I have 3 years as a tower controller, 22 years and counting as an approach controller. Without the benefit of listening to the tapes, given how you described the situation, I would say that your friend was correct. I routinely issue practice approach clearances to "inactive" runways and usually issue "runway heading" for the missed approach - to me this means the heading of the runway to which the approach was flown and I've never had a pilot interpret those instructions any other way. Having said all this, it will be important to review the tapes, many occurrences have been due to what s
  7. When I was shopping for my airplane, I brought my wife out to the airport to look at a J I was interested in, when we walked into the hangar she looked at the registration (C-GWED) and she said "Her name is Gwendolyn". We bought the plane and the name stuck.
  8. This is disappointing/worrisome to hear. My plane is in the shop right now having an AV-30 AI installed. I'll report my experience once I get the plane back.
  9. Let's ask Clarence, he'll be able to tell us. @M20Doc?
  10. Since our greeter @carusoam hasn't been by yet, let me welcome you to MS and congratulate you on your first post. Sorry Anthony, don't mean to step on your toes
  11. Thinking back to a common expression used by my math profs, you could have said "I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader"
  12. I have a Tannis so it may be different, but my plug is zip tied to the oil filler neck.
  13. @Mcstealth had said he might be interested...
  14. I think that the importance of this thread is to remind ourselves that there is risk in what we do and that we must remain vigilant. But I think that you may despair too much at the numbers @201er. The aviation world is small, we all know a lot of fellow aviators. Perhaps when you look at the number of people who responded that they personally know a pilot who had a fatal accident, you assume that those are all separate events? I suspect that there is some, if not significant overlap. The same accident may be counted several times. In the case of knowing someone who knew someone, I would
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