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  1. Wow,.,.Your Mechanic must not know any of the very conscientious vintage Mooney owners I know. A blanket statement like that is somewhat insultuous by your mechanic to all of those vintage owners who's airplane's reflect their pride of ownership. A great many of them are reading your posts here. Of course, most of these are not the planes you find on Controller for under 40K. I wish you the best, but finding used bladders for cheap really wont be an option. If you want bladders, you will have to pony up the big bucks and wait for them to be available. The good news is that they are continuing operations and are at least an option
  2. It is Oasis Aero. Paul Beck and Eric Rudningen own and operate it. They are Mooney International's newest MSC, and were both under the tutelage of Mooney's oldest MSC, Jaeger Aviation. They are great Mechanics and great people who will treat you right. Unlike the previous owner who purchased Willmar from Bruce, Eric and Paul know the value of treating customers right.
  3. Humm....no MSC at KCLW that I know of. That said, Jeff Bender of Bender Aviation is Mooney knowledgeable and fair, 2 of his mechanics own Mooneys. Is that who you are referring to as a Mooney Service Center in Clearwater?
  4. So terribly sad. If anyone has the immediate family contact info, please send it to alice.elliott at mooneysummit.com or PM DEB here on Mooneyspace so that we can offer our assistance.
  5. I have! it is one sweet Acclaim, as was his J
  6. It is my understanding compensation to a CFI is for knowledge, not for pilotage. This has been ruled on previously, and there is not a medical requirement for knowledge. Now if the CFI is required to be PIC or required SIC (think safety pilot) then yes, he will need a medical or a shiny new basic medical. Someone in the front seat(s) needs a medical of some flavor.
  7. I am so glad you are both ok, and we don't have to write a "letter" to your surviving family.
  8. especially in coastal Florida (and arid Arizona, and moderate Midwest, and overpriced CA, and nasty Newark)
  9. Your probably right, Bob. If a plane just had bladders put in in the last couple years,I wouldn't have a concern in the world. but when they are 20+ years old and now not being able able to get new parts when needed (maybe they have a 30 year life, but I doubt if it is much longer than fuel lines) It would cause me as a buyer to discount it accordingly, just as I would a 20 year old wet wing like Robert Gary's. I really hope a bunch of the bladder owners get together and resurrect the STC so it doesn't cause an availability issue in the future for anyone.
  10. How old are your fuel lines? 10+ years is long time to trust fuel lines. Are the Mooney bladders made of material that is that much more durable than fuel lines to last indefinitely as to not pose a real risk to a potential buyer of needing replacement, or would it be fair to prorate them in a prebuy like you would wet tanks, gear donuts, engines, etc?
  11. and also if you keep your wet wings in a hanger with fuel in them, they will last at least 10 years or more. Heat is the enemy of both. Jose, can a plane that has had bladders installed be converted back or is that "game over", do you know?
  12. You might be on to something here. All of the O&N equipped bladder Mooney's just took a serious hit on value if the STC is not maintained, Just think of owning an L model now. If you cant get a part and need it, you would have a yard ornament instead of a nice Mooney. Perhaps you bladder owners can pool some $ and get Chris's girls to "make them an offer they cant refuse"
  13. They certainly can end the reseal vs bladder debate with a new model that does incorporate breach protection. I would be one of the first in line for them, as it would be a game changer on tank repair. On a Bravo, however, you cant give up too much UL, as there isn't any to speak of for those of us that "exceed" the standards of what the FAA considers a person weighs as it is Fly and be safe, Jim!
  14. O&N could have used aeroquip hoses and fittings as part of the STC also. I have seen that video, Jim, and it was scary. I don't think the current o&n bladders would have contained the fuel in that event any more than the wet wing did. That is what they should have been designed to do, and what every bladder owners and wannabe owners want them to do, but they do not. They fix a leak, not prevent a breach Pevee, once you put in bladders, it is my understanding you preclude being able to ever put in the Monroy long range tanks in that plane. I think you can add more capacity with O&N bladders to the stubby Mooney's by purchasing the 10 gallon extension bladders they came out with so as to not compromise the fuel capacity of the F's and J's, however, which may make sense for someone to do if they need the extra range. I imagine Yuri Avrutin would have enjoyed the extra 10 Gal. on his way to Berlin from Caldwell NJ in his C.
  15. Fuel cells we would put in the race cars one could shoot a shotgun at and not have it penetrate. I wouldn't suggest this with a Mooney bladder. They could have made it out of the same material, however, they just didn't. More profit that way I suppose, or perhaps would make them "cost prohibitive" for there intended design solution (fix leaking tank). Had a design criteria been to reduce impact fires, they would have used the material proven technically capable and available. I don't think the current bladders were any heavier dimension for dimension over a race car bladder material. The choice was made otherwise for whatever reasons, unfortunately,