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  1. Gee, someone forgot to give them the memo that your plane will turn to a pile of corrosion if you park it in Florida.
  2. good point, we all know a Canadian Deg F is worth less than a US Deg F.
  3. Yes, he now works for Delta Aviation selling Mooneys out west. Lee Drumheller is still in Alabama working for Premier, Both will have a lot of nice Mooney's to show you. Both keep me hopping doing transition training for them. Coolshot, if you get a chance to go to SNF, Lee will be there, or if you want either's contact info, shoot me a PM. Keep me in mind for your transition training when the time comes.
  4. You didn't accidentally take off on one mag after doing your runup, did you, or not have the prop full forward?
  5. He charged $2500 for both last month
  6. same venue, Panama City Beach, Fl. see http://www.mooneysummit.com/index.php?r=site%2Fabout
  7. Welcome, and thanks for your service! Check out the Florida Mooney lunch group, a great way to travel around Fl. every 2nd sat of the month. Depending on which derivative of K, it could be the highest workload single engine plane (engine management) which I suspect you would look forward to with your prior training. There are some real "deals" on K's out there right now. The J is the most efficient of the herd you mentioned while a 252 encore is the most capable. You will hear it more than once, get a proper prebuy from a knowledgeable Mooney specific IA. as well as with Mooney specific instructor to bring you quickly up to speed on the Mooney envelope, its likes and dislikes. Treat her like a fine lady and not a $5 puta, with both care and caress, and she will reward both you and your wife with extreme pleasure.
  8. used COGO and punch tapes first year at Purdue in one of my Civil Eng. courses. That was 1969, so much much younger than you, you old fart.
  9. I should be there Clarence, just give me a ring if you still have my cell #. Stewie coming this year?



    1. M20Doc


      Hi Mike,

      We are planning on coming down in Stew's twin Comanche and are towing a V35B with 2 friends along.


    2. mike_elliott


      the twin commanche...isnt that one of Al's designs? Look forward to seeing you guys!

      Fly safe!



  10. I have one and dont use it, as the moisture tends to condensate on the glass pickle jar vs vent to the atmosphere, and recontaminates the desiccant. Instead, I use a modified version of the original barkeraircraft design where I introduce a jar of kitty litter into the system on the intake side and the return air is from the crankcase overflow. I dont worry about sealing intakes etc, as I am only concerned with the crankcase humidity. I let it run 100% of the time and change desiccant about every 3 weeks during the humid July Aug months. Once you dry the air in the crankcase, it stays dry. Works great. The Kitty litter takes the oil vapor out and keeps it from contaminating the desiccant.
  11. DTF, I am sorry you had such a bad experience. Your statement above is both true and false. Florida planes are not necessarily bad for corrosion at all. In fact, some of the best examples of Mooneys are in Florida. I have had my butt in well over 200 Mooneys from all over and can say this with some authority, While the high tumidity environment is conducive to corrosion, like it is in Al, LA, Houston, SC, etc, it is all about how the plane is cared for. The second part of your statement reveals the true identifier of a good plane or a bad one. Going forward for other Mooney wannabe owners, I recommend "prebuying" the existing and previous owner(s) as much as you do the plane. That will reveal much about the quality of care, attention to detail and maintenance philosophy the plane was exposed to. I owned an F Model for 16 years and kept it in FL for 3 of them. I found a hanger PRIOR to buying a house here, it is that important. To answer your question, yes, a M20F can be disassembled and rebuilt. The sky is the limit. John Breda has done just that with his using a Mooney professional (Brian Kendrick). He now has arguably the finest F in the fleet, surplanting my old one, Glenns, Marauders, and a few other fine examples.
  12. 2 titanium plates for rib fixation was over 27amu's
  13. so thats what the back of them look like! What were you in to shoot that pic, a cub?
  14. Bring your wallet to the Mooney Summit, Andrew. L3 and Avidyne will be there and I am working on them for a few fantastic silent auction items again.
  15. Very true. Meeting the open pilot warranty only means the insurance company wont deny a claim. They will subrogate their losses against the pilot or his estate unless he is a named additional insured pilot with a waiver of subrogation.