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  1. Thanks again John for this wonderful donation to the Mooney Summit! Your kind donation will help a downed Mooney pilots family in the time of their greatest need thru our Bill Gilliland foundation. This year's auction will be online and open to everyone. Stay tuned for how and when on www.mooneysummit.com
  2. I have had a few clients do well with Jake, but Jim obviously has had an issue. This seems like putting a chain back on a sprocket . Jim, perhaps you can give him a recommendation or give a hand here
  3. oh no! It's doomed! If the prebuy didn't uncover any corrosion issues, your probably good. I would put a coat of acf 50 on it, and then maybe next year follow with boshield. And I don't care where it is going to live now
  4. Glenn if your at Kdab, go see Jake at Daytona aircraft . they are a msc.
  5. Funny as I had one of those but sent it away with the gent who bought my F. Perhaps a oil pressure sensor and a few turbo vband clamps will fill the obvious void
  6. I have a spare one I keep right next to a gold ingot and a vac switch
  7. Thanks Red Leader. The event dates had to be coordinated with a lot of facilities, etc. I appreciate your posting the corrected dates.
  8. Those nasty bait eating things infected the Tippicanoe river many decades ago. They decimate the crawfish and minnow population and thus destroy the bass habitat. We called them shad.
  9. Joseph, there wont be a Mooney Summit in Kentucky this year. I think you are confusing the Mooney Summit with a MAPA safety foundation event.
  10. How many of you have signed up for the Mooney Summit Sept 27 and 28th?
  11. Adam, reach out to me mike AT Mooneypros.com and we can get you our new pilot info form to complete and our insurance reqs. thanks
  12. Rob, it is a commom issue with the J's that develop over time. You were correct to clean the master switch terminals as it usually fixes the "waving" The VR detects resistance and flips on and off causing the windshield wiper effect on the ammeter.
  13. my go to guy for all things Oxygen is @Scott Ashton. Aerox is his company and he really knows his gases. Scott has been a fantastic supporter of the Mooney community sponsoring the Mooney Summit in addition to being a Mooney owner himself. Questions? Scott can really help, albeit he is busy working his booth at SunNFun for the next couple of days.
  14. Hi Mike,  Kindly email me at justin@justinwinter.com to discuss transition training for my Son, Ben.  We have a 1998 Ovation under contract and if we close we’ll own it in the next few weeks.  Are you willing to train someone at their home airport?  Ben is a “fly by the numbers guy”, as one must be to fly the Cirrus safely.  The TBM is also very much a “fly by the numbers” airplane.  

    thanks,   JW

  15. I have had a number of clients move on to TBMs after they have owned s long body Mooney. They both are "numbers" planes and behave very similarly. A few have gotten their PPL in the Ovations and Acclaims and paid the big bucks for first year insurance premiums. One Boeing fellow bought an Ovation for his son in lieu of college as he wanted to be an airline pilot. He currently is flying for netjets professionally. Lots of ways to skin the retract time cat, but not too many better than in a Mooney
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