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  1. mike_elliott

    Crossing the USA in a Mooney M20J

    When your around Neil, it can be a challenge
  2. I stand corrected, Dan. I thought it was a 310, as it sure flys Like one Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  3. mike_elliott

    M10 is on the move

    Im sure this would be a full time position and would require the candidate to move to Kerrville.
  4. mike_elliott

    M10 is on the move

    ???. Mike Miles is still doing their test pilot stuff on contract. https://recruiting.myapps.paychex.com/appone/MainInfoReq.asp?R_ID=1919749&B_ID=91&fid=1&Adid=0&ssbgcolor=17143A&SearchScreenID=7751&CountryID=3&LanguageID=2
  5. mike_elliott

    The Greatest Generation

    I was fortunate enough to be asked to be a founding pilot of Honor flight. There were 2 Mooneys on that first flight, my F and copilot Roy Ellis, and Jeff Uphoff's 231 copiloted by Scott Hureau, a former E owner. This was one of the most fantastic things I have ever done in aviation. 6 planes descended upon Manassas where we were greeted by a bus provided by the local American legion and we transported 12 vets to their newly opened WWII memorial. It was heart touching. Today, the organization is well entrenched in commercial ops as the vets are almostly ambulatory https://www.honorflight.org/about-honor-flight-networtk/ Thanks for asking me to do this Karl Ludolph, Earl Morse! Mike Elliott founding pilot, Honorflight
  6. I honestly cant remember, but here is a photo when I had it leaned out to 50 or 60 LOP going 178TAS on 12.6.
  7. mike_elliott

    Check Gear!

    Yea, true for those that have not tested systems, have jigs, or are having how to hold a bucking bar.
  8. mike_elliott

    The NEW new panel

    Those self induced unusual attitudes are always a pleasure to have disrupt your avionics testing Sure wish I could come back to OZ and help you sort this puppy out!
  9. mike_elliott

    Check Gear!

    A Mooney is an aluminum skinned airframe airplane. There really isn't any "tribal knowledge" that has been long lost in putting these together. Sure, tips and tricks on how to do it effectively pass out the door as a craftsman leaves if doesnt share the knowledge, but this is just an airplane. Pounding rivets together on a jig is what sheet metal craftsmen do. Perhaps this is why production time/unit is waaaay longer than it should be, but I would look elsewhere for the answer to this problem.
  10. mike_elliott

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    I teach to lower the gear upon pulling power. Get that costly variable dealt with. The rest of the power off 180 is simply energy management, which is what it is supposed to be teaching you. There are plenty of ways to dirty up the plane if needed, and if done right, you wont have to. Once practiced with the plane in this landing configuration, it is less difficult than practicing the maneuver "clean" and risking being "distracted" YMMV
  11. I flew a g1000 O3 from State College, Pa to kfxe a few months ago non stop. 8k, 185 TAS. A nice plane for your mission
  12. mike_elliott

    Avidyne WiFi/BT Failure General Announcement

    Sounds like I can snivel my way into a free steak dinner
  13. mike_elliott

    Avidyne WiFi/BT Failure General Announcement

    What about the rest of the 7 layers of the OSI networking model and how they interact with the Avidyne? As a former network engineer, I would want a complete answer prior to pulling out the card
  14. about 15 years ago, this same thing came up on the aviating.com list serve. Javier Henderson created a separate list for everyone to do their "ranting" on called MooneyTalk. It is still alive and well if you care to join it and raise hell there. http://lists.aviating.com/mailman/listinfo/mooney-talk