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  1. I personally would not recommend doing this, as it can potentially damage the plunger that seats causing a slight leak. A better practice is to pull the gascolator ring for each tank when you begin the preflight with doing the interior work as noted in the poh first., then doing the exterior tasks. You will know if it is still running out. As another poster said, it is better to sump the wings prior to pulling the gascolator ring, however. The purpose of pulling the gascolator ring is to remove any sediment that may be accumulating prior to it plugging up you carb jets or finger screen in the servo, like what was happening in another thread here recently that the op is now trying to sell the plane because of. Yes, there is a screen in the vintage gascolators that should be checked at each annual, along with the finger strainer screen in the injected IO360's, but they don't catch everything.
  2. Hi Mark,

    I wanted to touch base with you to see if you would be interested in donating a nice PMA450A as a silent auction item for the Mooney Summit V this year, and possibly do an educational presentation on audio panel technology during the open house airport day.

    We are starting to assemble our sponsors for this years event and would love to include PS Engineering once again on our sponsor link.

    Let me know, kind sir!




    1. Mscheuer


      Can you please tell me where this event will be held?

  3. Here is a clue to what might be your issue. Don Maxwell is getting wealthy selling new battery relays because of switching batteries with engine on. I used to switch batteries when I would switch tanks, but no more. Check this out also.
  4. If anyone knows Barnett Russell or how to contact him, please let me know so the Mooney Summit can offer our support.
  5. The oscillation of either pitch or trim on an STEC AP is typically caused by stiction on the armature of the servo. Have your shop make up a sub min D connector harness if they don't already have one and power just the servo with 12V and run the motor in both directions for a minute or 2. I would do this at annual time every year on my F that had an Stec that developed this issue, and never had the problem again. This "fix" came from a former STEC field engineer I spoke with at OSH a number of years ago. I forgot the pinouts for the harness, but any avionics shop should be able to get the info. Cheap, easy, effective (not 3 words usually heard in the same context as aviation)
  6. Absolutely. I don't think it is possible to put in a G500 or Aspen without a "backup" per their stc. It might be possible with the ESI and the G5, but dumb to do if your 1970's technology Analog King AP needs analog pitch and roll inputs to drive it. That is probably the one reason why the scrap metal recyclers are not full of KI25x's right now, and why Mr. Bramble can live in beautiful Sarasota Fl. L3, Please come out with an D/A converter to drive the AP for your great ESI500!
  7. They are both great choices. The Garmin is nicer from a size standpoint, the Aspen for the interoperability and redundancy. Head to SunNFun next month and get the pitch from both companies, along with possible "deals". Just my opinion, as I have a lot of time behind both and like both of them.
  8. Good avionics guys use this "string" instead of zip ties, as zip ties tend to shred your arms when they are not properly trimmed, and the guys that use them usually don't properly trim them.
  9. I understand this is one of the major contributing factor in getting the Ultra certified right now.
  10. OrangeMTL is the old owner, the new owner of 730ML lives in McKinney, Tx now. Very easy to spot, very nice plane (Kevin, got your ears on?)
  11. Congrats Angelos!
  12. Yesterday, another ki258 bites the dust, less than 10 hrs on an overhaul. This time vfr. Thankfully, the "non primary" Aspen was on board. Please rethink serious ifr (all ifr is serious) with only a "fine Swiss watch" ki25x IA and no backup.
  13. Depends on what you are looking for. YOu could call up Richard Simile who will give you a demo flight in the lt. seat, and then you can sign the papers and fly it home! Same with Jimmy Garrison, and he will have vintage birds. As Paul said, getting insurance for instruction on say a Bravo with a hull value of $225K would not make fiscal sense for the mooney specific instructors. I know of a clapped out C in Venice for rent, and a J in Ocala at the schools there, and there might be others. These certainly wont represent what you would want to own, however.
  14. David, just give me a ring! I should be around the Silverwings cabin as I volunteer to help them every year (driving friends around in a golf cart ), or at the SAFE booth, or doing a FAAsteam presentation, or harassing Dirk Vanderzee or Richard Simile at the Mooney Booth
  15. Thanks Deb, I was wondering what Rip would say about it since the stall AOA is different in ea. configuration. One would conclude a wing will stall at a higher angle of attack without flaps from Rips statement, thus if wanting to know the best rate of climb, it would be nice to have the info available on the AOA for the given weight like I mainly use it for and a calibrated display for flaps up would be required. For the CYA to do this, it would most likely require a change of display for this added capability. I am not trying to say which is a better device here, Bob. I selected the Aspen because of the cost to me, $0 it was thrown in, and the installation, which was a half hour unlock and firmware update plus an hour fun flight, and nothing extra hanging in the breeze to bust. Aspen defends their lack of audible feature with the "its not really needed" spin also. To me, I don't really care for it, but to others, the audible is important.