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  1. ICAO Flight Plan using FlyQ

    support times usually suck from all vendors during OSH....just sayin...
  2. WANTED: Terrain Card for Garmin 430 WAAS

  3. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Your an A$P, there are plenty out there and easy to find. A simple drive by a few airports nearby will usually turn up a ramp queen that needs TLC. Put in a bit of effort and you will get your very own barn find. Jerry Pressley made a career out of it as has the "reaper" Lets let Jessie work thru this
  4. I just bought a 1986 M201j and require a bi=annual flight review Any instructors in the Stuart area?

    I need someone to fly my Mooney M201j from Avon Park fl to Stuart Fl. next week I need one more ride for m BFR.

    Can you help Mike? Nick Gravino

    nicholasgravino@att.net 772 678 6962

  5. Mooney tatoo

    I have a few Mooney scars, and sported a removable Mooney tattoo at the Mooney Summit III if that counts
  6. FlyQ insight

    Seattle Avionics President John Rutter has donated a lifetime Sub for FlyQ that some lucky attendee of the Mooney Summit will win! Thanks John!
  7. KFC 230 AeroCruze - any information?

    Per RC Allen at SNF, they were the ones that were building the KI300. That explains a lot. I expect the Rapture to happen prior to the Ki300 showing up in Peters panel.
  8. I'll switch to Aeroshell 100W now

    Those that come to the Mooney Summit will have the opportunity to win 4 bottles of cam guard (thanks Ed) Exxon Elite Oil change kit (thanks Lisa) Aeroshell Oil Change kit (thanks M20Doc, Clarence, Tri city Aero) I have tried for 3 years to get Phillips on board, but do not get any further than "that sounds great, call this guy...." this guy doesn't return calls. Who knows, maybe the same person will win it all, and mix it up!
  9. Oshkosh 2017

    No, Brian lost his lease to the city of Willmar and AFAIK, defaulted in payments for Willmar Air Service to Bruce Jaeger. That said, Paul Beck and Eric Rudingen now have the Mooney Service center in Willmar, Mn. called Oasis. Great guys, great service. They started a new operation.
  10. Seriously non certified repair

    You wouldn't have this trouble if you remapped the engine to run ROP instead of LOP.
  11. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Since it is a project of sorts, don't kill it by keeping in on a ramp for "free". It wont be free. Please put it in a hangar where you can do the work on it, keep tools, beer etc. Sunny CA kills planes just like Sunny Fl. kills planes outside on the ramp. You saw how nice it cleaned up with a bath, don't expect that with a plane that has been sitting outside for a year.
  12. AGL Aviation Services

    Lynn will be donating an annual inspection to the Mooney Summit's silent auction. Thanks AGL, Lynn!! We look forward to seeing you at the Summit!
  13. Bravo Ownership Questions

    Chris, that is what I have found after 15 years of owning an F and about 4 with the Bravo. The only real difference is the hull value of insurance, and the fuel burn plus a bit more maintenance for the toys like O cylinder, King stuff, (alt. preselect, swiss watch, KRAP 150 AP's )and exhaust systems. Then you get to the fuel burn. Plan for 20 GPH in a Bravo and 10 GPH in a J, F, or E. Your going to spend 2 x the fuel to go 200 kts vs 155 kts, and in the big scheme of things, it isn't much more, as your hours are less for the same distance.
  14. Anyone going to the AOPA Fly-In at KOUN?

    We are going to have close to 100 of them on the ramp at KECP on airport day, Sept 29th at the Mooney Summit!
  15. Bravo Ownership Questions

    Don, would you say the only difference if you owned a J valued at 150K would be slightly less insurance, (maybe 2K) slightly less annual, (maybe 4500), and half the fuel?