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  1. These titanium TKS stall strips are glued on and when lost, become not only difficult to obtain timely, but are very pricey. They are different than the non TKS mooney stall strips.
  2. Don't discount making sure the rear baffle seal on a J is sealing completely on the upper cowl. The have a tendency to droop in the middle. Tha will really improve cyl cooling
  3. Thanks Nidal, you guys rock! the Mooney Community appreciates your kindness and dedication to safety
  4. @microkit, Are you still in for a donation to the Mooney Summit this year? Thanks for all you do to help enhance safety!
  5. John, check in the pax foot well using the CO monitor, it should help you find the leaks. That was where the Bravo I had triggered the Sensorcon I have and I was able to plug up the ultra small opening I found. Good call on not getting CO poisoning
  6. Tamara, Next time im that way, Old country tavern on me! Keep Lynn away from Don's goats
  7. I busted one of these years ago on my F model with a 201 prop. I realize we are talking apples and oranges with your Bravo prop, but Clarences' post reminded me of the importance of the fit of the front bulkhead and the hub. This should be very tight and shimmed with UHMW tape if needed.
  8. I've had the strobe light switch cover break on a less than 5 hr old Ultra ovation once. Stacey gave me a few of them I sent along with the new owner. I think Paul Maxwell uses these switches on his new panel installations and may have a few covers. You might try giving them a call
  9. A reused tube runs the risk of a fold from being prestretched from previous use when reinstalling. When that happens, a flat follows shortly, usually away from your jacks and toolbox when there is a foot of snow or its over 95 deg. How do I know this?
  10. If anyone has the surviving spouses contact info, please forward it to me. Also, if anyone knows the surviving spouse info for : 12/31/21 N6796N Arizona City, Az Randy K. Donnarumma or 6/10/22 N305L Rocket Camarillo, CA Dr. Jacob We would greatly appreciate that info. In doing this since 2014, I have noticed a trend, and it confirms what the FAA has said about those that attend safety events and seminars. While not making general assumptions about pilot error, it only stands to reason that while we gladly spend 3K on our panel for additional safety and skimp on the most important system of the plane, the pilot, our accident and incident record could more reflect that of military and commercial if we trained more rigorously and effectively. /soapbox mode off
  11. @Jonny Consider the Mooney Summit to donate a base annual inspection to help us assist downed Mooney Pilot's families. Good will goes miles for the price of Mikes time for a day or 2 and brings Mooney back into the support fold. Some lucky owner would gladly bid on this fantastic silent auction donation and undoubtedly would be a service center customer for life after they experience what Mike and Kevin can do. I hope the crew behind the curtain gives this request serious thought as I am sure it will pay soft sell dividends for Mooney both fiscally and culturally
  12. While getting insurance for flying is getting pricey without question, one well known client pilot was telling me getting homeowners insurance because of the "(Insert pronouns here) live there" by gawkers for their house and has been refused by a couple of the major carriers not wanting to accept the risks because of a google search on them. So far, my age has only interfered with being added to one clients' policy, but I am sure as I get older like Don, that will accelerate. The thing that makes no sense to me is that I am also on a few other policies with the same carrier. This pilot is over 80 so that may have something to do with it/ Maybe they take the average of the cockpit
  13. I just flew a plane today that has been having regular maintenance done by MIke at the factory. The owner is exceptionally happy with the service and quality he has received.
  14. just thinking of you boring a hole with fredricksburg based n242kt
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