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  1. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    I have a few hours in this one.. David, its yours now, is it not?
  2. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    Scott graciously donated a set of CIES senders to the Mooney Summit V which our own @Bob_Belville won. Scott, @CIES thanks so much for your kind donation!
  3. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    and exactly why you would do this, so you dont find out about it on Take off or later.
  4. G-OBAL refit

    Andrew, you do not need the ea100 for GPSS if you are keeping that "fine swiss watch" ki258. Have it continue to drive the AP and the Aspen will provide info to the 258. As others have said, consider getting an ESI500 to replace it if you are going to drive the AP with the EA100 and ditch your Vacuum pump in the channel
  5. Looking to purchase a Mooney M20J

    The F doesnt cost a lot more to maintain if it has been maintained all along. A properly maintained F will cost less to maintain than a J that has been neglected. I owned an F for 14 years and it was very economical. Yea, I had the 3 piece belly that took me 1/2 hour longer to take off and put on, but that was it. No prop ad, no doghouse, and no dual mag worries. A J will be a good 8 to 10 kts faster however, thus the reason they have a higher value and price. I would pick Glenn Tanners, Mauaders, Breda's and a few other F's over a LOT of clapped out 77-78 J's I have seen and been in for the same $$. You wont be in the well maintained J class at 75K buy in, and as others have said, you will quickly have 125K into it. Fiscally, you would be better served to up your budget to 100K if a J is where you want to be (and thats a good place to be)
  6. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    I start the engine on the least full tank. Upon completion of the checklist prior to taxi, I will switch to the fullest tank. Taxi, run-up and take off are done on this tank. This ensures I have proper fuel flow from both tanks while on the ground, and prior to needing to get a prescription for flexiril to treat a pulled sphincter muscle
  7. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    Jeff Magnus, Lance Phillips and the rest of the Mooney team have spent the last couple of months addressing each stations' quality control so that when a plane rolls into the delivery hangar, it is perfect. They recognize the importance of having the QC impeccable on these hand built planes to their sales and marketing efforts.
  8. Standard rate turns with glass

    and the resolution is just horrible on those archaic displays
  9. M20E transition training

    Hi Kai, You wont find a Mooney Specific CFI that has their plane insured for training that I know of, so that leaves you with a couple of options. 1) we fly to you and train you in the E, 2) you go to KOCF and rent their 201. Your real goal isn't just to meet insurance requirements, but to learn how to fly the plane properly. A CFI with 100 hrs retract and 5 hrs of Mooney time or a fledgling airline pilot wannabee might not be your most prudent choice. Depending on when you want this training, I may be able to help provided the owner can meet my insurance requirements and the E is properly equipped
  10. Service Bulletin M20-088

    The chances are if you go down in such a fashion that the main door is jammed closed, you are probably unconscious or physically unable to get to the baggage area. In your emergency training and on your emergency checklist add "open the door" if you are going to land anywhere but an airport. This does a couple of things. 1) keeps the door from jamming (obvious) and 2) tells the first responders where to go to pull you out. Most will not be familiar with ingress and egress of a Mooney. This one simple thing is probably why I am here today to write this. Bobby knew right away where to go to get me out of a burning plane. Over the last 20 years, I have heard of a number of Mooney baggage doors "pop open" in flight to the expensive tune of repair. Personally, I teach "if the baggage door is unlocked, leave it up, and if it is down, always lock it" Sometimes this causes me to unlock and lock it a few times before flight, but so be, I know I wont pop open like what has happened at the PPP to cause them to develop a no fly policy if not locked. Its your plane, you can do what you want of course, but consider mitigating the problem (door jamming closed) with a solution more in line with the cause (open door to prevent jamming). Now if your door handle falls off while you are sitting on a ramp in Gladewater Tx, thats a different problem with a different solution, right Kelly?
  11. Finally!!!

    by the time it is available, that will be close to the minimum wage
  12. Finally!!!

  13. KISM pireps?

    Check Jetcenter pireps on airnav. They are all over the place. They have one lady there that is on a real power trip. My last experience there was horrible with her, dropping of my son. Others have had good experiences. Be ready to take 15 gal or pay their $50 ramp fee, & hope you dont get the one rather rude unfriendly counter lady. She made such an impression on me, I wont be back.
  14. MAPA Pilot Proficiency Program

    Ahh yes,,Moonlight BBQ. Made More than one trip thru there, even organized a Mooney lunch fly in to there back in the day
  15. Raptor

    Not legal in this country Johannes...oh wait, your in Washington...maybe it is now