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  1. From Jenny Brandemuehl Hi All, No update to report on the CEAs on Mark's thighs. They haven't separated yet from their dressing covers today so the doctors couldn't see much yet. We continue to wait. I'm grateful his heart rhythm is stable, blood pressure got soft and they gave him albumin and blood. I'm curious and will ask the doctors at what stage in skin grafts will Mark's vascular system recover enough so that his blood pressure becomes more stable? Family friends Marcene and Harlow were in town and came to visit Mark today. He definitely recognized their voices and smiled. It was so good to see him respond. They've known Mark since he was very young. I've discovered talking to the nurses that they think Mark's room has the best music! It's also been a conversation topic among the nurses. Laura, one of the traveling nurses who has the biggest heart for Mark and our family said that the Mumford songs on Mark's playlist inspired her to go the the Mumford show in Phoenix last night. She said the opening song, Guiding Light made her cry thinking of Mark. She was so excited about sharing her videos of the show with Mark today. He smiled at her today too! She leaves her 3 month assignment at the burn center to return home to El Paso. She'll be one of the nurses we're going to stay in touch with after we leave Phoenix. The nurses here are among the best in their profession and truly care about us. Many years ago Mark, Adrian and I were going to a big music festival at the Monterey County Fairgrounds especially to see Mumford. (Mark and Adrian are big fans). Mark was going to fly us from Palo Alto for the show but we ran into fog and he wasn't IFR rated yet. (fly solely based on instruments). We couldn't land in Monterey or Salinas and had to fly back to Palo Alto and drive to Monterey. It was an adventure and totally worth it. We were all pretty wowed by Mumford - they are great live. It was a busy and full day for Mark today.
  2. Good for you to know your limitations. Like your prospective student, dont be surprised if the carrier will require up to 10 hrs dual for you to be added as insured. You have passed one of their big hurdles of having a complex. As you know, each airplane type has its' own characteristics that must be addressed in training, and you need to know what they are before instructing in them. General airmanship can and is taught in primary instruction and should be well mastered prior to transition training. Seek out a specialist yourself, then pass on your wisdom and what you learned from him.
  3. I believe he lived, albeit disabled. If not mistaken, he was DOM of Dugosh in Kerrville if memory serves me right (a perishable skillset..)
  4. following your logic, every accident is the fault of the CFI as he should have "taught them not to do that' whether he is present or not. In fact, CFI's have been sued years after instruction because of, well, somebody's got to pay, and it is the job of the slip and fall industry to make sure someone does. This mentality tends to limit primary instructors to be young, ignorant, and assetless. And it makes me re-think my daily rate...just sayin... But to answer your question, yes he was there to give instruction. Was he there as a guarantee against preventing the Pic from having an accident? Here is where your perception of an instructors' role is skewed. More accidents have been prevented for sure by instructors, but instruction does not come with a guarantee we can prevent you from doing something that might get us both killed. Most of the time we can and do, but this isnt an ironclad guarantee.
  5. and why I dont set foot in a plane I am not named insured addnl pilot with a waiver of subrogation. I have no desire to allow an insurance carrier to hedge their insurance bet with my assets. Yes, I also carry a non owned policy for instructing, but have found things go smoothly when all the lawyers are on the same side of the table. A lot of people fear their liability is limited if tey do this, but it is only limited to what their policy limits are. Parker Woodruff will expound on this at the Mooney Summit during a roundtable on airport day, Friday Sept 27th at KECP. All are welcome to come, be educated and eat BBQ on Kelly Aerospace and Sheltair.
  6. I saw 52 in a V that was a couple hundred under gross. Good idea on the ball focus. My MK 1 sphincter co-ordinator helps me from keeping a wing from dropping on a full stall also.
  7. Jenny is very upbeat, and things are looking up. mike elliott, Jenny Brandemuehl has posted a new announcement for Family & Friends of Mark Brandemuehl. Mark goes into surgery tomorrow at 7:30 am. Dr Foster will put full skin grafts where the cosmetic surgeon made cuts below his eyes to release contracted skin. He continues to have a stable heart rhythm. His blood pressure fluctuates from soft to minimum of normal range. They are doing everything they can to support his BP as needed without resorting to medication. Still monitoring blood clot and blood infection. We got to see Mark’s arms undressed - his new skin looks so healthy! You can see the mesh pattern from the mesh the put underneath his CEAs. The physical therapist said the red marks from mesh pattern should be less red over time. Because his arms are healed, the physical therapists will be stretching him more everyday. His wrists, his elbows. They’re alternating his arms on the splints. She and I had a good discussion about life after ICU. She took care of Mark Haley, the drag car racer whose story I shared with you. He is doing really well now. She said that the burn patients who had a full life before their accidents are the ones who thrive and lead fulfilling lives when they recover. I told her Mark has so many passions and interests in life! Hiking, skiing, driving his AC Cobra kit car, any scooter or motorcycle really fast, flyIng planes, attending live music, singing, having political debates, debating about anything controversial, traveling, eating (we’re foodies), hoppy IPAs (also partial to a good Prosecco and French Rose), cooking, baking pies, smoking ribs and brisket, watching Packers and Badger football. He wanted to live in Japan for 3 months, Italy for another 3. We wanted to learn Italian together. The list goes on and on.... Chatting with the physical therapist gave me a lot of hope.
  8. Gladewaters' short runway and people overrunning their long bodies was the reason Maxwell aviation moved to Longview. I think it is longer than 2400. Any of the Mooney's are capable of 2400' runways, many of the pilots not so much. This being a TO incident (still yet another TO issue), this can only be considered "a contributing factor" not a cause.
  9. THe article says both plane occupants refused being taken to the hospital...good news. It also says the occupants of the car were taken to the hospital for minor injuries..good news. I will stand down unless something far different is factual.
  10. Laura, Mark’s nurse said his trach was loose durIng hIs dressIng change and he said “ouch!” His nurses keep trying to fInd the rIght med dosages to keep hIm comfortable. It‘s good that he shows them when he‘s In paIn. Sometimes he moves his thighs. Ashley joked that he’s just doing his crunches! Mark‘s blood pressure was soft late afternoon so they gave him blood and decreased fluid output from his kidney dialysis which did help. Excellent news - Laura also mentioned that Mark’s new skin grafts on his arms have grown together. Wonderful!
  11. havent you heard, that stuff in your panel is last years technology, cant be upgraded, basically throw away like G1000 Mooneys are professed by the jealous to be
  12. You mean you bought something for a possible benefit? Now is that anyway to maintain a good standing in the CB club?
  13. only 5 hrs...Ill be on the road for close to 8..