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  1. Be careful, Dennis Ramsey's old C with an IO360, J cowl and windscreen, Hi compression pistons and 2 blade is out there cruising around waiting for someone to race for pink slips.....
  2. Yep you can easily do it in a J or K. @deb has done it from KFXE a few times in his (or is it his wife's) Ovation. Ohmar has one upped him in his Ultra acclaim doing Puerto Rico to Miami Executive. Both of these burn more fuel/hr. Comfortable? that depends on you and your endurance. It would be far more comfortable in either a J or K than a Cessna piston. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N711PP
  3. and Mooney Summit, Inc. Board member! Thanks for your contribution, Bob.
  4. 1) Free is good 2) Oktoberfest beer is not free 3) Mooney Summit beer = free 4) Mooney Summit is good
  5. Thanks Trek. That company posture could only mean Garmin has an affordable solution to the planes that would be orphaned otherwise in the works, not only Mooney's but other makes as well. Perhaps an NXI/G700 upgrade path? Make no mistake about it, the G1000NXI with the GFC700 is the best system I have ever flown behind without a doubt. To have it available for the 200x Stec non waas fleet would bring them into this new world. The potential of what the NXI could be capable of doing is awesome!
  6. Trek, would the installation of the G3x and GFC500 be precluded if Mooney has a Service letter allowing the removal of the G1000? While there were many M's and R's that the G1000 was an option for this would comply with Garmin STC of not having existing G1000 once removed by SL. As Parker states, it was an option on these air frames and as such, should be removable. The TN might be a bit more of a challenge using this approach, as only one didnt have a G1000. The real eloquent solution would be for a Garmin upgrade path (read economically viable) to the NXI with WAAS and SV and GFC700 for existing G1000/stec non waas holdouts, but that might lack economic substance for Garmin.
  7. Good point on the Tks panels, Dan. It is my understanding the only approved cleaners are jet A and 100 LL
  8. Thanks Trek, I stand corrected. I’ll let Dmax know before he guts that sucker. I am sure Garmin will have an upgrade path to WAAS for those that didn’t get it done before discontinuance. Perhaps the NXI?
  9. G1000 ovations with STEC autopilots can be "reverse engineered" and have a GX3 with a G500 AP put in! The Ovations were "optional" to have the G1000. I imagine the same is true on the STEC Bravo's. Got your ears on @Deb
  10. Yesssir! Sorry I didnt get to Cowboys this trip, had to stay in Boerne. Hampton in Kerrville alll booked up. Next time!
  11. Since these are copyrighted documents, It might not be in Craig's best interest to place these manuals in the public domain. Craig runs a good ship here and for him to compromise it so that someone can save $50 at his ultimate expense wouldn't make fiscal sense for him, nor engender him with Mooney International. I am not saying the Mejeing group would pursue this intellectual theft, but it would be better to get written permission to do so than to possibly ask a court for forgiveness.
  12. The L3 active traffic and ACAS is outstanding as you say, Chris. I never had a false positive with it in the airspace around Daytona Beach (check it out for traffic if you want to see busy)
  13. It busteed up a few windshields of the employees cars at Mooney Intl. a couple of days ago, trashed a few planes (no new Mooneys) on the ramp at KERV. Kept me from repositioning a plane to KERV also. I just sat it out here in beautiful FL.
  14. I was curious if Honeywell was purchased by the Chinese also. They certainly are playing the "long" game much in the style of the Chinese. Perhaps a 100 years from now they will be dominating the GA world market having both planes equipped.