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  1. I am, it is straight from the mfrg and from Mooney. See Clarence's post above referencing the manual.
  2. It means something else in NJ when you hear someone say "he got iced"
  3. Yep, exactly why I said to clean it well with 100LL. I have read this page before
  4. David, clean it well with 100 LL, then go fly thru some clouds with it on for a bit.
  5. Nice product Nidal! Consider possibly donating one to the Mooney Summit's raffle in October and joining our list of industry leading sponsors! Feel free to reach out to @Junkmanfor donation details. I am sure you will be glad you did
  6. Oh well, If the plane is airworthy and as represented, and you are paying for the prebuy, there shouldn't be an issue. He should know the plane will pass the prebuy ok and the sale will consummate, unless of course he isnt so sure......just sayin.... Simply make the gas $ to and from the MSC as non refundable part of your deposit. BUT dont forego having an expert prebuy unless the plane is cheap enough you really know you are buying a fixerupper.
  7. I transition trained the owner of 32-0011 last March, this and 33-0019 were near completion. With the crew reduced to 10, priorities were shifted to keep parts flowing, re-organize, and get a path to profitability laid out. Jonny will fill in what he wants to about the state of things without our speculation. Glad to see Mr. Kammer has some altitude under him! Its good for his attitude! (OH, turn on the landing light on take off, KK :))
  8. Anthony, if you previously registered and did not ask for your reg fee to be returned earlier when we postponed, you are good to go. Rick sent an email to all still registered a couple of days ago. Looking at the registrations I see Anthony CarusoHillsborough, NJ $202.00Pilot/IndividualMooney Summit VIIICOMPLETED Jan 10, 202012:05 am You are all signed up and did so Jan 10 2020 See you then if not sooner! Mike
  9. Walter Dodge of Kelly Aerospace, the good folks that make an outstanding AC for the longbodies (It really works!) has just agreed to provide BBQ for our Friday evening reception! Thanks Walter! He is an amazing pitmaster. Ill pick up a few Salmons for smoking to placate our piscaterians!
  10. You have to do that for yourself. go to www.mooneysummit.com and take care of business!
  11. Welcome! Did you get the free donuts at KIWS and the free hotdogs and icecream at KMEI? When you decide to go the other direction, stop at Pecos, free (donations encouraged) barbacoa burritos!
  12. If its blow by you will find your missing 3 qts on the belly, If it is a bad oil ring or valve guides, you will find soot evidence in the exhaust pipe. Any more than 6 qts in an io360 typically finds its way to the belly within an hr
  13. https://smile.amazon.com/3M-08578-Black-Strip-Calk/dp/B000PEZ1L4/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=3m+caulking+strips&qid=1605634690&sr=8-1
  14. yea, kind of like being able to order and install Garmin products. They tend to be 1) picky about who and 2) want to protect their distribution base and 3) insure they are not flooded with bogus warranty issues like the ceramic guys would be when Mr. Leg and his son Jack Jr start putting on a darn near forever coating over paint swirls and then not being able to get them resolved. Im ok with them having their trained techs being the only ones who can purchase and apply the good stuff. They earn their $
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