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  1. In fact, Pete Brock who really was the brains behind the Cobra, especially their Daytona effort, went on to form Brock Racing Enterprises when Shelby did him wrong, which was Datsun's west coast effort. John Morton, Don Devendorf, Trevor Harris, Mac Tilton and a bunch of "hot rodders" turned tuners really built the performance image Datsun needed to grab market share.
  2. I started in a Datsun 1600 at Mosport Park in Canada, you could get a Competition license at a younger age up there in '71, and I couldnt wait the extra year to start pumping money into racing. Your probably intimately familiar with Bob Sharp then, and of course PL Newman. I gave Bob the engineering fix to keep the long timing chain from jumping a tooth on the Datsun 2L engine when the tensioner sucked air
  3. You got it Mitch..here is the Datsun I raced during the 1976 CSPRRC (National championships SCCA Road Atlanta)
  4. Here is a Utube of Dave Keller's engine failure about 6-700' in Anderson, In. feb 2009 in his C
  5. Dont ever ignore this again until you know for sure what caused that "feeling". It came close to killing you. If something doesnt feel right most likely it isnt vs you were just imagining things. Your Mark I sphincter guage is highly accurate at times, especially the G's or lack thereof.
  6. What was the DA again? Could you have been too rich and flooding the engine? There are 2 versions of the carb, the rich one could easily do this in the right conditions
  7. six years ago today, at 2:00 PM eastern time, it happened to me. Never made it to 400', 150 was about all we got. I still hurt. Get the door opened. I did, and was fortunate that Bobby Forsythe, ran into a burning plane and could pull my unconscious butt out. He knew right where to go because of the door opened. RIP Bill Gilliland... Im so glad your engine issue didnt end up like this.
  8. the -010 inner o ring is usually the culprit of H20 contamination, as water can pool in the recessed locking tab area of a shaw cap. These are cheap enough they should be replaced every annual, needed or not, and caps adjusted for proper closing. Dow grease should be used to help keep them healthy and "subtle" so they can do their job. If the plane sits outside, this might not be frequent enough. The blue flourosilcone O rings last much longer, and without question are better. Legal? dunno, I hope so. better? absolutely.
  9. back in the day...Mooney L drivers would be amazed at the engine similarity.
  10. Jeff, run the servo motor in each direction for about a minute to clean the armature. You will need a sub min. D connector, I believe pins 2,3,4,and 7 are used, but you can look at your existing wiring to find out. 7 is ground. One of the pins is clockwise + , one is counter clockwise + one is clutch engage +. I built a pigtail and did this ea. annual on both the pitch and roll servo using the old elt battery when I had a STEC 30 and experienced the problem once. The solution came from the Stec field rep who lives in your neck of the hills.
  11. Cybertruck? I might order one of those to replace that butt ugly Prius for my wife. Alice would look good in a PU truck!
  12. Agreed Agreed Depends if OJ can buy another knife or not Agreed Not a chance in the near future, but they will be going electric. I used to live in Flyover Indiana, where the PU is king. There are a lot of jacked up PU trucks in Pinellas Co Fl where I live now. I guess they need the ground clearance for the dead armadillos like they do in Dallas Agreed NO DONT DO IT I did the 45 minute drive to my office for about 10 years and changed up that program after I realized what a waste of energy and time it was. Ah...a convert Dont forget the "fart" toy
  13. Ok, lets bet on this quarter...Ill buy your drinks at the next Mooney Summit if GM or Ford or Chryslers profit is more than Teslas q2. Or heck, Q3, We know they didnt beat them q1. Heck, Ill buy your drinks at the Summit anyway an interesting charting site you can get free cash flow, long term debt, profit etc from for all of them (and many other companies) hypercharts.co
  14. Yea, I am, no question of that. I am not hating on the former big 3, just pointing out the errors of their ways that left them in this position. No real point other than we all hate change, and sometimes that is to our detriment. Like I said, I have raced Porsches, drove for Datsun, bought many new Detroit cars and did so without "hate". I believe in flexibility, which is what I expouse here. "thats the way we have always done it" is the death of many companies. Tesla's profit history hasnt dated back to 1910 like some has for sure. This is a game of what are you doing for me today, not what you did in 1980, however. Worked for Ford back in the day when he disrupted the horse industry, and is working for Tesla today. They have had a good run. Hopefully the little 3 can reinvent themselves and we all win, I know their survival depends on it. Agreed. And I really am not attacking the US auto industry. Tesla after all, is a US auto maker also. We sometimes tend to forget that or ignore that. In fact, until they opened the China plant, he was the only manufacture that was exclusively US. Now, like the FIat owned Chrysler, Ford and GM, they are global in scale. I do care about the environment and walk the walk, and in no way am dissin big oil. THey, like the auto industry, might have to reinvent themselves to meet with the future going forward. The amount of energy in a gal of desiel is hard to argue with. BTW I am also a LEED certified AP who gets sustainable energy plans and systems, but I digress. I have no idea why a lead alternative hasnt been certified yet. Bringing this back to Mooney, dont be surprised at what you might see come from them soon...
  15. You must be thinking of Trevor Milton of Nikola Heck, Tesla might make more profit selling satin "shorts" than GM this quarter