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  1. George, short of some bruising on his chest from the Am Safe airbag belts, he did walk away uninjured. He told me that day, he was very glad the Mooney structure was as strong as it was when he showed me his bruises. The air bags didn't deploy, but that's another discussion. He was on short final for 27 going into KLAL, when the fuel system failed and he had his first indications. He didn't have time to declare an emergency from what I remember of his account, but will ask him tonight when I talk with him on another issue. He did tell me all he could think about was my accident as soon as things went pear shaped for him. Never once did he say "I sure wish I was in a Cirrus, I could have pulled a chute" or something similar. Repeatedly he praised the crash worthiness of the Mooney, however. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk EDIT: Richard did suffer 2 broken ribs and hit his head. The Am Safe seatbelts did not deploy, as the impact was purported to be under the G's necessary to set them off. George, I owe you a public apology.
  2. George, Richard's engine issue on short final would have not been mitigated by pulling a chute. It may have resulted in a whole new series of injuries and possibly more damage to bystanders property, instead of just a boat. Yes, Richard did suffer some bruises on his chest, but was manning the Mooney booth at SNF that day. The chute has its value, especially if it breaks up on you and there is something left to hold the chute on. A new Ultra Acclaim was chosen recently over a SR22T because the SR22T couldnt make it from Miami to san Juan PR without stopping for fuel, so range is a consideration that leans heavily in the Mooney's favor. Another astute owner chose an Ultra over "the Cirrus Experience" because he inquired what it would cost if someone backed into his wing, like what happened to him on a previous cherokee. He really didnt like the answer he got for a cost to repair a damaged Cirrus wing. Each plane has its strengths and merits. One is a pilot's plane, one is a family truckster. Just as I love Porsche's, and have driven a 906 competitively, I also know its not the car for me as a 68 year old retired engineer. I submit to driving an SUV now (never mind that it's 0-60 time is 2.7 seconds :)) because it is more practical EDIT: RICHARD DID suffer a couple of broken ribs and hit his head. The AmSaFE seatbelts did not deploy, apparently the G's to activate were not enough. I stand corrected and owe George a public apology.
  3. Preliminary accident report https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2019/aair/ao-2019-052/ I had a wonderful discussion with Peter Rejto who was visiting me about this.
  4. George, your rationalizing again...You should have just got an Aztek and kept 300K in your pocket, or maybe a Commanche 400 like Clarence. No fancy "shoot" to blow, however, but you wouldnt look like a dork with the wheels hanging down all the time Oh wait...it has a 4 blade prop! Never mind...
  5. What do you mean they are not? Just what do you think this is? Rumor is that mgmt has been monitoring Mooneyspace and they realize based on the vast expertise expounded here that the only way to win new sales is to bring back the $7,000 M20 wood plane.
  6. 33-0012 is the fastest of the Ultra Acclaims I have been in. 33-0018 has been delivered. Thats 18 of them. 32-0010 has been delivered, thats 10 of them. Troy bought -0012 and had it for sale prior to closing. Thats how he rolls... Its a beauty also! 22 is a number from the past.
  7. uhh...where is the Mooney Summit's royalty check, Andrew
  8. nope, my trip there this week got "shut down" so to speak
  9. Phil, any chance you would consider donating a set for the silent auction of the Mooney Summit VIII and join Lightspeed and DC as a sponsor of this great event? Cost of goods, a bit of time and a lot of good will is all it cost! You have a number of evangelist here, and could get quite a few more with such support for the Mooney community! Please consider it. Mike
  10. why not get with Andrew Rutherford, Don? Yea its a few miles north of you, but heck, you have a Mooney!
  11. yesterday, the employees were all given a one week furlough. They were told to report back to work a week from Monday. I had to cancel a flight to there next week yesterday, and there will be "others" at the factory. I did not post anything as this really isn't my place to speculate or comment yet.