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  1. Hi Joel, It sounds like what you might need is an IA to do the annual that also is willing to "fly" his work more than an instructor at this point. You are looking for someone with airworthiness knowledge of aircraft. The guys we have that could do this are not located anywhere close to Portland Me. and may not be able fit your time line. I will give you a call later today to discuss your plans
  2. Transitioning to a Mooney (or any plane for that matter) is far more than perfecting the airspeed and parabolic sink rate reduction needed for a greaser. That is simply energy management 101. One should really seek out someone that has expertise in the areo, systems, characteristics, bad temperaments, oddities, and fragilities of the specific plane they wish to transition into. Dont just seek out someone with a herd of time in the plane, but someone can get the knowledge transferred in such a way you are a safe, efficient and well versed in all phases of your new time machine. After all, landi
  3. Thats just weird. If the FI or crewmember were added as named insured additional pilot, there would be no suit to speak of as everyone's lawyer would be the same and sitting on the same side of the table. Mooney Pros, Inc. requires to be added as named additional insured with a waiver of subrogation (this is what they really dont want to give up, the ability to hedge their bet of paying out a claim with the instructors assets) with each of our clients in addition to our instructors and Mooney Pros carrying a separate non owned consumerate with their risk tolerances. I suppose they are trolling
  4. I should be there most of the week, and will be a volunteer at the Silverwings cabin. A great place to meet up with people. https://flysnf.org/
  5. naw...this is the kind of thing camguard causes , right Peter?
  6. David, leave the MP in at 500' as your still in the "kill" zone a bit. I leave full MP in until cruise altitude but adjust mixture to target SL EGT all the way up. On the 2700 RPM 310's, Ill back the rpm down some after 1K. Does Will do it differently?
  7. Thanks Anthony, Jezzie, depending on when, One of the Mooney Pros, Inc instructors just might be able to accommodate if not me personally. We travel all over and are a group of some top drawer Mooney specific master instructors. mike at mooneypros.com
  8. Phil, like what you are finding of most good mechanics, will be pretty busy also. He has a shop to run but will schedule you in and will be reasonable, and highly recommend him or Jake Clemmens to look over the Mooney, especially if it is a fire breathing Bravo. In working with a lot of new Mooney owners from a transition training and ownership standpoint, I have observed it is best to pick the shop, have the prebuy done and then schedule the closing and transportation and training instead of trying to make everything fit a timeline that will fall apart with the smallest of airworthy ite
  9. having assets makes you a target. Insure appropriately.
  10. I believe he went across the runway from the factory
  11. Art and Al would be proud
  12. great point, David. We should all strive for professionalism in our flight ops and habits. The airlines have developed ops based on a lot of valuable data that we can put at our disposal with the proper training. I really enjoy flying with the pros when I am called to and look forward to when we can fly together. I try to share these valuable nuggets with everyone I fly with and with the rest of the Mooney Pros, Inc. instructor team
  13. If you price it correctly, you will most likely sell it to the first caller. If you are there to maximize your potential selling price, expect to put a lot of time into the sales process and deal with a whole lot of tire kickers, unqualified buyers and be demonized for your pricing prior to finding someone who just loves everything about your plane. Its all up to you. That doesn't mean to imply that you give it away, but price it like you were about to make an offer on it yourself, and it should sell quickly.
  14. Thats only 1 'bama supermodel,,, maybe. You know how many USC cheerleaders you can get into a Mooney, Encore or not? Zero,,,,nadda... Unless we can convince Jonny, David, Kevin^2 to build one that burns 50+ GPH of jet A it will probably never happen...
  15. Scott was on the agenda for the Summit VIII we postponed, perhaps @Seth has him back on. I know Seth is busy putting this Summit together as the reins pass to the younger gen of Mooney pilots and will soon have the agenda up.
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