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  1. Bendix/King news on AvWeb about KI-300

    by the time it comes out, 6K will be the hourly minimum wage
  2. Amelia Earhart Luncheon ; Birmingham ,Al

    I just flew CarolAnn's J model back to her Monday after watching over it since May, including running from IRMA in N220FC while she traveled to Europe, Africa and Guatemala. We spent a bit of time getting her current again on approaches and having her knock some rust off from being away from flying so long. She is an absolutely delightful person and gives a great presentation on her experiences. She lost her mom to ALS. If you haven't met her and heard her speak, dont miss the opportunity to acquaint yourself to our real life Ameilia. She truly is one of aviations' gems and one of my real life hero's
  3. Sad day for Lancair Turbine Owners

    Tom, I am sorry for your loss. A stellar mentor such as John will always leave one empty. Now its your turn to fill his shoes.
  4. 350HP Mooney

    Acclaim weenie wag.....
  5. Mooney 231 intercoolers

    I know Arnold and he is a square shooter along with being an excellent mechanic (Arnold, you can send your check normal mail, no rush )
  6. Mooney m20j approach and descent power settings

    The MAPA safety group is not the same as MAPA. 2 different organizations. To get the "book" you will have to have someone give it to you or sign up for their course. www.mapasafety.com is the MAPA safety group
  7. Bendix/King news on AvWeb about KI-300

    yawn..... this is sooo 2012
  8. It's Raining Planes :-(

    A lot of people will fly to KZPH to buy the cheap gas from KCLW, and since this is the only one that went down, I doubt if it was fuel contamination at KZPH. This will put still more heat on KCLW to close it I am sure. Keene rd is just to the west of the airpark, and for him to chose it for a landing spot instead of the golf course makes me think the mech issue is after takeoff from KCLW. Another engine issue on takeoff? Happens way way too often in our bullet proof, ultra reliable Lycs and Contis'
  9. Began the day VFR pilot, ended up Instrument Rated!

    Make sure you get some actual IMC in your portfolio, with an instructor at first until you are comfortable. It shouldnt be different than when under the hood, but it is....Now is the time to start the real learning of IMC flight! Great job on passing the hard rating, the one that will make you the best pilot!
  10. We know when to say we dont know
  11. Best I can figure, they knew you were going to add bladders and upped the stall speed for you on the ASI in anticipation of the added weight You might ping Stacy Ellis and see if he might have a clue as to why the diff.
  12. Cost of ownership "budget"

    YOU DID WHAT???????? Shame on you!
  13. Began the day VFR pilot, ended up Instrument Rated!

    Congrats Jolie! Ill say the same thing I tell all of my instrument students, stay out of ice and stay out of thunderstorms and you will probably live.
  14. M20M flaps operating intermittently

    That is typically what is wrong with them on the Bravo/long bodies. One could replace just the bad relay on the PCB since it would qualify as an industry standard part for much much less. You might consider pulling out the PCB and let Mr. Google help you identify the relay. In any event, you could test the relays ( think there are 2 on the board) that way prior to ponying up for the new PCB from Mooney. Mooney had experienced other owners with the same issue and they created a retrofit kit to upgrade the relays to higher amperage rated relays. The upgrade kit was Mooney Retrofit Kit IAW DWG 940090.
  15. Strip & Seal Fuel Tanks

    If done right, you should get 20+ years. Unfortunately, patching bad sealant will only leak elsewhere soon, so you get to spend your time patching and patching and patching. Once it starts, it keeps on going, right Robert? how many times have you patched yours, more than once Ill bet. If I were buying a Mooney, seeing a strip and reseal from Weep no More would make the tanks a non factor for the future. Seeing a log entry of a patch would just tell me to get ready to spend 8-12 K to get it stripped and resealed. Seeing nothing the same.