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  1. mike_elliott

    Passed Commercial Checkride!!

    Congrats my friend!
  2. mike_elliott


    Maybe they want 10 PO's from Mooney owners before they get the STC for it or something.
  3. mike_elliott

    Mooney Pre Buy Recommendation in the San Antonio area

    Don might be a bit out of pocket right now, but if you can wait until after OSH, he might be more accessible.
  4. mike_elliott

    Cross the Atlantic with a Mooney

    Absolutely! Ill be at OSH Tues only, but look forward to seeing you Peter!
  5. mike_elliott

    Cross the Atlantic with a Mooney

    Ya Peter...still waiting for you to pick me up
  6. mike_elliott

    Will I need any Transition Training?

    Yea, and I can hear Don saying something to that effect after he may have been shot down on having someone yank a part off a plane in production to get him going
  7. mike_elliott

    Will I need any Transition Training?

    Very odd.. Parts availability has been better than before they shut the factory down, Mooney International supports groups like The Mooney Caravan, the Mooney Summit etc. Stacy Ellis works there and is one of Don's go to guys when he needs info. Perhaps yes, they focus on selling new airplanes, as well, that keeps the lights on for them, but Mooney also has been very responsive to individuals and MSC's when they have a need from what I have observed. Granted, when they lost Bill Wheat, they lost a lot of valuable knowledge of the way things were back in the day, and they now have processes in place to insure their ongoing success that must be adhered to that some might be resistant to, and they cannot figure out how to bring back the J for under 100K yet, but the demographic of the airplane buying customer has changed, and they are adapting to it.
  8. We have carefully vetted the above dates for our Mooney Summit VII to avoid conflict with MAPA, the Caravan, MAPA safety foundation etc. We will have CAMI provide hypoxia training in the Prote reduce O chamber for us and we needed to confirm dates for their and our planning. Mark it on your calendar! We will open registration in late March once again.
  9. mike_elliott

    Mooney Summit VI

    yea, it has been wearing me down, but then I remember what others have to go thru when dealing with the all powerful man behind the curtain in Oklahoma City. Where it stands now is that we will have the unit for the Mooney Summit VII IF the dates are Sept 27th to Sept 29th, 2019 in Panama City Beach, Fl. I havent heard back from Ted Corsones to see if there is a conflict with the PPP (as there is this year for the Owensboro PPP) on those dates, and MAPA said they are postponing this years homecoming to Oct 3-6 2019, We dont want to step on Columbus day, or mess with the Pirates festival in Panama City beach, or Bike week in Panama City beach, Yom Kippur, or the NBAA, or AOPA regional events in that time frame... This is becoming a game of stick your name on a date first and you win, so for now, plan on the Mooney Summit VII being Sept 27-29, 2019
  10. mike_elliott

    Mooney Summit VI

    TEASER ALERT>>>>>> We most likely will have the CAMI PROTE reduced oxygen training at the Mooney Summit VI! This is a MUST for all mooney pilots who fly above 4000' If you are not signed up and registered to attend, no worries, show up at KECP on Friday and do the FAA wings credit training! MORE LATER as this develops! EDIT: I just received an email from Don Demuth of CAMI saying that it might not be happening because that is the last weekend of their Fiscal year. SMH Dang...twice now its on, twice now its off. EDIT #2...back on again tentatively! Have to make sure we can get the space from Mon until Sun with Sheltair, have a fork lift available to unload, and 5ea 20A outlets on different circuits. Edit #3 ...back off for Mooney Summit VI, but back on for Mooney Summit VII! SMH2
  11. mike_elliott

    m20a totalled today

    I am glad you are ok Alan and we dont have to write "the letter". I am saddened you lost your long time A model, however. There are more Mooneys out there with your name on them!
  12. mike_elliott

    2006 ovation WAAS Adsb cost?

    Don had enough parts to do 5 upgrades, and I know he has done 2 at least of these. He told me 25.7 AMU's to do the WAAS upgrade. ADSB additional. He must not like me as much as DanB , but then again, he knew I was asking for a client, not myself. And if the ovation you are looking at is 914BC, it is a sweetheart!
  13. mike_elliott

    Oshkosh 2018 MooneySpace Social, July 23rd

    Yves, we both hope to, wx permitting. Thanks for putting this together.
  14. mike_elliott

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    It sure would simplify his life as he ages with his wife and his aluminum mistress having the same name.