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  1. @Seth Seth Meyers the event organizer this year. He will supply the answers as well as communicate with the attendees. I am sure he will post and email all soon. He should have the agenda done by now and made arrangements with the Barrymore Hotel
  2. Sitting outside in Fl is as bad as sitting outside in AZ. Both will trash a plane. Some of the nicest Mooneys shapewise I have seen are "sitting down in FL" but are well taken care of and not left to the elements to claim. They wont last long anywhere just hanging out on a ramp. Airplanes corrode out not wear out I have heard. Having them buried under a foot of snow in Buffalo might not be the best environment either.
  3. Airport day, Friday is open, however the Friday evening reception will require registration. We spend the registration fee buying the food for everyone, taking care of SME's lodging. etc . Donations are what fund the Bill Gilliland foundation so feel free to help support! Mooney Summit VIII folded flyer.pdf
  4. Zork...written by former Mooney 201 owner and CTO of Compaq computer corp Scott Cutler
  5. So, its a continental engine thing your saying...Good thing Cirrus figured out how to avoid it
  6. the extra door hole adds weight. 17# seems about right.
  7. Probably not, but would have to look at the AD to see
  8. I have instructed clients to run the system just prior to entering a cloud when doing their routine mx exercising of the system. This helps clean off the fluid and doesnt leave it all over the hangar floor.
  9. The trick is to keep a garden sprayer with water in your hanger and wash down the surface areas after using the TKS system, especially where the titanium weep plates meet the skins, and especially on the tail.
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