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  1. Yes CASC 1972-1975, SCCA 1975-1980 The owner of this was Eugene Dodd, formerly driven by Bobby Rahal Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. I'm not that young, 906 Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  3. I gotta admit it will be hard to replace this as a favorite, altho new EV is faster
  4. David, A new Bravo in 2005 wasnt 600AMUs cheaper but it is 15 years older. I know where an Ultra with 35hrs on it can be had for 685AMU's. Health/medical reasons forces the sale unfortunately. A beautiful plane but not quite as quick as 218TA. Yes, I have racked up most of the hours next to Kevin Kammer on this one.
  5. New Therapy dog for me when I have to fly commercial
  6. Ok, I missed clicking the camera at 215 kts, but it happened...
  7. I spent a half hour getting a charge driving the 7+ hr drive to the Summit this year, Hank. I needed to pee and get a bite to eat, so my time wasnt constrained by the charge time, but by getting my fast food order consumed. But your point is well taken, typically it would take a bit longer on a LONG cross country trip. Overall, you will spend less time fueling/energizing/servicing an electric vehicle on an annual basis than you will an ICE car. Anything over 300 miles needs a charge stop, as do I.
  8. Then why all the big car companies now scrambling to try to come up with a competitive EV offering? Either you must have a very short lifetime on your horizon, or you have a Mustang in your future As well as the Internal combustion engine has been developed, it will never be as efficient as an electric motor. Certified air cooled internal combustion engines are the work of the devil and regulated by the FAA. What could possibly go wrong? With the advent of dry cell lithium tech and other battery tech on the horizon, energy density increases, we are not far away at all to complete disruption in not only the auto industry, but transportation in general.
  9. I think the owners spec'd Jonathan to do the paint, but I dont know how Jonathan received them, probably just primer. He isnt cheap, but neither is the quality of his work. Disclaimer: Thanks for supporting the Mooney Summit, Jonathan! The Mooney Community is appreciative! at 29/2400, 30 LOP N218TA was cruising in the yellow, 215 TAS at 10K.....Smokin!
  10. Yes, the towing error was captured by the security footage also. Other moving parts hit when taxiing began and the nose gear completed the failure. New Engine, new prop, new nose parts = no damage.
  11. Incidentally, the newest Ovation Ultra off the line delivered just a couple of weeks ago is also drop dead gorgeous and painted by Jonathan at Plane Schemers. Pay no attention to the other planes in the stable with similar paint schemes and tail numbers....
  12. Troy is his name, no it wasnt at Osh, and your wish is my command! The inside is really nice! Troy and his wife picked out the scheme and colors, and Jonathan McCormack in Gadsen, AL did the custom paint. It is the fastest Mooney I have flown.