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  1. mike_elliott

    Insurance woes

    Hank, if you would have had an incident in your friends plane, the open pilot warranty would have covered the damage to the plane and the insurance company most likely would have sued you to recover their losses (subrogation). Think carefully before flying an aircraft if you are not a named pilot with a waiver of subrogation, have a non owned policy or non owned clause in your policy.
  2. mike_elliott

    I have a new mistress

    Glad it all worked out for you!! Congrats! Dan is super.
  3. mike_elliott


    There will be a lucky winner of the silent auction Bonal commissioned painting this year at the Mooney Summit VI! Thanks for your kind donation and for supporting the Mooney community and our charity, Bonal! Your kindness is noted by our community and we applaud your generosity!
  4. mike_elliott

    Cut out at idle

    HI Brian, Clarence is spot on here, and Mr. Mclures suggestion to have the fuel divider examined if following the SB doesnt cure this anomaly makes sense. Ill see you next month! Mike
  5. mike_elliott

    AOPA FLY-IN KJKA Gulf Shores

    Hi David, I was going to call you to see if you were in Henderson this weekend and maybe scoot over while I am in Phoenix, but it sounds like your where I just came from a couple of days ago. Next time!
  6. mike_elliott

    Florence evacuation

    last year during Irma, I was faced with the choice of "which" Mooney to move out of the path. A quick review of each insurance policy made the decision. CarolAnn Garratts historic 201 was re positioned to Memphis (Irma chased me there). Of the 3 planes, hers' was the only one that had hurricane relocation coverage, and then limit to $500 and the county must be declared a hurricane watch prior to moving. Fortunately, the other 2 planes fared well and Irma just busted up some telephone poles across the street from me.
  7. mike_elliott

    Luggage compartment door

    Seems like you should have caught that on a prebuy and had this issue taken into account on the price.
  8. mike_elliott

    IFR & Mooney Mag Compasses

    The real question is why ATC still issues headings vs track. I suppose there are one or 2 planes still in the "system" that are incapable of displaying track. but the same question can apply to altitude..
  9. mike_elliott

    IFR & Mooney Mag Compasses

    call Drew brown in Edgewater Fl. Absolute aviation LLC. He has one.
  10. mike_elliott

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    So terribly sad. This makes 9 brothers/sisters we have lost since the last Mooney Summit. If anyone has verified contact info for the deceased's family and survivors, please PM me, or @Seth or @neilpilot the details. I will be off line a lot in the next week or 2 and they can make sure Alice gets the info so we can reach out with the Bill Gilliland foundation assistance.
  11. mike_elliott

    Awesome Mooney spouse

    Enough said...
  12. mike_elliott


  13. mike_elliott

    Awesome Mooney spouse

    Shes a keeper, Larry
  14. what mooney model? Its hard to for me to visualize the intake being disassembled to fix and alternator wire.
  15. What did Don do? take the engine apart and reassemble incorrectly to fix an alternator wire?