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  1. The new Ultra cabins are fine. Door fit was a bit of a challenge on the first few, but they seemed to have that well sorted now. There are a few of the new owners on this list that can add possibly. Thinking of one of the 2 unsold new ones or a used Ultra?
  2. I cant attest to anyone at ZPH, but at KLEE Arnold Holmes of AvMech is quite good, also a Mooney owner and DAR.
  3. I am still able to do new Ultra trainings as well as the other Mooney Pros, Inc. instructors, but do anticipate at some point in the not so distant future I will be in Don's boat because of age and insurance. There are a couple of "unsold" new Ultra's, but I dont think the new management is including transition training as part of the sale any longer, at least they havent indicated to me they are.
  4. Bruce winters in Ft. Meyers, FL. and spends his spring and summers in Willmar, Mn. Bruce and I put his spatial interior in my F when I had it, and it really turned out nice. Sound was not any louder or any quieter based on my Mark II 60+ year ear meter
  5. Then if there is a claim, the insurance company would subrogate their losses against you and your assets. The open pilot clause, unless otherwise stated in the policy, simply means the claim will be paid, but then the insurance company has recourse against the unnamed open pilot to recover their losses. It is why I specifically require to be added as named additional insured with a waiver of subrogation on each of my clients policies. So far, this has not been a problem, has NOT diluted their liability coverage or have cost them any additional (with one exception). I also carry a large non own
  6. If you dont know exactly what you are doing, pay the hr labor to have it done by someone who does. It can kill you if done incorrectly. While not rocket science (hardly anything an A$P does is), the penalties for not doing it right are very high
  7. Have you recently added the GPS and does it have WAAS? If so, your Sandel may need a firmware upgrade to support WAAS
  8. From our friend Bob Kromer, who was Exec VP and Engineer and Test pilot on the Sabre project... Thanks for sharing this great photo. This is the engineering and development team posing with 0001. We called it “Saber”. My estimate is this photo was taken in 1989 or ‘90. Later, after certification, marketing called it the TLS. The airplane has just been completed at the paint shop and first flight is imminent. I’m not in this photo, but I remember the day very well. Hopefully Mooney can find a way to return to this level of capability regarding new product development. As
  9. I have been very blessed that so many great people let me take their beautiful aluminum mistresses for a ride. Im looking forward to climbing aboard this beauty
  10. This is all my good friend Omar, Dan. I just happen to be fortunate to have a great set of friends like him, and not because of his beautiful plane, because of his beautiful character.
  11. It was absolutely fantastic to see you again Omar. Your plane is fabulous, and could not be in the care of a better steward. Im looking forward to an adventure or 2 Yes, I do own shirts that dont say Mooney on them
  12. How about a 240 KT, 20 GPH, 3700#GW, 800# full fuel load retract with autoland NXI suite for a few bucks less than an SR22T? Would it get some "likes"?
  13. The higher DA of Leadville typically will be compensated by the target EGT reduction of fuel to keep the Air/fuel the same as best power Air/fuel as at sea level. This doesnt mean it is the same power, however, just same A/F ratio. Mark pointed to Walter Atkinsons' (RIP) advanced pilot seminar brief on this very point. The wing is a different matter.
  14. Thank you David, ignore the email I just sent asking if this was in Bob's memory. Joe Allman, thank you also! I just got a notice of your kind donation! Chris Ferraro, your generosity blows me away!
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