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  1. Understand your need to get this finished, but as you suggest, without both pieces, you really don't have a replacement glareshield. If you plan on selling/giving etc. to others your "mold" for their glareshield replacement uses, do consider making still yet another mold off of your upper section. If you envision this work you have done being just for you and you only, then you are on track.
  2. Ill save my serving for when the KI300 can drive the K(r)AP 150...
  3. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00M6QODH2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 same thing, only you can have Mrs Bezos donate 1/2 of one percent to the Mooney Summit ! (I have used this also, Dave, it works great)
  4. if a 20K hr 777 captain who also flys a 2016 M20TN that has the groundspeed record like David recommends him, I would bet he is just fine.
  5. I wonder why he takes time off of manufacturing to go to SNF and OSH? That has to be expensive, he has to discount them, and he cant keep up with his own demand now. It would seem a more profitable avenue is to wait until demand begins to wain before trying to get more orders you cannot fill.
  6. Dr. Ken Reed, also a CFI, might be a good choice to hire for a few hours to look it over. He changes Mooney's faster than some change underwear and certainly knows what to look for as deal breakers.
  7. Your shoulder belt attach points will be wrong then, so be sure to swap them also. (you do have them, right?) You might be as well served to rebuild the foam in the seats when you pull them out with some confor foam.
  8. Must be on a texas plane, all that corrosion and all....
  9. I recently transitioned a young man who has decided to become a commercial pilot vs go to college. His dad, a Boeing fellow, purchased him an Ovation vs college tuition. He already had his PPL and instrument ticket. Since the Ovation purchase he obtained his CPL, and is now fast tracking to 1500 hrs for his ATP. He will be an excellent Commercial pilot.
  10. OMG! having your Mooney next to recycled clorox bottle shavings could cause it to have its gear permanently retracted and lose flap hinge cotter keys!
  11. Understood, you certainly own one to give away at your discretion. Thanks, I dont mean to be a morality cop, just doing what I can to make sure we do what we can to help Mooney survive. It is a shame you got taken by whomever. That is the person Karma will have their way with for sure.
  12. Ouch, I am sorry that happened to you, but it wont right a wrong for you to give away Mooney's intellectual property and placing it basically in the public domain since you were screwed by an unnamed party. It might make you feel better, but Karma will have her way with you. You apparently paid again for the manuals and got the wrong ones, were these from Mooney?
  13. Was this Mooney? or was this someone who is stealing from Mooney and you? If not Mooney direct, why would you steal from Mooney now to punish the person who stole from you?
  14. and even if they dont give them out for "free", they are worth having if your go to AME doesnt have them. They are not ours to give away, Mooney has to make that call.