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  1. CFI's don't set the airfare price. Heck if it were up to cfi's, we would make the prebuy free for you and make the seller give you the next 10 years worth of annuals as part of the deal. But it isn't.....Only the value of our time in your benevolence is under our pricing control, and that should be discussed on the front end.
  2. I don't mind, but final word will be up to Ron, its his condo your staying in I am sure she/he will be an icebreaker into many mooney stories.
  3. Are you bringing the parrot to the Mooney Summit, Mike?
  4. go to MRN and do the wine tasting tour at Bob Bellville's hanger
  5. CAMI will be bringing their PROTE chamber to the Mooney Summit VI in 2018 for our use and training. It only took about 3 years to get this done, but it will happen!
  6. Will Kelley McGillis be the leading lady? She owns (or at least use to own) KELLEY's in Key West.
  7. Thanks for the plug, Jeff. Unfortunately, I am booked thru 6/22 at this point, and as things turn out, will be in Phoenix on 6/3 for a week with a new Acclaim owner. Keep in mind the insurance requirements are for the "open pilot warranty". This means the insurance company will pay for a claim if the owner and pilot meeting their time requirements has an incident/accident, but they will in turn, subrogate their losses against the non owner pilot. I require to be added to all my clients policies as named additional insured pilot with a waiver of subrogation to prevent this "hedge" the insurance company has using my assets. Think of this when someone hands you the keys to their plane for a quick lap around the patch. While you might meet the open pilot warranty, you are personally insuring the plane unless you have a WOS.
  8. I may be back there tomorrow, Hank. (just came back from hfd Friday)
  9. Thanks for donating the case of Cam Guard to the Mooney Summit as a door prize, Gary! Deb will bring it up to the Summit and give it to the winner!
  10. While I have been known to instruct a lot of people in Mooney's, I don't have a Mooney you could train in, and haven't done any primary instruction for a number of years. You might try Sam Lindsey In Wauchula, Fl. nine four one 209 twenty three twenty two, or see if the flight school in Ocala will let a student rent and train in their J they have on the line. Ill be on the west coast for the 6-10 lunch, but there will be a good dozen or 2 people that would gladly take you for a lap around the patch and let you sit in their Mooney and make airplane noises! Good luck!
  11. You might look up Karl Ludolph at Xenia, or Rick Senseney in Anderson, In. Karl has a very very impressive resume' and an extremely nice J, Rick has an Ovation.
  12. a Mooney literate CFI isn't necessarily a Mooney literate mechanic who would be better suited for a RTS flight. Some are, others, not so much. You need a test pilot and the best guy for that is the one who wrenched on the plane. He knows where he has been and has to answer the question "what is the worst that can happen if I don't put this back in/on correctly" for everything he touches. Right Clarence?
  13. I do, the Aspen GPSS will drive the AP via the "fine swiss watch that needs repair all the time" KI256
  14. Its the Labatts Blue expense that will get you. How many cases of Blue does it take to clean and gap all those plugs and crack open 15 quarts of Aeroshell?
  15. Thankfully, we don't have to write "the letter" again! Way to pick a survivable spot to put her down in. I noticed the chopper 5 news headline on the chopper video morphed from " plane crashes" to "plane forced to land" at the 15:40 mark. No fake news here.