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  1. Mooney Summit Silent Auction

    Ok, what am I getting myself into here, Bob?
  2. Mooney Summit Silent Auction

    Anthony, We really try not to be a trade show. Yes we are a very concentrated gathering of pilots and potential wallets, but really frown on hard core selling at the Mooney Summit. Soft selling thru education is very acceptable, as it fits our mission to better the breed. Premier, Oasis, AGL, Garmin, Daytona, Lightspeed, Tempest, Mooney, etc. all get this...some dont. It is a fine line to walk and still be able to do this without registration fees, dues, etc. at the level and quality we try to achieve, but the generosity of our sponsors and participants have always made it possible so far.
  3. Ride share to Don Maxwell's

    They didnt have any cars, or didnt accommodate your conditions?
  4. Aveo engineering wing tips

    But isnt that why Exxon Elite made the large opening Oil quarts? Re purposing at its finest...
  5. Mooney Summit Silent Auction

    Did you get a plane Mimi? When I approached Aspen at SNF, they (Kyle Williams) was thinking it might not be the kind of event for them to get involved with since we are not a trade show that they can directly sell at, or something to that effect. Have at them, run point and see if you can get them to donate one. kyle.williams@aspenavionics.com if he is still with them.
  6. Mooney Summit Silent Auction

    Ok Guys, now is the time to go spend some JMU's on the wife so you don't get any heat from bidding on these great items! 3 Fantastic Mooney Service center annuals this year! Ever want to fly with the pros? How about with the Shell Aerobatic team. It doesn't get any better. Lightspeed has once again outdone the competition with their new Zulu 3 headset that can be yours! Tempest will keep all those cylinders firing with their fine wire plug donation, and you G1000 guys, no better way to purchase your Jeppesen sub for next year than to have the proceeds go to the Bill Gilliland foundation. You wont find it discounted anywhere, so why not put your sub $ back into the Mooney Community! We are getting close, less than 2 weeks! If your not coming to the Mooney Summit V, you will be missed and will miss a fantastic time. If you want to bid and cant attend, find someone who is coming to do your dirty work
  7. Young Mooney Driver in Need of Wisdom

    PM sent Blake Mike
  8. Online pseudonyms and aliases.

    Its because you use a pseudonym on MooneySpace Alex.
  9. Props Driving Engines Thought Experiment

    Apples and oranges, but what happens on an Indy car or F1 car when they reach their braking point after a long straight? The wheels drive the engine big time. Yea, they explode every now and then, (but not as often as our "reliable" aircraft engines it seems. :()
  10. Online pseudonyms and aliases.

    It is no longer an issue...Equifax has allowed all your personal info into the wild. Game over.
  11. ATC Privatization Bill

    There are now 152 GA groups that have signed on in opposition to the Shuster bill. That in itself speaks volumes about the bill's benevolence. I cant recall when that many GA groups agreed on anything else. Airlines, not so much..... GA.United.9.18.17.pdf
  12. Ride share to Don Maxwell's

    Absent that, get a one way rental from Enterprise in Kilgore and ask them to waive the one way fee. They have for me many times. Typical cost is about 30 plus some gas.
  13. Mooney down in CT - N53CP

    Thanks Don, we are a small aviation community that really has a need to help each other out in unfortunate times. The Mooney Summit Inc provides a conduit to centralize this thru our charitable foundation, the Bill Gilliland foundation, while promoting safety and bettering our breed. If anyone cares to donate, this can be done via paypal to Iwannadonate@mooneysummit.com or contact me directly for an address to mail your donation. Thanks everyone for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
  14. Young Mooney Driver in Need of Wisdom

    Hi Blake, I transitioned Conner in his F when he first got it and was contacted by Colin a few weeks ago to get him up to speed in it, but my schedule isnt conducive right now so I referred him to another Mooney CFI I know. Are you at ER also?
  15. Mooney down in CT - N53CP

    Thanks Steve, We all appreciate it. Please give Joe my best also. Alice will contact the surviving families in due course of time to offer assistance with crisis intervention and financial if needed. So sorry for your loss of a friend.