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  1. mike_elliott

    G1000 WAAS Upgrade Cost?

    That will be a piece of gold to someone Clarence. @DanM20C would the new owner of 914BC be interested or did the plane get the waas upgrade?
  2. mike_elliott

    Any J's in New England (MA) I can check out?

    The best piece of advice I can give you is prebuy the owner as much as you prebuy the plane. This will speak volumes about the plane without ever seeing it. Right Rod?
  3. mike_elliott

    Fatal Carbon Monoxide Crash

    Dan's impact on aviation safety has been huge. We are so fortunate he is with us, has become an evangelist to prevent CO poisoning and continues to share his experience so others will be saved. There are no telling how many, (but I know of one for sure) lives Dan has saved. His impact has been global. Dan, I am proud to know you, my friend!
  4. mike_elliott

    Transition Training N59FM

    Tell Rod Congrats, Ken! He is a great guy and will adapt very easily to his new aluminum mistress!
  5. mike_elliott

    Australian Pilot visit

    One of my nominees for the Mooney Hall of Fame will be Robin Miller, Anthony! John Cheesborough is in the running also.
  6. mike_elliott

    Australian Pilot visit

    Since Anthony will probably welcome you Peter, Ill fill in some of his questions for you. Peter is a world class cellist who instructs at the Sydney Conservatory whos hobbies not only include flying, but astrophotography. He has his own telescope at the Sydney Observatory and produced this masterpiece. His son Nicholas is following in his fathers footsteps and already is one of the best classical guitarist i have heard at 16. Did I mention his wife is a world class pianist? If anyone gets to Sydney, do look Peter up. A finer family cannot be found.
  7. Dennis didnt want to buy it? I have seen this E and it is very nice restoration to near original.
  8. mike_elliott

    PPI recomendations.

    as important as getting a good prebuy done on the Mooney, if not more so. Having a great plane that is flown properly is far better than having a great plane that is being abused by not being flown correctly.
  9. Go to Country Tavern in Kilgore. That place is right out of the movies, food is great. They used to have bands playing with a chicken wire protection set up to keep the beer glasses from killin the musicians, but that what they do in E. Texas.
  10. mike_elliott

    Australian Pilot visit

    Yes we did meet. Patrick is an awesome mate! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  11. mike_elliott


    Just a quick note to let everyone know Dr. Ron Dubin, @rocketmanMooney Summit cofounder, underwent back surgery today at UK. He is fine, and I’m sure he is recovering well without opioids. His slurred speech is normal....Get well my friend
  12. Dan, I saw your plane when I returned from Denton today with a rebuilt fuel pump, one of many airworthiness issues. The stop was scheduled for a quick turn for fuel and to introduce the new owner to Don, but once airborne, I knew we were here for more than a quick trip to the old country tavern for a bbq lunch. im still pisturbed...best stop typing before I get all riled up again...
  13. mike_elliott

    Australian Pilot visit

    No worries mate, there was a family of four sitting just behind us so we could also enjoy the challenges Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. You bet it does, Clarence. Again, the owner wasnt taking the cheap way out, he just didn't know any better and the shop that did the PPI was less than diligent . I plan to have a few words with a few people when I can speak about it without resorting to my "hood" vocabulary. Meanwhile, it looks like wx will keep me eating Texas BBQ for the next few days. Thanks for all you do, Clarence. Your a pro.
  15. Today, Sunday, I was fortunate to be able to call on Don to rectify a number of airworthiness issues a new owner has with his Ovation enroute to Tucson. The owner had a PPI by a non Mooney shop of high regard, and they missed so many things it is frightening. One would think a functional fine swiss watch DG, a current transponder check, a non leaking fuel pump, in spec donuts, fuel gauges that sort of worked somewhat, CB's that didnt continually pop, all 6 cylinders firing and fuel injectors free of debris causing serious blue staining of the cylinders might be caught by a PPI of any substance, but they were not. Paul and Don and Adam jumped on this today after I spoke to Don. The new first time owner was ignorant of what it takes to have a proper PPI and he got hosed...not so much by the former owner but by the lack of a good PPI. The new owner has just heaped on a huge unanticipated expense because of a non professional PPI. Today, I am sitting AOG in Denton Tx waiting for the shop to open to rebuild the leaking fuel pump tomorrow AM. I can only hope the icing that is now forecast for tomorrow doesnt develop or it will be another 2 or thee days to get out here. Thanks for the a$$busting today, Sunday, Don, Paul Adam and the rest of the topnotch Maxwell aviation team. You, JD, Clarence, Lynn, and a few other shops are a treasure to the owners of Mooneys.