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    Ovation performance charts in XL

    It will be a fantastic learning event for me and the wonderful people of AMPA. Patrick, thanks for your valuable contribution to 'better the breed' Mike Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. mike_elliott

    Paint recommendations

    dont quote me, get the correct numbers from Joe (either the owner of this super fast J or the owner of Hawk, pick your Joe) but I think it was about 10 AMU's.
  3. mike_elliott

    Paint recommendations

    It was modeled after a 2016 Acclaim, reversing the black and reds.
  4. mike_elliott

    Paint recommendations

    Another Hawk Job
  5. mike_elliott

    Ovation performance charts in XL

    Thanks Patrick! I am sure you have even thought of the new minimum fuel levels that CASA is effecting in Feb! Great work
  6. mike_elliott

    Ovation performance charts in XL

    Excellent Patrick! I look forward to meeting you in Bathurst next weekend! Mike
  7. mike_elliott

    G500 TXi Upgrade

    Steve, will I see you in Bathurst next Fri? While I dont currently have any time with the G500XTI, I do with the G1000NXI and I believe a lot of the features are included with the G500TXI
  8. mike_elliott

    Training needed near KRYY

    I have done a lot of training training out of KRYY when new Mooney owners take delivery from prebuy at DLK aviation, but unfortunately, my schedule is such that I wouldn't be able to help until Dec.
  9. mike_elliott

    AOPA and Mooney

    Mooney talk is a political list serve set up by -javier henderson to keep the Little Timmy's off the mooney@aviating.com and mooney-tech@aviating.com list servers. While not as active as these lists once were, they still have some activity on them. The Mooney Talk list was all about bashing the other side of the isle and anything NON Mooney. see http://lists.aviating.com/mailman/listinfo Jolie @mooneygirl -jav set up a list just for Spousal and friends who fly right seat about 15 years ago if you are interested in using it. See http://lists.aviating.com/mailman/listinfo/mooney-rs
  10. mike_elliott

    Tyndall Damage

    Ron, the PROTE chamber is coming from Oklahoma City. Tyndall has a Hypobaric chamber that we were unable to get a LOA with the Airforce and the FAA in place to use like they used to have before it expired. The PROTE chamber is a much safer device to do the hypoxia training in. We should be good to go still on it for the MOoney Summit VII, unless we are removed from the budget as we were this year. Many of you know this has been a 6 year project to get this training for us. It will take more than a hurricane to shut us down this time.
  11. mike_elliott

    A&P IA needed. Central Florida

    You have a lot of good choices in FL. As mentioned Phil is great. Closer to you is Arnold Holmes A DAR in Leesburg, Fl. He operates AV-Mech. Another superb choice is the Mooney Service center Daytona Aircraft services. Jakes guys are honest and good.
  12. mike_elliott

    Tyndall Damage

    You can watch the Shark fly from the Origin
  13. mike_elliott

    Anyone hurt by Michael?

    They were going to need to build a bigger tower to take care of all of us next year at the Mooney Summit VII anyway! Seriously, I am so thankful non of our guys were hurt. Tyndall will, like Panama City and Mexico beach, rebuild and be better.
  14. mike_elliott

    Tyndall Damage

    Ron is there right now, and Mars is returning today to see what is left of the medical facilities at Tyndal. Jim has checked in and is ok, but noted the devastation to the east of Panama City. Fortunately, Panama City Beach, home of the Summit, is in decent shape considering. Sharkeys' shark is gone, but I am sure Neel Bennett will be serving fish tacos soon if not today.
  15. mike_elliott

    Mooney Round-up Conference and Workshop

    Those of us that have had a few body parts rearranged because of not having airbag belts realize the value of getting them, Right @DanM20C ? Look at it this way, an ambulance ride will be billed at about 2900 alone.
  16. mike_elliott

    Anyone hurt by Michael?

    Yes, that is from the Origin, maybe the 5th floor. I wonder how @rocketman furniture on the penthouse observation deck faired. Ron, got your ears on?
  17. mike_elliott

    Anyone hurt by Michael?

    Major Mari Metzler and the rest of the f22 fleet were moved to safety. She is OK of course, saddened by her fav F15 lying upside down now and is returning to Tyndall today. Jim, I hope you fared well also, with little damage @rocketman is going there tomorrow to check his properties. I already know the Presidents club house is missing a fence, I saw that on a Fox broadcast where they had Ron's Gulf Dr. Beach home in the background. Mars, glad your ok and thanks for all your contributions to the Mooney Summit.
  18. mike_elliott

    Anyone hurt by Michael?

    @Marauder girls were on vacation there I hear. Undoubtedly, they helped hold down the fort
  19. mike_elliott

    Bravo checklist

    I think you meant to say you left the elevator trim in full up position. My question is what check list are you using that doesn't have set the elevator trim to TO position prior to take off now? The POH has the checklist in it. Yes, I recommend a slight variation of the order of some of the items (IE switch to fullest tank), but not the exclusion of any of them. To rethink and to outguess the factory tests and pilots is a rather bold move I would caution against, but not saying you are considering this. Your transition training should have beat checking the trim settings into you prior to rolling onto the runway, checklist or not. Dont forget this check, just as dont forget to look to see if someone is on short final the tower forgot about. Im not trying to beat you up but want to point out simple stuff like this really goes back to primary training and is refined with your transition training to your specific Mooney. When someone has a new to him plane, a lot of the basics are easily skipped in the mass of new features functions gizmos and thingamajigs to check, along with the new performance curves to learn, but proper transition will keep you focused. I am not saying Mr. Cabe didn't cover these well, but am saying you need to stay vigilant while learning to become one with the fire breathing Bravo.
  20. mike_elliott

    Bally Bomber for sale!!! 1/3 B-17!!

    That has you written all over it Seth...you were drooling over it at OSH this year, might as well put it in your hangar and drool some more!
  21. Glad you are ok. Check the field wire to make sure it isnt broken. They tend to do that on the early Mooneys. Was Carlos's guys in there messing with anything? Lynn will get you fixed up.
  22. mike_elliott

    Its been a good run

    Roy Lopresti died from falling off his roof cleaning gutters, a height less than 13 feet.
  23. mike_elliott

    TANKS - Weeping - Patch - Nuance

    They probably are not leaking where he patched them . He doesn't do full strip and seals, but sends that work to Weep No More. This is an indication that the rest of the sealant is getting brittle, any 1K patching will be temporary until another leak shows up in another place. Question for you is Have they ever been fully stripped and resealed? If not your sealant is 51 years old. Call Mooney and demand warranty service If they politely tell you to twirl, call Paul Beck at Weep no More and get on his schedule and negotiate the $ with the seller or call O$N and do the same.
  24. mike_elliott

    Mooney owners near College Station, Texas

    Trouble is expensive. Gas is cheap. Just pay for gas and lunch. YMMV Bonus points, Lunch at "the chicken"
  25. mike_elliott

    Mooney Summit VI

    With the Mooney Summit V about to begin in a few days, I thought I would announce the dates for the Mooney Summit VI. Sept 28-30th, 2018. Hopefully, this will allow everyone to plan well enough in advance. We have checked the dates out with Panama City Beach (yep, thats where it will be) and we avoid a lot of conflicts with their very busy tourist schedule, holidays, etc on these dates. Hopefully, AOPA, NBAA etc will not plan an event the same weekend causing a conflict for our attendees and sponsors. The Mooney Summit VI will put in the capable hands of Seth Meyers and Lee Drumheller for complete organization, implementation, scheduling and tasking. They will do an excellent job and promise to make the Mooney Summit VI even better than what promises to be the best Summit yet in a couple of days. Thanks for stepping up to this task, Seth, Lee!