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  1. Unfortunately not, it just happened on Fathers day again in California at Lake Tullock. RIP Larry, Trent
  2. Rumor has it Norm repackaged Loctite 290 as Aeroseal, but who am I to know.
  3. Don, what is Andy's plane doing? Is the AP behaving, while yours is not?
  4. Fuel cells for planes are designed for leak mitigation, not impact protection like in Indy cars. The weight would be a large penalty and would need to have self sealing break away connections. I am sure this has been bought up to engineering many times in the past. I dont know of any planes so designed now.
  5. i believe this is true for the G1000/stec Mooneys as well. Can you confirm @Deb ?
  6. I looked, i didnt keep any pics, Stephen, and gave it away with the plane when it was sold. It looks like the barker unit, however, with a larger aquarium pump and 2 stages of dehumidification with the kitty litter and dessicant.
  7. Fuel pressure fluctuating on an IO360 may not be the guage, but could be an air leak in the fuel selector, a pin hole in the mechanical pump diaphram, or another source of air. Best make sure here. Does it stabilize when you put on the electric pump? If so, suspect a new mechanical pump is in your future. Most mechanics fear this job, but it really isnt as bad as your typical cezzna mechanic will make it out to be.
  8. I built a closed loop version of this, intake comes from crankcase vent, thru a jar of kittylitter to cleanse oil vapors, thru a filter screen then into the desiccant (I used a large plastic orange juice jar) then into the Engine oil fill tube. I bought some tube stoppers on smile.amazon.com, along with some brass metal tubing, a gal of dessicant, aquarium pump and aquarium filters. Hacienda Depot supplied the clear plastic delivery and return lines, neighbors cat supplied the kitty litter
  9. Good. Now is not the time for him to be placating our curiosity. He is full of pain medication I’ll bet. There will come a time he will share with us his observations. The NTSB will be hounding him to recant the accident well before he is mentally prepared to as it is. Let’s let Mark heal and let’s help him heal. I guarantee you it is a real hero who pulls you from a burning plane. This person I hope becomes known to us, we all owe him a round or two. Bobby, thanks for being there for me.
  10. This is your first post, and you have been around since 2012. What is your name? Don't hide behind an alias. I want to make sure we reevaluate the need to help you if that time comes. I have been very non judgemental until I read your post. You contribute nothing and bitch about your potential insurance rates. You sadden me on a very sad day, Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  11. Not necessarily, Cliff, I have personally corrected a lot of A$P's improper safety tie (and zip ties to engine mounts etc) techniques on my old F. Sometimes, they just do what is easiest for them and forget the best practices they should. Fortunately, most are not that way. If done by a non A&P, then the inspecting A&P should have said something, heh?
  12. I did not, but a Mooney Pro trainer did that we all know. While we are in speculating stage, this doesn’t appear to be a deficiency in training issue. Mark is a very competent pilot. A few very recognizable Mooney CFi’s have flown with him in this plane and have reached out to me expressing their concern for his well being. Marks ability or decision making is not in our list of causation at this time
  13. Extremely sad. I am already aware of the accident, and have engaged the Bill Gilliland foundation. I am very close to this particular tragedy. Godspeed, Mark. Recover quickly. We are here for you.
  14. In East texas, I dont believe it is a crime to do anything to a sheep.
  15. Dont let @M20Doc see that exhaust soot on that V band clamp, he might point out an issue....
  16. I think Robert Gary here had that issue and ended up having to pay a core charge, and have heard of others getting rejected because of a cracked case.
  17. I think this might preclude using your existing engine as exchange core from what I have heard.
  18. The Roller tappets make sense, other than the mandatory replace of $ame anytime you have the case opened. They are priced to keep Lycoming profitable for a long time. The DHC (with a cam that doesnt suffer "corrosion " issue metallurgy) have had lasting results in the field. The centrilube STC has some "followers" that might be worth looking at in conjunction with the DHC. Scott Sellmeyer may be able to opine with authority here.
  19. That is certainly the party line of Lycoming's legal dept. but yet they have the DHC tappets now to solve the problem ,. Oh, and a roller tappet engine to solve cam corrosion . There back is turned on the lubrication design or metallurgy because, well, it just can be that, now can it?
  20. Glad to hear you are paying attention to this, Mark. When a new Ultra owner is taught starting techniques, Ill point out the "START POWER" annunciation while cranking. If it does not extinguish when the starter key is released, turn the master OFF immediately to prevent this hangup and filling the crankcase with metal.
  21. Absolutely not. I don't fly in any plane I know has a mechanical issue. Continentals position is clear and would be hard to defend any action taken to the contrary in a court. Maybe you would get away with it, but why risk it? Save the shop a buck at the potential liability of loss of life and the ferry pilot's assets? Heck if you have a commercial license, you are qualified. If you dont, you are qualified, you just have to do it for free, which is about what you would be doing it for if you charged anyway compared to the risk involved. In fact, if you did it for free, you might be less culpable without a contract involving consideration.
  22. Ross, I think you mean to say they should easily be able to find a qualified ferry pilot who doesnt mind the possibility of being involved in possibly a lengthy bit of litigation and have culpability himself for a potential catastrophe. My name is certainly not going into this hat.
  23. Careful when you invite Clarence, he will rag about the safety wire trimming and finishing for the baffle seals in addition to the reasons the bolt broke.