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    From the album: Ultras

  2. In 2011 I pitched away a camshaft from a Datsun race car I owned. It had been sitting in a dirt floor shed for over 35 years. No corrosion at all on the lobes. Granted it was in Indiana, but it gets pretty humid there in the summer fall and spring. I am not completely buying in that corrosion is the culprit of the Lycoming cam/lifter spalling issue. Perhaps a metallurgy test of hardness might reveal more....
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    Check Gear!

    get one of these. It will help those that are distracted where a buzz would be ignored.
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    Crossed parhs

    Thanks David! Don't tell my wife Alice I was eating the delicious bacon wrapped fillet and I won't blow your cover Great to meet you Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    From the album: Ultras

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    From the album: Ultras

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    From the album: Ultras

    Nothing like seeing someones' new alumininium mistress naked!
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    A Christmas Miracle

    Thanks for all you do, Kelly. It is so great to see this kindness.
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    Wedding news

    Congrats Andrew! Bring your spouse to the Mooney Summit VII! I am sure he will find many non aviating things to enjoy!
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    Extreme turbulence and the Skew-T

    Ah...my bad...thanks!
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    Extreme turbulence and the Skew-T

    Why? seems like it and a laymans interpretation would be a valuable deliverable for your app.
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    Extreme turbulence and the Skew-T

    Depends on the examiner if they like to be "snowed" or not. If you want to go down a rabbit hole, be prepared to fully explain their use, how to interpret, etc. Alex, might I suggest you stick to answering questions asked for the best results on the oral. The DE has a plan of work he/she will follow and that will cover the bases of weather briefing for your planned flight. They will be able to tell if you know what you are talking about or not without the need to acquire "points".
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    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    This is an example of bureaucratic weenie wag at its finest
  15. While i cannot speak with any authority on the diamond, Mooney's love to land when flown at the right attitude and speed, or should I say lack of lift.
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    PPI near KGIF

    Alex will most definitely get a Mooney Summit VII invite. Alex, I look forward to working with you.
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    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    If you run out of learning experiences, I can hook you up with the Australian Mooney Pilots Association and Im sure a round or 2 with CASA (a somewhat inefficient version of our well oiled FAA) will provide you with a rounded bureaucratic education!
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    High Performance Endorsement

    With a 1100# UL, An F model Mooney will hold 4 180# adults, carry 64 gal of fuel, fly for over 7 hrs, blast in and out of short fields and does move at Mooney speeds. PLUS you dont look like a dork flying one! Now you have heard of another!
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    Hartzell Bravo prop?

    THey have one, but feel free to call them if you want to put your name in the hat. Dan was right, they needed a hot prop Bravo so one STC could cover all of the viariants
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    Hartzell Bravo prop?

    BTW, Ill be there Sunday, @gsxrpilot but on a short leash. Maybe before I go to Kerrville....
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    Hartzell Bravo prop?

    Andy, when you spoke to me about it a few months ago, I called and they had someone lined up with a FIKI Hot prop Bravo they were just waiting to get log book approval and begin the process with. I called the engineer in charge of the project then. I would imagine they will be getting close by now. @gsxrpilot might know more, I think he reached out about the K models to the same guy.
  22. Congrats! Who did you get to do the prebuy?
  23. mike_elliott

    The AV 30 Looks Good

    Cliff, any chance Jeff Bethel will add a D/A converter to talk to the KF/AP 150 AP's so it could be used as a replacement for the ever failing fine swiss watch KI256's, or did AP interfacing options come up? We know he can do it, He and Pete Lyons did it as Aspen. Even PTK is getting worn down on waiting for the vapoKi 300
  24. Does 43.7 require an additional log entry or just be approved for return to service by a person authorized? While I cannot see how it would hurt to have it, I dont see where it is a required log entry, just an approval.
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    I just bought a Mooney

    Jake Clements at Daytona Aircraft service Arnold Holmes at AV Mech in Leesburg Phil Jimenez in Avon Park