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    Update: Me & N201DY

    You guys are too kind! I might have to go buy a larger hat now, if they make them any bigger It was a pleasure to fly with you both. You guys have great planes and will be great stewards of them.
  2. mike_elliott

    Is it ever too cold to fly?

    You forgot a watermelon, camp stove, 6 pack of Bud, fishing pole and extra toilet paper
  3. mike_elliott

    Paid my deposit for paint today

    Camlocs on the cowl, southco's on the battery access panel. Looks like a bird gave your paint job his seal of approval in the last photo also.
  4. mike_elliott

    Mooney Instructor - South Florida

    It depends on the day. I'll be in Texas and other states a lot in March. Next week I'll be close while I'm in Havana. I do not have a hole in my schedule until after SunNFun in April however. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. mike_elliott

    Paid my deposit for paint today

    Thanks Scott @fuellevelfor the kind donation of a set to the Mooney Summit's silent auction!
  6. mike_elliott

    Spark Plugs -- Massive or Fine Wire

    Just think Clarence, if you had come to the Mooney Summit last year, you could have bid on a set in the silent auction! The 4 cyl guys were crying "foul" as they couldnt compete with bids from the 6 cyl guys, and you could have easily walked off with the set of 16 for cheap. Savings wouldnt feed that beast however, not much can
  7. mike_elliott

    M20K stalling tendencies

    Have the stall strips been moved from when they were originally installed at the factory (and flight tested to stall straight ahead)? This could cause it
  8. mike_elliott

    Vacuum failure

    I do
  9. mike_elliott

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    Typically they will not until things go pear shaped. When it does, there is the insatiable appetite to find someone alive to blame for someone not alive, and the need to use the fine print to prevent wasting ink on a check.
  10. mike_elliott

    252 Cruise Speed

    No, I dont, Erik. This one also has TKS and I have heard it is about 10kts slower than book by the owner.
  11. mike_elliott

    252 Cruise Speed

    Erik, I didnt stall the plane before the VG's were added, as they were added prior to the owner taking delivery. I stalled the plane at 52 kts about 100 # under gross. I trust the engineering data of the original stall speed was accurate.
  12. mike_elliott

    252 Cruise Speed

    What is your stall speed? I saw a reduction of 7 kts on a M20V with VG strips. Same wing, results should be similar if installed correctly.
  13. mike_elliott

    Mooney mechanics near Raleigh, NC

    +1 - AGL is one of the best MSC's around. They also put back into the Mooney Community by supporting the Mooney Summit, a 501c3 charity dedicated to "bettering the breed" of the Mooney pilot and aiding downed Mooney pilot's families. Thanks Tamara, Lynn!
  14. I would also clean the trim servo armature. You have a sub min. D connector that has 4 pins connected. One is + one - one servo clutch one ground. I cant remember the pinouts right off. I made a "connector" pigtail I could plug into the servo and could put 12V and run the motor in each direction for a minute or 2. This is a fix that was given to me by an STEC tech back in '05. Every annual I would "clean" the servo armatures and that kept it rock solid. I am not saying this is your issue, but this is a known problem with STEC servos, right Barry?
  15. mike_elliott

    What do oil stains on an engine block tell you?

    Ill bet it was around #2
  16. mike_elliott

    Hot starting issues

    Whatyoumaycallits are all called "money knobs"
  17. mike_elliott

    Bay Area Crash

    Thanks Paul. If anyone has contact info on Chris's family, please let me know Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  18. mike_elliott

    Bay Area Crash

    If anyone knows Ricky Branaugh of placerville or his family, please touch base with me so we can engage the Bill Gilliland foundation. We will of course verify it was Ricky in the plane first. So sad. Thanks
  19. mike_elliott

    Halo headsets

    @hank, as donation chair for the Mooney Summit, how about reaching out to Dr. Phil? I havent been able to make any headway with him previously. He has always said he cant make them fast enough anyway, but he says that at a booth in OSH or SNF, which makes me question why he is even there spending the big bucks if the bus is going that good. They would make a great raffle item!
  20. We have carefully vetted the above dates for our Mooney Summit VII to avoid conflict with MAPA, the Caravan, MAPA safety foundation etc. We will have CAMI provide hypoxia training in the Prote reduce O chamber for us and we needed to confirm dates for their and our planning. Mark it on your calendar! We will open registration in late March once again.
  21. mike_elliott

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Shouldn't be but It is in the eyes of the buyer. Your plane would be limited now below what the manufacture specs are. Other Ovations for sale most likely wont be. Getting the most plane for your $ is what most buyers are after, and this would be a detractor for sure. The buyer would have to come to the realization he would now own this limitation and have to either fix it or take a hit himself at sales time. Kind of like having a the very first log book missing on a 55 year old E model. Not really a big deal except at sales time.
  22. mike_elliott

    Recommissioning - Airplane and Myself

    Hi Phil, long time no ping! Reach out to Michael Baraz, he has a local CFI he uses. Still have the turbo E, heh?
  23. mike_elliott

    CFI rate per hour

    Flight instructors are all over the map on prices, from a bag of garden vegetables to well over 4K per day of Flight Safety, Inc. type specific. Expect to pay a few $ for Mooney Specific Master instructors. They are like a Mooney Service center for you. You are the most critical system of a flight and need more "service" work than your plane. It is only prudent to spend as much on yourself training as you do on your plane maintaining. Taking shortcuts on either can be deadly.
  24. mike_elliott

    Stolen Garmin GPS-400W and G5

    How much do they keep as an "administrative" fee?
  25. mike_elliott

    Hot starting issues

    They are pressurized mags and the Bendix are not STC'd for the Bravo. Space is the least of the issues here.