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  1. Obviously we need to get more information from people with direct communication to Dynon, but if my memory is correct I think they had a J model for testing. This change could be that the FAA is saying they will only approve mid-bodies because they chose a mid-body as the test platform. I was already thinking that it was VERY optimistic that the FAA would approve all Mooney models at once based on flight testing just the J.
  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I saw this mentioned on Facebook. Looking at the Dynon approval list online it seems the Mooney is back to "TBD" status as well as only expected to cover F-K models. Very disappointing but I have an F model and am still holding out for the Dynon HDX system with A/P. https://www.dynoncertified.com/aml.php#appricing
  3. Just thought I would throw out there i found your video as part of a compilation video on YouTube about nearly fatal accidents.
  4. I have the L3 Lynx transponder and absolutely love it. Unfortunately, when I do my Dynon upgrade I will not be able to get my ADS-B in data to go from my Lynx to Skyview. I will probably opt to buy the ADS-B in that Dynon offers and have redundancy.
  5. I think you are asking if you need to have a second screen to do engine monitoring. With the Dynon system you do not require a second screen (although many choose to have one). On one single screen you can have primary flight instruments, maps, and engine data. Here is a very good video about how data can be displayed on the HDX screen.
  6. Not to hijack the thread, but what are your thoughts on the auto lean system? I already did my step upgrade.
  7. I had no idea this thread would be so punny........
  8. I have found out why I am unable to get vertical guidance on an LPV approach. The wiring for vertical deviations was never installed. Lucky for me the avionics shop gave me the wiring diagram they used for the set up. With the Mid Continent CDI there were 2 versions listed, one with vertical guidance and one without. They followed the wiring diagram for the CDI without vertical guidance. They used the wrong one. I have sent an email to the shop along with a picture of the diagram showing they used the wrong information for the CDI. Although the installation was just over a year ago I am
  9. As is the case many times, there is no specific thread that exactly addresses the questions we have. This seems the most logical location for my question because I also in the last few days flew my very first LPV approaches with my IFD440 and received no vertical guidance on the approach. I do know that the GPS said it was in GPS-LPV mode. At this time I do not have fancy glass panels in my plane (Waiting for the Dynon Autopilot approval) so have a GPS capable CDI. When I did all my research I was certain to check that the CDI was compatible with the IFD440 and it is. My CDI is the MD222-
  10. Hey there all. I am looking for recommendations for shops near Dothan Alabama for my 1968 M20F annual. This is kind of short notice so any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. In the Dynon Certified Forums they did in fact say they are using a J for certification testing.
  12. The pilot flying was still very new to the C-47 (DC-3). He had just gotten his type rating and simply messed up. From the FAA reports I think it even went as far as to say when the other pilot took the controls he did not fully release them.
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