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A classic : Trip to Corsica

Philip France 13

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In france and europe a trip to Corsica is a must. You will discover a beautiful island less than 2h00 flight from France cote d’azur or Italy.

Being based in south of France is a very short flight in Mooney, almost like flying from Phoenix Arizona to Sedona (My favorite destination when I was leaving in USA). You must fill a flight plan and follow a route en in VFR. Quite easy, in my case i use aerorouter (free of charge). For the flight i am describing i flew IFR, just to keep up to date my IFR skills. The route is from LFMA to STP (Saint Tropez), MERLU (famous reporting point in the mediteranee), and then approach to LFKC (Calvi). For Calvi you must ask day before or better 2x days before for parking slot (PPR). Landing fee is and parking forone night about 80€. Taxi to town, 20€, to 25€ Sunday's. Plenty of nice hotels and restaurants down town, is a small town on the see side, we were at hotel Saint-Christophe, down town with direct access to the see for a jump in water. Plenty of good restaurants… i hope i motivated you to go there. Enjoy pictures attached.

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Lovely trip @Philip France 13

I saw that Calvi has now a new paved parking? I sweared not to go back again there even in Alska Cubs with tundra wheels, I may change my mind again :lol:

Propriano is nice, we visited 2 times and we still loved it for another one more 

The names of IFR reporting points correlate with the meals served after landings :P

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