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  1. All metals if subject to vibration have a fatigue life. These parts are seldom examined or replaced and there are instances of improper installation and inadequate support. I think some of our airplanes originally had Dukes boost pumps that have now been replaced by Weldon. Does anybody know if these are identical pumps with no changes in tubing or support needed?
  2. With all the high time building on our airplanes has anybody been doing maintence or replacement of the metal fuel line tubing? I was just reading about some failures on the Bonanza list due to fatigue or corrosion. I do not recall any incidents on Mooneys. I do have some concerns with the tubing around the fuel pump under the pilots feet partly because it has likely been fiddled with several time over the years. I would like to see a drawing or photo on the proper installation and support for the pump and tubing but have never found one.
  3. Gary0747

    High nickel in oil?

    Where do you get your oil analysis? Do they send results and history in that spread sheet?
  4. Gary0747

    Avionics cover sealant

    Put a sheet of saran wrap on one side of the RTV and this will allow removal and reuse of the seal.
  5. Gary0747

    Control Locks

    I have seen it several times when wind gusts in a storm front and one time from prop blast from another aircraft that cause elevator and aileron movement enough to hit the stops. Not good
  6. I searched the MS previous posts on control locks and found little more than bunge cords and straps between yokes. I was wondering if anyone has found or built anything better?
  7. Gary0747

    Fuel Cap Rain Cover

    Just to illustrate my point and explain my personal paranoia about water. Here is an accident report involving a 67 F. My younger brother was partners in this airplane for 8 years located in Boulder, Co before he got out and into a B36. This Mooney was always tied down outside at Boulder Airport. It was professionally well maintained. Note the finding of water from several possible sources and that the engine was probably only making low power But NTSB was not able to make conclusions.
  8. The weak link in the Lycoming design is the cam. Many premature engine failures are due to cam wear. Given the superior lubrication of the synthetic oils I have always thought it would protect better from premature cam wear. I use Aeroshell 15-50. But I have never had problems getting near the cylinder high temp limits with the third cowl flap mod on my 67F. So year round seems fine.
  9. Gary0747

    Fuel Cap Rain Cover

    How many days do those parts often set in the hot sun before the NTSB inspector even shows up let alone begins to disassemble the engine? Also there is often a fire in take off accidents. Not sure what signs of water look like in these cases?
  10. Gary0747

    O/H'd Generator pulley issue

    How many hours on the old generator? Not much to wear out other than brushes which can be replaced. I would suspect a voltage regulator problem might have been an issue
  11. Gary0747

    Fuel Cap Rain Cover

    Such Bravado is scary. How many loss of power on take off accidents have there been where no apparent cause can be identified? Do you think water would ever be found days later after fuel and engine hoses have been scattered?
  12. I have never seen any colored pvc tubing on mine. It has always been the black surgical latex tubing as shown in the original photo here. Latex rubber works well but has poor oxidation resistance thus causing the surface cracking in the photo. Britain recommended changing to the windshield washer tubing which I think is EDPM to reduce the oxidation problem with the latex.
  13. Does the button make or break vacuum to the switch box on the leveler?
  14. Might also check the orings in the wing leveler button on the yoke while you are at it. That could cause the leveler to not engage. I think that button just pulls out. I never bothered since my leveler has always worked fine.
  15. How much do the Spatial interiors cost? I do not see it on their website.