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  1. I have an EI flow meter and pressure gauge between the engine mechanical pump and the servo and have just installed a JPI Pressure transducer at the location where the factory pressure gauge used to be. This is on the outlet side of the servo I assume. We will check the screen but have never found anything there since I assume the gascolator filter is doing a good job. The inlet pressure has been running close to 30psi and the outlet where the old factory gauge was shows 22 to 24 psi. I was reading the Precision Aeromotive manual for the servo and the only thing I could find about Pressure was a statement that “ In general inlet pressures 5 to 10 psi greater than engine requirements will not adversely affect the performance of the system”. Which makes me think the pressure drop I am seeing might be normal. The strange thing is I never noticed the difference on the old factory gauge but now do with the JPI.
  2. Does anybody have any data or know what the Pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the fuel servo on IO360? I am seeing about 6psi drop on different gauges.
  3. Two things to never do in a Mooney, especiall a 50 yr old one. 1. Accelerated stalls 2. Spins some of the original Mooney test pilots had stories about the tendancy to get the vintage stuff into flat or semi flat spins and their harrowing experiences of recovery. The tendancy for flat spins in increased the more aft the CG.
  4. Nicely done on both installations. I assume no weep hole in either install? Also why the stand off bracket instead of just mounting to the firewall using the adel clamp JPI provides for each sensor? also Bob it appears you have managed to get rid of that long coil of 1/8 inch copper tubing that messes up most installations with a factory gauge
  5. So where did those installing EDM900 and other electronic MP sensors install their sensors? Did you install in the cabin or on the engine side of the firewall. Using or not using a weep hole?
  6. Thanks, I saw the diagram but the hoses or lines were all Mooney special part numbers. What I have looks to be simply 1/8 copper tubing that is coiled and in the way of some acces to other stuff.
  7. I have always had this weird looking line from my engine to the firewall. It is a coil of 1/8 inch copper tubing with a size 2 tube connection to the firewall pass thru fitting. It has always worked fine with no problems with vibration readings on the gauge or liquid in the line. Is this the proper way this line should be run?
  8. I was talking about the RS232 input to pin #2 from a UAT. Not pins #1 and #6 for the temp probe.
  9. Any PIREPS on if these filters actually increase MP?
  10. Looking at the AV20S connector there is a provisional input from a UAT receiver. Does anybody know anything about this? I see nothing in the manual.
  11. I would not fly New Mexico or Arizona either Thursday or Friday as significant WX moving across these states. Saturday might be ok. I have never done the northern route yet but some have flown Casper then South down the Western slope. Not sure I would attempt this in very cold weather with out survival gear and a 406 ELT. Pretty desolate and spotty radar coverage at lower altitudes we fly.
  12. Sorry, I was referring to the unusual log entry at 40 hours since new that you mentioned as not being clear at what happened. Not your recent incident at El Paso as that appears to be clearly analyzed and not a prop strike. No offense intended
  13. Jim, I am not a prop expert but with the possibility of two prop strikes on the same hub, on top of your latest episodes, I would be thinking seriously about a total replacement. It might be worth talking directly with McCally about their input. With all the recent guidance changes about “no lifting” and “no pushing” on their props it may be they know something not published about the possibility of easier damage to the hub than previously thought.
  14. This is very suspicious. Is it possible there was an undocumented prop strike with no engine work that the owners did not want to stand out in the log books due to potentially hurting resale? You would have thought if it was just a bad seal that there would have been a Mooney warantee claim. Perhaps the prop has had alignment issues ever since this? It is the kind of thing that should be flagged for more info in a pre buy inspection.
  15. I fly Michigan to DVT every year. Nice Fuel stop at Dumas, Tx then ABQ direct works just fine. I minimize turbulence in the mountains by avoiding flying whe the winds at 12,000 are over 25knots. A little more direct route if WX is good uses V210 thru LaVeta Pass to ALS then direct DVT. If you are IFR and can cancel fly the last part VFR to avoid the arrival procedure that routes you way out of the way.