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  1. I posted this on a 4 year old thread on this topic but realized the original post had been placed under the General topics, so I moved it here where more expertise resides. Most of the new audio panels appear to require us to short the mike key (tip) to the audio low (barrel) which works fine if one has two wires run to their PTT switch in the control yoke. But if we only have a single wire to the switch in the yoke, that gets grounded with the PTT, will this create a problem by not using the mike audio low to key the transmitter on the newer audio panels. In some cases reworking
  2. Sandia Quatro which are also BK units had issues with some of their AI units that triggered an AD. I don’t think that had been resolved yet. Are the AV30 AI issues similar? It is worth noting that the Garmin units require a GPS input. I wonder if this keeps their units from drifting off? But I have noted even a few Garmin G5 users have also reported issues.
  3. I wonder if there are any software updates for the original AV20s units? They did not seem to calculate true airspeed correctly and the angle of attack never worked on most Mooney’s.
  4. Thanks, The TC inverter ground was found to be on just the aluminum skin of the airplane. Moving it to the right side panel near the TC circuit breaker made a big improvement.
  5. Would it also make sense to add a braded ground strap from the firewall to at least the left panel which is floating on the rubber shock mounts that probably do not conduct?
  6. How does the ground get from the engine/generator to the instrument panel? I see the big ground strap to the firewall but is there a strap from the firewall to the instrument panel some where?
  7. I have the original Brittain turn coordinator and seem to be picking up some low level noise in parts of my audio system. Does anybody have experience solving this? Ferrite Beads? Capacitors? Improved Grounding?
  8. To get the deviation bar to show on th Sandel sn3308 you have to have the map settings turned off.
  9. What is the procedure for cleaning the lens? Installing behind the wheel will likely get the lens dirty on a wet runway. I wonder what to expect in changing performance of the unit will be with a slightly dirty lens?
  10. It appears the KMA24 may have mechanical switches? My KA134 has mechanical push button switches and the contacts on mine need to be exercised and cleaned with contact cleaner occasionally or I can get weak or no signal from some of the audio inputs. I wish mine had the audio isolation amps that it sounds like yours has.
  11. I think it may be time to replace it. It is simply an input switching unit that feeds a Flightcom Sterio intercom with a Clearence recorder. The intercom works well and I would prefer not to replace it. My KA-134 is and old mechanical switching unit that feeds all the 500 ohm audio input together with no isolation amps. I was looking for a simple switching unit that has audio amps for each input for better isolation. Does anybody you know of make such a unit without all the intercom features?
  12. Trying to locate a lose wire but need the manual or circuit diagram. Cant locate anything with an internet search.
  13. I just came back from the airport after finding a full cup of rat poison pellets behind my wheel well liner. A mouse hauled them and likely died elsewhere. Fortunately they did not penetrate my rat socks that I made years ago with stretchy nylon fabric and Velcro. Now to clean up the mess and thoroughly hose out the wheel well. My Laser wheel liners have a gap at the small end like they should have been made 3 inches longer. Has anybody fixed this? On the retract rod I plan to coat it with grease to see if that stops them going in that way.
  14. Looks like residual adhesive? Was the foam installed using self stick or additional adhesive? If so perhaps the adhesive or surface prep is the culprit? Also I thought the purpose of the original service bulletin was to stop corrosion of the steel tubes and the aluminum was not a corrosion problem. It sure appears to be chemical incompatibility with the aluminum. Any way to trace it back to the manufacturer of the foam? Any number of things can create incompatibility. Blowing agents, fire proofing chemicals or the foam composition itself.
  15. Can you remove with a high pressure water blast with out damaging the aluminum? Pressures up to 10,000 psi have been used to clean equipment in the chemical process industry but the metals are typically harder than aluminum. There are some serious personal protection issues when using this high of pressure. One guy cut his toes off.
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