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  1. Could have been the oxygen bottle bursting that caused the pop and flare up.
  2. Are they not going to apply the cs3600 top coat red sealant?
  3. What happens if you skip the top coat? Cover plate sealing surfaces don’t get the top coat?
  4. I wonder if people applying this in patched areas are applying some overlap that may come off later?
  5. There have been several accidents caused by the improper use of red rubber sloshing tanks sealer which is essentially the same as the final protective sealant that goes on over the CS poly sulfide sealant. (PR-1005-L). The stuff can come off in sheets if installed improperly or exposed to fuels with too many aromatics ie Auto Gas
  6. Slick manual in the 500 hour inspection specifies the resistance between the capacitor case and main terminal. It also specifies the capacitance.
  7. Mags came off for 500 hour inspection. We tested the capacitor on each and found one that was bad showing very low resistance. I saw no apparent symptoms of a bad mag while flying prior to finding this. Does anybody have experience with seeing how a bad capacitor effects engine performance?
  8. Kelly is apparently not changing anything. Still using copper.
  9. In reading the maintenance manual for a friends Ovation, I see no mention of using the Mooney nose gear over center torque tool and measurement. Only bunge spring compression measurements are mentioned for nose gear preload. Either we are overlooking something or he will not need to borrow my nose gear Mooney tool come annual time? Does anybody know if he should see the 100 to 130 inch pound torque that we see on my manual gear after properly checking his bunge compression versus specs?
  10. I see you have what appears to be foam rubber or insulation on the front side of the spar below the back seat. Mine has always had this too and I have always wondered if it came from the factory this way or was added later? I have thought about removing and replacing it just to give the spar a good inspection.
  11. This apparently came out in December. I had not heard much about it but Slick has used copper electrodes in distributor gears for years and is now going to monel but the recall is not for all distributor gears with copper electrodes? Is this a real problem since it is not an AD?
  12. Looking for info on rehabbing high resistance Champion fine wire spark plugs. I think Champion used to do this? Does anybody know if they or any other outfit can still do this?
  13. My EDM 900 was purchased in January but was wondering if you have a firmware version more recent than this?
  14. The transition from large tubing to small copper tubing is just a reducer on mine. I ordered the snubber Art V recommended and it turns out to be the same thing JPI recommended. I assume this allows the elimination of the copper tubing and use of a regular hose?
  15. Jeev, The sensor is installed on the firewall with the JPI supplied Adel clamp which is not nearly as solid and secure as the bracket mounts the others show. We used the original copper tubing coil which we assume did some dampening. We obviously did not use the small aluminum tubing with the weep hole that was on the cabin side of the firewall and no doubt did some additional dampening on the original gauge. I can’t see how just a straight hose connection to the new transducer does any dampening unless there is an additional orifice in the hose? Perhaps I am the only one even noticing this variation in the MP instantaneous measurement? The variation does not seem to show up in the % HP readout due to apparent averaging in the JPI software.