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  1. Are there any iPad APPs that will continuously display the angle to the runway? Allowing one to fly a constant approach angle. This would be useful when landing on runways that do not have approach glide slope lights. I know flying LPV approaches do this but I was looking for something simpler and useable on any runway.
  2. I have spent a number of years conducting and reviewing major accident investigations not in the aviation industry so I don’t profess any expertise or interest in investigation this. I will give my opinion that the attitude I was just reading from one responder that “shit happens let’s move on” will lead you no where in terms of preventing reoccurrence. Saying that wing vortices caused this is not the root cause.
  3. I don’t have the original F panel. I did measure the angle of the panel and corrected the suggested AOA set up numbers after talking to Bill Shuert of Aerovonics. Have tried several setting around his suggestion but can not get what I think are realistic readings. High Angles seldom remain constant for what is a constant AOA on my BK AOA. Just looking for someone who feels like they have theirs working. Also looking for someone who sees agreement on their true air speed reading compared to other instruments or calculations.
  4. Are there any new PIREPS on this? Mine seems quirky with AOA compared to my Bendix King AOA. I had read a previous comment that AOA in a turn was not correct but a software fix was being worked on. My true airspeed reads high compared to the calculated on my Garmin.
  5. It says finger tip formation is no less than 3 feet of Clearence? I would need a higher minimum.
  6. Did I read previously that Mooney Caravan had gradually tightened up the formation to professional standards from a much looser formation over the years. If so I wonder if all the participants were really capable of the tighter formation standards? I assume this is being evaluated as part of their RCA? Also how does the Mooney formation tightness standard compare to the other brand caravans?
  7. Well if this mystery persons objective was to totally destroy this thread then I think he was successful. This result is liked by many who did not think touching should be discussed here.
  8. Are there any posted photos of this touch damage? I saw the video but it was too far away to tell much?
  9. In my F it is an easy reach in the step retract hole with the step down.
  10. I have always felt the primary driver of aviation accidents was not the skill level of a pilot but the delta between the skill level and what the pilot perceived their skill level to be. Ie the humility factor. The low time pilot who understands their skill and limits can actually be a safer pilot than a high time extensively trained pilot who believes their skill will allow them to do most anything.
  11. No where have I demanded any such thing. I am not wanting to investigate. I am not bullying anyone. Read my post. My point was that if you want to have a meaningful outcome to the root cause of all this there needs to be a culture that guides the process and I am concerned from what I have been reading that it may not be present for who ever is investigating. Never before have I seen a secrecy agreement with all the people who witnessed an incident. I do not believe that will help make the best outcome. I do not believe it is right to keep any of the information controlled and fed selectively to the investigators. I do not think any of the information will remain secret in the long run. So what is the point in hiding anything.
  12. You are a pilot and know how to fly an airplane. That is not the culture I am talking about. How many accident investigations have you run or participated in? I am talking about the safety culture that address the proper way to approach and conduct accident investigations.
  13. The more I read on this thread the more disturbed I become. Having spent my career around many chemical process safety accidents I am convinced the key to improving safety is primarily about establishing the right culture. DuPont started the right culture by establishing that “all accidents are preventable”. Anybody that showed up at an investigation saying “shit happens” just bought themselves a ticket to the unemployment line. The other key to establishing corrective actions through a root cause analysis is that everyone had to be completely open with the facts with out worrying about the legal consequences. Having lawyers guide investigations often would not lead to the root causes and thus the corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence. What troubles me here is it sounds like everyone has been sworn to secrecy. Does this secrecy extend to the FAA inspectors? Is the secrecy waved for the caravan investigation and do folks really think this info will not eventually make it to the legal process or to the FAA? Is it thought that sharing that same info here with this group would really compromise or conflict with the other? Something is really missing here.
  14. I was not there and know nothing more about this incident other than what I read here but I will point out the somewhat obvious hazard that Mooney aircraft have in formation flying that others like P and B and C brands do not have as much risk with in flying formation. We all know how slippery Mooneys are and that they do not slow down easily when one just pulls the power back. Unless one has speed brakes or is able to put their gear down there is an inherent risk in rear ending leading aircraft that may have slowed for what ever reason. I assume some in the caravan had speed brakes and maybe even some might have put their gear down to get to the assigned speed or slowed for the maze of traffic. The person with no speed brakes or gear down may not realize that just pulling the power might not be enough to avoid the formation ahead. I point this out as simply an inherent risk Mooney’s have that may or may not have anything to do with this incident.