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  1. I had the same problem and spoke with @Mscheuer at an AOPA flyin. He provided a setup manual that explains how to adjust the limits on the PMA450B. It involves removing the unit, changing a jumper and reinstalling the unit. You then get a set of menus that let you adjust several settings including the automatic squelch. I lowered mine slightly and it works perfectly for us now. I am sure if you contact Mark he will explain or provide you the documentation on how to change it. I still have the document but since it isn't mine I'm not comfortable sharing it without permission from PS. Jim
  2. Sorry, it has been a couple of months since I looked up the FS 510 version. It is in a different place: https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=6895. The current Flight Stream version is 2.62. Did I mention that the software versions are not easy to find? That version has been working fairly well for me. Once it is connected the transfers usually work. I have seen the transfers hang even with the 2.62 version. I have reset all my network connections on my Android phone and waiting until the next DB cycle to see if that corrects the last problem. My FS 510 was installed in February so I don't have a lot of experience with it yet. Jim
  3. The software versions are not easy to find. I use the link https://www.garmin.com/en-US/aviationalerts/category/service-document-notifications/. That gives you the bulletins for all the software updates for everything. To narrow it down to what I want I will use the browser search function to look for something like GTN. If you do that you will see that the last service bulletin for the GTN released main software version 6.71 and for the GTN Xi was 20.11. The Flight Stream 510 version is 2.51. The GTX 345 is 2.54. I keep all of the software versions for my avionics in a spreadsheet and I will check every few months to see what has changed. If the service bulletin has something I feel I need I will get the new software installed. Jim
  4. Agree. The Type II pins are better and it does appear to be what he removed from the connector. I followed the reference he gave to the Newark site. My concern was that he would buy the Newark referenced pins and have the incorrect crimper. Jim
  5. Interesting. When I look up that connector on the Newark website it shows a 164164-1 pin which fits the crimper I referenced. The one you referenced certainly fits the pin that you show. I wonder if there are multiple pins that fit that connector. Probably need to make sure to order the crimper and pin as a matched set. Jim
  6. I don't believe that the crimper that @N201MKTurbo references crimps the 164164-1 pins that fit the connector you referenced. The crimper you need for those pins is something like the Molex 0638190901 that DigiKey sells. I have a much cheaper version that is non-ratcheting that I have had for a long time. I can't find a reference to it but it cost about $40.00 dollars. The Molex 0638111000 looks like it will work although I wouldn't want to do a lot of pins with it. If you zoom in to either picture of the Molex crimpers you can see that the crimp is designed to roll the flat metal over to capture the wire and insulation. If you are anywhere near Huntsville, AL I will be happy to crimp the pins for you or lend you my crimper. Jim
  7. See if the attached drawing is what you are looking for. It is from the information that I have for my 1996 M20J. I suspect it is similar to yours as the later J share a lot in common with the long body planes. The first page of the drawing is where I have extracted just the wiring for the lights from the aircraft schematic so it is easier to follow. The second page is the internal wiring for the control box in the avionics bay that I did when mine failed the first time. The part that fails is the LM338 voltage regulator (power transistor). The LM338 as well as the diodes are readily available. If you decide to repair your box the only really tricky part is the transistor output is the case. The control box has plastic spacers and insulators to keep the transistor case from contacting the control box case to avoid shorts to ground. The transistors have to be unsoldered from the board to remove the board to gain access to the nuts, spacers and bolts that hold them on. Reassembly is fairly easy after the transistors are remounted. The box in my airplane has failed twice. The first time was a buzzing that got worse over time until I replaced the transistors. The second time the panel lights just quit working. Jim Panel Light Connections.pdf
  8. When I updated my JPI EDM700 to an EDM830 I added fuel flow. It has been a couple of years but as I recall you are required to have the JPI switch in FF for it to recognize the fuel flow sensor after a new installation. After my installation the fuel flow wasn't recognized at first. After flipping the switch it was and everything worked normally. I suspect that the factory reset is the same. Jim
  9. Yes, that is the correct crimper. It requires two steps to crimp. The first around the bare wire and the second around the insulation. Sometimes with real small wires I start with a larger die to start the metal bending over and then crimp a second time with a smaller die. There are one step ratcheting crimpers available but those are fairly expensive. If you don't want to fool with crimpers there are solder cup pins available. I have used both and prefer the crimp version. Jim
  10. That is the one that I have and it works for all the large pin front extraction CPC connectors on my M20J. There are a few plastic high density connectors that use the MIL standard pins that require a different rear extractor. Easy to tell the difference as the pins are quite different in size. Jim
  11. Mark I have a PMA450B so I should have Flightmate. I have the PMA450A setup guide because of a question that I asked you at one of the AOPA fly-ins in the fall of 2018 (I think). I wanted to change my squelch setting and you provided that manual so that I could make the adjustment. I assumed (probably shouldn't do that) it was the latest that was available and applied to the B version. Sounds like the information I was using was out of date. @Tahir K will need to pick the PMA450B input that works for his Sonalert or will need some simple external conditioning to invert the signal. Thanks for the clarification. Jim
  12. I am not sure I understand your second comment. In the 450A Set Up Guide you provided me a couple of years ago it says in section 3.9: 3.9 Flightmate® discrete inputs Flightmate offers four alerts triggered by external inputs. Flightmate MUST be enabled in the installation setup mode to ensure standard PMA450A backward compatibility with the GMA340. Each of the four discrete inputs has three states. OFF (ignored), Rise (Active high), and Fall (Active low). Doesn't the Fall (Active Low) allow the Flightmate to be turned on with a ground? If I misreading that information that then @Tahir K may require external conditioning to invert the signal. Jim
  13. I agree with @Vance Harral that the PMA450B voice alerts will work with your plane. For the gear warning I would connect at the Gear Warning Horn (wire 38 in the diagram). The signal will be high true so depending on the Alert Trigger you connect to you may have to change the setup configuration in the PMA450B. For the stall horn I would connect at the the Pre-Stall Warning Switch (wire 86 in the diagram). The stall warning is low true so may require configuration changes depending on the PMA450B connection. Jim
  14. Vance I'll take a look at the diagram you have attached. I believe that we can say almost certainly that @takair will be able to connect the PMA450B to his stall and gear inputs since you were able to connect your AV-17. Sounds like they connect the same way. I spent some time yesterday looking at the connections to my M20J. It sounds like your system is similar to mine. A bit different as mine is low true. I have a diagram of the M20J to PMA450 connections I will upload when I get to a computer. The good news is that the PMA450 inputs are programmable. They can be active high or active low so should work with the older and newer systems. You are correct that the newer aircraft have just a tone generator that drives a speaker as well as outputs to an audio panel. No custom sounds as far as I can tell. Jim
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