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  1. A few years ago I added a basic EDM 700 to our M20J. It was a tight fit but I was able to get it to fit above the right radio stack. I designed a subpanel and had Aircraft Specialty (http://www.aircraftspecialty.com/) cut and silkscreen the panel for the EDM (see first photo). Over the years I added more sensors to the EDM 700 and it served me well. Last year the EDM 700 screen started to dim at random times so I knew it was going to need servicing. I had never added fuel flow to the 700 as I had a Shadin Miniflow giving me fuel flow information. I considered sending the 700 back for repair and getting the fuel flow option added turning it into an 800. I considered removing the 700 and adding an EDM 900 to remove the primary ship's instruments. Ultimately I decided to remove the EDM 700 and the Shadin Miniflow. In its place I installed an EDM 830. My reasoning was that the EDM 700 screen is fairly small for the amount of information to display and I didn't want to put more money into it. I decided against the EDM 900 as I wanted to keep the ship's instruments. I haven't had very many problems with them and I wanted the redundancy. I realize that the EDM 830 isn't primary but if I am on an out island in the Bahamas I will use it to get back to some place the primary can be repaired. When I had the GTX345 installed a couple of years ago I had the DME and ADF radios removed from the right radio stack giving me a couple more inches to work with for the larger EDM 830. I experimented with a horizontal layout for the EDM 830 (left panel in second picture) and didn't like that as well as the vertical orientation (middle panel in second photo). After living with the vertical orientation for a few months I had Aircraft Specialty cut a final panel (right panel in second photo). I received the final panel yesterday and installed it this morning. I am very happy with the final results. The technique that Aircraft Specialty uses now is an anodized finish with laser etching. A clear coat over silkscreening can crack where the screws are tighten. The anodized panels don't have this problem. The colors are more limited it anodizing but since I wanted black it worked out great for me. The final photos show everything installed.
  2. I use GPS so I am reporting distance to the middle of the field. Jim
  3. I agree. I did not intend to imply that entering the 45 gives separation. It does give the best shot at seeing the traffic in the pattern so you can blend in. I though that I was blending in. It didn't work like I expected. Jim
  4. Actually, I do. I did not have the knowledge nor had I conceived of someone turning crosswind to downwind at midfield. I certainly did not look for them there. I didn't look for them on the approach end either. We try to fly a standard pattern to limit the places we have to look for conflicting traffic. I looked where I though he would be. I was wrong. You can't know what you don't know. Now that I understand flying a pattern this way is possible I will certainly alter my flying to be sure it doesn't happen again. I certainly did not ignore the Warrior traffic. I was on a 45 entry for about 500 miles due to my flight path. I had heard him make several position calls during a couple of T&Cs. I had canceled IFR 20 nm out so I could listen for traffic and make my position reports. I had a fairly decent feel for the timing of his circuits. I had no reason to think he was flying a short pattern. I looked during the time I was in the vicinity of the airport on the 45 and after I turned downwind. Short of circling on the 45 I am not sure what else I could do. I did not expect a conflict because I expected the Warrior was behind me but it wasn't for whatever the reason. Jim
  5. For those that are interested I have attached the FlightAware track of the last few minutes of myflight. You can see the circle I made on downwind. It is fairly close to midfield downwind. Unfortunately, the Warrior is not ADS-B equipped and was out of Huntsville radar coverage so I don't have that track. Jim
  6. I do not believe nor I have stated that I am innocent. As I have stated in other messages there are many chains in an accident or near accident. I could have stopped the sequence at the start by entering the pattern differently. The Warrior could have maneuvered differently. I don't believe that I barged into the traffic pattern. I entered on a 45 as recommended. I entered the pattern on the downwind with the Warrior traffic on crosswind. I communicated my position and I listened to the Warrior position calls. I tried to find the traffic and failed until we were converging. I did the best I could with the information that I had at the time. In hindsight, I made some decisions that I wouldn't in the future. I did not anticipate someone turning crosswind to downwind at about the midfield point. Maybe I should have but I didn't. As far as an accusation, I am not accusing the CFI of anything since I have no proof. I am only stating my opinion of what happened. If I had proof we wouldn't be having this conversation. Jim
  7. I hope you are right. I am afraid he feels he did nothing wrong and there isn't anything to be gained. I certainly have been going over this a lot to try to determine what I can do differently. This thread and the comments have changed the way I looked at the incident. I will change my pattern entry the next time I am presented with a similar situation and hopefully break the first link in the chain. Any accident or near accident has several links in the chain. The Warrior had several opportunities to avoid the situation. I did too. As has been stated in this thread I can only change my part of it. Jim
  8. Sounds good to me. I don't dislike the CFI and I don't know the student. I had hoped to have a discussion with the CFI on the ramp to get his take on the flight and what happened. Any comment I made to him was immediately defensive so I gave up. Given the proper circumstance I will try again but I am not hopeful for a different outcome. Jim
  9. No, I don't believe that he deliberately wanted to cause a mid air. I believe that he saw us and maneuvered to turn in front of us deliberately. I am guessing he was showing me he had right away and I should give way. It worked. I got that lesson. I do not know this to be the case. I only think it is. I can't accuse someone on a belief without proof. I have no idea how to prove he deliberately turned in front of me. Jim
  10. 100% agree. I have no intention of confronting the CFI. I do intend to stay as far away as possible especially in the pattern. Jim
  11. I too fly my Mooney to mix in with others. I slowed the plane on the 45 entry, dropped the gear and was at my downwind speed before entering downwind. I am not sure where you are getting that I was screaming in. I was moving quickly approaching the 45 entry and I was listening to the Warrior pilot make his position calls so I knew where he was in the pattern (sequencing in as you said). I though (wrongly) that he would fly a standard pattern and carrying some extra speed would keep us separated. I did keep my speed up some (~10 kts) on the 45 entry. I certainly wasn't going any faster in the downwind than normal. I certainly could have exited the pattern. I have traffic on crosswind that I don't have in sight. Which way do I go? Right would take me closer to him, left might make me turn into him. Straight ahead in this case was exactly the wrong direction because that is where he was entering downwind. Climb probably would have worked as I was reasonably sure he wasn't above me. Jim
  12. Or you have a macho attitude and refuse to give any quarter. The CFI and I have had words in the past (with me and others). I have reasons to believe that the close turn in front of us was deliberate. Jim
  13. Me too. It seriously scared my wife and me. Jim
  14. It was a Warrior so the wing was not blocking his view as I was above until he turned downwind. The CFI's comment and the Warrior radio calls indicate that they had us in sight and did not maneuver to avoid. I believe that the CFI felt he had right of way and wasn't going to give. He may have mistakenly believed we had him in sight and should be giving way (I would if I had seen him). Before downwind I was looking in the wrong place for the Warrior. After entering downwind the Warrior was hidden by the fuselage and I couldn't see them. Jim
  15. The traffic pattern is right traffic for 36 at KMDQ. He was in a right crosswind while I was in a right downwind. That puts him low and right which is a difficult place to see. The Warrior did a very short upwind and I am guessing was aimed in the downwind direction so he would be able to turn in front of me. The wind was about 15 kts out of the north so I am sure that contributed to the Warrior making his crosswind to downwind turn about midfield. He continued to make a long downwind, normal base and long final before the next touch and go. His wind compensation wasn't very good but not abnormal for a student pilot. Jim