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  1. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    To close out this thread. The prop shop ended up taking three weeks to overhaul the prop so it arrived back in El Paso on Monday January 28th. I took a commercial flight (shudder) on the 30th to pick up the plane on the 31st. I arrived home on the afternoon of the 31st and the plane is back in the hangar where it belongs. The American flight from Huntsville to El Paso wasn't too bad and it only took slightly longer than if I flew myself. I keep telling my wife that flying on other people's airplanes is no fun, she tells me to quit complaining . The prop looks brand new after the overhaul. El Paso Aero touched up the spinner so it is hard to tell any damage had been done. After @Cody Stallings mentioned in one of his posts that there should be some play in the prop blades I wanted to check mine. As he said you can grip the ends of the blades and move them slightly. I can feel some difference in movement between the two blades but both move a similar amount. Final tally was about $5.6AMU for the repair. The prop overhaul was about $3.5AMU and the rest was shipping along with shop labor. I ended up with two commercial flights for trips we had scheduled and one long drive back from Tucson in a rental car. It is nice to have the event behind me. Jim
  2. jcovington

    Shadin Miniflo-L malfuntion

    My 1996 J model had the fuel transducer hard mounted to the engine with the wires facing down (original from the factory). In the first few years of ownership I replaced a couple of fuel transducers and put them back on the hard mount with the wires facing down. Joey Cole convinced me on the third iteration that the transducer was mounted incorrectly and I should change to the JPI recommend mounting. He removed the transducer from the hard mount and let it free hang per the JPI installation manual. That has been about a 1000 hours/8 years without a failure. I believe this is a case where Mooney got the design wrong and you should follow the JPI requirements. Jim
  3. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    I am sure that the snap rings are replaced as part of an overhaul. I wouldn't be surprised that a snap ring is a one time use part. In my case, at least one snap ring is somewhere on or near 26L in El Paso so I know it will be replaced :). Jim
  4. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    I looked back through the logs after I returned from our trip. The prop was overhauled at 40 hours (1996) after the plane was built. No reason given so I was surprised by that. It was all just annual inspections until 2008 when the engine was replaced and the first reseal completed. That makes two overhauls and three reseals in the life of the prop (about 2200 hours total service). Jim
  5. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    I agree. Sometimes things do fail. Sometimes people make mistakes. The prop had 160 hours on it since February 2018 when it was last resealed. I can believe that it could take that long to wear if it was installed incorrectly but I have no idea it if I am right or not. The shop in Georgia has serviced my prop for a long time. They resealed it in 2008 as part of an engine replacement, 2017 due to a grease leak and 2018 due to a grease leak. The 2018 repair was at no cost due to having worked on the prop in 2017. I suspect that had the failure occurred with the plane here in Alabama I would have given them the opportunity to fix it and they would have made it right. With the plane in El Paso, I am in Alabama and the shop in Georgia the logistics got too complicated to get the prop back here. My choice was to spend more money to save some time and hassles. Maybe not everybody's choice but it was the correct one for us. It does give me the additional benefit of another shop looking at the prop which definitely increases my comfort level at this point. Jim
  6. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    Thanks for the back ground information on the shop. Always good to have a shop with a long history. Jim
  7. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    El Paso Aero uses New Mexico Propellor. They are located outside of Albuquerque. They told me when I dropped off the plane that El Paso Aero had been using them for about 30 years. Jim
  8. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    At this point I am still annoyed with the original prop shop although I don't believe it is anything more than a mistake. They have serviced the prop in the past and have performed well. After discussing the issue with several people I respect, I have decided to leave it at being annoyed and not pursue the matter. I wasn't comfortable telling El Paso Aero which prop shop to use for the repair as I didn't think that was fair to them. I couldn't get the plane home to use my normal repair shop. It put me between a rock and a hard spot. Had the failure happened here where I could have sent the prop back to the original shop I would have handled it differently. Jim
  9. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    She is OK with the repairs that are being made. She was fairly concerned with reusing the prop to begin with. The comments here have helped her (and me) understand the situation. Jim
  10. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    The scratches at the base of the prop were past the paint and into the metal. There was a divot about half way up the face of the blade that was past the paint. I expected that face divot to kill the blade. I expected the divot out of the hub face to kill the hub. Looks like I was wrong on both counts. It will be interesting to see if the paperwork from the prop shop talks about the repairs that were required. I should know in a couple of weeks. Jim
  11. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    I spoke with El Paso Aero yesterday. The word back from the prop shop is that the prop will require an overhaul but it will not have to be replaced. They have quoted a two week turnaround so, hopefully, I'll have the plane back in a few weeks. I am amazed that the prop could be salvaged after seeing all the blade and hub damage. Overall, I am good with the overhaul rather than replacement. After @Cody Stallings comments that the problem was most likely a maintenance mistake I am OK putting the prop back on the plane. I expect that the unneeded (at least before the prop came apart) overhaul has shortened the life of the prop but I should get quite a few more years out of it. I'll let everyone know the final outcome after I get the plane back from El Paso. Jim
  12. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    Judging by the scratches something with a point made the scratches. It looks to me that the snap ring was whole when it left the prop. Like you say though, no way to prove it. Jim
  13. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    This is the only picture of the good blade that I have. Hopefully, it shows what you are looking for. I stopped by El Paso Aero today. They have the old prop off and it will go to their prop shop tomorrow when they reopen after the holidays. While I believe that the problem was most likely caused by a mistake by the first prop shop I don't see I have a lot of choice in pursuing the prop repair. The warranty period has expired and I have no proof that the shop messed up. My wife and I are discussing reporting the event to the shop and see if anything happens. I am on the hook to report the repair resolution to the FAA. I don't know if they will pursue it or not. I kinda doubt that they will. Jim
  14. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    Cody Thanks for the information on what caused the failure. It was not your shop and had you done the work I am sure it would not have failed. I don't know who El Paso Aero uses for a prop shop. I will be back in El Paso tomorrow morning and I plan to ask them. Jim
  15. jcovington

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    Thanks for the experience in ordering new props. The lead times of 4 to 8 weeks is not what I wanted to hear. I guess I will have to live with it if that ends up the path I have to take. We have a trip to the Bahamas next month, annual is due in February, ski trip in March and Sun'n Fun in April. The good news is I can rent planes from our local flying club so I will be OK. Not as good as using our plane but better than missing the trips. I called El Paso Aero this morning and they planned to tow the plane to the shop today to look at it. I haven't heard back yet. I will be back in El Paso on Wednesday and plan to stop by to see what they have found. Hopefully, more information then. I am pretty bummed about the whole prop damage tonight. I do appreciate all the support and information. Jim