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  1. Hello you may just adjust the brightness level going into menu settings Philip
  2. Going with GTN750 one very good option is to install GMA35 remote panel control and use the touch screen of the GTN750 for audio control. Have installed it in my 1st upgrade and love it. Then i kept it going full digital in my secon upgrade. G3X, GTN750, GTN650, GFC500, GTX345… you will not regret Philip
  3. Good help : I will definitively try LOP at my next cross coutry trip when 80k or above. If i got it right : full throttle, 2500rpm, and mixture LOP just passing the peak. Philip
  4. Thanks you are correct. Interesting IFR approach points OMARD stands for LOBSTER, MERLU for HAKE,… all good fish you get in Calvi at the restaurants
  5. Thanks : I will need to read some more. Will do a quick check at FL085 and see 1st Philip
  6. Thanks I will start with the current injectors. Going LOP should i go also minus 50F?
  7. I have shared it with my installer. He has contacted GARMIN. No reply yet. I am wondering if there is a SW issue of compatibility?
  8. Hello, I have installed full digital panel G3X, GTN750, GTN650, GTX345, and all GARMIN upgrades made properly. I have a separate contract with JEPPESSEN for 1x Year. Loading the Maps via JDM on the G3X SD cards then inserted the SD card in the G3X. Reading the maps on the G3X i see the airport i am based at, searching for different airport maps, some work for airports nearby, but many cannot read, and the G3X turns into black screen, then reset and works back to normal. But quite embarrassing getting black panel in flight for 1mn…. Anybody had similar problems and found a solution? Thanks, Philip
  9. Thank you i will test reach of peak , measure how the reach the peak and keep yuo informed Philip
  10. Hello with G3X EIS now installed should i consider to change the injectors for GAMI on my M20J IO-360 200hp ? I know they allow to run LOP ON 6x Cylinders’ what about on 4x IO-360 running 9 to 10 gallons ROP? Thanks Philip
  11. Great, propriano has cheaper landing fee and airport just on the beach also beautiful place
  12. Hello Engine pressure reading too high on fresh installed G3X EIS. I estimate is reading 3 to 4 inch too high, anybody had similar issue,
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