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  1. Philip France 13

    Any feedback on KSN770

    Thanks a lot for the useful feedback I will go for 430 upgrade Philip
  2. Philip France 13

    Any feedback on KSN770

    Hello I am looking to get GNSS RNAV for IFR Approaches in my Mooney 20J flying in Europe (Based in France) I have today installed GNS430 but need to upgrade to WAAS. one option is to upgrade my GNS430 but alternative could be to go for new radio sine my radio is 12 years old. what do you thing of the King Ksn770 ? Thanks Philip
  3. Philip France 13

    Sidewinder experience ?

    Thanks a lot for the good advices will go for it. Philip
  4. Philip France 13


    Sharing experience flying into Ajjaccio corsica just an hour away from french coast in the mediterranee nice place to visit
  5. Philip France 13

    Philip France 13

    Flying in Europe
  6. Philip France 13

    Sidewinder experience ?

    Hello : i am looking for towing a M20J MSE in france 230v supply any experience and advice on sidewinder power tool ? how lôg does it work with a full charge ? And is there an adaptor solution for 230v supply ? Thanks Philip