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  1. Hello I usually use for climb 25 inch / 2500rpm / full reach till 6000 ft, Then from 6000 ft to 9000ft full throttle and 2500 rpm for « fast » flying 150kts+ with 10gals 50F rich of peak Or using 2400rpm and 9,5gals and much less noise in the cabin losing few knots 2-3 only I have MTProp 3 blades installed Philip
  2. Hello This is to now share with you the repair went well. Problem of leakage is fixed back in the air Philip
  3. Hello I just faced fuel leak on the left wing tank : started to repair as you will see on the attached pictures There was a micro hole at the junction of two metal sheets fixed by a spar, made the repair today, will let the glue material dry during the week end and reinstall the plates by next Monday, i will let you know if it will be fixed. Had good mechanic and advice of an experienced expert in metal plane assembly. if any of you has similar experience and comments : welcome before i do the reassembly on Monday Thanks in advance Philip from France
  4. I have seen once a CRI CRI with two little jet engines.
  5. As soon as borders re-open fly from south of France LFMA home base to Spain, Portugal, Morroco Philip
  6. You definitively need mode S one not too expensive solution TT31 from Trig
  7. Hello, i have been few times in Croatia : Pula, Split, Brac, Dubrovnik,... very easy flying with ATC and GA friendly for both IFR VFR also on the ground. I have seen sarakevo is now open for Ga (was not few years ago). This country is not un EU you should check the rules for importing your plane. As general rule in Europe EU you will have to pay for import taxes 20% of the value of the plane. You may keep US registrations using trustee company. As average also fuel cost is 2x the cost of US. Also to check for AVGAS availability in Sarajevo is indicated no AVGAS if you are a « visitor ».
  8. Hello Thanks for your help i have contacted Bobbie ELDRIGE at Globe Motor AL and got my motor repaired for much better price compared to the Monney quote 3x less cot and fantastic support. Philip
  9. Hello, I have a problem with the electric motor on the cowl flap of the engine, There seem to be a short circuit in the winding of the motor : the breaker is popping out when I activate the switch to open or close the flap, I have seen on Mooney catalog part found 880050-501 or 505 ? My plane is M20J MSE of 1994 Serial 24-3290, Can you tell me the best option repair or replace & where to go for it ? Thanks, Philip
  10. Hello this is to inform youi got it repairedby consolac installed back in the plane and all working well thanks for your help Philip
  11. Hello This is to informyouthat the regulator has been repaired and installed back in the plane everything solved working well Thanks Philip
  12. Hello on a flight from Marseille France to San Lluis Menorca under IFR FLIGHT : the ALT voltage red lamp Went ON and ALT FIELD breaker engaged. Tried to push the breaker it did pop out immediately. I decided to divert to LFMP Perpignan where i landed without problem. On the ground went to repair station we found the battery power connector was lose we tighten it properly and the problem seemed to be fixed. Made a new flight plan and when for refueling after few minutes same issue came back. I do believe the voltage regulator failed after testing again no more voltage was supplied. Anybody had
  13. Yes the two altimeters are mandatory in europe for IFR CERTIFICATION of the airplane
  14. I have installed new radios GTN750 plus Audio GMA35c it a big difference compared to previous GNS430. The main reason was to get WAAS capability for GNNS approach in Europe many airports no longer have ILS and GNNS allows you to fly to more locations. I found the new GTN750 much more user friendly easy to enter frequencies enter routes load approaches... and the GMA35c is so much improvement in sound quality and you can isolate the pilot from passengers also connect your phone via BLE and listen to music in the air. Philip
  15. You can get the replacement at Mouser electronics cost below 10$ per part. I suggest you buy two just in case of issue during mounting. Easy to replace need to be soldered with iron. Philip
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