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  1. I have a Reiff engine pre-heater and a cabin heater from aircraftheaters.com. I have 120v electric at my hangar to plug them both in. Is there any reason that I can't leave them plugged in continuously if I only fly every few weeks or so? I have seen the adds from Switcheon but figure it might be better to just leave them on all winter. Thoughts?
  2. I just recently caught this thread but had to respond. As I have been reaching into retirement age, I have seen more and more of family, close friends, and others who have been leaving this world in increasing numbers and making me realize more and more how valuable our time is. How much time have I wasted sitting in a vehicle on the road trying to get some place that the airplane could get me to so much quicker and with so much pleasure. I attest that some of the money spent on this venture is just COP money. (Cost of Pleasure). Life is, for sure, shorter than we realize sometimes.
  3. Mine did the same thing a few weeks ago after sitting in mid 30's temps. Came back to normal after warming up. Got me thinking about pulling it out to take home to keep warm and pop back in before flying. PITA
  4. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Much appreciated
  5. Installing a new monitor. Anyone have a good idea for the installed location of the OAT probe on a J model. Thought of the side of the lower cowl but not thrilled about it sticking out there and would have to come up with a way to disconnect it when removing the cowl. Appreciate the input.
  6. Anyone ever used Byerly Aviation in Peoria? Wondered if they would be recommended. Thanks
  7. Does anyone have experience with a GI 275 EIS that you can share? From what I have seen, it would fit into a 31/8 inch hole like the CGR 30, but you would not need an additional fuel level instrument, correct?
  8. Anyone know which Tempest filter replaces the Champion 48103-1
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