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  1. Avidyne: “Valued Customers: Like all manufacturers of electronic products, Avidyne has been subjected to unprecedented supply chain challenges in recent months. Despite our best efforts to maintain our costs and availability of components, including ordering our electronic components more than 52 weeks in advance of our production need dates, we have been subject to frequent supplier decommit to our orders. This situation is very dynamic, with new component shortages and price increases occurring daily. To give you an example of the challenges we face, we have a long-term purchase agreement for a particular component used on Avidyne’s IFD and Skytrax products. The supplier of that component recently informed us that despite our long-term supply agreement, they would be unable to commit to suppling any more until at least 2024. We were fortunate to locate an alternative source for a limited number of this particular component that allows us to cover our expected production of the affected products through 2022, but for an increase in price of over 500% of what we were previously paying. This increase in the cost of an already-expensive component, with no advance notice, is unfortunately not unlike the increases that we have seen for many of the components in our products in recent months. To address these challenges, and to make our best efforts to continue predictable price and availability of all of our products, Avidyne is taking the following actions with immediate effect: • We will honor all purchase orders received and accepted prior to today for shipment in 2021. • All promotions are suspended. • All new purchase orders going forward and orders scheduled in 2022 will be subject to a temporary Component Cost Increase Surcharge. We will establish these surcharges at the beginning of each month. When we accept a purchase order, we will confirm the price and delivery of that order, or we will provide our best estimate of our timeframe for delivery. Please confirm this surcharge amount with your dealer. As of the date of this post, all Avidyne products as well as the NGT9000 are in stock and available to order. However, despite our best efforts, we may be subject to unexpected interruptions in the availability of our products in coming months. To avoid being impacted by shortages, we very strongly recommend ordering equipment for your planned installations as soon as possible. We understand and regret the inconvenience of these changes. During this period of supply chain challenges, it will continue to be Avidyne’s objective to supply each order that we accept at the quoted price and on the quoted delivery date. Be assured we are working as hard as possible to mitigate future surcharges and potential supply interruptions. We will communicate future surcharge changes and any product supply interruption information as soon as possible. Feel free to reach out to marketing@avidyne.com with any questions. Sincerely, Kelly Myers”
  2. Thank you, Skip. Yes, then it would make sense to work with a pine or aluminium profile in order to bend all in one move.
  3. Sounds like I’m in need of a plane whisperer !
  4. Isn’t it hard to get/feel feedback by using two pieces of pine ? How can you tell how much you bend the trailing edge before actually removing the pine and looking at the result ?
  5. We narrowed it down to adjusting the righthand aileron trim tab. My question now is: does the aileron trim tab require equal bending over the whole span or do you just bend the outboard part ? The reason I ask is because it seems hard to bend the whole aileron trim tab at once over the whole span.
  6. Would any of the other LED manufacturers in GA be interested in producing a replacement ? I fear profitability on such a project would be tiny (like everything Mooney-related)
  7. Yes, that has been done. Next up: test flight to have a closer look at flap and aileron behaviour.
  8. Allright. Shop did this but it didn’t work 100%. I have the plane re-rigged by a MSC now. Left bank is still there in full force. So next step would be flap stop or aileron trailing edge bending, right ?
  9. I noticed ACG’s website is in German only. Do they reply to emails in English ?
  10. @PT20J this document is very interesting and I'd like to use it in my communication with my maintenance shop. But could you clarify the source of this document and maybe a reference to this "aeronautical engineering standard" and/or "structural standard that meets the FAA type certificate" ? I'm not an engineer myself and I need to do a lot of reading on this subject before I can make a sensible argument.
  11. Problem still there. A&P found the asymmetry too small to think much about it. He made an adjustment to the left aileron. I took the Mooney up for a test and the left roll was still there. Nothing has changed. I guess with the left weight protruding more than the right one you’d expect a right roll iso a left roll ? The elevator being an inverted wing makes it complicated
  12. My annual is scheduled for next week. This is the time we’ll have a look at it. I think we are onto something with the elevator. There is definitely some asymmetry. Not much, but it’s there. I can’t see anything unusual about the ailerons or how they interact. I’ll keep you posted.
  13. I live in Europe, unfortunately. The Aspen (or any glass panel) comes with a learning curve. 10 degrees pitch up on glass looks very different to 10 degrees on the KI256. I’m still learning to look at the speed and altitude tape iso the analog gauges. No need to worry about flying in IMC, you’ll get the hang of it pretty soon. Another thing you’ll appreciate is the track diamond.
  14. I have the E5. It does what it says it will do. Go with the HSI and TAS unlock, you’ll love it. Only thing I miss is an altitude alert. Too bad you need the max upgrade for that. Not too happy with the graphical vertical speed indication, but you get a numerical readout in addition, so it is definitely workable. Biggest reason why I went with Aspen is the dedicated knobs for HDG & TRK. If you like to fly raw data you’ll need those. No restart issues up to now, but I only have the unit since februari this year.
  15. Jeppesen has all the European navdata you can dream of, for whatever Garmin unit you have in your panel. But I wouldn’t call it “reasonable”when talking about pricing. If you want to get rid of EAD and focus solely on Jepp then you can consider Garmin Pilot on iPad, Foreflight or a whole new GPS à la gtn750xi. Again, all of Europe is covered…
  16. You mean approach charts or navdata for a gps navigator ?
  17. Looks like they snapped at the very last moment before impact. I don’t think the aircraft would pancake like that if the wingspar already broke midair.
  18. It’s amazing that we’ll have unleaded 100 avgas BEFORE an LED recognition light
  19. @zuutroy I used this company for similar problems: https://aircraftinstrumentsltd.co.uk It was a repair, not a complete overhaul. But it took a looooot of time before I got it back. If you are on a tight budget, you might consider them.
  20. It looks like Avidyne’s IFD100 app will keep its Jeppesen functionality. By the time Jepp’s app goes out the window, I’ll have an IFD540 installed
  21. Because the European version of FF is not (yet) up to the task. FYI, Jepp charts (VFR & IFR) for western Europe costs about $ 1100 per year. I guess FF doesn’t come for free ?
  22. If you think their customer service was the worst they ever produced, think again: Kaboom
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