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  1. I bought my J with a PPL and 100 hours total. I transitioned with a CFI who owns a Mooney himself who made sure I knew how to fly the pattern and land with the proper air speeds. We have a 2,100 ft field locally and he would not sign me off until I was proficient landing at that airport. He set me up for the dreaded bounce and porpoise and how to safely deal with it. The other thing he made me do was aborted landing after a bounce in full flaps configuration and full up trim which was an eye opener. I flew for a couple of years VFR and almost exclusively cross country 300 miles or mo
  2. Welcome to the community JB. Enjoy
  3. Mine had the reusable filter when I bought it in 2007 and it was shot. It was not a tight fit and after it folded up and fell into the intake box I did not trust it so we replaced it with the Bracket air filter.
  4. This just what I can remember doing over the past 5 years. Being the caretaker of my J has been expensive, but I do not regret spending one penny. Rebuild alternator New Skytec starter LASAR rebuild-upgrade nose truss, pucks,and steering horn LASAR service jack screw Landing light Broken alternator field wire terminal Replace elevator push tube damaged by improper length belly screw Repair electric trim switch Attitude indicator rebuild Autopilot repairs Replace #1 comm antenna and run all new cables to both comm antennas
  5. I hope that our entire Mooneyspace community and extended family survives COVID-19 without long term side effects
  6. Congratulations on the J and welcome to our community
  7. In the past I have added some UV Dye and after though cleaning did one trip around the pattern and looked for leaks with the UV light. It’s pretty obvious where it is coming from.
  8. I would be concerned about the fuel selector being so hot you cannot touch it. Not so much because of fire risk, but deterioration of the o-rings, seals and the mechanism itself. My J has a butterfly valve that is flush with the outlet and I can completely close or use to direct up and down. It was made that way but maybe you could do something similar. I do not have a picture.
  9. I too started my engine rebuild at 1950 hours due to multiple oil leaks and the main one at one of the cylinder thru studs but also at case mating surfaces. Had it not been for the leaks I would have continued flying past TBO and monitor closely, but it would have been with one spalled lifter that was discovered and would have continued to deteriorate. My crankshaft and gears were still good, but with the damaged cam and lifters it was only a matter of time. Also, the case mating surfaces were fretted and had to be scrapped.
  10. When we did my engine rebuild and install immediately on the first start had a problem with injector clogging. After cleaning the injectors and having the same thing happen again we quickly traced it to a contaminated flow divider. During the rebuild we had installed all new hoses including those from the RSA to the flow transducer and to the flow divider. The shop said the divider was full of contamination and I think it was from the new fuel hoses themselves from the cutting process, but it could be contamination at the time of hose installation at several connections and fittings.
  11. We are in uncharted territory... Novel virus. Novel vaccine platforms. Novel side effects and intensity from both the virus and the vaccine. As I wrote a few days ago, I have seen more people die this year than in the past previous 15 years combined. That includes young people too and most who have severe disease have the well defined risk factors, but not all. Unfortunately it’s a lot like Russian roulette and I recommend my family not take the chance.
  12. As a Hospitalist I have worn my N95 for every single patient encounter since the beginning of the pandemic. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen someone who was thought to be low risk for COVID or came to the hospital for another symptom and then found to be positive. I did fly with an instructor back in the summer for an Instrument Proficiency Check. I wore my N95 in the cockpit and even provided a new N95 for him, but the instructor chose not to wear it.
  13. I really like the complementary colors and the stitching on the seats. I bet the yokes match too.
  14. Did you check your O2 saturation with your pulse oximeter ?
  15. I can echo some thoughts above including @HXG I am a healthcare provider and have talked to hundreds over 9 hospitals and many in the clinic setting too. I can also tell you I have seen more people die in the last 10 months than in the last 15 years combined. I had nothing more than soreness and slight swelling with the first Pfizer injection, slightly more than a flu shot. Most reported the same. A few reported nausea and one had vomiting about an hour later. One case of syncope and he was 35 year old and very healthy. Some reported low grade fever, chills, myalgia over the nex
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