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  1. Bartman

    Remove carpet glue?

    Over the weekend while working on the interior I took the carpet out. The metal underneath has a thick layer of old glue, maybe more than one coat. I used the Goo Gone gel in the spray bottle available in the aviation isle at Lowes on a section just as a test. It worked but was a little slow. Spray it on and let it sit for about 1/2 hour and much of it wiped off with a rag and plastic scraper. It has a pleasing but powerful citrus odor and no respirator required.
  2. Bartman

    Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    I did an experiment tonight. I took two friends up this evening for a great adventure. After the rirst flight just before the landing...we flared. After the passengers changed seats we flew again, and then just before we landed on the opposite end...we flared.
  3. Bartman

    Chicago FBO?

    So did you make the flight ?
  4. Bartman

    Chicago FBO?

    I flew into MDW about not long after the destruction of Meigs in my relatively newly acquired Mooney and still VFR only. It was a great flight, very convenient to downtown, and great memories we will never forget. This was before ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot with geo referenced taxi maps and I remember being anxious about it, but in reality it was no big deal. Whatever the ramp fees and fuel prices were I do not remember, but it was worth it for the memories.
  5. Bartman

    7 Antenna

    I am glad I began this project, but not going to finish this as quickly as anticipated. It does have the RG-58 and there are some clamps holding it to the steel roll cage and deformed exactly like @Marauder in post 5 this thread. I can just barely see the end of a connection on the cable as it goes into the plenum and it does not look healthy itself so maybe there is or had been a leak but I have never seen any water ever. The plenum is riveted thru the top and this is not a pleasant job so I ordered a new CI-196 antenna from Chief. I called Chief and they do not have a gasket and cannot get from the manufacturer so sounds like it is a roll your own kinda deal so I'll discuss with the IA. We have RG-400 and will run to both the new front and old rear antenna when I finish with the issue below. The SB for window insulation had been completed way before my purchase 10 years ago. I remember looking at it after the PPI, and I did not see any corrosion at that time. It looks like they treated a couple of the steel tubes with a tan colored Rustoleum brush on paint and there is some surface corrosion bubbling through. I took a Scotch Brite to the worst area and nothing bad so no major surgery needed. I ordered green zinc chromate and will begin work soon under IA supervision. Zinc chromate is reportedly highly toxic so I will use a mask and cover everything off including the panel and the rear. Looks like emery cloth will be the tool of choice so plan to use a shop vac outside the plane with a long hose to eliminate dust. This is NOT what I expected, but must be done.
  6. Bartman

    7 Antenna

    Thank you for the replies. I began removal of the interior today but only had about an hour to devote. Certainly is a job just to get the plastic off and I have a new respect for the avionics and maintenance guys out there.
  7. Bartman

    Turbulence + V = chicken

    If I know I am going to be flying in turbulence I always fill the tanks and make her as heavy as practical. In addition to just riding it out and not trying to hold altitude dead on ask for block altitude and it is usually granted in this part of the country. Also sometimes I do get tense and have to remind myself to relax the butt cheeks. It does help...some.
  8. New baffle seals fixed my variations, and I run cooler across the board at the same power settings and conditions. I used to see 380 in climb with high OAT on I think #3 occasionally, but have not in 3 years now.
  9. Bartman

    Mooney has been sitting

    Even though it has been in the dry desert I know you will still look for corrosion, but I'd especially look for nesting sites and evidence of rodents, birds and other creatures.
  10. Bartman

    Engine quit on takeoff roll

    If you have not replaced both the inner and outer O-ring on both caps in the last year I would definitely do so. I had neglected the new O-ring and was getting water when I washed or if left outside at a destination and it rained. I went ahead and bought 10 inner and 10 outer which will do me 5 years.
  11. Bartman

    Turbulence + V = chicken

    A month ago I went up with my instructor for my yearly Instrument proficiency check. I do that every year both for me and to keep in touch with my instructor. Despite it being CAVU, I knew it would be bumpy because of forecast winds 60kts at 6000, but at the same time it would be a challenge rather than another easy IPC flight. We tried to level off at 4,500 and could not hold altitude and I'm not sure I had complete control a few times. Planned on flying 6 but due to continuous moderate occasionally more than that we landed after the first one. I knew it would be bumpy but it was CAVU. With the strong winds at 6,000 ft I figure we were right in a wind shear area at 4,500 and others said it was smooth above.
  12. I really like the yokes with the contrasting stitching matching the colors on the end caps and center emblem. I did the same with my yokes in January.
  13. I have problems with that gasket too. Must be the LASAR material and the ends get out of place and need attention occasionally. This fall we will repair the upper cowl per instruction from I think it was @jetdriven and thinking about removal of the ram air per factory instructions while we are at it. The wife pointed out some fiberglass repairs around the camlocks and said we need to think about a new paint job
  14. Bartman

    Landings and Stall Warning Question

    Alright now this is really strange. About a month ago when working on the glue removal on the cabin door I walked around the plane and my jacket caught the stall switch. Of course I looked at it, then turned on the master and confirmed it still worked. It was not a particularly forceful event when I caught it on my jacket and I'm sure most of us have done it before. Also there was no perceived difference in the appearance or the effort required to raise the tab and the horn operation was unchanged. The strange thing is while my stall horn always worked in preflight but rarely even in a full stall landing, now it has sounded the last 3 landings. Go figure.
  15. Bartman

    Speed on final J model

    I think Yetti just dropped the mike