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  1. @gsxrpilotalways states the advise very well. If you want a project then that one is a project, but if you want to fly that is not the one.
  2. I bought a J in 2007 and after putting 1000 plus hours on her I couldn’t be happier. However, in retrospect there was an F model we were looking at which was very well equipped and I simply didn’t know any better, but I could have bought a modified F which was basically the same performance as a J with better avionics for significantly less.
  3. I reversed my seats and swapped the seatbelts when we replaced my seat rollers. I figured it would help with wear and tear since the pilot seat is occupied 100% of the time and the pax side is not.
  4. Call LASAR. Their website is primitive and it is often out of date. I have found items listed sold out but when I called they had it. just sayin
  5. I had similar experiences, but I also had what I would describe as “chatter” in the pedals on rollout. Have your mechanic jack the plane and check the nose gear truss. Mine had worn out parts including the steering horn. We removed the nose gear truss and steering horn and sent to LASAR. They rebuilt the truss, installed new shock discs and bushings and steering stops, and upgraded the steering horn. My mechanic was very happy with their service and I have a nose steering that acts like new. Also if you are new to Mooney, please be aware of the turn restriction of about 15 degrees l
  6. As you stated above the sediment is only detected when the fuel is agitated after flying, not when sitting still prior to flight. I agree with pulling the sump drains and flushing. In addition to flushing lines, screens, and the gascolator I would also recommend opening the flow divider. After having multiple injectors clogged we sent mine to the specialty shop and they reported contamination that we think was from new fuel hoses, but I also understand this can be serviced by your A+P.
  7. I buy tires and tubes for the mains in pairs. If the one from the unaffected side looked OK I’d keep it for a spare.
  8. I removed the ram air last year and many other J owners have done the same. The F reportedly benefits more from the Ram Air than the J and many swear by it. However, that is just another system to maintain and honestly the cost of the seal is more than enough to either discourage me from using it, or more likely to eliminate it altogether.
  9. I had an intermittent charging issue and found a bad terminal on the field wire connection to the alternator. I looked at it and looks to me like that bundle of wires going to the back of the alternator is susceptible to vibration resulting in failure of the wire where it was crimped onto the connector. I think my ground strap is connected as you described.
  10. During engine installation I personally applied torque seal to every bolt, nut, clamp, and hose connection, basically everything that did not have safety wire. It has the added benefit of being fluorescent under UV light and makes it easy for me and my maintainer to see that nothing has changed. Although not foolproof, I do stick my hand in thru the oil filler door and try to shake the magneto before engine start. I have done this since about 2008 when I asked my local mechanic at the time to investigate an oil leak after maintenance done at a different but well known shop a few hours
  11. Problems I have personally encountered causing noise Alternator spark plug wires Multiple USB chargers in the cigarette lighter
  12. Good on you for saving it !!! Similar story... After my engine rebuild all 4 injectors would only go in a couple of threads, probably due to paint, so I ran a tap to clean. I’m pretty sure it was 1/8 pipe thread on the other end.
  13. Thank you. I see these a lot on satellite images and I have usually found these bands of clouds to be usually benign, but never knew what they were called. When I approached KGSP and Mount Mitchell in our path ahead we could see what looked like multiple lenticular looking clouds and turned northeast. Basically flew between two of the downstream trapped lee waves in smooth clear air until we were north of the highest peaks and then back on course. However, I have encountered rotor clouds in otherwise clear air over Mount Mitchell at 9,000 and know better than to fly there on days like to
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