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  1. I doubt even the princess who detected the pea under the mattress in the children’s story would detect a difference between 0.08 and 0.02 ips. Just sayin…. I would remove the cowl and shake everything I could get my hands on. If it is in flight it might be something that is affected by air flow…such as a cowl flap or gear door.
  2. Many years ago Edison did my tanks and it came to a little more than the quote. If memory serves he replaced the drains, but also had to rivet in some new nut plates for the bottom access panels that were corroded. I may be wrong on details but it was something like that. Anyway I remain very pleased with his work over 10years later. My fuel bill was separate.
  3. Looks like I am late to the party too because I scheduled my first visit to AGL the week of August 22nd for drop off. Oh well I can’t fault anyone for chasing a dream or bettering themselves. Good luck with the move and the new job !
  4. On March 18 2019 we were returning from KJWN after the SEC Men’s BB Tournament. John C Tune is in a bend in the river and there was freezing fog that day and my wings were covered in ice and took some time to remove, but the point is it was cold. As I lifted off I noticed some birds beside the runway. We cruised in clear cold air and when we landed I found this frozen stowaway. This is a real photo and you can’t make this up.
  5. RARELY do I write something negative and I hate to write this, but I’m not sending money an organization that does not respond and I let my MAPA subscription go a long time ago. I’m all about supporting, but I’m not chasing someone down to take my money.
  6. Mine used to do that a lot. Then I replaced the ignition harness. Misfires are likely related to the spark.
  7. Before March 12th 2020 we flew often, more than enough to remain current and enough to justify ownership. Since then we have done several 4-6 hour trips but have not done our usual mission which was KILM, KDTS or really wherever the sun was shining on my 7on 7off schedule. My work has become increasingly invasive on my time and I have mentioned selling and joining the local flying club several times, but my wife keeps telling me we would regret selling. I am blessed.
  8. That plan sounds solid and that was my plan when we removed a cylinder to investigate and fix a leak. The cylinder and piston were still serviceable but the reality was spalling on a single lifter and cam lobe which required a rebuild. In the process we found a cracked case requiring replacement, but after 6 months the final result was an engine rebuild that I have great confidence. Just be prepared for the worst when you remove a cylinder on an engine rebuilt 20 years ago. Good luck with whatever your decision may be.
  9. As stated above there were about 2000 J model Mooneys produced. Most are still flying and a fair number of them well maintained. Do what most of us did. Educate yourself about the brand/model and find one that is well maintained with a good pre-buy Inspection and I would not be concerned. In 15 years of J ownership I continue to maintain my bird and have had no issues with parts availability. Buy a “bargain” and you may not be happy.
  10. And private pilots are still yet learners under the supervision of the FAA, ATC, CFI, etc….
  11. I have the same and after replacement of a power supply have been working well for the past 8-10 years. I’ve been waiting for a reason to go LED and now that my arm bumped into the bulb walking around the wingtip and broke it, I now have a reason.
  12. Congratulations on a job well done ! Now go get some experience and begin dreaming about that flight with your passenger of choice.
  13. What is this compass thing you speak of ?
  14. For removal I use two pieces of safety wire, one attached to each rear baffle corner and thru a fastener receptacle on each side with a few inches of slack such that it will drop down a few inches on each side. Detach each side and the stand in front of the prop while suspended by the wire, then snip each wire and guide it down. For installation it takes 3 pieces of safety wire. I use a longer piece of wire on each side and one around the prop hub attached to the front cowl screw holes. Just work it up a few inches at a time while taking up the slack with the 3 wires.
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