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  1. Bartman

    M20J Muffler

    I have enjoyed about 1200 hours since 2007 of trouble free service from my PF. Apply Antiseize to the slip joints at annual and I'm good.
  2. Bartman

    Kool Scoop Fit Issue

    Now that's a great idea ! I thought about cutting the hinge off, but didn't think about using the existing window closure arm to hold it in place.
  3. Bartman

    Kool Scoop Fit Issue

    I ordered one and was not pleased with the fit either. It would work, but I'm not in Florida or Texas and since I was not 100% happy I just didn't proceed with a "permanent" mount of something I didn't like. Just didn't like how it fit on the bottom because the lip landed on the window hinge. I probably could have trimmed with the Dremel and been happier. Im sure if I lived in Texas I would have Looooooved it
  4. Bartman

    Tennessee airports???

    I have flow into all of those airports. I agree with @Mooneymite that KDKX Downtown Island is a great stop and I've been there many times and its one of my favorites. Might be worthwhile to look at fuel prices among those airports too. I used to go to Greeneville for a week at a time and they took good care of my plane and my car.
  5. OK I've seen enough of these IO-360 fuel servo threads and I'm spooked. I'll have it done this December at annual time. Been gathering up supplies and I'll be down for some time while I'm rebuilding the top half of the cowl too
  6. Bartman

    Landing a Mooney - Safety Culture

    There are bumps at my home and if you land on them it will send you back up again so to do a squeaker you land before or after the bumps, never on the bumps. At my home drome my goal is to be off by the 1000 foot exit and this is the smoothest part of the runway because nobody else lands on it. Sometimes I can do that easily. Sometimes I could do it but I'd have to use the brakes and I just don't like to stand on my brand new brakes and tires. But I couldn't tell you the last time I was not easily off the runway by the 2000 ft exit. I also agree that if I go to a class C or D towered airport that is 7 or 8 thousand feet long then for some reason I just don't have that in my head and it takes more runway.
  7. No that's not the case here. I've had the position only flights on for a long time, and confirmed the setting today. Like Paul stated my last flight was followed by FlightAware ADS-b for most of the flight, but the last few readings were from Indy Center only, but still followed basically to about 400ft.
  8. I have an Avidyne AXP 322 remote mounted Mode S transponder with 1090 ADS-b out in good working order I set FlightAware to show position only flights a long time ago, and I just re-confirmed it before writing this post. It's not just me, and I see the same with others in my area and I know they have Mode S transponders as well. I flew with a friend doing practice approaches up to 4,500 just last week but it does not show on FlightAware. I'm sure its just due to the location and if I take off at a class C or B airport then I'm picked up immediately and will follow to the destination if I do not cancel IFR. If I cancel IFR 10 miles out, then my track disappears. If just VFR and squawking 1200 then it does not pick up until above about 4500 and disappears about the same altitude as seen on my flight from 7/9/18 on FlightAware. If we keep IFR to the ground like my last flight from ILM then FlightAware displays me to the ground. Adding a ground based receiver to enhance the network for FlightAware sounds interesting...
  9. If I take off on IFR clearance from my home field my track on FlightAware picks up immediately. If I take off from my home field without IFR clearance then FlightAware doesn’t pick me up until about 4,500 ft.
  10. Bartman

    Fuel Cap Rehab

    I gotta give props to Charles for taking the initiative and trying something new. Maybe he will be even more successful than the Klixon switch covers ? Heres to you Charles !
  11. Bartman

    Fuel Cap Rehab

    Good point. After install of my most recent o-rings the caps were too tight. At first I thought this was good and would prevent leaks when I was away from home on the ramp, but after a couple of fill ups I had the cap adjusted. No leaks and optimal effort not just to close, but to open too.
  12. Bartman

    First Year Cost of Ownership

    No, I have to admit I got lucky to a certain extent. I had never flown a Mooney, never sat in a Mooney, and my home shop didn't like to work on a Mooney. I did some good things like research Mooneyspace for about 6 months before purchase and prebuy/annual by Speedbird and I think that they are the people that were to become @AGL Aviation (good decision there too) I guess the biggest thing I did was buy something that had lots of love and upgrades in the past 2 years. It was at the top of the price range in 2007, but with all of the recent maintenance and upgrades it made sense. Oh I forgot that I did have Edison fix the tanks, but that was about year 4. I figure that one is just to be expected at some point.
  13. Bartman

    First Year Cost of Ownership

    I got lucky and found a well cared for M20J. The only thing I did in the first year was add a JPI 700 with fuel flow, but the WX 1000e display died and basically I just pulled it and sold it. Year 2 we rebuilt the AI and HSI. After that I bought gas and oil for 1000 hours. I cannot imagine how @base698 felt.
  14. Bartman

    Fuel Cap Rehab

    Can someone fabricate a duplicate part ? I don't have any technical or machining knowledge and may be too expensive to consider. Just a thought.
  15. Bartman

    Finding the right M20J

    Everything else being equal I would not choose a 390 over a 360, but I would take a roller tappet IO-360 over a legacy engine.