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  1. Gear down Undercarriage verified Make sure the gear is down Put your hand on the gear switch and look at it again Surely you put the gear down
  2. Fuel siphoned out of tanks in flight?

    I had some bad O-rings in the fuel tank caps and if I filled it to the top it would leak down the wing in flight. The outer rings were easy to replace at a moments notice at an oil change, but it made no difference and still leaked. Had the inner O-rings replaced and problem solved. So yes it can siphon and leak by bad O-rings if full and it wasn't much, but it stained the paint and took a while to get it cleaned up.
  3. Looking at a 1988 M20J 201

    The fact that it is a newer airframe and has been in a hangar for nearly all of its life is definitely a good thing and should not have issues with corrosion. Paint and windshield should be good too. Have the engine and prop checked out thoroughly and discount the price accordingly. If interested and patient this could be a good airframe to create a custom panel, or if the avionics and autopilot are good then just do an ADSB upgrade and fly like it is. Lots of Mooney specific things to check like fuel tank leaks, gear and donuts, but also the usual stuff like tires, brakes, hoses, etc.
  4. Identify this Mooney?

    And a real Mooney pilot would have been above the rocks, not pointed right at one.
  5. Identify this Mooney?

    Doesn't look real to me. No detail except the pilots right thumb. Looks like CGI.
  6. Get the rating.

    Exactly. The CFII asked me to think about that statement and said we would discuss it at the next lesson, and it sure made me think. I realized that just having the rating did not mean it should or could be used in every situation, and that in some situations it can be dangerous or even lethal. I fly behind a normally aspirated engine and although I may hope to climb above the buildups or icing conditions I must respect its limitations. I fly without ice protection including a turbo, FIKI or TKS and must respect those limitations as well. Sometimes it is best to go around the wether and remain IFR, sometimes best to go VFR under/over the cumulus or VFR under the icing but I don't fly in the clear above icing conditions.. Getting the rating was the best thing I ever did. That being said, I respect the limitations of my plane, and my evolving knowledg and skills. Sometimes that means wait it out, sometimes it means VFR is still safe, and sometimes it means fly another day.
  7. So whats too cold for the plane

    What about the gascolator and sumps under the wing ? After sumping the tanks in cold temps and resulting continous drip I had to replace one of the sump drains a few years ago. Granted, that sump was probably installed in Kerville and was 30 years old but it didn't leak until I sumped the tank in the winter. Since then the tanks have been sealed and no problems, but I keep my plane in a hangar except when on a trip. Since then I keep new o-rings in the caps and if it's going to be cold I sump my tanks ahead of planned flights, but if it's really cold I don't check it again before hopping in the plane. What do you guys do about sumping the tank in cold temps like we have this week ?
  8. Get the rating.

    My CFII told me this and asked me to think about it. If the weather is good, go VFR. If the weather is bad, go IFR. If the weather is too bad for IFR, then you might still be able to go VFR.
  9. Gear Tool Requirements

    That sux !!! Someone told me a long time ago that no good deed goes unpunished.
  10. 2018 Mooney Resolutions

    Oh and one more goal... I have been mentoring a friend who is about to finish his PP and bought his J as an early Christmas present to himself. Kinda feels like I am living vicariously thru him in a way. His enthusiasm is contagious and I look forward to seeing him get the PP, take his 15 hours of dual transition instruction, his first solo, and then sit in the right seat while he flies.
  11. Introduction and owner question...

    All I can say is when looking to buy a 40 year old aircraft the more due diligence you do up front, and the more somebody else spent on it before you buy, the less you will likely spend after purchase. I fly for work and pleasure abut 150 hrs per year and have never regretted one cent I have spent, but I do not in any way shape or form want to know how much I have spent.
  12. Get the rating.

    I have either departed early or delayed takeoff many times since getting the IR, but the only time I was stranded in the past 8 years was when I had a mechanical issue. I was VFR only for the first 3 years and got stranded at the destination a few times, but we always made an adventure of it and I actually have good memories about being stranded VFR more so than bad ones. Still I agree @steingar it's much better to have options.
  13. So whats too cold for the plane

    Wow we are all happy to hear no broken bones and no bent metal !!! sure sounds like some frozen water somewhere. Maybe a good time to get some of that 100% Isopropyl and add to each tank. I think I'll do the same.
  14. Get the rating.

    I challenge all readers of this thread that they have been inspired to start or finish the Instrument Rating then let us know, and when they finish the rating resurrect this thread with a note of completion. The only regret I have is that I did not do it right after primary training.
  15. I think it would be interesting for us to share our 2018 New Year Resolutions and specifically for the Mooney you are in charge. First it is nice to know that others are spending money, not just me, and it may give others ideas for maintenance and upgrades. Here are mine... 1. Get my bird out of the Avionics shop. She has been there for rest and TLC for 3 weeks and I'm feeling it 2. Fix a pesky oil leak at annual in January. One of the thru bolts is leaking around the nut. Hopefully we just torque and go... I have my doubts it will be that simple 3. Replace the oil hoses to and from the oil cooler 4. Remove the ram air system and seal that ugly hole under the spinner. 5. Redo the upper cowl cover, apply new carbon fiber stiffener, and paint/cosmetics touchup on the cowl. Special thanks to @jetdriven for photos in 2015 cowl alignment thread