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  1. You can one day tell your child that mom and dad took you for your first flight on the same day that Elon Musk and a SpaceX flew their first crew on 5/30/2020
  2. I snapped this during my engine removal. It’s in the pilot side footwell behind the right rudder-brake pedal. In this picture it is the cable coming out of the firewall. If yours has been removed I bet someone used it for wiring such as engine monitor.
  3. Mine did that a couple of times and yes the handle suddenly spinning at your left lower leg does get your attention quickly !!! I added checking the red engagement knob to my preflight and TOD-landing checklists. Position the crank handle covering the red knob at all times. A small piece of safety wire can be your friend.
  4. They can’t make them too good or they can’t sell parts. LOL
  5. I considered going with roller lifters and and exchange, but after looking into the DLC coated lifters I chose to go that direction with a new Camshaft. Unfortunately my A3B6D engine was removed on 1/31 and shortly after all of my components were sent out to specialty shops the Pandemic hit. Due to unexpected delays at specialty shops and COVID-19 slowing everything down it took a while for all of my engine components to finally come back back in one place. Planning on beginning installation tomorrow morning
  6. I fixed this problem last year with a new set of ignition wires.
  7. My J has an off field landing due to loss of engine power in her history and the FAA records indicate the pilot had flown thru icing conditions as the cause. When I first read it many years ago I remembered my primary training and know about carburetor icing, but I didn’t understand how a fuel injected engine could develop induction icing. Later I joined Mooneyspace and read about the Ram Air and realized it was not just induction icing, but icing of the fuel servo and that 2+2=4. In 13 years of ownership I have never opened the Ram Air but have fought with the gasket that goes between it and the cowl many times. For these reasons when my rebuilt engine is installed later this month it will be without the Ram Air.
  8. After the success and raves from some of the early adopters on Mooneyspace I chose to upgrade my 430w to the IFD440 and chose to add the remote transponder and their ADSB-in solution. I enjoy intuitive nature of the flight plan entry on the panel screen, but for me the IFD-100 app is the best. I now have a full screen on the iPad very similar to the panel mount and can make up flight plans at home which sync to the panel at startup. One thing, you have to keep both iPad and panel on the same IFR database cycle otherwise they will not sync together. I enjoy that I don’t have to worry about charging the Stratus or shielding it from the sun, but I do keep it in the bag for backup.
  9. So much for thoughts of refurbishing cylinders and fix a leaking case stud. Time for overhaul.
  10. Section 6 pages 1-5 may be of help.
  11. We are away visiting so no picture, but our tree is decorated exclusively in Planes Trains and Automobiles.
  12. Hey @hnorber how about an update ? I am in a similar situation but instead of burning I’m leaking. My IO-360 has about 1950 as well, but after the last rebuild it had some case work at about 500 hours and cylinders IRAN at that time. My issue is a leaking case stud and we are gonna either fix it with an oversized stud as recommended by several in this thread or it’s going for overhaul or exchange. Anyway we agreed to remove the cylinders and inspect the cam and lifters thoroughly. If it looks good then we IRAN the cylinders and reinstall with new rings.
  13. My Century IIb with STEC-30 ALT is perfectly level and straight with no oscillating in heading mode. When I go to NAV mode running off of the Avidyne 440 I have a slight oscillation that I was not able to adjust out. The altitude hold works perfect if I manually trim it slightly up or down, but if I trim it perfect then turn on the STEC-30 ALT hold it hunts up and down and is uncomfortable. If it does that I turn the trim up or down slightly then is butter smooth.
  14. The reason we flew in today was to reposition the airplane to go to DTS tomorrow morning. Airport is reported as open and even though my airplane is airworthy and all, I still don’t relish the thought of going there with two alphabet agencies on the grounds.