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  1. What do you think of this crazy J??

    I wish my J looked like this. 10 years younger and a very nice example of what can be done to an older airframe. I'd like to see 165 kts, but I can only do 158-159 under optimal conditions, altitude, and max power. Make an offer. All they can do is say no, can't take your birthday away.
  2. You guys are awesome ! I remember the Avidyne support representative said something about the two parallel wires may be the problem and an easy fix, but I had no idea what he was talking about. Sounds like the 2 parallel wires he was referring to are the Lat Dev L+R wires in the diagram and as Rich and Brad stated above. Ill pass this info along and am sure it will speed up the process.
  3. Ok so after delays and weather issues I finally got my plane back. My installation required panel work so we installed the new tray and this was not a slide in replacement. I love the IFD 440, IFD 100, AXP322 and the Skytrax 100, but now I have an autopilot issue. Previously the Century IIb would track the 430W in NAV mode. Now it does great in HDG mode like it always did, but does not follow the IFD440 GPS signal in NAV mode. I do not and did not have GPSS, but it followed the HSI output from the 430W without fail. It did not make turns, and basically followed what I set on the KCS 55A (kinda like HDG mode), but compensated for wind and drew straight lines for hundreds of miles. I read that the Century IIb would follow output from the 430W without GPSS and I think that's what I had, but sometimes required increasing the CDI output signal strength from the 430W. I do not have a GPSS switch on the panel. Now there is resistance in the yoke like it is trying to follow something, but definitely not on course and IIRC just gently deviates to the right every time. I spoke with Avidyne support who were very helpful and we went thru the settings pages on the IFD440. They were happy with everything and referred me back to the installer. I can go back thru the adjustments on the radio coupler, but the fact it follows HDG well tells me that's not it. I'd say it is a connection, need to clean and reseat the connector pins, some setting on the IFD, new wiring error or connection, or a gain adjument for CDI output. My gut feeling is since the yoke has resistance and feels like it's trying to follow something then it's some kinda CDI output gain setting. I'm out of town for work for the week and can't get the plane to the installer so I thought I'd see what you guys think.
  4. How many hours is too many??

    My bird has 5500 hours in 40 years. That comes to about 135 hours per year. She was used for business travel for a long time, hangared, and somebody loved her before I found her. Last year we re packed the jack screw. This year we strip and reinforce the upper cowl with carbon fiber, repair And replace cowl fasteners, and paint the upper cowl. Oh and upgrade to IFD 440 and remote mounted AXP322 transponder completed. I have no issues with corrosion and no issues with 5500 hours.
  5. Landing Gear Actuator Breaker

    You wrote that it was the circuit breaker labeled as tha actuator and that you are sure of it. It is unlikely, but Is it possible the gear indicator and gear actuator circuit breakers are labeled incorrectly? This, along with the sonalert shorting at the terminals would explain what you are saying happened. If it were my plane this is what I would do. Pull the gear warning circuit breaker in flight and see if the gear works. Then pull the gear actuator CB and see if the gear works.
  6. Control yoke switches for Century IIb

    Thanks guys. I usually fly with the autopilot following GPS in NAV mode. I can see how the CWS could be ueseful for short deviations around buildups and some other situations. Before in these situations I either switched to HDG and followed the bug, or disconnect at the magnetic rocker switch. It's an inexpensive normally closed switch and a new one is on order. My IA likes to fix things rather than replace parts so he rebuilt the trim switch about 3 years ago with 3 new micro switches from info I gave him from Mooneyspace. It worked for about a year, he soldered it again and was intermittent after that. While my control yokes were at Aerocomfort he worked on the switch one more time including cleaning contacts, lubrication, and redid soldering, but does not work right. Servo engages up and down when jumped at the switch, so everything else should be good. He really tried to save it but says it's 40 years old and it's toast. We discussed it and it's time replace with a new switch.
  7. I need a bit of help and advise here. I just got my control yokes back from Aerocomfort and they are Awesome ! With installation of the switches came a couple of questions. I used to have a WX1000 and it was removed, but the switch is still on the yoke. Obviously that switch should have been removed with the rest of the system, and we will not install that on the new yoke end caps. However, there was another switch on the right side pilot yoke labeled CWS that has been broken since I got the plane and I'm really not sure what to do. I'm not really sure what it does, but if I heard right it will momentarily disengage the autopilot but I'm not sure on that. Also, we put new micro switches in the trim switch couple of years ago and it worked ok for a while, but crapped out again. The servo engages both up and down if jumped across at the switch so the switch housing so we figure the contacts must be worn in the switch housing itself. We have decided to replace this 40 year old switch rather than try to fix again. Questions What is the CWS switch, and is it necessary ? I read the Century IIb manual and it is not mentioned. What are my options for the trim switch and where can I get a replacement ? Here is a pic of the broken CWS switch on the old yoke end cap. They sent new end caps which look great.
  8. Airspeed Indicator Recomendations?

    I agree with Vance. I always push the buttons, but rarely if ever see or feel any water. Occasionally if I fly thru moisture or after washing the VSI needle will be jumpy for a while, but I am rarely able to get anything out thru the static drain, and I have never gotten anything at all thru the Pitot drain.
  9. I bought my 77 J in 2007 and except for the immediate downturn in the economy and subsequent drop in prices a year later I could not be happier. Anyway, I bought a good one with modern panel and good cosmetics and had no surprises. Tanks resealed 2 years later but was a known issue. Added an engine monitor and basically just flew my ass off LOP for 1000 hours. Recently I upgraded the 430 to IFD 440 and added ADS-B, and I'll be looking at 2000hrs soon but still going strong. If you are patient and want to make it "yours" then buy a runout and upgrade. Otherwise I recommend buy a good one ready to fly like I did and enjoy !!! Here is my latest upgrade from Aerocomfort
  10. First Annual

  11. Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    I had good transition training from a Mooney owner/instructor and had absolutely no problems for about 2 years and 150 hours. Then, all of a sudden it almost happened. I went up and did a little sight seeing and scrape the rust off the cylinders on my own, and on return porposed down the runway at least 3 times but I knew I had to get out of there so I went around. The second attempt I bounced once very small, but gave it a very short burst of power and let it settle with the nose up until the wing quit flying. I taxied back to the hangar and called the instructor and scheduled some time with him for slow flight and landings. Since then I have had absolutely no problems either on that instruction flight, or since then in 8 more years. If anyone is having any problems at all with landing, even out of the blue like my issue, get some help.
  12. I have 2 Bose X and bought both in 2007. One of them broke just like you said and it goes to Bose now. The other one looks good and will go next year at annual time so they should be good for another 10 years. Thanks for the PIREP
  13. Century IIB Autopilot Section 6 is what you are looking for. Step by step instructions with figures. This fixed mine
  14. How does Mooney handle the Stall?

    Only after the flight
  15. How does Mooney handle the Stall?

    I don't practice slow flight and stalls often, but when I do it is at least 3000 AGL. Mine will break sharply to the left in a deep stall in landing configuration and I do not particularly enjoy it so I usually just go to the buffet or as others pointed out when I'm pulling back and the nose is still dropping. First time I stalled it I don't think the ball was centered and it was not a pleasant experience. If it were in a new to me Mooney, I would go higher.