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  1. Ah, got it. I don't instruct in my plane. Maybe you can find an FI that is willing to travel. I would be tempted to do that but it's a bit trick currently.
  2. still a bit confused. You mean, you would fly your plane to either Ibra's or my base to get the training?
  3. Ah, sorry, in this case I got it wrong. But yes, I'm an EASA FI(A). I'm based in the Southwest of Germany if this helps.
  4. Westflug in Aachen, Germany offer two 20Js for rent/training. Don't know how practical that is for you, depends on your location, of course.
  5. I just talked to the responsible board member. He said, it should never take longer than a week or two. However, they had a change in their IT system. He was not aware of any lost messages but you may want to try once again.
  6. Simply enter the respective station's position in the unit you have selected in your global settings, i.e. either inches or centimetres. I struggle to understand your second question. You can have as many aircraft of the same type in your data base as you like, e.g. with different empty weight, fuel capacity or what ever. Just assign a different name, e.g. the tail number of the aircraft. SkyDemon is a European product probably not known to most US pilots which form the majority here. You may want to address questions very specific to Europe and not specific to Mooney in a European f
  7. They came back to me. Apparently the guy who is responsible is very busy currently, but he will process his backlog in the next days.
  8. I've pointed two board members of EMPOA to this thread.
  9. Would you add me as well? My location is a bit off the beaten path but maybe one day it'll be useful for members visiting Europe...
  10. Six at our field, EDFM. Our 252, a 205, an F, a Bravo, an Ovation and one more 252 which sadly has been sitting for years.
  11. It's on its way! We had to wait for two balance weights for several weeks, but now they've been delivered.
  12. This one is for sale in Portugal: http://www.planecheck.com/index.asp?ent=da&id=41013&cor=y But it might already be sold.
  13. Yes, we took this route: We took the northern route towards the west and the route via the Azores on the way back. A report is here: https://www.euroga.org/forums/trips-airports/9174-to-the-end-of-the-world-and-back-the-whole-story#post_176978
  14. Maybe @Urs_Wildermuthwill know? He is Swiss as well.
  15. Yes, I read about the “Honey Mooney”, but it’s been a while... Are they still flying? Or maybe they’re even on Mooneyspace?
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