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  1. Would you add me as well? My location is a bit off the beaten path but maybe one day it'll be useful for members visiting Europe...
  2. Six at our field, EDFM. Our 252, a 205, an F, a Bravo, an Ovation and one more 252 which sadly has been sitting for years.
  3. It's on its way! We had to wait for two balance weights for several weeks, but now they've been delivered.
  4. This one is for sale in Portugal: http://www.planecheck.com/index.asp?ent=da&id=41013&cor=y But it might already be sold.
  5. Yes, we took this route: We took the northern route towards the west and the route via the Azores on the way back. A report is here: https://www.euroga.org/forums/trips-airports/9174-to-the-end-of-the-world-and-back-the-whole-story#post_176978
  6. Maybe @Urs_Wildermuthwill know? He is Swiss as well.
  7. Yes, I read about the “Honey Mooney”, but it’s been a while... Are they still flying? Or maybe they’re even on Mooneyspace?
  8. Thank you all! Unfortunately our engine won't run LOP. We have GAMIjectors but even though we've been with GAMI in Ada and I flew with one of their engineers, we couldn't get it fixed. Therefore we have to fly ROP. At 2200RPM I throttle back to 65% and lean to stay below 380F with the hottest cylinder (usually #5). Up in the low flight levels (180, 190) she makes about 165kt TAS or a little more. Depending on OAT, FF is about 9.5 GPH for the colder regions. We had to set a considerably greater FF when we flew that high and it was very hot e.g. in Bolivia.
  9. Thank you! There are tons of pictures in the reports, just click the link. Besides the fb page (here) we made a few videos, e.g. this. BTW, this trip would not have been possible without the Monroy tanks ;-) THX
  10. We flew our 252 from Germany to the southern most tip of South America and back again between September 17 and March 18. This was our route: Many may have heard about our trip via fb, but anyway, maybe there are members here who haven't and are interested in a report. I've written continuously on a European GA forum, here is the link: https://www.euroga.org/forums/trips-airports/9174-to-the-end-of-the-world-and-back-the-whole-story#post_176978 (I hope it's OK to post a link to another forum here)
  11. Thanks! We moved well inland. Our Mooney is in a hangar in KDNN, Georgia now. No Hurricans over in Europe, but I think we ran into one big time!
  12. Hi Clarence, yes, you're right, we bought her a little over five years ago. It's already the second time we flew her to the US. BTW Karl-Heinz has a Malibu now and he is currently on a RTW trip! Gunter
  13. Thanks a lot Ron, @Marcopolo that is really very kind. We have found a place to do it. Maybe we can say hello on our way back. Thanks again, Gunter
  14. Hi all, after crossing the Atlantic one more time with our 252, we're in Charleston currently waiting for Irma to pass on. We need an oil change and are looking for a shop/mechanic to do that the owner-assisted way (and in safe distance to Irma). Back home we do it on our own, but we need some infrastructure here. Any suggestions? Thanks, Gunter