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  1. Thanks! We moved well inland. Our Mooney is in a hangar in KDNN, Georgia now. No Hurricans over in Europe, but I think we ran into one big time!
  2. Hi Clarence, yes, you're right, we bought her a little over five years ago. It's already the second time we flew her to the US. BTW Karl-Heinz has a Malibu now and he is currently on a RTW trip! Gunter
  3. Thanks a lot Ron, @Marcopolo that is really very kind. We have found a place to do it. Maybe we can say hello on our way back. Thanks again, Gunter
  4. Thanks Bob, just wrote an email.
  5. Hi all, after crossing the Atlantic one more time with our 252, we're in Charleston currently waiting for Irma to pass on. We need an oil change and are looking for a shop/mechanic to do that the owner-assisted way (and in safe distance to Irma). Back home we do it on our own, but we need some infrastructure here. Any suggestions? Thanks, Gunter
  6. English Language Proficiency

    I'm holding a CPL/IR issued by LBA (Germany) with LP6 English and German. It took me the following steps to get it: 1. PPL (in 2006): according to German regulations you need a radio operator certificate. You need to pass an exam to get it. There are three flavours: VFR German only (BZF I), VFR English/German (BZF II) and IFR (AZF) which is English only. With the PPL I took the VFR English/German exam. 2. When the European requirement that the LP has to be specified in the license came into effect, proof of the passed exam was enough to get English LP 4. 3. Start of IFR training (in 2008): I took the exam for the IFR radio operator certificate. 4. In 2009 I took a test that was organized by AOPA Germany in Egelsbach to get LP 6 in English. I didn't prepare for the exam and at that time I was flying out of Egelsbach, so it was not much effort. 5. At some point LBA decided that German nationals who self-declare that they do speak German (just short of an affidavit) will get German LP 6 written in their license.
  7. I have an MVP-50 as well and see exactly the same effect. Mine is a 252, so it's 28V system. Could it be that the MVP misreads the voltage drop over the shunt?
  8. New panel for our 252

    It was already installed when we bought the plane, but we couldn't be happier! Unfortunately not his year. As you might guess, my budget is somewhat limited currently ;-) BTW the job was done by Avionik Straubing. Hope to see you next year, Gunter
  9. We did that last year, when we crossed the the Atlantic with our 252. We had to obtain a visa (B1/B2) from the US consulate in Frankfurt beforehand. As far as I know, EU citizens can only take advantage from this visa on arrival stuff when arriving by airline transport. I have no idea what it is like when Europeans arrive at the US border to Canada by car.
  10. Anyone we know - N228RM

    Sorry, I never saw this! It was us on the way home from the US. We returned to Germany exactly one year ago, I attached a map with our whole journey depicted. For us it was the first atlantic crossing. However, the previous owner of N228RM, with whom we're still in good contact, did it at least ten times! Best regards, Gunter
  11. STCs and EASA

    As soon as an STC is required under FAA regulations there will be an STC required under EASA regulations as well. There is an EASA STC for many but by far not for all the modifications where there is an FAA STC. There might well be. I would seriously consider to stay on the N-register. Our 252 - based in Germany - is on the N-register, like many other GA aircraft here in Europe.
  12. Engine humidity

    Some time ago I found this on a European GA forum: http://www.euroga.org/forums/maintenance-avionics/2043-engine-dehydrator?page=1 I have built almost exactly what is described there and use it each time I put our plane in the hangar.
  13. Savvy Aviator Services

    I can't recommend working with Savvy. I was a member of the maintenance program for a year and was very disappointed. About half way into the program I complained but was only offered to leave the program. I chose to stay but didn't extend after the year was over. I still believe in many things Mike Busch says, and therefore wrote a lengthy and very polite email expressing my respect for Mike and explaining in detail why Savvy failed to deliver what they promise. I only received an insulting reply from Savvy: I am just not interested in another useless pising match with this guy. We tried hard to please him. His expectations are a bit over the top. Now he wants to still bicker as a non client. Unless you see a real reason, I will not respond. This is simply unprofessional and I don't believe that these people are capable of managing the maintenance of an aircraft or a pre-buy inspection.
  14. Only saw this today, but as far as I know, ACG (http://www.air-craft.biz/) did an Encore conversion, last year. You may want to inquire with Justus or René.