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  1. For what its worth, I was occasionally losing GPS satellite information; primarily at startup.. I replaced GPS antenna to no avail. At suggestion of avionics shop I replaced the Garmin 430W internal battery (with no error information from the Garmin unit itself) and it definitely stopped happening. My 430W was about 10 years old at the time.
  2. A couple of my favorite photos. Jim Simmons, Cheshire, CT
  3. I used Total Aircraft (based at Brainard airport in Hartford, CT) for my prebuy inspection of my 1987 M20J and was very satisfied with their findings. At the time (10 years ago) they employed a former Mooney Service Center mechanic who specifically worked on my Mooney inspection. Following the inspection I also used them to remedy the issues they uncovered. Hope all goes well with your inspection and subsequent Mooney ownership. Jim Simmons Cheshire, CT
  4. Hudson Corridor snapshot from last night (11/27/2017) Freedom Tower
  5. Attached is my late entry for the Lasar Mooniac t-shirt contest. I thought MooneySpace participants might enjoy seeing it. Jim
  6. Upon viewing a recent posting for a Stratus 2 for sale, it suggested to me that this site would be good for my posting as well. I also have a Stratus 2 (Not 2S) for sale. Mine is also no longer needed due to ADSB panel upgrade to my Mooney. My Stratus 2 is in like new condition, is fully functional and includes all necessary items (plus optional suction mount). Original packaging and pilot guide as well. Price $550 firm
  7. I own a 1987 205 as well. I had the wire connection to the oil pressure sensor became frayed near the sensor (apparently due to years of vibration). A simple repair was made to the connection and all's well. I hope that this helps. Intermittent connections can be a pain to troubleshoot.
  8. Hi Flip, I own a 1987 M20J and I am based at MMK in Meriden, CT. I'd be willing to offer you a flight. Feel free to contact me via email to set up a potential visit and/or flight. Jim jsimmons619@att.net
  9. I'd highly recommend taking the Broken Arrow tour with Little Pink Jeeps in Sedona.
  10. I have recently had the audio alerts from my KT74 enabled by my avionics shop. They were also audible, but at a very low audio level. The audio volume is adjustable via a setup process within the KT74. I'd suggest contacting your avionics shop to have them change the audio level or contact King for the procedure. If you do the procedure yourself, I'd recommend using caution not to alter any of the other internal settings.
  11. Per the instructions in Mooney Service Bulletin M20-116, the dorsal fin is removed, the 121.5 antenna is removed and replaced by the new antenna and then the dorasl fin is reinstalled. Yes, it requires drilling out existing rivets.
  12. I chose to follow Mooney Service Instruction M20-116 authorizing the installation of ARTEX ME406 ELT for my M20J. It permits replacing the 121.5 antenna inside the Dorsel fin with the ARTEX ME406 antenna.
  13. FYI - Connecticut dropped the property tax on aircraft years ago and instituted an annual registration fee. My Mooney costs $90 per year. I'm considering a relocation to South Carolina. Does anyone have feedback regarding the personal property tax situation for aircraft in South Carolina?
  14. I have the exact same issue with my mixture control. I've found a "two cent" solution for the problem. I've attempted to attach a photo of my solution. Check for an attached photo. It works great! I just adjust the mixture control to the desired position and then place a rubber band around the mixture and the prop control. I keep a couple of rubber bands on hand in the cockpit.