Mooney short field work

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On 5/16/2018 at 8:13 PM, gsxrpilot said:

There is no doubting Bryan's @piperpainter skill when it comes to flying that M20C in and out of true bush strips and tight places. That certainly shouldn't be done by rookies. But raising the gear quickly is a well known and widely practiced technique in manual gear Mooneys. The Johnson Bar gets very difficult to move very quickly as speed builds. By 80 mph it's impossible to move without some assistance. That assistance is typically in the form of the "Mooney bob" where a quick dip of the nose will assist in slinging the gear up into their wells. 

So for those observing who don't fly J-bar Mooneys it might look like a reckless "hot-dogging" maneuver, it's actually quite safe and proper. It's certainly better than the alternatives. When swung at slow speeds immediately after breaking ground, it's a 2 second process and can be done with fingertip effort. Wait any longer and it's like wrestling a snake in the cockpit, all while executing a sharp nose down Mooney bob, or worse, raising the nose to slow down and trying to wrestle the j-bar into submission without inducing a departure stall.


I couldn’t agree more 

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